Fresh start September 2021 challenge

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Fresh start September 2021 challenge

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  • Day 17 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 220 lbs. I’m not hungry yet, so I think I’ll either do a ZBC or eat a small protein-only breakfast before I drive out to my work lunch where pizza is on the docket *BLOAT* 🙂 That will extend my fasting window a little longer. Yesterday, I had a late work meeting, so I decided put all my calories on OMAD. It was the first FD that I only had lunch — no breakfast or supper. A sliced cucumber, about 12 grapes, a boiled egg, a pickle, and a baked chicken tender was all I ate. So technically, I’m still fasting!

    Although I hit 224 this week (boo) compared to last Sunday’s – Friday’s average, this week’s Sunday – Friday weigh-in average is 1/3 lb lighter! The only other time I had hit 220 twice in a week was my lightest weigh-in week so far, which was back at the end of May. I’m not quite at that week’s average yet, but I’m within half a pound of its average. All of this to help convince me that although from a far view, it still looks like a plateau that has continued for months on end this year, it appears the Fung-based principles are starting to have a positive effect.

    My father’s birthday is this weekend, and I have a wedding to attend next weekend, so mindfulness may be tougher than normal the next couple of weeks. Still, I’ll try to keep to the same mindful actions at non-celebration times.

    Good luck to everyone!

    Day 17 Canada NFD

    A good FD yesterday, it is getting very cool so a bit more of a challenge fasting. Need to develop new habits and soup is a great fit for warning up and watching calories. Ramen last night was delicious.

    @babs_b well done and thanks for motivating me

    Off to work have a great day everyone!!!

    Day 17, UK, FD

    Well I have really annoyed myself this week.

    Monday – felt amazing despite 2 X NFDs over the weekend, but was feeling slim and great after last week’s success in reaching my (old) goal weight.

    However I did not fast on Monday due to a last-minute lunch with a friend.

    Tuesday – Was feeling a little fatter by Tuesday, but didn’t fast because I wasn’t in the mood.

    Wednesday – successful fast day thank goodness

    I am so annoyed with myself! I absent-mindedly at a WHOLE bar of dark chocolate! I then looked at the calories on the packet and realised that I had absent-mindedly taken in 575 calories!!!!!!!!! WHY AM I SUCH AN IDIOT?

    Then to make matters worse, after dinner I absent-mindedly ate 2/3 of a block of halloumi. What was wrong with me???? Normally I never eat anything after dinner. Why oh why was I eating cheese? (Or anything at all for that matter?!)

    So I am very annoyed with myself this week!

    Anyway, today’s FD is going fine… luckily.

    I think like @dvw says, it is the non-fast days that I need to watch out for!

    Hope everyone else’s weeks are going well. Looking forward to catching up with all the posts later …

    Day 17 – Ireland – NFD

    Hello everybody! All good here and I’ve been trying to keep on the straight and narrow. I’m doing ok on that front and have been eating well and have been very active with early starts for cycles ahead of holidays from tomorrow… leaving the country for the first time in 18 months and on a ferry as will be walking and cycling in Pembrokeshire, Wales for the next two weeks. I don’t think I’ll be back in a plane until 2022 which is weird as I travelled so much pre-Covid but happy enough to ease myself gently back into travel…

    I don’t think we have any Welsh posters here at the moment but if we do I would love to know what you think would be must see areas… Tenby, the coastal path, St Davids, Solva and the Brunel cycle path are all on the list 👍 🚴

    I do hope you are all well!
    @high5 don’t stress! It happens to us all! One good FD and you’ll be back on it!
    Well done @babs_b, @daffodil2010 and all those who are managing to apply themselves… I’m heading back towards my target.. just 2lbs off… next few weeks might throw me off but we will see…

    I’ll be checking in while we are away as will try to stay accountable…
    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 17 North canton OH FD

    Checking in for accountability.

    @high5 it happens, no need to kick yourself while you are down. Pick yourself up, dust off and keep plowing ahead. One day or even one week of mindless eating may delay your progress but in the long run, will not really affect anything. the fact that you are mindful of the lapse actually means a lot more.

    take care everyone, gotta run!!!

    Day 17 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    @jaifaim I see you are on your way to visit my part of the world. All of the places you’re planning are a must, there are some good boat trips from Tenby harbour – wildlife spotting or a visit to Caldey Island. I also recommend a boat trip from Marloes to Skomer Island. There is a super walk from Stackpole to Barrafundle Bay beach and another around lakes at Bosherston that takes you to Broad Haven south beach which is my very favourite beach in Pembrokeshire, details should be available on the National Trust website…..if you look at the website check out the Tudor Merchant’s house in Tenby, interesting if you like history. Weather can be changeable this time of year, you will need waterproofs and sunglasses, hopefully you will get plenty of sunshine during your two weeks 🤞 Enjoy 😎

    I’m having a better month doing basic 5:2 combined with HFLC Mediterranean diet and TRE, minimum of 14 hours between dinner and breakfast every day. This is the approach I took that enabled me to reach my goal and then I experimented with different ways of eating, lost the plot and gained. So now I’m sticking with what suits me best, weight loss may be slow but is tracking steadily downwards. I haven’t consulted the scales since the start of the month but my tummy is noticeably flatter.

    Keeping on keeping on 😉

    Day 17 UK CD

    Weigh in this morning showed minimal change but i’m already feeling so much thinner. My 9-month pregant-sized stomatch has gone down enormously this week and I’ll take that as a win.

    A full day with some lovely admin help with what I thought would be really hard work. The tasks we thought were going to be hard weren’t which left space for baked potatoes with vegan dal. Supper of vegan meatballs and salad followed by poached pear with a little homemade granola and vegan yogurt.

    I had a quick catch up with posts and see @daffodil2010 and @jaifaim are off on holiday for two weeks! Have a wonderful time xx

    Second Post

    @basyjames and @jaifaim – thanks tor your kind words!

    Anyone seeking a little motivation?

    I watched this time this evening – it’s certainly spurred me on!

    Happy weekend all 😊

    Day 18 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Here’s to being manic busy! Thursday was that busy only realised it was Thursday (usually a FD) at lunchtime, but having had coffee for breakfast and nothing else, turned into an easy FD.
    Yesterday, another busy day, coffee breakfast, BBQ veggies for lunch, light evening meal so basically B2B FD’s. Result this morning, felt good, hopped on scales, back down to pre holiday weight and back in my happy zone where I can just maintain again!

    I no longer have to control my Inner Warthog, he’s migrated elsewhere. It’s taken just over 2 years to drive him away, now find it’s quite easy. Yes, I have the occasional treat and even the odd feast, but an over indulgence of food is rare, unless it’s seafood, but that’s not as bad!

    @babs_b – Funny you mention Mortimer and Whitehouse. A number of fellow anglers often remarked that they based that series on me and my old fishing buddy before he emigrated to be with family. Never a dull moment when we went fishing, loads of laughs. Have always tried to explain to non anglers, it’s not just about catching fish! In fact many a time we’ve actually just sat on the bank watching wildlife. An Osprey circling and after several attempts catching a meal. A family of kingfishers, one adult and four youngsters sat on a branch, listening to cuckoos and woodpeckers in the nearby woods, plus gallons of good free fresh air. As for some of the pranks and wind up’s… too many to recall!

    Take care all

    Day 18 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @high5 – I think we’ve all been there?! Cheese & chocolate – the worst! I don’t go near cheese now unless I weigh it first. 30 g max. And only 78% cocoa dark chocolate, just a couple of squares. It’s not as addictive as the milder chocolate.

    @missybear – good to hear you’re doing okay. @jaifaim – enjoy your trip! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    @flourbaby – where did you go? 👀 I hope all is okay with you too!

    Another very inspirational video – ‘Science of Fasting’. It’s nearly a decade old, but still worth watching.

    Have a good weekend ⛅️ 🌈

    Day 18 UK NFD

    Good to hear so many people being able to get out and about , I’m off to watch rugby today , which will need a change of trains in London so on the way home there will be a few beers and hopefully so nice to eat so aiming for a controlled day

    I’ve also been thinking about @flourbaby Hope we get a guest appearance soon

    Have a great Saturday all

    Day 18 – Canada 🇨🇦 – NFD

    Yep, cheese & chocolate, deadly combo, add in peanut butter and you’ve got a picture of my life over the past couple of days. I feel for you @high5. I’m thinking Monday will be another fresh start 🙂. Take care all.

    Day 18 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 221 lbs. Yesterday was a ZBC and instead of pizza, they had sandwiches and chips at the lunch (yeah, still not great, but better than all that grease)! We made up for with with some fries, biscuits, and chicken strips with sweet tea in the evening (oops). Still, I think my calorie intake was a lot less than normal for a Friday.

    Grocery store shopping looks good! Full disclosure: I did buy some gum and cookies, but the gum is mostly for co-workers (5 calorie chiclet style gum), and the cookies are for volunteers at an event I’ll staff in a couple of weeks. The rest of my food purchases: pistachios, onions, bell peppers, lettuce, bananas, Himalayan pink salt, uncooked chicken tender breasts, avocado, honey crisp apples, grapes, green onions, three types of cheeses, and pumpkin seeds.

    My refrigerator looks healthy again, as it did back in May, as does my weight. The only other time I weighed in on a Saturday at 221 lbs was, yep, late May at my peak low weight. I’m moving away from the 224/225 level and into the 220/221 level, so this MAY be a sign that my 5-month plateau is ending (fingers crossed)! In fact, this week’s average was only 1/3 pound higher than my lowest recorded week in late May.

    Day 18 USA – ZBC NFD

    Quick check in here. I’m doing fine in maintenance, enjoying some cooler weather.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 18 Minnesota CD
    Day 17 NFD

    I spent yesterday picking up limbs and branches after a storm with high winds moved through early Friday morning. The sound was quite scary, but we were lucky compared to many in the area with trees on their roofs and cars. Very exhausted when evening came, and probably having donated a pint of blood the day before didn’t help with my energy level. I allowed myself plenty to eat, however. LOL. So today I need to make up for the overindulgence with a CD of less than 1200.

    We are trying to get about a dozen purple coneflowers and Alliums planted today before rain is possible tomorrow night, so another busy day in the garden. Tomorrow afternoon plans are for grilling with DD and her family, so I have no plans to fast until Monday. I hope to catch up on posts again tonight or tomorrow.

    Have a great weekend, everyone! Stay mindful of what it you need to do in order to feel good and take care of yourselves.

    Day 19 Melb Aust NFD

    Plodding along, trying to be mindful of what goes in my mouth. I realised that my lovely 1.2 kg loss wasn’t a real loss as I was quite dehydrated, but I have lost nearly a kg so far this month, and that;s better than a gain. Taking a while to get into the swing of fasting again, but I’ll get there eventually.

    Stay safe, stay well everyone.

    Day 19 U.K. NFD

    I have a spare five minutes to sit down with my phone and a cup of tea to catch up on everyone’s posts 😊

    @michelinme – well done, so nice when you start FEELING slimmer, such a wonderful feeling!

    @missybear – I’m really interested in your approach. I think I personally need to get out into better habits on my NFDs and plan my meals more. Anyway congrats as it sounds like you’ve found something that’s really working for you in the long term, brilliant…

    @northgeorgia – 🤞 for breaking your plateau!

    @dvw – hahaha! Great minds eat alike! 😱 For me, swap in almond butter for your peanut butter and we’d be Sin Twins!!!

    Fast Day for me tomo … see y’all then xx

    Day 19 – Wales – NFD

    @missybear thank you so much for your recommendations! Some of them (Calder Island) on my list as I do love an island 😄but also lovely walk suggestions! Hopefully we will be doing lots! I wasn’t sure if you were still posting but knew that you would have the knowledge if you were about…
    We hope to stay in St David’s for at least a night as I’m intrigued by this little city and will generally just relax and enjoy beautiful Wales.. I’d forgotten just how easy it is with the ferry ⛴.
    I hope everyone is well… I have thought about @flourbaby too and hope you are well if you are reading…. Lots on your plate with life right now so sending you thoughts…
    @snowflake56 hope your travels are going well too and that you are doing ok 👌

    Take care everyone. And happy holidays @daffodil2010 and any one else taking a break…
    I am so happy to be back here amongst you all.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 19 – Canada 🇨🇦 – CD

    Trying for a fresh start with a CD. Beautiful day for an early morning walk. Take care all.

    Almond butter @high5 sounds delicious, 😊 “Sin Twins” hahaha 🤣
    Thanks for the video link @funshipfreddie – very interesting. I’d love to go to this clinic!

    Day 19 – UK – NFD

    Hi all! I’ve been having a bit of a digital detox this weekend which has been lovely but not so ideal for trying to keep up with posts!

    Yesterday was a full on NFD, no great. Today I have a bit more planning involved so hopefully won’t fall off the rails too much! I have managed two walks this weekend though, which is an improvement. Yesterday I walked 2.5 miles to the nearest town & did a food shop (my DH picked me up in the car once I had finished). Today I went for a stroll up our local river to the nature reserve and took my binoculars to check out what the birds were doing – there were hundreds of Lapwings out today, all flying around and calling to each other. They have a beautiful sounding call.

    Was lovely and bright earlier but clouding over now, so I’m catching up on reading, housework and trying to stay off the devices as best I can!

    Have a good rest of the weekend everyone. Catch up tomorrow!

    Day 19 UK NFD

    Lazy day for me , will be up early ready to exercise and fast tomorrow 💪

    Day 19 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Checking in for accountability. Having a lazy afternoon on my balcony; enjoying a perfect early spring day & trying to stay away from the kitchen until dinner time.

    @high5 – I found my old DVD of ‘That Sugar Film’ & watched it again. I’d forgotten how good it was, & it’s an excellent reminder that the deadly white stuff is still lurking everywhere.

    @dvw – good article re the German clinic! Much better than the grim Russian place in the ‘Science of Fasting’ video 😳

    I hope everyone’s having a pleasant S🌞nday.

    Day 19 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 223 lbs (a pound gain over last Sunday). Well, too much peer pressure yesterday unfortunately, and I completely caved in. Although I had a ZBC and then took in a satisfying lunch, two hours later I was invited to have sliders, brownies, rolls. etc. Then the evening meal turned into a meal out for fried ravioli and pizza. Lots of soft drink flowed to wash down the carbs. How many rules can I break in a day? It was disappointing to break so many rules so quickly: limit sugar, limit processed foods, don’t snack, don’t eat if not hungry, where’s the fiber and healthy foods? Today is my father’s birthday and they’re ordering french fries, biscuits, fried chicken — I’ll have to be mindful at supper and I can do ZBC for a few more hours. And next Saturday, I’m attending a wedding and reception. Eeek!

    I’m OK with relaxing the rules a bit for special occasions — that’s the point of a WOL such as 5:2, but I just hate it when weekends turn into free-for-alls at every opportunity. I need to step up and take responsibility for myself and try to be polite and not hurt feelings when I can’t carb up to be socially acceptable every two hours. “How about I save this for my dinner tonight?” Hmmm. I’ll need to think of better strategies. What do you all do when the temptation comes from peers? Can you limit food and drink? Do you decline? Do you postpone? Do you shrug and surrender? Can you then balance out food intake the rest of your day/weekend or do you find it throws it off? The holiday season quickly approaches, so it would be nice to share some ideas ahead of time LOL!

    Good luck today! I know I’ll need it 🙂

    Day 19 – NFP

    Hi, new to this board. Im hoping it isn’t too late to join in this month?

    About me:

    Did successful 5:2 a few years ago, but like many of you, life intervened. Restarted 5:2 in mid Aug.

    I’m a WOCA, & have been enduring 7+ yrs hot flashes. I have multiple disabilities that moderately limit my mobility, and unfortunately high numbers of food sensitivities and allergies. In spite of my challenges, I’m fortunate that I am doing well health-wise and have avoided the need for any daily prescription meds, unlike so many of my peers.

    My Goals:
    -Reach and remain healthy weight/BMI (currently overweight)
    -Eat recommended fiber/veg every day (or near on fast days)
    -Exercise (moderate cardio) 30 min every day
    -Exercise (strength) 2-3 times weekly

    My two 5:2 (500ish cals) days are normally M & W but I’m flexible. ZBC lifelong so by default I’m at least 14:10 IF, often 16:8 without effort. I have 30 lb to lose and weigh self monthly or twice a month max

    That is a lot for now so I’ll wrap up. I have read all the Sep posts and love how supportive everyone is. I’ll be buying Dr. Fung’s book (so oft quoted here) as soon as able (very limited income) as it sounds so helpful and fascinating!

    Sending all helpful vibes of resolve and look forward to becoming an active part of the community!


    My goto social strategy is a ‘delay’ refusal.

    Drink: “Right now I feel like a seltzer/ice water/coffee to quench my thirst/get in some caffeine etc., I’ll probably join you in a beer afterwards.”

    Prepared food treats: “oh it looks and smells so good! Maybe in a bit, but not just yet.”

    Processed food snacks: “oh thanks! Not just now.” + big smile

    So I acknowledge the offer, and show appreciation but the ‘delay’ refusal allows them to easily back off.

    Works pretty well for me, but I have to be ready with my responses beforehand so I feel I can politely decline without making it a deal.

    Day 19 UK NFD
    Just checking in as waiting for dinner to cook. Am planning another FD tomorrow.
    @jaifaim Enjoy Wales. Sounds like you are going to do lots of walking. Am sure there will be lots of beautiful scenery to take in.
    @northgeorgia It’s really hard when you have peer pressure and I totally identify about how the day/weekend turns into a free-for-all. Willpower is so elusive at those times. I do know that, for me, if I give in then I am off on a major eat everything! I don’t have a”stop” button sometimes! suppose the best thing to do is to balance out food intake for the rest of the day/weekend. Think I will make that my strategy next time it happens.
    Have a good week everyone .

    day 19 UK
    Second post
    @mariaelena That sound like a good strategy. I will definitely try that.

    Day 20, FD, Aus

    Lockdown continues but That Is Not an Excuse!!!

    Hello all. I’m back. Still wondering where my mojo is but I figure logging on here every will either help me find it or lure it back. I need the inspiration of this group!! And you are an inspirational lot.

    And speaking of inspiration, way to go @high5!!

    One nice thing about catching up on 3 weeks of posts in one week is I didn’t have to wait days to hear the outcome of @daffodil2010’s OH’s family reunion. What a wonderful uplifting story!! And what @EmmaTaylor said – does he know that he (and his “new” family) have a world of people thinking of them! But how awful for you to get a diagnosis of gout. Oh, just saw your more recent post. Not gout??! I do hope you get a. a single agreed diagnosis and, more importantly, b. relief!

    @northgeorgia. Your reminders to self are so true. I tend not to be a snacker/grazer but I am definitely guilty of eating when I’m not hungry. And yay to see Lola and Wesley’s return; I’d missed their adventures.

    I must also reduce carbs. I know I can’t eliminate them, but I can definitely choose to have smaller servings.

    OH had decided to go dry until our current lockdown is projected to end. I should join him. No. I will join him. The daily day’s end in a bottle of wine is not to continue!

    Hello @caoimhe, @brendam58, @mariaelena!

    I see I’m not the only one to wonder where is @flourbaby.

    And I’m finishing with @basyjames’ roundout: We are neither cows, dogs nor trash-cans!

    Day 20 pocketlist

    Day 20 FD FAST day ( at long last after far too many FDS aka FEAST days!!) country west Australia
    I think my mojo ran off with yours @penz but here I am back again.
    Joining the pocketless today.
    The damage is not too bad, have been on the dreaded plateau, but now ready to zoom into the last part of the year.
    Some dear soul has posted that it is now less than 100 days until Christmas 😳😳😲
    so decided it is time to get myself in shape .
    Hi to all. Have a good day.🙂

    Day 20 – Lake district uk – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Got to head out so quickly adding myself to Mondays pocket list.

    Take care all

    Pocket list day 20

    Day 20 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @mariaelena – welcome!

    Confession time. I scoffed an entire 100 g bag of giant salted peanuts last night! Don’t even remember buying them; I usually only get the small 40 g packets. And vodka; there was a lot of vodka. It was during a particularly harrowing episode of ‘The Good Doctor’ though, so that’s the best excuse I can come up with right now. So my sleep was blah & I’m tired & grumpy, but today WILL be a fast day.

    @northgeorgia – that’s a tricky one! I guess different things work with different people too. If it’s a braai /barbecue I’d probably just avoid the bread & sweet stuff, & not stay too long. I’m not the most sociable person anyway, especially in large groups. Although, if there’s alcohol anything can happen 😅

    We’ve got this, Monday fasters! 🤝

    Pocket List – Day 20 🍏

    Day 20 UK FD

    OK I’m going to try and turn my month around for the last 10 days, been far too indulgent but time to stop also DH is scheduled for shoulder replacement surgery next Monday so want to be on top form ( admittedly this is the 6th date he’s been given but 🤞)

    We’ve got this, Monday fasters! 🤝

    Pocket List – Day 20 🍏

    DAY 20 UK FD
    Got off to a good start with the FD but had a really rough night. Was awake from 3.00 a.m. till about 5.30 a.m, so know that if I am tired I crave sweet things. We are trying to move at the moment and the chain is in danger of collapsing as we have a really awkward vendor who also has a ridiculously slow solicitor. Just kept churning it all over in my mind. Fatal. Oh well that’s my moan over. On with day!!
    Good luck to fellow fasters.

    Day 20 Palermo. Not quite OMAD

    Just popping in to say hello. I’ve just discovered I have an off button! The food here is truly fantastic, but I’m trying to have almost nothing before dinner time – a tiny bit of plain yoghurt at noon, which messes up the OMAD but seems to be alright. Then in the evening we have an aperitif ( Campari is back ON the menu), and a few nuts, and by the time we go for dinner I’m not really hungry. How can that be? So not eating much, walking a lot, swimming a bit, and feeling good. The airbnb is really great, and the best thing in it is a mirror which is VERY flattering. Obviously distorted in some way to make you look very slim. I’ll take it. I’m thinking of getting one at home…..

    Day 20 – Canada 🇨🇦 – FD

    Good morning everybody. Quick post to add myself to the pocket list. Funny @funshipfreddie, ha ha ha.

    Pocket List – Day 20 🍏

    Day 20 – USA/GA – FD

    Not good. Back to 224 lbs. A 4 lb. gain since Friday’s weigh-in. Trending a pound heavier over each day last week. Hopefully the workweek will get me back on track.

    Pocket List – Day 20 🍏

    Day 20, UK, FD

    I had a really good NFD yesterday! I am soooo proud of myself. We went out for lunch but I did a ZBC and then for the rest of the day I only had 2 x SMALL pieces of 85% dark chocolate, plus a small salad and some seeds.

    I know this doesn’t sound that amazing, but I need to accept that being on the other side of menopause means that I can no longer just eat anything I like on NFDs.

    I need to learn to practice restraint. So I am really pleased with yesterday’s restraint. 🙂 🙂

    @funshipfreddie – Isn’t the “That Sugar Film” great. My DH and I both learned new things actually plus it has given me a whole new injection of inspiration! Also I loved the song at the end – hilarious!

    Also @funshipfreddie – thanks for the Science of Fasting link. I am half way though watching that – truly inspirational. Although I cannot imagine a 2-week water fast!!! Inspirational nonetheless.

    @mariaelenea – great strategy! Love the delay tactics – really helpful idea, thank you.

    @penz – Sorry to hear about the prolonged lockdown 🙁 🙁

    @emmataylor – Well done on your holiday restraint! How wonderful re your mirror – the best type of holiday mirror for sure!

    Pocket List – Day 20 🍏

    Day 20 — FD

    Had a reasonable NFS yesterday, but both husband and I ended up in stomach distress. We did not have much food in common yesterday, so we think maybe it was the homemade pesto sauce? (He had it over pasta, I had it on broccoli.) Whatever it was he ended up in bed hours early and I ended up unable to sleep until much later than usual. Proof, if I needed it that the body’s response to things is very individual.

    This time round in 5:2 I’m trying once or twice a month to do full 36 hour water fasts occasionally in place of a normal 500 fast day. I might do that today as my stomach stills feels heavy (hard or full feeling) from yesterday. Since my 500 days consist of only a meal for dinner, I’ll be flexible and see how I feel in late afternoon before I commit.

    Positives to remember this Monday for me:
    – Exercise on track this month
    – DH mentioned, unprompted, my stomach looks flatter.
    – My overall hunger/appetite seems lessened since I restarted on 5:2 in August.

    Things to be mindful of:
    – Found myself with a handful of pistachios yesterday without consciously choosing to eat them. Ate maybe 10 before I realized. Happy I put rest back in husbands bowl and did not eat so many to blow my day, but dismayed they were eaten so mindlessly.

    Things I must research and contemplate:
    – Do I eat too many carbs? I’ve been quite good about reducing (almost eliminating) added sugars and processed carbs but I do eat a lot of fruit and regularly have potatoes.
    – Do I under-eat Fat? The calorie count scares me, but maybe I’m actually doing myself a disservice.

    That’s all for now, sending all good vibes!

    Day 20 North Canton OH FD

    So I think my body needed a break from ADF, so after struggling to complete me usual routine last week (very unusual for me) I just went with it and did OMAD instead. I leave for a 4-day trip to Cancun with my sister on Wednesday. I am very excited to spend some time catching up, it is just what the doctor ordered LOL (She is a physician)

    @mariaelena that is a brilliant strategy! Usually I rearrange my schedule so that I do not have to fast when I have a planned social engagement, but this would work for those unplanned ones. Welcome to the group.

    @northgeorgia I feel your pain with the free for all weekends, and I agree with you completely.

    @missybear and @michelinme great to see that you are doing so well

    @high5 thanks for the link, love watching motivational videos and I am due to rewatch one or two

    Pocket List – Day 20 🍏

    Have a great day everyone

    DH and I are driving home today and I’m looking forward to seeing what the scale says…I truly have no idea if the news will be good or bad. 🤷‍♀️ I’m going to catch up on posts while we drive, and I’ll be back to normal tomorrow!

    Day 20 USA – OMAD

    Good but tiring Silver Sneakers class this morning. Each teacher is different, it seems, and DH and I are trying to do our best to keep up. I am not one to eat breakfast before exercise (seldom eat early morning breakfast anyway) so do my best to just have some string cheese afterwards until my one meal at dinner time.

    @mariaelena – glad you’re with us. This is one terrific supportive group.

    @funshipfreddie – peanuts? Why, nuts to you! Ha ha. I was sorry to see that “Sugar” film is only available to the UK (maybe Australia too?) but not to us in “the colonies.” 😜

    @stitchincarol – good to hear you’re driving home. Yes, that return to the scale can cause trepidations indeed.

    @northgeorgia – hang in there. I have every confidence that you will get back to 220 and even lower.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 21, NFD, Aus

    Well, had a successful LFD yesterday; much easier than I had anticipated. So why I had been letting these slide for so long?? Had a really bad night’s sleep though (nothing to do with FD and everything to do with dogs who decided to arc up at midnight and 4 am and I didn’t get much kip at all). So I feel your pain @caoimhe – having a house sale and move just makes it all the worse.

    @lilymartin – I think I found my mojo and it had company. I’ll send it West to you!

    Can I have one of those mirrors too please @EmmaTaylor? Yay to you for finding your successful holiday groove.

    Day 21, U.K. – NFD

    Good fast day yesterday although it was a very hungry afternoon – funny how that sometimes happens

    NFD today where I shall be exercising control and Constant Vigilance.

    After listening to Dr Michael Mosley podcast “Just One Thing” I’m going to allow myself two small squares I’d 85-90% dark chocolate when I start feeling desperate. But beyond that little treat, i need to get a LOT stricter on my 2 x weekday NFDs.

    Good luck to everyone fasting today

    Day 22 NFD country west Australia
    Thanks @penz for the mojo! 💐 Certainly helped yesterday and today I feel good to go with 5:2 again.
    Had quite a good FD yesterday and as I was at work it wasn’t too hard.
    Drinking gallons more water which helps but does make my kidneys super efficient!! Especially as the weather is still cold.
    I find 5:2 much easier to do in warmer weather and today is a glorious spring day, unlike yesterday and last week. Days are getting longer and warmer so here’s hoping.
    Haven’t been posting for some time now, is @dykask still around ? I notice that @flourbaby has been ,like me, MIA. I do hope all is OK with them.
    Looking forward to reading posts later…. life permitting.
    Onward and downward.😎

    Day 22 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Steady FD yesterday, one of those that by lunchtime I had to make sure I had something to eat, I’ve found if I don’t eat anything at all ‘the system’ goes awry and suddenly I’ll find I’m very hungry indeed, so better to put a bit of fuel on the fire to keep it going!
    Funny how that analogy crept up a while ago, DIL is a fitness instructor and very much into healthy eating. We were discussing 5:2 one day and I was thinking of going on to OMAD on FD’s. (I know it works for some, but after a brief trial, not for me!) When we were talking about it she mentioned keeping a fire going, the best way is to put a bit of coal on the fire regularly. If you put it all on at once, you get a roaring fire for a while, then nothing much and it may even go out! So a couple of smaller meals, lunch and early evening for me.

    Take care all.

    Day 21 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    I wouldn’t recommend it, but I found yesterday’s fast so much easier with a hangover. I couldn’t even look at food all day; then I had an apple, one raw carrot & a can of soup after 6 pm.

    @i-hate-lettuce – I”m the opposite on FD’s. I find if I eat earlier I feel ravenous all day; whereas if I put off eating until the evening I can manage with just tea & coffee. But, whatever works!

    @songbirdme – I’m sure you’d find ‘That Sugar Film’ on On DVD, or the cheapest option would be just to stream it.

    Meanwhile, this Canadian documentary is quite startling – The Secrets of Sugar. Food companies have known for decades how bad sugar is for us, & employ the same kind of tactics the tobacco companies used to keep us hooked.

    Day 21 – UK – NFD

    Hi all! I posted a lengthy reply yesterday then realised I didn’t add myself to the Pocket List, quickly nipped in to edit my post and add my name on…. then it seems the entire thing disappeared!! Hmph! No idea how I managed that! 🙈.

    Either way, yesterday was a FD after a fairly, shall we say, relaxed weekend of NFDs. I didn’t weigh myself yesterday morning but hopped on today after the FD and was back where I was on Friday so that’s good. Tomorrow is my next ‘One Good Day’.

    @funshipfreddie – haha, it’s amazing what a hangover does! I’m out for a big night out on Friday, my first one since Covid hit the world, and I’m already dreading the hangover. I must stick to G&Ts and not go near the wine, which is where I always come unstuck for hangovers! I am DEFINITELY going to check out that film about the Secrets of Sugar. It’s what I did a lot of my studying in (with the overall aim of being a consumer advocate), so a huge area of interest to me.

    @lilymartin @i-hate-lettuce – I’m pleased the FDs went well!

    @penz I also had a shocking night’s sleep last night. Again, not due to the FD – I live next to a railway line and there were engineers out on the tracks at 1am shovelling gravel around. That’s the 3rd time they’ve been out there this month. I’m pleased today is a NFD because the body is going to be craving all the high energy foods so will need to eat a bit earlier than normal.

    In my reply yesterday (that went missing) I mentioned how I have a meal out on Thurs and then a big night out on Fri. The meal out has now been rescheduled to next week and to a gastropub (It was going to be an Italian restaurant), so great I’ll have a few more protein and veg options rather than all the carbs.

    I’ve not been hungry since the roast dinner I had on Sunday evening. It made yesterday’s FD a lot easier, though won’t have helped the weight loss overall.

    Have a great Tuesday, everyone. I hope @emma-taylor, @daffodil2010 and @stitchincarol are having wonderful holidays / vacations! 🌟

    Day 21 – USA/GA – FD!

    Weigh-in: 221 lbs. Yeah, the weight is trending up a pound each day over last week so far, but after the weekend I went through, no wonder! But I have a surprise for my body: today’s my first B2B FD! I hadn’t planned it this way, but tomorrow is supposedly a working lunch, and then someone is celebrating a birthday at Thursday’s lunch. Fridays are my worst days to attempt a FD, and Saturday is a wedding reception.

    So, I guess today is the 2nd FD of the week. So far, so good. I think I can make it until lunch time or a little later, and I’ll take my biggest meal then.

    Who knows? I might get a nice surprise on the scales tomorrow morning!

    Pocket list – day 21

    Day 21 – Canada 🇨🇦 – CD

    Good morning everybody. Gorgeous morning for the last day of summer – in this part of the world.

    @high5 – restraint and moderation – urgggg, awful words – ha ha ha 😂 I hope you’re successful with your two pieces of chocolate 👍

    Day 21 Melb Aust NFD

    It’s lovely to see @penz and @lilymartin back on the 5:2 bandwagon again, as well as me. We need to fly the Aussie flag with pride by being successful. Hmmm. Maybe you two can fly the flag for me, while I limp along in your wake 🙂 .

    @northgeorgia, a suggestion re parties, where people keep offering food: I put some food on my plate, eat a small amount of it, then wander around and socialise holding the plate. Then whenever anyone offers me something to eat, I can hold up the plate and say I’m still eating this, so maybe later – making sure that “later” never comes!

    If you can maintain the self-control to not eat all the food on your plate, it works wonders. And because there IS food on your plate, you don’t feel deprived, or as if you’re missing out, because the food is there. Near the end of the social event, you can then decide whether you actually want to eat the food, or quietly discard it into the nearest bin (trash can).

    Glad to read all the encouraging stories of good weight loss. Keep it up everyone!

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