Fresh start September 2021 challenge

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Fresh start September 2021 challenge

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  • Day 29, London, UK, NFD,

    Thanks for the welcome backs fellow fasters!! I’m using the term very, very loosely since there really hasn’t been much fasting🤣

    I’ve managed to catch-up on everyone’s posts and I feel inspired to get by a*se back in gear. I LOVE fasting, but I just can’t keep hold of the will-o’-the-wisp-esque mojo!!!

    Anyway, it’s nearly October, so I will pledge my allegiance & knuckle down to actually challenging myself to complete at least 1 WFD per week as well as the bog standard 2x 500 cal FDs. I’m jumping in at the deep end, I think my body is begging me to JUST DO IT!!!✔

    Like you @penz the vino is very difficult to ditch, I’m suffering from a lack of sleep as my mum struggles to sleep through the night which means I do too!!🥱 A glass of vino (or 2) 🍷🍷 with dinner and another (or 2) before bed help but I’m pretty sure that kind of self medication is NOT the recommended method, so ‘SOBER OCTOBER’ it is for me!!!

    @i-hate-lettuce, take care my friend, I wish only increased good health, increased walking, increased fishing, an increased volume of home brew with obligatory tasting but NO increase to the waistline!!! There’s next summer’s mankini wearing gardening to consider after all!!!😂🤣😂

    @daffodil2010, @at, @michelinme & @betsylee, I’m hoping you’ll join me on the October wagon ………………….. we know it makes sense!!!

    Stay strong everyone & keep the faith!!!

    Also just for you @funshipfreddie ……………. Happy hump day!!!🐫🐪🐫

    Day 29 U.K. FD

    Yesterday’s NFD was sabotaged by dinner with friend haha! Choc-tastic, that’s all I’m saying!!!!!

    Absolutely – to continue on the thread re Naturally Occurring Sugars vs Added Sugar.

    In the U.K. at least, it has to specifically state explicitly any added sugar (they often sneak in things like Agave to make it look more “healthy/natural”).

    There is naturally occurring sugar in things like milk (lactose) and things like tomatoes (fructose).

    Whilst the fructose molecule found in white sugar is definitely bad, if you want to avoid fructose altogether you’d have to give up blueberries, tomatoes and all fruit.

    Most naturopaths (and Jason fung and Robert lustig) would argue that the fibre and other nutrients in these naturally occurring sugars are not problematic (in moderation).

    However on most keto regimes you’d have to avoid them.

    So pick your poison! 😄

    Good luck to all fasting today.

    Second post

    Sorry to explain my understanding better on Naturally Occurring Sugars vs Added Sugar:-

    In the U.K. at least, it has to specifically state explicitly any added sugar (they often list items like Agave sugar – which is fructose – to make it look more “healthy/natural”).

    There is naturally occurring sugar in things like milk (lactose) and things like tomatoes (fructose).

    Whilst the fructose molecule found in white sugar (and in Agave) is definitely bad, if you want to avoid fructose altogether you’d have to give up blueberries, tomatoes and all fruit.

    Most naturopaths (and Jason fung and Robert lustig) would argue that the fibre and other nutrients in fruit provide a counterbalance to their fructose.

    Also they argue that as fruit’s fructose is a naturally occurring sugar then it is therefore not problematic (in moderation).

    However on most keto regimes you’d have to avoid fruit..

    So pick your poison! 😄

    Good luck to all fasting today.

    Day 29 OMAD Trapani.
    Off to Marsala tomorrow. Don’t they make Marsala wine in Marsala?

    @funshipfreddie – you are a mine of information! A magnifying glass on your phone? Who knew? What a brilliant idea. It’s going on mine, and DHs, today! And thank you for all the links to the videos. I watch nearly all of them, and they are extremely interesting. Much appreciated.
    Campari has been knocked on the head, again. Too much fun. Apart from that, I’ve been bothered with a cough for about a year and a half. Maybe related to Covid which we may have got in Italy early last year. Anyway, it’s been driving me mad. Had X-rays, Nothing sinister, thank god. But it disturbs my sleep badly, and DHs, although he says he’s not bothered. But I’m quite resistant to taking drugs – I think most of the time your body should be able to fight things off!! Especially if you’ve toughened yourself up by fasting for years. But last night DH forced an antihistamine on me to help me sleep. Which it did. Knocked out cold. 10 hours straight, very little coughing. Phew.

    Day 29 – USA/GA – FD

    Well, I’m full blown sick — I think its a very bad cold. Working from home for the rest of the week; not a lot of good sleep last night, but at least felt comfortable. I went overboard yesterday — I had some leftover pork/tomato/vegetable dish served over egg noodles. The warmth was so good and soothing, I ended up eating three bowls and of course ended up with a bellyache. Silly mistake to make. Fortunately, the scales were kind, as I guess my body needed some nourishment anyway — 222 lbs weigh-in again this morning.

    Today I’m on a FD, and it may be another liquid FD as that’s all my body is craving: fluids. Good way to get them into my system when it needs them most.

    @high5 I kind of agree with Fung and Lustig on that. People have been eating fruits since the dawn of time, and had to eat them when in season if they wanted fresh fruit! So I imagine they indulged while nature provided, and yet there was no obesity epidemic. Then again, no one was trying to lose weight in those days either, so who knows… I mean, not to be graphic, but even if you sat and ate a quart of watermelon in one sitting, you know it’s not going to sit in your stomach very long LOL Still, it probably isn’t wise to attempt to eat an entire bag of grapes at a time. But would your stomach be able to, because of the fiber? I can’t imagine it. Hmmm.

    Day 29 pocket list

    Day 29 – Rural Nebraska, USA – OMAD, perhaps low cal

    The only thing I’ve been requiring of myself, in the sense that I use resolve, and refuse to budge from the position, is that M & Th are FDs (except, sadly, this past Monday because of DS’s birthday celebration) and Tuesday is a WFD, perhaps even all the way to supper on Wednesday–or beyond if the hunger doesn’t scream too loudly. And, of course, no beer and no flour (refined carbs) and very, very little sugar. (I do have a salmon and a green bean recipe that both call for a spoonful or two of brown sugar, but that’s about the only place sugar shows up.) Wednesdays seem to be different every single week. Will I continue the water fast? Will I have a real supper? Will I also have lunch? Will I only have a minimal amount of food for supper? I let my body make that choice. I rather feel like I’m giving a toddler a choice, LOL, but so far it’s working okay. I was at 144.6 this morning.

    I slept hard last night, and am struggling to be fully awake, and am not finding much in the way of chatter in me. 😂🤣 It’s a rare thing when I’m not in the mood to chatter, so you might want to mark your calendar!!

    @high5 I think you’re it for October, however absent you’ll be; we’ll self-direct just fine while you’re gone!

    Day 28 — FD

    On target yesterday.

    @stitchincarol I had to laugh, “the only thing I’ve been requiring of myself” followed by a list that is far from small! That is a lot! Give yourself loads of credit!

    I have had a wonderful gift from the world every morning since I came back to 5:2. One of the neighborhood cats gave birth to 4 adorable kittens in our backyard. I get to watch them frolic and nurse with mama cat! I call mama and papa cats Morticia and Gomez (homage to the Adams Family) because Mama is all black and papa looks like he’s wearing a black suit with white shirt. When I put out food in the morning they will let me sit with them (about a meter away). Such a joy.

    Neighborhood trap neuter release group will help me get Morticia fixed once she ceases nursing.

    Sending good thoughts to all!

    Day 29 Minnesota FD

    Hello all. and thank you so much for your kind words and advice when I last posted a week or so ago with vertigo. It seems that it was brought on by a viral illness, which lasted for the week, at least. Much nausea, a couple days of chills and headache, but the vertigo only lasted a couple of days. You would think with nausea I could have gotten through with reduced calories, but for some reason it was far more soothing to have some easily digestible complex carbs in my stomach to cope, so I just ate as I felt like I needed to. Unfortunately, it was impossible to get an appointment for a covid test in the late afternoons that my DH could take me, so I don’t know if I had a breakthrough case or not. I have quarantined myself from others to be cautious. We are having quite a surge in positive tests in my area, so it could easily be that, or some other virus as there are reports of a lot of colds and sinus problems as well.

    I’m happy to say I’m feeling “normal” for the last two days and ready to have a OMAD FD, with liquids only until supper time, maybe even until tomorrow at noon. We shall see.

    @stitchincarol – How scary for you and DH that he had an episode of vertigo while driving! The thought of that happening to me kept me from getting in the car for the week. And well done on your weight loss and hitting those great numbers!
    @flourbaby – Welcome back! As others have said, reading your posts is a delight.
    @high5 – Thanks for volunteering to host in October! My DH and I will be on Holiday/vacation for the first two weeks and do have travel plans if we both stay healthy…..but I will try to check in on the road, and I hope to get some momentum going in the second half of the month to lose a kg or more.
    @babs_b – You’ve been a lovely and attentive host for October, and I thank you!
    @i-hate-lettuce – Wishing the best to you and Mrs. IHL, and look forward to the occasional post when you pop in to say “Hello”.
    @funshipfreddie – Very much enjoying your links sharing info and knowledge. It’s really great for the motivation.
    @mariaelena, @caoimhe, @betsylee, @lilymartin- Welcome to the new friends, and welcome back to our “old” friends. Your posts are very interesting and informative.
    @emma-taylor – It’s good to look into that cough….is there any chance it could be a bad case of reflux irritating your trachea and larynx? My doctor says omeprazole for two weeks, no alcohol or spicy foods, and if resolves it is almost a sure diagnosis.
    @northgeorgia – I hope you feel better soon. You’ve been doing so well to hit under 220 in the past month.

    RESOLVE to reach your goals for the day!

    Day 29 OMAD

    @northerndawn. I think you might be right. I’ve avoided looking it up on t’interweb because I think that way madness lies, but I did finally look it up this morning, and that was one suggestion. I also gave up alcohol for about two years, so maybe it started when I started drinking again. When I get back I’ll go to the doc armed with your suggestion. Ta.

    Day 29 – 2nd post

    Results are in. I don’t have COVID. Now for this cold to go away 🙂

    I’ve been on a pure liquid diet today for my FD. Mostly a WFD, but adding a little chicken broth, too.

    Day 29 USA – OMAD

    September is nearly done. Wow. Still doing well in maintenance.

    @flourbaby – glad to see you back in “the fold” of our International friendship and support!

    @northerndawn and @stitchincarol – whew, Vertigo is not fun at all! Our youngest DD had to have a specialist give her treatment that involved resetting the inner ear with flopping sideways on a bed. Sounded really like a witch doctor treatment, but it worked! If she hadn’t been in Texas and me in Illinois, I would have loved to see her to that at 5’11” height.

    @babs_b – thank you for your wonderful efforts this month!

    @high5 – we appreciate your stepping forward to do October. I am in!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 30, FD, Aus

    Goodness, the end of the month is here!

    Wishing all those who have been under the weather (@NorthGeoriga, @EmmaTaylor, @northerndawn) speedy recoveries.

    Thank you @babs_b for hosting. Great to see this forum continuing month after month, and that’s only possible because wonderful people like you step up for hosting duties!

    Day 30 country West Australia NFD
    Yee Ha !!!! Lowest I have weighed in 2 years – since June 2019.
    Still have 24.2 kgs of lard to shift 😲 but doing 5:2 as it should be done is working. Who knew ????
    Onward and downward

    Day 30 U.K. – NFD. MIGRAINE !!!

    hey all

    Fast day aborted yesterday due to migraine which continues today

    Hopefully I’ll feel better later so by the time the US comes online I’ll try to have everything set up to host October

    “Bear With!” as they say on ‘Miranda!’

    Day 30 – UK – NFD

    It’s the end of the month!! How it’s flown by! It’s been lovely being a part of the forum and hosting the challenge this month. It feels to me like it’s been a bit of a transformative month – a few of us have battled some challenges, others have experimented with different approaches and some have been enjoying some lovely holidays.

    Thank you all for the ongoing support. I am certainly ready for October! I have a little plan of action up my sleeve but it involves quite a drastic change so I’m psyching myself up for that. I’ll post once I’ve decided what my approach is going to be.

    @high5 – I hope that migraine shifts quickly, poor you – they’re horrid. 💐

    @lilymartin – CONGRATULATIONS!!! That must feel brilliant!! 🎉

    @penz – thank you for the kind words! I hope that FD is going well. 🙂

    @songbirdme – thank you! 🙂

    @northerndawn – The vertigo sounds awful. I’m pleased you’ve been feeling more normal these past couple of days and it wasn’t COVID! 💐

    Onwards and downwards into October!

    Day 30 – 2nd post

    Pocket list for Day 30 🐿

    Day 30 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Mission accomplished! Exactly a kilo down for the month. So my BMI is now under 22 & I’d be happy just to keep it that way.

    @lilymartin – well done on your 2 year low! 🏆

    @emma-taylor – your enthusiasm for the magnifying glass made me laugh 😅 But yes, it really is useful!

    @flourbaby – I’ll join you for Sober October. I haven’t even managed ‘dry til Fri’ recently. But I tried dry February the year before the pandemic, & it turned into dry-almost-7-months! I guess I’m an ‘all or nothing’ kind of guy. After the first few days my sleep was amazing too.

    @babs_b thanks so much for hosting Fresh Start September 🤗

    Pocket List – Day 30 🐿

    Second Post


    You have been an amazing host, thank you.

    Sorry that I won’t live up to it as October’s host.

    I can see straight now so migraine hopefully on way out, so here is the link to Oct:

    Day 30 – Canada 🇨🇦 – FD

    Good morning everybody.

    Thanks @babs_b for hosting us for September, much appreciated. 💐 Look forward to seeing your October plan.
    @high5 – urgggg, migraine, so annoying. Feel better.
    Congrats on achieving your goal @funshipfreddie! 👏

    Pocket List – Day 30 🐿

    Day30 UK NFD
    Got on the scales this morning and am at target!!😀 I thought I would need at least another week! Thank you all so much for the posts. They have been great to read and have kept me motivated. Just need to maintain now and do my best to make this a WOL!!!
    Have a good day everyone.

    Day 30 – USA/GA – NFD

    @funshipfreddie Congratulations on meeting your goal!

    Well, I didn’t make my goal weight for the month, but I only missed it by a pound. Today’s weigh-in: 218 lbs! I also no longer have to look at the month of May as being my lowest average weight. September has taken the new spot. Waist measurement has also dropped to 47 inches and neck to 18 inches. My “obesity meter” is at just above 22%. This time last year, it was above 56% at 241 lbs, and my waist was 51 inches.

    I did a liquid fast yesterday of water and a couple cups of broth. It was also helpful for treating my ongoing cold symptoms. I definitely think soup will be on today’s menu.

    @babs_b Thanks for hosting! You’ve got this in the bag for October!

    @high5 Hope your migraine went away. Thanks in advance for hosting October!

    Day 30 UK NFD

    Thank you for hosting @babs_b I’ve been lurking for the last few days as I haven’t had any to share as I just can’t get my act together – this is all going to change in October !

    @funshipfreddie WWF – wrestlers or pandas ? it did tickle me

    Thank you all fellow fasters See you in October

    Day 30 – NFD

    On target yesterday and this month.

    Today was weigh in day. As I expected I have lost about a pound a week since restarting 5:2 in mid August. Which means I’ve shifted 1/5 of my extra weight. That is seven pounds. An awkward place where the difference doesn’t actually show much and the scale still seems overwhelming- but I’m not going to be deterred!

    I also took my measurements for the first time. It will be interesting to watch them as I continue this. So I can make some realistic goals, I’m guessing proper place to commit to them here will be day 1 October.

    Many thanks to all here, especially Sept/Oct hosts @babs_b & @high5. Aside from this board, I have little support (and no interest discussing matters such as the effect of sugar on the body) for this in my life. I don’t mean to imply people undermine me or object, it is just that they are the naturally thin types, or they are comfortable with their obese BMI and have little empathy for what I’m doing. So this board is a big part of my being successful and I thank you all.

    @northgeorgia, @caoimhe, @lilymartin, @funshipfreddie and whomever I may have missed – WAY TO GO! I’m thrilled for all you good news on this front.

    Okay. Sending the best thoughts of encouragement to everyone and will see you all In October (my favourite month of all months).

    Day 30 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD

    Yesterday’s plan changed abruptly around 9am when a text came asking where we all were meeting for our every-few-months drinks and dinner. OOPS. So I made the best choice I could food-wise and ended up eating far more than I thought I would. The scale barely noticed. Love it.

    @northgeorgia I sure hope you’re feeling better today, but I’ll bet that liquid diet you were on got you below 220!!! EDITED TO ADD, AFTER I READ TODAY’S POST: Woo-HOOO!! That must have been a gorgeous sight! Are you going to try liquid fasts each week?

    @northerndawn Such a shame you were so sick as well, and so glad you’re far better. Where are you and DH going for your vacation?

    @lilymartin Yee Ha right back at you!!!! It’s so fun to reach low numbers as we find the right combination of behavior that budges the scale!

    Oh @high5 you have my sympathy. With menopause, my migraines pretty much quit, but I suffered often enough that I deeply sympathize. 💕

    @babs_b So intrigued to hear your new plan of action! Thanks for hosting Fresh Start September; you did a terrific job!

    @funshipfreddie Well done on dropping 2kgs this month. 🥇

    Officially (according to my daily weight log) I’ve lost 2.5 pounds in September. But if you look at the lowest weight I was, which I’m sure I’ll return to quickly, it’s a bit over 4 pounds. And if you look at my end-of-July weight, and my lowest weight last week, I’m down a few ounces of ten pounds. So however you look at it, I’m finally again shifting the weight. More importantly, I’m finding the process extremely easy to maintain. So I’ll continue in October as I’m doing, and am delighted to watch my progress, and pull out clothes I haven’t worn in several years.

    See you in October!

    Pocket List – Day 30 🐿

    second post

    Just noticed that unclear phrasing; it was supposed to read “I’m down a few ounces over ten pounds.”

    @babs_b – A big thank you for hosting September 💐 my apologies for being AWOL for most of the month – life just took over, lots of friends having staycation here so out walking and enjoying their visits with them with too much good food and 🥂🥂🍷🍷 but in between I managed some good FDs 🤣 so I’m happy to report that somehow I managed to stay within my maintenance range, if towards the top!!

    Planning on joining the October Challenge with @high5 – thanks for stepping up to host 💐 and hoping to getting back to logging in daily for motivation

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    @babs_b thank you so much for hosting September. I am sorry that I was not as consistent as I wanted to be.

    You are so appreciated, Thank you.

    See you all in October!!!

    @babs_b I’m just checking in to say a big thank you for hosting September! You did such a good job 👏
    I’ll be back on track tomorrow after holidays so see you in October. 👋

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