I am a binger – any info on fasting and bingeing

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I am a binger – any info on fasting and bingeing

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  • Hi all,

    It’s a beautiful day here, and have just comeback from a morning.

    Mcca, I’m about to get back on it this week, and fasting tomorrow and Tues. I find Back to back ‘easier’ than separating the days! I’m with you in spirit.

    Queen, I feel your pain. This time of year, i.e xmas to about April is when I pile on weight, through overindulging on chocolate and biscuits. I have got better on the binge front, as just don’t keep the culprits in my house, I’m a terror with biscuits at work though. I’ll be glad when the whole Easter egg thing has gone and we can get on with the summer!, one more indulgence next week though ๐Ÿ˜‰ I had a sobering moment last week when the Dr told me my Cholesterol was high, moi? Anyway it seems I don’t fit into the lifestyle categories, as such, don’t eat butter or cheese, or meat, don’t smoke and I’m a recovering alcoholic, I also exercise regularly, so it must be the chocolate and biscuits. She didn’t explain why but just said it raises the chance of me having a stroke or heart attack over the next 10 years! I’m hypothyroid which does increase cholesterol. All in all I think it’s a good warning bell, and I’ve been very aware of what I put into my gob!

    My core diet is pretty healthy, beans and lentils, yoghurt and nuts, some fruit and veg, it’s the treats that don’t help ๐Ÿ™ The 12 step programme has helped me find some peace and more confidence, and I think it works for all addictions, sugar, wine etc…

    I think I shared on the forum that I was giving Latin dance classes, for 3 years, but sadly didn’t break even, so have given those up ๐Ÿ™ I still go to classes, but I’m sure that has added to my weight gain since Jan, Annette I took my waist/belly button measurements ๐Ÿ˜‰ not pleasant, but I’m ready now and hoping for success!

    Happy fasting days to all!.

    xxx Tango
    shout out to Chaya, Jimmy, Minka, and anyone else I missed

    Tango, oh no re high cholesterol. At least the Gp is, er, Honest? I have had raised cholesterol but I think mine’s familial. Did the de offer any advice? Was it slightly or greatly raised? Biscuits and cakes … ooo what’s your plan?

    I was reading about a very slim British lady who has a healthy attitude to food, or so I thought, and she said she was a feaster and when she eats she wants more. Yet I don’t think she would describe herself as a binger. Random side line there.

    Your twelve steps approach interests me Tango, as if I consciously think, when I’m about to go for that second (and in my mind convincing myself it will only be my second) portion, to stop and think, as dramatic as it sounds, but this is like addiction stop you’ve had enough this is danger zone. I find it helps to acknowledge for me it’s really tough to stop. An example of comparing myself and acknowledging my response to food is differenr to some: my husband and I had pizza put at a restaurant. Lovely, but half way through I was thinking I want more, and dessert…. and my husband was saying ” I’m so full I don’t know if I’ll manage all this”. It wasn’t that I had previously.banned pizza and I chose one that came with salad and was eating because I was hungry and it was a meal time… I just want more. The lizard brain. To consciously acknowledge that I do this, anticipate that is the way I am/will feel just helps me psychologically to respond to it. If I think it’s only food it’s not as if I’m hurting anyone, food is just nutrition, that doesn’t stop me just doing what I want and eating everything in the house given the opportunity when in a binger mood. Reverting back to my pizza restaurant scenario, If I just went along with the moment I would be why not get pudding ? I’ll eat your left overs… it was more a case of “let’s get a coffee and go for a walk after we have finished” I don’t know how I would have been if home alone, tired, stressed… challenges to prepare for. Also Again clocking the calendar as usual premenstrual – what is about carbs at this time. Sorry if this is too much detail.

    Tango sorry you aren’t dancing so much, will you do more in summer?

    Also, mr m has spoken about 800 kcal day fasting. I think this may be more realistic for me.

    Annette I have been listening to Jason fung and very interesting stuff!

    Mcca thank you for your continued support.

    I hope everyone is coping well.

    hi there!

    Thought I’d post before this thread disappears. I’ve got a bit of good news, I’ve lost 7Ibs, the 24hr fasting seems to work for me, and have been trying to cut down on my chocolate consumption..so all in all feeling quite good. I also go to a compulsive eating group, which is a nice chance to share all the thoughts and feelings I try to suppress and eat on (or in the past drank on!)

    Happy fasting to all!


    HI Tango,

    24 hour fasting sounds great! How do you deal with the hunger the next day? A very basic question and no doubt repeated. I sometimes find hunger motivating and my energy is high, and when hungry I tend to choose non snacks foods, other times I’m more likely to overeat if I’m stressed and feel a little dizzy.

    What do they discuss at the compulsive eating group? is it helpful still?

    I have reached an absolute low this week with work stress (work is brilliant, just very, very stressful) and have been comforting with food when I come home (why is it at work people offer you a biscuits or cake with a cup of tea to “help”??). My partner sat me down for a chat. You know, it was really helpful. It was light bulb moment, you can’t do this anymore and it made me realise, caring for others, work stress- it’s all useless if you don’t care for your own health. It also made him realise that I can’t keep all these sweets, cakes and bread in the house and just have a little slice and do all the food preparation for children/family. Despite me accepting responsibility I’ve tried, honestly, but I don’t have that “I’ll just have half a doughnut and that’s me done”.

    I am going back to fasting, and low carb. this time sticking with it, because I have no other choice. Well, I do, my weight is the highest ever because I am turning to food for comfort and it has not worked keeping “moderate” amounts of easter eggs, biscuits, I don’t just do “one”!

    Good luck all and Tango, even if it’s me and you, I fear my struggle is eternal. I did think and I don’t know how you feel, focusing on this every day, making it a priority is going to have to be important. I think really prioritising health is my only way, and being a naturally care for others first and “oh sod it, it’s only cake” mentality hasn’t always been helpful.

    I’ve just read you other entry Tango, 7lbs weight loss, well done! Are you able to sleep on 24 hour fasts? and you aren’t noticing any increased urge to binge on days after restriction

    Improvement in Mental clarity Today

    It could just be the coffee or the high from having some food, but previously post fasting, I have wanted to eat everything in the house. This morning I managed to read some journals and really be able to focus on their content.

    I wanted to fast to get my mind off food, and it maybe coincidence, but I was shocked at my mental clarity today is markedly improved from other days.

    I felt awful and flat during the fasting day yesterday, I also felt quite “light headed”. I didn’t experience any anxiety or “lows in mood” which I have been quite consistently on other days.

    I thought I would share Tango and with any other lurkers. I am noticing when feeling very hungry, `I can think clearly but it is very hard to resist food when feeling that hunger.

    Keeping busy is the answer I think.

    I hope all is well fasters/bingers.

    Hi Queen,

    It’s good to hear about the mental clarity, I can relate to that ๐Ÿ™‚ I find that FD can vary depending on my mood, sometimes the ‘hangriness’ kicks in, other times I feel ‘unstoppable’ haha! I’ve found that through the 12 step programme I can try to ‘stay in the day’ and not over-think things too much. A couple of months ago I found FD’s almost impossible to do, I don’t really know what has changed, it’s probably cos I’m panicking about fitting into summer clothes!

    Let’s do this thing!

    Tango xx

    Hey there islanders, I’ve been out on the beach, it’s a lovely place – but full of sugar and other bad carbs. Guess I will never be fully immune!
    Tango, high cholesterol really? Hope that works out with better eating. And so sorry you had to give up teaching the dance classes๐Ÿ˜”but at least you’re still dancing ๐Ÿ’ƒ xx
    Mcca, girl there is plenty of room in the baby pool, come right on in, just hang a left by the tiki torch๐Ÿ˜
    So…a back-to-basics FD (450 cal) this week really kicked me in the butt, in a good way. I guess it’s been a while – but the after-effects are amazing….no desire for junk. Well, OK, desire but also dread of how I’d feel after, unpleasantly buzzed. The more I do this yin and yang to myself — ie healthy eating yay feel healthy, trash eating ugh feel trash — the more self control I have out of pure self-preservation. I think I built up a tolerance for junk starting at Christmas and lasting till Easter. But I’ve parked myself in the rehab cave to get better.
    Queen, one thing that has helped me lately is to “avoid” grains (mainly wheat). Sounds silly, I’m not allergic or celiac. But I’ve noticed I feel so boggy when I’m full of water-retaining grains. PLUS they are of course an easy go-to snack, way too easy๐Ÿ˜‰. I’m not being militant about it – if grainy carbs are served, I’ll eat them but try to take a small portion such as open faced sandwich or very few noodles, heavy on the sauce and salad. Man, when you can’t reach for a wheat snack, your options are way more limited- and in the healthy direction. That, along with 16:8 most days are just little tweaks that help.
    Gotta run just want to give a shout to my buds. Still walking the walk with youโค๏ธjade xx

    Hey Jade and team (:-))

    How are you all?

    Jade it’s so odd with the grains interesting that they make you feel groggy too. I can related, to that feeling. I think small amounts give me energy but I’m not very good at having small amounts! I also think I’m capable of overeating anything if given the opportunity! Grains are easy though, ready made and provide the mmm factor when really stressed. Interestingly I have the same love for grains as I do Sugar. Most people find it hard to stop with sugar but the grains is added to my/our list. So let’s try and not keep limitless supplies in the house (difficult when others in the house want them).

    I wonder how much is habit too. I have a stressful job and when I come in, food is my release (I know lots of others turn to wine) I think I could be a smoker if I let myself but once was so worried by the fact I wanted more when I tried one (many years ago) I stopped through sheer fear of becoming addicted (how odd I’m not that disciplined with food but I guess food in moderation isn’t bad for you).

    So I am trying to look into mindfulness….

    How is everyone else getting on?

    Hi Queen,
    Apparently the best food to eat when stressed is nuts or blueberries. Worth a try?

    Hi Annette- I put your nuts and blueberries theory to the test and it went down well. Today, it was bread but oh well, onwards and upwards…

    Hi Queen,
    Not my idea at all! I think it was on a programme about Sleep by our Micheal Mosley.

    There is no doubt in my mind that sugar is best avoided. It turns me into a lunatic looking for my next sugar fix and I only realized that when I kept a food diary for a week and also noted my mood. I have also discovered that white bread, pasta and rice as much the same impact. So after weeks of stubborn resistance, I avoid them where I can.

    Biscuits at work are freely available coupled with limited healthy options some days is making this quite a challenge. However, I have a Chinese Teacher staying with me until mid July who requested ‘pudding’ so I bought him single portions of trifle or cheesecake or micro wave apple crumble. I have a sweet tooth but found that I thought that they looked processed(which they were) and rammed full of sugar…and therefore I didn’t want them at all. Sadly I still have some way to go before I feel this way about ice cream!

    I have been struggling of late and have been trying to figure out why. Sometimes I can have an iron clad resolve and then other times I find it very hard and eat the rubbish. So my quest is to find out why?

    Now I know that I am not unique but would love to know if anyone here has any ideas as to why this behaviour is repeated again…and again.

    I have decided that I am going back to keeping a food log for the next few weeks to record what I eat, how I feel and whether their is any reduction on the waist. I know that the simple act of writing down makes me think twice about eating it.

    I have also been reading ‘run like a girl’ by Mina Samuels, which has made me think about the effect of exercise on how we feel and think. As a non sporty woman who started trying to run at 52(now 56 and a half), I have no doubt that when I run regularly(x3 times a week for half an hour) I am happier and seek to nourish by body rather than stuffing it with rubbish. My goal has never been to be skinny, I want to be strong and fit as I get older.

    So, the plan is to get back into running starting tomorrow, keeping a log of all that I scoff and monitoring any change(hopefully positive). There is no doubt that my skirts are tighter…

    Will power! Everyone has a limited amount of willpower & will slip at some point unless they develop coping strategies.
    Don’t have references, but one example from a tv program (I think).
    2 groups – 1 given task that requires use of will power (show no emotion while watching a very disturbing video). 2nd group allowed to show emotion. In succeeding test of how long the 2 groups could maintain a strong grip, the 2nd group won by wide margin.
    Anyhow, coping strategy is to lessen demands on will power, freeing up a reserve for unplanned difficult occasions.
    1. Remove temptations- keep the things you want to avoid away. No snacks, booze, whatever at home.
    2. Form positive habits – removes need for will power once ingrained. Start with small changes & build on them. I.e. If you want to walk more, start the habit to park far away from building, take the stairs, etc.
    3. Routines/schedules – similar to habits/help build habits Even small things like planning your trip to grocery store after lunch so that you’re not hungry when shopping.
    4. Enlist help of friends/peer pressure. I. E. If you want to quit smoking telling your non-smoking friends that you are quitting & telling them to speak up if they see you succumbing. Support helps.
    Hope this helps


    The problem that I have is that after months of making positive choices, I have slipped and now finding it difficult to get back on track. I have will power backed up by the works of Lustig and Fung and have developed coping strategies over the years. My problem is that I can have an iron clad resolve to avoid the rubbish…and sometimes I find that I slip and then find it very difficult to get that resolve back again.

    My dear friend who has lost 5 stone, went on a cruise for 5 weeks and now 8 weeks later is struggling. She has maintained her weight, continues to miss breakfast but is finding that she is buying and consuming the rubbish later in the day. I would guess that she has another 3 stone to lose, and is enjoying buying clothes in any shop she chooses now. She has the positive reinforcement but finding it hard to get back into avoiding the rubbish once again.

    Perhaps a re-read of Fung will help inspire me once more to avoid the rubbish, he certainly inspired me to try 24 hour fasts.

    I can’t do anything about the range of food served at work, or amount of biscuits available all day. I can, however, not buy any ice cream or chocolate. I can make sure that I get out for a run several times a week to lift my mood and hopefully strengthen my resolve.

    I have a week left at work and then a few days away staying with a friend, so I will simply strive to make the best choice and if I wobble, then get back into the groove when I get home.

    Hi everyone, there ar so many people on this forum, I couldn’t possibly read them all.
    I am definitely a binger, and probably always will be. I have tried so hard to be a mindful eater, but I always fail, and since I’m 20 lbs overweight (or more) I need to do something.
    I started a forum on here last year and alternated 5:2 with 4:3. I still binged somewhat on my feast days and from January to August lost 22lbs. Once summer plans hit I stopped and unfortunately have gained at least half of that back. After trying so many other diets I realized that fasting is the only thing that works for me, because it allowes me to binge if I need to, yet still lose.
    I am starting my third fast tomorrow and am doing 4:3, as I want results fast.
    What I have learned is you can make it through fast days by eating fatty foods to fill you up-greek yogurt, salmon, boiled eggs etc. I also consume a ton of liquids. Going to bed hungry is still tough for me, so sometimes a little cupasoup to kill the headache helps (due to lack of salt re drinking too much water).
    I do 500 on non-exercise days and 600 on exercise days as I teach fitness some mornings.
    I have my first bite around 12-1pm and spread it out after that.
    I’m hoping by the fall to be at my goal weight and then wil do 6:1 to maintain, whixh I unfortunately didn’t do ladt year, but will also try really hard to eat mindfully.
    Good luck everyone who is having a fast day tomorrow, and good night!

    Annette you’ve done it before, you can get back on it again. Sugar/carbs are tempting for everyone. It’s so tough when (sugar) it’s at work, at events, as a present to say thank you, in meetings, at parties…. need I go on? And I think even non bingers struggle.

    Are you still running?

    Me: have ge difference in cutting down on breakfast, it has hugely cut my appetite – how weird! I’m hungry for lunch earlier but look forward to my coffee for breakfast with a small
    Amount of milk.

    Suzy hi. I was listening to an interview by Mr Mosley and he stated the only way to lose weight (in answer to a listener’s question as to why he can’t lose weight after continually trying) was to try the low kcal diet giving g faster results.

    Happy fasting!

    Hi bingeingueen, thanks for the info. I plan on limiting carbs starting next week on eating days as I know I will eat less in general by doing that.
    Off to bed now after my third fast day and today was a crazy day. I wasn’t hungry all day amd had to force my 450 calories in to me, which is really weird bc I’m usually starving the whole day. Weigh in tomorrow will tell me what’s going on. Doing adf this week to get things moving, then go from there.
    Take care all.

    Anyone still here?!?

    Have been reading this thread as a lurker, and restarted 5-2 today. Such a shame everybody seems to have disappeared, the advice regarding binging has been very helpful to me and reading that other’s have similar issues with food that I have has given me the strength to re-start 5-2

    We can’t let this thread die as it made the most sense to me when I started out on the 5.2. The struggles of others have resonated with my own and some of the sugar/fat/carbs info has been so helpful in trying to understand why one of my hands is reaching into the biscuit cupboard and the other hand is pulling it out. Everyday I tell myself that it is all within my gift yo myself to be a sensible weight. Nobody is forcing bad choices on me, apart from me, so why am I self sabotaging?

    Pandora, for me, binging really is now just a habit, it started off when I was 19 and wished to lose a few pounds, and escalated to three decades of binging/dieting – have you read the Hansen book, Brain Over Binge, it makes so much sense. After reading this a few years ago, my binges were controlled for months, and have never been as bad as they were. I now maybe slightly overeat occasionally, but can then go through spells of binging once or twice a week. I haven’t dieted properly for years, but find the 5-2 makes sense, and with the health benefits, I am giving it another go. I have tried it previously and it does work, even to take your mind of food for a couple of days a week is a bonus.

    I agree, this thread should not die, it has given me much support.

    I’m still here too. Still learning and agree some amazing contributors.

    I had a discussion with friends the other day, some of us can’t walk past a cake, biscuit, chocolate without taking a second glance. The others were like, oh have one slice then and enjoy it then you’re done. Latter Not bingers.

    I found it so helpful to come on here and find advice such as IF and low carb- which sounded daddy but the only things that have worked for me. I usually nose back on this forum when o have fallen off the rails.

    Such great people and advice

    Hello Everyone,
    I have been wondering how you were getting on Queen.

    I have had two brilliant things happen this week. I was offered a cup of tea, asked if I wanted sugar and explained that I had given up the white stuff. Tea made and given mug, took 1 sip and found to so sweet. Never thought that would happen in a million years! Had a pudding at work and declared that it was far too sweet and I would be in a diabetic coma if I ate another spoonful!

    Sadly biscuits and cake and ice cream are not yet having that effect!

    I haven’t had pasta now for months and don’t miss it. I rarely eat bread anymore either.

    Yes, for me it’s the carbs. Especially simple carbs. If I allow myself to have simple carbs too often I start finding it harder and harder to resist the urge to binge. And I’m not very good at resisting those urges. At least I am better now at recognizing the triggers.

    A KFC Family Feast used to be my idea of a binge. Years ago I’d buy one of these while kidding myself that I’d just have a few pieces and keep the rest in the fridge.

    Then, over the course of an hour or two while watching TV, I’d work my way through 10 pieces of chicken, 2 large hot chips (fries to some), a large potato and gravy, and a large coleslaw. I think there were some bread rolls in there as well, and maybe some nuggets.

    I followed that up with some chocolate or ice cream, of course. After eating that much savoury food I would always be craving something sweet.

    Ordering 2 large pizzas and eating those in one go was pretty common as well.

    When I cut out the carbs I know that I’m going to go through a few days of hunger and cravings. The best way to deal with this is to have lots of enjoyable very-low-carb food available. Stuff like cauliflower bake or bacon cheeseburger quiche, or low-carb cheesecake, or even low carb pancakes with sugar-free syrup. In my case I have always lost weight on low carb without needing to count calories or worry about restricting portion sizes (I know this is not true for everyone, I’m not claiming that it is) so a binge on low carb food is fine as long as I don’t explode.

    Oh dear, I’ve just binged, having breakfast seems to set me off overeating, been finding the fast days easy, but now feel like giving up, sick of binging, been doing it on and off for nearly thirty years, do you think,we just have to live with it?

    Hi Maggie. It’s been a few months since I’ve been on here as I didn’t think I’d have to go back to this. I find fasting really difficult as I love to eat at night and I was hoping to not start them agsin. Needless to say I ate and drank all summer as it was filled with concerts, pool parties and lots of camping. I unfortunately have gained most of the weight I lost fasting last year, and with that comes such depression, self-loathing and disgust in my own body.
    As much as I don’t want to, I am back. I had a very successful first fast day yesterday. I am planning on doing 2-3 per wk until New Year’s where I hope to be down roughly 15 lbs. My 16 y old, who is into weight-lifting has decided to be my mentor as I really need that.
    And to answer your question, as for me, I believe I will always be a binger as it runs in my family and it’s too powerful for me to overcome it; I have accepted that. I do plan on keeping the weight off this time by doing 6:1 for the rest of my life, as this is an addiction. If anyone would like to join me in losing some decent weight before 2018, please tell me so we can encourage each other on, as that really helped before. Next week I am doing Sunday Tuesday and Thursday as I have 2 concerts this wkd and I never go to these sober.
    Don’t give up on you Maggie. We are down but not out. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll walk beside you Suzy. I’m struggling with 1 step forward and 2 steps back. I hate this part of my life where I seem to be in a loop of focus and failure.

    What’s your goal of weight loss per week? I’m going for 12 lbs over the month so I can even out the weekends where I party….

    I currently am sharing a house with my daughter recently back from Oz (size 8) and there seems to be a steady stream of friends and family here at weekends partying. That means booze and nibbles….HELP! Lol

    Let’s go for it!

    HI Maggie, Suzy, Bill and lovely Annette,

    I think certainly for me my love of food won’t just disappear it’s something that quite often catches me out when I have been sensible for a period of time and during that period not even not bothered by food.

    Sudden work stress and 5 hours sleep for a week totally can throw this all out of balance, as it has recently. All I could think about was food (carbs) and coffee! I gained weight (I wasn’t bothered too much about the weight as long as it didn’t continue… I felt self conscious of course) it was the “all I could think about was bread/cake” feeling. It was like I couldn’t seek pleasure from anything else. Maybe need to work on my resilience strategies better. I also struggle with these feelings when hormonal.

    Bill yes carbs are something (as you may have ascertained if read previous posts) I struggle with too. Bread, oh lovely bread. My work colleagues bring in home made (yes home made) cakes each week… it can be tough to resist. I find it helps to be mindful, just think consciously think if it as addiction and then I step back from it. If I ever think I’ll just have one to join in, I am instantly looking for more. Especially when stressed. I don’t feel deprived by not having it, I feel more deprived (because I want more) when I do!

    I notice when I come home from work, if I start snacking – I find it difficult to stop. Habit? addiction? lack of mindfulness? tiredness? weak will power? not sure. I work with colleagues who just need that afternoon small chocolate cake and they have some, satisfied and are done… for me, nope I have that afternoon cake and them I’m instantly “whoop whoop where can I get more” and in a slight state of euphoria. Odd isn’t it? I had a lovely upbringing. I have a nice life.. I try to blame others but ultimately it’s just me ๐Ÿ™‚

    Suzy I’ll join you for sure. It sounds like you have done a great job of brushing yourself down and getting back on it. We all slip up. Life happens. It’s lovely your son is supporting you.

    Maggie Breakfast is a trick one for me, I am often up very early and instantly want coffee and a fix. When I reflect on my weight loss in the past I have always either not had breakfast or had a larger breakfast that included proteins, coffee… even dark chocolate. Give me a croissant, toast, wholegrain cereal or just too much food in the morning and I am looking for a snack an hour later. It makes no difference if I have breakfast or not, I am always hungry by 12.00 and eat the same amount either way. So my sympathies! Maggie, I don’t think we have to live with it. I think we will always have to be mindful and it’s a fine balance between getting stressed and anxious about it, and being complacent. I often think, oh well just one like everyone else, or I’ll just have some toast (not hungry) and actually it’s not because I’m hungry. So I suppose what I’m saying is we like food. I don’t think we will switch that off in our brains. Some would argue it’s an unhealthy relationship to food, but if it wasn’t for the “high” we get from it we wouldn’t have that relationship with it. My husband loves cakes etc but can’t understand why I would want more than a slice, or how if I have pudding at the endow a meal, or a large carb breakfast I want more all day.

    Maggie I try and approach it this way. We all behave differently to different challenges. I don’t drink, smoke or take drugs… but I am careful to avoid these (as wonder if I have an addictive personality). What I do know is how great I have felt when I’m not thinking about food- a lot and overeating. You can have that too. You will have that. You need to work a plan that works for you, not your colleagues, not the Victoria secret model, not your best friend, certainly take tips from others but you’ll find a way. Look for small things, the day you didn’t binge or overeat , even for an hour- what were you doing at the time. Look for times you find it challenging, how can you do something els you enjoy. Sorry if this is patronising and I am going a little Oprah but you have to prioritise yourself, there is no shame in that.

    There have been months whereby I have not worried about food, stepped away from these boards. Then it all goes to pot. Recently I got complacent, I did the one slice of office cake each day with everyone else. Then I started thinking I’ll have two slices, then I had that awful week and cake, bread etc disappeared- in my stomach. Now I’m struggling to get back on track, am a little er, cuddlier.

    I love this forum but wonder if there is a private forum anywhere? I am aware others who aren’t overeaters can read our posts and messages of support may help one another…?

    ps just out of interest, and i’m not advocating in any way but has anyone tried a ketogenic diet? and if so your experiences? Annette I think you used to follow a low carbish diet? but actual ketosis….

    I have a history of binge eating too. My old pattern had been consistent – I wake with no appetite and it gradually builds through the day until I seem to have no stopping point most evenings. When I eat anything it triggers a desire to just keep eating more regardless of whether I’m genuinely hungry. After a lot of trial and error I made a few changes that really helped in addition to doing 5:2 (originally to lose weight and now for maintenance).

    – I’m not hungry in the morning unless I actually eat breakfast which seems to stimulate my appetite. So I stopped eating breakfast – my first meal on non-fast days is lunch. This was an easy change. On FDs I delay even further until mid afternoon.
    – I set a rigid curfew of 9pm for food, although over time I found I could usually stop as soon as I’d finished dinner, which is often earlier than 9. This was initially a difficult change, but I found I had to stick to it absolutely or I broke it almost every night. After a while I found this rule got easier. I still allow myself low cal liquids such as cups of tea in the evening.
    – I identified the foods I was more likely to binge on (although I am capable of bingeing on all foods), and I severely limited my access to them – some things I have chosen not to buy – I eat them very occasionally when I’m out as cafes are better at portion control than I am and I don’t have to face the temptation of leftovers. I’ve noticed through discussion with others on this forum that our personal trigger foods vary from person to person, but I suspect you have a fair idea of what your own are.

    While these changes don’t guarantee I won’t binge. They are rarer now and keeping the 5:2 pattern in maintenance helps me deal with the excess.

    I don’t think we’re ever cured of binging – I have resigned myself to having to manage it. I hope you have success finding ways that help you manage the binges.

    Hi everyone, new and old, nice to see you again Queen and Annette and to all the newcomers who have reignited the thread thank you!

    Maggie have you read Brain Over Binge? I really really helped me with those proper out-of-control-I-hate-this-but-I-can’t-stop binges, which is a huge relief and like you I was trying to break a 30 year habit. I didn’t believe it was going to be possible to be free of that but I am happy to say I think I am, and I know that I had a really serious problem before.

    However like you Queen I think food is just my ‘thing’. I still just really like eating, and often I overeat, just not to that awful, painful and desperate level where I felt I had no option but to shovel in food.

    So Maggie I hesitate to be so bold as to say there is a cure but I hope the book might help you to break that part of your habit.

    Suzy – I’m in. Haven’t been able to do a fast for months and months so will give it a go again with you guys.

    Breakfast – I’m quoting (again) the amazing Jade who was the trailblazer for the ‘no-breakfast-club’. It’s totally a trigger for me. Once I start I want to eat every 2 hours, so if I ‘white knuckle it through’ (Jade again) to midday without food, it bodes well for the rest of the day.

    Queen – private forum sounds good how does one find such a thing? I’m showing my age here.

    Onwards and downwards (on the scale), my fast club friends!!

    Oh my gosh I woke up to 7 posts this morning. That is amazing!!! I am so excited to see all the progress and really think we can do this. I’ve decided to do 3 a week-sun wed fri….I hope to lose 1-2 per wk, depending on how I binge the other days, which is something I know I need to work on.
    Off to a concert tonight, and another tomorrow night, so Sunday will be tough if I’m hungover, but does anyone want to do that day with me?
    I can’t tell you how excited I am about all of this!!
    Have a great weekend everyone!! S.

    Hello everybody my name is Sue, I have been a binge eater for years, I have just finished my first week and I have not lost 1 pound I am so deflated what’s wrong? Any advice please

    Hi Sue,
    Make sure that you have 2 days of 500 calories and don’t scoff yourself on the other 5. My top tips would be to keep a record of what you eat and drink for a week and then see what healthy swaps you can make. If you eat processed carbohydrates in the form of bread/potatoes/pasta/rice, try reducing them or giving some up for a couple of weeks and see how you feel. I have found that rice makes me want anything sweet and pasta is far worse as it sends my blood sugar sky high and then I can barely keep my eyes open as my blood sugar crashes. I haven’t had any pasta for a few months now and feel much better, more of an even keel. I rarely eat bread or potatoes now and feel better.
    Cut out sugar where you can, it drives the need to binge and look out for hidden sugar too. Avoid anything ‘diet’ or ‘low fat’-usually stuffed with sugar to make it palatable. No one knows what the effect of sweeteners are on our bodies.

    My diet now consists of fish/vegetables or salad, avocados, nuts, full fat yoghurt, fruit, meat, cheese, eggs, homemade hummus and homemade soup. These are foods that I like, there is no sense of feeling deprived.

    Remember that weight is a very poor indicator of health. If you want to see a change to your body then make some healthy swaps to all 7 days, and look to your clothes, you will see when they get looser.

    Have a look at Jason Fung The Obesity Myth and Robert Lustig-the truth about sugar-very easy to read and full of information too.

    I am no paragon of virtue but my diet is unrecognisable now and I feel much better. My body is in much better shape too.

    Keep the faith Sue and keep going. You will see and feel the changes as the days tick by.

    Hi Annette and I have just laughed out loud when you said don’t scoff yourself on the other 5 days I have screen shot what you eat and I’m now looking forward to the next week I’ll post on this thread my results ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Glad it made you laugh, Sue. It is amazing how many folk seem to think that they can do 2 FD, scoff themselves the other 5 days and then be surprised that they are not shrinking!

    My very dear friend who has been on every diet that was ever made, has lost 5 stone and maintained that loss by ditching those 4 carbs. She goes on holiday and often eats out and if she wants them as a treat, then she does. However, she says that she doesn’t miss them and is convinced that they push her into wanting the sweet stuff when she does indulge.

    My boy has lost over 3 stone by ditching pasta and rice, swapping orange juice for real actual fruit which he loves, and swapping a sugary breakfast cereal for an omelette. He takes a sandwich to work for lunch and cooks meat in some form with vegetables for dinner. I have convinced him to ditch those dreadful cereal bars(sugar) for more fruit. Great achievement as he is on the autistic spectrum and doesn’t do change easily and is quite rigid about food texture.

    Looking forward to an update next week. Do look at Fung and Lustig.

    Alright who wants to do a fast w me tmrw?? Couldn’t do one today as my boss’ husband passed away Friday and the funeral today was very painful, so I needed food/booze to get through the day. Tomorrow will be my 2nd fast (since May) and I’m looking forward to having control of me! Cheers everyone.

    Suzy – gosh of course you couldn’t fast yeasterday under those circumstances. I’m in for a fast today. Ditto haven’t done one for so long I can’t remember. Let’s go for it.

    Two things I wanted to share. I’m doing my first fast for a really long time and having to rely on willpower, but I (finally) feel ‘in the zone’ for it, so I am managing.
    First thing = ITSU CRYSTAL NOODLE POTS. Amazing. 136 calories. Salty and filling. I need salt on fast days.
    Second thing – and this one is good – instead of focusing on the deprivation (as I usually do), I keep telling myself how amazing I am going to feel tomorrow morning if I stick to my fast. Because I love that feeling of waking up after a fast and knowing I’ve kept to it and feeling lighter and just… well… good.

    Yay mcca my partner in crime! Looks like you are in a different tome zone than me, so it’s prob dinner time for you now, hope it’s foing great!!
    Yes you must focus on the positive. I usually have no problem all day till after dinner time, then I get really hungry. I feel it’s such a mental game and I keep telling muself it’s ok to be hungry, bc that’s when you are lowering your bp/cholesterol and of course detoxing. And yes that next morning is like Christmas day for me!
    My next one is Thurday. Who’s in for that?

    Hello all. I’m new to this forum – do you mind if I pipe in. I found this because I just started fasting today and am a binge eater something fierce at times. It’s awful. Part of my attraction to the fasting idea is that I am hoping to obsess less about food, body image, etc. Is the fasting helping you? Thanks!

    Tina – welcome. You’ll find lots of help in these posts. My goodness it’s nearly up to 3,000 – I’m sure there is a whole book of advice here. But the short answer is yes. Fasting seems to have helped a lot of bingers, for a lot of different reasons. I wish you luck.

    Suzy- I get what you mean about the mental game in the evening. The physical hunger is harder however I find if I can get past 4 or 5pm then I feel like “I’ve come this far, I might as well finish” and remind myself that the really meaningful part of the fast – when your body goes into the real fat burning zone – is that very last part (that you sleep through on the 2nd night) so I usually try to have a bath and an early night. Good luck today x

    Hi everyone. It’s 9:30 pm and it’s been a great fast day. I Had nothing till 5:30 when I Had 2 boiled eggs, then porridge later and now I am having my ladt meal of one plain baked potato. These foods are ranked the highest for satiety. Of course I’ve had lots of teas and waters but I can’t believe how easy today has been. Next one Thursday, then a weigh-in snd then cutting down carbs on eat days as I haven’t done that yet. I’m allowimg my bod to ease into this.
    Keep posting everyone, new and old, and esp welcome to the new! Bye.

    Protein has been shown to be the most filling, so aim for fish or meat or eggs or cheese and vegetables or salad on a FD. I found that I started eating more like this on a NFD too, which has helped to cut the processed carbs.

    Hi everyone, hope you are all well. Yesterday was an amazing fast day, I went to bed feeling great. I did go over by having a slice of cheese at bed bc I knew I’d sleep better and I don’t think I woke up once! So starting today I’m limiting carbs. Next fast Thursday. God luck to all out there.

    Hi all me again. This msg is mostly for Tina. I’ve noticed today after yesterday’s fast, that I am eating much healthier today bc of the mind frame from the fast. For me I can’t go too many days beteeen fasts tho or I lose that healthy frame of mind and fall into bimgeing again. My goal till New Year’s is MWF with wkds off. Good luck all.

    Hi, today I am bloated ready to explode and irritable…nothing to do with the time of the month….today is nfd started with two eggs one toast, veg and chicken for dinner, I ate a pork pie I ditched the pastry but still ate the middle, I havnt been able to face food since 14.00 I am so bloated what on earth? I feel so much better on fd, what did I do wrong?

    I suspect that onions might be the culprit in the pork pie. Onions are well known for causing gas and bloating.

    I found that I felt much better on a FD too and have changed my diet over time so that what I eat now on a FD is the same(just more meals)as what I eat on a NFD.

    I really fancied some homemade lasagne and had a portion with a piece of homemade focaccia(from the freezer). Result, I have struggled to keep my eyes open since. Which is why I haven’t had pasta for months now.

    If you take note of what you eat and how you feel after you have eaten it, it then becomes logical to make swaps. I found it was something that I did over time and without realising what I was doing.

    Thanks Annette, that is a good idea I definitely need to start a food diary,

    @crazynoon. What kind of veg? You probably don’t make enough of the enzyme amylase (made by the pancreas). This means that oligosaccharides are not properly digested in your small intestines. Your large intestine bacteria are thus having a party breaking down the oligosaccharides. By product is gas. Eat a lot of leafy greens as they contain the enzyme and will help digestion. Cut back on the cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage.

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