If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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  • Hello Everyone!
    I was thinking about goal setting for September. I am going to aim for a pound a week with x2 24 hour fast days twice a week. I am hoping that at the end of the month that will equate to another inch off my waist.

    Does anyone want to add their September goals?

    Hi all! Though I followed 16:8 this past week, I did not do any 24 (or 20) hour fasts. So the scale went in the wrong direction. This week I’m back to skipping both breakfast and lunch today and Thursday. Got to turn that scale around again.

    My September goal is the same as your, Annette. One pound a week with 2 20 hour fast days per week. While my weight is back in the normal range (but not what I want it to be yet), my waist is still several inches in the danger zone. So, an inch off the waist is my biggest goal.

    Despite little progress on the scale, I am starting to notice a change in the mirror.

    Hello All,
    First day back at school yesterday. Masks in corridors and one way systems in place. Almost everything that I do has changed so mentally, very tiring. I was fed yesterday and will be again today, so I will go with that and then see what the packed lunch offer is later in the week. Then I can make done decisions about food and fasting in the working week.
    Like you, MM, I can also see changes in the mirror. It usually takes clothes to ‘show me’ where the changes are. I am back to walking to work and home which is an hour and a half each day. Really hoping that will help me to reach the stone/14lb threshold at the weekend.
    Onwards and downwards fast friends.

    Morning Everyone!
    My weight is exactly the same as last week which isn’t surprising after 2 slices of birthday cake and a large fish and chips. Back to work lunches have been very welcome as its been so busy, but I haven’t made the best choices.But the great news is that my metabolic age is now 60 and that I have lost 14 inches/36cms. The running total of fat lost in the past 9 weeks is now 6.8kg!!!!

    I have decided to do another FD today, which will be 24 hours when I eat dinner this evening. I am going to make better choices next week from the food offer and see how one FD at the weekend works.

    Walking back to work up a big hill has been quite a shock for my poor legs but the thighs have also lost half an inch this week too.I had thought that my trousers were looser on the thighs!

    How is everyone getting on?

    Started fasting tonight after a few weeks off including Eat Out to Help Out, wedding anniversary night out, days at the seaside and other such recklessness! Feels good to take the reins back and assert some discipline. I will check the damage on the scale tomorrow but Iโ€™m not concerned as itโ€™s been a lovely few weeks off work with DH, seeing friends and family after all those weeks of lockdown. On the straight and narrow until Christmas now!!

    Don’t forget the tape measure Iona. It’s 17 weeks until Christmas and my goal is to have a healthy waist size then.

    My plan this week is to make better decisions for lunch this week and make sure that I have healthy options for the evening at home.

    I am planning a FD at the weekend but will give myself this week to see what the lunch offer is.

    Yes, done the tape – half inch increase ~ I will get that sorted this week. Will probably do 18 hour fast today with a light lunch and veg heavy dinner! More fasting planned later in the week. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

    Saw a wok colleague that I haven’t seen since lockdown, who complimented me on looking very trim today. Very pleased.

    It’s real life, isn’t it Iona? I am experimenting with the lunch offer at work. I think that I will have a 24 hour fast at the weekend and make better food choices at home and at work.

    So, although I am delighted with the compliment, I still have an unhealthy waist of 38 inches. I am finding trimming the waist is slow but I just have to keep going.

    Experience reminds us that there is no quick fix however much we try to kid ourselves otherwise. Slow and steady wins this race. Iโ€™ve made better choices this week, and have enjoyed it too ~ bonus!! Fasting Thursday and Friday at work, I will try for 24 hours. Keep going fast friends -downwards โฌ‡๏ธ

    Sounds very positive, Iona. I have the end of the year in my sights for a healthy waist size but it will be interesting to see what the fat percentage is at the weekend.

    This week is an experiment to see what the lunch offer is for a week and then make some decisions. The current plan is to fast once for 24 hours at the weekend.

    Lunch is bread/carbs, so I am aiming for a carb free evening with mixed results do far!

    Yesterday was a 21 hour fast, which was fine I never really thought about eating, busy at work all day. This morning I really fancied breakfast feeling quite hungry but had only coffee and trying for 24 today.
    Hope everyone is having a good week, keep us updated. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    Morning Everyone!
    Its been a difficult week at work with food. Always filled bread rolls and something like a pasty/sausage rolls/cheese twists/pizza. Part of the problem is that I have been hungry by lunchtime and its not been easy to make the best choice. I felt rubbish on Friday night after some cheese straws and slept badly with a very uncomfortable tummy. I skipped breakfast on Saturday and went out for a walk with a friend and eventually over the course of the day, felt better but didn’t feel up to having a meal. I do feel better than I did yesterday but not tip top, so I may skip lunch.

    My weight is static since I have gone back to work but my clothes are looser and fat percentage has dropped almost 2% giving me a metabolic age of 55(I am 59) which must be linked to me walking at a pace at up a continual hill for 45 minutes. I am very pleased with that number.

    Today I suspect that lunch will just be some toast and then see how I feel later. My guess is that the total change in what I was eating has made me feel rubbish.

    How is everyone else doing?

    Hi all! Annette, my weight is static also this week. I thought I’d gained a pound yesterday, but lost it in the course of doing a 24 hour fast and cleaning the garage. I don’t think the garage had been cleaned in a decade. Yuck!!! The up side is all the mouse droppings put me off food for the day.

    Today, my usual 16:8 with no breakfast. Tomorrow, another 24 hour day. It seems they are the only way to get that scale moving downwards. I’ve scheduled my classes and office hours to keep my busy over the lunch hour, so once they start I’m hoping it will be easier to get two, or even three 20 or so hour fasts into the week. We’ll see.

    Keep on, everybody!

    Crickey MM, you are a woman on a mission!Its a great way of getting those grim jobs done during a 24 hour fast!You must be so pleased with the results of a clean garage and your fast!

    I am keen to see what fasting decisions you make over the coming weeks as your students return. I have been thinking about skipping breakfast a couple of mornings each week.I am planning to make some better food decisions next week and a 24 hour fast at the weekend.

    I have been cleaning out the cellar today to keep myself moving today while I recover from whatever has made me feel rubbish. Lots of mugs of tea have also helped and now I have a tidy organised cellar and I feel so much better! Even had a simple meal this evening, so hopefully I am now cured.

    Update. I have lost an inch off my waist and summer trousers are on borrowed time. If I don’t wear them as much ad I can this month, they are going to be too big. Tried on some jackets that I couldn’t do up, and now I can without buttons straining. Very pleased.

    I have decided to take in my own lunch for the rest of the week. I am going to make some hummus which I love and will have it with ๐Ÿฅ• and cucumber ๐Ÿฅ’ sticks to dip into.

    The white carbs are making me feel rubbish and I wouldn’t eat them at any other time. Time to take control.

    Hello Everyone!

    How are you all getting on?

    I have been taking a packed lunch in with me and I do feel better. The problem has been that biscuits have snuck in again partly out of boredom at work and now I need to stop that.

    I am half a pound off losing a stone, but I have lost an inch off my hips and half an inch off each thigh. I could weigh that skirt and a pair of city shorts if I wanted to now and be able to breathe. I have had a dress try on and they are looking so much better.

    So although the numbers on the scales are moving slowly due to biscuits and lack of fasting, the body is looking much improved.

    I am treating myself to fish and chips for tea. Its been a long day and I am feeling rather low despite forcing myself out in the garden and planting up loads of flower bulbs for the spring. My plan is to fast after dinner and into tomorrow with for 24 hours. I really want to get to the stone mark next weekend.

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