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  • Good morning all Today is my second fast for this week, I have been watching my cal intake on my “normal” days and with only starting last Thursday hope to see some loss at our Friday weigh in. Good luck girls, hope your fast day goes well for you. I’m finding fast days on Monday’s and Thursday quite doable and very easy if you are prepared and have planned ahead.

    Hi there Countrygal, I started this week and today is my second fast day. I wish you well for your weigh in.

    Morning girls I started my first fast day tuesday and am doing my second fast day today πŸ˜€
    Just wondering what your routine is on a fast day food wise and what times you usually eat thanks xx

    Hi girls….hope I can join you?

    I started last week. This is my 4th fast day. Am going to do Mondays & Thursdays.

    Icandothis….my first fast day I spread the food over three small meals. But the last 3 I’ve found it easier to have nothing but water & green tea until about 11 -11:30…then I have a small meal with black coffee. In the afternoon I try and only have water/green tea (but have allowed for a small piece of fruit if needed)…then for dinner I have either steamed veg or salad with some protein at around 6:30pm. Then nothing except water until 7am the next day. It’s working for me.

    I’m impressed Foxy. You have discovered the system I use for fasting…it took ME months to perfect it.:(
    Keep up the good work. PVE

    Thanks for that Foxycoxy below ill put what I have been doing as its only my second fast day please tell me if I need to make any changes or if any of yiy have some suggestions

    I have a coffee first thing in the morning then around 11 I have an apple and another coffed a small serve of steamed veggies around 1.30 have worked out its about 50 calories then dinner a small piece of stemed fish around 88 calories with another small portion of steamed veggies and nothing else besides water all day as im not a fan of tea

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Hi buddy…. I,m back ! new site… AUSSIE DETERMINATION I think its great!
    I was good during Mum;s birthday yesterday BUT the totally yummy delicious chocolate mousse cake came out well!!!! I had 6 teaspoons very slowly over 30mins,have not been feeling guilty,
    See you at our weigh intomorrow.

    Ho go gal, welcome back hope you had a ball. I think the title of our new thread sums it up for us all. I’m doing okay with todays fast, bit out of whack with my grand son up at the farm with me, took him out for lunch, I had the thai beef salad, no breaky just coffee and will have just miso soup tonight. The salad is a guess when eating out because you have no idea of cals BUT I did’t have fish n chips in beer batter so I won with that one. I’m showing our true determination by really watching what I eat on other days and refuse to let this weight get the better of me, I will win and I’m in it for the long run on our exciting journey. I know I’ve lost some weight as my skirt kept slipping down when we were shopping, making mu grand son laugh each time I hitched it up. Keeping up with water which helps get rid of hunger pangs too but all in all, very excited about our Friday weigh in, hope it’s good news for us all and remember we are here for each other for support. I really recommend daily contact to our thread so you assured YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this (fight) journey

    By the way, welcome to all our newbies, the more we have the more support and ideas we can share around. We are a determent mob us Aussies so we will prove it by sticking to 5:2 using team back up when the off day’s come and be there for each other. We have a weigh in good or not so good, to brag or look for support but usually share what worked for each other. Our Supermarkets don’t carry a lot of the overseas products we see in other threads but we have plenty of other great food ideas to share plus where we buy different product. Good luck girls and welcome again. I have 20k’s to get rid off but know I can do it with your support.

    Hi all. This is my second week and I am just loving it so far. I have read that you really do need to be in a good head space for a fast day. And there are going to be days that just wont work. I found that to be true today. Not feeling like fasting since last night. I cant shake my crankiness today. I should have just gone with the flow and picked another day to fast. I want this to work long term and not beat myself about it. It was annoying that it is just emotions and not being hungry an issue. I didnt really plan that well for today and didnt have the ingredients for breakfast. Was looking forward to a mushroom, spinach and tomato egg white omelette. I will plan better next time:)
    thanks for the offload and rant

    Your human mate, these days will come to us all, either try for tomorrow to fast or just watch your calories when eating normally. It takes me all I have to stay away from chocolate (especially the Aldi one) but then I think, golly your dead a long time and have a piece. No guilt at all, life goes on the mane thing is I’m more conscious of what I’m eating. Emotion and life get’s in the way at times so don’t give up or put yourself down, just soldier on again tomorrow

    Hi all … Another newbie here and on my second week… Disaster struck! it was a weekend away with the family for my grandson’s graduation…..a joyous occasion – how could I sit there amongst the feasting and nibble a carrot? So was sensible but lost one ‘fast day’ …..back on track now and liking the results already.

    A big warm welcome to all our newbies. ON this journey towards better eating and health we are all going to have these off days. I had to have my dinner early because I was really hungry My fast day WK 2, had beef stirfry with vegies 220cal still have 100 cal left till 500 .Weigh in tomorrow … will I be happy??? Good luck to everyone…Go Gal

    Thanks for the warm welcome Countrygal & go gal! The support on here will be wonderful,I will try and check in everyday… I too have just over 20kgs to lose…..23 at the start of last week…2.5kg gone already! I am having an awesome fast day today…..haven’t really felt that hungry all day….and have spent most of it in the garden….planting vegetables and weeding.

    Thanks PVE….I have been reading heaps on here and listening to what others are doing so that has been really helpful for me πŸ™‚

    Icandothis – I’ve found that if I include protein with my two meals a day…..usually an egg in the morning (we have our chooks and they lay lovely free range eggs)….or fish as you are having tonight, that it really fills me up….I’ve only had 4 fast days so it’s early days yet…..there is heaps of info on this site and in forums too

    Hi everyone !
    I was wondering when is everyone’s preferred time to weigh themselves? Is it morning or evening?

    I didn’t make it through a fast day today. I work as an entertainer with kids at a hospital and being school holidays it’s been so so busy. I’ve spent the last couple of days pretty much running around constantly and as soon as I got home I needed some extra protein. After this really taxing week I decided that today would just be one of those days that it just doesn’t happen. And rather than be upset with myself, I’m focusing on being okay with that!
    I had really struggled with my job on how to plan my food for fast days, but I’m starting to find a balance. A small salad lunch and larger dinner seems like it will work best for me, with a veggie smoothie in there too for a morning pick me up! (All with 500 calories of course!)

    On Monday I start what I’m calling my six week wellness plan, which I mentioned on the other thread. It is six weeks of 5:2 and keeping to 1300 calories on non fast days with some exercise. And I’m really excited !

    I hope everyone’s fast day went awesome today!

    Hi jassamayday, you have such a wonderful positive attitude and that’s what will get you through. I messed up today with going out for lunch and was over 150cals but the time spent with my grand son was well worth it. The job you do is just so important and necessary and what you have planned for future meals will work just fine. I think even at times if we go over some…….at least we are all becoming aware of what we are eating. I just made my grand son grilled wraps with ham, grated cheese tomato and onion, it took all my strength NOT to pop a heap of cheese or ham into my gob (which I would normally do) saying NO out loud to myself, I can have the whole thing tomorrow, one day will not kill me. I am realising this whole 5:2 is a learning curve, as easy as it is in theory, and very can do in reality, we are human and situations arrive, but to quote Scarlet O’Hara, “tomorrow is another day” and we’ll get back on track. Good luck to us all.

    Hi Jessamayday- I prefer to weigh in the morning. Which I think is your true weight . Welcome to the group….Go Gal

    With regards to weigh in time, I guess most of us weigh before we eat anything on the day after fasting (Friday for us), even fluid weighs so having water or a cuppa may constitute extra grams you don’t want to show on the scales, so first thing in the morning seem to be the go.

    Hi Countrygal,
    I think you are spot on with eating awareness!!
    There is a great book called ‘Eating Mindfully’ by Dr Susan Albers that has lots of interesting and helpful pointers on this. It’s focus is on techniques and exercises to help observe and manage eating habits. It’s really helped me !

    Hi all. I’m not from Australia but met countrygal and gogal on another thread so i’ll be moving over here with my buddies!

    Welcome aboard Eluminadia, lovely that you came with us. We have a lovely lot of girls here, all with the same goals and life issues, no problems not being an Aussie, the world knows how friendly we are.
    Jessamayday, that sound a worthwhile read. I think mind set is the basis of any change or redirection. Thanks for the advise

    I always weigh myself in the mornings, before I eat anything and after I’ve gone to the toilet….less grams the better! πŸ™‚

    I’ve been weighing offically on Tuesdays as thats when I started 5:2…but will weigh tomorrow and then weekly on Fridays as I want to keep in step with you gals…..I admit though to being a daily weigher….just can’t help myself

    Good morning girls, today is weigh in day and I am just stoked, after one week on 5:2 I have lost 4.3 k’s yahooooo! I not only took a double take at my new scales, I went back twice more. This has been so easy, even times when I went over my daily intake, it has worked. I am so in ore of this way of life that it will be with me from here on in. It took me 6 months to drop 6k’s counting calories, 1 week to drop 4.3k’s on 5:2, go figure? WOW WOW WOW. Good luck to you all, excited to hear your news

    Morning gals! week 2 of 5:2. I am very pleased to say that even after my indulgent weekend last week where I put on a 1kilo , today I have lost it!
    STARTING WGT-82.2kgs
    Today’s weigh in 80.5kgs
    Thats a TOTAL LOSS of 1.7kgs.
    I’m pleased with the result.
    When you are armed with more knowledge about your food choices and the calories they contain this way of eating is very doable.
    Thinking of you all in your weigh ins today . wishinhg you success. GO GALxxxxxx
    Remember! even a little loss is positive,

    Good morning girls week one of 5:2 done and have lost 1.6kg I was completely shocked I had to check a couple times lol.
    Congratulations countrygal and go gal both amazing results xx

    Well done Country girl!!!!!!! the dirt coke worked!
    ECHO-WOW WOW WOW xxxxx go gal

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!Icandothis…well done you.
    Smile all day WOW WOW WOW go galxxxxx

    Good morning GoGal I do recommend it it, ha ha, to everyone else that was a typo on my part when I contacted Go Gal, so inside joke
    Icandothis that is a great loss, and Go Gal you are doing so well, we are all a happy lot, can’t get the smile off my face.

    Certainly have a smile makes me more determined to do this πŸ˜€
    Do you all follow a calorie restricted diet on your feed days or just eat as normal? xx

    Icandothis, I use My Fitness Pal which you can download. Everything you eat it will calculate for you, giving you your daily calorie intake. It will also tell you what calories you should have for the day. Makes life so easy but you will be surprised how many calories we eat in just simple things…like parsley, bread will freak you out, it’s worth checking. I’m on 1200 cals per day, often over a bit, sometimes under, not often, but give it a go, it takes the guess work out of it all, also you can plan your meals a day ahead. Let me know how you go, good luck mate.

    Girls, don’t forget to update your tracker so you can watch the graph go down, down, down!

    Woo Hoo! Well done Countrygal,Go Gal & Icandothis!! It’s great when you have those….”those scales can’t be true moments’ you hop off, then on….I’ve done it three times sometimes!

    Almost week 2 of 5:2 for me, here are my results:

    Start Weight: 83.6kgs
    Today’s weight: 80.1kgs
    Since I’ve only really been on it since last Tuesday….thats 3.5kg over 10 days! I’m really happy as these kilos are ones already lost and regained earlier in year.

    go gal we are almost the same…..I want to get down to 60kgs (I’m 158cm tall/short)….what is your goal if you don’t mind me asking?

    Icandothis…….I use Calorie King to track my cals and food….I eat around 1500 cals 3/4 of my TDEE on non-fast days, but I’m not overly strict about it…..tonight I am going to have a glass of wine….my first for the week πŸ™‚

    Foxycoxy that’s fantastic, I’m really pleased for you, it makes each morning extra special when the scales “smile” for you, keep up the good work, and enjoy your wine, it’s well deserved

    Hi everyone, yesterday was fast day, I had no problems, but this morning I had a fruit smoothy with yoghurt and skim milk, it was yum, but have been hungry all morning since. Yesterday I didn’t eat till lunch time and was fine, no hunger pangs at all. Has anyone else found that? I’m really trying to hang out for lunch, cause if I eat too early, it will be an awfully long afternoon.

    I’m the same today Countrygal…..I had my usuual cereal and yoghurt at 7am…..and have been pretty hungry all morning. I had a mandarin before I went to work at 9:30….hungry all through my job (just an hours gardening) BUT I did forget to take my water bottle. Had a big drink after and that settled it for a while….will have a salad and tuna for lunch in about 40 mins, hoping the hunger settles down

    Hi Countrygal and Foxy,

    I don’t know if your yoghurts are full or low fat, but your breakfast choices may be what is making you both hungry (and fast days harder than they need to be).

    I found the best way to manage hunger is putting off eating for as long as possible, and then eating things heavy in protein and fat (and vegetables) but light in processed carbohydrate and sugar. Breakfast cereal is carbohydrate and will spike insulin. Fruit smoothies – my understanding is that processing/ juicing fruit removes fibre and leaves you with a high sugar/carb juice. You may find eating the fruit whole, and with full fat yoghurt fills you up for longer.

    Sorry to jump in, but it was just a thought! (I’ve been maintaining a 28lb weight loss since June, btw)

    Thankyou so much HappyNow, and no you haven’t jumped in your advice is more than welcome. Every day is an experiment to us all so all advice is taken on board by us all. Arn’t you a marvel with such a loss, congratulations, my goal would be about the same loss. I’m so pleased you joined us and we all bow to the experienced

    Yes, thanks HappyNow……I find that when I have my egg on a bed of spinach and potato on fast days (my brunch) that I am really full for ages…..until my main meal..

    I think I was mainly thirsty today, it’s quite warm here and I’ve been pretty active…..have felt good all afternoon with drinking more water..

    Hi everyone, when you read what HappyNow has shared with us, it makes a lot of sense. The obese epidemic, which is world wide, really started with a lot of the so called “low fat” products. We jumped on board and put on weight we have been battling for years to remove. I was bought up of meat and three veg’s, pudding most night’s, bread & butter pud, rice pud, just to name a few. I was 59k when I married, 54k when I gave birth to my second child 40 years ago.Although I believe we become better cooks over the years, hate wastage, use up what we have with inventive meals, most of us will reach for…lite, low fat…low carb….whatever. I’m wondering if going back to our original way of eating would help us all. What do you think?

    Hi Foxycoxy- my goal weight is 68kgs. I try to eat normally ,but, healthy on my feasting days staying away from potatoes,pasta and rice. I was a Dukan person for 12mths and got down to 70kgs. I found the diet very restrictive. I really missed my summer fruits…actually fruit altogether.This way of eating is very doable. When you think about it… humans started in this world as Hunters and gathers.Unfortunately though ,did not have the longevity of life that we have. Plus they were not educated.
    I usually have 1 tblspn of oat bran with 2tblspn of low fat jalna probotic yoghurt with strawberries or blue berries, plenty of water/ green tea with sachet of stevia which has no calories. IT stops the dreaded contipation that a chage in eating can cause, I don’t feel hungry.
    I do pilates 3 times a week and run for 10mins on a 30-45 min walk. Manopause has not been kind and I have a multi nodula thyroid condition.
    I plan to lose this weight at 0.5 to 1kilo /week which is healthy weight loss. I also have a hubby with a sweet tooth, Now Im learning to ignore him sitting there gobbling into my baking creations Don,t deny yourself a treat , just have it less frequent.Welcome to the group. We are all together in this journey to better health. PS I am a nurse so have a good understanding of insulin resistance conditions xx GO Gal

    Country girl …good evening thats an interesting point that you have made. However , we were more active back than and not battling MENAPAUSE, But I agree with you matey GO GAL xx

    Hi all. I am also peri menopausal. Symptoms are not too bad. I did want to look fabulous at 40 (failed πŸ™‚ )and am now 48 and hoping to be fit and fifty. My weight has always been an issue. I think this is very doable. Re doing my fast day from the other day and feeling in a much better head space.

    My stats – Start weight 80kg and 164 cm tall
    Down 1kg from first week and a half

    Kurmits1 that’s a great loss, if we could all average a 1k loss each week, we’d all be happy also it’s a healthy loss. Welcome aboard too.

    Hi there, I’m new here and thought this was the thread for me. Love the positive vibe in the title. I live in the Snowy Mtns in NSW and I recently turned 50 (Yay!!). Hubby and I have been doing this for about 3 weeks now. He doesn’t need to lose much weight, just that little pot belly. For him it’s more about lowering his blood pressure, and incredibly in 3 weeks he has gone from borderline needing medication to BP being normal.

    I am losing the weight (10kg) I put on from my last chemo sessions. In 3 weeks I have lost 4.7kgs and hubby has lost 3.5kgs. Simple and effective, what more can you ask for.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all.

    *Giving up is easy and always an option so let’s delay it for another day.*

    Kvetina I’m so glad you have joined our support group. Your right, Aussie Determination is the way to go, no matter what battle we are up against, you can do it.
    We weigh in Fridays but find it’s helpful to have daily contact so you know there is a team behind you and no one is doing this alone.

    Good morning all, I think I will be well off calorie counting today. My daughter is coming down to pick up my grandson and we will all watch the grand final. Neither of our teams are playing, almost a State v State play but today will be plenty of hot nibbles, sausage rolls, little boys, vol u vents, etc and a few drinks the Aussie way, so time to enjoy life and forget my goal. Grand finals have an electric feel about them and usually bring on a great game of footy. Good luck today to you all, I hope you have more luck in your determination than I.

    Hi everyone…..just finished a long fast day, and am going to bed (am in UK) pleased with myself and back to normal tomorrow….whoopee!

    But it’s funny how I haven’t really felt hungry today even tho’ at meal times it seems the routine of making food was harder to ignore.

    Country Gal….. Looked at My fitness pal, and am totally hooked…what a great site ! once you work out how to navigate it -it has everything and is very STRICT with the calorie counting….

    Good luck girls, Enjoy your football day…..and have a few treats….life’ s too short

    Good morning ladies!…. What a great week we have all had with our weigh in results!
    Congratulations to everyone!!!!!!!
    Hope you have some wonderful plans for the weekend, especially those of you who will be watching Grand finals..
    Look forward to any posts over the weekend… I believe we deserve a treat or two!
    GO GAL

    Good morning everyone !

    I didn’t get time to jump on the computer yesterday to post my weigh in.
    I actually didn’t end up fasting this week but did watch my calorie intake and really focused on mindful eating and am happy to see that even so I’ve lost nearly 1 kg!

    Melbourne ladies I hope you all get to enjoy the lovely weather we are having today !

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