HELP! All ladies of a 'certain age'-please respond

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HELP! All ladies of a 'certain age'-please respond

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  • Gorgeous Mon. in sunny FL, fasting today and enjoying the weather. Outdoor stroll along the boardwalk should help control the weight gain from dinner out last night……I didn’t actually weigh today, last weigh in on Fri. had me just about at goal. Now I’ve decided 5 more lbs would be best since we are taking a cruise with our dear college friends in March.

    northrancher, my FD goes like this….Bulletproof coffee in morning, full cup of coffee, 1 tbsp MCT Oil, C8 brain fuel, 1tbsp grass fed butter (unsalted) and 1 scoop of collagen peptides..approx 280 calories. I drink LOTS of sparkling water and Smart water, also green and black tea as desired.
    Afternoon treat is a cafe americano with one scoop Keto Cocoa MCT oil powder w a little half and half, another 100 calories. Bone broth for supper and then coffee and a 240 calorie Kiss my Keto bar. 620 calories in total but seems to work well for me.

    fasting_me hopefully the weather will improve soon but you sound like a hearty New Englander!
    2.5 lbs after dinner out is a small price to pay after all your continued success…..YOU GOT THIS
    World Series champions and Superbowl champions…..totally amazing. Proud to part of it.

    Hello again.
    I did a check via my FitBit weight graph, and for the past 30 days I have been above my Target Weight 18 days — sometimes quite a bit above. Today I’ve gotten down to where I want to be. That’s good since this weekend we’ll go away to a Wine Tasting-Food Pairing that we’ve enjoyed. But it will be fun so I’m not concerned about the weight.

    Good Fast yesterday — we each lost one pound. Breakfast was eggs baked with a Ham Florentine mixture which I had used previously in a dinner. FD Dinner was white Fish baked with Cheese from the Original Fast Diet Book. A really good meal.

    Snow expected today, several inches expected. Goody. Followed, as usual, by freezing rain/rain. Boo.

    Soccer Gran, yes, we new Englanders have much to be proud of in our sports teams. And I’m glad that we are not total jerks about it as some fans are. Too much investment, I guess. our time in FL sounds lovely and warm. My sister and her husband always go to Coral Gables in March for a little golf time and to find some warm weather. Sometimes it isn’t warm enough for her — she likes 80s. You’ve really gone native by embracing the Keto thing. Husband’s specialist doesn’t seem to mind Fasting but warned us away from Keto, saying it isn’t good. But hey, if it makes you happy and you are healthy, follow your bliss. Off to run errands before the snow.. How much longer will you stay in FL?

    Good morning LOCA, hope everyone is doing well.
    NFD for me today, the past week has been filled with fun and friends………which, of course, means foods of all kinds. Since we were hosting my assumption is no weight gain because too busy to overindulge. Still weigh my original goal but would love to drop a few lbs. before leaving on a cruise with college buds the beginning of March.
    Excited that tomorrow is a fast day but will enjoy a grass fed burger w cheese and avocado this evening…….haven’t decided on lunch but am eager for my bulletproof coffee this morning.

    fasting_me I’m not surprised that your husband’s doc isn’t as well informed about Keto, there are too types, Dirty Lazy Keto (not recommended) and the version originally designed to help epileptics
    and now used for Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases. If interested read Don Colbert, MD and best selling author, his plan works well with IF and all that Michael Mosley has taught us. I find that at my age fueling my brain w fat as opposed to glucose is a good choice for me. Sounds like more snow may be headed in your direction…..stay safe and enjoy all the beauty of NE!

    Hi there!

    I’m 50 and have been doing the 5:2 program for 4 weeks now so I guess I’m a newbie! So far I have lost 12 lbs and I am back into my formerly WAY too tight clothes. It’s certainly a big motivator when the clothing is getting looser instead of tighter. 🙂

    If you aren’t losing weight then you need to create more of a deficit either through reducing calories or increasing your physical activity.

    I am doing 500-800 calories on “fasting” days, depending on my activity, and because I am always eating two servings of dairy due to my age and risk of bone loss.

    I started working out almost every day, whether it is cross-country skiing, shoveling my driveway, or a weight work out at the gym. I typically do strength training twice a week. Formerly I spent too much time chilling on the couch.

    I have been strict about adhering to proper portion sizes and even go with smaller than normal portion sizes at times. The fasting has really helped my appetite shrink — I used to eat like a shark on a feeding frenzy. I’ve felt much more in control since starting the 5:2 protocol – I’m more satisfied with much less. Not sure why but I’m going with it! I do measure my food because I am too generous with my portioning otherwise.

    I am using the Lifesum app to track my nutrition and exercise. this has been a key for me. I do really well with support and structure. It’s like having a personal coach nagging me in the best possible way. If you are not tracking your calories, I suggest you do this for at least a month. I eat at or under under my goal weight TDEE on eating days. The Lifesum app is great for this because it has a 5:2 program already built in, but there are many free apps that can help. I’m very motivated by reaching my daily calorie and nutrient goals because it is something I can control. I LOVE hitting my daily numbers and it motivates me so much! I don’t follow a special diet but I am trying to eat healthy by giving my body the protein, calcium, fruits and vegetables it needs to thrive. I do typically make a weekly pot of veggie soup to eat on fast days.

    Creating more of a deficit is going to help a lot more than moping around having a pity party. (I was in the middle of a huge pity party for several months due to life stresses weight gain blah blah blah) Menopause is just another excuse we can use to stay stuck in our ways. Excuses kept me heavy and feeling down. Now is the time to bust through our excuses!

    Since I have taken charge of my body and life I feel amazing — lighter and healthier. I do not accept any excuses from myself. I intend to be fit and fabulous at 50 and I am going to keep nourishing and caring for my body better until I am there. 11 more pounds to go and hoping to be there sometime in May. It’s possible that I will be slimmer this year than I was in high school.

    My advice is that you use an app to track all of your food and activity and that you eat to your goal weight tdee on your eating days. A deficit of @ 3700 calories has to be created in order to lose a pound and an app will tell you where you may need to make some tweaks.

    All the best!

    Wow, 50-Fab, you have really changed your outlook and your motivation and your life. Good job! AND you are losing weight. Good advice from you. So glad Fasting is working for you, and that you have joined our Forum.

    Welcome 50&Fab, you are off to a great start and have the motivation necessary to achieve long term success.

    Today is a FD for me and I have my food planned, always more successful when I plan ahead…….do believe “if you fail to plan you plan to fail”. Thinking of only doing one FD a week after next week’s cruise but will probably need 3 FDs upon return!

    fasting_me……..there you are, hope all is well and that my hearty New England neighbor is still enjoying the weather. I shall reread your excellent posts as I try and cut back on FDs. You have done amazingly well and I envy that your DH fasts along with you, mine is, and has always been thin and it is the only thing I dislike about him!

    northrancher…..thinking of you and wishing you a GREAT day!

    Fasting today. Down with a head cold last week, so I spent 2 days just resting and reading and lolling on the bed or sofa. That keeps it from turning into something worse — at least that works for me. Benefit: loss of 2 pounds! Grained it back, mostly, but am still where I want to be rather than higher in weight.
    We had Felafel patties for breakfast, served with Greek yogurt and pineapple. For dinner, a Red&Green Shakshuka which was terrific.

    Yes, soccerG, I am lucky that my husband Fasts along with me. Thankfully he sees the reason for it. If I weren’t planning the meals, not sure how much he’d do of it. He’d do OK on breakfasts, since he is the Breakfast Cook in the family. Several of my friends say that they wish they could go on the Fast, but their ‘husbands don’t need to lose weight’ so it wouldn’t work. And I look at the husbands and think that 5-10 pounds less wouldn’t hurt… I do Fast for myself too, not only to keep ODH company. I love your quote about planning/failing. I’ll use that!

    50&Fab, hope this week is treating you well.

    Wild windstorm today. Power is out in Massachusetts and other locales in NH. Can still hear the wind roaring in the trees, here after dark. Supposed to continue tomorrow. Snow squalls today were very exciting. Pretty too.

    I’ve been reading the Forum for a while but today is my first day of posting. I am reading through all of the posts on this thread and so far am up to page 102! There are a LOT to read! Getting some very useful information though and enjoying ‘getting to know’ some people although it is sad when they stop posting. Looking forward to learning some more about you all and your tips for success and sharing some of my own.

    Welcome to the group, Stephsie. I’ve been Fasting for going on 6 years and find it the best method for losing weight and keeping it off. If you need any tested recipes, let me know. We eat breakfast and lunch on Fast Days in our house. On Slow Days, we eat 2 meals and a little bit at mid-day. My eating is more focused at getting Calcium into my body to support my bones. And of course on Fast Days, it is about weight loss. Eat protein [ex:eggs for breakfast] to feel fuller longer.
    Good luck.

    Hi, all! Hope you all are doing well.

    I’ve been off the rails and unable to get it together at the moment. A family crisis has me worried & distracted and my discipline is gone. Weighed myself today and I’m up 2 lbs. I’m going to decompress this weekend, relax, make a plan and hope to get back on track next week. I know I need to put my health number one on my list, but old habits die hard! Once I get past 2 weeks of FDs, it will just become automatic for me, like the last time. At least, that’s my hope.

    Soccergrandma, thank you for the shoutout–appreciate it greatly.

    Have a good weekend, everyone! And, welcome, Stephsie!

    Hi fasting_me, thank you for the lovely welcome. Wow! You must have been one of the very first adopters of this way of life… we’ll done for finding it so early and sticking with it all this time, that is very impressive. My relatively new experience is so postitive… as you said, I believe that this can be successful and sustainable long-term, which is even more important. I’ve lost weight a few times before, but always subsequently put it back on again. I do think that I will be able to manage fasting one or two days a week long-term.
    I don’t eat breakfast on any day as eating just makes me hungry 🙂 I do at least 16:8 every day and on fast days more like 18:6, I find it works for me. It’s interesting how we’re all different in the ways we find successful isn’t it? I’m vegetarian, moving towards vegan again (I managed it for six months a few years ago but my diet was dreadful as I didn’t cook at all at the time, so working hard at that now!).

    Hi northrancher, I’m really sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time. It’s so hard to keep the routine going when dissimilar life events occur. I know that for myself, I have always used food as a coping mechanism, and when depressed or stressed I would immediately reach for chocolate and crisps and all the other bad things that give you a temporary boost but actually leave you feeling much worse in the long-term. As you say, old habits really do die very hard… it’s so difficult to change deeply entrenched habits and practices, but you know that once you get into a more regular pattern it will become easier.
    Thank you for the welcome, and I do hope your family crisis resolves itself happily for you all and that you get your control back again very soon.

    Happy Sat. fellow fasters!
    Welcome Stephsie, you sound as if you are meeting w success so I wish you well going forward. I so agree that we are all different and support each person in our common goal of good health and nutrition. Love your empathic and encouraging words to others.
    northrancher, yes, it will become automatic soon. Difficult time for you which I totally understand,
    hang in there as the family crisis sorts itself out. I know only too well that this is easier said than done but you are determined and unstoppable!
    fasting_me, I giggled as I read your analysis of some husbands and couldn’t agree more! You continue to inspire and offer help to everyone..stay tuned, as I will need a lot of help after my 8 day cruise this upcoming week.
    Oh dear, so happy to be at goal and worried about cruise but so fortunate to be going with college friends and our hubbys…..may not fast but will certainly try to eat mindfully. DH just said GOOD LUCK WITH THAT…..he knows me only too well LOL

    Steph, thank you so much for the kind words. I was really touched by what you said. Like many of us, I do reach for all the comfort foods during stressful times, knowing it’s a short-term boost. Yesterday, I forced myself out into the fresh air for a long walk, which helps me reset. Feeling more balanced today. We have snow on the way tonight in Colorado and all day Sunday, so I’ll do a FD tomorrow and get on the treadmill. Moving more is the key to get me out of my “head” and worry less. Then, the better food choices will follow and I can get back on track. I’m also leaning vegetarian and it’s amazing how much better I feel! Food truly is medicine 🙂 Hope you are having a good weekend.

    Soccergrandma, thank you for the encouragement. Have a wonderful time on your cruise! You and fasting_me are my inspiration for getting to goal. I’ve lost weight on IF, but didn’t reach goal weight last time around and I am determined to get there this time. It’s managing the NFDs that I need to work on. Maybe even try keto…Still working out a plan. Enjoy your time with your hubby and college friends!

    padegoke, you can see — can’t you — why we would be reluctant to click on your link. It could be malware or a phishing expedition. I’d love to help you if you’re legit, but I’m not clicking. Sorry

    soccer, make a plan on how to handle buffets. have a plan for a sit-down restaurant meal. and for goodness sake, pace yourself at the bar! That said, have fun on the cruise.

    That’s right, northrancher – get outside and clear your head. Then get back to Fasting by keeping an eye on the goal you have. Snowshoes? We will await your next post to see how you are feeling.

    Stephsie, 5 days later, what is your progress?

    Hi Soccergrandma, thank you for the lovely welcome! I have you’re having a marvellous time on your cruise.
    Northrancher – I’m glad my words offered a little bit of comfort – we should all help each other through the difficult times, and rejoice with each other in the good times. Getting outside into nature is the best way I know of making myself feel better. I’m off to Snowdonia (North Wales) with the dogs for six days on Sunday – can’t wait to get out into the hills and do lots of walking. Is the snow still with you in Colorado?

    Fasting_me – all is going pretty well, two are fast days in and another 2 pounds lost, total 32 now. I still have a lot to go so I’m hoping the average of just over 2 pounds a week will continue for at least a while!

    How is everyone else going?

    Hi there from a ex-kiwi living in oz. Im a 70yr old going on 50 newbie to this but have been a weight-watcher for years and yes you do get obsessed with food, always thinking about it. My only hint to you is record, record, record you food each day..HONESTLY.. always worked for me..i will be doing exactly that myself now.. I know what you mean by the cold weather in winter its hard to get motivated with the electric blanket on and ure nose is freezing LOL.

    Welcome to you, Kiwichik. You and I are the same age and I’ve been Fasting for almost 6 years. Yes! Recording food does keep you honest. And it helps. Which sort of 5:2 are you doing: Water Fasts? 5-600 cal/day? 800 cal/day? Soups, stews, and chiles are great in cold weather for warming foods on Fast Days. Of course in Oz right now it is a record hot summer, right?

    Stephsie, your 6-day walking trip in Wales sounds wonderful. Hope you’ll have a great time.

    Fast on Thursday did the trick for me and got my weight back down to where I want it to be. Lovely snow here in New Hampshire. Cross-country skis beckon, but the trails in our woods have become over-grown and must be trimmed some day. Weather looks good for tapping the maple trees this week — sure sign of Spring!

    Northrancher, are you getting the storm now that we’re supposed to get tomorroW?
    Have a good weekend.

    Loughborough Uni – Why put this request in a thread than be more honest and place it as a separate thread?
    Looking up Loughborough Uni website 01509 222169 and According to their Contact details :
    Yet on the ‘Survey’ it claims that Paige Adeoke is an HR Assistant ? :
    If you would like to ask any questions prior to participation please contact the research investigator, Paige Adegoke (

    P Adegoke here has a linked in page now claiming 3rd yr student in psychology :

    Humm I wonder which it is.
    I ‘SAFELY’ looked at the ‘Survey’ and it far more about ‘how you feel’ than any diet !
    Usual questions you might answer positively slotted in amongst questions you answer negatively whichis classic way to get people to answer over negatively than genuinely. Also there is ZERO information on what other issues you might have etc.
    It isn’t a ’rounded’ nor informative questionaire so NO meaningful answers can possibly come from this poor attempt at any meaningful survey.

    **I’d STRONGLY recommend that NO ONE bothers to go to the link NOR fill it in! **

    It makes me wonder too if this a scam to ‘shame’ or perhaps try to ‘prove’ that when you eat a 5:2 or low calorie diet (only their interests) (not exactly what is totally going on here, & I don’t think they’ve even bothered to check what is going on)?? (Even if it’s real) – then I think they are out to show one gets depressed on this diet ?
    All seems VERY fishy to me. I’m going to call L UNi and see if I can get to the bottom of this!

    Oh and I’ve saved ALL the questions and possible answers.

    On the Loughborough Uni site I can find this Research study dealing with men and Type II diabeties with liver fat …
    7 Mar 2019
    Overweight men needed for study that looks at liver health and diabetes

    Participants cannot be smokers or currently on a diet and they must be between aged 30-75.

    All travel expenses will be covered and those that take part in the testing will receive feedback on all their clinical assessments.

    This study is currently active and will run until the end of 2019.

    If you are interested or would like more information, please email Dr James King at or call 01509 228457.

    i sent the message to JJ to see what he/she thinks of it. While I know the importance of research, I would never respond to an appeal like that one. Besides, I’m not an obese man.

    Hi fasting_me I’ve now called and emailled a contact in Loughborough Uni and sent an email …. I will let you know the result. IN the mean time I’d advise : DO NOT respond to it!

    It seems to have been deleted.

    Kiwichik, how are you?
    Northrancher, what’s new?

    Good AM All

    Wrote after cruise, long, newsy catchup but it has gone to cyberspace or elsewhere LOL
    So keeping this brief.

    Son and Granddaughter visited til Mon., wonderful to spend time together.
    DIL visited Grandson in Portugal for his 16th b’day. Now they will switch it up and son heads to Portugal for another b’day celebration.

    Somehow my weight is at goal, two lbs gained on cruise are gone and made it to the gym yesterday.

    fasting_me, ready for Spring?
    northrancher, thinking of and cheering you on
    stephsie and kiwi, keep on keeping on

    Hope everyone is doing well

    Hi all,
    I had another great walking trip to North Wales and managed to mainly avoid the rain, which was great. I really needed it… I was very stressed before I left, and for the first time since I started this WOL, I didn’t lose any weight that week, despite following it faithfully. I’ve read lots of research that shows that stress makes it nearly impossible to lose weight and this was a great example of it. Unfortunately, it made me eat more the week I was away on NFDs, so I ended up fasting three times that week so no damage done in the end. I have lost five pounds so far this month and on a FD today, so hopefully will have lost another by tomorrow. I’ve gone from morbidly obese when I started dieting, through severely obese and I’m now just plain obese! Two stones to go before I’m just overweight, so a long haul to goal.

    fasting_me – I have some lovely memories of New Hampshire… I did a school exchange programme when I was in High School and stayed in Hampton. Amongst many things we did, we went on a trip to the White Mountains and I had my first experience of ski-ing there. I’m glad you are enjoying the snow you’re having. Well done for getting your weight to where you want it…very encouraging.

    AuroraMagic – did you ever hear back from Loughborough University?

    Soccergrandma – at goal as well, and so soon after your cruise! Well done. I’m glad to hear you’re having some lovely time with your family.

    Northrancher – I hope things are better for you now.

    Hi kiwichik, how are you getting on? One of my best friends emigrated to NZ and has now become a citizen. I went and toured around for six weeks and had an absolutely wonderful time… what a fabulous country and lovely people!

    Stephsie, so nice to hear that you have fond memories of New Hampshire. You do have a long road ahead of you for weight loss, but Fasting is a Lifestyle. From April to late September my husband lost enough weight that his clothes no longer fit. It works and you can do it too. Plateaus happen. I think of them as the body taking time to re-adjust to weight loss.

    Kiwi, I was so sorry about Christchurch. You have a fine, strong, resilient country which is full of good people.

    Soccergran, glad the cruise was fun and not ‘broadening.’ How much longer will you be snow-birding in Florida? The maple sap is running here and the snow is melting.

    Good weekend, everyone.

    Hi everyone!

    Finally, I lost 3 lbs.! I’d spent two weeks fasting with zero results and needed to add in more exercise to kick start any weight loss. I realize the stress/cortisol was working against me, but now I think I’m on a good trend and will (hopefully) keep it going! I walk every day now for at least 30 mins. and lift weights at the gym 2 days a week. I also added in a fitness class and will start yoga once a week. That sounds like a lot, but it’s doable & should all help. I really do feel much better moving more.

    Stephsie, good to hear you had a nice walking trip and yes, I’m doing well–thank you for your kind words. I am with you on the havoc stress plays with our bodies and ability to lose weight. It’s amazing, really. I think it’s great you were able to lose another 5 lbs! I am just tipping into the obese category at a 30 BMI, so I’m in the same boat with you, and I’m determined to keep moving that BMI down. We can get there 🙂

    Soccergrandma, thank you for cheering me on! It’s working 😉 I’m impressed you only gained 2 lbs. on your cruise–that is some discipline!!! You truly have the FD nailed and you are an inspiration. Enjoy your lovely Florida weather! It’s almost 70 degrees in Denver, but tomorrow we’re getting more snow!

    fasting me, I like what you’re saying about the body taking time to readjust to weight loss. I’m also finding that my body is withdrawing from sugar, once again. That’s my primary poison. I’ve given up sweets (again!) and red meat. Can you (or others here, as well) please share what you’re eating on FDs? I’m looking for other ideas to mix it up a little.

    It’s almost the weekend! Yay! Hope everyone has a good one.

    northrancher, glad to hear that your weight is heading down again. Hooray. If you google my ‘handle’ you will find my Fasting blog on which I post menus for Fast Days. Those might give you some ideas.
    In the mean time:

    Egg-Mushroom Toast: 156 calories 6 g fat 2.6 g fiber 10.5 g protein 16 g carbs [9 g Complex] 69 mg Calcium NB: The food values shown are for the toast, egg, mushrooms, and the fruit, not for the optional beverages. PB GF – if using GF bread This is yummy. The eggs are creamy and the mushrooms lend a mysterious layer of flavor. I like this better than poached eggs.
    1 piece 70-cal multi-grain bread one 2-oz egg 1/2 oz mushrooms, chopped 1 Tbsp chives, chopped 1 tsp thyme 1 oz of apple Optional: blackish coffee [53 calories] or blackish tea or lemon in hot water 5-6 oz fruit smoothie or berry-yogurt smoothie [88 calories]
    Toast the bread. Spritz the non-stick saute pan with oil or spray and gently cook the mushrooms. Put the chives, thyme, salt, and pepper in with the egg and beat it up. Scramble lightly with the mushrooms, keeping the eggs moist. Turn out over the toast and plate the fruit. Sip your beverages and have a good day.

    Chickpea Ragout with Meat: GF PB nb: entire batch has 484 calories, so divide into portions
    divided in 2: 242 calories 4.8 g fat 10.7 g fiber 11.7 g protein 40.3 g carbs 51.3 mg Ca
    divided in 4: 121 calories 2.8 g fat 5.3 g fiber 5.8 g protein 20 g carbs 26 mg Calcium
    This is from Jacques Pepin’s Fast Food My Way. Although he doesn’t mean my kind of ‘Fast Food,’ Pepin has long been a proponent of healthy cooking. He presents this as a side dish, but for our purposes it is best prepared as a main course with seafood or or meat for more protein. If you want to eat it on its own, top it with some cheese.
    ½ tsp olive oil ½ cup diced onions ½ cup scallions, chopped 1 Tbsp garlic 2 cups diced tomatoes, fresh or canned and drained 1 and ½ cup chickpeas, drained and rinsed if canned ½ cup chicken stock ½ tsp salt ½ tsp pepper
    Heat the oil in a saute pan. Add the onion, scallion and garlic. Stir briefly over the heat then add the tomatoes, chickpeas, salt, and pepper. Cook over low heat until liquids are mostly evaporated. If using now, separate out your portion and keep warm. Cool the remaining ragout and freeze it in serving portions.
    3 oz chicken breast [if cooked, mix in with the ragout to warm the meat] [if meat is raw, add to the pan along with the tomatoes and chickpeas]
    3 oz pork tenderloin [if cooked, mix in with the ragout to warm the meat] [if meat is raw, add to the pan along with the tomatoes and chickpeas]
    2 oz lean beef pieces, not ground beef [if cooked, mix in with the ragout to warm the meat] [if meat is raw, add to the pan along with the tomatoes and chickpeas]

    happy Weekend, everyone.

    Fasting me, thank you VERY much!!!

    Go away, Fitsn — you are just trying to sell us your dumb red tea.

    northrancher — what are you eating these days? We enjoyed shrimp egg rolls for dinner last night. Very good. [homemade, of course]

    Stephsie, keep us updated on your progress.

    soccergran, are you still in Fla? Spring is springing here in NH — day lilies are up and most of the snow is gone [except North of the barn]. The birds are singing loudly and new ones come back every week.

    Hi Fasting_me & fellow fasters,

    Fasting Me, yesterday was a FD & I had oatmeal with blueberries, strawberries, almonds and cinnamon. Lunch was an apple/cherry/walnut/mushroom spinach salad and dinner was plain non-fat yogurt. Today is all bran cereal with blueberries & unsweetened almond milk, lunch will be a salad with tomatoes, carrots, corn, chicken and dinner is salmon with asparagus with quinoa. Drinking water or sparkling water with a lime or lemon. (I track all my food, water & exercise on a Fitbit.) Your shrimp roll sounds really yummy–will have to try that one.

    I’m finding I have to move to lose weight. Fasting alone is not doing it for me. I’m perplexed by it, because it worked before. I am walking at least 30 minutes/day and getting to the gym to workout with weights, but I haven’t lost more than the 3 lbs. from last week. I’ll keep at it and switch to the old Weight Watchers plan, if I don’t see any progress. Following that plan resulted in a 30 lb. weight loss in 6 months, so I may have to return to what worked for me. But, I know there are benefits beyond losing weight in the 5/2, so I’ll hang in there.

    We’ve also been getting lovely spring weather- today it’s in the 70’s–but tomorrow, a snow storm will hit us. My trees are starting to flower, so this storm is concerning. Enough is enough! I’m six weeks away from toes in the sand in Florida and can’t wait after all this snowy winter 😉

    Stephsie, soccergrandma…I hope you are both doing well!

    Having trouble posting! My earlier post disappeared when editing it and when I tried to re-post, it doesn’t appear 🙁

    Hi Fellow LOACA!
    I’m still in FL til beginning of May, it’s getting too warm but I have agreed to hop out in MD and join my daughter and GRAND for a soccer week-end……poor hubby will have to drive all day with our cats and then get house ready for my return. Lucky Me
    I am trying fasting just one day a week and that is very doable, seems to keep weight in the correct range. Granddaughters flying solo to spend school vacation with me and Papa next week, then time to pack up and head North.

    fasting_me I love how you protect all of us from scams of all sorts, you have good instincts. This is a beautiful time of year in NE, enjoy every moment, So nice of you to share recipes and info, Fast Food My Way sounds like a delicious dinner and I love the protein suggestions.

    northrancher, I have also had disappearing posts lately, very frustrating, but I can’t rule out user error LOL Hope all is going well for you!

    Best regards to fellow fasters!

    Hi all,

    Fasting Me, yesterday was a FD & I had oatmeal with blueberries, strawberries, almonds and cinnamon. Lunch was an apple/cherry/walnut/mushroom spinach salad and dinner was plain non-fat yogurt. Today is all bran cereal with blueberries & unsweetened almond milk, lunch will be a salad with tomatoes, carrots, corn, chicken and dinner is salmon with asparagus with quinoa. Drinking water or sparkling water with a lime or lemon. I track all my food, water & exercise on a Fitbit.

    I’m finding I have to move to lose weight. Fasting alone is not doing it for me. I’m perplexed by it, because it worked before. I am walking at least 30 minutes/day and getting to the gym to workout with weights, but I haven’t lost more than the 3 lbs. from last week. I’ll keep at it and switch to the old Weight Watchers plan, if I don’t see any progress. Following that plan resulted in a 30 lb. weight loss in 6 months, so I may have to return to what worked for me. But, I know there are benefits beyond losing weight in the 5/2, so I’m hanging in there.

    We’ve also been getting lovely spring weather- today it’s in the 70’s–but tomorrow, a snow storm will hit us. My trees are starting to flower, so this storm is concerning. Enough is enough! I’m six weeks away from toes in the sand in Florida, so I’ll grin and bear it 😉

    Stephsie, soccergrandma…I hope you are both doing well!

    Losing posts is so frustrating northrancher!!
    Keep at it as this WOE (Way of Eating) works! I’ve been on the Low Blood Sugar diet and I have totally changed. I now eat a larger variety of food, and low carb and very healthy and neigh no sugar at all! 🙂
    Many people around these parts including myself have all reported that while the scales can stay the same we see our shape’s change and then the weight will drop – sometimes days or even a week later.
    I don’t weigh daily but roughly weekly, as I know it’s working, as I can feel and see the results. I find it a lot tougher to stick to if I’ve had a naughty ‘treat’ and can then crave a sugar hit over the next week or two (now and then) but I resist and am good. I try to stick to around 20-40 carbs a day and 800 cals or lower.
    And ‘fast’ – 2 meals / 2 days a week too… and that works. The LBS diet also ensures that the carbs are low for the veg types too. I’m now also neigh 1 point lower in my cholesterol levels too which is very good. (I do have several points to lose though so it’s a long slow target for that one!) 🙂
    You’ll get there just stick to it! 😀

    AuroraMagic, I appreciate the encouragement & I agree it’s a WOE! I see that I need to limit carbs & add protein. I’m pretty good at limiting sugar, but so many foods include sugar that getting to zero would be impossible for me. I did lose another pound and have noticed my stomach going down, so there is some progress. I’d like to get to a point where I’m not thinking about food so much! Whenever I restart 5/2, I find food & tracking is on my mind, so looking forward to getting to a place where I know what to eat and eat only when I’m hungry. Getting in the flow is taking more time this go round.

    Hi Everyone,

    Hope you’re all doing well. You are @northrancher – well done on your 4 pounds weight loss!

    I’m doing okay – still losing weight but I have had to go to 3 fast days again this week, to make up for my NFD eating…I’ve had a few days where I’ve simply eaten too much sugar (I did a mosaic workshop on Sunday, which included a full afternoon tea, so loads of cream and sugar etc, and I wasn’t;t strong enough to resist that, plus I’d already paid for it! 🙂 ). I will be cutting out any unnecessary sugar again… that really works for me.

    @aurora Magic and @fasting_me – you are both inspirations that we can all get there (and stay there!)

    @soccergrandma – I bet you’re having a wonderful time with your granddaughter – enjoy!

    The rhubarb is up, the early daffodils are up, and we had snow last Wednesday! All part of the fun.
    Weight has sneaked up this week, but tomorrow is a Fast Day and that should do it.
    Stay well.

    I am 74 and am wondering if any other ladies ‘of a certain age’ have found that although some weight has been lost, the body measurements remain static!! I notice that the waist is the very worst area to try and improve, and I am thinking that this may be age related. I would appreciate anyone else’s experiences.

    Hi Ladies!

    Everyone is so quiet. I hope that means you’re all somewhere having fun 🙂

    Since I last posted, I had my annual physical and it was a bit dismal. My weight was higher than it was last time I saw my doc in October & my cholesterol high and he pretty much gave up on me and prescribed a statin. I have debilitating muscle pains on statins & I’m already on a blood thinner, so I’ve decided to rely on my former PCP’s advice that I don’t need a statin and not take it. My former PCP felt that with exercise, low carb and losing weight, I could reverse it.

    I’m determined to get this weight off. I don’t know why IF isn’t working for me this time. I keep thinking the Eliquis might be causing me to gain weight. Anyway, I’m back on IF, eating mostly plant-based, low carb, no sugar, no dairy, no red meat–trying to move toward being a pesco-pollo-vegetarian. Walking or going to the gym 5 days a week. Thus far, I’ve lost 6 pounds. My kids gifted me with an Apple Watch for Mother’s Day to help me keep track of my activity, food, etc. and it has an alarm to remind me to take my med.

    Today is a FD. Oatmeal with cinnamon, almonds & blueberries for bfast; lentil soup for lunch and a spinach salad for dinner.

    Hope you all are well and enjoying Spring weather where you are. We had snow a few days ago in Colorado, but the sun is shining now and my flowers are all planted! Happy summer days ahead…

    HI Ledis

    I recently Lost my 20Pound weight with the help of Greencirclewelness clinic they gave me amazing weight loss teatment with anti azing treatment also you Guys also can visit :

    Anyone on this site doing The Fast 800, with the 800 calories for 8 to 12 weeks??? Could you let me know?

    Best Natural Weight Loss Method:

    Hello! During menopause, I gained a lot of weight, I had constant anxiety and did not know what to do, I read at that can help maybe sport, long walks and the right medication, I went to the doctor, she advised me on the right nutrition for this and I started going to fitness, after that it became easier to lose weight. Good luck!

    Just gone through menapause and am 49 years old, unless l am super careful and eat like a bird l gain weight really easy.
    Is it unrealistic to try and be the same weight as when you were when your mid 20’s? How do we know what the right weight is for us again women?

    Hi everyone,
    Hope you’re all well. I’m 52. Isolation and full time study hasn’t been good for my fitness or weight. I find now that I’ve gone through menopause a couple of years ago that the 5/2 diet hasn’t been as effective and my weight fluctuates terribly. I’m a constant craver so have adjusted to 16/8 IF every day. I don’t eat until noon or 1pm and find it’s going well.

    What I’ve learned:
    – we can’t eat much at our age, unless we exercise heaps. I aim for 1100cal/ day or I put on weight.
    – don’t “eat normally” on NF days/ times. The sugar/ feasting gives me terrible hunger and cravings the next day.
    – if you love to eat, exercise! Even if it’s short spurts like jumping jacks or household exercises throughout the day. It builds muscle and sparks your metabolism.
    – my aim is to get back to young adult weight, and I’m nearly there. Unfortunately it’s not good for the face, and hard to shift around my middle. A juggling act. Key aim is to be strong and healthy. BMI is the best goal.


    Where are you from? I have similar problems with fasting and loosing lbs. I hope I can support you.

    Wow only 1100 calories per day. I eat this when l want to lose weight. When l go on maintance l will eat more. According to this site for my age and height l could eat more than that to maintain, even when sedentary. I just don’t think l could eat only 1100 calories per day forever as l am always hungry and it’s just not sustainable for me. Glad lm not the only one reaching for my young adult weight, even though my shape will always be different now that l am going through menapause.

    Hi! I’m a lady of a certain age as well. 58 this month 🙂
    I have just started 4:3 last week with a 2-pound loss but seems to regained it over the weekend as it was not a fasting day. So disappointed. I’m really hoping it’s just water weight and it’ll disappear after today’s fast which started last night.

    I exercise 6 days a week cardio and strength with no medical issues.

    My question:
    Should I worry about the weight being regained on non-fast days?
    Should I track it on an app like My fitness pal on non-fast days?


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