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  • Goodness me February is so nearly here!!!

    As no one had put up their hand to host this month – I could not let February 2019 be the month without a challenge so I’m hoping that those who have been on here for a while will all pitch in to help host this FEBRUARY 2019 – SHORTEST MONTH CHALLENGE!

    It’s hard to believe that @coda started these monthly challenges way back in May 2016 and so many of us have had amazing support to start and continue on our 5:2 journey.

    So, here’s how this works (same as it has always been):-

    1. Start your daily post with the day of the month, where you are from, and if you’re on a fast day (FD); a non-fast day (NFD) or a controlled day (CD) – (e.g. for 1st of February it would go something like “Day 1 – UK – FD” for me.)

    2. Give a quick intro about yourself in the very first post – mostly for the benefit of the newbies. A brief blurb about your journey so far and what you aim get from this way of life (WOL). Also if you wish, your starting weight and any other measurements (waist, hip, bust etc) you aim to keep track of throughout the month. You can record this on the spread sheet or if you are unable to I’m happy to fill it in for you!

    3. You can add any comments/questions/moans/whinges/triumphs… or anything you feel like you want to share with the rest of the forum. We all have good days and bad days, days we fall off the wagon and days when we hang in there for dear life………so if you want to share it – post it.

    Recipes, tips, tricks and questions can also be shared – most of us are logged on at one time or another and can clarify things, offer advise, support etc when needed – this is the great thing about this international forum, there’s always someone online!!!!

    Over the course of these monthly challenges, there have been small groups doing their own mini-challenges – called ‘pocket fasters’ or ‘pocketeers’ – they set a target and support each other through it. Anyone can join one of these groups or start a Pocket List – it’s entirely optional and flexible.

    5:2 basics – answers to many FAQs plus top tips:

    Hopefully the attached link below works – I have put the people who have participated in the January Challenge in and will edit the list as you join in over the month – I have given you all access to add yourself or edit your line as you wish – and I do hope that I have managed to set it up as anonymous – could someone let me know if it isn’t or if you have any issues accessing it……….



    Thank you @at x Please count me in 🙂

    Please count me in. Thanks.


    Thank you, AT, for agreeing to host us again! I thought about it but I have next zero computer skills. It really is a shame but I didn’t think I could handle it. I will be onboard again and am looking forward to the new month! 🙂


    Yes, please add me to this challenge. I’m new to this and need to join the group for Feb, it’ll be my 65th birthday so Id love to see how this goes, I’ve only bee doing two going on three weeks it for. where do we add something about ourselves other than our log in info?

    Thank you @at. I will be there! 😊😊😊

    Ohio, US

    Thanks @at for hosting. You’re great!
    Please count me in.

    Thanks @at for taking this on again! Please count me in.

    Thank you @at for hosting. I appreciate it and I’m in for month 2!


    Thank you @at for being our Forum Mummy again. I’m in. Short and focused is what I’m aiming for. A 4 week mini bootcamp of 800FDs.

    Thank you again!

    Hi there, really want to start 5:2 again after giving up in the Autumn!! Tried in January do do it alone but zero motivation! Count me in please!

    Welcome back @michelinme @emma-taylor @ccco @redrockgirl302 @matpi @elektron @rafiki44 @judyjudes – great to have you on board for this February challenge!

    @ab-805 – welcome to this FEBRUARY 2019 – SHORTEST MONTH CHALLENGE! You’ll find lots of support here – we are from all over the world and all age groups and it’s like a big cyber family.
    @yellowandblue – I remember you from the October and November challenge – stick with us and we will pull onto that 5:2 bandwagon in February


    @at thanks for starting off the February challenge. Its the month of my 60th birthday celebrations…..and DH has his birthday later in February….so it will definitely be a challenging month for me. I may not get the time to log in daily but I will be checking in on my usual Monday and Thursday FDs xx

    North Carolina, USA

    @at, thank you for hosting this month again! You did such an incredible job in January, we owe you a lot!
    Quick question: what’s the difference on the spreadsheet between the red names and black names? I think the green highlights is to indicate maintenance, correct?

    Welcome back @yellowandblue! I’m sure you can do it this month. It doesn’t matter if it’s fast or slow, forward progress is still forward progress. Hang in there 🙂

    @at: I’ll be here for February. Thanks for continuing to host. You’re a star!
    Maybe THIS will be the month I clamber back up onto the wagon?

    Hi AT, I seriously need to join this challenge. Thank you for setting it all up. I’m not very tech savvy so have not entered my details on your spreadsheet. Sorry! I’m looking forward to the challenge and will sign in on Friday.

    So lovely to have you three with us once more
    @missybear – a 60th birthday is to be celebrated with no guilt – knowing you I’m sure that you will remain in maintenance – this WOL allows us to indulge and stay on track too
    @emma1202 – the colours are to help me remember who has signed up for the next challenge – as they were all in red in January when I copied the names over to the February spreadsheet, I’m now changing them to black for February as folks sign in 😉 And yes Green is for those in maintenance
    @ciren2 – What would a challenge be without you on board – remember that Together We Are Stronger!

    @diggly – A big welcome to you – I have entered your name on the spreadsheet and so looking forward to hearing a bit more about you once the challenge gets underway


    Thanks AT for hosting the shortest month. Already got my days marked on the calendar.

    Hi AT, can I join back in please. Got so busy in December leading up to Christmas, and with the summer holidays in January … Back at work and into routine so back on the wagon!!

    @at count me in and thanks again for hosting – you have been absolutely amazing at hosting Jan!!

    I’m in!
    Many many thanks @at for setting up the February Challenge and handing it over to us all to take responsibility for it on a daily level. Very much appreciate your dedication and support to us all, you’re a ‘super star’ as OH’s favourite aunt would say!
    Ta x

    @at I’m in too! Thanks for hosting another month, I’m such a coward. I have to get over this so I’m offering to host the April challenge if someone is willing to do the spreadsheet, @borealis perhaps?

    Thank you very much @at for setting up the February challenge and handing it over as @dingping said, it is a good solution and I’m sure we will all do our best to support each other during this shortest month.
    I admire you offering to host April @snowflake56 – I feel like a coward too, I am so slow writing and responding in English, afraid that I will not be able to keep up with the tempo on the forum… but will be happy to do the April spreadsheet 🙂

    2nd post thank you so much @borealis, we should be the perfect couple for doing this! My English is far from good, so I’ll have 2 month to improve that, from tomorrow on I’ll only read novels in English, will start with Mary Poppins, 3 volumes.

    2nd post
    Dear @snowflake56 and @borealis what a dream team for April! You’ll both be perfect, so pleased for us and hopefully it will prove to you what we all love and know about you both – that you are brilliant, kind and insightful communicators in whatever language! Delighted, ta x

    Count me in @at. To coin a cliché, thanks to our hostess with the mostest for a double shift! I like ‘our forum mummy’! And @snowflake, @borealis and the others who post in a English when it is not your first language… YOU’RE AMAZING!

    Hello everyone 🙂

    Please count me in 🙂 , and thank you for being our hostess for February @at 🌹

    @at, count me in – I’ve already entered data, with measurements in both cms and inches.

    I’m 69, from Melbourne Australia, female, joined the forum in December, find the support and advice great for a newbie like me. Aiming to lose 4 kg in February (as if!, but maybe), still have 27 kgs to lose, to get to my target weight, so it’s the long haul for me. For most of February I’ll be sticking to 800 cals 5 days a week, to keep the weight moving downwards.

    Great to be working on weight with such a wonderful group of fellow journey-ers! Special thanks @at for being willing to set the month up for us!


    @diggly – I realised after I posted that you were in my first ever challenge November 2016 and I have participated in every challenge since so it’s extra nice to welcome you back 🤗

    Really lovely to have you all carry on with the February challenge @kaywesterman @gretta @dingping @snowflake56 @borealis @debster251 @shinything @betsylee

    @wacm – of course you can join back and a big welcome to you – Hope you had a lovely festive season and summer holiday – I have added you to the spreadsheet in case you want to use it
    @snowflake56 and @borealis – thank you for stepping up and offering to share the hosting for the April Challenge

    “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas Edison

    I’m new to this website and forum idea, You ask us to start a daily post with info about our story. Do you want us to post on this forum or on the diet tracker, ( which wouldn’t seem to work as one cant seem to get into anyone else tracker, or is a particular place for daily posting that is public?
    I managed to loose a little weight for the first time in two weeks so I wanted to crow about it some and share my not too impressive tale.

    Hi @ab-805 – You post daily on the forum – starting tomorrow in your case it would be Day 1 – California – FD or NFD.
    You can share a bit about yourself if you wish and/or whatever else you would like to talk about, not necessarily just about 5:2 but anything you wish to share.
    The spreadsheet was started by a tech savvy individual on these challenges a couple of years ago I think and is used as a tracker of their eating habits by some, whilst others don’t use it at all!
    We are fairly easy going on here – some post daily – others post adhoc but all contributions and comments are most welcomed.

    Look forward to getting to know you

    My Biggest road block seems to be a cranky stomach, it feels sour and tight and somewhat nauseous. what do you all do for that? I ended up breaking the fast and luckily still lost weight, as I ate so little.
    But Id love a solution to the discomfort.
    Years ago I had to go on a fourteen day liquid diet fast for stomach problems and lost quite a bit of weight, I was eating Jello and broth and a lot of crappy drinks with powdered flavors. Because the stomach problem had been so severe I remember the fast as being easy to do. and I don’t remember the discomfort/ indigestion right at the top of my stomach/
    so what’s up and do you have any suggestions.

    thanks so much for your quick reply and info. I hope to keep in touch with they forum
    all the best

    Day 1, Wellington NZ, NFD

    I’m here again and looking forward to another successful month, hearing everyone’s stories, and watching progress.

    Thanks @at for being our cheerleader.

    My story in a nutshell: When I lived in Oz my weight went up to almost 75 KG/ 165 LBS and its taken me 6 years of changing my habits and moving more to loose twenty pounds.But I have a wedding in August, AND I’m about to turn 65. So time to really work on this. My family seems to be short-lived because they haven’t taken care of themselves, so after reading about the effects of fast on long term health this really appeals to me. I plan on living until Im 110. or die trying
    Im really enjoying weight lifting and have a goal to join a Pole dancing class. I have long ago old wishes to be in the circus! But I’ll have to see first if I dislocate my shoulders!!
    Im looking forward to any tips, Im struggling with upper GI discomfort!, drinking warm water to non avail.

    Day 1 – Japan – WFD (#9 in 2019)

    Water fasting but I don’t really feel like doing it right now. I probably be fine. Yesterday I notice a big spike up in my weight, like 2kg. I didn’t feel it as I’ve been trimmer and clothes are fitting well again. Then I remembered eating the salty plum snack the night before! High salt causes me to retain a lot more water. I expect that will be working out of my system today! What a way to start a month.

    Please count me in for February, @at, and thank you so much for setting up this challenge! I will try to post often in the next 3 weeks to support fellow fasters. Last week of February I may not have access. Good luck to everyone throughout this new challenge!

    Day 1 second post —

    Change of plans. My daughter was just accepted into the number 1 public high school in Japan. So today is now a celebration day.

    @at – you dear, dear one, oh so willing to take us on again.
    Yes, I am in. Haven’t missed a month since May ’16 with @coda.

    Day 1 – Perth AUS – FD (800)

    Current weight – 70.7kg
    Monthly goal – 66.0kg

    Going to keep the 800 cals up through the month (or as long as I can in Feb) in the hope that I get to the target set! Still overweight and last month I failed dismally on the exercise, so hoping to include something daily this time around that gets the heart pumping. If I make it though the month it’ll be 8-9 weeks of Fast 800, so not much longer before it’d be time to switch to 5:2. Here’s hoping this stint will get me close to my overall goal!

    Day 31 Massachusetts USA NFD @at I love the quotes you post! I’m in for February and forever after. Waiting for the Spreadsheet link.

    Day 1 – Melbourne Aus – NFD

    Hi I’m Gretta, 30yo female engineer in Melbourne! I started 5:2 back in November 2017 (only taking breaks when I’m away on holidays). For a long time my weight was hovering at 75kg (I’m 176cm) and, although always fairly active, struggled to maintain a lower weight. Since then I’ve managed to drop just over 5kg (got down to 67kg last November at the time of my wedding, then Christmas happened) and not far off from goal of 68kg. Not to mention my relationship with food has improved, and I now feel liberated (and allowed to eat, if that makes sense…!)

    These forums and challenges have been the secret to my success – initial weight loss was great, but the challenges really helped with my own accountability, so I’m glad to be back!

    Month weight start – 69.4kg
    Goal for Feb 69.0kg
    ***Will be on our belated honeymoon from the 14th Feb till the start of March, so I’m hoping to stay focused the next two weeks to get a head start. Will be skiing in Japan, so hoping the exercise will help!

    Good luck to all in Feb!

    Day1 – California – NFD

    I’m 51 and female and from Southern California. I started this WOL back on December 17th and since then have managed to lose 6.6lbs doing the 500 cal 5:2 with some 16:8 days thrown in on non fast days. I want to lose another 8 lbs but may re-evaluate as I get closer.

    I’m starting at 133.2 lbs and want to get to 130 this month.

    Day 1 Derbyshire UK 174 lbs.
    Hi @at and everyone else. So looking forward to this challenge! I’ve put all my stats into the spreadsheet (proud of overcoming my tech ineptitude!) so hopefully will see me achieving my Feb goal weight of 168 lbs. I’m a 54 year old female from the Peak District in England. Thank you for remembering me from your first challenge @at. I knew I had done this before but didn’t realise it was that far back! We had a few family crises from Dec 2016 and I’ve let everything go to pot since then. I’m now back with a steely determination to succeed and this time my OH is joining in too. Makes it so much easier when you’ve got a partner to work it through. That’s why these forums and challenges are so important. My OH and I like to drink wine and naughtily have tended to have a tipple every evening. We have now made a pact to only drink 3 evenings a week and that has helped to cut the calories drastically. We have been fasting at 500/600 calories two days a week and then about 800/1000 for two days. Fri – Sun we don’t really count calories but endeavour to be mindful and sensible. Over the past fortnight I’ve managed to loose 6 lbs that way, hopefully it will continue to work for me. If not then we’ll rethink our approach. Since the summer I have given up work…my OH is already retired and we wanted to spend his retirement together and I also want to see more of my 90 year old dad who is now in a care home. Well that’s enough waffle from me. I’m looking forward to getting to know you all and supporting you in your goals. Good luck and keep warm if you’re struggling from this terrible winter weather in the northern hemisphere.

    Day 1, Emden Germany, FD

    Hi old friends and a very warm welcome to my new friends!

    My journey so far:

    I’m Dutch (from Limburg), 62 years old, married and retired. I never had any weight problems and always was a stable 56 kg until 7 years ago when I started a new job as a practice manager. My weight got more and more due to ice cream and sweets, it was 72.9 kg December 2016. In January 2017, weighing 70.9 kg/156.3lbs, I decided something had to be done and started to lose weight on my own. Started 5:2 at the beginning of February. From March on I joined the challenges. It worked very well, the weight just fell off, the support I got here was amazing. I reached my goal being 56 kg/123.5lbs on March 29th 2017 and maintained until July last year when I left the challenge. Without support my weight crept up again. Lost the excess weight during the September challenge, so I was back in maintenance again. This morning my weight is 57 kg kg/125.7lbs. My goal is to keep my weight in the range of 56-58 kg.

    Here’s the wonderful list of abbreviations @rainbowsmile made

    IF Intermittent Fasting
    WOL Way of Life

    FD Fast Day (500 cals)
    MFD Modified Fast Day (800 cals) on the new Fast800, it’s a FD
    WFD Water Fast Day (Water only)
    CFD Controlled Fast Day (1200 cals)
    NFD Non Fast Day

    5:2 5 days NFD:2 days IF
    ADF Alternate Day Fast, FD, NFD
    16:8 16 hours fast 8 hours non fast
    B2B Back 2 Back (days of FD or WFD)

    DD, DS Darling Daughter,Son
    OH, Other Half
    LOL Laughing Out Loud

    Keto, way of eating that generates Ketones
    LC, Low Carb way of eating
    LCHF, Low Carb High Fat way of eating
    TDEE: Total Daily Energy Expenditure

    @dingping and @debster251 thanks for the encouragement, we’ll see how it turns out. Try not to think about it too much, it’s scary.

    @elektron you’re doing great!

    @northerndawn we can do it whenever you want to, I will be around here for some time.

    Pocket list Day 1, if you want to join us, please copy and paste the list and add your name to it.

    @elektron 800 cal

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 1 Herefordshire UK FD
    Hello fellow challengers rolling over from January and hello to newbies it’s wonderful to have you all by my side.
    I’m a fifty plus lady who started this WOL and joining in with these monthly challenges in Feb 2018. Life got in the way last year, never developed any rhythm or consistency so no dramatic weight loss but the first year in which I’m lighter but could so easily be heavier given the tough personal year so I’m very grateful to have found here. So last year was a year of discovery, OH got a diagnosis, which not life threatening, still rocked our world but also put it into perspective. All this while in mid life crisis and trying to escape to the country. Well we got on with life, as you do, and are now discovering a happy life beyond OH’s diagnosis and moved into our new country home very early in January. Life is feeling great and free.
    Taking this new sense of freedom and using it to really tackle my health so pulling on all my experience of doing 5:2 last year to guide me through 2019 which is already a year of positive change.
    I haven’t weighed myself for several months now, the scales got packed up for the house move and although on the new bathroom floor I’ve ignored them as I get obsessed, so I’m not one to be posting weight changes.
    My plan this month is routine FD’s on Friday and Saturday with some weeks an additional one thrown in, have bought but not read the Fast 800 so will set some time aside for this and finally will get my 10,000 steps in at least 5 days a week. Simple!

    Back to today…
    @dykask – congratulations for your DD and enjoy the celebrations, one rightly proud dad!

    Take care all those caught up in bizarre weather events and wishing all a great month.

    Pocket list Day 1, if you want to join us, please copy and paste the list and add your name to it.
    @elektron 800 cal
    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 1 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    A new month!! It’s a busy weekends ahead with dinner and drinks tonight with the work crowd for my friends 65th birthday (and should have been retirement but they have offered her a one year contract from today), then tomorrow DH and I travel to the Midlands for an awards ceremony, overnight stay, and as Ireland take on England tomorrow at the start of the 6 Nations there may be Guinness.

    Have not had time to read all posts or update spreadsheet but I will soon. I love this forum and love the spreadsheet.

    Have a great Friday.

    Day 1 – NFD
    Dry til Fri February (weekends are too busy!) and sugar free 🤞

    Hello all!

    Thanks @at for the great job you did last month.. and for setting us up for February! you are very generous with your time and support for everyone!

    I’m back again for another month of challenge and loved writing “Day 1” at the top of my post 😀… I’m full of hope and positivity for the shortest month of the year! Although I felt so much better in my head having cut alcohol and sugar from my diet it honestly didn’t flow through to my body … I found January a very tough month but was also virally mid-way through so I’m putting all the negatives down to that..?

    I did reach my January goal quite early on but sticking to fast days was hard…. so -6lbs to 171.4 starting weight for February.

    I’m travelling to France this weekend so will not be “good” 😂… back to that on Monday!

    For those of you who are new, if you are copying the pocket list on FDs these steps might help:

    Copying the pocket list: there is a knack to copying the pocket list on a phone or tablet: You should hold your finger on the first line you want to copy e.g. “day 1 -pocket..” and the select option will display. You should then see a “start” selection marker and an “end” selection marker…drag the “end” selection marker to the end of the list and choose Copy..

    It’s best to start the selection on standard text rather than people’s names/links as they are links and you will automatically be linked to their profile..it can be a little frustrating…

    As some very wise women on this forum have said before …. In a world where you can be anything…be kind 🤗
    Onward and downward ⬇️

    Day 1. UK. Fast800

    Hi everyone and TY again @at for being our Forum Mummy.

    After a life time of being a skinny minny, I put on weight after sustaining a spinal cord injury. I started my weight loss journey in October 2017 and lost about 20lbs over about 6/7 months. Then I plateaued. Then I started putting the weight back on. Eating pattern was the same, eating to calorie deficit. Feeling frustrated I started the 5:2 & TRE in October 2018. Still not really shifting any weight, losses really small. 2 blood tests indicate abnormal thyroid function but as yet not receiving treatment.

    Last November I had another significant stomach bleed. Other than being diagnosed with being Coeliac, no other cause identified as yet.

    So in my quest to live an healthier life at a healthier weight I just kept tweaking my eating regime. Now I’m following MM Fast800, TRE and lower carb. So far so fab. Only another 1lb to go to get to where I was after initially losing 20lbs last year. I cant help but think how heavy I would be without being mindful and careful about my eating. I guess I’d be a least another couple of stones heavier.

    I have only 20lbs to go to maintenance. This feels doable now where as last year I was beginning to feel I’d never shift the podge.

    This morning the scales say I’m .7lb down since yesterday. That means my own mini goal of 3lbs has taken 6 days. My previous mini goal of 3lbs took about 4 weeks or so (memory is shocking). I set small achievable mini goals which aren’t time restrained as I don’t want to put myself under pressure.

    I will admit that last night I did feel a pang of hunger but my resolve remained strong, was determined not to break fast and I knew I’d be having an hearty brunch about 11:30hrs. Strange thing is I never ever wake hungry. Never. Why is that? Hormonal perhaps. Is it about leptin & gherlin? Fascinating. I need to research what promotes their availability.

    @ab 805 Welcome :). Sorry you’re suffering, I sympathise with your upper abdomen discomfort. I am the same. It’s always my upper abdomen that feels discomfort/pain/significant bloating etc. As well as being coeliac, It was recommended id follow the Fodmap diet, which can restrict choices further. I have a great app that I can quickly look food stuff up.

    @dykask Fantstic news about your daughter being excepted into the top school in Japan. You must be so proud!

    @gretta What a lovely event to look forward too … a Honeymoon. Skiing in Japan sounds very exciting!

    I intend to beat the Sheet! Never got my head around it. Not sure what to do actually and I’m afraid of breaking it.

    Good luck for our short and sweet 4 week February challenge.

    Peace & Love

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