I am a binger – any info on fasting and bingeing

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I am a binger – any info on fasting and bingeing

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  • Suzy well done with your fast.

    Definitely sounds like the long chain carbohydrates causing the issue Crazy. Maybe cut the suspected culprits out for a while then reintroduce.

    Suzy well done with the fast! I see you keep carbs int he diet on fasting days.

    I am trying to break myself in gently and have two 500 kcal meals a day. It takes me a long time to get my head round fasting.

    Well I have knee issues and morton’s neuroma (foot issues) so very upset as exercise is painful and dread swimming… what exercise are you all doing? It’s not so much the kcal burn from exercise that I’m missing but the stress reduction.

    Do you all work? how do you cope with day to day stress when fasting?

    Thanks BQ for your kind words. Yes I definitely get my carbs in. I feel the weight will fall off fast bc yesterday was an eating day after a fast, and I usually would binge on everything bc I was excited it was an eating day. Well limiting your carbs means you can’t. I mean who binges on vegetables and fish!! So last night I was watxhing a movie and whewe I would usually have potato chips or cheese+crackers I couldn’t, as I already had my 2 carb count, so I Had and apple cut up in a bowl of kefir. It seemed to do the job 🙂
    As far as exercise fr you, I would try something every day just to get you into the habit-yoga, pilates or resistance training w a band are all great, plus a little biking if you can, or even an ab wrkout and weights for your upper bidy. You could do lots.
    Would you like to try a fast w me tmrw? I usually do between 600-700 bc I do 3 a wk. Cheers!

    Ugh. Really struggled to fast today. Probably ended up around 900 cals and still feel hungry and deprived. So much harder when I am working from home (is it proximity to the kitchen or the fact the day seems longer?).
    Trying to stay positive though. Yesterday was a NFD and I stayed (mainly) off wheat and sugar except for a tiny sliver of cake, ate a lot of fruit which is better than biscuits at any rate.

    Suzy – how long have you been doing 3 fasts a week and are you loosing weight? I started with alternate day fasting and that worked… my fear is that’s the only way forward for me.

    Mcca, 900 is still a fast and you will still lose. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Aim for 800 next time and so on. I super-schedule my fast days with the time written down for food/tea etc so I don’t screw up. Yes I get hungry at night too, but I allow myself celery and cucumber if I need to snack as they are mostly water. I also buy a big perrier to trick myself into thinking I’m having something fun! I also have encouraging notes on my kitchen board to help me through the evening.
    Tomorrow will be my third fast since I’ve been back and my first weigh will be after tomorrow, so can’t tell you on the weight loss yet, but should have a good idea as of this time next week.
    I may do one Sunday if you want to join me then.

    Hi Suzy,

    I am going to try for 800 tomorrow!
    Mcca I’m probably a little over optimistic but like suzi says, for me, 900 still a fast. It’s odd sometimes it’s much easier and other times it’s like climbing a mountain.

    Good luck for tomorrow and thanks for sharing tips 😀

    BQ…every time you want to binge tomorrow night think of the scale in the morning-there is no way you won’t lose with 800!! In fact, put the scale by the fridge after dinner to keep you strong!! Good luck!! I hope to be awesome tomorrow bc I Will weigh-in on Friday and I haven’t weighed myself since early summer. And I will post my weight to totally embarrass myself and hold myself accountable!
    Boy am I loving all this posting again! (that may be my wine talking :))

    So here’s the update yesterday was fast day today I hopped on the dreaded scales 5LB gone not bad seen as I’d stayed the same last week, no carbs last week I’m 2 weeks in now, need to keep going now, I had bacon two eggs mushroom and fresh tomato for breakfast, hummus for lunch, mum made me lamb stew with pearl barley and I’ve felt crap ever since. Tired, off to bed soon tomorrow’s a new day…I had a magnum ice cream and a bag of flaming crisps to when I got home I don’t know why I did it I craved sweet I can only think it was barley any ideas?

    Hi crazynoon, yahoo on your weight loss!! I feel your binge may have been a little bit from the barley but not all, as they are unprocessed, slow releasing carbs. I also feel your body can only go so long without carbs, esp if you used to eat a fair amount. Celebrate the weight loss. and accept that you will sometimes binge.
    I was just about to start a hit workout when you posted, so a nice distraction! I am fasting again tmrw. My Thursday fast went well but last night I binged on potato chips. Not sure why, I did have an emotional day with my oldest, so that is def part of it. Anyway, today lots of water and no carbs so I can have a drop on the scale after tmrw. I’ll keep all of you posted, and good luck to all this wkd.

    Hi Suzy, that’s really interesting I never thought about craving carbs! I’ve not really had any for two weeks, I’m glad I distracted you, it’s also nice to know someone else binged roll on Saturday weigh day….

    Just read a few of your posts and just wondered if any of you have read Brain over Binge by Kathryn Hansen – it helped me gain control when I was spiralling last year. Been doing 5:2 since the start of Feb and although a conscious effort to remain in control I seem to be coping. I to don’t like to have trigger foods in the house which is easier now my kids have left home. I also calorie count and this helps with learning portion sizes as I’ve always eaten large portions – trying very hard to not over cook or over fill my plate and to eat more slowly so that I recognise feelings of being full.
    It is early days still and I don’t know if ever all of this will become second nature, at the moment I feel like I will always be a recovering binge eater.
    Good luck and if you haven’t read the book I do strongly recommend it.

    Hi there,

    Hopefully this is encouraging. I’ve always been healthy but always also that 10-15 lbs away from where I really feel and look amazing, until last year.
    I’ve struggled with over eating vs not eating healthy and can totally eat and entire loaf of bread with butter in one go. Fasting used to be impossible for me!
    I want to touch on 2 things. 1) is that fasting has been included in ancient religions and training regimes for eons not for its weight loss purposes but for it’s mental discipline, it’s like a muscle and has to be bulit up, and gaining this ability to “be the master of your own ship” echoes though to every area of your life. SO I found that as I grew stronger in this ability to say “no” to the impuls or desire for food, I had such a better sense of self and MORE control when I did eat. Similar to that relief you described when sick and not having to think about it.
    I controlled it, it does not control me, and by control I mean good stewardship. I know when I’m going to eat and when I’m not. So less and less thought goes into it.

    Even better is not to focus on denial but to aknowlege the hunger pang, sit feeling it for a moment, decided it’s not the end of the world and it’s ok to feel that, and go on with your day. Im telling you ITS INCREDIBLE the amount of quite dignity, the centered sureness of self that you can feel from such a simple thing as exercising awareness and choice over the body.

    2) is the emotional/sub conscious factor. If we are binging or over eating or moving from that place of impulse and “non thought”- there is ALWAYS a deeper root. I can attest to this having reached my perfect weight and fitnesss level after a year of hard (healthy)work out and eating lifestyle, to still sometime find myself in periods where I struggle. I believe I reached this level and my goals from a healthy way only because if the work I did on these deeper levels. Usually with women and weight it revolves around SelfLove(lack of)or SelfProtection in some fashion, but can also be as simple as boredom or unhappiness. Having worked with through the larger issues, this is usually what it is for me these days. So I observe my eating as a way of understanding what’s going on in me on a deeper level.

    Props to you if you read this all the way through! Lol

    Hi Tkim and welcome! I loved reading your post and I agree with all of it. It truly is mind over matter, and so many people struggle with much worse in the world, we can do this!
    I lost 23 lbs 2y ago doing 4:3, but slowly regained it as I am a binge drinker/eater, and no matter how you slice it, I feel I always will be. They are both disorders/diseases. I January I started fasting again, doing 1-4 per wk depending on my week. I lost 10 in January and didn’t find it hard, but it is so mental. I took February off to readjust and have a break, and now March I am aiming for 10 more. What seems to work for me is not eating, just having 600 cals of protein shakes, bc otherwise I eat all the veggies/condiments in the house and I am not really learning anything. After that I may try for 5 more, I’ll see how I feel.
    To all those out there struggling, it is so doable, just picture that scale in the morning.
    Good luck all.

    Hi. Not posted for quite a while! I’m now struggling with my weight as I’m coping with my new baby. Sleep deprived and totally craving sugar! I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy and controlled it without medication with a very healthy very low sugar/carb diet and walking (as per dr recommendation) and actually lost weight whilst pregnant. During pregnancy I followed the diet to the letter, kept my blood sugar within really healthy limits, never bingeing at all with little desire to do so. However now I feel completely out of control. Like I can eat perfectly well for my baby, but not at all for myself. I’ve put on more weight than I started with and I’m desperate to loose it but just keep reaching for more and more food. I know sleep deprivation is linked with bad food choices, but I’m not going to be sleeping well for a while yet and I don’t want to get any bigger. I also have a four year old and a sweet toothed husband so there are always crisps and snacks easily available and I’m on maternity leave so spending more time at home. It doesn’t help that the weather has been awful and I’ve not been able to just pop out for walks. Feeling miserable. But I am determined! In fact just writing all this down here has helped. I want to go back to my low sugar diet but add in a few fast days. Wish me luck! X

    Tkim what a post. Thanks for sharing your experiences I really loved reading too. Ooo bread…

    I do agree about triggers. I totally rely on food to calm me down when stressed or tired. I instantly think in both those circumstances- bread, carbs! Yet I have relatives that in both circumstances don’t eat at all.

    Busymum lack of sleep is really challenging. I love your determination and give yourself a little break, how about setting up some non food rewards. Also, everyone I know has felt miserable with the weather recently and most have gained weight! .

    Suzyqueue interesting you find shakes easier?

    Busymom hang in there! You won’t always feel exhausted and when you don’t you’ll be able to do little workouts when your baby sleeps. Also give yourself some credit. You’ve just made a baby! You could stsrt with maybe drinking more water, or not eating after 8pm for example. You’ll get there. You could also still walk with your baby. All my babies were winter babies, and we walked in snow storms.

    I just did my first 36 h water fast and not only did I lose a few, I feel amazing. I slept better and I’m making much wiser choices today. I’ll do another one on the wkd as I want this damn weight off! Yes shakes work for me, I need to not eat all all or else I think of food all day and that’s not really winning. I will always be a binger and I’ve accepted that. I may have finally found something that works for me.
    Have a great wkd all and good luck all. I’ll write back after my next water fast 🙂

    Suzy great you have found what works for you. Good luck for the weekend.

    Ducking in and out of this board, same here natural response appears to be food when stressed
    Etc so can’t see it every going a way but always trying to manange.

    Something else busy mum, do you have anyone else to talk to to, just to moan to? Go walks with?

    I know when I’ve been isolated it’s been challenging.

    Is anyone up for fasting Monday? I have s busy but stressful day at work but hoping that will distract me. Does anyone else find they want to chew when stressed?!! I’ve found chewing gum stops the constant snacking but doesn’t look great at work and my tum doesn’t appreciate.

    Ah first world problems..! I have two weeks a family event nice so a nice goal ahead. I may also cheat and go lower carb purely for water weight loss.

    Hi BQ…on your previous post, yes it’s all about managing for me bc I’ll always have an issue w bingeing.
    I can’t do Monday but think I’m doing tmrw. Good luck Monday. Just came off a 25h waterfast. Wow that was hard but really great for a nice reboot! Allows you a fresh start. Have a great wkd all.

    This is such a helpful thread and since we are approaching Christmas, I’m entering this post to bump it up to the first page for others to easily find!

    This thread really resonates with me. Anyone still present on here?

    Hello DG. I rarely look at the forum nowdays, but I really should, as I do get much motivation when I read others struggles are similar to mine, and their ways of dealing with their relationship with food. The contributors on this thread (and others all over the world) have taught me much about the importance of fasting and how to identify the triggers that sabotage any results when I’ve had a good eating day.

    Nobody has posted for a while, but I hope it resurrects and we can hear how others are doing now.

    I’m a 65 year old woman who still works full time in a mentally stimulating but often mentally draining job. I know my a Achilles heel. I’m not hungry in the mornings and I fast until as long as I can – prob about 11-1130, and then eat a healthy lunch. Problem is, once i eat something, the hunger dragon gets woken up and i struggle not to snack snack snack all day. I do better if i can get over the hump and not eat till evening. I drink fizzy water and hunger pangs disappear.

    I avoid bread, pasta, all forms of sugar (check labels for sugar content)
    And eat eggs, little meat or fish and lots of veg. I should be as slim as a no9 knitting needle… but Haha…I’m not. Still 5 stone overweight…

    Who can relate to this?

    Hi Pandora,

    I can overeat anything even broccoli, it’s quite a skill really. It sounds like you’ve made some good self discoveries. Do you binge on the carbs is that why you avoid them?

    Job sounds like a challenge. I find stress a terrible trigger for carbs, it’s hardest when I come in from work. What do you do to destress?

    I have recently let myself eat what I want when I want. I have proved to myself this isn’t a good idea although have to say my mood has been good but now a bit fatter!

    I am also thinking of skipping breakfast again..

    Hi everyone. I haven’t written on here in a really long time. It’s nice to see some new posts!! I started a reset after new year’s and I’m down 20lbs. My secret is to eat low carb and every few wks do a cpl extremely low cal days back to back. Whenever I feel I want to binge on carbs , which happens every 10 days or so I do a fast reset and believe me it completely resets my mind and erases any need to binge. I’m close to my goal now but with summer almost here and lots of camping/concerts planned I will continue this habit to get me back on track. Hope this helps some of you. Cheers


    Great news and how great you can recognise and manage cravings ! So many questions(I’m sorry just very impressed)

    I have to ask how are you sleeping on low carb?

    I am finding very similar to you that if a low kcal intake or lower carbs by day 7 huge cravings and sometimes binge. I sort of thought this may be because my body is sensing weight loss and rebelling. Perhaps it’s psychological(?) it resting the fast turns off that trigger switch for you.

    Carbs are the only food I really overeatbinge and nearly always associated with low mood, stress (work!) l, lack of sleep or that diet/low carb for 5-6 days as stated above.

    Suzie are you a breakfast person these days? Do you do

    Amazing Response and so encouraging thank you!

    Ps Suzie is it a complete just water fast or 500 kcal?

    Nice to see a bit of a buzz on here today. To answer queries posted to me particularly, here goes.

    I work in a fast moving fostering and adoption agency where I never know whats coming in via email, that has to be reacted to immediately. It isnt stress that sees me reaching out for food,its when the adrenalin shoots up. It doesn’t have to be carbs….it can celery – so I try to make sure that’s what I have to hand. As I said, I find it easier not to eat at all until 6pm somedays.

    I know that processed carbs are the worst food that I can eat as I never lose weight when they are included in my diet – even if I’m under TDEE.

    I do better with protein dairy and veg and healthy fats

    I think overall, I’m and always have been a foodie. How does one control that?

    Hi DG, i love helping ppl so you can ask me questions anytime! I started off dry jan+feb and lost only 4lbs then my bff told me she was losing on low carb, so i did some reading and chose low glycemic instead, which means you can still eat bread but you won’t have an insulin spike which is where you get stored fat from. I instantly dropped another 5. Then I decided to stay low carb w 1-2 per day and one would b a slice of bread for ex. I’m ok w that as i can have a sandwich which is my preference. If i feel crappy @ bedtime ill have a glass of milk which seems to do the trick. I’ve been low carb for a while now so i could do a zero carb day and feel ok but I would need some the next day. I then introduced the 3 1000 cal days and i tend to drop close to 4lbs. I know a lot may b water but i tend to keep most of it off and it really changes my mindset to be really strong. I eat mostly protein those days but ill have bread if i want. The 3rd day is super hard snd i survive by by drinking lots of water and i also add acv into it which really helps bc it lowers your insulin levels therefore lowering your cravings. Im doing another round starting on wed if you wanna join.
    I usually have a bpcoffee in the mornings then eggs an hr or two later. i work part time evenings and do pilates most days or power walk. Nothing too crazy as i have back issues. Im 51. Look forward to responses 🙂

    Also yes i do believe binges after a little while are your body struggling with restriction snd weight loss, so have a binge day and truly enjoy your choices but make a sure point of getting back on track tmrw!

    Thanks for sharing Suzie.

    It sounds like you have set plan for life. I am interested in joining you Wednesday for a reset.

    My husband and I went away for the weekend and had lots of wine, meals out which included desserts and 3-4 courses. I’m not moaning at all but noted the first day back we felt like we were sick of food, and were planning our health kicks then the following day my appetite was back to it’s usual self without compensating for the excesses we had eaten. Yet my appetite revs when I have any kcal deficit – frustrating. Its definitely more fo a challenge post 40.

    I do still struggle I’m afraid, we have had cake here which I hadn’t touched for a week and had some bread this am then moved to the cake and polished off the lot. I just need to be a bit more sensible and stop the silly eating, I do like eating 🙂 but I also think it’s about shifting your focus finding other things in life to embrace and enjoy.

    It really is very interesting that you find on a low carb day the next you need a little carb. I am wondering if a low carb approach may help to take my carb habit/addiction away but I don’t want to increase cravings or psychologically play mental tricks with myself i.e ban something then desire it. At the same time I don’t seem to be able to limit my consumption at the moment. Suzie what is bpcoffee (black?)Glass of milk before bed sounds a good idea, I don’t like plain milk but often feel sleepy after a milky drink.
    Thanks again for sharing your tips Suzie. Have you reached your target weight or is this more about sustaining a healthy body and mind for you?

    Hi DG, sounds like your wkd was awesome! Enjoy that and those memories bc you need to enjoy life and have those moments, as i def will this summer, but you must fo really strict after if you want to lose. I had a buddy over sat nt snd got very drunk which caused a very hungover sunday where i took a very lg bowl of cheerios to bed w toast. So bc of that i started my strict days yesterday so today is day 2. I will b on my hardest day tmrw but will def guide you thru your days, plus i am doing another one next wk. I’m about 5 lbs away from my summer goal as i don’t want to diet all summer, then in the fall i’m gonna do dry sept+oct and try to lose 5 or so more.

    On my very strict days i drink tons of water, and eat mostly eggs chicken tuna snd green veggies. I will have a piece of toast if i’m getting a keto headache.

    I also am a foodie and prob always will be and I’ve accepted that bc I’ve found something that works for me. You are struggling after a low cal day bc our bodies don’t like change. It causes us great stress which is why your hunger will b thru the roof the next day. If you want change you cant give in. Drink quality bone broth or acv in your water to help your body adjust.

    I may have explained myself wrong-i don’t crave carbs the day after a low carb day but i get the keto headache is what i meant, so i have a low GI carb to deal w that. Sugar is as addictive as cocaine to our brains. The pleasure centres in our brains have the same reaction, which is why you are struggling to stay away from it. Try to read up on insulin to understand more so that you can do a better job bc it is really bad for you. I find the more I educate myself the more i don’t want to eat any carb, other than the really healthy ones (veggies nuts etc).

    After you try 3 1000 days then i suggest you try something that also works for me. Weigh yourself and what you are in lbs add a zero and thats the amount you should eat. For example if you weigh 150 lbs then eat 1500. Obviously you will have cheat days, but this gives you a good idea if you are regularly overeating or not. Your booze can be part of that snd your carbs, but you won’t lose much if you go over and also you wont lose if you go under regularly as it messes w your metabolism and hormones. Thats why i only do 3 days in a row bc thats not long enough to do any harm. This will b a good reference to see if you are eating too much snd believe me you wont b grabbing for some cake bc you’ll only have so many calories left to play with. Try it snd let me know how it goes. That Will b a good way to start low carb as you’ll b forced to make wise choices.
    Bpcoffee is bullit-proof coffee-read about it, its a great way to start your day and keeps your carb cravings low. Its organic butter and coconut oil instead of milk/cream. Also one more tip, if you need to eat carbs (bread pasta potatoes etc) have them as your last meal bc if you have them early you are setting yourself up for cravings all day due to the addiction of sugar. Good luck snd enjoy the rest of your day!!


    Such a great supportive post today thank you. Do you count kcal of veggies on a 1000 kcal day – eyeing up my red cabbage as we speak…

    You are right about the carbs being last meal as the best bet, problem is I eat them before the last meal. I know madness. I am going to have the 1000 kcal tomorrow (I think I’ll go to bed early tomorrow night!).

    Ah I see bullet proof coffee I have heard of that, can’t I have olive oil instead (?!).

    Where do you go for support Suzie?

    Hi DG, yes I count cals in everything. Best of luck tmrw, I will b here if you need me. Friday will be your hardest. I’m hungry right now but am off to bed soon, so I’ll just have some water. Tomorrow will be tough bc i teach evenings and tonight was a little tough snd tmrw will b the 3rd low cal day. I always make it thru tho bc I’m excited of the weigh-in 🙂
    By support do you mean info or do you mean personal support? I smtms talk to my youngest son about it as he’s been with me thru it all and as far as info I always read stuff online. It’s my passion.
    I forgot, you could use a little olive oil, but I think the coconut oil is more for taste.
    That’s me off to bed-remember lots of water!! Good luck :). You will be fine tmrw as it’s your first day.

    Hi Suzie,

    Lovely that actually a healthy way of life has become a passion – a positive thing for you.

    I nearly ate some dark chocolate without thinking this am, but managed to stick with the black coffee!

    I am preparing for the tough bits…thank you Suzie

    You should be fine today. If you wake up hungry tmrw start with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a bottle of water-use a straw to protect your teeth-this will lower your blood sugar and reduce your cravings. Tmrw eve you will prob have a headache from your electrolytes being off due to so much water so have an oxo cube in a large mug, The salt sill help!
    I’m starving but will finish off strong-off to make my coffee. Cheers!

    Thanks Suzie. Today was fine which I thought it would be as only the first day again. Zero breakfast but by 11 am had a dash milk in coffee as was feeling I needed something and then lunch salmon salad (were a few lentils) – 400 kcal. Later for supper halloumi with roasted aubergine. Then this eve got some cravings and raided pomegranate which was off…then had two squares of dark choc so obviously starting to feel bubbly.

    Well done you for sticking with iT. You got through your evening of teaching and didn’t lapse😀

    Well look at you go DG!! Great job and tmrw do the same. Fill up on water and herbal tea. I’m at work my last day and so far it’s fine. Have my 2L water bottle w me. Looking frwrd to weigh-in in the morning. Will let you know how it goes 😇Good luck tmrw!!

    Well that’s me off to bed. Today went really well for some strange reason-hoping for a good weigh-in in the morning. Have a great day tmrw!!

    Thats me down another 3!! Its so mind over matter, and lots of herbal teas!! Stay strong DG and remember your broth for headaches. Post a note for what breakfast you want on Saturday to help you through tmrw. Also don’t start your first day off w carbs, try and just have fat snd protein until dinner or later. Good luck!! I have no appetite yet today but it’s so nIce to be able to eat what i want so I’m loving this!

    3 lbs great Suzie. I did slightly fail I stupidly had a bite of my child’s sandwich before having supper then went for a couple more. So I’m back on tomorrow! Argh although usually would have fallen completely off track still coming in low kcal but not 1000 and not low carb!

    I developed the headache and pear drop breath this afternoon and wasn’t prepared I didn’t think ketosis would occur quickly, which I’m obviously out of now. Tomorrow black coffee am. Sorry I let the side down a bit so stupid as planned for both kids and I to eat together but they have bread with soup. Realistically i don’t think i can ever resist will have to give them something else!

    Awesome about today Suzie. How do you find working when you are doing the reset?

    Hey this is so new to you!! Ive screwed ip many a time. All you can do is learn from it. I made chicken parm for the family and didn’t bother w the leftover noodles as I’ve done this for a long time now and have a lot of willpower. You will get there. Allow yourself to slip up and yes good job on back on track right away!!
    Work is usually tough for me esp on the third day but i leave myself positive notes on my phone or in my bag that i read when it’s tough. Plus I tell my family so i have their support.
    Im actually really hungry rt now as my body has realized im eating again so I’m just having completely clean unprocessed food so it doesn’t stress it.
    Let me know how tmrw goes!!

    Sorry I was rushed. Was getting ready for work. You won’t be in keto yet, you just have a headache from under-eating or low blood sugar. Have half a slice of ww bread when that happens. We are not doing keto, just low carb. And make sure you add salt your last day as your electrolytes will be off from so much water.

    Hi DG, I haven’t heard from you. I hope you are doing ok. I’m wondering if first time around you should just do 2 hard days and then weigh, bc you will still lose and that will give you motivation to not give up or get discouraged. Tmrw is the wkd. Why dont you just focus on low-carb food/drinks then on mon+tues do 2 days. You will lose, then maybe wed+th do 10x your weight to keep it off and make you feel better, then go from there? I’ve failed many a time so I hope you are not being hard on yourself. I ate 10x my weight yesterday and the weight is still off so I’m happy. I’m going to do that thru the wkd and my drinks will just b vodka-soda as they have no carbs then maybe i’ll shift another lb. Eating 10x after 3 days of being super strict is tough but that’s the only way to keep it off plus it makes you make super smart choices. It’s lunch time now and all I’ve had so far is coffee but I’m now about to have an avocado on one slice or sprouted grain bread. Enjoy your wkd and take care.

    HI Suzie,

    Sorry for late check in. Yes I was doing well bad nights sleep and really struggled today. The bad night was because of kids and craving carbs all day and relented at 3pm – I’m not very good at this! I annoy myself! I’m not really beating myself up too much but just frustared at wanting something but obviously not badly enough. I think it’s partly not repapring well enough. I survived at work this week because I took in what appeared to be a hearty lunch but it was 300 kcal with slightly extra in green leaves and chicory.

    Actually today I haven’t achieved much let alone fasting, low mood today which is not associated to diet (I think). Skipping breakfast is key for me today I didn’t and was ready to snack within hours of having break. Suzie what do you mean by 10x ? When yo say you ate 10x your weight what did you mean? I am sure if we are strict with all the other days one day off won’t hurt. I have just got into a very bad carb habit, I eat them to lift my mood and energy and both these things usually are worse after a night up with little people. It’s great to self reflect on here thanks for your on-going support Suzie it means a lot.

    How was your weigh in? I also drink vodka and soda 🙂 oooo sprouted grain bread sounds nice. I have to say as soon as I start on bread I’m not very good at portion control – I used to be.

    Tomorrow have already brought spinach, kale and broccoli and some nice olive oil and mozarella, not sure they mix but that’s my evening meal sorted. Monday -Wed next week I am going to be super strict. I’m so sick of feeling tired all the time and work published my picture online and there was this doughy looking puffy faced 40+ stodgy woman with my name beneath my photo – how did that happen :-).

    ps thank you again and have a really lovely weekend. Enjoy those vodka’s 😉

    Another thing, not sure how you feel about this. I was so set on not going over one evening that I didn’t have extra broccoli but I was hungry and put up with it. The next day overate and I wonder if giving myself no limit on broccoli leafy greens would be helpful (or am I justifying greed).

    DelayedGratification: It would be worth reading ‘The Fast 800’ book again, and trying to implement more of Dr Mosley’s recommendations.

    Ideally do not keep junk in the house (cake/ biscuits/ cookies/ crisps/ potato chips) for days. It is not healthy for anyone in your household and is a constant temptation for you. If you would like your children to have a sweet treat on (say) the weekend, just purchase a portion each on that day. Or buy a small loaf-size cake and freeze half for the following weekend.

    Similarly wholegrain bread can be bought already portioned out (pitta/ chapatti/ other flatbreads/ small rolls/ fresh sliced bread). Any spare portions can be frozen as soon as you get the bread home from the grocery store, which makes it much less appetising!

    Dr Mosley suggests having some protein (eggs/ cheese/ fish/ meat/ nuts) at the start of a meal or snack to control appetite. You might try this before handling any tempting starchy foods that are intended for your children.

    Certainly do have a selection of very low carbohydrate non-starchy vegetables and low sugar fruits available at all times to bulk out your meals. But try to have a really wide variety/ the full rainbow rather than just having ‘no limit’ on greens.

    This mean you benefit from all the minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and prebiotic fibres the plant world has to offer. In his book ‘The Clever Guts Diet’ Dr Mosley advocates at least seven different fruit/ veggies a day – mostly veg – and twenty to thirty different varieties each week.


    Wow DG so many questions, this is awesome!! I hope I dont forget something. From what I’m hearing, this may always be very difficult for you until you lower your carb addiction/blood sugar levels. And as long as there in a fair amount of insulin in your blood you will always crave carbs from morning till night bc your body likes the serotonin from them which makes you feel good and consequently crappy once your levels drop.
    My advice is to slowly lessen your carb addiction first then you won’t have a problem doing hard days. I used to really struggle doing them snd felt like my head would blow off by the 3rd day but my bod has def adjusted and sometimes i feel it’s super easy to do.
    Like I said don’t blow the whole wkd off bc then you will have guilt and will find monday hard. Do as low cal as you can, at least no carbs at breakfast then one at lunch and one at dinner and if you have the evening munchies, have nuts or veggies dipped in something healthy. If I’m counting carbs I stick to 2 per day. Usually one at dinner and one at night and lots of veggies in between for snacks. But I try to have low GI carbs so I dont spike my insulin much therefore having cravings. That would be step one for you then once you can do a few days of one carb, then you shouldn’t have much of a problem doing super tough days.
    I love helping people get healthier, so I am here t lo help anytime. Cheers!

    Looks like I did miss a lot!! Ok here goes: my drop was 3lbs. Yes i do take one nt off per week for whatever i want. Yes eat as much broc As you want. 10x your weight means ten times your body weight in pounds ie if you weigh 160 pounds then eat 1600 calories and no more. Or you can drink them, whatever. If you find you aRe eating way over that then that’s too much unless you are very athletic.
    Seriously start your day with BPcoffee. It will do you till lunch where you can then have a healthy carb if you want.
    Also have a bottle of water at bed with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in it. I drink w a straw so it doesn’t affect my teeth. It lowers you insulin and your blood sugar as you sleep so you won’t wake with carb cravings.
    Ok now I think i’ve got everything. Off for my vodka soda!!! yum fresh lime and mint…

    These are such great responses I want to cry 🙂 thank you.

    Suzy – I thought that was what you meant 10 x as you had said that before but just clarifying. It’s weird with the whole carb addiction thing as so many health professionals say carb”addiction” is false its just we like carbs and they are easy to overeat. It is carbs that I overeat and I want a lot of them and the serotonin thing is spot on for me. I used to say to my parents that cereals list my mood when I was a little girl but I think my body has learnt to recognize the more carbs the more of a rush. I’m going to get some cider vingear although have to ask what does it do??

    It’s quite a challenge as I also battle with low mood (in case you hadn’t guseed) if I’m not careful and I think I’ve learnt to manage this with carbs. Hence my situation. Although carbs give me an instant hit (you know when people say they instantly regret it, I don’t they really do lift my mood for about two hours post consumption) then I drop and feel low.

    BP coffee trying to egt my head round having fat with my coffee – do you think this is better than having it black?

    Thank you Suzy…

    Firefox – thank you too for your input too. Yes I have the book and as you can see I’ve obviously taken snippets and not the whole thing to heart!I think placing bread in the freezer is a great idea although if I am on a carb rampage I’ll just stick it in the toaster but you’re quite right I’m much less likely to raid it. 7 portions of vegetables I’m excited by that as I love veg. I probably do eat too much fruit.

    I think I am going to have to get stricter about what’s in the house. I have slim very active children and they would lose weight with the standard meat, potatoes and vegetable diet – it’s hard keeping the kcal in them. Although it has worked before to take them out for cake at the weekend – expensive but actually a bit of a bonding session for us all 🙂

    It’s so great to have your support on here, thank you.

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