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  • Hello everyone. Well done so far turfs, and you will do just as well aliaus.
    My first fast day this week is tomorrow. Fridge is full of fresh fruit & veg so all set for another week.

    I’m a bit of a hermit, I only leave home twice a month for doctors visits and groceries. My immune system is shot, everytime I leave home I end up sick, so staying home is so much easier.

    I found the splendier noodles, they don’t look that appealing, but at 20 calories for 250g they are worth trying. We found some lightly pickled veges in Aldi a few weeks ago, very tasty and only 50 cal for a whole jar. I don’t like celery usually, but this pickled celery is divine.

    *Giving up is easy and always an option so let’s delay it for another day.*

    Good morning girls, another day on the path of a better life. I’m having trouble with this Natvia sweetener. I don’t really care how natural or healthy it is, I just can’t handle the taste. I’m not even sure it’s a sweetener, just a psychological sweetener. Going back to my original Sugarine. Millions of diabetics over the years have used it, well so am I. My morning coffee is too important to be messed with! So much for my rant, have a great day, hope you all survived our horrific storms over night, very wild and wooly. Don’t forget, stay focused, it gets easier day by day, and the results are certainly well worth it.

    Good morning everyone…..still only 8:50 am over here in the west. Welcome to all our new friends, sounds like some good advice and planning on here for you so far, so I’ll only add again….that when it gets tough on a fasting day, eat some protein (eggs are my my lifeline)drink plently of water and remember it’s only one day… can do it! πŸ™‚

    Countrygal….I’ve been using Stevia in my tea (don’t have sugar in coffee), but after not wanting to pay $8 for them this shopping day, I’ve decided to go without…..still enjoying my tea….they weren’t that sweet anyway.

    I’m happy to say that I’ve dropped that other 1kg from the weekend, actually under Fridays weight, but won’t count my chickens yet. I’m finding that the last couple of days, I’ve been getting fuller from my meals and couldn’t finish my dinner last night….a rarity for me, says she who was raised to eat all on my plate….feel good that I can stop now….haven’t been snacking after dinner either….and not drinking alcohol during the week…

    Took my blood pressure this morning and it’s the best it’s been without medication all year (was on low dose tabs, but had to come off them because I went too low)

    Anyway, enough about me! Well done everyone who fasted yesterday! Keep up the good work!
    Knowing you are all doing this with me is wondderful support. Am actually looking forward to tomorrow….our next fast day πŸ™‚

    Well done Foxycoxy, i still manage a whiskey and diet coke around dinner time on fast days, zero coke = zero cals, I just enjoy it so I afford myself the one with no harm done. I too look forward to tomorrow, I’ve been collecting lots of low cal recipes either from my book shelf or online, so good time to try them unadulterated. Stay well girls and enjoy your new way of life. Gogal suggested I try one of the new sweeteners with one of my normal ones, that they are an acquired taste, well, so was wine and I got to like that

    I found loads of low cal recipes on Pintrest. Type in 5:2 in the search and there is a wealth of ideas there.

    Evening all ! Are you all enjoying your dinner tonight? Tomorrow is FASTING day! for many of us.
    I found today that I was not that hungry, had 4 smoked salmon slices with cottage cheese and baby spinach,lots of water , feeling good and energetic. Had a home made hamburger tonight and really enjoyed the wholemeal bread roll, I have not had bread for a few weeks.
    Have a great day tomorrow girls……..Go Gal

    Hi Everyone, my first day today. Like most people I’ve tried so many diets hoping to always lose weight for a special event of some kind but in the past have always had to end up hiding when people take photo’s that annoyingly end up on face book. I’ve noticed some great tips here so fingers crossed I’m going to succeed this time. . . . . Sunbird

    Hi Sunbird and welcome to our thread. Of all the diets I have tried this one is the most doable. Sure you have times when you struggle a bit, but the fact it is really 2 days, you do get through them. The main hint is mind set. Most of us fast Monday and Thursday and we have a weigh in Fridays and share our good and not so good stories. Life gets in the way of all plans and if it does you just accept that and move on to the next day. Keep up plenty of fluids on fast day, they do help to keep you full. There are plenty of low cal recipe on the net and most of the girls share what they have eaten but over all we are here for each other for support. Good luck on your journey.

    Hi Everyone, I have been playing around the edges with the 5:2 diet but after a couple of weeks thinking I could do this and eat whatever I wanted on the other five days of the week I have decided to get serious. I have been peri menopausal for 2 years and in that time I have gained 10 kilos. Enough is enough. I joined a gym this week and I get my blood tests tomorrow. I will weigh in on Friday and starting my fasting on Monday.
    I’m 165cm tall and I’m hoping to be back to my normal weight in ten weeks. I’m not regarded as overweight but I have always been slim and at the moment I feel very heavy, wobbly and unhealthy. All the posts on this forum have been so positive and I’m hoping that with your support I can finally take control of my emotional eating!!

    Thanks Countrygal I appreciate your tips and I now have my water on standby (while I watch The Bachelor tonight)we’re 2 hours behind the eastern states.

    Hi girls, big fast day for most of us today. Don’t forget to keep up with your fluids, no matter what it is and get some protein in your meals today to help kerb the hunger. YOU CAN DO IT remember our AUSSIE DETERMINATION

    Hi All. I am new to this diet as well. Today is my second fasting day and all is going well at the moment. My first day, last Monday went well also, in fact, I was quite amazed at how well it went. I’m hoping I can really stick to this. I’m 155cm and would like to lose 5-6kg. Can anyone tell me if a smaller amount of weight to lose shifts more slowly than larger amounts? I’ll be keeping an eye out on the forum for recipes, that’s what I struggle with the most – planning!

    Hi Diane, welcome to our thread. I have 15k’s to lose, I’ve lost 3in the 2.5 weeks of 5:2 and am just so thrilled and hope to show another loss tomorrow when we have our weekly weigh in. The fast day is a lot easier than expected especially if you keep up with fluids. I’m unsure about the ease when you are close to your goal weight but some one will reply to that question for you as so many on this site have wonderful stories of great weight loss. Welcome again and stay with it, I guess the loss is an individual thing.

    I think that is true, Diane. The 5kg can move slower than we want it to. I had 10 to lose and am 3kg down and I am noticing that it’s harder to budge them the less there are. Those last ones can be awfully stubborn

    Hi everyone! Welcome Diane, Maisy and Sunbird πŸ™‚

    Sunbird are you in WA? I am in Albany WA, if you are.

    Well into my fast today……had a bit of shaky start, as I felt quite nauseous for first time. But after I got into my work….two gardens…I settled down, drank water which always helps. Just had a coffee and small banana….and am having a wilted kale, tomato, bean & egg salad soon for lunch…my own recipe, not sure of the cals, will work it out but not many I hope

    Keep up the good work… how you motivate us all Countrygal with our AUSSIE DETERMINATION it’s great πŸ™‚

    Thanks Foxy, I guess it’s getting a bit tough for a lot of you now just around dinner time, but you have gotten this far so congratulations. Enjoy your evening meal, you have deserved it. See you all tomorrow for our weigh in.

    My husband and I have decided to try the 5:2 diet together, which makes life a lot easier for me at meal times!! I am so proud of him today, he was asked to go to a social function (drinkypoos involved!!) but he knocked it back because today is our fast day!! Way to go!! Can’t wait till tomorrow for the weigh in, I don’t feel lighter but unless my scales have gremlins inside I have lost a bit!! Bring it on!!! πŸ™‚

    I’ve been on the 5-2 for 4 months and have lost 10kgs

    We are certainly very lucky to have counrty girl(who is also My buddy)if anyone can keep us motivated this girl can!!!!!!
    A warm welcome to our newbies. You all have done very well.Congrats!
    I was not hungry today until 2pm today- WK 3, fast day 6- had the last 3 slices of smoked salmon which did the trick, I drank lots of green tea and water. Had a celebrity slim shake for breakky made with water , this made me full.
    Looking forward to the wiegh in tomorrow.
    Enjoy your evening…….Go Gal

    Hi girls, aren’t we getting some positive and great stories in, keep it up, the motivation is contagious, we all want to show our determination to prove WE CAN DO IT

    Thanks girls…..yes it’s just on 5pm here, so going to organise dinner soon……having a warm beef salad tonight, so looking forward to it! My sister called around today and I sat with her whilst she had a wine and I had mineral water….in my wine glass lol….didn’t feel at all deprived because I can have a drink tomorrow if I want!

    Took my dog for a 40 minute walk, I find if I exercise on fast days it helps with any hunger pangs….and it worked, nothing but water all arvo!

    Looking forward to weighing tomorrow, but don’t really feel like I’ve lost much this week, have to wait and see πŸ™‚

    Well done Timeo….that is a great loss, and very sustainable….my goal is to lose 3kg in October.

    I put a few pieces of frozen fruit into sparkling mineral water tonight and imagined it was wine. It was delicious.

    Hey ladies.

    Just a quick question i was wondering if any of you could answer for me….

    Went for an hours walk yesterday. I have the ‘runtastic pedometer’ app on the phone which automatically logs the walks i’ve done into fit pal. Now i went for a slow 2mph walk (my toddler now refuses to sit in the stroller hence the slowness of our amble) and runtastic logged it into fit pal as having burned 66 cals. Buuut.. If i log the same excercise (same speed and time) directly into fit pal it works out to much more cals burned. And i don’t know why? Maybe fitpal takes my weight into account and runtastic doesn’t?

    Needless to say i felt a bit disappointed to only have burned 66 cals as apposed to the 150+ that fitpal told me. Any ideas as to which is a more accurate reading? I’m still weighing in at 101kg.

    Thanks ladies:)

    Good evening Eluminadia, i have looked at a lot of calorie burn charts on the net over the last few months and they all differ. I’m on a small farm and I’m always busy doing something, especially in my huge garden, and it all shows up on some of the charts including house work, but as I say they can be quite different. I would choose which chart you prefer and stick with that. Although hard if both are connected, but if your counting calories on My fitness pal, I’d stick with that as it alters your daily count. Hope my opinion helps

    Good morning girls how did you all go with fasting yesterday. Well the scales have become very friendly at the moment, usually my worst enemy. Yesterday was my 5th fasting day and I have gone from 94k’s to ……90.1k’s yahoooooo. My next goal of course is to see 80 something on the face of my scales, not even sure if they have anything but 90’s on them as that’s all I’ve been seeing for so long. Come on, tell me your news.

    This is my fourth week, and have one more fast day, tomorrow. I have lost 5.5kgs in total, .8kg this week so far.

    CG well done, so so close to the 80’s, something to look forward to next week :).

    I must tell you, I started calorie counting June 1st at a staggering 99.5k’s, got down to 94k’s and plateaued for weeks, got so sick of counting with no results and look now after joining 5:2. So all in all I have lost 8.4k’s in 3 months…..that’s how determent I am to get back to controlling my life, my way of life, carrying so much extra bags of spuds on my back, so to speak, has to stop! I still have my chocolate, and naughties but when the urge hits, not just because it’s there. Self control is a blessing, not always possible but yes, it does work, and. YOU CAN DO IT!

    Good morning girls! well weigh in day has arrived.
    Are we all pleased?
    I started 5:2 on the 15th September at 82 kgs ,19 days ago.
    At my weigh in today – am happy to say 79kgs a loss of 3kgs!
    I’ve decided that I am not going to concern myself with the fluctuations of.2 or .3 of a kilo or even .5kgs. My body goes through fluid shifts, being peri menopusal and having a thyroid condition , advise from a dietitian at work states that this is normal for women at this station of their lives. Having that knowledge my expectations of weight loss have now changed. I am eating and feeling better within myself.I do think that you have to also be in the “right head space”.after all we are doing this for a better future for our health.
    Well done to all of you…….. Go Gal

    Well done Gogal, your in the 70’s, I agree with what you say, we are all different, YOU know your own body, we all have fluid shifts but we also know when we over indulge. “Happy days” will come to us all, especially over Christmas, but we will also have the “normal” days to get ourselves back on track. Don’t stop living because of weight, start living because of weight loss! CG. Xx

    I’m living in the 70s! Yippee! My scales told me I’n now 79.3kg and the tape tells me another 3cm gone! Very pleased….an 800gm loss for me this week, so thats 4.3kg in 18 days!

    Well done girls, woo hoo! We are all going well. Nice to read your background stories too and how our mind sets are changing, this is the most positive I’ve ever felt about weight loss for a long time, and it’s down to the support I’m getting on here as well as the 5:2 WOL. Hubby has given me two compliments this week on my dress….when wearing my jeans and a skirt yesterday…..I’ve spent the entire winter in leggins and tunics!

    I got up to 90kgs at end of last year, and lost 11kg through calorie counting from January to April…but then I just kind of lost it….starting eating (and drinking) heaps and wrong type of food again and put back on 4kg in the same amount of months….I think I found daily calorie restriction too hard…whereas just going hard for two days, then healthy eating for rest is much more doable!

    I was a skinny (probably malnourished) child, and I started to have weight problems after my first pregnancy. After my third and last child, I went to WW and got down to 55kg…never thought I’d see 60kg again! BUT over the last 24 years, it’s just kept on creeping on and I adjusted….well not anymore…I’m sick of my aches and pains and just being wobbly! Sorry bit of a novel happening here!

    CG….I’m so pleased you are close that 80kg mark, I felt the same about getting under it!

    Go Gal….well done on getting into the 70s!

    Kvetina what a great loss so far, well done you!


    Morning all , how is everyone today ?
    I have just had my weigh in , and considering I have had a pitfall these last couple of weeks , no excercise no fasting , binging and drinking I still have lost .5kg and 8cm , this ismy 3rd week in and have only lost 2.5kg but have lost 54cm in all . Am happy I chose to measure as well as weigh , or this outcome could be very disappointing for me .
    Am back on track and off for my walk , have a great day and congrats to everyone on their success . Keep it up πŸ™‚

    Gogal & Foxy congrats on the 70’s!! Foxy how lovely that your hubby is dishing out compliments.

    Twochat, a loss of 54cm is incredible! I wish I had taken some measurements now, but I doubt I could manage to measure in the same place twice LOL. Well done you.

    My incentive for keeping the weight down is that fat produces oestrogren, and my type of cancer feeds on oestrogen. It seems rather pointless to take medication to suppress my ovaries when I’m churning it out elsewhere. Actually, I’ve noticed my hot flushes have decreased since doing 5:2, another bonus Yay! Hot flushes are enough to send anyone insane LOL.

    Keep up the good work everyone.

    Hi everyone,

    I have decided to stop lurking and introduce myself.

    It is great to see everyone’s success and progress and I’m hoping this will work for me also, given that many many years of calorie restriction, weight watchers etc have been successful to a point. Until my 30s I could easily put on and lose 20-30kg each 12-18 months. Then regain it, despite eating healthily most of the time and exercising, finally this year I was diagnosed with Insulin resistance after calorie restriction and exercise weren’t shifting mass in realistic time frames. I was really sceptical about this approach having had friends talking about 5:2 but as none of them could explain the science I wrote it off as yet another fad. Then by chance I watched the Michael Mosley Horizon episode and found the science. I’ve just spent the last week or so reading all the published articles that relate to this area and with my science degree head on am totally amazed!

    Started this week on 5:2 and so far it is the easiest thing I’ve ever done weight loss wise. I was already semi doing it many weeks as I am often not hungry and if I’ve had a late lunch often don’t eat dinner but not down to 500 calories for 2 days every week.

    So starting stats:
    Mass: 103.3kg
    Height: 177cm
    IGH-1 – results pending

    I weigh in each Friday at PT and use my clothes and belts as my size limiter. This is a much healthier thing for me as I used to over obsess and measure far too often – get depressed about it and then overeat. For the last 4 years I have been measuring this way and I have maintained weight successfully for that whole time – not yo-yoing up and down 30kg every two years. During the last 18 months I have lost 12kg but it has been a very hard road – calorie counting every day and lots of exercise and every few weeks creeping up 1-2kg and then having to go back down those couple more.

    Initially I just want to get under 100kg again for the first time since 2008.

    Hi Sydney Sceptic, you are very welcome to join us in this incredible journey of a new way of life and wonderful stories of weight loss. I understand you being sceptic as this is too good to be true. No fees, only “dieting” for two days and so much healthier. We all doubt, until we try, give it a go for a few weeks and surprise yourself. You will be standing in line on Fridays at our weigh in to tell us all the good news. If you have questions, feel free to ask or scan the forums for advice, but we are all here to help each other as well as learn. Again welcome, we usually check in daily, we find it keeps you accountable and honest (with yourself), good luck…CG.

    Welcome Sydney Sceptic!It will be great to have a a scientific brain in the group. I to started out a sceptic after being on the Dukan diet for 12 mths . I found its way of eating unsustainable…eg not eating fruit and bread for several weeks until you slowly introduced them. I am a nurse ,the conditions of insulin resistance diabeties and metabolic disorders interest me.The human body is one incredible machine. There are chemical balances/ imbalances happening most of the time What we eat has alot to do with this.
    As you have read lurking behind the scenes! -most of us have been doing 5:2 for 2-3 wks and have had real success with our weight losses.
    This is AUSSIE DETERMINATION and we can do it!!!

    Yes Sydney welcome to our group, you will find support and real life experiences on this thread as well as in the general forums to add to your scientific research on this way of eating, and way of life, which we have all decided to embrace.

    I just have to share that I have had the best day of feeling full after my meals today….and not wanting to snack between them either….I’m usually a hungry person, so I’m really excited about this apect of doing the 5:2.

    And it’s Friday and I’m enjoying a nice cold Sav Blanc….so here’s cheers to all 5:2ers out there! πŸ™‚

    This group is becoming so popular, hello to all the fellow newbies.
    Hi Foxycoxy, yes I’m from WA I live near Perth.
    I have a sister that lives in Tambellup not far from Albany.
    Diane is correct the more we weigh the easier it is to lose weight.
    I was doing so well on my fasting day today until I stupidly added
    100g of avocado flesh to my salad (thats 214 calories I didn’t need to have)
    Other than the avocado slip up, the 5:2 diet is going great.

    Good morning everyone, glorious day coming up in country Victoria today, perfect weather to get out amongst it. I plan on doing my mowing with my ride on today….good way to burn calories. Sunbird, I wouldn’t worry too much about having that beautiful avocado, you are probably still well under your normal days eating, and it is a healthy treat. I hope you all have a lovely day, getting out and about as well as being mindful of what you are eating ( and how much your drinking), take care. CG

    Good morning everyone. Fast day yesterday was easy – totally amazing. So far today I couldn’t care less about food, though breakfast of red papaya and yoghurt tasted great. I did notice yesterday I didn’t get as cold or the headache I got on the first fast day on Wednesday – but I made sure I started the day with about 1.5L of water to try to avoid it and make the blood testing easier.

    Go gal I am totally fascinated about the underlying metabolic processes going on with all this as well as Insulin resistance and Type II Diabetes. The biology is totally amazing. Spent yesterday rereading the latest on how Metformin actually works and I now think I have my head around what is going on. Thankfully my doctor was happy to test IGH-1 yesterday along with fasting Insulin so will see if I get results with it. My LDL is already good so she wasn’t ready to test that but have base lines 3 and 6 months ago to compare to. The doctor was pretty interested in what will happen too with 5:2, though I’m going to try ADF for this week as I am not travelling for work this week and really want to get under 100kg sooner rather than later.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Hi everyone ,the long weekend has descended upon my coastal haven on the mid north coast with a flock of southeners. Could not park at the beach this morning on this perfect morning because of them!I was glad because it added another 10 mins to my walk.
    Took a gamble and had a crossiant with rasberry and rubarb jam 350cals in several delicious bites, Hubby felt like them for breakky. I burned them off on my walk….its my excuse and I’m sticking to it! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.
    Go the Rabbitos!!!!!!!!! NSW grand final weekend. Who cares really !its just a football game. Enjoy…………Go Gal

    Yes ! Sydney Sceptic the biology is fasinating……..Go Gal

    Good morning all, fast day tomorrow! Have you planned what your day will consist of with food and drinks. Do you have the meals at the ready for your fast. Don’t be caught out, preparation is the key. I hope your having a wonderful week end and being kind to yourself. With only two days out of seven to be careful and restrict your eating, makes the 5:2 so very doable, so show your AUSSIE DETERMINATION to beat these personal problems either weight or health issues, and remember, YOU CAN DO IT!

    Morning! you know I cannot believe I’m going to say this… I am so looking forward to fasting tomorrow!
    Agree with country girl planning, preparation,persistence and patience are the 4 P’s
    To any situation . This is how I am going to conquer fast days.

    I agree with planning your food and drink for the fast. I was caught out last week and checked the calories on a huge leftover corn cob. Just over 200 calories. Wont do that again. Also a flavoured water (no bubbles)I got from Woolies was 114 cal. I didnt have my glasses on when I bought it.

    Hi, I hope I can join your group. I don’t weigh in (I have a bad history with calories and scales) but I measure! I’m in Melbourne and today is my second fast day! Congrats to everyone on their success – it is very inspiring.

    Hi fighter, of course you can join us, you are more than welcome. There are no fixed rules with us, we weigh in Friday for our own sake, more like meetings I guess, as when you try on your own, you’re not accountable and this keeps us all honest (with ourselves) but if you wish to measure instead, that is fine, maybe we might do that too, so keep in contact and let us know how you’re going as we all do. I’m in country Vic, what a beautiful day our Sunday is, all I need to do now is get used to the bl…y clock changing, puts all my meals out of whack for a while, 2.30 now and still haven’t had lunch.

    Welcome Fighter…… love the name full of hope and most of all determination!We all have a bad history with scales…. I have a bad history with measuring. its never in the same spot !
    Hope you enjoy being part of the group……….Go Gal

    Good morning to all our happy little fasters. Another exciting day ahead. A new way of eating, possibly a new recipe but above all, lots of fluids. It’s only one day, reward yourself by doing it, you’re the one who wins Show your AUSSIE DETERMINATION in that food is not going to control you, you will control it! Have a great day! …CG

    Yes! a brand new day,fasting day has arrived. Morning everyone.
    I have to agree the BL…… clock changing has put me out of whack. Its 830am and I am just out of bed … did not help that hubby and I spent a beautiful morning on Lake Wallis fishing yesterday in the sun, hence why the sleep in.
    Tonight I have some Aussie scallops that I am going to marinate in lemon, garlic and oil with a baby spinach and beetroot leaf salad, that will be my reward.
    Hope you have a great day… drink plenty of fluids……….Go Gal

    Hi everyone! Sounds like some great weekends had by all, your fishing sounds like it was a nice time go gal….did you catch anything?

    Welcome figher….great name….we are all in this together and fighting for each other too!

    I had a nice weekend, was pretty good with my eating, but had a few drinks and a nice lunch in Denmark yesterday….so good not to count cals all the time, but just make healthy choices..wore a top I haven’t been able to get into for a while, and my jeans are starting to get looser….yay!

    Off and fasting again, Sunbird, our day is just starting…..I too was looking ofrward to fasting today….am all organised, yes that is the key…..looking ofrward to a nice warm chicken salad tonight…..making hubby caeser salad…his favourite…
    Re-discovered mountain bread…only 70cals per piece….so I’m filling one up with lots of salad and a can of tuna for lunch/brunch….

    Haven’t weighed myself this morning…..going to be strong until Friday πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work everyone!! WE CAN DO THIS
    Kezza (Foxy)

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