Fresh start September 2021 challenge

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Fresh start September 2021 challenge

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  • Day 21 —NFD

    Had a successful LFD yesterday having only water and black coffee. Got hungry very late, too close to bedtime to start eating. Did not think I would get to sleep well with the hunger, but then my cat climbed on my chest/stomach and started purring. Hunger abated and calm peacefulness replaced it. I’ve never seen a study looking at cat purrs as an answer for hunger but 🤔

    Fell asleep contemplating the difference between hunger and appetite and concluded this topic needs a deep dive – at least for me the two things are very different.

    For most of my life I have been a ZBC member because I have no appetite at all in the mornings. I do get hungry in the mornings occasionally – but would wait for appetite to catch up, or just did not have food handy for the rare a.m. hunger so waited til mid day anyway. Appetite and the promise of the food reward requires my resolve and willpower. Hunger is a very different thing. For me anyway.

    So anyway, my day 20 FD was a LFD and will end up being a 40ish hour fast. We’ll just have to see what my body does with it.

    Sending good vibes to all, especially anyone doing a FD today!

    Day 21 North Canton OH NFD

    Very busy day before travel day for me. I am not even packed yet – Gah!

    Interesting question @mariaelena

    Quick check in to say hello, I will see you all next week.

    In case this interests anyone – Not a deep dive but very interesting to me.

    Hunger v appetite

    I’d love to see more nutrition/hormonal information on this topic and wish it were more discussed and distinct in weight loss literature

    Because it seems to me that distinction is very important to weight loss and gain. For me anyway.

    Day 21 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    Today is my baby’s 25th birthday. Happy birthday, dear son! He’s working tonight, his brother has classes, and I teach piano until 8pm, so we’ll celebrate either Sunday or Monday.

    I did a FD of about 280 calories yesterday on our drive home and the scale this morning settled on 147.0, just 0.2 heavier than the morning we left, so that’s okay considering how much I ate while gone. All my mojo seems to stay home when we travel, so I’m thankful it wasn’t awful news. Now to resume the weight loss I was accomplishing.

    @lilymartin I’ve been thinking of @dykask a lot lately, as I’ve begun doing water fasts, and that’s what he did with such consistency, but he hasn’t posted in about a year.

    @funshipfreddie 😂😂😂😂😂💗 (that last is for sympathy)

    @mariaelena Welcome to our group! Where are you from? (We always include that detail in our headers) I love your thoughts on the difference between hunger and appetite; I think all of us would agree hunger is FAR easier to manage than appetite. And, I feel exactly as you do about breakfast and haven’t eaten it for most of the past 45+ years.

    @basyjames Have a grand time with your sister!

    Pocket list – day 21
    @stitchincarol – WF

    Day 21 USA – NFD

    Doing quite well on maintenance. Glad when OMAD nets me even a little loss.

    @stitchincarol – congratulation on keeping your weight down even while gone!

    @basyjames – enjoy your time of reconnecting with your sister.

    @funshipfreddie – the “Sugar” YouTube from Canada was most informative. Scary. I have always thought that consuming sugar is more addictive than some drugs, and it can be so hard to eliminate in our diets as it does seem to be everywhere,

    Onward and downward.

    Day 21 UK CD

    I just realised that I haven’t posted since Friday. The weekend was a bit of a wipeout as I succumbed to the virus I’d been carrying all week – a bad night’s sleep on Friday, burning joint pain and headache on Saturday and recovery on Sunday.

    Monday’s FD got off to a good start with plenty of hydration, marmite tea and a late lunch of leftover cauliflower and green beans with nutritional yeast. At suppertime I had lots of green cabbage but didn’t fancy the accompanying dal, then poached pears with soya yogurt. Sadly I then succumbed to far too much air popped popcorn.

    I woke today feeling v puffy but also 4lbs down on the month. That’s not quite as exciting as it sounds bc I put ON 14lbs since 1 July, so I’m on my way back to where I was after successful June!

    But I’m drinking plenty more liquid, eating more mindfully and making much better choices. Ive stopped making bread except for community gatherings and am trying to keep my carbs down and my house sugar-free! Peanut butter has been replaced by peanut powder which i make up with water & a pinch of salt, chocolate by cacao nibs and I’m eating TONS of fruit and veg.

    I’ve got some vegan dal in the freezer for quick meals, and I’m making time at the weekend for batch cooking for busy weekdays. Next step is to stop project work earlier when possible so I can enjoy cooking and eating and get earlier nights – sleep is foundational! I’m also going to check in every day for accountability and be encouraged by catching up with posts.

    Good to see you again @lilymartin and @penz. Days just aren’t the same if they don’t begin with your early posts 🙂

    Whatever the day brings, go gently x

    Day 21 Minnesota NFD

    Sorry to have been absent a couple of days. Sunday, I rolled over to get out of bed and the room started spinning as if I’d been partying hard a few hours before (unfortunately not, lol). So I’ve been dealing with vertigo for the last couple of days, and the nausea and all that goes with it. Dry crackers and cheese seemed to be the only thing I could hold down.

    I’m better today and only feel the dizziness when I turn around or turn my head too quickly. I’m going to take it easy and just eat healthily until I feel my normal self. Getting old is for the brave, that is for sure. I think I remember that @at has this happen every couple of years or so. I have never had this extreme vertigo before, so I hope it will not be recurrent.

    I’ll catch up on posts now. I couldn’t read until this morning. That is what I missed most while out of commission, so to speak.

    Stay strong, everyone!

    Day 21 UK NFD

    Snap ! Mines 27 tomorrow @stitchincarol

    So out for pizza & beers tomorrow and I have to admit finding it hard going at the mo , but I’ve been here before( many times) ride it out , my mojo will return

    @funshipfreddie thanks for that Can sugar documentary link. I watched the first half and will finish it when I get on the Exercycle here in a bit.

    @Emma_taylor Palermo! I have always wanted to go to Sicily! (I’ve always wanted a mirror like that too!)

    @penz your question – why do we let these slide – is mine too.

    @notherndawn Vertigo sounds awful I hope you recover soon!

    @stichincarol I’m curious about your name, do you do lots of sewing? As for your question- Where am I from?

    Such a simple question but such a complex issue for me.

    I am a stranger in a strange land, the customs of the place where I reside (b/c hubs’ job, familial ties & financial inability to relocate) – make me a misfit in areas of culture, values & social mores, habits, manners and civil expectations. I make the best of it and hold on to hope of one day escaping, but I revolt at the thought of claiming it to be home or where I’m from.

    My time zone is in the Western Hemisphere and I live nowhere in particular north of the equator. My birthplace was Chicago, USA but I have lived many different places in the Americas, Europe and the UK. My heart is claimed by London and/or Firenze.

    I’m afraid I sound aloof or standoffish but I don’t mean to be. It can be disquieting to be so mismatched to one’s locale.

    Well, exercise awaits for me. Hoping one and all have a grand day!

    Day 21 OMAD sort of. Palermo

    @mariaelena – I can’t tell you how lovely Sicily is. We have been here a few times before – once for a month in August when I was a teacher and had to take school holidays. Not recommended. It was so hot I thought I might die. But September and October are just amazing, and last year we were here in February just before lockdown, and it was sunny and warm and beautiful. The architecture and the towns are bellisima, And the food is out of this world. And the people are kind and welcoming. I think it’s my favourite part of Italy, closely followed by Rome. Try not to miss it. It’s like another world.

    Day 22, NFD, Aus

    Had a long heavy work day yesterday. I need to find a better switch-off from work than a glass or two of wine which I did yesterday. Working from home means I don’t have the commute home that acts as that transition from work to home life. I know the vino is not the healthiest substitute!

    Interesting question, @mariaelena. Is appetite more about anticipation for a particular food, and hunger just a short term immediate “I want food now, any sort of food”! We’re having a restaurant meal at home on the weekend which I am really looking forward to. I’m not hungry right now (also being a ZBC member) but I sure have an appetite for Saturday’s menu! Is that how you see the difference? (And love the image of you being gently lulled into sleep by the meditating sound of a cat’s purr.)

    Ah! Just saw the link you posted. Yes, hunger = physiological, appetite=desire. Keeping the distinction in mind is a good reminder of the ‘rule’ to only eat when you’re hungry. Thanks!

    Day 22 CD country west Australia
    Posting and reading others’ posts always skews me more accountable and stops me gorging and having too many EFSdays.😳
    Interesting discussion re appetite and hunger.🤔
    I find that sometimes the anticipation of a certain food or meal almost compels me to buy it and then when I have it is not as great as I thought – but I eat it anyway.😞 Old habits die hard ( or lurk in unexpected places.)
    @penz, how are you faring with a) lockdown and b) the earthquake this morning? I do hope you are OK.
    I hope you find your ‘ off work’ switch soon!🤞
    @northerndawn, have you been to a physiotherapist for a look at your neck? I have had several clients with suspected vertigo but it has turned out to be BPPV ( b engine paroxysmal positional vertigo). There is a very specific assessment for this condition and if it does turn out to be this then there are particular exercises which can help. But they help ONLY if it is BPPV and not ordinary vertigo or a virus.
    Anyway, commiserations. Any vertigo is not pleasant.😔
    @michelinme, hope you recover soon from the virus.💐
    @stitchincarol, hope your son’s birthday celebrations go well.
    Must away to earn a dollar or 3.🙂

    Day 22 Melb Aust NFD

    Oh, the fast days that never are! Hopefully soon I’ll find my mojo again, but… persevering with being careful and watching what I eat, and thankful to have my weight relatively stable. Now spring is here, it will probably become easier.

    Onward and downwards!

    Day 22 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @northerndawn – hope you’re feeling better soon! That sounds very unpleasant; & not being able to read too? 🤗

    I don’t know if this is relevant to the hunger v appetite conversation; but I read not too long ago that genuine hunger is experienced in the mouth. Which had never occurred to me until I read it. It may have been Jason Fung who wrote it. So if you need to ask yourself if you’re really hungry or just feel like eating, the chances are that you’re not. I know I’m never in any doubt by the time I have my first meal of the day around noon. The best part of waiting until you’re really hungry before you eat is appreciating every morsel, rather than just eating automatically because the clock is telling you to. Something I imagine few people experience nowadays.

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    “Hunger is a state of mind, not a state of stomach.”
    ― Jason Fung,

    Day 22 – UK – FD

    @northerndawn I’m glad you’re feeling a touch better, I hope it passes fully soon

    @funshipfreddie – great reminder re the hunger cues / habits

    @stitchincarol – I hope your DS had a lovely celebration!

    Today is a FD for me… I’m aiming for just liquids throughout the day and my old faithful veggie chilli this evening. If I do get desperately hungry (and can’t silence that state of mind!), I have a small bottle of kefir in the fridge.

    I’m a little disappointed in myself because I had set this week as a target to get sub 154 and I’m at 157. But I’m still going for the ‘be in the 140’s’ by e/o November.

    Happy Wednesday to you all!

    Pocket List Day 22 🍅:

    Day 22 – Canada 🇨🇦 – NFD

    Mojo is back and I’ve had a few good days of healthy eating and the EFSing of sugar has stopped. Love reading all your comments, very inspirational.

    @stitchincarol – very impressive you’ve been able to maintain while travelling. 👌

    Day 22 – UK – FD

    I am not at all hungry today and will be busy until mid/late afternoon, so thinking this will be an easy FD.

    Tomorrow will be a CD, followed by an OMAD on Friday.

    I am out for dinner on Friday night and then have a full-on weekend of consumption scheduled!!!!!!!

    @lilymartin – I so agree re water. I do drink quite alot, but on a FD it is never enough and I have been known to abort a FD due to dehydration disguising itself as hunger! You would think I would know better by now, hahaha!

    @bellyblast (& others) – I so agree. Fasting in the summer is so much easier!

    @dvw – I am going to watch your Robb Report article once I have finished watching @funshipfreddie‘s Russian fasting film (which is really good, albeit a bit scary!)

    @caoimhe – I once saw a documentary once about shift workers and jet lag and the effects these have on your health.
    They explained how being awake at night makes cortisol levels sky-rocket and so insulin spikes as well.
    So you are in for a tough fight against your own body not to eat your way through things when you haven’t slept the night before! They cited this as being a primary reason why so many nurses struggle to lose weight.

    @funshipfreddie – your post about your hangover was hilarious. Good on you for fasting, I often feel that I have to eat my way through a hangover. And then guess what…? I feel even worse, haha!

    Also@funshipfreddie, thanks for the new post on another sugar film. These films are really keeping me motivated!

    @basyjames – have a great trip to cancun!

    @dvw – yes, I know – RESTRAINT – it is pretty boring isn’t it? But I’m just focussing on restraint on weekdays only (ie my 2 x NFDs on weekdays).
    I’m still going to allow myself anything at weekends…. Otherwise it is too tough and I will lose my mojo.

    @mariaelena – thanks for joining us and thank you for all your interesting posts. I’m excited to add your link on Appetite Vs Hunger to my reading list!

    @northerndawn – Get Well Soon!

    Pocket List Day 22 🍅:

    Day 22 – Rural Nebraska, USA – OMAD

    Yesterday’s WF was the toughest yet, and I discovered (duh!) that it’s dangerous to think about specific foods I’d enjoy eating at the moment. When I realized the road my mind was headed down, I quickly snatched it back and instead thought about how lovely it will be when I get down some more pounds; with those new thoughts, I managed to stick to my water fast. The scales this morning rewarded me with 144.8. At 5’4″ (162.5cm) that wouldn’t have been TOO bad, but I’ve shrunk another inch and am now 5’2″ (157.5cm) so that explains why I feel chubbier at this weight than I did a few years ago. Today, I’ll continue the fast until supper.

    We’ll celebrate DS’s birthday this coming Monday, but I couldn’t stand to be in the city where he lives and ignore the day entirely, so in my two hour break between piano lessons, I bought some chocolate bars and some fancy sausages and took them to him. They made him grin, so it was okay that the grocery store I was at had no cakes to take him.

    @michelinme I say that 4 pounds is 4 pounds, regardless of what happened before they were lost, so, well done!

    @northerndawn You poor thing! DH also suffers from vertigo, and in fact had an attack while we were driving to Colorado: he’d just pulled into the left lane to pass two semis when he suddenly braked hard. I was startled and a bit worried but couldn’t see what had made him do that, and then he told me. He managed to pull over to the side and we switched places. He hunched over with a plastic bag at the ready and I drove (since there was zero point in sitting at the side of the freeway) and he had a TRULY miserable time of it. Thankfully it was gone by the time we got to our daughter’s five hours later–that’s not been the norm for him over the years, so I know well just what you were going through. Well, as well as I can know from witnessing DH’s misery. So glad you’re fine now!

    @brightonbelle Happy 27th to your baby! My eldest will be 30 on 10/14 and I’m shaking my head at the idea, LOL!

    @mariaelena I do indeed do lots of stitching, although primarily quilting and knitting these days–I just finished two hats for sons and have begun a sweater for myself. I had to laugh at your description of where you’re from. My only point in asking is that we all then have an idea of time zone for you, what sort of seasons and weather you’re experiencing, and what sorts of foods surround you; it’s the way everyone begins their posts, by listing where they currently abide. Would that have been a less touchy way for me to have asked? 😂🤣😂😜😁🤷‍♀️

    @penz What about a walk with your dog first thing? Would that do it?

    @lilymartin Fascinating about BPPV…but, sadly, I think DH’s is related to Meniere’s disease and isn’t treatable.

    @babs_b You’re already well into the afternoon, so I hope you’re managing to cope with your liquids only and that the chili tonight goes down a treat for you and satisfies all food longings!

    Day 22 — FD

    Food consumption and exercise on target yesterday but went to bed early with sudden onset of overwhelming headache. Don’t know what was up, feeling blah today and headache remains but much more manageable. My appetite is low as typically is on AM, and I don’t anticipate this Fast day will be onerous.

    @emma_taylor Italian architecture! Oh how I get romantically transported in time when I’m near it. I swear I get an energy burst when I’m in an old city wanting to walk everywhere and absorb the sights and vibe. I, also, find the Italians very simpatico. I’m enjoying your stay there vicariously!

    @penz I love how you articulate things, my cat purring, appetite anticipation etc. I certainly am like you, I can enjoy appetite anticipation of an upcoming special meal or even that perfectly ripe cantaloupe in my refrigerator.

    I guess I make a distinction between my appetite for a meal or specific foods (taste?) and the more generalized (stomach based for me) hunger.

    On working from home without a commute. A recent podcast I heard (might have been Dr. Mosley’s) suggested replacing the lost commute with a walk – a break outside to reset your mind and body. Perhaps something like that might be the trick?

    @babs_b I like your sensible and upbeat attitude! ~8 lb in ~9 weeks is a reasonable goal and your attitude will help! You got this!

    @bellyblast I am the opposite. My hearty (veg heavy) winter stew makes 5:2 almost a joy in the cold months. I struggle to eat veg in warm weather and the siren’s call of summer fruit can derail me from fasts so easily.

    @stichincarol Please know I thought your question was a fine and friendly inquiry! I’m the complicated one! I think recent kerfuffles with local in-laws have made me far too sensitive. I think sewing, knitting, crocheting etc. are wonderful and must be so satisfying to have such a creative outlet! I have always wished I could sew or crochet (my grandma was a whiz and I still enjoy her Afghans and quilts) but I’m afraid my efforts in such areas are appalling. Grandma used bright and bold colors often in shocking (yet beautiful) contrasts rather than the easily available pastels that are readily available and less to my taste.

    Well, it seems a goodly number of us are on a fast day, so sending successful thoughts to all. I am finding current M & W fast day schedule much better than the M & Th fasting I did a few years ago. My mojo seems to stay stronger with the fast days closer together.

    Happy thoughts to everyone.

    Day 22 USA – OMAD

    Doing well, keeping at maintenance.

    @stitchincarol – glad you got to spend a little birthday time with DS. I had to sympathize with losing height. At my tallest, I was 5’8” which for 160 pounds would be better than the 5’6” that I have shrunk to. Is it the nature of piano players? Ha ha … I know mine is probably genetic to have 3 degenerated discs in my lower back, but … oh well. Can’t do much about it.

    @mariaelena – I got a kick out of your description of “location” where you live. At least I am happy to know you’re in the Western Hemisphere!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 23, FD, Aus

    Thanks for your thoughts @lilymartin – I’m in Canberra and didn’t feel anything from the Victoria quake. More concerned about @Bestsylee – are you ok?

    You’re so right, @stitchincarol – taking the dogs out would be the perfect transition and I used to often do that when I got home from work. @mariaelena – I see you suggested the same thing! Great minds and all that…

    Day 23: pocket list (I have a feeling I’ll need the support today)

    Day 22 – USA/GA – NFD

    Late posting. Was in a rush this morning. Had a horrible night of tossing and turning. After 2 or 3 hours of good sleep, the alarm clock went off and I got up and, with a hunch, checked something on the Internet. As this was my first B2B FD completed overnight, it seems that a sleepless night is one of the signs of your body entering ketosis. But no sleep can hinder the effect of weight loss. I stepped on the scales and it read somewhere between 220.0 and 220.4. Arrgh. So I went about casually getting ready and occasionally stepping back on and off. But 15 minutes later, I tried a final weigh-in (did it three times to be sure), and…

    219.8 lbs!

    I finally broke across the barrier!

    Today was a ZBC but did eat out and had a decent meal for supper, too. No doubt, a couple of pounds will return. Going to try to be Fung-minded as much as possible through my next planned FD which will won’t be until next Monday eeek! However, I can now see how a simple 5:2 combined with Fung’s concepts can both aid in a steady loss of weight. Even if it’s one painful ounce at a time grrrr


    I’ll report in tomorrow morning.

    Day 23 Melb Aust FD

    Yes, finally! Found my mojo – hoping to actually keep it for the whole day.

    @penz, Thanks for thinking of me. My home shuddered, walls and ceiling. I’d just turned on my heating system so my immediate thought was that something had gone wrong with it. No, all okay, “just” an earthquake. Worst I can remember since childhood, and maybe that one wasn’t as bad as this, it was a long time ago. But, overall, all good. Some minor property damage in a few places, no reported injuries, so thankfully okay.

    @northgeorgia, yay for crossing that 220 barrier downwards. Now you know it can be done!

    Day 23: pocket list

    Day 23. U.K. CD.

    Good fast day yesterday. I promise that today will be a CD!!!!!

    @emma Taylor – DH & I very keen to go to Sicily. I lived in Florence for 3 months as a student so I love Italy and Italian, plus we are huge fans of Inspectot Montalbarno which is set in Sicily ! Apparently there’s a montalbarno tour around Sicily which we’d like to do!!

    @northgeorgia – yay for 219! CONGRATS!!!!
    Re sleep – try bulletproof brain octane oil – it’s helped massively with my sleep and helps get you into ketosis more easily…. Let me know if you need the link ….

    Day 23 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @northgeorgia – great job! 💪

    Article in today’s UK Mail. We’re trendy?!! 😅

    Day 23:Pocket List 🍒

    Day 23 OMAD Sicily.

    @high5 – we are massive Montalbano fans too. That’s one of the reasons we are doing this trip this way round the island. Our plans are very flexible – we are booking Airbnb as we go along, planning on visiting some of the Montalbano sites a few weeks from now. Off to Trapani today for a week, then to Marsala. I’ll be sorry to leave the magic mirror behind….

    Happy Thursday all.

    Day 23 UK FD

    Ah fellow Montalbano fans 👋 Its really fun to visit some of the filming destinations, particularly Punta Secca which is where his house is and Ragusa are my faves , we’ve been fortunate to be there when they were filming a couple of times I’m so envious @emma-taylor Can’t wait to be able to travel again

    Anyway back to reality-planning on a good <500 FD today

    Day 23:Pocket List 🍒

    Day 23 – UK – NFD

    Just a very quick check in for now but have to say….

    @northgeorgia – Woohoooo!!! SO happy for you that you broke that barrier!

    Day 23 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 222.8 (3 lb gain), which is due to the carbs rushing in at meal times yesterday. Did a soft drink at lunch, a birthday cake slice at work, and was given a small leftover portion of fries with a sandwich for supper. So “bloat” is the response this morning. I do have another lunch out to celebrate a co-worker’s birthday today, but I’m trying to steer this ship through the icy waters — accept the inevitable carbs that will pop up here and there, but work on replacing them when possible with healthy fats, protein, and lots of water.

    If I’ve broken the 210 barrier once, it’ll happen again, and soon I’ll be basking within them. I’ve got the 100s in sight for next year. ZBC for me today, for sure.

    Hope @betsylee and all our folks around Melbourne have little trouble repairing any damages from the quake.

    Day 23 – Canada 🇨🇦 – FD

    The Montalbano series sounds wonderful, I think I’ll start with the books. Thanks for the new lead. Determined to have a good FD.

    @northgeorgia – well done! 👏

    Day 23:Pocket List 🍒

    Day 23 second post

    Well, it’s evening, and my 350 calorie day has turned into about 750, but hey, much better than nothing. I’ll just call it a FD800, instead 🙂 I’m still very happy, as this is my first FD this month (probably for several months!).

    @northgeorgia, some damage from the earthquake, but generally nothing major. One old two-storey building was the worst damaged, not a lo else, some extra cracks in walls, perhaps, and no reports of injuries. We were fortunate that the epicentre was about 200 kms from Melbourne (about 125 miles), or it might have been a different story. Just thankful.

    Day 23:Pocket List 🍒
    @betsylee (FD800)

    Day 23, London, UK, …………………….NFD …………………….. No; Really???🤣🤣

    Missed you guys!!!
    Ok, So I was going to wait until the October challenge started, to reset, restart and generally haul myself back from the cliff edge or in reality, from under the duvet!!! I’m here now, because I can do some serious damage to my waistline if I delay getting back on the wagon another week!!!

    The last few months have been ‘trying’ to say the least, the flat sold, the cash is in the bank (no you can’t have my bank details), I’ve just about moved in with my mum so I’ve demoted the house search to low on my list of priorities, mum is doing better, pain relief 98% sorted, she’s eating for England, in good spirits most of the time and I’m DETERMINED💪🏼💪🏼 the wound on her foot will heal despite the Drs rather unfavourable prognosis!!!🤬 The scales are somewhere in storage, I MUST dig them out since I’m doing that ostrich thing again, weight gain? what weight gain? I see nothing, now pass me the biscuits!!!!😲🙈🙈

    Fasting hasn’t been a top priority, and unfortunately my eating hasn’t been mindful and I think @penz & I alone have been keeping the wineries profitable!!!🙄😮😏 I agree with you my friend, …………………. “The daily day’s end in a bottle of wine is not to continue!”

    @daffodil2010, like @funshipfreddie there were goosebumps at your description of your DHs reunion 🤗🤗🤗 Despite the anonymity here, I checked with him first, but my OH was born in England then adopted to Ireland, he was baptized in England in a rather unusual establishment, leading to soooo many theories about his parentage! He isn’t interested in finding relatives, but he did a genetic test that proved ………………………………… 99% sure his family origins lie in Galway!!! That put paid to the theories. So many young Irish girls were sent ‘away’ to hide their shame.😢😢 I know who SHOULD have felt ashamed!!!!😡

    @emma-taylor, link to mirror required ASAP!!!!!🙏🏼🙏🏼Enjoy some gelato just for me!

    @northgeorgia, step carefully into the HFLC life!! I tried once and as determined as I was, too many carbs crept in and then ………………….. I was eating HF, therefore high calorie + Carbs which is how I got here in the first place!!! I think HFLC is an all or nothing, you can’t even do it 5:2 ‘cause those 2 days with carbs effectively cancel 5 good HFLC days AND add a pound or 2 onto each thigh!!!😮😮😥

    I’m aiming to perform some much needed magic & turn wine into water ………………… wish me luck, the pull of the vino is So-So-Sssstrong!!!!

    I’m late in welcoming the newbies, so welcome, @caoimhe, @brendam58, @mariaelena!!!

    I’ll try to catch up fully and I promise to be present & on parade (How are you @i-hate-lettuce?) from now on!!!🤞🏼🤞🏼

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

    Day 23 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    Yesterday, the scales actually ended up even lower at 144.2 and this morning, after a generous supper, plenty of slices of cheese and two glasses of wine last night, I was at 144.4. This water fast approach is clearly something my body likes, along with eliminating most refined carbs. HFLC…who knew I’d like it so much. I’m having real hope that I’ll get down to goal weight finally! 🥰💪👍

    @northgeorgia So exciting to have broken the barrier on Wednesday morning!

    @betsylee Wow, so glad you experienced no damage or injury! I was in a significant earthquake once, and it’s the strangest, awfullest feeling ever.

    @funshipfreddie Wow–I’ve NEVER been trendy in my life! 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Awww, @flourbaby, Welcome back! I’ve missed your chatter and I’m so glad you’ve returned to us!

    Now to hear again from @at…she’s been silent a long time this time, and I hope she’s just distracted by life and fun adventures.

    I’ve been interrupted several times with my typing, so don’t know for certain that it even makes sense, but I need to get to my job, so I’m off, with fingers crossed that there are no typos! Have a grand day, everyone!

    Day 23:Pocket List 🍒
    @betsylee (FD800)

    Day 23 — NFD

    Fast day food consumption went well, accidentally ate no carbs, lol. Happy accident indeed.

    Exercise yesterday was close to nil. Felt pretty bad yesterday (leftover headache and the flaring up of a chronic but intermittent lifelong ailment). I don’t feel 100% today, but better, so I’m determined to get that exercise in. Oh, I’m not extreme exercising – I just want my 30 mins moderate cardio and to keep my movement up because that overall makes me feel appreciably better. Allergies and miserable flashes (panicky claustrophobic hot flashes) are not helping. (Focus on the positives, since restarting 5:2 & restricted eating windows again the miserable flashes are of less duration, YAY)

    I have not found the mojo or motivation to keep up with the weight resistance training, unfortunately. Since I’m doing well elsewhere I may move that to October goals 🤔

    @emma_taylor I love hearing about Sicily and hoping your trip remains as lovely as it has been til now. Please keep sharing.

    @funshipfreddie LOL, trendy is not a word that is used to describe ME, haha

    @flourbaby “Ostrich” How apt! I need to suppress that inner Ostrich, too. She too often takes the reigns.

    Ok. Thoughts of strength to all, especially the fasters today.

    I’m off to pick up groceries for veggie broth, as I have been dissatisfied with the vegetable stock available for purchase (most seem to be made from juice and contains added sugar – not what I want.). This will be a new thing for me, never made it before.

    second post

    @funshipfreddie I finally had time to watch those two videos you posted (on sugar and on the science of fasting and I found them fascinating and extremely motivating. I’m loving the results of WF and the video that talked about the wide benefits to water fasts, including to arthritis and cancer, had me slack-jawed and, I must admit, a bit smug, LOL!

    It is so ingrained in us that we must eat to be healthy that it’s a hard preconception to overcome. But, as I do my best to eliminate all refined carbs from my diet and combine that with a 40-42 hour water fast each week, and find the weight dropping quite easily, it’s hard to see water fasts as anything but totally wonderful. The last time I was at this weight was at Easter, and I had worked diligently–hard, even–to get there…and then I promptly gained back ten pounds when I couldn’t maintain my diligence.

    It’s too soon to know what behavior maintenance will require, but DH and I have another trip October 11-16 which I plan to begin with a water fast until Tuesday evening, and then I’ll simply avoid refined carbs for the rest of the week. Wine will absolutely be present that week, as will cheese and crackers and sausages as appetizers before lovely dinners; as long as I ignore those crackers, and skip the rice and potatoes and bread at dinners, that will certainly give me an idea how my body will react long-term to this approach.

    So, any more videos we all ought to be watching??? 😂🤣😂

    Day 24, NFD, Aus

    TGIF! I did succumb to a light supper last night but am confident my day’s intake as below 500 calories, so chalking that one up to a success.

    *phew* BetsyLee – glad you’re ok and your heating system too! And yay for a FD!!

    Welcome back @flourbaby!!!! Super thrilled to hear your flat sold, and that you’re back with us. (No comments on our healthy contribution to the viticulture economy…)

    Have a good weekend fellow trendy fasters (thanks @funshipfreddie)

    Day 24 Melb Aust FD800

    My FD (turned FD800) went relatively well yesterday, so I thought, why not try for another. Okay so far. Mid-afternoon and I’ve had about 120 calories so far, so about 350 calories chicken/ vegies for tea, followed by a Tartufo gelato, which I’ve discovered to my delight is only 208 calories. Who’d have thought it! I will savour it. That will keep me under 800 calories.

    Yes, for all the purists on healthy eating on the forum, be kind. I KNOW the gelato isn’t good for me, but it does stop a feeling of deprivation devolving into a epic face-stuff. I’ll eliminate that indulgence from fast days once I’m more used to them again.

    @flourbaby, delighted to see you’re back posting. You and your humour have been greatly missed. Admittedly, my past few months here have had me logging on at the start of the month, never to be seen again for the month, until this month, but still…. really enjoy reading all your comments again. Glad you’ve sold your flat, hope it all goes well living with your mother, bank details welcomed 🙂 Ha Ha!

    @michelinme, how’s your new start with 5:2 going? Having seen any recent posts, or maybe I’ve just missed them. All the same, I hope it’s going well. It seems there are a few people making September a real, new start.

    @penz, well done for a successful FD. I’m figuring that my 2 FD800 days are about as “good”, and yes, glad not much damage or reported injuries here post earthquake. Mind you, it was probably a minor event to folk who come from Japan or New Zealand, but significant for us.

    @stitchincarol, thanks for re-posting the youtube videos that @funshipfreddie posted. I’ve been wanting to watch them, but didn’t want to have to scroll back trying to find them.
    It’s great that you’re finding WFDs so effective. That’s something I’d like to have a go at again, but I take a tiny BP medication that sticks to the back of my throat unless I take it with food of some kind, usually a low GI “breakfast biscuit”, which completely messes up the WFD. Maybe I could try taking it with my biscuit in the morning, then sticking to water until the next morning? Maybe? That might actually work. Something to think about, anyway.

    Onward and downwards everyone!

    Day 24 Pocket List
    @betsylee (FD800)

    Day 24 U.K. OMAD

    I’m out to dinner tonight so can’t do a proper third fast day this week but all good… I’m maintaining at my (old) goal weight and my Happy Scale app actually tells me that I am still continuing to lose 1/4LB per week. Though I think that’s a slightly flattering view of my progress 😄

    Anyway my wage against sugar this week has really paid off…all I’ve had is 5 x squares 85% dark chocolate. So motivated after watching the two sugar films! Thanks @funshipfreddie for the Canadian one!

    So I’m deffo feeling smug this week 😄😄😄

    However I’m going to be launching into 2,5 days of EFS this weekend!! Dinners, lunches ans even breakfast out! So calorie-fest, here I come!!!!

    @betsylee – I’m a bit of a health nut, but I do know EXACTLY what you mean!
    If I feel too deprived then I totally lose my mojo!!!

    I went through a stage recently of eating white rice on my FDs for the same reasons as you, but it made me wake up starving in the night so I had to stop that! 😢

    See y’all on Monday after my EFS! 😘

    Second post

    Sorry, I hope everyone in Oz is ok after this earthquake? I must have somehow missed that in the news.

    @brightonbelle }
    @emma Taylor } Fellow montalbarno lovers! 😍😍
    Lucky you having been there and gone to his favourite haunts! I’m so envious – DH & I must go next autumn! Also to his favourite restaurant! The food sounds amazing!

    @emma Taylor – was touched by your description of how warm the people are too ….

    Day 24 country West Australia CD
    Had written a lengthy reply which has disappeared into the ether and didn’t save so just hoping everyone has a good day.

    Day 24 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Had my usual Thursday FD yesterday, missed my morning ‘call into the forum’ somehow things are a little hectic at the moment, turn around and the day is gone! It seem to be every day things crop up or manic busy!
    The summerhouse project for the garden has been binned, it would have meant losing the greenhouse 🙁 and that gets more use than a summerhouse would. Anyway we have the conservatory and the sheltered decking area outside so already well catered for.

    Another hectic couple of weekends, last two fundraisers of the year and then, we’re off on our travels for a couple of weeks in mid October.

    @flourbaby – Nice to hear you’re back and thanks for asking, I’m doing incredibly well thank you. Almost a year since the start of treatment, I look back in the diary for ‘this time last year’ and wow …. serious stuff and a bit of scary time, but the medics used their knowledge and skills and here I am, not quite 100% ‘normal’ …. but don’t think I ever have been 😉

    Take care all

    Day 24 OMAD Trapani

    After staying in a very plush airbnb apartment in Palermo, we are now in a little eyrie in Trapani. Still lovely but very different. DH and I are on day 232 of our Italian lessons on Duolingo, which is the most fun learning I have ever done. I’ve NEVER tried to learn anything so consistently, for such a long time. The trouble is, it’s given me a bit of confidence to speak to the people here in Italian, which has completely backfired, because they then rattle a reply, which I don’t understand a word of, and then I have to sheepishly say I don’t speak Italian. It is funny. DH laughs every time. Even when I say it, they think I’m lying and keep talking to me in Italian. Oh boy. Must try harder. OMAD sort of ok, but daily drinking of wine a mistake 😢😢😢

    Day 24 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Major PFDS this morning. A new low for 2021; 70.4 kgs, despite last weekend’s peanut binge! 😜

    @flourbaby – you were missed! So glad you’re back 🤗

    @high5, @betsylee & @stitchincarol – so glad you enjoyed the videos. It’s amazing what you can find on YouTube. Last night I started watching ‘Sugar:The Bitter Truth’ – a presentation given 12 years ago by Dr Robert H Lustig (author of ‘Fat Chance – The hidden truth about sugar, obesity & disease’). I’m only half-way through it; its 90 minutes long & gets quite technical at times. But his passion, humour & extensive knowledge of the subject make it very watchable. It’s been viewed by over 14 million people so far.

    @emma-taylor – 😂 I know how that feels! It’s mortifying. I remember buying lunch in a cafe in Chile years ago. The first time I ever tried to speak Spanish in public. All I did was ask the waiter if I could pay in dollars; but I was euphoric that he actually understood me! Sometimes it works the other way round though; when you want them to speak the language you’re learning they just want to practise their English on you.

    A long weekend here; Heritage Day today. But I’m aiming to be on my best behaviour for the last week of Fresh Start September

    Day 24 – Canada 🇨🇦 – CD

    Good morning everybody. Had a good FD yesterday and two long tennis matches so feeling pretty good. Take care all.

    @flourbaby – welcome back, love your posts – so funny and energetic! Congrats on selling your flat.
    @stitchincarol – sounds like you’re doing so well, good for you. 👍
    @funshipfreddie – I’ll definitely watch those sugar vids, just waiting for a rainy day 🙂

    Day 24 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 222 lbs, but a few ounces lighter over yesterday. Got to run again. Take care, all!

    Day 24 – UK – NFD

    Hello all. Friday again! These weeks are flying by! I’ve just finished my last video call of the week so now I’ve got the happy tunes playing in the office, I’m raising my desk up to standing position and will be bopping along for the foreseeable.

    Sadly, the big ‘do’ I was meant to be attending tonight has been postponed which is a shame, but I must admit I’ve been feeling very tired this week so I don’t know how long I would’ve lasted on a big night out. I’ve had a week of broken sleep (mainly due to DH’s restless sleep I think) and it’s taking its toll a bit. I was good for nothing yesterday evening and any plans to get out for a walk / do some gentle yoga went straight out the window!

    I have actually prepped some lunch today though, for the first time in a long time… Tuna avocado salad with raw apple cider vinegar & extra virgin olive oil dressing.

    @flourbaby – hello! Good to have you on board!
    @northgeorgia – still doing good on the weigh ins! Have a great day
    @funshipfreddie – Congratulations on the new low for 2021! It’s so great to see some of us moving ever lower especially after so many of us have hit the dreaded plateau this year
    @dvw – Great work on the FD and two tennis matches! I used to LOVE playing tennis 🎾
    @emma-taylor – Your trip sounds simply amazing! I started learning Danish a few years back using Babbel but I’m definitely going to use DuoLingo, they have designed it so well!
    @lilymartin – The same thing happened with me last week. I think the computer pixies are playing around again!

    I’m going to have to shoot off again now but have a lovely Friday, all! 🙂

    Day 24 second post

    @michelinme, of course I meant I “haven’t” seen any recent posts, not “having” – typo

    At 11:20 p.m., bedtime, and a second successful FD800. Weigh-in tomorrow morning to find out if there’s been any weight benefit.

    Day 24 Pocket List
    @betsylee (FD800)

    Day 24 —NFD

    Ate well yesterday. Met exercise goal, tho admittedly very much moderate, not a bit strenuous. I am feeling much better today than I have the past two days.

    I so look forward to my morning coffee while reading these posts. I think they help me get into the right frame of mind each morning.

    I know from past experience that I drop weight slowly, no matter how aggressive (or not) my attempt. That is why I weigh myself only twice a month. Depressing scale results can to easily derail me. I have never tried tracking other measurements (except how tight my 👖 fit) so I may try that in October.

    We are discombobulated here today, we got a text from the vet reminding us that we have a yearly check-up appointment for one of our cats today that we totally forgot. So I must race off.

    Thanks and good thoughts being sent to all.

    Day 24 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD but probably OMAD

    Drum roll, please! I blew entirely past the 143s and was 142.8 this morning! The last time I weighed this was in early 2016 when I was on my way back up from 137. The strange thing is, I’m not even terribly excited; more, it’s a feeling of, “Yup, nice results, let’s keep going.” I’m shaking my head at the amazing results of cutting out most refined carbs, and limiting healthy carbs; even DH has broken the 150 barrier and was 149.8 this morning (it’s disgusting when your 6′ DH weighs only 7 pounds more than you do at 5’2″, but over our 32 years of marriage I’ve become accustomed to his natural skinniness).

    Tonight I’m making Eggplant Parmigiana with a couple of veggies on the side and the rest of Wednesday’s bottle of wine; we’ll see how the scales react in the morning.

    @penz Well done on a successful fast!

    @betsylee I would NEVER scold you for the gelato; I know well how the limited sweets can stop the EFS. My opinion is that you were totally successful by staying below 800. 💪🥇 My WFD started by accident and continued by design because Jason Fung in his The Obesity Code talked about how WHEN we eat is truly as important as WHAT we eat, and about how our bodies have a set point that they really want to maintain (which is why so many people regain the weight they lose) and the way to reset that set point is by extended water fasts. He encouraged 18-24 hour water fasts to begin with, and said extending it further was only necessary if you weren’t getting the results you wanted, so I’m certain that doing a morning-to-morning WF would be very helpful. (And, this is the most successful I’ve been in any single month since I rejoined the forum 15 months ago, so it would appear my water fasts really are resetting my set point slowly but surely.)

    As we near October, has anyone been thinking about hosting? It can be as simple as setting up the month or as involved as responding to each person’s posts; it’s entirely your call. How about On-target October???? 😂🤣😂🤣 I do like alliteration!

    Have a grand one, using all your resolve to achieve your fresh-start goals!

    @betseylee I can’t remember my source, it was some podcast tho. The thought is that a eating breakfast, then Fast til next one might be the best OMAD for the body, but they rarely recommend it because people’s lifestyles make it harder to successfully accomplish. I think you should try!

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