HELP! All ladies of a 'certain age'-please respond

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HELP! All ladies of a 'certain age'-please respond

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  • Clare and Mimi are mere irrelevant distractions from the MAIN reason ladies “of a certain age” are here – for some Mosley action.

    Disclaimer: I am not a lady of a certain age, I am merely in training. If Mosley ever wants to shun the mutton for some lamb, I’m ready to step up.

    @Mosleys Bit On The Side
    “If Mosley ever wants to shun the mutton for some lamb, I’m ready to step up.”

    Are you experiencing ongoing side effects?

    Side-effects of 5:2 or side effects of Mosley-addiction? If you’re referring to the latter then yes, there are a few: a sudden penchant for mediocre science programs, increased libido, fantastical dreams, Twitter-withdrawal, an uncontrollable urge to unbutton that shirt further (he’s such a tease), and an OCD-style fixation on refreshing iplayer to see if the latest One Show is up.

    Perhaps Clare can make a diagnosis? Maybe she can even cure my symptoms by handing over the goods.

    @ Mosleys Bit On The Side
    “a sudden penchant for mediocre science programs, increased libido, fantastical dreams, Twitter-withdrawal, an uncontrollable urge to unbutton that shirt further (he’s such a tease), and an OCD-style fixation on refreshing iplayer to see if the latest One Show is up.”

    Maybe 5:2 could apply to other areas of your life?




    Oh goody, we have a troll. Me, me, me Dr Mosley, pick me. I watch EVERY mediocre science program, and Biggest Losers, and I’m always telling people about fasting. And, yes, my favourite bit of television ever was Dr Mosley unbuttoning. And I have applied 5:2 to other parts. Two days a week I don’t worry.

    Biggest Losers?! Mosley wasn’t in that! Pah, you can ridicule my fandom as much as you like RoBa, yours is evidently lacking. Stop polluting this space with your troll accusations.

    P.S. you’re clearly jealous Mosley has such a dedicated groupie.

    OK you got me nailed. I just have always adored men with enormous brains. I capitulate totally. The space is yours. I’m going back tot he donuts and chocolate. xxx

    Hah! Another fight for Mosely’s honour has been fought and won. Crawl to the back of the queue RoBa. Your troll accusations were no match for me.

    ” I capitulate totally. The space is yours. I’m going back tot he donuts and chocolate.”

    If you must, channel you energy into sprints. The donuts and chocolate don’t love you. I placed my wife’s chocolate stash by the disposal while she was gone, and eventually was thrown out.

    Of course, there’s an endless supply at the store, but this small effort builds up resistance muscles.

    Was having your experience to a T. So I upped the ante. I actually am now fasting every other day. Sometimes I’ll eat a boiled egg on fast days and drink lots of water, of course, but that’s it.

    I do eat whatever I want on eating days, but since that’s every other day –it should work–right? I eat healthy food on eat-days, no junk.

    I lose no weight at all. Have done it now for 4 weeks. Weigh the same after an eat-day as after a fast day. Haven’t budged an ounce.

    Fasting every other day is very hard but I’m quite determined, since I find it less of a chore than eating only 700 to 900 calories every day–which is the amount I need to limit to, if I’m to lose with regular dieting. I’m now thinking I have to calorie watch even on eat-days and basically be on a semi-stravation regime.

    I’m a good walker–walk briskly 3 miles every other day.

    Quite demoralized. My goal is just 17 pounds.

    I do sympathise zuzu. Pretty well the same thing happens to me. I’ve still only lost 6 kilos in 7 months and it’s so disheartening. However, other good things have happened. The Fast Diet isn’t only about weight loss. Blood pressure has plunged to 103/63, cholesterol is down to an acceptable level – 4.8. I’ve lost inches so that some previously too-tight clothes are now a flattering fit, while others are much too big and have found their way to the charity shop. Could it be that similar things have happened to you?
    It may also be that with only 17lb to lose, you were already eating pretty healthily and didn’t have to make any dramatic change in your diet, unlike others who see spectacular results once they stop eating all the unhealthy stuff.thsat my own excuse, anyway! Hang on in there. With the punishing regime you have set yourself, it seems only fair that your scales will give you a nice big surprise some day soon.

    Very interesting thread. I am 58. I gained around half stone at menopause. It was about a year later that Michael’s programme was on the TV, and both husband and I thought it sounded so sensible that we started. One year on, exactly, and I have lost 3 stone!!! I now weigh less than I did at age 21. I was 12 stone and am now 9st 1lb – I’m 5’10” This has been the best thing I have ever done. Feel so healthy. We do a 4:3 ratio, so Mon/Wed/Fri are fast days, although now we don’t need to weigh/count the calories so much, as we know pretty much what’s what. We’re also vegetarians, so that makes it very easy. No alcohol on fast days and we don’t have many pasta/rice dishes any more. I’ve also joined the gym (again!) but find the exercise so much easier with not so much weight to move around. Husband has lost nearly 3 stone as well, so 6 stone between us. Almost another person. (wonder if we get more mpg out of the car with less weight!!) My top tips are: only tea/coffee for breakfast, I don’t eat anything till about 11am any day, Marmite if you like it is a good filler, soup for lunch, eat all your veggies. 500 cals goes a long way with veg/salads. Stick with it, it really does work. Thank you

    hermajtomomi–Thank you for your lovely and encouraging support! I think your analysis is spot on. Will double down on my resolve to be patient.
    SueA–It’s interesting how some body’s simply have to do more than the 5:2 ratio. I’ll throw in my fast day tips—make the food you eat, if you do eat that day (I often don’t) a protein. And for oral crunch–keep celery nearby. I chew lo-cal gum and once in a while sip very hot mushroom broth at 5 calories a cup!

    Oh Ladies Of A Certain Age
    The scales are not the only gauge.
    (your two lines go here)

    Hi. I am 58 and started menopause at 41 years and it lasted 15 years, so guess what?? My weight has been up, up, up and stayed there. Going on this to get fitter not just lose weight but I do need to lose about 12kgs. Starting my 3rd Fast Day tomorrow and am 1 kg lighter then this time last week. I have found that I was not as hungry on the non fast days as I thought I would be. Let’s hope this continues? Go Girls – WE CAN do this!

    Hi all I am 52 years old and just coming out the other side of menopause, I also do not have a thyroid it was removed 7 years ago now, in which around six months afterwards started getting menopause symptoms, and gaining weight. Never done a diet before but thought should give this ago, I tend to do Mondays and Wednesdays fast days, in which I only eat my 400/500 cals in one meal in the evenings usually fish and loads of veg, loads of water and black tea and coffee, problem for excerise I have a very bad knee, some days painful to walk, I do walk to work which there and back is around 20 mins, and we live in upstair apartment no lift only stairs. Thinking of doing yoga. , I have now been doing the 5.2 for 5 weeks, had lost just over 3 kgs but found this week have regained 1/2 kg! Not happy at all, hope this is not a trend, yes I admit had quite a weekend but not really a lot different to normal? Have to see how this week goes!

    Oh Ladies Of A Certain Age
    The scales are not the only gauge.
    T’is true–what we know fills many a page.
    Both wisdom and lipstick!–It’s all the rage.

    I’m 71 and need to lose 10kgs for the sake of my health.
    This is my second week and I’m disappointed that so far, I’ve only lost 600gms.

    I’m having no problem with the fasting and am enjoying the food that I’ve chosen for 2 days.
    The best option for me is to have the same menu each week, that way I know what I need to buy/prepare.

    RoBa, I loved your Oct 13th post about staying out of the kitchen on fast days!
    I have conceded dinner times,as we both have the same, only mine is less!

    I’m ashamed to say I don’t actively exercise, but am usually on the go most days and we take the dog to the beach twice a week and walk for 1.5 hrs.

    I’m grateful for the comments here and will persevere with the diet.
    Thanks everyone..

    Oh Ladies Of A Certain Age
    The scales are not the only gauge.
    T’is true–what we know fills many a page.
    Both wisdom and lipstick!–It’s all the rage.

    So wiggle your booty, jump ‘n jive
    Five two’s the way to stay alive.
    <your two lines go here>

    Aussienow. You go girl, this 5:2 thing DOES work. Keep reading this site and you get lots of tips, loads of encouragement. Don’t beat yourself up and don’t weigh too often. Dont ‘persevere’ but rather ’embrace’. Chin up, eyes to the distance, smile on face. Jeez – I sound like a girl guide! Somebody stop me.

    Thanks for your positive vibes!
    Given it’s only my 3rd day and I know it works, I just need to get focused.

    I’m 59 yrs. old…and have been struggling with extra pounds for the last 10+ years(at the high end of normal BMI). I have tried lots of diets, I would work hard loose 5-10 lbs. then plateau, then quit and regain. I am so excited about 5:2!!! I started at the end of June by trying to eat healthier, I was flirting with weighing 160. I found 5:2 and I am weighing 134.7 currently. Down 25.3 pounds. 16 weeks. What is amazing is NO PLATEAUS!!! I also started going to the gym at the end of June (I had exercised like mad on all the other “diets” and always hit a wall with the weight) and work out about an hour. I also get some hunger pangs on fast days, but mostly just wait, drink water, or have a bite of something and overall feel great. My technique is to eat my normal breakfast (about 300 calories of egg whites, 4 oz. of grapefruit juice, one 90 cal toast, and coffee) then eat the other 200 by a salad with one once of lean protein or celery and peanut butter. I am amazed how great that celery taste! Also I have lost 5 inches on my belly! I am much less hungry on the other days and have broken my sugar/fat/salt addiction. I want to send hugs and kisses to Dr. Mosley, I love clothes, I feel great in my jeans and tee shirts once again.

    Hello All Ladies of a Certain Age

    I used to try to respond to all the posts that appear on this thread (I feel it’s polite) but I just don’t have the time.
    And I have found; I would spend quite a bit of time encouraging a fellow LOACA only to get no response to it because ladies (on this thread) tend to leave their experiences here but don’t revisit to see if anyone has responded personally to their comment.
    I think that is a shame personally but ….

    (The folks on the ‘It’s not just about posts….’ thread might like to note that-we are all human and like to be acknowledged and not feel we are talking to ourselves or even worse being deliberately ignored).

    Having said that: Are you out there Mosleys Bit On The Side? You are hilariously funny with your lustful thoughts about his nibs.

    I’m sorry I had to go the other day when we were ‘talking’ but others (men no less) took up the mantle.

    I bet money that at Chez Mosley’s they have a good laugh too about the naughty little minx (who has her own partner-thank you very much!) who is making many people laugh out loud.

    I also suspected that you were not officially allowed (age wise) to post on this site but you can have a honourary Lady Of A Certain Age badge just for sheer effrontery.

    Yep I’m here, ever lurking in case the silver fox himself should grace us with his presence.

    As for being ‘officially’ allowed to post here, what is the ‘certain age’ to which this thread title alludes? I’m 31, with the body of a 19 year old and the mind of a 50 year old (wisdom, intellect, lust for silver-haired, bespectacled, 5-foot-11 science journalists).

    Anyhoo, back to stealth mode. I’ll pounce on his sexiness when he’s least expecting it.

    Mosleys Bit OnThe Side, good to hear from you – thought you’d gone off in a huff because HE hadn’t appeared, or else we’re pining away on a chaise Longue somewhere with a cold compress on your forehead. Love your posts, so please don’t be quiet for too long. Very entertaining! Fast well.

    MBOTS. Meant to say were pining away. This modern device changes things and I don’t always notice! Poor old thing!

    I understand the “certain age” to mean that we no longer need feminine hygiene products because we’ve reached that “certain age.”

    I get emails everytime someone posts here by checking “Notify me of follow-up replies via email”.

    For my fast days, I am sticking with 32 ounces of reduced sodium beef broth and 4 cups of home-made sugar free jello (don’t want to be using Aspartame! so make my own using pure sucralose powder I bought online and reconstitute for zero calories, zero carbs). Splenda has 4 calories per packet and 0.9 grams of carbs and I’m watching my carbs as well as calories! In addition to the beef broth and jello I use FitDay to let me know how much else of whatever I want to eat I can have. Yesterday was 4 ounces of raw almonds, 2 ounces of baked salmon and 4 ounces of sliced cucumber.


    “I understand the certain age to mean that we no longer need feminine hygiene products because we’ve reached that “certain age.”

    Well thanks for ‘clearing that up’ (pun intended).

    As it happens, I’ve created a thread for the Mosley Groupies to prevent derailment of this thread with talk of Mosley molestation.

    I shall thenceforth be residing in my new thread:

    Hello All

    I understand that Ladies of a Certain Age means those who have reached menopausal age – I don’t think we need to go into any more detail than that really.

    Glad to see you’ve rightly started your own thread MBOTS! We need some lighthearted entertainment around here.

    I’m 55 years old, and have been diligently adhering to 5:2 for 3 months. I am so distressed – I have not lost 1 pound. I think I dropped a couple in the first week or two, then started adding weight. Now I’m just back to where I started. I still have fairly regular periods, but I think that I am perimenopausal, and would like to think that’s why I’m not losing weight. Could the 5:2 be compensating and preventing me from the weight gain most women experience at this time? So there is a benefit after all?

    I’m just so discouraged. Yesterday I ended my fast with a large Cadbury Fruit & Nut chocolate bar, to drown my sorrows. Then I ate my 300 calories and then I topped that off with a handful of cashew nuts. So count yesterday as a loss. I don’t have any supporters, so I’ve been struggling through on my own. I so wish this could work for me. Like many others who have posted here, I refuse to count calories or points – I can’t track my every meal that way. I haven’t really been exercising, but I committed to a new cross fit training program which I started today. Maybe I’ll give 5:2 a couple more weeks to see how it works with exercise, but I have to say, at this point, I’m sadly resigned to the fact that it may not work for me. I would love to know why, or more importantly, whether there are any adjustments that I can make that could make me successful with the program, which I am really willing to make into a lifestyle change.

    On non-fast days, I eat healthily, and am generally careful about what I consume. I take a daily multi-vitamin,and am also on a fairly low dose of blood pressure medicine. I had hoped to cure my high blood pressure.

    So there you have it. Maybe I’ll be able to report back in another 3 months with a more encouraging report – if I manage to stay on track that long.

    Hi marciaf8. Have you watched the TV programme and read the book. Both of these will help immensely. Also are you counting calories on your fast days? If not I think you should, just to be sure what you are eating is ok. Also exercising on your fast days is good, as you are using the fat you have stored rather than what you have just eaten. Also how do you feel? What about your measurements? I have only done 3 fast days but can see some changes already, so I am sure there are many of us that would like to help you make this work. Maureen55

    I’m 67 and started the diet around Easter. I’ve lost about 7lbs in total, but have dropped a dress size.

    I’m finding it diffcult to shift the weight now. I only want to lose another 7 or 8lbs. On the diet days, I lose 2lbs and put that back on on non diet days. So I seem to be stuck at the moment.

    Marciaf8, that must be disspiriting. I’m also doing this alone and that has its own problems! Have you measured or are your clothes fitting better? Many have noticed they don’t drop weight but their shape shifts! Or possibly have blood tests done to see if your values improve?
    For my feast days the lower carb / low GI I go the better results I get.
    Even eating healthy but high carb can stop you burning fat. I used to eat lots of fruit and wonder why I didn’t lose weight, it was healthy enough but very high carb. Grapes were my downfall for years and years. You don’t have to go crazy at low carb but especially bread stops me losing in my tracks.
    Hope you get good results soon.

    Hi marciaf8 and Janthea (and anyone else reading)
    Welcome! I think you are both new ‘posters’?
    Sorry to hear that you aren’t getting the results you hoped for with 5:2. Marciaf8 – you have fantastic endurance to stick with the regime when you haven’t had the weight loss – that shows incredible commitment and a terrific will. 🙂 I can totally understand the frustration and upset that would have led to eating the chocolate and cashew nuts.
    Maureen55 and Speedy make lots of great suggestions, I am sure you will consider doing these. I definitely agree with trying to reduce the wheat (and similar) products as much as possible, and eat lots of veggies. There are lots of great soup recipes around. And make sure you have adequate protein.
    I know counting calories can be tedious, but maybe it is worth doing even for a day or two, just to see how much you are consuming relative to what your TDEE says someone of your age, height, weight and activity level needs on average. It is so easy to think you are eating less than you actually are. Even if you don’t want to count cals, just listing everything you eat may help.
    Hopefully someone with some medical knowledge can let you know if the peri-menopause is countering the impact of 5:2. I understand that it is expected that women put on about 5kg with menopause – something about laying down extra fat around your middle to somehow help with the fact that the body is producing less oestrogen??
    How much weight were you hoping to lose? What has your history been with dieting?
    It is very hard doing this without supporters, but hopefully you can now use this forum to give you support. Please keep posting, and read all the posts for topics of interest (that takes so much time you won’t have time to eat!!)
    Janthea, a lot of the above may be relevant for you too 🙂
    Best wishes and good luck.

    Hi all,
    Maybe the last 7 lbs are harder, maybe we all need to have our thyroids checked.
    Or maybe we need to rest on certain days- like take a week or two off, to boost metabolism. Not advocating pigging out, but taking a rest, from taking a rest. If you are actively in menopause, the body is already processing hormonal change and could be fighting weight loss, like Sassy says. No need to stress yourself to the point that “other” hormones are kicking in. Good luck and really 7lbs? Congrats in advance!

    Thank you all for responding and your kind words of encouragement. Hi Maureen55 – yes, I’ve read the book cover to cover, bought 5:2 recipe books, even bought a food scale. I diligently weighed and measured my food for the first couple of weeks, and now have a pretty good idea of how to stay within the 500 calories. I don’t do wheat on my fast days, very little fruit, good mix of vegetables and protein.

    Sassy, I’ve never been a dieter – don’t believe in them, which is why I like 5:2. Seems like such a justifiable and sensible lifestyle change. I have about 20 lbs to lose. The only missing piece was the exercise, so I’ve added that now. I guess I’ll keep trudging along, and perhaps the exercise will be the key. I haven’t checked my vitals or measurements recently. Before I depress myself further, I’ll let the exercise benefits kick in.

    Thanks again, everyone. This is a great support network. Now I don’t feel so all alone. 🙂

    Keep us up to date on how you go marciaf8 – cant wait to find a new you in a few months time. Go Girl.

    Hi marciaf8
    I echo maureen55. You seem to be doing everything right – maybe cos you have never dieted, your body feels that your current weight is the one it is supposed to be, and therefore resists any changes??? Maybe exercise will give it the jolt out of ‘complacency’ that it needs? Perhaps some others in this forum who have not dieted before may have some tips?
    Good luck:)

    In itself exercise won’t make you slim, Marcia, although building muscle helps you stay slim because muscle burns calories even while you are resting.

    Could you bear to count calories, and maybe share with us what you are eating for a week or so of non fast days? It can be very revealing!

    Hi Mary Louise,
    I like these Lepkin rules. I am actually applying it during the 5:2 Diet. And it does work. In 8 weeks I lost 10 kilo. And of course continue this diet as I see my health is increasing and my medicin intake is half it used to be.

    Hi Joyce1304

    What are Lepkin rules?

    Ditto. What ARE Lepkin Rules? Have googled to no avail.

    I also tried Google with no luck!

    Do you maybe mean Lptin diet?

    For example:

    Just a thought. Interesting ideas.

    the Leptin Diet and Mastering Leptin by Bryon Richards are on Amazon, and he has a website: Wellness resources
    which seems useful for 5:2 enthusiasts.

    Hi all- just trawling through these posts- saw a mention of fruit- is fruit bad on this diet?
    I’m 59, still menopausal since age 47. My husband & I have been on the 5:2 for 5 weeks- I’m not weighing myself but have not lost any cms around the middle, where I need to. He looks slimmer, the bastard.
    We have been vegetarian all our adult lives, so our fast days are basically our normal diet without the ‘fillers’ e.g. rice, pasta, quinoa, lentils etc, no cheese, no wine.
    We eat a boiled egg with 1 slice of toast for breakfast, with black coffee, no sugar.
    Lunch is fruit salad with a couple of dessert spoons of low fat yoghurt.
    For dinner we have a grilled or steamed vegetable such as asparagus, artichoke , zuchini, capsicum or mushroom, plus salad- usually, cabbie, carrot, tomato etc with chilli to flavour and a little olive oil with balsamic vinegar.
    In the afternoons I usually drink some diet coke to fill the gap / perk me up.
    We find it pretty easy to do this, and Iswear we never eat cakes, chocolate etc, except on birthdays!
    So- any suggestions? is it the fruit? I walk my dog most days, and will start doing pool laps shortly (it’s still a bit too cold for me- I’m a wimp)

    Hi loretta1
    Have you read the book?
    In the Menu Plans there are Pears, Blueberries, Mandarins, Grapefruit, Banana, Apple, Tomatoes, Strawberries +++ all mentioned for you to eat.
    Must admit these seem to be all for Meat eaters but I sure you can adapt them easily enough The book also talks about meat supplement’s.
    Good luck for the new you.

    Hi Maureen & thanks for the reply.
    No- I haven’t read the book- it all seemed too easy to not bother with it, but I tried to buy it on Thursday & my local bookshop had sold out!
    I eat all the fruits you mention except bananas which I hate- also watermelon & other melons which have low calories and are cheap and plentiful here now (i.e spring / Australia)
    I have never been one for meat substitutes as we are both good vegetarian cooks, and I really thought eliminating all the carbs, dairy & wine would do the trick-I’ll keep going for a while but I guess if I don’t see any results soon I’ll just go back to my normal diet- I don’t have any health problems and am not very overweight, just more than I’d like.
    Thanks again.

    Hello Loretta, Hmmm, men do seem able to lose more quickly 🙁 but keep going! 🙂
    I’m also been lacto-veg for ever and an doing a similar approach to you. I know that eating too much fruit stops or slows me losing. For years I couldn’t lose weight – although my diet was healthy. But I know now it was because I ate a LOT of fruit; epecially grapes. Fruit is good but it also has a lot of sugar so it’s easy for it to supply a fair amount of carbs.
    I love fruit and find it harder to miss out on than rice etc.

    I don’t know but suspect also the diet drink may be a big factor slowing down your progress. I saw it in myself. I have artificial sweeteners but gave in and had a week or so of diet drinks because I missed that fizz explosion so much! I measure my blood sugar regularly for interest and I saw that when I had those drinks it was on average higher than usual so there is a mechanism there that triggers an insulin response even though there is no sugar so you burn less fat because of the insulin being present.

    Maybe weigh yourself – but decide beforehand it is just a measure so don’t let it dishearten you if there is little change. Belly fat can be harder to shift so if you don’t have much to lose, it may be going gently from all over + any visceral fat.

    I’d eat cheese. Are you having enough protein? You’ll have guessed that I’m in the fat is OK camp but carbs are bad if not from veggies! I try to keep my fruit to berries as they often have fewer carbs. Some walnuts might be good too.

    NOw I realise that I have misread your post 🙁 Sorry. I thought this was your feast days menu.
    It struck me as frugal for a feast day but I see it is a fast day. Personally I suspect that on a fast day you are eating too frequently. I don’t know how many calories that adds up to but (just from my own experience, I’m no expert) eating little and often on a fast day just doesn’t give your body chance to rest and recuperate. In myself (55 and overweight) ideally I try to do a 36 hour water fast – or at least 24 hours. Then I lose just about a kilo a week. I haven’t read the book either but watched the television programme a couple of times.

    Sorry this is a bit disjointed. It’s late here! Anyway, best wishes 🙂
    Maybe this is interesting:

    Hi Speedy and thanks for that food for thought (no pun intended).
    Sounds like it could be the fruit – so I might give it a miss on the fast days, maybe try to eat breakfast later (after Ziggy’s walk) & dinner early, & cut out the diet coke.
    I eat cheese on normal days so don’t want to include it in fasts.
    I’m working tomorrow & might be able to buy a copy of the book where I’m going- might be able to discover the reason for the lack of progress.
    Thanks again for your thoughtful reply, Loretta.

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