August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 23 – weigh in day

    Morning all, well after a very successful FD yesterday (thought it would be difficult, but not as it turned out) on the scales this morning …….

    4 lbs lost this week …….. very happy indeed, thats a full 14 lbs 1 whole stone off in 4 weeks, feel tons better, more active as well which helps, walking every day, just brilliant.

    Starting figures Wt 265 lb BM 38 BMR 1999 TDEE 2748
    This morning figs Wt 251 lb BM 36 BMR 1935 TDEE 2660

    still a way to go, but don’t mind now if it does slow a bit, got my head round it all.

    I have to collect and note the figures, calorie intake etc or it would certainly go awry quickly, but for the last month, with the exception of 3 BBQ days never gone above my BMR. So the odd glass or three of wine and meal with visitors have been fun and not upset the apple cart!

    Have a good weekend everyone.

    @funshipfreddie …. yup I’ve been blocked a couple of times but an email to admin sorts it.

    Day 23, London, UK, NFD (CD)

    Today WILL be a CD, I might go OMAD with a prawn stir-fry tonight. I’m just enjoying my NFD mocha which should keep me happy for a few hours, then I’m aiming to be too busy to even think about eating!!

    @funshipfreddie, I got locked out yesterday when I tried to edit a post, luckily it locked me out after I’d posted, although I did take it as a personal attack!!! ………………. Why me!!!!!!

    @daffodil2010, I’m another 1lb down today after yesterdays’ FD, it’s not quite a whoosh as we know it, but I know it’s 90% water since I haven’t been able to venture too far from the loo in the last 2 days ………………….…………. Can you get tired of going to the loo???!!!

    With todays’ fantastic weather, I’m aiming to get away from the kitchen with a lovely long walk around the lake.

    Stay strong everyone, as they say ………… There’s strength in numbers!!!

    Day 23 Oxfordshire, UK
    day 19 FD
    day 20 FD
    Day 21 CD
    Day 22 NFD
    My first B2B wasn’t too bad 🙂 and gave me a loss of 800g
    Out tonight for a meal with friends. He cooks a great curry, so moderation will be my watchword.

    @i hate lettuce I can’t take credit for the motivational quote. Saw it on this thread a few times. But it speaks to me.

    long weekend for the UK, so will attempt a FD on Saturday to try to stay on track.
    Can’t believe we only have a week left of this challenge.

    onward and downward.

    Day 23……Florida…..NFD

    Not a bad day yesterday, although I do admit to eating my all time favorite candy bar. I just love the Cadbury Carmelo bar….. I tracked my calories up until dinner which came in about 700 calories.
    Then I ended with a salad with chicken tenders and cheese on it. Kinda of like a taco salad, about 6 fried shrimp and some chips…..
    I did discover salad are not calorie friendly, very easily can those calories add up. Not that I’m going to do away with them but I think I’m going to have to start eating them in selective moderation.

    Funny story, everyone at work knows I IF, they know on particular days I do what they like to call my starvation day! Dorks! Anywho, about 4 months ago, another co worker started 5:2, so now there are two of us that do it. I digress…… So, lately, my female boss has taken a curiosity from the back of the room about 5:2……
    So, I asked, one my coworkers who goes out to pick me up my treat, the store that she went to is out……So, One of our warehouse guys walks to the convenience store for lunch everyday, I ask him to pick me one up….. he goes to lunch two hours late and forgets……
    so, I walking in from outside and say to my boss……I think the good Lord, is playing with me today! I tell her the story…… I thought I get a laugh cuz it was actually pretty funny that I couldn’t get this candy bar……
    But not the case……. eyes wide, with a astonishing look on her face, she says to me…….You can eat that on your diet?
    Why, yes…..I can eat anything I want…….
    Then the rest of the afternoon…… her in her office, me in mine….. what about cake?
    Yes……. 10-20 min go by…….. ice cream? Yes! ……. cookies? Yes! …….
    We ran down a list of every forbidden food normal diet don’t allow you to have…….
    Then as we come to the end……I hear her say……Huh?
    So, the day winds down…… I’m normally the late girl at the office but today we had a late afternoon staff meeting and as people who left earlier start to wonder in….I find my sweet treats filling my pockets……
    So, in the end, I did get my candy bar….. actually more than I wanted so, I’m saving those for another day!

    Well, I’m off the hubby is going to be back from Mass in about an hour then we are off on our wilderness journey. We’re venturing out to a place we’ve never been about an hour away…….

    I don’t trip…..I do random gravity checks!

    A bit too hot for me today, especially when delivering the mail for hours on end when there’s no escape. I fear tomorrow will be hotter.
    I’ve tried to get a bit of a grip on my eating behaviour today….not much….but some progress. I haven’t weighed myself for a few days (frightened!). Maybe tomorrow, if I don’t eat anything else today.
    @i-hate-lettuce: A whole stone in a month….what a great start for you, and motivating! Well done. I’m sure it’s the right thing to keep a log of the figures…TDEEs and all that. Maybe that’s another of my failings…..I just do things randomly, guess, and hope!
    If I get hungry a lot, then I’m doing ok, and vice-versa!

    Day 23 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Doing pretty well. Still busy as I can be.

    @bert1802 – congratulations to your kid for the wonderful scholarship work! May they continue with the help.

    @michelinme – hope the festival was everything you wanted. Yeah for your work.

    @funshipfreddie – I got the same block this morning, but got in here this evening. Oh well….

    Onward and downward.

    Day 23 Ohio, US — MFD

    The FD has gone well. More chores than unpacking done.

    @ciren2 Sounds as though the heat wave is hitting you hard. Too bad some of the members from down under couldn’t send you their cold to balance things out.

    @bert1802 Great story! You’re right that one of the great things about this WOL is that the menus are free and up to us. I suppose that I could eat my MFD calories as just candy, although I’ve never tried that. I’ve preferred healthy eating when fasting.

    Have a great weekend all!

    Day 24: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD

    It’s going to be very hot delivering the mail today….but then three days off. Bank holiday Monday, followed by Tuesday just happening to be my day off next week!
    @matpi: Hey, yes, some Aussie-cold weather for us would be lovely (for me, anyway)!

    See you later. Have a good day xx

    Day 24 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Couldn’t go on our trip yesterday as had to do the wiring on the bike rack. Boo. So going to do that trip next weekend.

    Have a great weekend. Afraid the crisps and wine have already made inroads into mine.

    DY 23, Aus, NFD

    Hello all! Hope you’re enjoying the weekend. I feel for you @ciren2, from miserable rain to heat. You’re a trooper.

    Day 24 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    My ‘dry spell’ is definitely over. 6 months, three weeks + one day ended with a goldfish bowl-sized lunchtime margarita the other day 😳. I enjoyed every drop; not to mention the chilli con carne quesadillas. And several bottles of cider over the last few days. Well, it was my friend’s birthday, & we only see each other a couple of times a year.

    Have a good weekend everyone 🍹

    Day 24, London, UK, NFD

    Another NFD to negotiate, but I’ve lots of housework to keep me busy, so hopefully it’ll be painless.

    @matpi, this Bank holiday weekend will be the best (only!!) real summery days we’ve had in August, so for me, it’s thanks, but no thanks to anyone even thinking of sending weather from down under!!!

    @funshipfreddie, did you manage to stay upright after the margarita?? I’m looking forward to getting to the point where my tolerance has dwindled to zero & I consider myself a ‘cheap date’!!!

    Much more control required today, I had an ice cream yesterday ………………… of course I blame the heat, but other than that the day ended just over TDEE rather than my 800-1200 CD as planned. I’m not beating myself up about it, today is another day and there’s NO ice cream in sight!!!

    Stay strong everyone, the weekend is just 2 days like any others, of course it requires a little more self-control!! We’ve got this!!!

    Day 24……Florida…….FD

    Yesterday was a great day but horrible day for my body! Thank goodness, those days are not daily…..
    We ended up driving an our way to this outside international market, the ride was absolutely the best, we rode through this gorgeous little town, Main Street was packed with all mom and pop stores and we noticed not one chain restaurants or big box stores until we were a good 5 to 10 miles out of town. The houses were a mix of big old southern house with sprawling from porches down to cute little cracker house.
    Most of the stands at the market were closed but hubby and I are thinking it is because at this moment it’s still to darn hot to be outside for long. We’re going to go back when the weather is a bit cooler. Unfortunately, in the summer months people who lived Florida tend to stay indoors in the A/C cuz the sun will just bake you to death. Hubby and I enjoy the heat, so it doesn’t bother us to much.
    Then we ended up at my second all time favorite place……Trader Joes! I so wish, we lived closer to this place!
    On our way home, we stopped and ate lunch at this little cafe. I just had a turkey, hams and bacon wrap but I think it was the very unhealthy margaritas I had to drink that did me in…… but again it could have been the dozen donuts we brought home too……. but we couldn’t resist….. they were Pumpkin!

    Yup! Pumpkin season is officially here…… a bit early but I’m not going to complain!
    So, we end the day with donuts for dinner!

    Today, I’m headed off to work only until 2 or 2:30 depending on how long it takes me to cash out. It takes about a half hour. To do, so if the crowds stay away after 1:30, I can get out on time but if they still flock right up to closing time….I’ll be there until 2:30p…..I hope they stay away!

    Okay…..well! Coffee is empty time for a refill, then get moving…..I can’t be late!

    I don’t trip…….. I do random gravity checks!

    Day 24 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Hope everyone’s weekend is going well.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 24 NFD. Rome Italy.

    Not done too badly here. Succumbed to gelati twice only. Annoyingly, DH, who put some weight on his tummy, has lost some with no visible effort. I’m glad for him and fed up he finds it so easy. Hey ho. Back to UK soon. Not for long. Maybe I can do a B2B2B. And repeat. Have a good Saturday, all. H

    Phew…yes, it WAS very hot delivering the mail today. A hot, dry and sunny Bank Holiday weekend, possibly a record temperature for August Bank Holiday! I feel for all those women currently unable to get their HRT…if they are on it. Not entirely sure why there are drug shortages?? Some trouble with suppliers, I think. I was (gladly) on HRT for about ten years but then was encouraged to come off it. I resisted for about three years until I felt ready. So now it’s just the anti-inflamatories and the inhaler I’m on. I do also take various supplements, fish oils, tumeric, magnesium, etc, etc….don’t know if they do me any good or not…ha…ha!
    Hey thanks for the complement @penz, but the mail must get through!
    @daffodil2010: Sorry there was no trip for you this weekend, but next weekend will be quieter on the roads….maybe? Actually, did you already have your August bank holiday earlier in Ireland?

    Day 24, Québec, Canada, NFD

    Hi everyone, I’m still in here with you. Being part of this wonderfull group is really helping me eventough I do not post everyday.

    Lately I had a period where I was not interested by sweet, salty nor fat food. This was a real joy and it helped me reach my goal at 136 pounds … and stay there for a few days.

    Unfortunately, this blessing did not last and I started eating « bad things », not taking care of myself and …tadam ! The scales went up !

    I will make a specal effort for this last week of August.

    Have a nice Sunday (not the treat, the day ! LOL )

    Day 24 Ohio, US — NFD

    Well, finally got the scales unpacked and a space for them cleared away and did my first weigh in. Amazingly enough after all the craziness and stress of relocation and having to eat out on an irregular schedule, I seems to have only gained one pound (.45 kg) and that puts me just over the upper limit of my maintenance range. Maybe I’ll hit that line by the end of the month!

    @quebecoise Your post reminds me of something Thomas Paine said: “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” If you change “liberty” and “freedom” to “weight loss” the quote holds quite true for us in the WOL. I hadn’t thought of it in that way before — but it seems right on that reaching our weight loss goals does require constant effort and vigilance. The reward of blessings in health and in appearance do make it worthwhile.

    Day 25 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @flourbaby – 😅 I drank that margarita REALLY slowly, & I think the Mexican food absorbed most of the alcohol.

    On my way home today. Going to have hit that reset button right on the nose for the last week of the August Challenge!

    Happy S🌞nday!

    Day 25 – Ireland 🇮🇪- NFD

    Lazy Sunday planned today. Get bits and bobs done in the van, then DH goes to work and I have the afternoon/evening to myself. Read the Sunday papers, make a nice meal for myself…relax.

    . @funshipfreddie you have given me the desire for chilli con carne for my evening meal 😆 Though I won’t be having margaritas with that 👍

    @ciren2 Ireland had its August bank holiday at the start of the month so it’s a normal weekend for us. But next weekend, where we plan to go is Kerry. So on the Sunday,on our return, there will be tons of traffic from Kerry heading to Dublin as its the All Ireland Gaelic football final….Dublin v Kerry. And DH and I are both Dubliners so we are infiltrating enemy territories the day before the big match ha ha.

    @matpi loved that quite and the substitution of the words. It really made me think. And well done on your own vigilance and only gaining 1lb over the major recent disruption.

    August is nearly over. Just one more week. Let’s strap those challenge boots on and aim for a good end of month (Friday weigh in for me)

    Day 25: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD

    My daughter and her partner (currently in Phuket, Thailand) will be skype-ing us later. More technology to overcome!! They’ve been to an elephant sanctury, which rescues elephants which have been badly used for the tourist trade. No riding, but they can touch and feed them and generally watch them bathing etc.
    @daffodil2010: aah….football (say no more!). Funnily, I’d never heard of Gaelic football until DH mentioned yesterday that, along with American football, it’s different to the usual football we get too much of!
    Just took the dog for an early morning walk and it’s ALREADY too hot and humid. Also she needed an VERY thorough bath and scrubbing when she got back because (at the last minute) she rolled in something TOTALLY disgusting…..looked like a split sachet of some kind of take-away sauce…..or something…..SO POWERFUL!! No wonder they threw it out.
    So, WHY are dogs so dirty???
    She does have some terrier in her…..

    I am off work until Wednesday….so must stay mindful. Scales currently show 62.0kg…..which is a current low! However, nowhere near what I should be (low fifties).
    Have a good day, all of you, wherever you are xx

    Day 25, London, UK, NFD,

    Quick check-in from me today, I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment and my typical procrastinating is NOT helping!! Theoretically, it should make for a good eating OMAD!!

    Happy Sunday folks, stay strong!!

    Day 25

    Well, not doing very much. Can’t seem to get below the 170 marks. May get below a few days, then back up. Ugh…
    Very discouraging. I’ll keep on. Something has to give.
    On a good note, my tests are coming back good. One more to do, in late Oct. but mainly to be sure everything is ok.
    Getting ready to go on a cruise. Looking forward to that. So, I’m going try to really keep it tight with my diet so I’ll have some room to spare on the ship. 🙂
    Going to lunch with friends, from our hometown, who encouraged us to move to FL. this week. Another reason to keep my diet in line. Then we have decided to spend a couple of days and stay on the beach. We are still exploring the area and haven’t been to this town.
    Hope all have a great week.

    Day 25 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Doing my best to eat mindfully. Every time I read about anyone who reached their goal weight only to gain again,I am reminded how important this group is. You all keep me on my maintenance regimen.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 26 – Japan – WFD #62

    Well this won’t be a record breaking year with the number of water fasts. I probably will miss two more fasts before I’m fasting regularly again. Hopefully my son will be surviving at Princeton then.

    @bert1802 – I hear you about being able to eat anything we want, just not whenever we want. 🙂 I still avoid refined sugar but that is my choice. However I’ve found my diet changing on its own. Basically eating a bit less and a lot less cravings. Hopefully that is from fasting and not from putting a foot in the grave! 😀 Thanks for sharing your story.

    day 26, Aus, FD

    Going to stick with this planned FD even though I can hear my tummy gurgling! Then I might do a B2B egg fast just to mess things up a bit.

    Day 26 pocket list (I’m going to need the support today!):

    USA Day 25 NFD

    Penz, I don’t know what happened but I just got 73 posts from you all saying the same thing! LOL

    Day 25 Ohio, US — NFD

    The NFD has gone well, as I kept on task with the eating. No unpacking done today, just meeting people and cleaning house and doing my homework. This last week saw me unpack just one big box and four small ones, so it looks as though finishing off packing may take quite some time.

    @penz Hang in there, Penz! Know that you’re running with a fast crowd! 🙂

    @dykask Hope your son settles in to university quite easily. Are you able to Skype with him?

    @kaywesterman A cruise will be great fun! Maybe setting up a full schedule of on-board activities will help to keep you away from the buffet tables. I think what is true of children is also true for us: The hand that’s playing marbles can’t be in the cookie jar.

    @flourbaby Stuff on your plate and then a helping —- interesting food metaphors for being busy. That makes me wonder just how often I use food metaphors in my own speech and if changing our metaphors might help change our behaviors. You have prompted me to start examining my speech a little more carefully.

    Day 26 pocket list (We all need the support today!):

    Yes but any extra calories I ate today are burned off deleting all the emails!!! 😂

    Day26 – FD – Australia
    @matpi Thanks for the go ahead. I made chocolate, chocolate chip cookies and regular chocolate chip cookies this weekend. I had only one of the C, C-chip cookies and then I totally screwed up the regular C-chip cookies by incorrectly doubling the amount of butter in the recipe. It’s an old recipe from my mother’s favorite cookbook and the amounts are all in cups, which I needed to convert into grams. Doh! So then I had to eat a few of my mistakes. They were just as delicious with double butter!
    Now there’s nothing left in the house that’s sweet for me to snack on. I will look for a recipe for snack bars they can take to school that I can make at home. I also regularly make savoury zucchini (courgette) and carrot muffins that they love.
    The ornamental pear tree in my front yard is blooming – proof that spring is around the corner. I’m close to goal (3 lbs), but seriously considering a new goal a little lower if I/once I/I will reach my goal.

    Day 26 pocket list (We all need the support today!):

    Onward and downward.

    Day 26 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Wow?! I got the 70+ emails too!! 🤔

    Home at last. I’m staying away from the scales until after today’s FD. I just hope I haven’t done too much damage over the last few days. I may need to do 4:3 this week. Here we go – the last six days. Let’s make every one count!

    Pocket List – Day 26 (We all need the support today!):

    Day 26 – 2nd Post

    Oops? I knocked @matpi off the list…

    Pocket List – Day 26 (We all need the support today!):

    2nd post

    Sorry all! Have no idea how that happened, but I’m glad I wasn’t feeling chatty this morning and you had only had 70+ SHORT posts to worry about! (Cross fingers this little note doesn’t have the same result.)

    Day 26: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:
    A new low this morning(!) into the 61s…..just. Maybe it’s the heat, as you’ll all know, I fell off the 5:2 wagon AGES ago. I am trying to be careful as I’m not back walking the deliveries until Wednesday, this week.
    @dykask: Your son will not only survive at Princeton Uni….he will THRIVE. I speak as a mum who’s only child is on the other side of the world and, like her, he’s there for a good, solid reason. He’ll be fine. There can be Skype and WhatsApp to keep in live chat.
    @penz: You can DO it xx
    @winsome-waif: SO exciting when you get close to goal… know it works!
    @funshipfreddie: Trust me, I also sense when it’s best to keep away from the scales…but sometimes a pleasant surprise awaits.

    It’s going to be a scorchingly hot, sunny bank holiday here in the UK today. Early dog walking for me.

    Day 26 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    So glad I don’t have email alerts set up for this forum so 😆 Much and all as I love to hear from you guys, I think a meltdown would occur if I was bombarded with emails 😄

    FD today, last week of August. Still plateau but keep on keeping on. Sure what else is there to do? Last week I felt a whoosh coming on but it didn’t happen. Will I hope for this week? As I have a four week Holiday to Spain coming up in 3 weeks time I NEED to build in wriggle room, but despite B2B2B, liquid only FD, leaping about every day doing the Shred….I still sit on the plateau.

    Mind you, this mornings Monday weight is ever so slightly lower than last week’s Monday weight 🤔

    So it’s going to be a busy Day 26 FD pocket list I wager.

    Pocket List – Day 26 (We all need the support today!)

    Day 26 …. FD for me today.

    After a weekend of hot weather BBQ’s wine and walks scales showed no damage done!
    Mind you I’ve been sticking to my BMR and doing loads of walking, average 5 miles per day (is that lightly active or moderately?)

    So, despite the rather hot UK weather, we made soup yesterday ready for today being FD, quite a pan full and can slurp the lot over the day and only 320 calories! Might even run to a bun !!!

    Hope anyone else on FD today has an easy one, take care all.

    Day 26, London, UK, NFD,

    I’m planning to spend the day with my mum, enjoying her garden and probably sharing a bottle of rose …………………… it’s going to be sweltering, again, maybe sparkling water will make an appearance too!!

    I don’t work on Mondays’ or Fridays’ anyway, so this Bank Holiday means NOTHING to me!!! I can’t complain, who doesn’t want a 3 day working week??!!

    I’ll stick to OMAD today, but it won’t be restrictive due to the wine & probable dessert with mum………………….. at least this WOL makes room for special times!!

    Stay strong folks!!

    Day 26 UK FD

    Morning I’m back for a fast today Had a grim couple of weeks culmination in my dad dying He’d been in a bad way for a while and the end was quick and pain free and we all agree he’s in a better place .Aiming to start getting back to normal

    Day 26 – UK – FD

    Apologies for my absence since Day 15 – still here but finding it hard at the moment to stay committed – managing to do FDs but most of my NFD have been over TDEE……On a positive note I have kept up with my regular exercises and walks…….However I don’t dare step on the scales as my favourite pair of summer Capri trousers is feeling a very snug fit at the moment……

    Therefore for the last week of this challenge I am going to try and stay focused – getting 2 good FDs and monitoring my intake via MFP on NFDs to staying just below TDEE 🤞the scales at the end of the week will be kind to me!

    Went to my regular Broga class this morning with OH and had a semi skimmed Flat White whilst he had breakfast at a nearby cafe! Going for plenty of water during the day and then a healthy low calorie salad for dinner tonight.

    Missed out on too many days to catch up so hope everyone has been doing better than me……
    @i-hate-lettuce – I see you joined us since my last post so a big welcome to you to the challenge 🤗 Unfortunately I think walking is considered lightly active 😉
    @daffodil2010 – like you I also don’t have an email alert set up for the forum x
    @brightonbelle – 🤗 🤗

    I’m definitely adding my name to today’s Pocket List – Day 26 (We all need the support today!)

    Reminding myself of my motto for this WOL once more!!!
    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now.”

    Day 26 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Lovely indulgent weekend of celebration, need a good FD today!

    @brightonbelle condolences xx

    Pocket List – Day 26 (We all need the support today!)


    Day 26- Atlanta, Ga- USA: Attempting to do a water fast to end the month this week, and jumpstart for September. Wish me luck!! Have an awesome week everyone!

    Day 26……Florida…..FD

    Sorry, guys I have no idea where my head was yesterday…..I did not post anything…… right now sitting here with my second cup of coffee, preparing myself mentally for the week and all that will be flown at me. The bosses have left for a ten day vacation leaving the monkeys to fend for themselves…….lol
    Actually, leaving me with a long list of things, I will have to manage…… I don’t mind it at all….. sometimes, it goes very smoothly if everyone pitches in. I’m not the type of manager that micromanages, I tend to let everyone self govern themselves, think through the issues and solves them. Only putting my two cents in if needed and getting the job done regardless if it’s in my job description or not!
    but I tend to do this even when the boss is there…..
    which is how I ended up in this position anyways……
    The hubby did wake up this morning joking that he’s never slept with one of his bosses before. He recently came to work for us as one of our truck drivers…….

    My plan of action today, is to have a very lite lunch at about 50 calories, then the plan for dinner is sauce…… homemade not from a jar……I don’t know why that was so important to say…..I guess, it’s the Italian in me…….
    I don’t know if anyone is from Italy but quick question what do you all call it? I’ve heard it called straight spaghetti, gravy, sauce and even more crazy things……

    Okay, I’m just rambling now…… as you all can maybe tell……..I’m procrastinating!

    I don’t trip……. I do random gravity checks!

    Day 26 post 2

    @at ….thanks for the welcome.

    @flourbaby ….you say “who doesn’t want a three day working week?” … me, I’m retired!

    @brightonbelle: So sorry to hear about your dad. As you say, he’s been ill awhile, it’ll be a happy release for him. ((hugs)) to you xx Stay strong.

    USA Day 26 FD

    Sorry for not posting so much this Summer but the Summer is proving to be very busy and full! In any case, I have still be reading everyone’s posts and welcome all new comers! Thought I would post before my busy day begins!

    Adding myself to today’s pocket list!

    I am still on my vegetarian diet and (yay!) losing! I have hopes of arriving at my goal weight before long!

    Have ka great day, everyone!

    USA Day 26 FD

    Sorry, BrightBelle, for the loss of your father!

    Day 26 ( almost day 27) country West Australia NFDs both
    Days 23/25/26 NFDs.
    Where does the time go??
    FiL went to hospital and it took the weekend to get it all sorted.
    Did manage some gardening on Saturday which was needed to combat the calories that had been hiding in my fridge and kitchen cupboards! But I managed to get rid of them – I ate them!!
    @matpi, yes it is the getting back up which is the hardest especially when one has extra kilos to get up with.
    @WinsomeWaif , sadly I didn’t actually have the JBs, Lamington, Maltesers in my house – I went out and bought them.
    What WAS I thinking?? Anyway, reset, reset, reset.
    To all the English folk on here – well what a way to win a test match!!
    I am a mad keen sport fan.
    Was headed to bed last night with England 9 wickets down and 73 runs to get.
    Thought it was probably all over Red Rover for the Poms and we were headed for an Aussie win.
    DH heard the score and got up and turned on the TV.
    We sat up and watched it.
    (A dodgy decision and Australia’s ineptitude notwithstanding,) It has to be the BEST innings I’ve seen. Well done Ben Stokes!! He’ll get a knighthood I should think.
    And was it Leaver at the other end?
    To play so many overs and only get a run or was it a couple? but to hold up his end like that – wow!.
    I was so focussed on Stokes it was hard to know any other stats.
    Truly amazing and one for the history books. Really really well done.👏👏👏

    Day 26 USA (Illinois) FD

    Decided a FD or MFD would be good for me today … at least OMAD. Raining hard in NW Illinois so taking care of inside things. Silver Sneakers this morning then a P.E.O. Meeting in the afternoon. Too busy to eat is one way to live. Looking at Christmas/winter music for our fall concert for Choral Society. Oh the life of a busy retired teacher!

    @brightonbelle – so sorry for the loss of your father. May good memories sustain you through grief now and what lies ahead.

    Onward and downward

    Day 26. Québec. Canada. FD

    I was voluntering yesterday and the event was taking place during a professional game of baseball. Hotdogs and beer free. The sun was so hot that I had a beer and my once-a-year-hot-dog ! Was very good.

    Coming home last night I was to tired to cook and decided to have a froozen pizza …with beer because I was very thirsty from the hot day outdoors.

    So…this morning I am almost 2 pounds heavier than my goal for August ! Today will be a FD, eating mostly good homemade vegetable soup and water.

    Adding myself to today’s pocket list!

    Day 27 – Australia – FD
    Yesterday turned out to be a NFD or FFD (failed fast day?), triggered by an unpleasant encounter with my ex and a change of plans. @ktcaroline, I think you asked what our triggers were at one point. That’s one of mine. Now I have to figure out a Plan B if he doesn’t show up for the U.S. consulate appointment on Friday for our children’s passports.
    @brightonbelle So sorry for the pain you are going through now.
    @lilymartin I haven’t been following cricket much since the whole ball-tampering saga. The fact that the national team, and our star batsman, would cheat just made me sick. I’m glad you were able to watch such a fantastic innings. I’d rather watch women’s AFL. Wrong season, I know.

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now.”

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