I am a binger – any info on fasting and bingeing

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I am a binger – any info on fasting and bingeing

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  • Hi DG, good to hear from you. As far as acv, it’s best you google its benefits as there are so many for me to list. As far as coffee yes drink it black but really try to just have protein and fat at breakfast was the msg I was trying to get across.
    And yes I agree w no junk in the house. I have 3 young men living w me who are alll over 6 feet and when they were young i had nothing processed in the house- if they wanted junk they used their pocket money and biked to the store to get it. I heavily influence healthy eating with them and 2 of 3 are now health nuts. If they wanted cookies we would make them tgthr to teach them about ingredients. You cant binge if you dont have junk in the house. Also take some time to read on low GI carbs as these should be all you eat when you have a craving-quinoa, sweet potatoes, brown rice etc. Your insulin won’t spike.
    Baby steps for you. I feel you need to reevaluate why humans need food in the first place. It’s for fuel and nothing else.
    As far as your moods, Ive had depression in the past so i can relate. Try exercising instead for mood. When you feel a low drop get outside and have a nice walk. Its better than carbs 🙂
    You will get there. My road has been long and i research all day is why i finally know what to do.
    Enjoy your wkd and i am here for you come monday!.

    Hi again DelayedGratification. Made me smile to read about your family bakery together-time, thank you!

    Hands up here too for mental health/ low mood/ anxiety issues. And hands up here to disclose that my background is as a *dreaded* healthcare professional (lifestyle). No longer practicing and a tad rusty though.

    My copy of Dr Mosley’s ‘Clever Guts Diet’ is dog-eared; am sure my copy of ‘The Fast 800’ will end up exactly the same! I think we can ALL benefit from re-reading sections or referring to snippets regularly. Not least to drown out some of the poppycock that is spouted by the nincompoop authors of most commercial diets.

    Yes I said POPPYCOCK and NINCOMPOOP. 😀

    With my old ‘work hat’ on briefly …. Added extras for slim active people: Seeds, nuts (whole chopped or sliced), full-fat traditional cheeses, eggs any which way, low-sugar dark chocolate, cacao nibs, toasted coconut chips, olives, avocado dip/ spread (guacamole), seedy flapjacks, nut butters, liver pate, oatcakes.

    All are nutrient-dense, all are energy-dense, lots of healthy fats, fibres, essential minerals. Many can be had as snacks AND/ OR had as sides/ toppers/ sprinkles at regular mealtimes. Obviously not suggesting you have all of these options available at home, especially not if some are high-risk for you! Several are high-risk for me.


    Hi DG, thinking of you, hoping you are doing ok. I got smashed on sat night at my sister-in-law’s on dbl vodkas. Needless to say yesterday I didn’t feel so great. However I ate my 10x, did pilates and a bike workout (after a nap and advil of course)….so you can still stay on track. Keep in touch 🙂

    Hi DG, hope you are ok. I’m camping this wkd which which will be mostly alcohol-fuelled so doing MTW super-strict next so if you wanna join…


    Still here and lost my last post and since then work has rudely been getting in the way of my posts.

    Fire – POPPYCOCK and NINCOMPOOP 🙂 I haven’t heard those words for some time. I have to say fire I do love nut butters, oatcakes etc but can still overeat on these things so you’re right about not having all in the house. Thank you though it reminds me if I don’t have things like that to hand though I eat the kid’s stuff! I’m sorry to hear you have had low mood too. Nothing wrong with health professional background very admirable and how interesting lifestyle as an area of interest too. I have utmost respect for all health care professionals. I was just saying there doesn’t seem to be any clinical evidence for carb addiction – I sort of wish there was then I could say I’m addicted and sorry I can’t have any and that would sort the problem out to soem extent. Though he argument is if one is addicted it’s not like heroin and I suppose by labelling it as such it takes away a feeling of being able to stop oneself – I won’t stop eating all cakes as I’m addicted. I on the other hand delude myself I always say just one won’t hurt…..

    Suzy – you’re so right about re-evaluating about why we need food and I have realised most the time I eat it’s because of habit or because I’m reacting to an emotion or other people. I do actually als really like food – too much,. So good and bad stories to tell, I had an excellent day yesterday skipped breakfast with just the black coffee in the am. I probably signed the end of the day off with 1000 – 1200 berries, seeds, high protein greek yoghurt, apple, rye bread-prob bit too much of the rye and some milk. Success. This morning woke euphoric but hungry and stupidly it was a day off and I had breakfast partly carby one dark choc brownie and frothed milk coffee… I know, then I went for 4 mile walk, did some errands and some work and then I raided the eat natural bars and then bread, cake etc. I wasn’t bothered by it yesterday and felt great. Grr, I looked at the calendar and TOM but still annoyed as my mood had also been good why would I totally go against myself? I obviously still see food as a way of treating myself. Started to feel flat this afternoon and very tired and could hardly keep going, had to have a five minute sleep. I just wonder why the self destruct button came on… For the moment I am going to have to make sure I am not given the opportunity to overeat on days off/WFH days. I was going to book into a spinning class this am and then thought that would be embarrassing as I am so unfit and didn’t want to make myself too worn out …. well that wasn’t a good idea 🙂

    Yes. I have to say it’s my birthday this week so one day with some vodka please…

    Yes to the stick to it plan. Is that 1000 kcal per day for 3 days again? I say again I didn’t make all three days.

    Also TRE seems to be helping me. It may be psychological i. I want snack answer no it’s not eating time. I suspect the skipped breakast is positively affecting insulin i.e not producing any and thus reducing appetite. I’m more energetic without breakfast.

    Glad you are back! Don’t be hard on yourself. You are learning and slow changes is the best way. Glad you had a great day! Yes I will be doing prob around 1100 cals. You could do either 1200 those days or 2 days of 1000 as you are still very new at this. Glad you are still here. Cheers.


    Back on it today, i will aim for 1200 but good gut food :-). Excesses were had yesterday. Black coffee for breakfast.

    In a newspaper today Michael Mosley points out the importance of sleep with dieting which is interesting as sometimes if I don’t eat enough I don’t sleep well. So going to try and save the majority of my kcal for evening.

    Importance is keeping focused too, if it’s a stressful day at work… tough no food, if there is a celebration tough no food. Firefox you and Suzy both sound like you really have this under control – inspiring as you have both shared (thank you). Firefox do you still fast?

    I really struggle with bread I love it and need something to replace it – I like stodge. I am also excited that improving my microbiome might help low mood.

    I am a little greedy and just like quantity, so I would rather have a plate of broccoli than a near empty plate with a tine thing on it. Maybe these are issues I need to deal with!

    I hope your days go well. Thank you for the continued support and enjoy the helping our gut bugs and fasting day.

    Hi DG, good to hear from you. Yes i need a lot of sleep and can’t sleep if I’m hungry, so I also eat before bed even if it’s very little calories. Speaking of gut health I eat kefir every night with berries before bed. As far as bread, once you lower your blood sugar you won’t crave bRead bc I sure don’t. Honestly you won’t crave it. It will take a while though for your bod to adjust, but you will get there. Have a great wkd!

    Hi Suzy and co,

    Ooo not craving bread I cannot imagine that, that would be a dream. As a child I could have lived off bread, then as a teenager I gained weight and it was due to bread – I would just snack on it all day long I think it was my main food source think I must have been very malnourished despite being plump! I then slimmed out again then re-introduced the carbs and funnily enough popped out again in later life.

    I love kefir although the one I tried before had coconut in it and think it had sugar. Suzy a personal question is your weight now where you want it to be and has your overall appetite reduced? if so do you think that is the effect of ketosis (thinking of your no bread craving..). Suzy do you use dietdoctor – sorry I can’t remember if you said before.

    I am thinking of making a huge bowl of veggies of all different colours to snack on when I come in from work, I’m finding it very hard at that time to make a meal for the children and my carb craving is huge. We ahve early starts in our house. When I didn’t have kids I would go to the gym. I’m self reflecting on here oh and chicory is gorgeous, who knew? I have found that good to snack on and hopefully helping the good ole gut bugs.

    It’s odd with fasting I am finding the less I eat the less I want, as soon as I start eating my appetite and hunger increase. I don’t like being moody though and finding when I’ve sometimes finished work and seeing to the children I can be a bit hangry.

    What are you having for lunch Suzy? I find I’m better with the same meal each day.

    Well I was given the fast800 recipe book so meals already planned. I do think I’m going to have something very small in before bed – vanilla low sugar kefir this evening. I might but ask my husband to pass me a single oat cake before bed.

    Hope you’re all well. Added artichokes to evening meal (love artichokes!).

    Hope you’re doing well.

    Hi DG, glad to hear from you. As far as bread goes, the only kind I have in the house is for the kids snd I wouldn’t eat that, so that’s how I stay in control. If I had french bread in the house for ex there’d be trouble. I wonder if before you eat a slice you could visualize what it’s going to do to your insulin snd fat stores for ex, and you may slowly over time not want to eat it, plus the rebound effect of the high then the low then another craving is something I’m not willing to do to myself bc I’m trying to lose not gain.
    I would like to lose a cpl more lbs before summer hits but if i don’t that’s ok bc I have lots of drinking events this summer snd I want to enjoy myself. I do plan on going hard again in the fall by possibly doing ADF as My ultimate goal from today should be 10 more lbs, but yes I am happy w myself right now.
    If you must eat bread/carbs try your best to save them for dinner and a late night small snack so you don’t crave them all day.
    I’m wondering why you are craving carbs when you are home from work. Are you actually hungry or are you just craving carbs. If it is just carbs then you need to look at what you are eating during the day as in you are prob not satisfying yourself with enough healthy fats snd protein.
    Yes I don’t crave carbs bc I only have one portion a day so my blood sugar never spikes. I have bpcoffee when i wake up and that does me for a few hrs then I have eggs usually for brunch or avocado on one slice of pumpernickel, but its usually eggs. I drink water through the afternoon with chia + flax seeds in it plus whey powder and organic cacao so I’m good till dinner where ill make something normal for the family but i dont eat it. i will instead have a cpl pieces of fish or a chicken breast in a small wrap if I didn’t have toast that morning. Il take a handful of nuts to work then in the evening I’ll have my kefir. Pretty routine actually. Hope this helps!! Cheers!


    I don’t think my last post posted… So sorry for the silence. Ooo pumperknickel I’m looking to find where I can get this.

    I am preparing for a strict 3 days. Weekend Sunday wasn’t great and went off track as was shattered nut not as off track as usual. I ahve to be careful not to think “oh well I’m being good tomorrow” and eating more than I would have!Then when I get back on track as I did today I remind myself the being good, feels so much better, I’m mentally sharper, in a better mood… so mind games. I did come in from work and have a pint of milk… I had planned 1 hot milk…. it ended up being more.

    How are you?

    Hi DG, I was just going to email you! I also had a wild wkd. Friday night got drunk on vodka perrier so I started my strict 3 days yesterday. First day is always no prob as I’m full from the day before. Today I’m a little hungry, but filling up on lime water. Tmrw is always the best bc even tho I’ll b starving, it’s the last day and I’m so excited about the weigh in. I’m hoping to have a very strong week right to the wkd and drop another 2 at least. That will do me I think. Good to hear from you and good luck!!
    Oh forgot to mention, I do pilates/strength everyday, even if it’s just 10 min. That will boost your metabolism.

    Hi Suzie

    Sorry to hear (or am I sorry? sounds like you had fun) about your weekend but glad you’re back on track.

    I got back on track yesterday but a work from home day today and I woke up starving and raided the chocolates from my birthday and had milky coffees as a treat. I think I’ve also been on a panic having guests over this evening and lots of food involved. They are all carb loves so I obviously want to eat with them and make something everyone will enjoy.

    You’re so self aware and I’m noticing just like you, first day post excess I’m fine to stick to strict eating but the next day is a challenge. Also when I come in from work always an ongoing challenge as I’m so involved in the headspace of work thinking about looking after myself is the last thing on my mind.

    I’ve brought the fast800. I think the recipes look great but I will need to add in a little extra to avoid insomnia. My plan is to do this during the week but adding an additional 200 kcal to have before bed. This may be a small bowl porridge (maybe a mistake as too carby (?) or kefir like you suggested. Keeep us posted Suzie.

    Hey DG, thx for your honest post 🙂 I’m wondering if doing consecutive days isn’t right for you as your life seems a lot busier than mine. I only work part-time plus my youngest just graduated from highschool last week so I’m not as needed.
    I’m wondering if 5:2 or 4:3 would work better for you. That way you could move your strict days around in accordance with your schedule. As a teacher this is my last week of work till September which is how I can do this. I also let my family know, so they can support me. For example, yesterday my husband offered me one of his Father’s Day chocolates snd I said ‘I’d like one on Wednesday if you have any left!’
    meaning that this way of life is really just a mind game and I know you can figure out how to do it for you. Let me know how the rest of your week goes. Cheers!

    Forgot to add, porridge is fine anytime, as it’s a slow-release carb so it won’t spike your blood sugar. It also fills you up, snd is so healthy! Just make sure you add no sweetener.

    Anyone who says this way of eating doesn’t work is lying!!! I just had a fantastic weigh-in. Lost just under another 3lbs, that’s me at almost 24lbs loss!!! I didn’t expect that!!! I’m one lb away from my summer target!!! Yay me! Now time for some fried eggs and coffee with cream!!
    I was quite hungry yesterday morning, so after my black coffee i had an oxo cube, snd the salt in that took my headache away….another new trick for me.
    Anyways, good luck all snd don’t give up!!

    Thinking i might do 6:1 all summer to maintain.

    Hi All,

    I have been away for so long! but want to come back! Has anyone been doing the new 800 fast version? and if so, how many days a week? I am confused about how many hours are needed for fasting…I can’t imagine its the same value to split the 800 all day long vs. at least 2 meals a day at 400? or at least wait until lunch every day? also, when I fast, I still have light cream or half and half in my coffee…black is too brutal for me…tips from all welcome! xx

    Hi both,

    Suzy great job! I wonder if you ever really “binge” or overeat anymore at all? I know there is the odd vodka but surely that’s all part of a balanced diet 😀

    I’m better than I used to be but after some very low kcal days I overeat a lot…so I’m having to work this one out. Yesterday. I prepared by having a cup of soaked steel cut oats in the fridge for after work. I did raid them and then wanted more but made sure there was nothing else to hand and said to myself I can have something tomorrow. I think after an hour or two I felt full from the oAts and all cravings gone. Had an omelette for t. So success.

    Desperate but driven I have just brought the fast800 book partly because I can never think what to give my husband and they are foods he will eat too. I have now got used to black coffee in the am as an espresso and I love it but it’s taken me a long time to get used to it. I think I may have been od’ing on it though as sometimes – sorry to be graphic- it gives me indigestion and I never had that before despite being a caffeine fiend.

    Hi all. DG yes I don’t really binge anymore. I’m to conscientious plus I know that got me fat in the first place. My treats are my drinks now it seems, not food. Mind you it may all go to s..t once I’m camping 🙂 Good job for not giving up. Think I’m just gonna maintain for a wk or 2 to allow my bod to adjust to the new weight.

    Hi DBD. I’ve done the 800 before. I did anywhere from 1-3 per wk. i found those days hard though. As far as fasting, the longer the better. I wouldn’t do less than 16hrs as that is what they call the sweet spot as far as autophagy starting. At the very least tho do 12 hrs then break your fast w your creamed coffee, but don’t have cream in your fasting window as it will stop any health benefits you are wanting.
    Enjoy the wkd all and be healthy 🙂

    uay but you’re three days a week are based on similar principles of the fast800 (correct me if I’m wrong – I often skim read)low carb and 1000 kcal…So great you have such a healthy attitude towards food now.

    Desperate, I was glad Suzy replied as she gives fantastic constructive advice (thank you Suzy you are brilliant!)I would also say, for me my, big step has been giving up breakfast (this seems to cause me to overeat and often my breakfasts weren’t that great- I have been known to have chocolate biscuits for breakfast so it giving it up was going to be healthy for me!). I now just delay it and try and leave 12 hours fasting. This is because I take ages, I mean ages to get myself to change my habits and not collapse and give in.

    I think something else for me (again thank you Suzy) is also knowing you can do it and you can keep going back and trying again working out how to make it work for you. Having the support here is lovely.

    Hi all. How is everyone. Well that’s me on summer holidays now and it came in w a bang! My sister snd some pals came over and it was a 5:30am night w hot tub, fire and far too much booze. Hungover today so I’m eating food I shouldn’t. So I’ve decided to do another cpl strict days next wk to bounce back if anyone wants to start on Monday w me.
    Enjoy the wkd. Glorious weather here 🙂


    Your weekends sound v exciting Suzy, mine are but are interspersed with walking kids, and feeding kids. I’m sorry to hear you are hungover – lots of fluids! I actually think if you have 1 day overeating or certainly not controlling I am sure that won’t do bad things to your metabolism.

    I’m struggling again. Yesterday I was very tired when I woke, took kids for 4 mile walk had 1/4 pizza and salad and then started on a work project… in the kitchen. I was stupid feeling exhausted, really stressed and tired. Started one biscuit then another and then just raided everything whilst working. A childlike response! I’m also nervous when I loose a pound I get the urge to overeat it’s like my body’s kicking in – excuses? maybe it’s psychological but all that hard work over the week…destroyed in over a few hours. I was htinking I’ll regret this later at the time but carried on anyway. Small blessings though as did my work and all kids fed, bathed, homeworked etc!

    I am unsure how to move on from here

    Oops sent before I meant to. Lose weight argh typos. I am finding weight much harder to manage over 40, when I used to lose a bit I would maintain now there is a huge urge to overeat a few days post loss. Maybe that’s psychological, perhaps my motivations are different Interesting how I can be so contradictory have such very clear goals, writing on here yet in the moment of work stress, tiredness, a row with someone close to me and even just it’s there in front of me gobble gobble. It’s like a warm hug in the moment. That’s what I need to change.

    I need to go back to fasting until midday I think. Sorry venting on here.

    Hi DG, so sorry you are struggling. I feel your binges after a loss are: yes your body doesn’t like change (homeostasis thing) so it is trying to gain back what you lost, plus maybe your mindset for after the strict days isn’t set up properly yet. Really try after a strict day to stay to your 10x, and count everything, and if you want a biscuit then have one/two, but count the calories in and HOLD yourself accountable and make sure you fill up on water as well. It’s not easy to change how we think of food. The important thing is you are not giving up so don’t be upset with yourself. You just don’t have it all figured out yet.
    I’m looking frwrd to tmrw’s fresh start. Looking for another drop, then that’s me done. Before you do another strict day, write down somewhere visible how you are going to eat your first day off and stick to it. You got this. Cheers!!

    And yes losing weight as we age/approach (peri)menopause is super tough. I’ll be 52 in Oct so yeah I can relate. I’m never getting fat again as this has been a whole lot of work, but I am finally happy w myself, and love my legs in shorts (my best feature i believe). Just gotta drop this belly now 🙂

    Hi all. Been a quiet forum as of late, hope everyone is well. I’m finishing up my last hard day here and it’s going really well. I’m learning tricks along the way, like bpcoffee in the morning does me till lunch where I don’t crave carbs, bc the coffee does that. Before I have my lunch I have a T of acv in water bottle which lowers your blood sugar ie cravings so I don’t crave any carbs after lunch either. Oxo is a perfect fix when you have hunger headaches, and lastly fill up on 2litres of water through the day. Hoping for a good weigh-in tmrw then that’s me. I’m trying to get ahead of the game as hubby and I are seeing the Stones on the wkd so that will be a wild night of food+booze.
    Good luck to everyone and cheers.

    Hi Suzy

    Great to hear from you and to hear you are going so well. I’m going to note that tip oxo cube, I definitely develop an odd heavy head feeling that I’ve sometimes had carbs on purpose to try and alleviate.

    I was doing v well today and came home and purposely and mindfully are some pinhill oat cakes (made with butter and oats baked) and instantly I had the urge to eat the pack. I didn’t but was curious as to why I had that urge I wasn’t even that hungry before I started on them. They weren’t even that nice. I didn’t lock them away again before my monkey brain took over.

    I am noticing hormonal monthly moods worsen cravings for carbs and this has very much worsened since going over 40. Other factors I find are lack of sleep and stress. Although today was very stressful and no urge to overeat though (apart from the oat cake fiasco).

    Keep me posted. Tomorrow I aim to have breakfast at 10 am then nothing until tea …. we shall see how that goes. Keep me posted on your progress too.

    Hi DG, yay sounds like you are figuring things out and doing so well!! I am so happy for you! On the oats thing, not sure why they made you crave more, maybe they are somehow processed? Or maybe any little carb causes you to crave? Not sure. Yes women’s cycles wreak havoc on our urges. I’m thankfully all through all that but it was a long 10 years of nasty symptoms, and yes low sleep and stress don’t help. The important thing here is you are listing your triggers and are aware of them so this is great news!
    On my end weigh-in was no good today. Only lost 1/2lb which I was kind of expecting bc every time I’ve done this I’ve lost decently so I knew this would happen, plus last week’s was a good drop. I’m feeling a little bloated for some reason so I’m trying to deal with that. I also did some decent strength exercises the last few days so it could also be muscle. Either way I’m drinking lots of water today and watching my cals/carbs snd going to have some porridge to clean me out (sorry!) but every bit helps. This may be my summer maintenance and that’s ok. My body has done very well this year re weight loss so I’m going to listen to it. Let me know how Tmrw goes 🙂

    1/2 lb is still a drop and likely once the fibre gets things going 😀 it may make a difference too. You must be so chuffed with yourself Suzy to be sticking at it. Even if there isn’t a huge weight loss you’re looking after yourself.

    Ok today wasn’t so good. 4 1/2 hours sleep and carb fiend. The hunger from being so tired. My mood was awful.

    Also those oat cakes …guess what the highest ingredient was .. wheat flour! How bizarre, oat cakes. They were quite processed and made with butter. I think that explains it.

    Appetite and mood much better after a sleep.

    Keep me posted on your progress.

    Hi Suzy

    How are you doing? My weigh In 10 stone 7 and 5ft 5…

    Hi DG, was thinking of you! Well it’s full-blown drinking season here. It’s crazy hot, 36’C so it’s pool/beach time w lots of drinks! I’m just trying to maintain for the summer as this is the heavy partying season for Canadians. I’m trying to stick to low-carb and still exercising, but I doubt I’ll lose any more.
    I plan to do dry Sept+Oct w maybe keto as well to lose my last 5-10 lbs. I weigh more than you but I do a lot of strength so my legs are muscular. Having said that in a perfect world I could lose a lot more but I don’t want to diet the rest of my life to stay little.
    I hope things are going well w you and pls keep in touch!!

    Hi Suzy,

    Great to hear from you. Ooo party season sounds challenging but planning ahead will help. For events I can’t control I’m sort of thing I’ll just go for the nut, proteins and salads but failed at a party yesterday as had sausage and chicken then caved to a bread roll (which on the scale of things isn’t bad at all) but I was actually really hungry just having the protein (there were no additional fats to add or salads)and watching everyone else eat was hard! I resisted cake though and the icing was calling me.

    It’s harder when you’re round somebody else’s house and they have kindly catered for the masses.

    It sounds like you have a plan though and most parties usually have a salad or something to go along with the protein options. It’s also watching out fo the nibbles I smacked on nuts and dread to think how much I actually ate.

    Keto? Have you tried that before? Oh it does sounds ouch hot over there! Mind you usually when it’s hot people aren’t serving lots of stodgy food – not sure what the staple diet is like in Canada?

    Weight is funny, my body fat is 33% but I don’t think I weigh that much really which goes to show how accurate weight is in terms of reflecting health. My bottom is huge 😂

    I think you’re doing brilliantly thinking ahead. I even have got think about the next few hours and have a plan let alone a whole season 😁

    Tomorrow I work from home and if I reflect usually by mid afternoon, of work has been stressful I often snack and subsequently overeat. I need to plan for this. It won’t be a lower kcal day but hopefully a TDEE day without excessive carbs. Had breakfast today and snacking has been hard to resist. Didn’t have breakfast yesterday and was happily going without food until 11:30 when I felt genuinely v hungry so ate.

    Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend 😀

    Hi DG, hope you are well and doing well. I had an insane wkd as my mom and my sisters did a getaway at a beachtown and all of us drank way too much then ate too much the next dAy to quell the hangover!! However it was an amazing time!
    Back at strictness again, very low carb, trying to stay under 30 net plus lots of exercise. Seems to be working well. Camping next wk w my girlfriends so that shall b a crazy time!!
    I’m doing well maintaining and hope you are doing well too. No fasts for me right now. Cheers

    Hi Suzy! Well the weekend sounds like a lot of fun .. you were at the beach, sigh Canadian beaches sound lovely…

    I think the great thing about you (one of the many, many great things Suzy) is you just get back on track. You appreciate the overindulging and are realistic. You just get back on it.

    I’m doing a bit better…. I had my body fat measured it’s nearly 40% so you know my weight doesn’t reflect that, I don’t think but my bottom size does 🙂

    I have found on days I’ve cut down again it’s affecting my sleep, but it hasn’t been a fast just reduced kcal. I need to have the discipline to save all kcal for the evening. Last night I was hungry and had a egg and broccoli because they were cooked and in the fridge for another meal. It’s amazing how we are all so different, I’ve read some people sleep really well fasting.

    I also think I’ve been a bit stupid times I’ve been bingeing I’ve always thought are psychological (there has always been some stress trigger prior) but yesterday there was that huge carb urge after work, but I didn’t want the kids to eat alone and sat with them and had a fish curry… carb urge gone so was it actually low blood glucose.

    Any way, my day is delaying breakfast. I am going to Starbucks for a treat but will be choosing something that isn’t excessive. Some dark chocolate mid afternoon and likely something spice for tea but I may choose lentils or veg for side dish rather than rice/bread.

    Good luck keep me posted on your progress.

    Hi DG, great to hear from you! Yes I’m doing really well. I got great comments from my mom and sisters about my weight loss as I haven’t seen them for a while. They said I look like I’ve lost more than 24. Believe me I haven’t but I think a lot of that is muscle. I’m 5’6” 173lbs w 27% body fat. I weigh more than I look bc i have lots of muscle. I work out every day even if it’s just a power walk.
    Like you I can’t sleep hungry. You should save your cals till eve and don’t forget the oxo. Also maybe alternate between low cal days and low carb days. It’s really important to get your insulin down. You won’t lose fat if it’s high. Really just try snd have your carbs at dinner and for B have omelette no toast snd L chicken salad kind of thing. You will be surprised you won’t have cravings. Also try some simple strength training at home: lunges squats planks pushups if you can. Also Sit with your kids but eat something different. Good luck!

    HI Suzy,

    I imagine you’re looking and feeling awesome 🙂 27% body fat, that’s great, no wonder others are noticing too! well done you.
    Your heart will be a happy one.

    I’ve had an odd day today really failed diet wise (I know it’s not good to think of failing but been a bit compulsive/bingey) but felt awful, feeling flat (had been feeling very upbeat) dizzy and really tired (I haven’t been cutting kcal massively so it’s not that). I don’t want to repeat myself too much as posted already on the forum but just all over the place today and slightly concerned it may be my body sensing weight loss. I’ve only lost a pound this week but I am sure have had excess 3500 kcal today – crazy. Anyway…it’s also possible I’m getting ill…

    Starting afresh tomorrow and taking an oxo cube to work. I also, for the past few days when at work have been (perhaps ignorantly) allowing myself 5 oat cakes (they come in little pakcs about 44 kcal each) and a rye baguette when I come in from work, which is complex carbs (so still getting my carb treat) but wondered if it’s just too much carb in one go (I recognize it’s quite a lot!) and then I don’t want to go over my kcal so don’t eat later but am hungry again by bed time. I still sit with kid/s at dinner time and just have the peas/lentils/veg portion of whatever they’ve been having. Last night as pouring away left overs I went to eat some pastry (I don’t even like pastry (obviously they don’t either!)without even thinking about it – how often do I eat the kids leftovers and don’t even think about it or log it as my daily food intake!

    For lunch at work I have been having a salmon chickpea salad thing which I thought was pretty healthy and filling.

    I think I had been doing pretty well, being disciplined but I’m still allowing myself treats when I come in from work and need to find a non food treat.

    0/10 for trying today
    0/10 achieving today
    Must do better and apply myself!

    I think I need to be pretty strict (which I haven’t been) to help get my momentum back. I have to try and put it in perspective. I am taking heed of your advice too, I think lowering carbs may be key but think I just overeat! I keep thinking my insulin should be fine as having oat cakes/rye baguettes but I think I’m maybe using this as an excuse to overeat … it’s for the microbiome don’t you know…she says whilst munching another load of oat cakes 🙂

    Speak soon 🙂

    Hey DG, love your long posts!! Be proud of yourself for not giving up. You are constantly learning….
    Just returned from a wild camping trip. We are in a ‘heat dome’ right now that’s coming up from the States, so today it’s 43’C. Camping was crazy, too hot to sleep. Anyway I stuck to vodka soda and drank prob 3L water per day plus only had lo carb food. My younger sister who turned 40 got home today snd weighed herself and she is up 8 lbs. I’m trying to teach her to eat lo carb but I think she is leptin-resistant due to years of eating sugary snacks. I don’t think I gained at all. That’s me really strict till Monday when my bf and I go to see Def Leppard and will get Very drunk!!
    Now on to you…on days you are undereating, save your cals for evening so you don’t binge once you aRe home. Also watch your carbs re rice cakes and rye bc they will give you food cravings. They will still keep your insulin up. Also how much have you lost now? Yes your body will fight the weight loss. Maybe take a few days off and eat 10-12x your weight but keep your carbs low. Your body will feel better.
    Well I’m off to have some avocado on lo carb toast and do some yoga. Take care of yourself and keep in touch!!

    Hi Suzy,

    Your camping trip sounds like a lot of fun, although I’d rather stay n a nice hotel with air con so you have my respect!! Well done with continuing watching what you eat whilst with others. That’s a very good plan and suppose naturally that automatically stops you nibbling at crisps, cakes, biscuits and preventing overload. That would work for me too I think as the foods I overeat are the carby ones. Def Leppard that brings back memories 🙂 I see more vodka on your horizon.

    Well done with the yoga – you sound so cool and zen.

    I had another off the rails day yesterday and ill today. I was just craving crabs and felt wiped out. I’m ill today so was obviously fighting a big but still I need to not turn to carbs when tired/flat/stressed. I am better than I used to be although the chocolate waffles didn’t stand a chance yesterday… not brought for me I might add. It’s such a child like response but my brain thinks I wants carbs now. The day before I had done very well fasting until midday and having a low carbish supper (aubergine parmigiana) hmm. I think the total intake was very low in energy though.

    Rye bread and oat cakes and rice cakes definitely have something in which makes my brain want more. Interestingly I don’t want a small amount I am not only greedy but think I’m looking for that carb rush. I’ve always been very sensitive to drugs I probably am to food too and have used it in a incorrect way.

    I know when I have been on holiday I have often lost weight and got the appreciation of food back, loving fish delicately cooked with vegetables, beautiful delicate curries and a lovely glass of red. That’s not what I’m interested in on week nights…! Overeating/bingeing is not really about loving food. It’s about using food for a hit.

    I was also reading about David Ludwig always hungry, not sure what your thoughts are (or anyone else’s reading this)

    Back to it and I can’t wait to hear how Def Leppard goes!

    Speak soon.

    Hi all and DG!!
    Sorry it’s been a little while. Summer is in full swing!!! Def Leopard was a crazy night to say the least then 2 days later my hubby and I drove to Detroit to see Peter Frampton, then the next day camping again, so needless to say I’m having a quiet week all around with no drinking….
    I’ve decided to go full keto and it’s going really well. I think bc I was already really low carb my body adjusted really well as in no keto-flu. I started with a 24h water fast to deplete all glycogen stores, then finished the night with healthy fats like eggs and avocados and coconut oil. I feel amazing snd it’s only 3 days in. I have so much energy, almost to the point of being hyper and my body feels awesome, no soreness anywhere, and I also seem to need less sleep. Not gonna weigh myself for a wk bc I’m sure I did some damage with All the summer drinking!!
    Anyways that’s it for me, pls let me know how you are doing. Take care!

    Hi Suzie,

    It’s sounds like you’re having a very fun summer. I’d be very interested to hear how full on keto goes! It’s so great you’re feeling energetic -see my bit below (me not so much).

    We go away in five days so am hoping I can do a bit of a quick fix before going so not sure if I’m going to try and do fast800 or try lowering the carbs or both.

    We have had family over and today had a late breakfast of eggs Benedict on toast with hollandaise and milky coffee and felt so lethargic and about two hours later was looking for another snack!

    You’re still doing brilliantly Suzie. 😀

    Hi DG, let me know what you decide to do. I think combing low carb w fast800 is your best bet. It will b tough, but you will look and feel good in your bathing suit. I hope your holiday is fun. I’m doing well. Finding full keto very restrictive, so not sure how
    long I will do it. Weighed myself yesterday. Only up 1/2lb after all the partying I’ve done since mid June, so I’m happy as my summer goal was to maintain. Off on a girl’s night tonight. 😈
    Let me know how it goes this seek for you. cheers!.

    Wow bad spelling!!!
    Seek= week

    Hi Suzy,

    As silly as it sounds I’m stuck with what to do. i very easily overeat and therefore still bit concerned about kcal (I know that goes against the low carb “grain” 🙂 of thought.

    I need really clear instructions I also don’t want to be awake at night because being tired I have no resolve (have been for a whole night before).

    So I thought some steamed fish/grilled with massive pile of veg for lunch and similar for tea with oil (?) maybe plain yoghurt for dessert. I may need to have small carb snack before bed (1 slice seeded bread). Latter though I don’t trust myself with.

    I re-read my post and think I sound ridiculous, it’s so simple yet I’m making it sound complex. It also sounds like excuses but I know what my challenges also are; stress and tiredness. I did think about having a kcal controlled shake for lunch to ensure I don’t go over the kcal. I have the fast8-00 shakes but didn’t like them…

    Anyway, how are you ? only a tiny weight gain despite all the partying! usually I gain after having booze. When you say keto flu what are you experiencing?

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