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    @debster251 how lovely, a bit of sun is good for the soul. I’ve also got the fast 800 and I’m eating to that programme. I can fully recommend it! Like yourself in regards to TRE, I naturally undertake 18-6/21-3 as I very rarely have an appetite prior to 12:00hrs. Your 17000 steps is impressive! Enjoy your Rugby … it’s on our TV as I type.

    @elektron Are they any Keto strips (if that’s what you use) you can recommend please? I’m interested if I’m in Keto. Your rice cooker sounds useful.

    @songbirdme I also sleep badly if my carb count is to low. Tonight I’m making Chicken Biryani and I will also take a couple of Magnesium tabs. Fingers crossed we both get a good nights sleep. Just going to take a look at the link you posted. Thank you!

    @flourbaby lol at ‘Patience Grasshopper’ lol

    Peace & Love

    USA Day 2 FD (800 cals.; 16:8)

    Adding myself to pocket list:

    @ccco (800 cals.)

    I couldn’t find the post of the person who said she lost over 8 inches around the waist but I must congratulate you! That’s wonderful, especially since mine won’t budge! 🙁 I think some things are hard for me b because I have so little to lose! I made the mistake of having wine last night despite my swearing off the stuff and, consequently, I am up .4 lbs this morning!! So sad but I know what I must do. I guess that’s half the battle.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

    Day 2, Rocky Mountains, US, FD 800 cals

    Second day of Fast 800. Will be more difficult over weekend. No Super Bowl munchies tomorrow.
    Off walking the old puppy, then grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, later walking to one of our coffee shops before the rain starts. In the evening will be watching the new Poirot in the ‘ABC Murders’.

    Have a good Saturday everyone! 😊😊😊

    Day 2 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    I must remember that since there is now 30 lbs less of me I can’t tolerate the same amount of alcohol that I could when I had a bigger body mass!!! Or is it because I don’t now eat carbs other than fruit and veg? Perhaps carbs soak up the booze? Last night I declared that this weekend will be a celebration of the last weekend of my 50s and drinking half a bottle of red followed by 2 very large cognacs seemed a good idea. Its early evening and I’ve still got a hangover 🥴 despite a lovely long beach walk that would usually clear my head. I had planned to begin my birthday on Tuesday with a glass or two of fizz with breakfast but I’m reconsidering as I don’t want to begin a new decade feeling sick 🤢 so new plan is to pace myself and drink more water 🤞

    Have a fab weekend everyone 🤗

    Day 2 UK CD

    Yesterday was pretty grey, my brain wasn’t working well and everything was a huge effort. Definitely celebrating the fact I didn’t eat my emotions!

    Today I’m working on my February goals by putting intention into practice 🙂 With one eye on the Six Nations tournament (go Scotland!) I’ve made two massive veggie stews – one with Indian spices, the other with chilli, garlic & ginger. That’s my main FD food for February sorted 🙂 I’m so much more likely to be successful when I’ve planned ahead and have easy Fast Food 😀

    My interest has been piqued by how many challenge buddies are recommending MMs Fast 800 book so just ordered it myself. I always eat 16:8, OMAD on FDs and low carb; I’ve been vegetarian for most of my adult life and now have several vegan days each week. But having sat on a weight plateau for pretty much 7 months it’s good to mix things up. I won’t switch to straight 800 days this month because I’ve other goals and a fair bit on, but definitely thinking about it as a goal for March – or indeed for Lent 🙂

    Reflecting on the conversation about changing waist size….since I began this WOL I’ve lost 6 inches from my fat suit – that’s from each of my bust, waist and hips. While I’ve still got a little way to go, it’s good to remember that my hips are now the size my waist was a year ago! And my clothes size seems to have changed more rapidly while I’ve been on this weight plateau – worth remembering that scale changes aren’t everything 🙂

    @flourbaby lovely to see you back again 🙂 And empathy re January – I’d lost my Christmas timber by day 10, then regained most of it by day 31. Nil desperandum!

    @dykask many congratulations to your smart and hard-working daughter – that’s an epic achievement! I’m going to take another leaf out of your book and count my FDs this year – really helpful to see them add up 🙂

    Day 2 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    Just finishing up the 42 hours fast. Looking forward to breaking it with some Keto friendly scones and bacon plus veggie & egg scramble.

    @Electron – are you following the ketogenic diet?

    @judyjudes – do you think perhaps more healthy fat along with the low carb would help you sleep as you’d be satiated? Yes magnesium is often helpful for sleep as well. Some folks on this forum make it to apply to feet before bed…

    @debster251 – enjoy Tenerife! On my last visit to the islands, I split my 9 days between Tenerife and Lanzarote. I so love the Canaries. Must figure a way to spend more time there. How long will you be there?

    @ccco – Yes, my waist has gone down a total of 8 1/2 inches since the fall of 2016; in Jan it went down 1 inch. You’re right though that you are so close to your goal weight so that is often tougher. What ratio are you at for waist to height?

    Enjoy the weekend fellow fasters!

    USA Day 2 FD (800 cals.; 16:8)
    Second Post

    Hi, AnneMarilyn! My waist to hip ratio is not good. I am 5 ft. 3 in. with a 34 inch waist and 37 inch hips. Even as I lose, this seems to stay constant. I will keep on trying, though!

    Day 2 London UK FD

    A busy Saturday today. I don’t normally fast at the weekend but my husband’s away so thought I’d take the opportunity to get one in especially as I know we’ll have a takeaway tomorrow night!

    My toddler is unwell, just the usual cold and cough that happens this time of year but it sure makes for a long night. Hoping he sleeps better tonight. I keep reading about putting Vicks on the soles of their feet for coughs. A new one on me but I’ve tried it tonight so fingers crossed.

    I closed the kitchen at 6pm and am going to have an early night so will wish you all good night now. Yes, it’s 8pm on a Saturday night…what can I say, I’m so rock and roll these days…😂

    Post 3

    For those who said they were interested in how the ghrelin & leptin hormones affects our appetites etc


    I’m not sure if the link will work… fingers crossed.

    Other business … Well done England!

    Post 4

    This paper backs up my own experience and what I always suspected. I know there is another lady on this thread with a similar history to myself.


    Day 2 – California – NFD

    It’s going to be rainy all day here which is unusual. Today I am doing a 16:8 to recover from the effects of falling into a bag of cheese puffs and eating mindlessly through them which even though I wasn’t hungry which I blame on the margarita I had with dinner. Luckily I don’t drink often as it plays havoc with my self control.

    Conragulatikns @dykask for your daughter achievement!

    Day3, Wellington, NZ FD800

    Don’t know what happened yesterday – everything went sideways in a big way and a FD turned into an EFS day with added alcohol -@rafiki I hear you!!

    Woke this morning disgusted with myself and determined to have a good FD today. Went to the market and felt seriously tempted by delicious food truck offerings, but did my fruit and vegetable shopping and came home to egg and spinach on toast. Phew.

    Off to buy new scales. I’m starting to suspect the old ones have given me fake news on the weight loss front, so I may have to rejig my January figures 🙁

    @songbirdme – try the zucchini bites in MM’s fast800 – simple, yummy and very low calorie. Even the OH can’t get enough of them and proudly makes them for his fishing buddies.

    @chipmunk13 – I will have to check out that recipe! Summertime, especially, I am always looking for good zucchini recipes. Thanks!

    Day 3 – Perth AUS – 800

    Started the day with a bowl of Coco Pops (Choc Krispies?) and discovered it was about 250 calories! And now I have a stomach ache too… It’s as if the calorie debt wasn’t enough bad karma for drifting out of the Fast lane, so BAM! Here’s a stomach ache. Oh well 😐 Better be careful for the rest of the day… and check BEFORE I eat those calories next time. Pretty sure I wouldn’t have woofed down a bowl full if I’d known what it was worth. A small meal for the calories spent. And packed with carbs and sugar…

    @songbirdme Icy poles are also called popsicles, freezer pops, ice lollies, ice pops or ice drops according to Wikipedia. Should have known popsicle – can’t believe I had to look it up 😛 Just couldn’t think what else you’d call them, but they are called popsicles here too and we call the sticks pop sticks.

    @judyjudes I use the test strips. They’re said to not be the most reliable, but I think they’re accurate enough for my needs 🙂 I’m also trying to be careful not to go too far into ketosis, as I suspect that isn’t good for you and I’ve had kidney issues in the past. I use Keto-Diastix, a Bayer product that shows ketones and glucose in the urine, but the glucose hasn’t shown up for quite a while which is awesome. The version without the glucose panel is Ketostix. They might be cheaper too since they only test one thing. Also, that was a really interesting article re: helicobacter. Got me looking up leptin resistance and wondering what the perfect balance of gut bactieria would actually be. Hopefully my kefir is doing the right thing!

    @annemarilyn usually I am eating keto, but unfortunately there are things like icy poles, Coco Pops and pizza in this world that weaken my resolve 😛 I have found cauliflower rice and zucchini ‘spaghetti’ have helped substitute my main carb sources though (rice and pasta). And a great way to increase fibre too!

    Day 2 Minnesota, USA NFD

    quick check-in…..enjoy the weekend, everyone!

    Day 2 Ohio, US — MFD(#11) ✔️

    A good MFD. Lots of running around. Sorry about duplicating the list of acronyms.

    @betsylee Since MFD already has a place in the “dictionary” as a 800 calorie fast day, I’ve just been using that instead of any new abbreviation. It seems to work out okay.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Hi, please count me in, I’m on the downward slope now, have lost 16.5 kg, currently weigh 68.1, am aiming to lose another 6 kg and am 169 cm. It is a nfd today but tomorrow I do 4 FDs btb.

    Day 3 Melb Aust CD

    Had a NFD day yesterday, was surprised to find I didn’t enjoy my indulgences, so have ended up with a CD day today (provided I don’t weaken this evening, but I don’t think I will). Just 125 gms of blackberries to enjoy a bit later.

    @songbirdme, as someone has already posted, icy poles are also called frozen popsicles.

    @matpi, yes, I guess MFD does the job. Just that with the new book, F800 may be a bit more descriptive. Well I guess that provided each person knows how much is being eaten, what it’s called doesn’t much matter.

    Have been interested in the waist measurement debate. Mine’s not moving much yet, but it seems from the measurements on the forum spreadsheet, I have much bigger hips in relation to waist than most of you. My mother always said it was a McNicol characteristic, from her family line. Maybe short and dumpy is the most accurate description!!!!?? 🙂

    Day 3. UK. Fast800

    I’ve broken my 12 day run of small loses. Got on scales to find I’m up 1.3lbs. I think it’s because I had proper rice lamb biryani. It was going to be home made but my online shop didn’t arrive (coming today, I could have swore I’d ordered for Saturday delivery) so my other half fetched it from the local restaurant. They didn’t have the calorie content available. I only had 2/3 of a portion. The only other food I had yesterday was home made soup for a late lunch.

    Wise other half said it would be water weight which I agree with. Anyways I really enjoyed my Biryani but the extra carbs still didn’t help me sleep through. Wide awake at 3:00 until about 5:30 then awake again at 7:30.

    @ccco i understand about being frustrated by waist size not reducing. I’ve seen mine as low as 30 during recent times (even though I was heavier than I am now) but when I measured on Monday it’s now 34. My largest I think was about 38. Down overall. To think I was about 22inch as a younger lady. I know I’ll never see that again but I will be very happy to get under 30. You are my waist & hip twin as we are the same size.

    @michelinme fantastic inch loss! Well done 🙂

    @annemarilyn I have some magnesium spray so will try that tip tonight thank you. I always wear socks to bed (not very sexy I know lol) so will spray before I put them on.

    @elektron yes I find our body chemistry fascinating. As we get older, losing weight isn’t just cals in versus cals out. If you ever find a fabulous probiotic or emzyine let me know lol. In regards to Keto I don’t fully understand it’s benefits other than your body runs of them if there isn’t anything else or something like that. It’s so complicated.

    Anyways sending good vibes to you all.

    Peace & Love

    Day 3: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD.
    Bright, sunny, icy and snow everywhere still. I hope it thaws before I return to work on Tuesday.
    EEek….my waist is 35 and a half, (90cm?) compared with my hips, almost identical. I’m only (just about) five foot two as well.
    When I got to maintenance in 2016 (so long ago, and since undone…) I went down to about 30″ on the waist. Still a long way from the 25″ of my youth though (at a similar weight). Call it post menopause, I suppose. Most of my excess weight goes on my mid-section….the worst place, of course.

    Day 3 NFD Derbyshire UK
    Got up late this morning. The dogs had me up twice in the night 4:15 and 5:10 so I was determined to lie in and let OH deal with them this morning! One of our dogs is very old and deaf so he barks loudly when he needs to go out. Still I feel much refreshed now and looking forward to a brisk walk with them in the snow. I am off to the gym tomorrow morning and it will be a fast day to help rid the excesses of the weekend. Who would have thought I would be looking forward to it so much. That’s why I love this WOL it doesn’t feel like a diet at all, it just feels like I’m taking care of myself. Happy Sunday everyone.

    Day 3, Ireland, NFD

    Oooooh i feel a bit bad about this…yesterday I was making a cheesecake for todays family get together, I had made too much topping for the base (a mixture of cream, cream cheese, and baileys!) and so I ate the few tablespoons that were at the bottom of the bowl!!
    The rest of the day I was out a lot and had nothing apart from a few coffees so the cheesecake was all I had all day…..does that make it a FD? NFD? Not exactly a healthy way to use my calories but in my defence I hadnt planned it to be a FD…..
    Anyway plan my 1st proper FD of the month tomorrow and actually looking forward to it. Have a good Sunday everyone!

    Day 3, London, UK, FD

    Still sticking to the new 800cal regime, weekends were always my toughest days to remain mindful, but sticking to 800cals seems to be achievable ………………….. so far, so good!!!

    Also, there appears to have been some kind of alien abduction, mind melding or brain swapping since I launched myself out of bed this morning at 8am (it’s Sunday too!!!) and did the 30 day shred …………………………… before coffee!!! My arm is aching just from patting myself on the back!!!!!

    I know it’s early days, but I’m hanging onto the positives until my mojo is superglued into position!!!

    I’m off to Tesco to stock my freezer with New Covent Garden soups (1/2 price) which are my standard FD meals at work, although doing the Fast 800 means every day is a FD, so salads & stir-frys will mean I can eat fresh foods too.

    Stay strong everyone, embrace the hunger, it’s normal, it’ll pass, have a glass of water!!!!!!

    Day 3 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Managed to eat up my TDEE fairly well yesterday, with only some more carbs than I usually do. My DAFD always feels like it ought to allow some treats. Scale didn’t mind yesterday’s calories.

    @debster251 – the Canaries have been on our bucket list for a while, but then again, that list for travel is huge. I know you will enjoy yourselves.

    @elektron and @betsylee — your summertime would certainly be a good time for “icy poles!” Our recent Polar Vortex here in the US Midwest had me thinking of other possible icy things! Popsicles are a brand name, and the thought of them sent me searching to validate that. I love words, and sure enough, found a website that has 41 different brand names that have become generic. I knew a few, but wow… some I never knew started as brand names.


    Sorry for the off topic diversion…

    Playing piano for church this morning, so I must get moving.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 3 non-fast day Northern Ireland

    Hello to everyone new and old

    Forgive me that I have been absent for all of January. My OH and I had a wonderful time in New Zealand, catching up with our son and exploring a little more of this beautiful country. I had the most wonderful swim in Otama beach, and the memory will stay with me a long time. The flights are arduous, and it took a good few days to recover and adjust not only to the time difference but to coping with the cold of winter. It was also difficult to come back to reality, to get back to work and the ongoing saga – it was quite nice that while my troubles were far away and didn’t quite go away, the distance helped, and I found on some days I managed to escape completely.

    On my return home it was my Dads 90th Birthday. My sister and I took him for lunch on the day of his birthday and at the weekend we had organised a surprise party with some friends and more family. A good time was had by all and it was nice meeting up with friends and family at a happy occasion rather than a funeral.

    Thank you @at for looking after January and February – greatly appreciated these are for you for looking after us last month 🙂


    With regards to me and my weight loss, it wasn’t New Zealand that did the damage as we walked loads. It was on my return that I once again began to eat my emotions, stressed – I ate, tired – I ate, bored – I ate. I just couldn’t find that off switch. I began to feel my work trousers tight again and that bulge was getting bigger. I haven’t been able to get into my exercise routine, no runs or no squash as of yet. I know once I do this will help not only with stress and my mental health but will curtail the mindless eating but this cold weather is not helping. I really feel the cold, always did but as I get older it seems harder to bear.

    My plan is – I have decided to enrol in a gym but with the added support of the personal trainer who runs it. It is a small gym and the programme I have joined is for 60 days. I can have up to 3 sessions if I wish, ideas and tips what to do if I can’t make all 3, online support in a group, and his watchful eye on me. I am hoping the accountability will help keep me on track. It is at least a plan.

    Also, I want to get back in touch with this group, some of which have been with me since day 1. I will do my best to log on each evening, even if I don’t catch up on all that is going on, I will be accountable to tell you how my day has gone. Now to catch up with some of what has been going on in my absence.

    Love and hugs to all – remember you only fail if you stop trying

    Day 3, Emden Germany, NFD

    I decided to do the basic 5:2 this month, it worked very well in the past. What I did last month was ridiculous, way too many FDs, WFDs and LFDs. All I have to do is to eat healthy food in normal amounts and to stay away from sweets. The last thing is easier said than done, so we plan to have no more sweets in the house. When they come in, I’m the one eating them so better not to buy them.

    @coda welcome back, how lovely to have you with us again! I’m having problems catching up with everyone allready, days are so short when being busy.

    @emma1202 you’re welcome, I remember struggling with all the abbreviations when I staring this WOL 2 years ago.

    @matpi thanks for posting even more abbriviations, it’s helpful for the newbies.

    @at I’m sure you enjoyed your dinner! We tried out most of the restaurants in the neighbourhood, nothing to recommend in this area. We had some real kitchen nightmares.

    @annemarilyn I’m sure @borealis and I will survive the April Challenge, if we’re stuck, I’m sure someone will help us.

    @dingping I’m sure my lovely DH prefers to get up early and work to doing something in the house. It’s fine with me, I like doing it. How did your painting go? I have to paint the ceiling a second time, I didn’t do it evenly. Does your DH come home at night or does he stay in London after finishing work?

    @diggly we had painters in 3 times, wasn’t a real success. Paint everywhere, paintdrips (don’t know how to call them) on the doors and radiators painted badly only at the top and the front.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    2nd post sorry, meant to write abbreviations.

    USA Day 3 FD (800 cals., 16:8)

    Weighed myself this morning and found myself down 1.4 lbs.!! This 800 calorie business seems to be right up my alley! 🙂

    I didn’t see a pocket list today and could be no one plans to fast on a Sunday but just in case, I will begin one.

    Day 3 Pocket Llst:

    @ccco (800 cals)

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Day 3 – California – FD

    Day 3 Pocket list:

    @ccco (800 cals)

    Hey @coda:
    Great to hear from you. NZ sounds fantastic. My daughter just went to Australia for three years on a new job. As you say, arduous flight, big time difference plus summer vs. winter.

    Day 3, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    It seems I’m calling a nfd a cfd.

    @at thanks for wishing me on board this forum.

    Today was my first grandson s birthday. I had a lovely time. The children had such a fun.

    Tomorrow will be a nfd for me.

    Have a good evening/night everyone.

    Day 3
    NFD – I stayed the same. Yea! I’ve eaten out every day this past week so I was nervous weighing in today. When I eat out, I do try to eat just half and bring the other half home. Plus I walked 5,000+ steps in two days, which is a lot for me. Our new health insurance will pay you if you get 8 days of walking, etc. in the month, but has to be at least 5,000. steps. So, that’s a motivation for me. 🙂
    Today is being spent on art projects.
    Hope everyone has a great Sunday.

    Day 3, Rocky Mountains, US, Fast 800

    Off walking the doggie 🐕 before it starts raining 🌧. Then walking 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️ to one of our coffee shops for an afternoon Americano ☕.
    Will read posts later.😊

    Have a good Sunday everyone! 😊⚘😊⚘😊

    Day 3 Belfast NFD

    A few gins during the match(I had to drown my sorrows! The best team did win though) and a lovely meal has put a couple of pounds on the scales this morning. 😏 As an Englishwoman supporting Ireland, I do get some funny looks when I cheer, but I’ve lived here longer than I’ve lived in England, so that’s my excuse!

    Rather than go completely sugar free and then fall dramatically off the wagon, I’ve decided to do a 5:2 so to speak – no sugar (and no alcohol) Mon to Fri and then moderation at the weekend. We’ll see….

    @ccco and others in the waist debate – initially I lost 6” from around my waist, but now, technically being in maintenance or just above, those last inches have welded themselves around my middle. At 5’ 6” my waist is half my height but it is too much flab, especially when the rest of me is quite trim. I think it was @basyjames who recommended a while ago to ditch the carbs. When I get back home, thats exactly what I’m going to try.
    @missybear – happy birthday for Tuesday. May you have a wonderful day.
    @annemarilyn – we usually go to Lanzarote. I haven’t been Tenerife before. We’re there for a week; OH is suffering with arthritis and wanted some warmth on his bones!
    @judyjudes thank you for the link. An interesting article. I take a ridiculous amount of Nexium to keep acid at bay, but I’m not bothered(or at least not the the last time I was tested) by Helicobacter. I’m very keen to improve my gut health, and take kefir daily. I’m also experimenting with kombucha.
    @yellowandblue – ‘licking the bowl’ is one of life’s all time pleasures!
    Thank you @songbirdme. I’ll try very hard!
    Welcome back@coda. I just loved NZ. We’re glad to see you back in touch.

    Sunday dinner beckons.

    Enjoy the rest of your day

    Day3 Central coast CA. NFD

    BAHHH! I have been trying to have a non food day this entire week with no luck as my stomach has been acting up and I have felt really awful. Until today! I found a solution and its now 10:30 with no indigestion and no pain or nausea! I am really relieved! The more this was happening the more depressed I was getting about it. And the more depressed the more I didn’t really care about what I was eating or drinking.
    THE SOLUTION? Ginger tea, and not just store bought, which didn’t seem to do anything for me. I bought Ginger and boiled it up, and it tastes so much better than the teas. Thankfully I can now start again with renewed vigor.
    The weight lifting classes fill the exercise need three days a week and I enjoy it immensely. However, I’ve not figured out the cardio HIIT yet. I really don’t like running though I had good luck losing weight with it.
    So far my weight has fluctuated between 149 and 145, and I cannot seem to get below 145. Today I am back up to where I started, after a month this has not been fun or encouraging.
    Endless rain here and big wind storms at night aren’t helping!! This time of year is difficult, and Im not even in the Polar Vortex!!
    I think I just needed to complain today and I really appreciate being able to vent here.
    To end on a positive note I can actually say that I’m really looking forward to getting started on this WOL again and giving it the old school try!
    PS to this gizmo is something that is in development that I just read about today called Lumen which is a weightloss aid which looks really interesting to me however I will never pay that much money for it. But it is still in development. I’m interested to see what you all think about it. https://lumen.me

    Day 4 Wellington, NZ, NFD

    Well the demon scales have gone and although they weren’t giving too much fake news they were too inconsistent to survive. RIP. New scales saw me at 77.2 this morning so I’ll make that my starting Feb weight and adjust the spreadsheet – still aim for 3 kg loss this month.

    @coda welcome back! Long time no see. glad you had a great time in our fabulous country. We love to see all you northern hemisherites down our way.

    Exciting day today – sone and daughter in law arrive from the middle east with our grandboy. He’s 18 months and we last saw him at 6 mths. Can’t wait!! WE only have them for a few days but sooooo excited.

    Day 3 UK NFD

    Yesterday I made a baby GF oat & seed loaf for my house and a big loaf for today’s community lunch meeting…progress as previously I used to make a big loaf for me each week. Then instead of wolfing the whole thing down and ignoring all other food I stopped at half or 200g (it’s v dense bread) which could have been a lot worse! At the lunch today I had 1.5 slices – and made sure I ate the salad first… progress 🙂

    Today was long & difficult at times but good … I’m so good at saying no thanks to cake and biscuits most days, it becomes second nature. So glad I have February’s FD food all squirrelled away in the freezer – tho good to pay attention to NFD too! Full week coming up and plenty to squish in, it feels good to have done the prep to support this WOL. Now for bath and early night so I can set myself up for yoga & meditation tomorrow. Onwards & downwards…

    @coda welcome back, glad you had a good time. Good luck with the settling back and returning to difficult family stuff x

    day 4 – Japan – NFD
    day 5 – Japan – NFD

    I’m going to try to do my fast tomorrow. This week required a schedule change.

    Day 3 Ohio, US — MFD(#12) ✔️

    A good MFD. It didn’t get as warm as predicted here today, but it did get up into the 40’s F (> 0 C) and the sun was out, so it was just like Miami Beach (or the Riviera)! (I don’t know what the equivalent is in Australia.) Right now the plan is to finish the second week of MFD’s of the Fast 800. Then I’m debating what course to take: stay on another week of MFD’s, go to 5:2, or maybe to 4:3. Two weeks of MFD’s have shown me that I can lose weight. I was beginning to doubt that. But having NFD’s is pretty nice for variety and flexibility. Well there are two more days to figure that out.

    One nice thing about the warmer temperature was that I was able to take the dog out for a walk, the first time in more than a month. He’s perkier tonight than he has been for quite awhile.

    @dykask Have a great FD tomorrow!

    @chipmunk13 Hope you have a great time with your son, DIL, and grandson. 12 months is a long time in a baby’s life. He’s probably 6 feet tall by now 🙂

    @ab 805 I tried your link and Lumen does look interesting. I wonder if they can take food allergies and sensitivities into account in their recommendations.

    Day 3 Minnesota, USA NFD

    @coda, I was so heartened to read your post. You really do not seem to have any real idea about the impact you have had on so many lives by simply starting the May 2016 challenge, and then curating it with kindness and wisdom… and then the next days and other challenges. Always, with kind and insightful comments. You have been a positive influence in many lives, and, you also set in motion this whole challenge “thing” that has been going on for almost 3 years. What an achievement!!!


    We are watching the Super Bowl (American Football). I will just say that, though the New England Patriots will probably win once again, I’m for the underdogs….the LA RAMS. Doubt it will happen. I cooked Buffalo Hot Wings because that’s a traditional food for Superbowl. I also made a queso cheese dip, but found I lost interest in this cheese sauce early on. It just seemed heavy and not worth the calories. Funny.

    Day 3 – USA – NFD

    @missybear, happy 60th…am I too early? @dykask, congrats to you, your wife, and daughter on her success! @annemarilyn, best of luck to you in the 30 day keto challenge…I have the test strips (never used) and all the info, just never found time to be so strict with the macros, plus never really wanted to exclude beer (a very important food group imo, lol). @flourbaby, happy birthday in advance (Feb 24?)…@Gretta, enjoy your belated honeymoon! @coda, so happy to hear from you and admire your can-do attitude despite your trials…@Chipmunk13, how exciting to be able to see your grandbaby again, as well as son and DIL. Enjoy the visit!

    Day 4 – Perth AUS – 800

    Just checking in and reading!

    Day 4 – Melbourne Aus – FD

    Lots and lots of posts to catch up on, things have been a bit hectic.

    Have had quite a stressful weekend, and in turn ended up eating more carbs than planned, making today’s FD a little harder than usual.

    Stayed away from sugar on the Friday night out with the girls, that’s a win.

    Looking forward to catching up on all the posts, hope everyone’s Monday is going well!

    Day 4 Pocket List

    Day 4, Emden Germany, NFD

    @chipmunk13 enjoy the visit of your family, do you see them once a year?

    Time to get up the ladder and paint the ceiling for the second time, listening to The Danish National Symphony Orchestra.

    Have a nice day everyone and good luck to all Monday’s fasters!

    Day 4 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Going to try a week of Fast800 from today. I had a very hectic weekend, out on the town with work for dinner and drinks on Friday, the rugby on Saturday (gutted…@debster251 but yes the better team win), then the awards ceremony and overnight stay with dinner and more drinks, then stepdaughter and her girlfriend called around yesterday evening and more dinner and drinks 🍷

    Quite too much starchy carbs too. And I look and feel bloated. I saw a number on the scales that I am going to ignore as it’s just wine weight 😱

    I hope hope hope I can get through today without having any birthday cake in work….my friend (who got me this job) turns 65 today so there will be cakes galore in work. I will try to avoid but if my friend proffers me some of her cake I will have to take it or she WILL get offended. So if I do have cake it’s chicken bone broth for my evening meal and hopefully manage the 800 calories ☺️

    Great to see you back @coda.

    Day 4 pocket list

    Day 4. UK. Fast800

    Pleased to report the weekend went well and I’ve already lost 1lb of my Biryani 🙂

    Closed my belly at 826 cals @16:30hrs yesterday and plan on late lunch at 13:00hrs today.

    Other news. Slept ok until the neighbouring farms cockerel started his 04:00hrs calling …. grrrrrr

    Wishing everyone a great week.

    Peace & Love

    Day 4 Herefordshire UK NFD
    Day 3 NFD

    Yesterday went badly – didn’t plan, was exhausted and strayed into a supermarket tired and hungry resulting in a carb heavy day.
    Head on and going to be in control today.

    @coda – hi and welcome back your swim sounds magical.

    @snowflake56 – OH stays with family during his working week. I drop him off at the nearest train station on Wednesdays at 5.30am to get a London train and drive up early Sunday morning to London to pick him up. He’s on holiday this week so he’ll be busy with drill (DIY tskill I’ve not mastered) putting up curtain rails, pictures, mirrors, wall hanging cupboards etc. I was so tired Saturday I didn’t get as much painting done as I’d hope. Going at it again today, thankfully no ceilings to do. I do get frustrated when paying for something and find the result no better or worse than I could do myself – applies to restaurants and house trades. Good luck with your painting.

    Have found interesting all the talk on waistlines and body morphing and look forward to reporting my own transformation. Somethings happening as my trousers keep falling down!

    Have a good day all stay focussed.

    Ta x

    Day 4 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    @coda glad you enjoyed NZ and good to have you back with us.

    @metatauta thank you for the birthday wishes, 60 is tomorrow but I began celebrating on Friday……so feeling a bit wine heavy and bloated and much in need of today’s FD.

    Day 4 pocket list

    Together we are stronger 🤗

    Day 4, London, UK, FD800

    Still feeling positive today about completing another 800cal FD, these days at home have always been tricky, maybe the thought that every day will be the same for a couple of weeks makes it easier to follow?? FDs always were a breeze, NFDs? ………………….. not so much!!!!!

    @coda, so pleased you’ll be checking in as & when!!! NZ sounds wonderful, I could live on a beach!!!!

    @ab 805, I love ginger tea and as you say, making your own is so simple!!! Even easier is to just grate a lump straight into the mug & top with boiling water, the strength is the same as if you boil it, but less faffing about!! Just to clarify the acronyms ……………………. NFD is Non Fast Day where you eat to below your TDEE (I always use my goal weight TDEE) rather than non food day; FD is a Fast Day where you’ll consume anything from 0 to 800cals …………….. so sticking to 5:2 you’ll be having 5 NFDs and 2 FDs per week, good luck!

    @metatauta, thanks for the B’day wishes, it is the 24th and I’m putting it to the back of my mind otherwise I’ll start celebrating early (@missybear 4 days early is acceptable, but not 20 days!!) which means cake & wine!!!!!

    @daffodil2010, the pressures of other peoples’ expectations is sooooooo difficult to negotiate when trying to be mindful!!!!! How about using the toothache excuse, or the ‘I JUST had a piece’ excuse?? ……………….. well they’re lies really!!!!!

    Happy fasting folks!!!!

    Day 4 – FD- 500
    Dry til Fri February (weekends are too busy!) Sugar free. Crisp clampdown🤞

    Hello all!

    Thanks @at and all for the bon voyage wishes – I was in Haute Savoie this weekend so lots of snow…also lots of mountain food and drink so my weight is up again… by 2+ lbs but I hope to bring that down with some good FDs this week.

    Like @debster251 I found January very difficult in terms of staying alcohol and sugar free but will try again this month as did notice a definite improvement in brain fog and focus but will ease the pressure on myself as tend to beat myself up when I fail and this WOL should be a positive thing rather than applying more stresses and pressure… the most important thing I “re-learned” is that I can stop myself myself and do not have to gorge when I come into contact with sugar/alcohol/crisps (added to my list for February). French crisps are sooo bad (in a good way or good in a bad way 😂)

    @coda – great to see you back here! I am so grateful to you for starting this forum off and it’s great to see your name pop back up! I loved NZ too when I visited many years ago… such a shame it’s so far away but I will get back some day!

    As some very wise women on this forum have said before : In a world where you can be anything…be kind 🤗
    Onward and downward ⬇️

    Day 4 Pocket List:

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