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  • I am so looking forward to tomorrow, it should be our first warm spring day. It will be nice not to have the fire going all day, and I will be able to garden in shorts instead of being all rugged up.

    DH is happy, he’s a Hawthorn supporter, although it was bad planning to have our fast day on grand final day LOL.

    I noticed that most of you are doing Mon & Thurs fast days, we are doing Wed and Sat, but I will still weigh in on Fridays as you all do. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

    *Giving up is easy and always an option so let’s delay it for another day.*

    Good morning all, im intending on starting tomorrow i am new to this so any supoort would be greatly appreciated i have no books yet so just going on info from here thanks.

    Welcome to AUSSIE DETERMINATION Mazzy63. Most of us are doing our fast days on MON and Thursdays, We weigh in and post our weights on Friday,
    You will find great advise from all of us on previous posts,
    Start your fast from your last meal tonight.
    Have breakfast tomorrow which could be an egg or yogurt and strawberries. Drink plenty of water, tea coffee black as milk puts your calories up. through out the day, a peice of fruit at 11am to kerb the hunger pangs, make a pot of vegie soup to have at lunch then add protein such as chicken to the soup at night, This is what most of the group do,On Tuesday & Wednesday you are feasting.
    One of us will always answer any queries you have. We are a very motivated and supportive group ……Go Gal

    Morning Country girl,Hope your day went well yesterday. made brownies yesterday x1 slice 37 cals. my treat!
    Week 3 starts tomorrow for me……. will it be a surprise on Friday xx Go Gal

    Good morning girls, good morning Go Gal, gee the brownies sound yummy, how ’bout sharing the recipe for us,we all need a treat now and then and only 37 cals, great! Big welcome Mazzy63, go gal has set you straight, all I would add is to download My Fitness Pal, it makes counting calories so easy, you can plan your day ahead too.
    Good luck. Great day yesterday for Grand Final, over indulged in food and drink, but loved the family time. Have a lovely week everyone and stay focused.

    Brownie recipe ……as requested
    4 egg whites
    1/2 cup skim milk
    4 Tblsps proactive margarine
    1/2 cup cocoa
    1/2 cup gluten free icing sugar
    1 cup almond meal
    1/4 cup almonds
    cooking spray

    In a bowl beat egg whites for 2mins
    add milk to melted margarine
    pour into a bowl and add cocoa until combined
    sift icing sugar and fold into the almond meal and almonds
    spray the tin wih cooking spray and pour mixture
    Bake for 45min until firm to touch in its centre
    Turn out on wire rack to cool
    Cut into what ever size you want
    makes 16 squares( I make mine smaller so that its approx 40 cals per square)
    per sq 113 cals fat 0.9g ,fibre 0.2g, protein 2.8gm sugar 9.1g Has a GI rating of medium….Go Gal

    Thank you GoGal it sounds yummy and would fit easily into daily cal count on the odd occasion, I love something like that with my night time coffee.

    Thanks Gogal, i have a exercise program to start tomorrow am under a personal trainer, he said not to fast on exercise days so my fast days will be tues and thursday at this stage seeing how i go lol all new to me as i work everyday in the community lunches are proving to be difficult for me as im in and out of my car so need to have some ideas that could be practical in my situation

    Mazzy63, on fast days don’t have lunch, a lot of girls only have their evening meal, maybe yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, plenty of water through the day. Good luck

    You can also just have fruit with you,

    Hi Mazzy63, I am in and out of a car all day as well. I don’t find this a problem on my fast days or normal eating days. As Country girl has written Don’t have lunch , have some almonds or fruit and drink plenty of fluids.
    Once you get the hang of this way of eating …you will be fine.

    Thanks everyone for the support it is so very much appreciated,fsting has started i did my exercise program last night so i could fast today, strawberries and yoghurt for breakfast was good big glass of water on waking wish me luck taking some nuts and strawberries to work with me. Have a great day everyone

    Good morning girls, good luck today with those of you who are fasting. Remember to keep up with the fluids and as we know from past fasting days, it is really doable especially if we remain focused on our goal and don’t obsess on food stay busy and as always remember IT IS ONLT ONE DAY and look at the fantastic results we gain.

    Good morning girls, Happy fasting day! As my buddy country girl has written keep focused and drink plenty of fluids, have your fruit on hand. Roll on Tuesday 7.30am
    . This is my 3rd week and so far so good!WE ARE STRONG WOMEN, WORKING TO WARDS A HEALTHY GOAL!

    Good morning everyone, I’ve just joined the forum after completing my first fasting week last week. Now onto my 3rd fast day today. I quite enjoyed my first 2 fasts, I need to eat regularly but I pushed my meals to later (breakfast around 9am (I start worka t 730am!) then lunch around 130pm) with lots of herbal tea and water (oh and a small skinny latte for my and my coworkers sanity).
    I did lose 1kg last week despite having a few very ordinary days in there. I was aiming for 3 fast days this week to see if I could do it but too many social things on and I know when not to push myself.

    I’m loving the positivity and realism here! Have a great day everyone.

    Hi MrsMac15 that’s all great news 1k a week is a good loss, nice and slow the way it came on, we find some weeks you will drop a lot and other just a bit but either way it’s all good and so so easy ( and cheap) Welcome to our thread, all the girls are helpful and give advice, we have a weigh in each Friday and share our news. Most of us find daily contact is the way to go so it reinforces the feeling of not being alone on the journey, it also makes you feel accountable and honest. Good luck,

    Good morning everyone, hope you all had a great weekend! And welcome to our new members, you will soon get the hang of fasting with the great support and advice on here…

    Today is my 5th fast day…..can’t beleive how I am barreling along, felt a bit daunted this morning, but now that I’ve started….I am going OK… you say Countrygal…..ITS ONLY ONE DAY! Tomorrow I can eat normally again!

    I made the mistake of getting on the scales this morning and I am 2kg heavier than on Friday πŸ™

    BUT…..I am the same size… am guessing it in a temporary gain from a rather indulgent weekend….had visitors for most of it and a bit of eating and drinking went on….still once upon a time, I would have probably thrown in the towel and just given up….but lets see what tomorrow brings after my fast..

    Hope all that are fasting today are having a good one πŸ™‚

    Foxycoxy – that’s like me, my scales can show up to about 2kg fluctuation over a couple of days – although generally it happens if I’ve had a high salt/fat/alcohol couple of days. Often its the same just pre menstral. It comes off with a few days of watch what I eat and getting some exercise.

    Struggling a bit today I’m finding. Headachey, grumpy and hungry. Trying to drag out my lunch (salad) for as long as I can with a big bottle of water.

    Good afternoon everyone :). MrsM don’t forget to include some protein on fast days, I find it keeps DH more satisfied than just veges alone.

    Having a break from gardening for the next hour, then back into it. Its looking so gorgeous at the moment, all the rhododendrons are flowering, we have 27 of them in one large garden. Hope you all have a great day.

    *Giving up is easy and always an option so let’s delay it for another day.*

    Hi girls, I just read the last few posts, I had the same issue when weighing this morning, up 2 k’s, wonder of it has something to do with the weather?? Worth a try! Over indulged in front of the footy so paying the price. Like you all, back on fast day today, sailing along quite well, glorious weather, good outside day, my garden is looking a picture, so much in bloom, can’t help but feel good. Note to self: will look better in singlet top and shorts this year , soldier on, remember your goal! This is easy and sooooo worth it.

    Hi everyone,
    This is my 2nd week. I’m doing Monday and Thursday. I’ve found that if I only have tea until about 11.30am I can have a little more for lunch and dinner. This worked well last week I lost 1.3 kilos so I’m very happy.

    I haven’t included protein in my lunches on fast days so far, might be worth a try on Thursday :). I did find last week that when I had youghurt and fruit for breakfast that I was ok with the salad for lunch then had a good dinner. Dinners so far have been chicken and salad or a miso soup made with slendier noodles, mushrooms, prawns and sping onions on top. It was massive very filling and so easy to make. Tonight I’m doing chicken and pumpkin stirfry on slendier rice.

    MrsMac….protein is certainly the go….I had a hard boiled egg for brunch/lunch with tomato on some rice cakes, very satisfying….I am now having my one coffee a day with my brunch/lunch which makes me feel more satisfied as well…..

    Kazzbar…I only have two meals as well….about 11 -12 for lunch, then dinner around 6:30 ish….I allow for fruit in arvo, but often don’t eat it….I find it easier to go longer without food as sometimes it can kick off my appetite

    Your dinner sounds nice MrsMac…..I bought a pack of those slendier noodles, but the smell put me off, I threw them away…

    Yes Countrygal…..definately the weather I’d say….not the amount of sandwiches, toast and wine I had on the weekend πŸ˜‰

    Kvetna….your garden sounds nice. We have a large garden too, I’d love to put some Rhodadndrins in somewhere..

    MrsMac15 and Foxy, I have never heard of the slendier noodles, I’ll try them, we see on this site Zero noodles but doubt they are available here. Foxy what was the problem with the taste, are they flavoured? No protein as yet, or breakfast, only the must have first coffee, large bowl of fresh veg soup for lunch 79 cal, but drinking flavoured water…with lemon and mint all day, having a cuppa tea now ( nectar of the gods), and I will have more soup for dinner but add some chicken breast, thanks to GoGal’s suggestion last week, see this is the beauty of sharing, we can all learn as well as help. Way to go girls…

    By the way FoxyCoxy, too true with regards to Saturdays blunder!

    HI girls !You Girls from Victoria sure did party! Mine will be next week end in NSW. Today was week 3 ,5 fast day . Had plenty of water and tea, yoghurt and blueberries, miso soup for lunch and grazed on almonds. Felt satified. Hubby wants french cutlets for dinner so I may join him.
    What are these slender noodles?
    We are all doing sooooooo well Good work everyone!

    You think we partied with the footy? The cricket is my down fall, sitting sipping, nibbling going to be a tough summer!

    They are called Slendier Noodles….if you google you will find them, not too savvy posting links. This is the ingredients:


    Purified Water, Konjac Flour (3.8%), Firming Agent (Calcium Hydroxide, 526)

    It seems from this that they are mainly made up of firming agent? or possibly water? I’ve also googled the firming agent, and it’s says its safe….they just smelt funny and seemed a bit jelly like….but lots of people on here seem to enjoy them, just personal taste I guess

    I’m fasting today. This morning I had a peppermint tea before leaving for work and then had a cranberry and mint tea when I arrived at work.
    Lunch was a sizeable salad with a coleslaw mix (that you can buy from Woolworths), kale, a little avocado and tahini.
    I’ve just finished work and had an apple. Dinner will be carrot, leek and mustard seed soup which I made last night and comes in at only 98 calories !!
    I haven’t really felt hungry at all today which is great! Having a big bowl of soup for such little calories meant I could eat a good salad for lunch.
    I think I’ve found a winner for my fast days !

    I think slender noodles are the same as slim noodles. Victorian ladies you can find them in the health food section of most Coles and Woolworths. I believe they are made of a Japanese vegetable and are really low cal.
    A good rice alternative also is cauliflower rice !

    Wow girls, look at the flow of info, you are all amazing, cauliflower rice is nice, recipe is on google, caulie is very low cal and can be used in so many meals.
    Jessamayday you have had a terrific day good on you.

    First fast day nearly over besides a slight headache all is good.

    I’m a big cauli rice fan. Foxy, I’m still trying to get used to “cold climate” gardening, I’m slowly getting better at my timing for the veges, its the late frosts that mess me up LOL. Rhododendrons are new for me, and they are so pretty. In Nepal they have whole forests of them.

    I’m off to town tomorrow so I will have a look at the noodles, they don’t sound too appealing from the ingredients, but DH loves his noodles, so we will see.

    *Giving up is easy and always an option so let’s delay it for another day.*

    HI Girls … What a day we have all had .
    Mazzie63 have you had plenty of fluids?
    Just finished dinner had 3 lamb french cutlets with steamed asparagus broc and carrots…. It was so goood.
    What a pity my “mere male” will not allow caulie in the house, he does not like the smell.I once used green food colouring and said it was broc….. Boy!did I get blasted LOL poor baby.


    Is there any new ladies looking for a buddy

    Mazzy63 we are all weight loss buddies here, we give each other support and advice and have a laugh. Just keep posting and one of us will reply

    Morning country girl and everyone!
    So true country girl.. We are all buddies!
    Girls enjoy your next feasting days. I’m just about to have salmon with cottage cheese and poached egg for breakky . lots of protein to keep me full!
    Enjoy your day …. go gal

    Good morning everyone! I’m happy to say that I’m 1kg lighter after my fast yesterday…..hopefully that other 1kg will disappear in next couple of days too. I’ve resolved to be more mindful on weekends from now on!

    Yes I’m loving the support from you gals on here, we really are weight loss buddies for sure. Your breakfast sounds lovely go gal… it smoked salmon? My all time favourite breakfast is eggs benedict….I have it with smoked salmon, poached egg and rocket and yummy hollandaise sauce….might have it on weekend. I’ve worked it out and it’s not too many cals πŸ™‚

    Have a great day everyone…..I’m heading for shower soon, and then the dreaded grocery shopping.

    Hi girls, just donated to the “Safeway retirement fund”. Gets dearer every time I shop. I bought all the new fancy things you recommended, none of that cheap but worth trying. I got the Stevia sweetener as well as the Slendier noodles. Doing stirfry tomorrow night so will try them then. Like you Foxycoxy, I’m down too from the week end splurge lost the 2 k’s I put on, so alls good. I got a lovely piece of barramundi to have with salad tonight so still watching my intake of cals as well as some Mountain bread wraps do me for lunches with salad and ham. Stay well every one, special hi to Go gal, and stay focused even on your normal eating days….WE CAN DO THIS…WE ARE DETERMINED AUSSIES!

    Morning everyone. Getting back to fasting after a week of being naughty πŸ™‚

    Hi there, I have only been following the Fast Diet for approx. 1.5 weeks and have already lost an amazing 2kg!! Is it easier to hold off eating as long as you can on a fast day?? I have been skipping breakfast (except for water), having a few almonds for morning tea then having a few corn thins for lunch then salad & chicken for tea.. I have found that I have only had a few hunger pangs, as I am fasting on work days (Mon & Thurs) I’m too busy to think too much about being hungry. But I will say I do enjoy my breakie the next day!! πŸ™‚

    Good on you Eluminadia, you’ll be so happy with yourself and we are all behind you, good luck

    Hi all , how is evryone going?
    Am in my 3rd week and a fasting day for me today, after 2 weeks of personal problems at home I have kicked myself up the butt and told myself to get my act together , nothing but herb tea and water , really need to go for a walk but still no enthusiasm grrrrrrr. Just want to sleep .
    It is lovely to read all your stories , so much effort and positivity going on , is lovely to see .
    Haven’t had a weigh in for nearly 2 weeks , am not looking forward to hopping on the scales this Friday , am sure there will be a weight gain πŸ™
    Steamed fish with veg for my dinner tonight , will have to change my evening meals I think , am getting sick of fish , any suggestions ??

    Kokotango welcome to our group, you are doing so well, keep up the good work

    Twochat2u, your doing well just getting back into gear. I know when my son was 15 he controlled my whole thinking pattern so good on you (he’s now 40 so they do get better) suggestions for evening meals, well, go online through google and type in ” “meals under 200…300….400 cals,”which ever you want. There are quite a lot of interesting ideas you may find handy. I have been sticking to chunky vegie soup but getting a bit sick of that too, need something for the teeth, like a big fat bread roll, ha ha, but soldier on….YOU CAN DO IT, and we are all here for you.

    Hi guys πŸ™‚
    I am new to this, heard about this fasting diet last week.
    I would love to know how long you have all done it for and how much weight have you lost?
    Also, I did my first day of fasting and had my 500cal intake. But it was SO hard, i was starving! Please tell me it gets better….. hahahah

    aliaustralia92 , it does get easier , I’m on my 3rd week and have lost 2.2 kg , is a slow process but also 19.5cm gone. I weighed myself as well as measured , one week I hadn’t lost kg but lost cm .
    Am finding it tough going through my 3rd week as going through some family probs , but will pickup in no time , I have a great support system and make a habit of going there every Thursday , we walk for 1 hr and she weighs us and measures , support is the best encouragement and also very important , when I’m not there I’m on here , a lot of support from a lot of wonderful ppl .
    Keep it up , trust me you won’t regret it . Good luck and can’t wait to hear your progress through out the weeks .:)

    The best thing ever lost 3 kg in the first week am on my second week the first week my fasting days was mon and tues but found the second day was so hungry so this week I’ve gone for mon and Wednesday feeling so much better as ucb as I dislike water I can’t get enough of it along with green tea am determined to lose 15 kg by Christmas have now got 5 other women from work who started Monday so have a great support team weigh in on Monday so loving the results am managing the fasting days so much easier this week

    Welcome TO AUSSIE DETERMINATION aliaustralia92!
    Most of the group have been on 5:2 for 1,2,3,weeks. We have lost 2-3kgs each week. We have a weigh in on Fridays and post our weights
    Some weeks are testing, depending on how your social and family life are. Once you conquer the hunger pangs ,this way of eating is very doable. Download my “fit pal”which will help you with your calorie counting.
    There are plenty of menus for your 500 cal fasting days on the site. feasting days you eat what you like,perhaps going lightly on pastries , potatoes ,rice and pasta.
    One of the girls will always reply to any queries, You’ll find several of us will reply at once. Its not confusing.We are very motivated and supportive of each other.
    There will be weeks when you will not lose , don’t become dislliusioned. This diet was designed to help combat certain medical conditions such as diabeties ,high blood pressure and other conditions brought on by age.losing weight is the added bonus .You will never be alone on this journey to better health….. Go Gal

    yay! I am so excited now haha πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ will measure myself tonight and get started properly πŸ™‚ thanks guys xo

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