If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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  • Puppyluv,
    This forum seems to span the US and Australia as well as a number of other countries. Quite extraordinary from a documentary on UK TV.

    I usually post on a Saturday with my stats. Just had a try on of shorts that I have not been able to wear for years, and I can do them up. Sadly it’s cool and very wet here, so they will have to wait for their debut in the summer.

    I have decided that I would like to learn to see over the winter. Lots of my lovely trousers could be taken if I can learn to do that. I have also come across a FB group that make clothes from duvet covers because there is so much fabric at often a very reasonable price. Clever souls have made some lovely dresses, tops, skirts etc

    Beginner seeing books are on order that also have patterns. I have stash of fabric to experiment with.

    We had it on telly quite some years back Annette, and it soon picked up a following, but as always, novelties wear off. But it really does work, but ya gotta stick to it. Good news on the shorts, plus the “new” clothes you will find in your wardrobe. It pays to hang onto things. My fast went down hill today, but will do it tomorrow thanks to the pliability of 5:2

    Don’t beat yourself up.

    Reduce processed carbs and aim to eat simple unprocessed foods.

    Marginal gains all add up.

    Food industry spend loads manipulating our behavior. Far easier just avoiding anything in a box.

    Out with friends just for coffee today, but it was a bakery, need I say more 😩I don’t eat white bread at all, it plays up with my hernia, but the white rolls were irresistible looking, so had a fresh one with butter when I got home……oh I enjoyed it, but a stir fry for dinner so guess it wasn’t too bad over all. It’s just when I get my head back on track, I do that 😡anyway, tomorrow is another new day 😃and quitting won’t even enter my mind over something so trivial 😀Baby steps still …..

    Just keep going…

    Not giving up is a win.

    Thanks Annett, your support is a bonus 😘

    Marginal gains all add up.

    Keep going.

    Hello Everyone,
    The boy with the fancy scales is moving out to his own flat today, which means that I have had to go out and buy my own scales.

    I haven’t lost anything this week in weight but another inch off the body circumference. I have decided to do a 24 hour fast today so I will eat again this evening.

    Hopefully I can get out into the garden and keep busy there and then after the boy leaves, clean that room.

    How is everyone doing?

    Hi annette, been no to low carbs for me the last two days, and will again tomorrow as the weather is quite wintery, so soup is perfect . I’ll fast on Monday and Wednesday as those days suit me better. I haven’t lost anything since starting back last week….yet! So assume the body is adjusting and I’m staying positive.Enjoy the weekend 🌻

    It’s early days. Keep the faith and remember that you can’t see the changes that are going on in your body.

    Have you measured all over? I take lots of measurements and try on clothes and weigh, every Saturday.

    Clothes are getting looser and not in any of the places that I measure. A skirt that is a favourite and I could barely get over my rotund self, I could now wear and it looks good.

    I also have loads of mini goals, so think about what they might be too.

    Good ideas annette, and I haven’t yet measured, so it will be all go for me on Monday 😊but just so glad my head is in the right place, eating healthy and no junk.

    Hello It’s so annoying that all reply notifications go to my Junk folder despite my best efforts. 😡
    I have had a good week a few 20+ hour fasts and tried to keep meals low carb…. until yesterday when daughter came for dinner and brought cake and wine. However I was sensible and did not go mad!! Scales down 2 pounds and tape down half an inch. I only measure the widest part of my tummy and I’m very pleased with the progress. I’m off work next week so that will be more challenging for me.
    Stay strong Puppyluv you can do this!
    Good luck with the sewing Annette I used to make my own clothes years ago, maybe when I retire….
    Hope you are not feeling sad about your empty nest, it takes a while to get used to!
    Have a good weekend everyone 😃

    Hello It’s so annoying that all reply notifications go to my Junk folder despite my best efforts. 😡
    I have had a good week a few 20+ hour fasts and tried to keep meals low carb…. until yesterday when daughter came for dinner and brought cake and wine. However I was sensible and did not go mad!! Scales down 2 pounds and tape down half an inch. I only measure the widest part of my tummy and I’m very pleased with the progress. I’m off work next week so that will be more challenging for me.
    Stay strong Puppyluv you can do this!
    Good luck with the sewing Annette I used to make my own clothes years ago, maybe when I retire….
    Hope you are not feeling sad about your empty nest, it takes a while to get used to!
    Have a good weekend everyone 😃

    Oh no Iona!
    Sounds like its all going well. Work is a real challenge for me too, the combination of loads of biscuits around plus a completely different way of working is making it rather tough. All of the fun has been sucked out of the day. Just this next week to go and then half term which will allow me to get back to fast days.

    My nest is not empty. I have 4 young men and now that the oldest has left, that just leaves the youngest but I don’t see much of him as he is working loads. He has been teaching himself to sew and we now have 3 different machines and fabric that is all over the place. I would love to find a room that I can shut the door on!

    The desire to sew is to be able to take in my lovely but too big trousers and to learn a new skill and perhaps even make clothes that I can wear. I struggle with the winter and love to garden, so I need something to get the through when I can’t garden. It would also help on FD to keep me busy.

    3 days of low to no carbs and a fast planned tomorrow so feeling positive 😊I’ll weigh and measure in the morning to start my new regime and hope any progress show early to give me confidence and inspiration, I know it works, but getting back on the horse is the hardest. I seemed to be saddled up now, so onward I go ☺️
    Keeping busy annette is very important and keeping the brain active, sewing or any craft is ideal. Times with your daughter Lona are precious so nothing to berate yourself about and you are doing so well and can afford the odd break ☺️

    Well done!

    I have got back to skipping breakfast yesterday and one meal carb free today. Going to try hard to avoid those darn biscuits.

    Glorious autumn day out in the garden. love to plant and potter, soaking up the sunshine before the wet days ahead.

    Missing the boy and pleased that he has gone too. It’s the end of an era.

    Biscuit free day 😌

    Small gains…..all add up in the bigger picture, good for you Annette!
    I’m doing fine at skipping breakfast and I’m trying not to eat between meals or after dinner. I’ve had some meals that have been less than ideal, (content and amount) but I feel awareness will help me to choose better next time. I have just been listening to a Jason Fung interview, whilst doing my ironing, and he says that we should forget the concept of calories and concentrate on the insulin effect. Eat real food which stimulates our satiety hormones whereas ultra processed food does not and we get no signal from the body to stop eating. All interesting information to mull over and explore further.

    How Interesting, Iona. Fung is so interesting. I will see if I can find it.

    I have almost completed day 3 of no biscuits and it’s fine. Just habit really. I think that there is some shrinkage of the waist but will measure on Saturday.

    I think that part of the biscuit issue was that I haven’t been eating enough.
    Made a few changes there and l feel better.

    Marginal gains Iona.

    Thank You!

    Morning 😀still going well with the low carbs and not being much of a sweet tooth I’m not missing biscuits etc either. I didn’t think I would ever give up chocolate but I’m into week three and every so often crave it, but having a hot chocolate helps. I’ve only done that once, but it is a fall back ☺️I am weighing daily but see fluctuations so concentrating more on tomorrow which be my first full week of 800 and low carbs. I’m chronic with back pain at the moment and my Son is coming down for a visit, legally as a care visit, he’s very worried. Only the second time since April that I will see him, and haven’t seen my daughter or grandchildren since then either. They are so worried they may bring the virus, unknowingly so prefer to ring me, face time, or msg……life is so different It will never return to the days of my youth 😥

    I believe that things will get back to normal, just not yet. I am reading a book on the Spanish Flu which is fascinating.

    I haven’t seen my third son since Christmas. He had all of the symptoms of covid in March and lives in Wales so restrictions are different. Neither he nor I think that he will be able to come for Christmas. This too will pass.

    But there is nothing that we can do about that so I am focusing on what I can do. Which means shrinking the waist and sorting out the house one room at a time.

    Sounds like it’s going well puppy luv. Does exercise help your back? My friend does some stretches and pilates which makess a huge difference to her mobility as well as reducing pain.

    Have a lovely time with your son.

    Thankyou Annette it’s so sad how this virus separates so many families. Fortunately we have so many ways to contact each other but nothing replaces the hug 😥I just long for their arms around me, but my son is so cautious he may be a carrier and said he’d never forgive himself if he gave it to me. He gets temp check every night at work (he’s a baker) he has no symptoms and feels good, but worries about me, so he does a few chores and I him his favourite meals that I froze for him to take to work, win-win 😀I don’t exercise yet, my muscles are rock hard which is what my physio is working on, he said he’ll give me exercises further down the track. I still potter in my garden which I love and have never been lazy so find resting difficult but have learnt to listen to my body. Today’s cals are going well, so looking forward to my weigh in in the morning. Love your attitude and I too . stay positive just gotta accept the world as it is and keep going.

    We can only do our best in this situation. I am trying to focus on the positive changes that I can make. Losing weight is certainly one of them.

    Totally agree 😃

    Couldn’t resist a skirt try on before work. Very pleased. That skirt that I could barely get on at the start, looks good and fits well. Another skirt, charity shop buy that I have never been able to wear, is getting close to being able to do up. Another month maybe.

    All positive and my arthritis in my foot is less painful now that I am lighter. Who knew?

    Fabulous news annette, well done, what weight were you and what now? I know when I lost weight last time, it was so much easier on my back and body not carrying so much. Doesn’t it put a smile on your face whenyou can get something on that wouldn’t fit earlier, congratulations 😃I’m hoping to see a loss on my scales in the morning, and doing the 800 is easier than I expected, head is in the right frame of mind.

    Thank you.

    I will weigh on Saturday and update you then.

    Last day at work tomorrow, then off for 2 weeks for half term. The plan is to do 2 days with 24 hour fasts for each week and then see what impact that is going to have.

    Happy holidays, don’t know if you are able to travel, but it will be nice to have some “me” time. Good luck with the fasts.

    No where to go and the weather is going to get much colder and wet. Planning to redecorate the vacated bedroom and source new carpet, catch up with friends and try some sewing.

    All this should keep me busy on a FD!

    Scale is up – tape measure is down 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I felt quite nauseous yesterday on my fast so I’m having breakfast before work today and will fast again tomorrow if I feel ok.
    I’ve got jobs in the garden too and need to buy spring bulbs for planting.
    Some of the summer flowers at still going strong and look lovely so I’m pleased with my efforts over lockdown!
    Enjoy the weekend! Keep in touch 👍🏼

    Morning All,
    Running total is 16.7 lb in 15 weeks with an inch loss of around 19 inches. I am not sure what my waist measurement is now, depending on what time of day and exactly where the tape is. However, I can see from my trousers that it’s getting smaller, along with my thighs.

    How is everyone doing?

    You are doing so well annette, I Only lost just over 1K this week , but getting back into the swing of things so hoping for better next week.

    It’s all about marginal gains.
    Yesterday after work, I decided that I would celebrate the end of term with a little pot of ice cream from a supermarket. I actually left with a lovely pot plant with pot and no ice cream. It wasn’t a conscious decision.

    I just wanted to show the gains as they happen. I am no paragon of virtue but I can see how all of those changes add up.

    As long as the clothes are getting looser that’s a win.

    Iona, I hope that you feel better. I have been bulb planting today too. Garden keeps me sane.

    Haha, fancy leaving the ice cream, life still deserves a treat. Abstinence of sweet things would make me give up totally. I think the odd piece of indulgence is a boost to keep going without sufferance. It IS a way of life and not punishment 🌻it’s nice you got the new pot and plant, enjoy 😃

    The plant with pot is my treat.
    The point is that once I saw the plant, I didn’t think about the ice cream. I have been avoiding the sweet stuff and find that I feel better without it now.

    Never imagined that I would ever feel that, but I do. I have always been very clear that this is a way of life, but I also have to make changes to what I eat, if I am going to lose weight and maintain that loss.

    I love plants, they are a treat.

    And the plants last far longer than the ice cream! Feeling much better today thanks. My sister gave me loads of apples from her garden so we are having a small apple and ginger crumble for our weekend treat. Cutting the carbs down has been easier than expected see what next week brings!

    Hopefully, Iona! Glad that you feel better.
    That sounds like a delicious crumble.
    I have been surprised how easy going lower carb has been too.

    I would like to shift another 14 lb…

    The crumble sounds lovely. I too am a plant lover, and have to stop myself getting any more for my house 😂There is no more room 😂and my garden is looking lovely but getting a bit cramped too. I agree about cutting carbs, I haven’t had a biscuit or sweet treat, bread or rice for weeks, and they were part of my staple habitual diet. I don’t miss any of them.

    No such thing as too many plants!

    I have loads both inside and outside and get they make me happy. Houseplants are a new venture for me and I hope they will get me through the dark days of winter. I have planted lots of pots with spring bulbs.

    Less carbs is an interesting one. People can be very resistant to trying it and yet when they do, don’t miss what they aren’t having.

    I am hoping that X2 days of fasting next week and the week after, is going to have an impact on my waist measurement. I am shrinking but would love to have a healthy waistline by the end of the year.

    How are you MM?

    Annette is fasting a 24 hr fast but still doing the 800??

    Just had a try on of two cute summer dresses that 15 weeks ago, I couldn’t get on at all. Now I can both get them on and do up several buttons. I will be trying this on once a month to see when I can do up all of the buttons.

    So exciting.

    I don’t count calories.
    The focus on fasting is the fast itself and the benefits of not eating for a period of time.

    I started with giving up sugar and doing x2 24 hour fasts a week. Then I tried to have a meal each day without processed carbs. Going back to work surrounded by biscuits/cakes as well as taking in my own lunch, has been challenging.

    Now that I have 2 weeks in charge of what I eat, I am going to continue to avoid sugary foods and less processed carbs. It’s a way of eating that I can maintain and isn’t difficult or onerous.

    I am not sure that I have answered your question.

    A 24 hour fast for me will be dinner this evening, and then skip breakfast and lunch tomorrow. Then eat dinner normally.

    Same for me too Annette I find that the easiest way.

    Thank you, that makes it easier to understand. Do you fill up (cals) for the evening meals? I did 5:2 very successfully and I’m now trying to stay on 800 cals daily. I cut most carbs last week and the one before. Just wondering, if on such low cals as 800 was fasting necessary…..and do you try to eat a meal up t 800 cals? I know eating too little starts a plateau, so I still need the cals.Annette, well done onthe dress almost fitting,that’s another goal almost achieved 😃

    I forgot to ask, is drinking black tea or coffee during the fast okay?

    It’s up to you.
    I always have tea with milk because it keeps me going and I never worry about it either.

    I started by skipping breakfast and feeling like I was magnificent for doing so. Then split 500 calories between lunch and dinner.

    The major flaw was that I was eating rubbish the rest of the time. What was normal for me was what got me fat.

    So lots of reading around food and fasting. I have come up with my own approach which doesn’t include calorie counting, but does avoid processed carbs. Since I have ditched sugar, food choices are much easier.

    Try things out and find out what works for you.

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