Fresh start September 2021 challenge

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Fresh start September 2021 challenge

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  • Day 14 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Zero breakfast today, will take my meds at dinner time, so giving me a nice 18 hour fast before my beetroot and veggie salad. Dinner is a Brocolli and something stir fry with konjac rice. Definitely feeling the better with the plant based diet.

    @high5 I did take a peek at the bulletproof website, but seeing that the brain oil is made from coconut, and although it’s not confirmed, I suspect I have an intolerance to coconut so I will pass. I have had enough adventures with food intolerances this year!
    Delighted to hear that it’s 100% helping your sleep.

    The days are ticking down to our two week Holiday travelling around the west and south of Ireland in our camper van. I can’t wait. Only 4 more sleeps to go. We really need this break……it’s been an emotional year so far.

    @emma-taylor well, I know the world is coming back to normal when I hear that you and DH are off on your extended travels again. And this time to Sicily. We were there in late September 2016 and it was so good. Did the whole Mount Etna thing, DH disappointed that it didn’t erupt while we were there 😨 Enjoy. And happy 32nd anniversary.

    Have a great Tuesday all. Together we are stronger.
    Pocket list Day 14
    @litprof FD800

    Day 14 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @babs_b & @basyjames – re the octogenarians; if they have a secret, they’re not sharing it! One simply says she’s blessed & the other, who’s closer to 90, says he’s fortunate. But they’re both slim and do plenty of walking; without the aid of any sticks/frames.

    I watched a fasting documentary last night. No idea when it was made, but it’s part of a docu-series on Netflix, ‘(Un)well’ which looks at alternative healing therapies. Episode 4 is just called ‘Fasting’ & looks at the pros & cons of – mostly – prolonged fasts. Worth watching!

    Pocket List – Day 14
    @litprof FD800

    Day 14 UK FD

    Back from a long weekend of celebrations & catch ups with plenty of food and drink so looking to start the re balance process

    Will catch up on posts this afternoon, but did see you are in Sicily @emma-taylor and very envious, it’s our fave and not been since Oct ‘19 so starting to get a bit wistful just thinking about it – enjoy !

    Pocket List – Day 14
    @litprof FD800

    Day 14 – UK – NFD

    @litprof – I am also having to take myself off yesterday’s pocket list. I had to eat earlier to take painkillers which meant it turned into a NFD. I’ve definitely struggled more with FDs since the joints have been playing up, it’s quite frustrating.

    @funshipfreddie – walking definitely is the key to everything!

    @brightonbelle – I hope you had a lovely weekend!

    @stitchincarol – thank you for the well wishes. You’re definitely right, eating less comes quite quickly when picking up the Fasting WOE so instead of beating myself up for not having a perfect FD500 I’ll be focusing on the fact I am still eating less overall, fewer carbs and definitely a lot less on the processed food front.

    @daffodil2010 your plant based eating is very encouraging too. I have the ‘Deliciously Ella’ cookbook which is all plant based. She has the same condition I have so has also had to deal with a lot of inflammation and other issues and went plant based back in 2011. I did a lovely chickpea curry from there a few weeks back. I find upping my plants and water consumption really helps make me feel a bit brighter overall, I am very convinced of there being a link between gut health and overall mood!

    I’m a little excited today as I have a delivery of Scandinavian food arriving, consisting of herring, rye bread, beetroot salad & pickles. It looks like it’ll be turning up right in time to break my overnight fast at lunch time, so I’ll be making myself some smørrebrød. I fell in love with Scandi food after visiting Denmark a couple of times and it’s perfect for getting more complex carbs, protein and vinegary foods too. I think it’s pretty clear why they’re all so happy and healthy out there!

    Pocket List – Day 14
    @litprof FD800

    2nd FD yesterday went fine again. Ate most of my 500 for dinner via stuffed courgette with mushrooms and veg. Very yummy. Bacon sanie for breakfast maybe not the best but had one slice of wholemeal rather than the usual 2 so keeping some sense of control this morning. Great to read your stories of life on the 5:2, thanks everyone for the lovely welcome. 🙂

    Day 14 Melb Aust NFD

    Didn’t manage a FD yesterday, nor today. Not feeling particularly well – very fatigued, despite adequate sleep. Might have to adjust the types of foods I’ve been trying to eat? Could just be I’ve caught a bug, time will tell.

    Sorry, not a positive post, but “this, too, will pass”, and the journey will continue.

    Day 14 – Canada 🇨🇦 – FD

    Quick note to say hello and to join my fellow fasters.

    Pocket List – Day 14
    @litprof FD800

    Day 14 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 220 lbs (after some negotiations with my scales LOL). Going to staff an event close to home a little later this morning, which means I’ll be skipping lunch, or at least having a very late lunch/early supper. So, I think I’ll fix a fried egg and turkey bacon breakfast in a few minutes.

    July 18 was the last time I could make my scales say 220. The moving 10-day average bumped me into the 221 spot, the first time since early June. Weight loss looks like it might slow a bit from last week, but that’s OK. Good to see things headed in the right direction again.

    “Ah good,” the Rev. Smith says, spotting us from the makeshift chapel. “Glad you are here.”

    “Oh are we late?” I ask.

    Ignoring me, Rev. Smith says, “I just wanted to go over a few things for the ceremony. The singer had a question about where she should perform the second song. I recommended at this point in the ceremony.”

    The Rev. Smith points his finger on a part of his notes.

    “But, umm…” I interrupt.

    “Shhh, shhh. I think I have it now. I couldn’t read my writing. Yes, it’s all clear. Sorry. Do you have the rings?”

    “Rings? I, uh…”

    “See, this is just the thing you want to be prepared for. I can’t tell you how many times the happy couple is standing there dumbfounded as they have to pretend to have rings because someone forgot them. Can you get the rings?”

    “Well, I mean. I think the groom is bringing them.”

    “Good, now,” the Rev. Smith stands momentarily stunned. “Come again?”

    “I said I think John is bringing them.”

    “John? The groom?”


    “You mean he isn’t here?”

    “We don’t know. We just got here,” Lola says.

    “Well isn’t he your fiance? I would think you’d know where he is! And why aren’t you dressed? The ceremony starts soon.”

    “I’m not the bride,” Lola says.

    “You’re not? Well, where is she??”

    “We don’t know,” Wes says.

    “A fine heap of help you lot are,” the Rev. Smith says, before stomping back into the chapel.

    Good luck to our fasters today!

    Day 14 – Ireland – NFD
    Ah…. Started the day off well but about to go grab a Frappuccino and sit by the harbour as the sun is out and sometimes I just really really want one 😁. I k’ow I should resist but………… 🙄
    @caoimhe lucky you to have spent time in the new forest… we have spent lots of time there over the past decade. Such fab walks and pretty villages and I love that the ponies roam free… like our Connemara ponies ♥️

    Hope everyone is well!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 14 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    I completely lost it yesterday. I tried “RESOLVE!” I snorted. I tried thinking of confessing to all of you. I shrugged. /sigh/ At least it was mostly HFLC stuff, but it was nothing like a FD. That’s the first time in September I’ve completely gone off the plan. But today is another day. A WFD on a funeral day feels a bit extreme, but I’ll just keep busy visiting with people and helping in the kitchen until I have to leave for Omaha for piano lessons, and I should be fine to stick to my usual schedule.

    @basyjames Nicely done on those final three pounds lost!

    @bellyblast How fun to see that slight drop after a weekend!!

    @emma-taylor Forgot your anniversary??? LOL, Crikey, indeed! You two have been married the same as we have: our wedding day was May 13, 1989. Happy anniversary to you!

    @northgeorgia Nice number this morning 👍

    Pocket List – Day 14
    @litprof FD800
    @stitchincarol WFD

    Have a lovely day, everyone. Hopefully we can all hang on to our RESOLVE as we continue with this month’s FRESH START!

    Day 14 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good afternoon everyone

    Late post today, off out early, trout rod in hand, a mornings fishing. Was a rather entertaining morning, haven’t done much fly fishing of recent and was looking forward to it. Bit of light rain first thing but that didn’t matter, thoroughly enjoyed myself and quite successful.

    Now ….. you couldn’t make it up !

    On my way home I drove past a guy in full beekeepers gear, ie protective suit, veil etc he was herding a flock of geese into a field ….

    Don’t ask, I haven’t a clue, I know we have some odd country sports round here, but never come across this before 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Take care all

    Day 14 North Canton OH

    @i hate lettuce what in the world 🤣😂😂😂🤣

    I felt a little off yesterday like I had the flu – headaches and chills and I broke my fast with a sandwich, and today I just don’t feel like fasting so I have had many nuts and an apple. OH made a lovely creamy tomato soup and I think I will have some of that as well.

    Seems I am not alone with this not wanting to fast? Maybe its the weather changing?

    Not sure, but I intend to try again in the morning.

    The human body can be a funny thing

    Day 14 Canada FD

    Looking forward to fasting today, meals all planned and logged into MFP. That light feeling the next morning is great.

    @1-hate-lettuce aggressive geese? Yikes it must have been a sight:)
    @basyjames hope you are feeling 100% today, yes the body is a funny and amazing thing
    @stitchicarol if yesterday was your only missed day you are doing really well this month. Good luck with your WFD
    @northgeorgia yahoo on your low
    @babs_b your Scandi meal sounds delish

    Day 15 AUS FD800

    Yesterday’s FD800 went great: a light lunch followed by a healthy dinner came in at 650 cals, plus an hour of cardio and an hour of gentle yoga.

    Today the scales were up. Again. Feeling very frustrated and a bit discouraged, but it is physiologically impossible not to eventually lose weight doing what I’m doing now, so trying to set my resolve.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    Day 14 2030 hours Minnesota FD800

    I am another one who didn’t complete a FD on Day 13, but at least it was controlled. Today I am under 600 and it’s nearly 8:30 pm so nothing more to eat. NFD tomorrow.

    @basyjames – Feel better!
    @northgeorgia – Congrats!
    @babs_b – I had to look up a variety of recipes for open face Danish sandwiches. That really sounds good.

    Onward we go. ” Perseverance, secret of all triumphs”. Victor Hugo

    Day 15 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    First cool morning here, although sun shining brightly, the onset of autumn! Soft light, the sun shining over the hill opposite, the early mist diffusing it, the huge beech tree backlit, stunningly beautiful!

    A day with little planned, so take delivery of groceries shortly, then we’re out for a wander, maybe a BBQ later on this afternoon.

    Take care all

    Day 15 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Good FD yesterday and another small loss, I am back to a mid July weight so onwards and downwards we go. I have loads of pounds still to lose but I think I have finally found the formula to get me off the plateau plus gain plus plateau wheel…..for a very long time, no matter what I did, I just could not lose weight. I stayed the same for weeks, then boom, another 2lb gain, plateau, then another gain.

    Still, I have kept up with my exercise and at last I am seeing the inches come off the waist and bulges less bulgy 😄

    @bab_b I think I have an Ella cookbook, but there was definitely chicken recipes in it. Maybe it’s another Ella 😆 But yes, plant based is really really suiting me right now.

    I go however to my friends for dinner tonight so there will be meat, but following the 80:20 principle should be ok.

    @northgeorgia…any day now, any moment, it’s going to be 219!!!!

    Have a great Wednesday 🐫

    Day 15 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @betsylee & @basyjames – I hope you’re feeling brighter today?

    I’m off to get jab #2, gulp?! I’m not really scared of needles; but I can think of 1000 other things I’d rather do.

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    Pocket List – Day 15 🍓
    @litprof FD800

    Day 15 – UK – CD

    @funshipfreddie – I completely understand where you’re coming from re needles. The vaccine centre near me was like a well-oiled machine and I barely had time to sit down before it was all done & dusted (in fact, me taking the time to simply sit down on a chair doubled the time it took!). Fingers crossed yours is just as quick!

    @daffodil2010 – congratulations on your loss, it really sounds like you’ve found what works well for you! I am still gaining and losing the same few lbs and haven’t managed to fast as well as I was a month ago. Your posts have reminded me how important it is the up the plants!

    @northerndawn – they are great. I made one with beetroot salad, boiled egg and pickled herring and I put curried herring and spinach on the other. It was so colourful and took me right back to Copenhagen in my head.

    @litprof – brilliant work on the FD800, as well as all the activity!

    @i-hate-lettuce – I thought the same down here in the Home Counties when I stepped outside this morning. Very overcast here though and feeling quite autumnal

    As for me, yesterday was great with the scandi lunch 🇩🇰 and I also had a little serving of porridge too. Dinner plans got changed last minute because of a call I needed to be on and discovering the salmon I’d planned on cooking was semi frozen in the fridge, so I ended up eating much later than planned and used my go-to FD dinner recipe of Quorn chilli. I had just a few spoons of it, no rice etc. The downside is that I snacked more than usual because of the screwed up dinner plans.

    I’ve put a CD in today and hoping for a FD tomorrow!

    Onwards and downwards!

    Pocket List – Day 15 🍓
    @litprof FD800

    Day 15 UK NFD

    Yesterday was more a 800 rather than 500 FD but I’m ok with that , taking it slow and steady for a while

    @babs_b liking the sound of that delivery – coincidentally DH jas just brought in some beetroot from the garden

    Good luck with the jab @funshipfreddie

    Happy 🐫day all

    Day 15 – Canada 🇨🇦 – NFD

    The last few days have not been great. In fact, if it was chocolate or made of sugar and wasn’t nailed down, I ate it. 😬 Too much snacking and a few days of EFSing. Will try to get back to normal today. FD tomorrow. Thank goodness I’m also playing lots of tennis and walking or I’d be in big trouble. Take care all.

    Day 15 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 222 lbs (barely got it there). I wasn’t very good yesterday. After my event yesterday ended at 2:00, I ran to the bank and decided to have Chinese for lunch, although technically I wasn’t super hungry. Ate it all. Started off OK for supper, only having some nuts and a boiled egg. Then grabbed a few handful of leftover fries and topped it off with two bowls of cereal. What in the world? Probably had to do with my mom’s plea to take her to the grocery store, which reminded me to get more milk. Then when I got home, I instantly thought — the little bit of milk yet is about to spoil — better use it. STOP!!!!! haha

    Anyway, here we are. I have a luncheon at a civic organization today, so doing ZBC this morning and will be more Fung-minded this evening. Good luck to the fasters today!

    Day 15 – 2nd post

    For anyone who’s had a bit of a wobble / struggled this past week, I say we all make a pledge to ourselves to have ONE good day this week. Just one. Any more is a bonus, but if we all manage to do one we’ll all be in such a better position to push forwards to 2 x FDs next week.

    Just one day of RESOLVE.

    Who’s in?

    Day 15 Canada NFD

    Not a perfect FD yesterday, felt tired and grumpy all day. Such is life.

    It’s a cold wet morning and I’m out the door early. Might snow any minute so have some soup defrosting for lunch
    @babs_b I am 💯 in 😊

    Day 15 – Ireland – FD
    Hi all, good idea babs_b – achieve one good day 💪. It’s like losing that first lb…
    Hope all are well.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket List – Day 15 🍓
    @litprof FD800

    Day 15 OMAD London

    @babs_b I’m in. Good idea. I’m going to read the Obesity Code again and try to get into the right frame of mind. So, one day this week. Fine.

    Day 15 – Rural Nebraska, USA – some sort of fast

    Yesterday’s WF was not all that tough. I was hungry in the morning, but was busy with the funeral, so it was easy to ignore, and then I was in Omaha for lessons until 8:00, so that made it a slam-dunk. I’m really, really liking this built-in FD, and making it a WFD while I’m at it is simple and such an obvious choice. The scale this morning was 146.8 instead of the 145.0 I got last week, but I’ll get back down. Right now I’m trying to decide between limited food tonight or simply making it another WFD until tomorrow. Time will tell.

    @i-hate-lettuce Such a funny image of the man (woman??) in full bee-keep gear herding geese! And, beautiful description of your morning; thanks for that. 🥰

    @litprof I remember others saying they were also experiencing that, and you’re right that your body WILL lose weight, so hang on tight; your body will eventually give in and let go of some of itself!

    @babs_b I’m in!! I want to get back to 145.0, so I’ll either extend my WF through today, or I’ll simply have some deviled eggs and some celery with peanut butter: either choice will be entirely reasonable and count as an excellent day!

    Today is another busy day as we get ready to leave for Colorado, and it ends with choir practice that goes until 8:30. DH and I still haven’t decided if we’ll just leave at o’dark-thirty in the morning, or drive part way tonight and stay in a hotel, but there are plenty of things to do before we’re even ready to go, so the speed with which we accomplish those things will decide our departure time, I’m sure.

    I’m reflecting on all the carbs I had on Friday and Sunday…I still don’t feel as glorious (I’m fine, just not glorious) as I did last week, and the thrilled excitement is definitely gone. That’s huge motivation to skip carbs at all costs, or at least limit them to extremely small quantities when I do indulge. Resolve, resolve, resolve…. 😂👍😂💪😂

    Pocket List – Day 15 🍓
    @litprof FD800
    @stitchincarol WFD??

    Day 15 UK NFD
    managed to do the FD yesterday although was difficult. Collected DGS from school and took him back to his house to await return of DD who had an annual leave day to meet up with a friend. DD had told me on the phone that morning that she had prepared a meal for us for when she got home. I was totally ravenous by the time it was on the table. As I ate she looked at me sternly and said “ Mum, have you eaten today because you are shaking”. I didn’t dare tell her that I was on an FD as I know she would totally disapprove. Good news is I went into M&S this morning and bought 2 pairs of trousers which are a really good fit. Definitely lost a bit round my waist.
    @babs_b The Scandi food sounds delish. Have never tried it. Must do.
    @daffodil2010 So glad you are doing well. I love plant based food and have an Ellla cook book. I also really like the Happy Pear recipes and have 4 of their cook books. ( I am a bit of a cook book addict!) DH is a Vegetarian and has been for over 40 years so I eat plant based most of the time although do eat fish and will have a chicken meal occasionally.
    Hope everyone is have a good Wednesday.

    Day 15 UK CD

    Sorry not to post again after saying I was back – it’s an exceptionally busy week and I hadn’t realised quite how much there was to do.

    Thank you so much for lovely encouraging messages! it’s lovely to be back among friends & good to be back on the waggon.

    meanwhile just knowing you are here has helped me to feel accountable. I fasted on Monday and had a CD yesterday – first time in a three months, like @betsylee -I’d love to buddy with you 🙂 I’m also drinking tons more fizzy water & marmite tea and feeling more mindful control of eating – despite two days that finished close to midnight!

    I’m off into town in a minute for the first time in a few weeks, looking forward to community gathering but a bit nervous about stretching my energy. Baby steps. Look forward to catching up with you all xx

    Day 15 North canton OH WFD
    @babs_b thank you for the challenge and yes, I am in- resolved, resolve, resolve! I am not even hungry that is the funny thing, I just need to swerve all the refined carbohydrates sitting on the kitchen counter. Sometimes self-control comes easy and other times I have to work really hard at it. This is where your challenge comes in handy, once I get today under my belt, I know I will feel so much better.
    Thank you every one for the well wishes, I took a Covid test on Sunday and thankfully, it came back negative yesterday, and I do feel much better today. I also went in to the office for the first time in ages and it was so great to see my co-workers, of course I got almost nothing done; but all the interaction sparked a lot of joy.
    @litprof I feel your pain, but please don’t give up- keep at it. Eventually the scales will turn in your favor. Have you tried restricting your calories to a certain window? TRE seems to work better for us gals of a certain age, I know that has been my experience; it is not so much about what you eat but when you eat. All that being said; hang in there, your body will eventually let go and you will see the results you seek soon.
    @funshipfreddie hope your jab is quick and painless

    Pocket List – Day 15 🍓
    @litprof FD800
    @stitchincarol WFD??
    @basyjames WFD

    Day 15, U.K. – FD

    Well Monday’s fast day did not happen! 😱😳
    I ended up going out to lunch with a friend, ha ha no no chance of a successful fast day at all!

    Then yesterday I was quite simply not in the mood!

    Today’s fast day has been super easy, probably because I am stuffed full of food from Monday and Tuesday!!!!

    So this week I will end up only doing two fast days, today i.e. Wednesday and then on Friday. Oh well, can’t be helped!

    Next week I have a four day week so it will only be too fast days next week as well! 😱

    I haven’t had A chance to read all of this weeks comments yet, I hope everybody is doing well XX

    Day 15 – second post

    I’m checking in for accountability. So far, so good. It’s 3:45, and I only have to make it to 6:45 when I’m busy preparing for and leading choir. Then there will be a fifteen-thirty minute window before I think we’ll actually manage to leave tonight, and once we’re driving, there won’t be anything to snack on.

    Tomorrow, I may have to put up with DH stopping for fast food as we’re driving, but if I can get through that without a nibble, I’ll eat supper at my DD’s and that’ll be a 72hour water fast.

    How’s that, @babs_b??? 😇😁😲💪😂

    Day 7 Burntisland UK. Well an unexpected FD today, hubby says this morning, are you fasting today. Me-well I wasn’t going to but actually…Yep I am! Breakfast 259 cal and Dinner 365. That will do me.
    Then we go shopping and I found Kefir yoghurt in Aldie. Read about fermentation and fancied trying that. Well done everyone even if you didn’t get there today we’re all still going!
    Thanks for the great posts 😋

    Day 16 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Last FD of the week, but forgot to do ZBC and just had an orange and pear for zingy Vitamin C. No worries, it’s a beetroot salad for lunch and a tomato soup for dinner and early to bed.

    Only two more work days then Holidays. Yay!

    A bit confused about things… GP rang me yesterday to tell me that she disagrees with the locum GP’s gout diagnosis and I shouldn’t be on the gout tablets especially now I am back on BP meds, plusI shouldn’t be taken ibuprofen if I am on BP meds 😨 So now I immediately stop the gout tablets, continue with BP meds and see my GP when I get back from hols. And my local pharmacist was delighted to hear this as he was worried about dispensing the gout meds to me with the BP meds 😱 GAH!

    Doctors differ, patients suffer?

    So off I go with JUST plantar fasciitis again. You couldn’t make it up.

    Have a good day.

    Day 16 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Bit ironic, here we are in the UK and summer over, autumn started, cooler nights and mornings, although got out very pleasant in the sunshine yesterday in the afternoon. The ironic part, we have a new project starting, a summer house!!! Plans being drawn up, looked at a few possibilities yesterday and off down the road to check out some more today!

    @daffodil2010 – Yes, doctors do differ and sometimes it feels as though you’re not being listened to. Luckily our GP seems pretty sound and does listen and can have a decent conversation about whatever problem you may have.

    Take care all

    Day 16 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @babs_b – it really was a very quick & easy experience getting the vaccine yesterday! I think it took longer for me to find my car after I left 🙄 Would love to join your pledge, but today will be my SECOND good FD 😇

    @daffodil2010 – oh, crikey? You’d think there would be a simple way to diagnose something like that?!

    @brendam58 – I’d never heard of Burntisland. Had to Google it. But I’m sure I’ve visited Fife a long time ago. FYI the day is always the current date, depending on which time zone you’re in, regardless of how many FDs you’ve done.

    The month’s half-done already; – Fresh Start September – Part 2!

    Pocket List – Day 16 🍏

    2nd Post – Day 16

    @at – help?! please could you have a look at the spreadsheet? I’m sure I didn’t do anything wrong, but it’s started doing weird things again when I fill in the days…? 🤷‍♂️

    Day 16 – UK – FD

    Morning all!

    Brilliant to have you pledged and on board!!
    @stitchincarol – incredible with the WFDs!!
    @funshipfreddie – great work with the 2nd FD and great that the 2nd jab was very quick & efficient! Fresh start pt 2 is great.

    Today is my ‘one good day’ of the week (caveat: ‘so far’…. I’m leaving the door open for another).

    I’ve treated myself to a lovely black coffee from the coffee shop we have here at our offices. The coffee they serve is just beautiful… it has a rich, hazelnut flavour to it. Having milk in it would kill those flavours so this is my FD treat.

    I’m planning on going light on lunch, perhaps just a hard boiled egg and a load of salad leaves. This evening DH is having a little procedure done which involves a local anaesthetic so he’s been told to eat only a light meal just before, meaning I can take advantage of us not having the same meal and go for a perfectly counted FD meal. I’m planning on dropping him to the dr, nipping off to the shop to choose my dinner, collect him and then enjoy the food.

    I also hopped on the exercise bike and did a 20 minute workout last night for the first time in weeks. So far it doesn’t seem to have affected my joints so that’s great!

    I’m also reminding myself of the three things I said I’d do this month when I set my fresh start:

    Varying success on these, but I have a new book arriving today, the weather is beautifully autumnal now which is perfect for walking and I’m getting today’s FD on track too.

    Looking forward to hearing how everyone else is doing with their pledged ‘one good day’.

    (P.s., for some bizarre reason I keep singing the words ‘one good day’ to the tune of ‘One Day More’ from Les Mis).

    Pocket List – Day 16 🍏

    Day 16 UK FD

    Like the sound of FSS pt 2 @funshipfreddie and thanks for the reminder @babs_b

    Aiming for <500 FD today 💪

    Pocket List – Day 16 🍏

    Day 16 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 224 lbs. Whine! Back to where I was a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully, it’s mostly water. My body is 210-phobic. LOL

    Pocket List – Day 16 🍏

    Day 16 – Canada 🇨🇦 – FD?

    FSS Part 2 indeed, maybe another fresh start is the answer 😂. Not joining the pocket list today because I’m not at all sure I’ll be able to manage a FD. Good luck to all the fasters today.

    Day 16 USA – CD

    Checking in – good reports on the scales with my very limited eating windows the last few days. Haven’t gotten to Silver Sneakers but once this week due to appointments elsewhere, but the scale has been happy with less food intake.

    @daffodil2010 – oh yes, doctors and health practitioners sure do differ as to diagnoses and treatments. I always wonder “who do I believe?” Sometimes it can make me crazy..

    @stitchincarol – enjoy your trip! I am sure your DH understands when you just don’t eat what or as often as he does. We’ve trained them, at least sometimes? 🙂

    @northgeorgia – yes, salt intake can wreck havoc for me and my scale, and I expect yours is the same.

    @funshipfreddie – yes, September is half over. Amazing, isn’t it?

    Onward and downward.

    Day 16 – On our way to Colorado – WFD??

    We ended up driving 3.5 hours last night and fell into a hotel bed at 1230 and were out the door at 0800. The WF is going so well I’m toying with continuing it until tomorrow…we’ll see, but regardless, I won’t eat over 500 calories.

    @bellyblast Snow?? Really? Did you actually get some? Yikes

    @daffodil2010 Gah, indeed! This will be a year to remember for you!

    Day 16 Minnesota NFD
    Day 15 NFD became a CD (under 1000)

    I had planned for a NFD yesterday but almost made a FD800, except for a large handful of almonds after 8 pm, which I have to NOT do in the future. The crunch and salt is hard to resist when I’m planted in front of the television. Anyway, it did turn into a nice CD that I wasn’t expecting.

    I’m off soon for a blood donation (I’ll lose a pound today 🙂) so a NFD for sure. No gardening or housework afterward is the bonus I give myself on donation day, so I’ll spend a relaxing afternoon rehydrating and catching up on posts.

    Stay RESOLVED, fasters. Stay mindful and eat for health everyone!

    Day 16 North Canton OH NFD

    Thank you for the challenge yesterday @babs_b it was just what I needed to keep my resolve. Bonus I got a good nights sleep out of it

    @stitchincarol 72 hour water fast?!! Look at you go, so impressive

    @daffodil2010 that is so confusing, you really can’t make this stuff up

    @funshipfreddie yay for the easy jab

    @northgeorgia your body is just fighting the inevitable, and yes it is probably water

    @northerndawn make sure that you hydrate after your donation. I wish I could donate too- I was told that my veins are too tiny

    Have a wonderful day everyone

    Day 16 UK FD

    Checking in for accountability. Despite having 82yo mother to tea today I seem to have managed to tuck another FD under my belt. Wiped out after trip to town yesterday but SO glad I went.

    Had 1/4 piece of gingerbread with my mother then supper was a huge pile of cauliflower with nutritional yeast, homegrown baby plum tomatoes and vegan steaks, plus a fresh pear and frozen berries to follow. Total calories just under 600 which will do me.

    Two weeks ago any sort of fasting felt impossible. This week I’ve managed 2xFDs, a CD and a TDEE. I’m already feeling more mindful and less puffy. This waggon has a way of rolling along as long as i don’t sabotage it.

    Tomorrow my sort of step-son is coming to be my PA for the day. Lots of spreadsheets & mailmerge to plough through. If it’s hot we’ll have baked sweet potato and salad for lunch, if it’s cold I’ll pull some vegan dal out of the freezer. A plan is the first step to success.

    Pocket List – Day 16 🍏

    Day 17 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Quick post as I want to get to work early today as its my last day pre holiday and we are two people down today so LOTS to do to ensure the reins are handed over properly.

    Feeling so much better today regarding my 80:20 plant based diet, in two/three weeks I have lost nearly 5lb which is great news considering the year of plateaus. Delighted to be starting for holiday at less weight than start of September.

    I will continue the plant based diet even when on vacation…..
    , although I won’t be saying no to wine 🍷

    I will try to,pop on here…..have a great rest of September

    Day 17 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Well yesterday was a bit of a crazy day, so much so I suddenly remembered it was Thursday and a routine FD, by then it was nearly 1pm and we were just arriving home. However, coffee for breakfast and then being busy all morning meant it was an easy FD, 1pm and had nothing to eat so far!

    Getting a few ideas/projects going, so off out again today to check out the garden centres and down to the ‘gentleman’s toy shop’ (hunting shooting and fishing) and try not to spend too much! Although I sold a vintage fishing reel a couple of weeks ago so have quite a few £’s to spend 😉
    One of the projects involves meeting up with an old mate, we used to play rugby together a year or two ago (we got a bit of a shock when we realised it was around 1975 !) We used to fish together occasionally around 20 years ago, but then we moved away from the area, however we met up a few weeks ago and are determined to try and get out and wet a line again occasionally.

    A trip to the scales revealed the few pounds I put on following recent holidays have nearly gone, only one more pound to go. I always reckon for each weeks holiday and that weight gain, it will take a week or so back on 5:2 and being careful to get rid! So we know we can enjoy holidays and doesn’t take long to get back on track 🙂

    Take care all.

    Day 17 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @daffodil2010 – 5 lbs down, great job! & @i-hate-lettuce – well done on zapping that holiday weight!

    Yesterday’s FD wasn’t too tough, but another cold & wet spring day didn’t help; so I ate earlier than usual & had an early night. Fasting is so much easier when your asleep! Down 0.8 kgs for the month, so mission accomplished for this month 🎯

    Thanks to whoever fixed the spreadsheet, but it’s still misbehaving. Anyway, I’ve filled it in for the rest of the month now, so I doubt I’ll be tampering with it again.

    Day 17 – UK – NFD/TDEE

    @brightonbelle – I hope the FD went well
    @northgeorgia – I am certain that’ll be water! I feel like my body is phobic of the next stone bracket!!
    @dvw – Hopefully you still had a good day even if it wasn’t a full FD
    @songbirdme – Great that the scales are showing good numbers.
    @stitchincarol – I hope you had a good rest of the trip
    @northerndawn – sounds like you’ve been having a good week
    @basyjames – You are very welcome. It’s helped me too no end and so lovely that you and so many of us were all in with the ‘one good day’ challenge (I’m still singing that in my head!).
    @michelinme – SO good you’ve achieved the 2 x FDs this week! I completely understand 2 x FDs feeling impossible a couple of weeks ago, I was in exactly the same place. Being in this group and us supporting each other really is a great help.
    @daffodil2010 – Fantastic loss of 5lb in 2 weeks!! Incredible and in perfect time for your break! Have a lovely holiday – you truly deserve some R&R!
    @i-hate-lettuce – That’ll be lovely to meet up with your old friend. I’ve been watching a lot of Paul Whitehouse & Bob Mortimer’s fishing programme recently, I really like it mainly because the scenery and surroundings are so peaceful ☺️
    @funshipfreddie – the weather really does have an impact doesn’t it? Great you’re down 0.8KGs for the month so far and we’re only half way through!

    Well, I managed a really good FD yesterday. It’s amazing how well putting a pledge in place can help you find your resolve, eh?! I am down to the lowest weight I recorded in August, which is a 5.9lb loss overall since I started trying to shift the lockdown pounds. I am teetering close to that next stone bracket – just 1.5 – 2lbs to go.

    Today is a NFD but sticking with TDEE.

    Have a lovely Friday, all! 🎉

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