HELP! All ladies of a 'certain age'-please respond

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HELP! All ladies of a 'certain age'-please respond

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  • Hi @Baileysmom

    There are a few of us who gain small amounts after having following a healthy eating pattern/5-2 etc.

    I’d track everything on MyFitPal every day. I also use Fitbit and Weight Diary (for the graphs). Concentrate on the downward trend rather than the micro variations day-2-day. Frustrating I know, not getting ‘rewarded’ by a good result on the scales. I’m sure you’ve heard it before that weight loss isn’t linear but if your graphs trend is downward overall you’re winning 🙂

    Hi All, I am 45 and 13 st, the heaviest I’ve ever been ( except for pregnancy). I hate what I see in the mirror, belly sticks out more than my boobs. I have tried Slimming World, Atkins, Rosemary Connelly, High Fat Low carb, Slim Fast and Harcombe etc… the problem with these diets is you cannot sustain the daily watching, weighing and writing down what you eat all day. I find it a form of mental torture monitoring every day what I can or cannot eat.
    I started this diet just before Xmas drink plenty, eat lots of fruit and veg and exercise every day. So far in week 4 I weigh the same as when I started. I am only sticking to this regime as I cannot face another “diet”. Others on this site do say it takes time….so maybe it should be called The Slow Diet?

    Hi Starbuck
    Welcome! 😀 And a Happy New Year to Everyone.
    I haven’t been on for ages – just too busy! And then too tired in the evenings! And then perhaps just forgot! 😀
    Don’t be disheartened. I was my heaviest at 56 just 2.5yrs ago and I can say this diet works.
    I’ve been on it ever since. I reckoned I had to become diabetic if I carried on the way I was with my love of sugar/sugar addiction!
    But once I emptied the cupboards as I felt I could waste that much food and I gave away things of less value, then I could really get on and learn.
    I lost 2stone over the next year (many lose a stone a month) but I just seem unable to have such marvels!
    But I’ve had maintenance ever since and although I’ve treated myself the last month I know I can lose the few pounds that i have put on. (It is a bit demoralising to have put any weight back on but I ate too much dark choc and had some cream at xmas.)
    But most importanly I eat healthy and I my food. I eat more simply than the books suggest as I have limited budgets.
    eg meat/fish/cheese and whole variety of good proper low carb veg, and eggs at lunch in these freezing cold winter months, but salad in warmer months, and the yog and thaw frozen fruit etc etc.
    I not crave sugar which I never ever thought would or could happen! I still feel that way. I can look at cakes and KNOW I do not need mor want them! Stunned!
    It takes time though. And every person here will tell you that you will plateau but keep going. Hold faith because it works! 😀
    I now don’t ‘think’ too much abotu what I eat because I buy the right foods (big trick) and know roughly the right amounts.
    I take photos of all I eat as I found it easier long term but initially and for about 18mths I kept a food diary. It helped me stay on track.
    I refuse to use most apps as they monitor far far too much of your privacy like ‘fitbit’!
    See this as a ‘Way Of Eating’ WOE, than any diet. Totally agree with youta about diets. I’ve only ever done a few in my whole life.
    I’ve learned more about the right foods and be patient and kind to yourself, it takes time to learn these things. 😀
    Well done for starting before xmas!
    There’s more research now on DNA doen at Kinds College by Sarah Berry with her research on The Predict Study (DNA etc to help show what we individually need to KNOW how we can feed our bodies properly and lose weight)! 😀

    So stick with this it does work. There are variours meal options if you can’t afford or fancy their precise list but it has been carefully balanced. So bare that in mind.
    Also that as you exercise muscle weighs more than fat so do allow for that. Don’t beat yourself up when you are winning but can’t yet see it. I concentrated on my shape and only weight myself every week or 2wks. 😀 Our bodies naturally gain and lose weight on a daily basis so you’re looking for the average which is really hard! 😀 And especially if you look all the time, but that can give you an indication of how it varies! 😀
    There are some great friendly people around here too. 😀

    I’m back here after a few years because I’m desperate to lose weight. I’m taking hormones (Tamoxifen) to stop the recurrence of breast cancer, which I had 5 years ago, and I just can’t seem to lose weight while on this drug. I lose about 2 kgs over 2 weeks, and then my weight just won’t budge. It’s soul destroying. Anyone else having the same problem???

    Hi HAY34 I’m so so sorry to hear of your cancer that’s so sad and must have been an awful experience for you.
    I’ve no expereince with any drugs nor of the Tamoxifen drug so I hope others can help. What has your Dr said about it?
    I do know losing weight is tough and I found that I seem to have to be religious at not eating any more than they suggest. And I’ve had to slightly substitute due to tight budgets but sticking with it as a change to our ‘way of eating’ I know, that works long term, and so a great place to start. 😀 It’s how I got started on this life long venture.
    I no longer miss sugary things or rice (which I’ve loved), pasta or bread (although sourdough is ‘allowed’ and I did induge in a tiny loaf over xmas, but it was ‘nice’ but could have left it! 🙂
    I’m amazed how it’s changed long term how I now think and look upon food. 😀
    I hope that helps a little and I hope others here can help you. 😀 Stick with it though! 😀

    Hi – I’m a newbie to the 5:2. But I’ve seen great results on several people now, all over 50yrs old so am optimistic. I started fasting using an app last Sept but didn’t count calories and didn’t lose anything, disappointing and demoralising. I eventually started doing daily 18hr fasts with a daily eating window of just over 1,300 calories – the weight dropped! It isn’t sustainable to do 18hr daily fasts so I’ve switched to the 5:2. The book is useful as these issues are discussed. I think the answer is in the figures and eating a daily calorie deficit. To work this out use the tracker. I invested in the Nutracheck app on my smartphone which is THE easiest way to track calories and tells you all sorts of useful info about what you’re eating. It also has the the 5:2 so you can track the 500 calories easily on fast days. Hope this is helpful. Don’t give up x

    Hello All – I signed up today for the 5:2, I’ve found that retirement and lockdown equals expanding waistline… that changes! Walking later with a friend with coffee but making today my first fasting day; have dabbled with this before so I don’t think this will be a problem but I have always done this alone which makes it more difficult. This is the first forum of any kind I have commented on, I suppose it’s my way of taking responsibility and sharing this experience… bear with me, my humour will emerge in time.

    Hi Sushu and Lessov
    Well done to you both! 😀 And Welcome! 😀
    I’m not a high contributer here I’m afraid as I do tons of DIY and online work.

    It can be demoralising to see the waist expand (etc) but this is the permanent way to resolve things! Even when I’ve recently added on a few lbs, from too much dark choc and xmas cream, & too large portions, it all adds up over time!
    So I’ve reduced my amounts and being ‘careful’ again for however long it takes. But i enjoy my simpler/cheaper food choices and it does work for me.
    For me it takes me months to see good results but that’s OK. I love milky tea’s but it’ life and it’s a way of eating.
    I can’t believe I no longer crave sugar! Previously unheard of! But that was over 2yrs ago now!
    So enjpoy your journey ! YOU deserve to be how you truly want to be! 😀

    Hi Northrancher and ‘everyone’!

    I started my M Mosley Low blood sugar diet about 2yrs ago – some here have been on it or a worked out ‘the best food program for their needs’ for many many years.
    I did it to get off sugar and lose 2 stone.
    I managed to get 2 stone off but struggle with the last half stone but managed to put back on hald a stone so now losing a stone – again! 😀 But it’s fine.
    Because I know what and how much determination and sheer stubborn-ness it takes it’ll be fine.
    I use not apps or anything than photo my food as a ref to remind me if I’ve been indulgent. But for me my activity varies from DIY to sitting on my laptop. That’s life. I know (as I broke my ankle and it was 18mths before I was truly ‘walking’ with crutched again.) I can lose weight without doing any exercise but obviously it helps in many ways.
    This ‘way if eating’ is totally about finding the proper wayto eat. A proper balance varied diet. Something I thought (haha) that I was on before but only when I got into this did I realise how very far off I was!
    I keep it simple because my budgets are so tight. But it works for the most part. I did know I was beginning to gain as my size was changing and face was ‘fatter’ (my v early indicator) … so I’ve cut right back and I don’t count calories or anything now. I know how much a matchbox size of cheese is. I know I have to cut back to lose the weight. 😀
    I have too sometimes wondered if we ‘weighed our food’ prior to eating would help us appreciate the varied scale ups and downs far better?
    Anyone done that?
    I’m still learning – I definitely do not know it all – or I’d have been better behaved and not gained anything.
    I used to be *the* biggest comfort eater known to man but am no longer… as I didn’t ‘think my body deserved to be punished’ after all it hadn’t done anything wrong and it certainly didn’t make me any happier!
    However these things are based in psychology as is dieting! 😀
    Oh an a recent study shoes the fat in nuts isn’t the ‘same’ fat as was previously thought ! So do not worry about eating nuts (well a handful at most!) so much! 😀

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