HELP! All ladies of a 'certain age'-please respond

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HELP! All ladies of a 'certain age'-please respond

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  • Hello

    By ladies of a certain age; I mean peri-menopausal , menopausal or post menopausal.
    I would really appreciate knowing how you have done with weight loss on this regime. I am really disappointed to say the least with my ‘weight loss’ if you could call it that.

    I started a month or so ago and with the exception of possibly a few pounds in the first week; I haven’t lost anymore weight.
    I knew that the weight wouldn’t just drop off me like with some people because I’ve been gaining weight for some years now despite no change in what I consume; so obviously it is the menopause and it’s affect on my hormones.
    But even so; I thought I might lose weight but really slowly and I would be grateful for that but last week it was 2ozs! This seems strange because on my fast days I am really hungry and my stomach growls for England. Also my stomach seems to feel smaller inside but this is not showing up in looser clothing.
    Could really do with hearing from other ladies who have encountered the same thing and how you v’e dealt with it.

    I am 52. For the first 23 weeks I lost a grand total of 17 lb, but also lots of inches.I was a bit fed up but read of a number of people on here that the weight moved slowly but that they were shrinking.
    I am a new runner, and usually complete 10 miles a week in total. I found that I hit a plateau for a couple of weeks and was disappointed, but decided to change my exercise and see what happened.
    It was too hot to run last week, so I went swimming instead.I day was a fast day, so I missed breakfast and went swimming.The other day was not a fast day, so I had coffee and a cake with a friend afterwards.
    I was stunned to find that I lost 2 lb last week!
    I fasted yesterday and missed breakfast and went for a swim. I plan to swim and fast another day this week.I am hoping to repeat the performance.
    I am eating less in the heat, but I am sure that the change in exercise has had a huge impact.Walk more, go swimming, go tap dancing, cycling-just do something different and more of it. 1 week the scales didn’t move, my clothes were no looser but both calf muscles had shrunk by half an inch!I was looking in the wrong place for a change. Keep going and do more. I am sure that the number of women on here of a certain age that have lost significant weight suggests that there is no need to be menopausal and overweight.

    Hi Annette52

    Thank you for your post-it has made me feel a bit better.

    I do exercise anyway: I walk briskly every day for a good 40mins/1 hour but I definitely could look at doing more.

    Have you noticed a change in mood/energy/health generally etc?
    When I was feeling demoralized about such a poor result on the scales; I wondered about whether if I couldn’t lose the weight then I wouldn’t get the health benefits either.
    What have you found?

    Hi PreciousBooBoo – I’m going through the menopause and my experience has been exactly the same as yours. Started out losing a couple of pounds and then nothing, inspite of sticking to it rigidly and exercising. It really is so disheartening when you read all the success stories – although obviously am happy it’s working so well for all these ‘normal’ people! My diet on non-fasting days was very healthy too.

    Hi BuntyF

    Thank you too for responding to my post.

    It is good (if that is the right word) to hear that I’m not the only one but I obviously know how you feel.
    You are right; it is really disheartening to hear pretty much everybody else doing great and you are struggling along with nothing much to show for it.

    How long have you been on the regime?
    Have you noticed the potential health benefits? Even if the weight isn’t shifting it would be good to feel that you were improving your body inside.

    I am age 58. I did this diet one day last Thursday and lost 1.2 # overnight! But I gained it all back the next day by eating home made bread. DUH.

    I have done something like this a few years ago – but it was fasting 3 days a week. It worked – I lost weight and it cured my asthma, and pain in the tailbone. But last year my husband got sick with an aggressive cancer, and he died last August. I was emotionally fragile and now it is harder to fast 3 days a week. It seems to make me cry more. So I am trying the 5/2, but I realize I will also have to “watch it” on the eating days to make any progress. Other women in our age bracket have notice the same thing. You can get away with some dietary indiscretion, but not “everything.”

    At age 60, I have lost 3 stones over the last 2 years, most of it by a dramatic increase in my exercise regime and dieting, but the fast diet helped me to lose the last half stone to get down to 9st 10lbs. It is also helping me to maintain my new weight, I have never managed to keep weight off before. I now know that I am in control of my weight, as I have been on holiday a couple of times and put several pounds back on but both times managed to get it off again quite easily.
    In my case I know that exercise is a key factor, especially exercise on fasting days and the morning after – prime fat-burning time! And I feel great, better than I have for years.
    I only lost about a pound each week, that is what you would expect if you are cutting calories by about 3000 over your 2 day fast. This is a safe amount to lose.
    Stick with it and try to increase the exercise!

    Mary Louise
    So sorry to hear about your husband, and can see how the fast days would make you feel more vulnerable.
    I also need to be careful on the eating days, seems a mistake to shop for food after the fast day, I tend to reward
    myself with something high calorie and sweet for sticking to 500 calories. So far I’m maintaining, which is better than gaining , at least. I have around 10 lbs. to go, I may need to add another fast day (4:3) to lose.

    HI Mulville
    Thanks for your kind words. I am fasting again today and it has gone better than last week. I will be more careful tomorrow…

    I’m 64 and am trying to get healthy I’m 76klgs and need to bring it down
    I have cholestrol problems and high blood pressure which I hope to bring down and end up hopefully pill free
    I have been trying juicing but that didn’t do anything mostly because I couldn’t do dinner at night …just juice
    I also have been looking up the benifits of cinnamon and honey ……will continue to do both but need to work out what to have on fasting days
    I have also cut out most of breads only have the occasional 1 slice for breakfast
    I am also walking 2 x 30mins aiming to increase to 3 times a day

    I certainly understand the inability to shift weight during this phase of life. I have been fortunate enough to be able to maintain my weight for years (+/- a few pounds during and after pregnancy), but last year I took a desk job and piled on a few extra kilos. I started walking for 1 hour 20 mins everyday to try and shift the excess baggage, but found it wasn’t going as quickly as I would have liked. Then a friend introduced me to this way of life (I hate the word diet) and, although I am only doing a modified version (1 day a week), I have still found it to be a reasonably successful way to reduce the added kilos.

    I am down now to my former weight, if not a bit less, and I have been following this modified version of the program for about 3 months. I will be very interested to see the results of blood tests, when I have them at some point in the future, as I would like to see if my cholesterol has dropped. Not that it was high, but I would prefer it to be in a slightly lower range as my mother has had open heart surgery and is now on cholesterol medication. I would prefer not to have to go down that path if at all possible. I probably should add that I don’t walk as far or as many time a week now, no need.

    I think this time of life is a bit of a shocker for everyone, but possibly women more so. It seems to go without saying that you will pile on kilos unless you work VERY hard to keep them off. If this way of life proves useful, I truly hope doctors all over the world (particularly in the counties that have climbing rates of obesity) start recommending it. Surely, making people responsible for their own well being is the key to this amazing success story.

    Hi Ladies,
    I’m relating to a lot of your comments. I’m 54 and finding my results differ a lot from others doing 5:2 as well. I initially lost 3kgs quite easily, but got lured into a false sense of responsibility (to myself). On my fast days I was thinking of all the food I could reward myself with and did. Others seem to do this and still lose weight. I come to see that that’s their story and it appears different for middle aged peri/menopausal women. I’m starting again and using the weight watchers point system for non-fast days (I lost 30+ kgs with this in my 40’s), but having some flexibility on the weekends and see what the results are. There seems to be a lot of talk about intense exercise on fasting days that helps burn fat. So I’m taking that into consideration, although I’m in New Zealand and it’s the middle of Winter and motivation is low. The one thing I have kept up with is Pilates and this works well doing it on fast days, you really do get the flat tummy (doing it 3 x’s per week)and feel stronger.Glad to hear it’s working for some of us and look forward to hearing any tricks/strategies that help.

    I have always found that the day after a fast I am very hungry.If I am still starving at mid morning(after breakfast) then I will have and thoroughly enjoy a cake. That is my one and only treat for the day.

    Weight watchers made me obsessed with food, it was all I thought about and calculating points. With this I know that I have had the cake, enjoyed it and never feel guilty about it either.The other days in between are fine, but I still limit myself to one treat a day(very sweet tooth) but often don’t have them.

    Never been to NZ and have no idea how cold it is, but a good brisk walk for an hour every day would help no end.Walking is a great waist whittler and is fab for improving mental health.

    Perhaps just one treat as a reward. Does the reward have to be food? I now have some new but inexpensive jewellery when I have reached mini goals.

    I wonder how much you are eating on your non fast days? Are you recording your intake honestly? I lost a few kilos when I started, but then things stabilised and I began to look at what I was eating the rest of the time. I was very proud of myself for only eating 2000 calories, UNTIL I realised that my requirements are more like 1700 (I’m 62, 64kilos, 158cm, and my only exercise is walking the dogs). SO, if I ate 2000/500 (OK maybe a bit more at weekends) then I was basically maintaining my new weight.

    So I need to cut down what I eat on ‘normal’ days, AND what I eat on fast days in order to lose a significant amount of weight now!

    Unfortunately this realisation co-incided with the death of a much loved dog, and I have been pretty depressed for the last month, and its been really hard to stick to anything sensible. My plan is to swim a couple of times a week, and to be more disciplined regarding what I eat. My diet is pretty healthy, if you ignore the sugar I am addicted to – any suggestions anyone?

    Hello Ruthi

    I don’t know if your post was referring to me or not!

    If it was: I haven’t really been counting calories on non-fast days. But my diet is not that bad and I never eat between meals.
    How do you know what your calorific requirements are? For your age, height etc – I’m really interested.

    Also really sorry to hear about losing your beloved dog: it’s unbelievably sad when you lose a much loved pet. No wonder you are finding it hard going-don’t expect too much of yourself at the moment.
    Cut yourself some slack-you can lose weight another day/week/month.

    P.S.My username is one of our ‘pet’ names for our beloved boxer dog who we lost some years ago now. Using her ‘pet’ name gives me a nice reminder of her whenever I see it used.

    For all the ladies who have responded to my post or cast an eye over it:
    there is a website called which seems to have a fair bit of information on women’s health issues (as you would expect) particularly menopause and it’s affects on hormones etc.
    I seem to remember reading something about if you produce too much cortisol then you find it really difficult to lose weight no matter what you do.
    I’d tell you more but I can’t remember what it said-the affects of the menopause on my memory….

    Hi Ladies,

    I’ve been wondering whether any of you take any supplements when fasting. I’m thinking of this as I write my grocery list and noticing how my fruit & veg amounts are less than normal. If your fasting, ie not eating, it goes without saying there will be less nutrients, vitamins and minerals going in. I am new to this website so there may have been other discussions about it. Today was a fast day (doing the 2am – 2pm)and I did a spin class at the gym after work. Apart the physical effects of the class, I continue to be surprised at the amount of exercise that can be done on less or no food. And yet if I am fasting on a day when I’m sitting at my computer all day, I feel exhausted!
    PreciousBooBoo, I looked at the website, but it was about jewelry,hmm… But I wonder how you know if you’re producing too much cortisol. I also wonder whether different body types lose weight easier than others. I am a apple, so although I lose weight easily, I also put it on easily and if I’ve had a binge, it all just goes to my waist!, although as I said before the pilates help counter-balance this to some degree. I would be interested on thoughts about supplements or not.

    No I don’t.

    Got up early and walked half an hour to the sports centre and swam 40 lengths. Walked home after a wander round the shops to see what is new for the autumn.

    I miss breakfast on a fast day. For lunch I consumed some tinned tuna with salad and homemade dressing. Popped out to the garden and ate some raw peas all followed with an apple. Tonight I will have some fish and salad.

    I don’t think that there is any need to take any supplements. I love fruit, not a big veggie fan, but my fish consumption is at least twice a week and often more.

    I think that I probably eat better on a fast day.

    Hello All

    Have just looked at your post jantra and you are right!

    I should have posted
    Regarding how you would know how much cortisol you are producing; see if the website gives you that information.

    I once had a very expensive test that gave that information along with adrenal levels but obviously for most people that is not feasible.

    These rules really help me when I follow them for the eating days. They don’t require any calorie counting…

    The Five Rules of The Leptin Diet

    The Five Rules of the The Leptin Diet:
    Rule 1: Never eat after dinner.
    Rule 2: Eat three meals a day.
    Rule 3: Do not eat large meals.
    Rule 4: Eat a breakfast containing protein.
    Rule 5: Reduce the amount of carbohydrates eaten.

    Let’s take a look at each of these rules a little more closely, here:

    And you can find helpful, free videos here:

    Hi glad to read your the nicest possible way. I started bragging on another topic in the forum saying I had lost about 6 lbs and now nothing has happened much since. i am 53 and Peri menopausal. Actually I haven’t been this weight in years and I can get clothes on I haven’t been able to it for ages so shouldnt really grumble…but I am.! Before the 5/2 I was eating healthy and exercising about 4 times a week and it was hard to maintain a good weight let alone lose it and I was eating about 1300 cals per day. So by starting the 5/2, and not exercising due to excessive work commitments and too hot, I thought I was on to a winner..but as you all have stops. So should us girls be eating far less on the normal days and slashing to a quarter of that on fast days..which basically means eating about 300 cals AND exercise more? I daren’t eat 2000 cals per day as recommended..I couldn’t eat that much if I tried unless I ate chocolate all day…now ..that’s an idea ?! Help……

    I am eating less on non fast days because I am not as hungry.I am eating below my TDEE(the link is on the front page)

    Following a plateau and comments on the forum I have changed from running twice a week not on a fast day, to swimming on both fast days in the morning(I miss breakfast)before my usual light lunch.

    The result is that I have lost 2 lb last week and this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have now lost 22 lb in 26 weeks (4 lb in the last 2 weeks).

    I am sticking to 500 calories on a fast day and eating less on the others, just because I find I am full quicker. I am mindful that I don’t want to ruin the good works on the other days,but I still have a treat if I want it.

    Just 6 lb to go to reach my goal of 28 lb(2 stone)and a BMI of 25.

    The photos of Micheal and Mimi’s dad and the other people that have posted their photos have really spurred me on. Thank you all for that great proof that it can be done.Keep the faith ladies, no reason to be a certain age and overweight.

    Hi, I am 64 yr old. I saw the video about this 5:2 plan and got very excited. I have had a very hard time in the past 30 years, trying to lose weight! Counting calories and exercising to no weight loss is so very frustrating!!!
    Well this plan is working for me. I am two weeks into the program and I have lost 5 lbs! I have never been able to do that before! I do work out 5 days a week and sometimes run on the weekend. I do weights 3 times a week and 30 – 45 min. of aerobics exercise 5-6 times a week. I do change up my aerobics, bike, treadmill, stair-master. I found out I could not do the same thing all the time and lose weight. I do find that I am not very hungry on the days after a fast ( I think knowing you can eat what you crave helps). Yesterdays fast day was difficult! I was stuck home all day and this made it very hard.
    So I am basically doing the same exercise program as I have done in the past and eating healthy foods but adding the two days of fasting and I am losing weight! Ta Daa I am so excited about this program!

    Hunnibuns, I am in a similar spot but you are more active. I’m 69 yrs old, been eating largely vegetarian, following Dr Joel Fuhrman’s diet. I think it’s a great diet but maybe too many fruits for me, I can’t lose on it. I’ve lost a lb a week since starting 5:2 6 weeks ago.
    Exercise helps with weight loss and certainly all over health, but can also build heavier muscle. Not a bad thing. I just don’t have time to exercise plus I strained an ankle and can’t walk much lately, but do try for 20-30 minutes most days.
    PreciousBooHoo, perhaps you are hungry on fast days because of starch. That really raises blood sugar and then drops it fast, to make us hungry. Maybe protein for breakfast would work better — I have either 2 eggs with spinach & soy milk cocoa, or plain Greek yogurt with walnuts & blueberries. I can’t eat any starches on fast days.

    Hi ladies, yes it is hard to lose weight as we get older. My husband and I started 5:2 in February and have lost. 22 and 24 lbs respectively. The weight loss was faster in the beginning but we feel so good living this way of life we still are persevering if we only lose .1kg like I did this week. We were advised to eat protein on fast day so we have a scrambled egg and mushroom for breakfast, homemade soup at lunch vege, pumpkin and garlic or carrot and ginger and then fish and veg for dinner.

    I think having a fast buddy helps, even if its just someone on line. I have a few really good fast buddy’s on My Fitness Pal where I record what I eat and exercise. I swim 40 laps on fast days but 60 laps on other days and I do Pilates, bush walk and workout in the gym(no big weights though). I’m 60 and I think you,ve got to be prepared to persevere for a few months at this 5:2 to see if its for you.

    I´m 60. Menopause started at 57. I´m not overweight, but would like to lose about 10 lbs. I was attracted to this site by the words Fasting diet. I am not following this program, but for the past three weeks have been changing my diet to incorporate fruit and veg Juice which I´ve extracted on the new specialist juicing machine I purchased

    I started with a three day fast of just juice, which was hard I must admit, but now I just replace one or two meals per day with a juice, and eat a healthy meal for the rest. I exercise moderately, mainly by a gentle swim and a few exercises in the pool (it´s really hot here in Spain at the moment) and every morning I do a few weight exercises with 2lb hand weights. If I´ve indulged too much, for example I was out to dinner with friends last night, then I just try and do more juicing the next day instead of eating. It works two-fold as the nutrients give my body a healthy boost, which it needs after a curry and wine dinner.

    I´ve lost 7lbs so far and feel terrific. All the nutrients I´m getting from juicing veg and fruit has made me feel more energised, my skin looks better too I think. My apetite has decreased so I don´t get really hungry any more, and if I do, I just make a juice with something like spinach, carrots and apples. If you do plan on juicing, you should aim for more vegetables and fruit if you want to lose weight as the natural sugars in fruits can add up if you are drinking a lot. Google juice fasts and read up about it.

    Since I am a lady of a “certain age”, I came here first today on my first visit. I just learned about this diet two days ago and am very interested.

    I am 56 and have gone through several years of tough stuff and found myself a good 60 pounds over weight. Last year a friend turned me on to the HGC diet. I do it through a doctor and check in with my weight daily. It has worked amazingly for me. I have learned to eat very well. But… I put off loosing the last 20 pounds, thinking I would do that this past spring and I did not. Instead life delivered a couple more blows and I gained back 20 darned pounds.

    Alas, I am back on the diet. Down another 14 pounds, but hating myself for having to do this over again. I felt SO much better once I was lighter. The diet works in 80 day increments. I eat only 500 calories a day for 40 days. The HCG controls my hunger so well that I am rarely hungry. (When my friend first told me this, I could not believe it.)

    I am not selling the diet I am on over this one. I came here looking for a healthy way to maintain. There is a plan to keep the weight off with the diet I am on, but to me, this looks like an even better way. One I can maintain, even with a husband who can eat anything, including a large bowl of fancy ice cream every night before bed and he never gains a pound.

    I am very encouraged that I will be able to maintain my weight, in a very healthy way if I switch to this regimen when I am done loosing the big weight. Another benefit I can see of the two diets is that I have learned to make fabulous gourmet tasting meals with 500 calories.

    Do not loose heart. There are ways we can do this.

    Hello Determined!

    Wow; you are determined – good for you.

    Women (especially) in our age group do usually find it harder to lose weight than say, when they were younger. If I was you; I would be tempted to give this diet a go right now and just see what happens.
    It goes without saying that ‘dieting’ for two days a week is much much easier than doing it for 24/7 ( I think that will be one of the main reasons for this ‘diets’ success) and you are ‘fasting’ for 40 days at a time!

    Obviously I don’t want to sway you from your chosen path but like I say, if it was me in your circumstances; I would give this a go just to compare your weight loss. It could be that it’s much easier to put the weight back on your diet because it’s so rigid and lengthy and your body is getting used to existing on lower calories.

    Whatever you decide to do-good luck!
    and I, for one, would like to hear about your delicious recipes for 500 calories.

    Hello Determined (and any one else out there)
    I also completed the HCG DIET (one month ago,) and began this 5:2 plan in order to at the very least maintain the 25 lb I lost.
    As you mentioned, you become accustomed to 500 calories a day, which I wouldn’t have believed. I have managed to maintain my weight at 140 to 142 since beginning 5:2, but would like to lose 10 lb. more. It looks like I need to either add another fast days or cut calories on non-fast days, so far I haven’t made a step in either direction. However, I’m very happy to be maintaining, which I haven’t succeeded at in the past.

    Have you thought of changing or increasing your exercise. I found that got my weight and measurements moving you keep a check on your waist and hip measurement every 3 or 4 weeks as well as your weight. When I haven,t lost weight for 3 weeks I’ve found my measurements change by up to 3 cm..

    Yes. see my post about being 59 and not losing weight. How do you eat a quarter of your regular calories, if they are only 1700 to start with? 500 is more than a quarter of 1700. (It seems this diet is not suited to older women).

    Hi clematis24

    Just read your post and the one where you say you haven’t lost any weight but your clothes are looser! Lucky you I say!
    You’ve also stated that your BMI is in the right range.

    In your case, I wouldn’t worry too much about what the scales are saying; another woman said she hadn’t lost weight in many weeks and was about to give up when she noticed that her bingo wings were shrinking! Someone else noticed the same thing with her calfs! And it could be that there are important improvements going on in your body that you won’t necessarily be able to discern-yet.

    I agree with your comment about the diet being not suited to older women with one important qualification; I think it is much harder for many (not all) LOACA’s (Ladies of a ‘certain age’) to succeed on any diet.
    It really must be all to do with how imbalanced your/our hormones are now. Most LOACA’s are not operating on an even keel.

    I have a theory regarding the menopause; I think the more you suffered from PMT the more you will be affected by the menopause and inherently the more difficult things like successfully losing weight will be.

    I knew a woman who did not suffer from one symptom when she went through her menopause and she never suffered from PMT throughout her life.
    My PMT could not have been worse; so it was no suprise to me that my menopause has affected me really quite significantly.

    On reading comments from LOACA’s on this site; I know that some other women have much more energy than I do and therefore they can exercise more and this helps their health and weight loss. If you have an underactive thyroid; exercise can make you feel dog tired. It doesn’t energise you the way it does with most people.

    Therefore I don’t think all menopausal women are equal; so we can’t really generalise about results. But we can share information and experience and encourage each other in our efforts.

    Hi PreciousBooBoo,
    I am 50 years old and have been going through the menopause for a year now. After being very curvy for rather too many years (!) I decided to get over my aversion to dieting and do something to help reduce my weight and lower my blood pressure. I’ve been on the diet since the beginning of June and have just celebrated loosing a stone in weight. The weight loss has been very erratic – with 4 weeks seemingly loosing nothing (according to the hated scales) but I have been changing shape throughout. It is subtle and slow, but it is happening! I’m even enjoying fasting – a hollow growling feeling now means something good is happening! And this from someone who loves food and cooking!! Don’t loose heart – the health improvements alone should be incentive enough to us menopausal madams!

    Hello Franklin005

    I am so pleased that so many LOACA’s are contributing to this post because it’s so helpful and encouraging.

    How fab for you to lose a stone since June – Way to go.
    I have another theory; I think that weight that is lost slowly has the most chance of staying off.

    Do you know if there a difference in your blood pressure too? I totally agree that the potential health benefits outweigh the weight loss ones but I’d like both please.

    Thank you for your prompt reply. I think you are right about weight lost slowly having more chance of staying ‘off’ – or at least I hope so. In answer to your question, my blood pressure has definitely improved. I have been monitoring it since I began, and there has been a noticeable improvement, so I am delighted with this effect from the fasting and hope that I will be able to reduce my BP medication in due course. The most unexpected side effect, however, has been the cessation of migraines to date. Wonderful!

    Hello Franklin005 and everyone else

    Goodness! Just think, most people, including me, would be delighted (at our age where it is not so easy….) to lose a stone in weight in a sensible two months; but you have improved your blood pressure and alleviated your migraines-to date!!!

    That is absolutely fantastic-I was mentioning the absence of studies done on all types of folk on this particular 5:2 diet. Hearing about experiences like yours makes me think that Michael should be trying to set something up; even just going off the success stories on this site.

    Hello All

    My husband has just read my post above from yesterday – the one to clematis24 and he has pointed out a spelling mistake I made. I have inferred that someone’s ‘calfs’ have lost weight from their bingo wings….when I should have typed ‘calves’.

    Poor spelling is a pet hate of mine so I feel particularly embarrassed
    (you could say I feel cowed…).


    Notice To Anyone Who Was Misled Or Misinformed By My Post:


    Thank you and goodnight

    Hi LOCAs, it has been great reading all the posts, I started the 5:2 three months ago. I am 50 years old. I have lost 3.5kg so far in three months. I am really enjoying: the fast days are easier now and I took a break for one week and did not fast all and really pigged out. I felt so ill and regretted it.
    I hope to move on to 6:1 on an intermittent basis. I like the idea of juicing sometimes, i.e replacing a meal with just fruit juice, although this may be boring as I love cooking!!! I will try it anyway.

    I am really enjoying my clothes and drinking wine whenever I feel like except on fast days!!.

    I have recommended this way of life (5:2) to a friend and can’t wait to see how she gets on!
    Thank you and Good night!

    For the ladies who are wondering where the information comes from regarding eating a certain amount of calories, i.e. 1700 to maintain a certain weight, I have the very small book called the Collins Calorie Counter, which is stacked with a huge amount of food stuffs with the corresponding number of calories per 100g. In this book is a table where by you check your weight against the number of daily calories needed to maintain that weight, so an 8 stone person would need a different amount of calories to maintain 8 stone, to that of an 11 stone person, who will require more calories to maintain 11 stone. From memory, 1700 calories was said to maintain approximately 8 stone, but sadly, whilst more calories were required to maintain heavier weigh-ins, the calorie count was only increased by a very small amount, which is probably why we seem to gain weight, and wonder why!!! Conclusion, the average of 2000 calories per day for ladies, is probably a bit too many, unless of course we are extremely active.

    Hello All L.O.A.C.A’s

    I’m sorry Entlover; I missed the advice you gave me above. I am interested to hear why you cannot eat any starch at all on fast days-is it because of what you said about starch raising your blood sugar levels? Please tell us more because I’m wondering if this might have anything at all to do with my insomnia being even worse (like virtually no sleep at all) on fast days. I know other people have had this affect on their sleep but with the lucky ones; it seems to be a temporary thing.

    Rosalind: Congratulations on your steady but impressive weight loss.
    What happened when you gave yourself that week off; weight wise? Did you gain weight back and how quickly did you lose it again?

    Also I love hearing about you enjoying your clothes again and drinking wine!
    It gives other women reading these posts hope and encouragement. I have lots of nice clothes that I would love to get back into and if you can drink wine on non-fast days it just seems like too good to be true-
    but it isn’t!

    I’ve been reading other posts which mention saying bye-bye to WeightWatchers and Hello to 5:2 – the folks had watched the programme ‘The Men Who Made Us Thin’ (you can catch part 1 on BBC iplayer) and part 2 is this Thursday (in UK) on BBC2.

    I highly recommend anyone who has ever dieted to watch this programme: if not for your own information but for your loved ones-especially young girls who start to diet early.
    I do know however that The Fast Diet is not for anyone under 18yrs.

    Thank you, Precious Boo Boo, for your reply. I was encouraged to hear about the woman whose ‘bingo wings’ seemed to be shrinking on the diet. Although I am within my BMI, I would like to lose a few pounds, so as to feel less in danger of putting weight on, but I suppose that losing inches is more important. The main thing for me is not to get any bigger, a dangerous thing at my age. I agree that the menopause does not help matters, I am well passed all the horrid symtoms and they only lasted for two years. I think there is much to be said for putting up with the side effects and not taking HRT, which to my mind, just puts off the problems until later. Far better to eat a healthy diet, with natural hormones like those in soya products and take supplements, like evening primrose.

    I am also a lady of a certain age!!!!! Haven’t started yet as I have just read the book, but your comments I find very encouraging. I haven’t been doing any excercising for ages, for several reasons, 1. it’s too hot! 2. due to health problems I have a lot of joint pains. 3. I have been doing blood letting over the last month to try and lower the iron content in the blood, which causes the pain in the joints. It’s a bit like the dog chasing his tail, dont exercise because of the pain, and because of the pain, been putting on weight like there’s no tomorrow!! As for this “cortisol”, I understand that depression and stress causes the level to go up, so how to control stress levels? any idea where to find a good list of low GI foods? thanks for any reply

    I started the diet two weeks ago, after a year of gaining weight despite eating the same diet as ever. I am 45 and I do not exercise much beyond walking the dog. I have noticed that I am less puffy and my “spare tire” seems to have diminished somewhat, but I have not really lost any weight yet. The best part of fasting so far has been that it has changed my eating patterns – I eat less on non-fast days, I eat more fruit and veg, and I am not as hungry between meals as I used to be. I plan to measure my waist at the end of next week and see if there is any reduction in inches, if not pounds, but I hope that this works. Also, my cholesterol is borderline high, so we will see if that goes down. Otherwise, I may have to resign myself to the new me….sigh.

    Hi Bernadette. I think all food is low GI, so long as it doesnt contain sugar or starch, i.e. bread, tatties, pasta, cakes, biscuits and chocs and sweets.

    Hello fellow LOACA! You know, I got lucky (ha!) and started perimenopause fairly early (I’m 48, started about 3 years ago). And I’m hypothyroid so I have to fight tooth and nail for any weight loss. I’m lucky that we did finally find a thyroid med that worked better for me, and I’ve also found that the supplement COQ10 helped bump up my poor beleagured metabolism. I will say that I felt really awful on the COQ10 for about a month, now it doesn’t bother me. I’m trying the 5-2 diet to try and get my fat down (I love the term “bingo-wings” by the way), I gained about 20 pounds during the last 3 years thanks to my slowed thyroid, about 15 of it is off but I’m still packing a lot more body fat than I used to have, hoping the 5-2 plan helps with that, plus it just seems like a good idea to give my body a break from digestion for a while. Anyway, if you haven’t had your labs done in a while you might want to. I do believe our metabolisms slow down as we age (especially LOACOs), but you might want to check your thyroid levels while you’re at it, though most docs don’t want to treat unless your labs are really low. I would be curious to know if anyone else has had success with COQ10…

    Hi Cherrytomatoepie, What is COQ10? I have the same thyroid problem as you but luckily passed my menopause. I have no problem loosing weight.

    Hello to all the ‘Ladies of a certain age’

    I personally have found everyone’s comments on this post really helpful either to spur me on when someone in our group is successful or to let me know that I’m not the only one who is struggling to see any improvement.

    So I thought I would let you know how it’s going ten or so weeks in. I have managed to lose 9lbs and I am really delighted and just a little bit incredulous.

    As with so many others in our particular group; some weeks there is no change at all in the scales (for example: the last two weeks I have lost 2ozs per week!) but then it seems to show up in a ‘wedge’. Also I’m not suffering from the ‘looser clothes syndrome’ so not sure where it’s gone from as I just couldn’t face measuring myself at the start.

    I know to a lot of people this might be small beer but to me it’s a huge amount because my weight has only been going in one direction for many years now. So I’m truly delighted it’s working for me at all.

    I’d love to hear your weight/inches loss updates.

    I am 71 years old and have been fasting 5:2 for some weeks. I am losing weight at a steady rate of 1kg a week. I do not find hunger a great problem and find a glass of fizzy water can decrease any hunger pangs and ‘fill me up’. I do not eat any carbs on the fast day(except those incidental in carrots,green vegs, mushrooms and tomatoes).
    My big problem is an energy slump in mid afternoon. I get through the subsequent hours to the evening 300cal meal by self discipline but sometimes I am so tired I have to rest or go to bed. this doesn’t happen on non fast days.
    I am fit and well and not on any medication. my main exercise is walking including hill walking.
    Is there anybody else who is 70+ who will share their experiences? Is this diet safe for oldies like me and do other fasters have energy slumps and how are they dealt with

    WOW emmbee I’m impressed and a little bit envious

    1kg a week! I’m interested that you don’t eat any carbs on fast days except as you say in veg-what are you eating for the majority of your calories?

    Can’t help with your age group request but there is a post asking for people in this age group to respond (14.08.13) so try there aswell if you get no response here.

    What a useful thread. I’m 54 and was thinking it was just me -or maybe that my expectations are too high. Been doing this for 2 weeks and I’m 3.5 kilos down – but that was all in the first few days. This whole week has stayed more or less the same. But I suspect that may because I’m not being very sensible and may be undereating.
    I’m seeing the GP for high bp and she wants to take full bloods aaargh! Now that frightened me I can tell you and I haven’t been yet. It frightens me because I’m in the very morbidly obese BMI group and my diet over the last four years since my partner died of an aggressive brain tumour has been as bad as you can imagine. Chocolate and crisps and sweet drinks mostly 🙁
    But I really don’t want to be diagnosed as diabetic. I know that sounds silly. I am or am not, and the diagnosis doesn’t change that. But I know being so labeled will make me feel worthless and I’d probably run back to my old diet.
    I have a theory that we can store memories in our fat or in our stomachs and changing habits frees those memories and we to experience them again.
    Well, bought a blood meter thingie and have been testing myself and it seem OKish between 4.8 – 6.3 but that’s since I’ve been eating more sensibly and fasting. It was probably horrendous in my recent past. Anyway, I decided to try to put off the blood tests till I’d been doing this for 3 months. Does that sound crazy?

    I’m finding that fasting feels great. I’m sure I’ve lost some internal stomach fat because I’m so much less bloated. Haven’t needed any Rennies for two week now!

    I’m trying to eat low-carb because I know that is a good way to lose weight for me. In fact the GP mentioned I could have a gastric band type op but I’m a) too scared and b) feel I must be able lose weight without that. I like the concept of the mind-band – a sort of pretend gastric band! People who have had bands don’t seem to suffer from going into starvation mode do they although they consistently eat very little. Funny that.
    Where is all this leading? I don’t know. I hope I’ve caught my obesity in time before it does any more damage.
    Probably this doesn’t contribute much to the discussion but I needed to get it off my chest 🙂

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