Focused February – The February 2023 Monthly Challenge

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Focused February – The February 2023 Monthly Challenge

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  • Welcome to Focused February The February 2023 Monthly Challenge. Whether you are an old 5:2 hand, a prodigal returner or a brand newbie there’s a place for you!

    It’s a tough time to start fasting after all the holiday temptations of sugar, carbs, fat, alcohol, staying warm/cool (depending on winter/summer), taking time out, letting our hair down, redisovering stretchy clothes … Climbing back on the scales can be a shock, while it’s hard to find motivation when it’s dark/cold or bright/hot. But we’re here with a simple monthly challenge to start doing things differently right now. It’s simple: 5 days of eating normally* and 2 days of fasting each week. Other than that, we’re setting our own goals, holding ourselves accountable and encouraging one another. So let’s Jump-Start January together and see what changes are wrought!

    *normal eating = the calories our body needs – see TDEE

    The monthly challenges were started by @coda in May 2016 and have been going strong ever since. It works like this:

    1. Introductions – in your first post please introduce yourself to the group. It helps us all get to know each other and is really helpful for new people getting to know regulars. Perhaps say something about where you started, your journey so far, what you’re aiming for or what differences fasting is making. You might like to include your starting weight or your goals for the month – whatever you are comfortable sharing.

    2. Spreadsheet – I’m hoping that @at will kindly post this month’s spreadsheet in a post below! The spreadsheet is in alphabetical order by username. You can use it to record and track your progress as well as keeping track of how others are doing.It can help with perspective, accountability or planning. Keeping track can help us to measure progress, spot patterns, remind ourselves how far we’ve come. You can use the spreadsheet, the forum’s tracker, your favourite app, pen & paper or whatever works for you!

    3. Posting – Please start each entry with the day of the month, where you are, and what type of day you are on – fast day (FD), non-fast day (NFD) or controlled day (CD). We’re all over the world and in different time zones so it helps us keep track of which day we’re talking about, who else is fasting etc. Eg I’ll start on 1 January with Day 1 – UK – NFD

    4. Frequency – Some people post daily, others only check in on FDs, others from time to time. Some are short & to the point, others long and chatty. If you‘re posting for a second time in the same day please head your post eg Day 1 second post.

    5. Content – Comments or questions, complaints or celebration – post anything you’d like to share with the forum. Recipes, tips, tricks and bright ideas are always welcome. We all have good days and bad days, days we fall off the wagon or have days when we are hanging on by our fingernails, days when our mojo deserts us and days where we feel completely in control. DON’T GIVE UP: whatever it is, you are not alone!

    6. Community – This is a worldwide forum so there’s usually someone online. We all do our best to offer advice, support and solidarity.

    7. Pocket list – a list of the names of people with the same goal on a particular day. It can help to remind us we’re not alone by mentally holding the list in our back pocket. Anyone can start or join a pocket list. Most pocket lists are for a FD but they can also be used for people doing Veganuary, going alcohol free, on a daily plank challenge. If solidarity and company can make a difference, we’ll put it on a pocket list!

    8. 5:2 basics – answers to many FAQs plus top tips:

    9. New? – please read #8 again

    10. Hosting – As the host of the Focused February challenge I’ll start us off, read every post and try to respond once a day but the eagle eyed will have seen I’ve literally copied & pasted @michelime s intro but I do this on my phone and long posts are a challenge in themselves But luckily this is a friendly and encouraging international community so don’t be surprised if you get lots of answers. Please feel free to answer questions, share ideas and encourage others too!

    Common Abbreviations

    5:2 – 5 days NFD – 2 days FD
    16:8 – 16 hours fast – 8 hours non fast
    IF – Intermittent Fasting
    ADF – Alternate Day Fasting (FD – NFD – FD – etc)
    AF – Alcohol-free
    B2B – Back to Back (consecutive FDs)
    BMR – Basal metabolic Rate
    CFD – Controlled Food Day (a day’s eating comfortably below your TDEE)
    DH, DD, DS – Darling Husband, Daughter, Son
    DTF – Dry ’til Fri
    EE – Emotional Eating (reflex grazing out of a need for instant comfort instead of satisfying hunger)
    EFS – Epic Face Stuffing (Definitely due to a faulty OFF button!)
    FD – Fast Day (500 cals)
    FD800 – Fast Day 800 calories
    Hunger Dragon – that dreadful psychological beast that sometimes cannot be satisfied. Some people even name theirs (e.g. @i-hate-lettuce has an inner warthog!)
    IF – Intermittent Fasting
    Keto – way of eating that generates Ketones
    KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!!!
    LC – Low Carb way of eating
    LCHF – Low Carb High Fat way of eating
    LFD – Liquid Fast Day (incl. tea, coffee, miso, bone broth & water)
    LOL – Laughing Out Loud
    M/WOAM – Man/Woman on a Mission (courtesy of @i-hate-lettuce)
    MFD – Modified Fast Day (800 cals) on the new Fast800, it’s a FD
    MFP – MyFitnessPal – a smartphone app & website that tracks diet & exercise.
    NFD – Non Fast Day
    OH – Other Half (eg spouse/partner)
    OMAD – One Meal A Day
    PFDS – Post FD Smugness (courtesy of @penz)
    Pocket List – Names to “keep in your pocket” for a common goal for the day
    TDEE – Total Daily Energy Expenditure (see the ‘how it works’ link on the home page to work out yours)
    TRE – Time Restricted Eating
    WFD – Water Fast Day (Water only)
    WFH – Working From Home
    WOL – Way of Life
    WOCA – Woman Of a Certain Age
    ZBC – Zero Breakfast Club

    Thank you for starting this challenge. I started two weeks ago on 5:2.
    It’s been successful for me in the past. However, as I get older weight sticks around the middle of body. Good Luck everyone.

    Day – 2
    @brightonbelle thank you very much for hosting Focused February – and what an excellent title 🙂 Focus is exactly what I need. Count me in!

    Day -2

    I’m certainly in for this month, and love the title of being focused–that’s always half the challenge, isn’t it?

    @mistletoe Welcome to the challenge! It will be delightful to get to know you over the month ahead.

    Hi @brightonbelle – Thanks for taking over the baton for this month and I for one certainly need FOCUS to regain some control so I’m signing up for a daily post for accountability!!!!

    Here’s the link for the spreadsheet for anyone interested in using it


    Hi @brightonbelle, thank you for hosting.

    Melbourne, Australia

    I’m ready for a new month. And the title reminds me that I need to stay focused for this to work.

    Thanks @brightonbelle for hosting.

    Day 0 – UK Cam
    Count me in for Focused February. Definitely need to work harder at 5:2 so setting goals and putting plan in place ready for tomorrow’s start. Thank you @brightonbelle for hosting!

    Day 0 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Count me in please @brightonbelle! Thank you for hosting, & thank you @at for the spreadsheet 🙏

    @brightonbelle Thank you for hosting and @at thank you again for the spreadsheet! Great title, I’m in for another month and try to stay focussed!

    Hello all and thank you @brightonbelle for hosting February. ⭐️ and thank you @at for the spreadsheet ⭐️
    I must get back into the habit of daily posting so that’s my main aim for February.

    Wishing everyone the very best for this lovely short month. My most favourite month – nice and bright generally ☀️ with the promise of longer days ahead. Lots of celebrations – anniversary💒 and birthdays 🎈but will work around them.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    I will be here as best I can, @brightonbelle — thank you for taking us on for February! FOCUSED. Perfect!

    Day 1 Melbourne, Australia NFD

    As I expected my weight has ballooned. It is still a bit of a bummer. Another good thing about being with my sisters for the next 5 days is that I won’t binge. So even if the steroids make me hungry, I won’t go overboard. They can also cause water retention which I can’t do much about.

    I am really going to need to be focused so a great name for the February forum.

    Day 1, FD, Aus

    Hello dear friends!! I’m baaa-ck! And kick starting the month with a FD to really get me back into the swing of things.

    For newbies out there, welcome. This is a great, friendly and welcoming group, so jump on in.

    I live in Canberra, the nation’s capital. Married, two dogs, and usually do two WFDs Mon and Wed. When I stick with 5:2 it works – funny that. But in the last year I’ve not been disciplined and put on 6kg. I have about 20 to lose overall. I had planned to be trim, taut and terrific by May when I have a certain milestone birthday. I’ve left the run a little late to get to desirable weight, but if I stay on track, I should be able to lose those 6kg plus a bit more. That’s the plan anyway.

    So, here’s to a successful month, 2 WFDs per week and DTF! Thanks for shepherding us through the month, @brightonbelle.

    Day 01 – Wednesday – Gold Coast Queensland Australia 🦘🦘🦘 – (NFD) 🥦🍅🥦🥒🥑🥕🍅🍆🥬🥦🍄🌶🍏🐔🐔


    First of all thank you so much to @michelinme for hosting January so well. I wasn’t always posting but just reading the forum most days, keeping me engaged.

    @brightonbelle … another big thankyou to you for taking us all onto the next step in our IF campaign to better health 🎆🎇✨🎈 …. and @at once again putting together the spreadsheet for this month… I really recommend it to the newbies…. really helps to keep you focussed which is precisely what February is all about.

    About me? I came back to the forum and IF just one year ago today. My goal was to ‘re-lose’ 11 kg (previously lost in 2019 with IF) which I achieved 17 June 2022 in 136 days or 4 months and 16 days or 19 weeks 3 days (who’s counting? ME!😁🤣🤣😊) Now my goal is to MAINTAIN, be healthy and never return to my former fatness!

    In truth, FDs are a no-brainer, not difficult at all and I really look forward to them. Easy to plan into your life and easy to abide….. BUT…. it’s the NFDs that are key… there be dragons lurking there🐲🐲🐉🐉🐉! Best advice ever is to concentrate on your NFDs as the FDs take care of themselves😵🥴🤪.

    Let’s do it!

    cheerie dearies

    Everything is permitted but not everything is beneficial (my all time favourite!)❤🧡💛💚💙💜💖

    Day 1, Germany, FD800

    Good morning everyone!

    I’m a Dutchwoman living in the upper North-West of Germany, married, 66 years old, 163 cm/5’4″ tall. My weight was 56 kg/123.5lbs all my adult life until starting a new job in 2011 where my weight crept up to 72.9 kg. I joined the challenges on and off from March 2017 on. I lost 20 kg very quickly (too skinny then, I overdid it) but gained much of it back after retirement in March 2018. This morning my weight was 64.2 kg/141.5 lbs. This month I’d like to go back to my maintenance weight of 60 kg/132 lbs. Last month I tried out FD800, it went well so I’m going to continue it for a bit longer. We try to do ballroom dancing two or three times a week. It’s a lot of fun and good for brain and posture.

    Dance class again this morning. Following us is a group of female line dancers, the oldest lady is 89!

    @penz Welcome back!

    @mistletoe Welcome to the challenge!

    Pocket list day 1
    @snowflake56 FD800

    Have a nice day everyone!

    DAY 1 – DORSET – NFD

    Good Morning,

    I live in Dorset with my DH and DD, I also have another DD and GD, but they live in London. I did the 5:2 in 2016 and lost weight, and didn’t find it too awful, anyway I am older now and after attempting other diets in the interim period, I came to the conclusion that 5:2 is the best way for me when my mind is in the right place! And to have other people going through the same thing is amazing and so supportive.

    @brightonbelle -Thank you again for hosting

    @linda.b – Thought: Everything is permitted but not everything is beneficial (my all time favourite!)… I love this !!

    Hope everyone has a good day.

    Day 1 Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Female, 55, was slim all my life until I stopped smoking 21 years ago, and have been yo-going ever since. Countless times at Weight Watchers, Scarsdale diet, any fad diet going. Successfully lost 50lb on the Dukan in 2013, it slowly came back to a 30lb weight gain when I found 5:2. Successfully shed those 30lb in 6 months, maintained for a coup,e of years, then new sedentary job, Covid lockdowns, plus menopause…

    The 30lbs are back. Trying 5:2 Keto now.

    Find the yoyo exasperating, but on we go for Feb.

    Day 1 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    About me:- David, 60, Originally from Manchester in the UK, living in Port Elizabeth (aka Gqeberha) on the south-eastern coast of South Africa. I’ve been fasting since 2014 after watching Michael Mosley’s ‘Eat, Fast & Live Longer’ BBC documentary. I’d been living/working on cruise ships for several years by then & the delicious food I was tempted with every day was starting to take its toll. Then after retiring 5 years ago, keeping in shape became even more challenging & so my fast days are now just a normal part of my life & I’ve been at my goal weight for several years. Current weight 70.9 kgs/BMI 21.9

    A typical FD for me is to eat nothing until 6 pm. Having small meals during the day doesn’t work for me; it just seems to trigger my appetite. So during the day I’ll drink only tea/coffee & water. Around 6 pm I usually slice up an apple &/or carrot & munch on that, & then have something more substantial around 7 pm. Most of the time I’ll just have an omelette with tuna or chicken + a load of veggies. Eggs are ideal for FDs; they’re very filling, low in calories & loaded with vitamins, minerals & protein. I aim for around 600 – 700 cals. On NFDs, which I think most regular 5:2-ers find more of a challenge, I practice TRE. I’m not fanatical about it; I just never feel hungry in the mornings. So I’ll have ‘breakfast’ around 11:30 am or later, maybe a snack of fruit & yogurt in the afternoons & dinner around 7 pm. I only weigh myself the morning after a FD, otherwise the fluctuations on the scale can be discouraging but are really meaningless.

    Wishing everyone a Fabulous Focused February – Stronger Together 🏋

    Day 1 – UK Cam – NFD
    Hi! for anyone new to the group, I am a LOCA (well past my 3 score & 10!), retired history lecturer, married (DH has health issues), with a crazy rescue dog. I love all things horticultural, volunteer 1 day a week for a national charity as a gardener (hard work!), help at the local Food Bank, have a large allotment plot and medium-size untidy garden. I also sew and knit, making quilts for the Project Linus and various local hospitals – PICU, NICU etc – and colourful garments for my DGDs (3 of them, all girls). I have had a weight problem ever since childhood (163lb at age 13 was deemed quite OK! ???) and have tried all the well-known remedies and a few weird ones. I have yo-yo’d all my life and, at last, found a safe, painless way to not only lose weight but improve my overall health. I started the IF 5:2 WOF last July and have lost 15lb – doesn’t sound a lot but it has made such a difference and I have maintained from beginning of December thru’ to end January (with little ups and downs!) so now I am really focused on February as the (belated) jump-start to my continued downward journey towards 132lb by autumn 2023.

    Like @funshipfreddie I find FDs better if I just don’t eat – altho’ I do tend to have a snacky lunch (zero yoghurt and fruit compote) to keep me going, especially if doing physical work. Eggs and spinach are amazingly versatile (sp?) and as long as I steer clear of carbs I generally get on fine. Just like others in this IF family, I find the NFDs harder, especially the idle, not-much-going on days when it is so easy to wander into the kitchen and nibble at corners of stuff – bread, cake, marzipan, chocolate and, oh dear, more chocolate! (aside, why do you never nibble on carrots, celery, broccoli stalks???) I love cooking and rarely follow a recipe exactly, substituting ingredients to suit my store cupboard. I tend to cook from scratch , we rarely have take-outs or ready meals so I am very aware of the ingredients – as much home-grown as possible.

    Today is an allotment work day – loads of cardboard to spread and manure to barrow about the place, plus path laying with barrowloads of wood chips and some moving of plants. Carrot & coriander soup for lunch with sour-dough toast, yoghurt snack pot if I need it mid-afternoon and then sweet potato & squash curry with cauliflower rice and some greens for supper. Should slide in under TDEE but not too worried. FD tomorrow needs some planning!

    Really looking forward to making some downward progress this month, keeping FOCUSED on my goals.

    Day 1 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 CD

    Female, 64 yo on Sunday 🎉🥂, weight problem since childhood. Done every diet under the sun, lost weight and regained weight. In 2017 tried 5:2 and by summer 2018 reached my all time low adult weight of 128 pounds. Maintained reasonably well until the past couple of years when I really began to struggle. Family deaths led to too much comfort eating in the late part of 2022 and by the start of January 2023 I weighed in at 159 pounds…..back at my 2017 weight and feeling utterly miserable. During the January challenge something clicked, my mood lifted and I have found the motivation to get back to my best weight again, I dropped 7 pounds in January and now I’m feeling ready for a Focussed February.

    @brightonbelle thank you for hosting 💐

    Together we are stronger 🤗

    Day 1 – Ireland – FD 🚫🚶🏼‍♀️✅

    Hello all!

    I love your intro paragraph @brightonbelle! Yes – it is simple… we just need to focus on the February plan. I am with you 💪

    Welcome @mistletoe! I’m just back after a rubbish January so will be aiming to do my best. Welcome back @penz

    @michelinme thank you again for January ⭐️

    Hi everyone else!

    I had been doing really well with FDs and exercise until the middle of last year and had been the lightest I’ve been in many many years 🎉 but Covid got me and I have not been too well since but we are aiming to get to the bottom of it with the docs.

    I have two auto immune conditions and they cause flare ups…but generally don’t impact too much on my day to day… along with hormone deficiencies now due to my age things are just a little complicated..

    I love being outdoors and generally cycle, walk and swim in the sea. Love it and can’t wait to get back to it now.

    My little icons help me to stick to clean nutrition.
    But….. life is for living and like others I tend to have one blowout (EFS) day a week where I might have crisps / a little chocolate etc – it has to be done 😊

    I’m pretty much staying away from alcohol 🚫 so “on the dry” or AF and have reduced added sugars ✅ as much as I can.

    Thrilled to be back and hoping to be consistent this month. Thanks all! You’re a great group of people and I am very grateful to be here!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket list Day 1


    Hello all, so far for Focused February we have @mistletoe @michelinme @stitchincarol @at @dramaqueen6 @malee57 @gardenlily @funshipfreddie @snowflake56
    @jaifaim @songbirdme @penz @linda.b @missybear @daffodil2010 @brightonbelle

    And I think there’s still a few to join us

    This months hosting will definitely be on the lite side but I’m looking forward to our shared journey , here’s something that popped up on instagram and it’s definitely something I’m going to try and eradicate this month

    Kuchisabishii – When you’re not hungry but you eat because your mouth is hungry

    Day 1 UK FD

    Me again – F61 living on the south coast of England with DH , 2 grown sons that have fled the nest ( for now )

    I joined coda on the first challenge lost my unwanted 20lbs , but life gets in the way – I got complacent and have put it back ( and a bit more 😖)

    2023 is time for serious action I had a good start in January dropping 6lbs and I want to continue although I’m not expecting such stellar results but I’m giving it a go 💪

    Pocket list Day 1


    Day 1 – USA/GA – NFD

    I’m in for February. Weigh-in is high at 220 lbs. I’ll be in and out a lot this month, as I have a trip next week. Hoping this month will be a turning point as I learn to tame the hunger dragon on NFDs.

    Day 1 – UK – CD

    Hello to all from a damp and grey Cumbria – definitely no ☀️ for us today!!

    A bit about myself:-
    I am a 64y.o. female living with my OH in the beautiful Lake District ⛰ having moved here when I retired in 2013. We have a married daughter who has 4 fur babies – 3 black 🐈‍⬛ and an adorable beagle called Archie 🐶
    I started this WOL on my own in January 2016 as I had gained weight during the last couple of years of my working life and was fed up with being overweight and wanted to enjoy my early retirement and get fitter!
    I discovered and joined the 30 Day November 2016 Challenge with @back2thefuture – best thing I ever did, as it got me to my maintenance weight and has kept me motivated and on track with this WOL!
    This December will be my 6th anniversary in maintenance and I certainly want to reach it still in maintenance!!
    Total weight loss = 22kg/3st 7lbs. Height = 164cm
    My maintenance weight since then has been around 58kg – I’m fairly fit, doing 5 exercise classes during the week (yoga x2, pilates x 1 and aerobic x2) and I also enjoy walking/hiking on my local fells at least 3 times each week
    I have definitely struggled on and off with maintenance this past year but keep coming back to this WOL as I keep reminding myself that “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Early start today to get OH to the hospital in time for his 9am appointment for a secondary resection of the melanoma site on his mid back – back home and feeling a bit sore – results in next 2 weeks hopefully no recurrence in the site 🤞

    I was brave and stood on the scales on waking today and 😱 61kg – I have to admit to not really being surprised but definitely need to start taking control so the plan for this week is an alcohol 🚫 week and FD800 ✅ FD800 ✅ CD ✅ CD ✅ FD800 – FD800 – NFD

    Welcome to old and new 5:2 friends – love the support that our little international group provides ❤️

    Day 1 UK FD

    I’m delighted to hand over the host baton after an endless Jump Start January – thank you @brightonbelle!

    I’m F50s in London, UK. After a fit and lively life to my mid 30s I put on weight when longterm health issues significantly restricted mobility and energy, then more when stopping smoking and finally with menopause. I started 5:2 joining the Dec 2017 challenge and went from 179lb/81kg to 144lb/65kg in around 10 months, dropping 4 dress sizes – 3 sizes while on a plateau!

    I fell off the waggon at the end of 2019 and went back up to 188lb/85kg before jumping into 5:2 by leading the Jump In June 2022 challenge. I’ve had long covid since Feb 2020 with ME, dysautonomia, peripheral neuropathy, cognitive impairment and digestion issues all still ongoing. I lost 9kg to November 2022, put on 4kg in December and lost it in JumpStart January! Beginning Feb at 170lb/77kg (up 2lb overnight – must have been the evening cashews!)

    I’m determined to get under 12 stone but aware I have a full-on, 5-day conference from Sunday and a week’s holiday later in the month. So I’m going to be mindful, practice old fashioned 5:2, stay generally low carb/keto and have one treat day/week. My goal is to stay steady, my stretch goal is to lose 4lb by month end. Other goals are to drink more, stretch daily and keep my sleep bank well topped up with early nights as I know my plans go AWOL when I’m tired.

    I have had a tendency to comfort eat since 2019 so will be ploughing through Allan Carr’s book on stopping comfort eating – hopefully before I go to conference on Sunday but I’ll take it with me if not finished!

    @penz lovely to have you back

    @jaifaim I hope the docs can get to the bottom of your current health issues x

    @at hope DH recovers well and results are good

    Got to dash – I’ve got an adapted yoga class at 2pm – starting as I mean to go on!

    Day 1 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD 151.2

    That weight is a mere 0.2lbs down from last Wednesday morning, so a bit disappointing–but thrilled I didn’t go UP, as I have so many weeks in the past nine months, so I’m choosing to be happy with it.

    I’m Carol (fairly obvious, right?), F64, married, 3 adult kids, 2 DGDs (3 and 1) and a piano teacher, church organist/choir director, and church office secretary. And cook. And knitter. And quilter. And gardener. And volunteer for many church things. In other words, if I were “good” I’d be busy all day every day. But I often choose to be bad, and spend far too much time on the sofa.

    So my focus for February is to continue my mid-January plan of two WFs each week, and no more than 1500 calories on any other day, entering my food into MFP as a check that I’m not eating too much, and walking with Leslie (Leslie Sansone, of Walk at Home fame) five days a week. At the moment, I’m only asking 15min daily of myself, but even that has been easy to “accidentally miss” and I’m wanting to be more disciplined–no, FOCUSED. 😉

    My mojo is currently relatively high, so focus for February is exactly the right approach, because I’m hoping that my successful efforts will result in a 4-lb loss for the month. My goal at the very minimum is 137, or very likely 132, and possibly 125; I’ll know when I get there how much further I want to go.

    But right now, I have a messier house than usual and my housecleaner is coming in a little over four hours, so must fly and start tidying so she has cleared surfaces to clean.

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 1 USA/HI NFD
    Weigh in 162 lbs. down 15 lbs since returning to this WOL Oct 1, 2022. My goal for February is to lose 3 pounds so I can end the month at 159 lbs. on the road to healthy 135 pounds on December 31. Decided slow and easy is best approach for me right now. I use MFP to track calories daily as I go off the rails without monitoring calories. Also focus on foods low carb and KETO when possible. I try to use best organic ingredients available to me and cook all of our meals at home…sugar free/gluten free
    F76, still working 2 days a week at a job I love at an art gallery ….I used to manage one of locations till covid. Now honored to be caregiver for DH of 56 years.. Two wonderful adult sons help me as much as possible. Motivation is to get to healthy weight and have the endurance to keep caring for DH at home. Also to organize the help I will need to do this… at the moment this seems very difficult to find in our location.
    Thanks again to BrightonBelle for hosting this month. And thanks to all the 5:2 family here for your amazing encouragement and support.
    Onward and downward!🌴🌴🌺🌺

    Day 1. FD

    I am back! Slipped up at the end of January but am all in for February. Focused February is a very appropriate name for this month! Thank you BrightonBelle for taking on the task! 🙂

    Joining today’s pocket list! I need the support!

    Pocket list Day 1


    Have a great day everyone!

    Day 2, NFD, Aus

    Not so much PFDS but post FD relief. I did it! I did end up going to the cafe at lunchtime but I made the choice of a salad rather than my preferred sausage roll, so that came in under 500 calories. I suspect it was a case of Kuchisabishii (my new fave word, thanks @brightonbelle!) rather than a case of true hunger. But I’m forgiving myself as I know I’ve had to strap on the 5:2 training wheels again. It will probably be another week until I’m fully back into the swing of a true FD (wh for me is coffee only).

    Day 1 Ohio, US — NFD

    Please count me in Focused February!

    The infection that’s been messing with me for several weeks is continuing to also mess with my eating and fasting. I saw the endodontist again today and with any luck the infection will be gone within a week. But the visit means that I’m back on protein shakes and ice cream for a day or so, and then working back to solid food. That also means that right now I’m on high doses of ibuprofen and am a little groggy. So I’m going to sign off and will include more details in the next few days.

    @brightonbelle Thanks for hosting this month!

    Day 02 – Thursday – Gold Coast Queensland Australia 🦘🦘🦘 – (FD) 🥦🍅🥦🥒🥑🥕🍅🍆🥬🥦🍄🌶🍏🐔🐔

    First FUN DAY (FD) of the month…. the broccoli awaits 🥦🥦🥦🥦🥬🥬🥬🥑🥒🍆🍆🍅🍅🥕🥕🍄🍄 😋😋😋

    So good to see everyone coming back… what an inspirational little group we are!

    cheerie dearies

    Thought: Stop having intimate dinners for four – unless there are three other people.😂🤣😁

    Pocket list Day 02

    Day 2, Germany, FD800

    Last dance class for this week.

    @matpi Please take care!

    Pocket list Day 02
    @snowflake56 FD800

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 2 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @matpi – fingers 🤞 you see that infection cleared up soon! But – ice cream! I think I could tolerate that for a couple of days. Can’t remember the last time I ate ice cream 🍨

    @linda.b – joining you & @snowflake56 for the first FUN DAY of FAB FEB 🎯

    A load of paperwork to work through today for the house purchase. The fun begins 😳

    Pocket list Day 02 🍋
    @snowflake56 FD800

    Day 2 – Ireland – FD 🚫🚶🏼‍♀️✅

    Hello all!
    @brightonbelle I like that new word “kuchisabishii” and understand it perfectly… like when your mouth just fancies a crunch… and you need crisps but you are not actually hungry 🤤.

    @maui my heart goes out to you right now… it is very difficult to find the right care network but hopefully you will be lucky. Please take whatever help you can get… my dad cared for my mum for years and wouldn’t let anyone else help… it does wear you down any little bit of help will make a big difference. 💕

    @matpi sorry to hear you are still feeling unwell – I hope the tablets help.

    @stitchincarol I am not generally a vertigo sufferer but have had a few strange episodes recently so it’s being checked. Having some cranial physio and which helps … I’m prescribed high dosage anti-histamine and another tablet for pain. Was on antibiotics, steroid etc also..

    I am in awe of those of you who had huge weight drops in January and am inspired to try for the same in February. Thinking of @i-hate-lettuce who always said with a few good days /weeks we can undo holiday or other “easy on” weight….🤞 I hope he is ok.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Yesterday was not the best FD (1000)so I’m trying again today

    Pocket list Day 02 🍋
    @snowflake56 FD800

    Day 2 – DORSET – NFD

    How lovely to hear that everyone is so February Focused!🍏🍋🍓
    @funshipfreddie – hope the paperwork goes well, very exciting!!

    @michelinme – I have just read “Fast Like a Girl” by Dr Mindy Pelz, fascinating reading regarding our gut and autoimmune diseases. I have had IBS have for about 20 years, so I have decided to do the 30 day reset to try and sort out my stomach. I will let you know if it works.

    @linda.b – 🤣🤣 re your Thought

    @mapti – such encouraging news about your teeth, a good way to start February

    @maui – I hope you are able to find help soon.

    Have a wonderful day everyone, I am off to the Chiropractor today, pulled my back doing an over enthusiastic dance class!

    Day 2 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Feeling lazy today, need to get moving, so checking in for accountability then going for a walk to wake myself up!

    Pocket list Day 02 🍋
    @snowflake56 FD800

    Day 2 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 221 lbs. Noooo… three 220 weigh-ins in a row is my initiation into Fat February, as this will be my last FD likely in over a week *gasp!* Haha

    Well, after my trip, I am resolved to stop eating out so frequently at work. I used to take my lunch, control the calorie count, and I did much better. I need to get back to that and get seriously on track again. I know fast food and restaurant meals are often reaching or exceeding my entire TDEE, not to mention usually having “something” for supper… and I think that may explain the eternal plateau and slow climb of nearly 10 lbs in the wrong direction in the past year or so.

    Will enjoy my trip next week, then refocus for the month. Hopefully by March, I’ll see movement back in the right direction.

    Happy Groundhog’s Day! Hoping we all look a little less like a round rodent frightened of our own shadows in the coming weeks 🙂

    Pocket list Day 02 🍋
    @snowflake56 FD800

    Day 2 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD 153.6

    Ugh. I completely lost the plot yesterday, so have some serious thinking to do today as I drive in to teach piano lessons; hopefully I can come to some sort of insight as to why I sabotaged my day yesterday.

    My cleaning lady ended up asking to switch to today instead, so I spent the entire morning cleaning out my refrigerator. Throughout the afternoon, I kept going into the kitchen just so I could open the fridge door and admire the results, LOL. It had clearly been TOO LONG since I last thoroughly cleaned it!! Next? The freezer above the fridge…

    But now I need to get hustling so I can be out the door in an hour. Have a grand day, everyone!

    Pocket list Day 02 🍋
    @snowflake56 FD800
    @stitchincarol WFD

    USA. Day 2. FD

    I can’t believe it’s already the second day of February! I have decided that this month I am not going to keep a food journal. For me, that keeps me too focused on food.

    I hope everybody has a great 5:2 dy! 🙂

    Joining today’s pocket list!

    Pocket list Day 02 🍋
    @snowflake56 FD800
    @stitchincarol WFD

    Awe have quite a list today! Good luck everyone! 🙂

    Day 2 UK F800

    Yesterdays FD was OK at 500ish so want to try and squeeze another F800 in before the weekend

    @ccco Welcome back – difficult getting that balance isn’t it wanting to be focused but not obsessed- good luck

    @maui – 15lbs what an achievement You are doing so well in difficult circumstances

    @penz – well done dodging the sausage roll

    @matpi – ouch

    @linda.b – 🤣

    @funshipfreddie – Good luck with the paperwork I’m sure a lot more will be heading your way

    @jaifaim – I know who knew there was an actual word for it ??

    @dramaqueen6 – Hope the chiropractor helped

    @northgeorgia – oh no we are not allowing Fat February Yes enjoy your trip and then refocus

    @stitchincarol – don’t worry we all have bad days , I know you’ll work out what went wrong and fix it 💪

    Phew ! I don’t know how you lengthy posters manage it I’m exhausted, see you tomorrow
    Onwards and downwards

    Pocket list Day 02 🍋
    @snowflake56 FD800
    @stitchincarol WFD
    @brightonbelle F800

    Day 2 – UK Cam – FD
    My Focused February plan is to have FDs on Monday and Thursday, CDs the other 3 week days and then NFDs at weekend; weigh-in on Fridays; keep DTF all month. I don’t think I need worry too much about exercise as I have some massive gardening projects in hand which need a lot of ‘grunt’ work with wheelbarrow, spade and rake/hoe.

    So, today is my first focused FD for February – ZBC as usual, 2 eggs on 1 slice sour-dough bread with grilled tomato for lunch and a spicy sweet potato, squash, red pepper, carrot (and anything else in the bottom of the fridge that looks edible) casserole in slow-cooker with cauliflower rice and broccoli for supper. Should have been last night’s meal but I swapped them about. Just sat down to write an article for magazine (deadline tomorrow) but thought I’d quickly catch up here first.

    Had a busy morning relocating 2 compost bins (and their contents). Since DH announced he was giving up his allotment plot, I have taken it on and instead given up my smaller plot 🙁 His plot has not been tended for a while so I have opted to completely redesign the layout, put in new beds, paths, move structures and generally get it to work better. It’s very hard work!

    Looks like just about all of us are really focused this month – wonderful title @brightonbelle – just the thing to keep us all on track!

    @northgeorgia – I definitely agree, eating out at work is not a good way to go. When I was lecturing free-lance I would often grab a lunch out between locations and then have a snacky supper later – when I look back at what I ate during the day it is no wonder I piled on the inches (and pounds).

    @linda.b – broccoli, the wonder vegetable! Used to hate it, now I live on it!

    @funshipfreddie – good luck with the paperwork but just keep thinking about how good it will be when you get there, rather than the journey!

    @stitchincarol – had to laugh at you cleaning out your fridge – you never know what mysteries lie beneath the cabbage leaves … When you have done your freezer, can you pop over and do mine – it’s jammed full, iced up and I can’t find a thing!

    Need to get focused on my article now – I think this is another long pocket list day:

    Pocket List Day 2

    Day 1 & 2 USA (Illinois) NFD

    It is so wonderful that these challenges are still going! @coda began them back in May 2016, and it was wonderful then, is still now.

    I am Gwynne, 74yo married female living in NW Illinois where I enjoy ALL the seasons. Yes, even winter. I found out about and began 5:2 March 15, 2016, found this forum in May. I wanted to lose 40# (18 kg) and proceeded to do so doing a very calculated (MFP) 5:2 with 400-500 cal. each FD. Also was very careful with NFD’s to keep under 1800 cal. It has been maintenance for me since then using a LOT of OMAD and 6:1 NFD/FD’s.

    Maintenance isn’t a picnic. I will fluctuate 3-4 pounds easily enough each week getting back to 163 (74kg) which at my age allows some of the wrinkles to puff out.

    It’s great to see some long familiar people back again @penz – this is the best place to be! I’m plenty busy with Choral Society (I am president, music manager, web/Facebook poster) and our local Children’s Museum (board member, volunteer, etc.). I will do my best to post as I am able.

    Onward and downward. (Which for me lately is mostly ONward!)

    Day 2 UK FD800

    I forgot to weigh myself this morning – a drag out of bed day and had to get going pronto! But I’m definitely feeling thinner, as much to do with muscles slowly tightening and fat slowly shrinking as anything else. Yay for keto/low carb eating! i’m hoping my clothes will fit better giving me that boost I need for the upcoming conference.

    I’ve set my out of office on all emails now and can focus on being ready for full weekend then straight to hotel on Sunday evening. It feels great to be caught up – and I heard today that the books I was due to edit won’t be this year due to issues at the publishers so I can enjoy preparing without any strict deadlines! The idea of just enjoying it is wonderful!

    I haven’t stretched today or drunk enough although I’ve had 4 decaf black coffees and a flask of peppermint tea and a litre of water. I still feel thirstier on FDs. I’m very late with supper so I’ll catch up with posts tomorrow – posting for accountability!

    Day 3, NFD, Aus

    Fri-yay! I’ve still been sleeping badly but managed to drag myself up this morning to take the dogs for a run, and do some very basic exercises for myself (planks, step ups, pushups etc). I pulled on a skirt for work this morning and boy was it tight. (I didn’t wear it.) That’s the sort of kick-start incentive I need every day.

    @northgeorgia – please bring back Wes and co! Might be the inspiration we all need.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Day 2 – UK – CD

    Been busy all day so just checking in for accountability

    Yesterday was definitely not the CD I had planned but a definite NFD after an unexpected dinner with friends visiting which I have to admit involved wine!!!!!

    Tried for a FD800 today but ended up with a good CD of around 1000cals instead – attempting for another FD800 tomorrow🤞

    DH doing OK although this resection seems to be a bit more uncomfortable which is all he will admit to!!

    Will try to catch up a bit more tomorrow although it will have to be probably sometime in the afternoon as I have a catchup yoga class at 0930 then meeting friends for a coffee and chat

    Right off to have a shower then bed for me 😴

    USA. Day 2 Second Post

    Today has been a better day! It is better for me not to journal right now. I had my yoga class this morning and the eating has gone well. Hopefully, everyone else is doing well according to how they are approaching their plan. One thing that is helping me is ask book that someone here recommended. I don’t remember who that was but I thank you. I can actually read the book to pull myself back on track when I start going astray! It’s Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Emotional Eating. It leaves food for thought and diverts my emotional eating attacks, which seem to always be in the evening starting around 3 p.m.

    If you are still awake wherever you are, I hope you are having a lovely evening!

    Day 2 USA/HI FD800
    Today was another accidental FD800. Home after a long, but productive, day visiting DH at rehab along with DS53. Had a nice salad for dinner with a couple hard boiled eggs and really not interested in eating anything more. So off to bed early and happily checking off another FD for this week.

    Pocket List Day 2

    Day 3 – Ireland – NFD 🚫🚶🏼‍♀️✅

    Hi all,

    Woke early and couldn’t get back to sleep. Too many things swirling around in my mind. So an early start to the day.. I’ll walk and then start work.

    FD yesterday went well although I nearly succumbed to crisps last night but held fast… now I’m glad. Busy weekend ahead on our new bank holiday – celebrating our beautiful St Brigid. It has snuck up on many but a great time to have an extra day off. ☀️

    Friday is the day I generally weigh in and I’m glad to see I’m heading downwards again…
    It’s been a good week – managing meds and getting back to work and routine. Caring for mum also a big part of this week but a pleasure. Family meeting this weekend just to catch up on how everybody is doing, appointments, etc…

    Have a lovely weekend everyone. 💕

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

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