August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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  • Hello everyone!

    August is just around the corner and I will be hosting this month’s challenge. The challenges were started in May 2016 by @coda and are still hugely popular.

    This is an international forum full of very supportive people, some have lost great amounts of weight, some are half way there, some sitting on Mount Plateau, and others who are just starting their journey. What you will find here is great support, no judgement, friendships, lots of laughs, and the wonderful comradeship that comes from sharing the 5:2 Fast diet, this wonderful way of eating (WOE), this great way of life (WOL).

    We are all in it for the health benefits as well as the resulting weight loss.

    The usual format is to start your post with the day of the month, where you are and whether you are fasting (FD) or having a non fast day (NFD). Some may want to post that they are having a controlled day (CD – below TDEE), others a liquid only fast day (LFD). Some have back to back (B2B) fast days.

    For example, my first post will be:

    Day 1 – Reading, UK – FD

    You can start the challenge part way through the month, but remember that even though it might be your first day, if, for example, it is 8th August then it is Day 8. This keeps us on track with what day it is, wherever in the world you are. And posting your location helps us appreciate the different lifestyles, weathers, stories and customs from all parts of the globe.

    Post as often or as little as you like, but most have found that a daily post gives daily accountability and helps us toe the line whilst we are off fighting various dragons.

    Through experience, trial and error, you will figure out what best fits your lifestyle and what works for you. By spurring each other on, we become an unstoppable team working together to create our best lives and our best health.

    I will post the link to the spreadsheet once I’ve figured it out, but just wanted to get August started ….

    Thank you @ktcaroline for taking up the mantle for August. Count me in!

    Count me in, please, @ktcaroline

    Count me in too please, @ktcaroline – thanks for hosting August.

    Hello @yoyo Fletch, @betsylee and @funshipfreddie

    I’ve made a sporting attempt at the spreadsheet and I think this is the link:

    Do please update it with your August goals, and let me know if anything isn’t working.

    And could someone let me know what the colours mean? Or if there is a key anywhere? I knew this was going to be a bumpy ride, and now wished I’d paid more attention (story of my life …)

    @ktcaroline – I believe the highlighted names in green are people who’ve reached maintenance. Coda, highlighted in pink, is the ‘Challenges’ founder.
    Dingping & Dykask were written in red for July because no-one was sure if they were going to take part in the Challenge.

    Huge thanks @funshipfreddie. There seemed to be loads of colours when I looked at it earlier – but you are right – maintenance and the Challenge Founder. That makes total sense. I’ve sent @dingping and @dykask back to black because I’m not sure who is in August and who isn’t. Do we delete people who don’t join the challenge, and if so, at what point in the month? Sorry to have so many questions …

    I’m not sure about that, @ktcaroline? Many people don’t bother with the spreadsheet. Maybe just delete all the names, & let people add their own? Start from scratch?
    Also, the weekends are supposed to be highlighted in grey, which isn’t the case right now, as it’s been copied/pasted from July’s spreadsheet. I’m a bit of a technophobe myself, so I’m sorry I can’t fix it for you. I’m sure it’ll get sorted eventually!

    Hello @ktcaroline Thanks for picking up the August challenge – pls count me in 🙂

    We don’t usually delete the names and start from scratch! But do delete all the other data xc headings – start with everyone in and other fields blank. Easier to add in our new details and add on newbies.

    Some hosts start with the list in red (or black) and change colour as people register so we know who’s here and not. Up to you 🙂

    New to 5:2 and to the forum. Started with my routine 8 days ago and stumbled upon this forum. Please count me in and am looking forward for guidance and motivation from experienced folks. Thank you

    Hey @ktcaroline. Count me in. My 3rd August challenge!!

    I can’t do anything on the spreadsheet right now as on the iPad (and too fiddly to edit) but I will try to delete July info from August sheet tomorrow morning from the Mac

    Looking forward to getting started

    Hi @ktcaroline

    Count me in for August – I seem to have slid a bit away from maintenance this past month – weight tomorrow will no doubt let me know the damage 😟

    I think that I do need the accountability of signing in daily and reading the posts so will definitely be making a real effort in August

    I have tidied up the spreadsheet for you and just to explain the colours on the names – all the names are in red at the beginning of the month and as members sign up for the month their name is put in black so that after the first couple of weeks we can then delete those names that have not signed up and as @funshipfreddie says the names highlighted in
    – Green is for those in maintenance
    – Coda as our founder is in honorary pink
    The spreadsheet is set up so that a FD comes us as orange – if you add numbers to FD e.g. 500/800 the colour will not appear and you have to add it manually

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now.”


    Thank you ktcaroline for hosting August! See you there!

    Thanks for hosting August @ktcaroline – please count me in!

    Count me in please @ktcaroline

    Hi KTCaroline – many thanks for hosting. It’s great people like you step up to keep these monthly challenges rolling.

    No need to add me to the spreadsheet as I don’t use it (and have difficulty accessing it).

    See you on the first!

    @ktcaroline, count me in for August!!

    Thank you for hosting this months’ challenge, I’m looking forward to the discipline after my summer hols ………….. wine fuelled of course!!!

    I’ll post my aims, goals and start weight tomorrow.

    @ktcaroline Count me in please

    Hi. Please count me in for August. I read everything but don’t post much. I’m away a lot at the moment but I’m hanging on in there. I’ve also just broken a tooth which hurts my tongue when I eat anything, so until I get that fixed later today, I’m onto a winner. Have a great August all.

    Welcome aboard everyone, and a special welcome to @leoyg for your first challenge! And thank you, @at I’ll test out the FDs in the spreadsheet.

    Do fill in the spreadsheet if you haven’t yet done so, and if you want to use it. I’ll mark August challengers in blue so you know who is included.

    Here’s to a super successful August – whatever your goals!

    Thanks for hosting August @ktcaroline, please count me in!

    Thanks for hosting August @ktcaroline. I will be starting the new month with my regular Thursday FD 🙂

    i’d like to join please

    Yes I’m in – see you on the flip side.

    @ktcaroline: thanks for being our host this month…I’m in (still running behind that wagon!)….but, hey….

    Thank you @ktcaroline please count me in. I’m in maintenance so will only record fast days on the sheet when o need to do them and almost every other day will be 16/8.

    Since I’ve gotten this far in my journey I would like to offer to host a month as it’s the least I can do for all of you. I can do September if no one has volunteered yet.

    Oh and for the intro part I am a 52 YO female living in Southern California but originally from Gloucestershire and I managed to lose 22 pounds since I started this in December which was 15% of my body weight!

    Day 1 – Melbourne Aus – NFD

    @ktcaroline thanks for hosting August!

    After weighing in at 68.9 a couple of days ago, my weight jumped back up to 69.9, so I’m edging closer to maintenance of 68-69kg, but I’m not quite there yet.

    The next week or so will be a challenge, as I’ll be flying back over to Adelaide next Monday and Tuesday for the funeral of my grandma, so I’m going to try to be controlled, but not stress too much.

    I’ve also had a little more wine than usual this week, and skipped a couple of my normal gym sessions as work and life got in the way…I’m sure the routine will fall back into place.

    Glad to see everyone in for the August challenge!

    Day 1 – NZ – FD
    Thanks @ktcaroline for hosting August. I’m hoping to continue on from last month and get to a healthy BMI.

    Day 1 – Adelaide, AUS – NFD
    Good to be back for August after my first challenge month in July. I love reading everyone’s stories and hearing about different lives across the world.
    No holidays planned this month so perhaps I will be able to reach my goal for the month.
    Since July 2013, when I first went on a low carb diet and lost 22 lbs (then slowly gained most but not all back again), I have weighed almost daily and recorded my weight on my desk calendar at work. I use red ink if I’m over 130 and blue ink if I’m under. I’ve been in the red since June 2015! I’ll blame it on a trip back home to the U.S., niece’s wedding, Disney World.
    I’ve also taken those numbers on my desk calendar and put them into an Excel spreadsheet called Simple Weight Chart. I find it very interesting to see the zig zagging line going up or down and the trend line, which for 2019 is heading downward again since I started 5:2. I also note whether it’s a FD and any significant life events including holidays so I can see what triggers weight gain and loss and where my motivation may be.
    Thanks all for joining on this adventure.
    Onwards and downwards.

    Day 1, Aus, NFD

    Hello! Isn’t the first of the month always a promising start. And happy birthday to all southern hemispher born horses.

    I usually do FDs on Mon and Thurs but I am on leave for a week tomorrow. So my weekend is starting a day early and am going out for a lovely meal with OH.

    Great to see old friends for another month, and welcome to the new ones! To those just starting the challenge – even if you’ve been on 5:2 for a while – don’t hesitate to ask questions. We use lots of acronyms on this forum! And we’re a wonderfully global, supportive and fun bunch of folk.

    Day 1- Québec – Canada – NFD

    I was part of this wonderfull group some time ago. I enjoyed the support and non judgemental spirit. Would like to come back on bord.

    I will be fasting on Monday and Thursday and sometimes also on Saturday.

    Thank you @ktcaroline for counting me in.

    Day 1-Ocean Grove- Australia -FD

    This site gets better and better. Greetings all. Will be fasting most days.
    Nice to see a few Aussies here. If anyone’s coming to the great southern land watch out for the drop bears. I stumbled across this forum. I’m so glad I did. Onwards and upwards,

    Day 1 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    I love the first of the month. Such promise awaits. Will this be the month that I see the back of this 7 month long plateau of + or – 7 lbs? The previous two August challenges have been good to me, maybe so this year?

    So in case anybody gets discouraged that I am still trying to lose after 2 years, it’s all good……I was almost in maintenance last year at 126, but then changed jobs from physical work in a glasshouse to a sedentary office job with office “treats” everywhere, then took two lovely holidays with indulgent wine and food…..and had put on over 10lbs by Christmas.

    So I have been bouncing around that since. However, I have been doing HIIT work since March and I have really toned, abs are starting to show, arms look great….and I feel marvellous most days….so for a 52 y.o female I think I look and feel great and plan to continue this way. 💃

    Onwards and downwards.

    Normally it’s an FD today but I know there will be wine with DH tonight, and then it’s the August bank holiday weekend, so my first FD won’t be until Tuesday. Will try to hang onto the wagon until then.

    Have a great Thursday everyone ☺️

    @penz Is that some coded reference about Aussie born horse birthdays 🤔😆?
    @lgbran Hi and welcome to the challenge. Now I am sure that drop bears are also some kind of myth….😄😄😄 or are they? Never been to Aus but one day

    @quebecoise Hey there, I remember you from previous challenges, welcome back.

    @winsomewaif I too record my weight daily since 2013 (I lost 50lb, then gained back 30lb, then lost that, then gained back 10lb….see above), BUT I seriously believe that at least being aware of the upward spiral instead of ignoring it means that eventually we get sense and try to move it down again. I love the jagged line with the downward trend.

    @wacm well done on your super 3+ kilo loss in July

    And @gretta take care of yourself this week, it will be sad but the memories of your Grandma will always surround you. Hugs.

    Day 1 – Reading, UK – FD

    Good morning August challengers! So many people have joined the happy August fasting wagon. A little about me – I live in a pretty little village north of Reading with my wonderful OH. I’m 57 later this month and battling with about 10kg that fluctuates up and down (but mostly up). Determined to get rid of at least a couple of those kg before my birthday. I’ve already ditched the booze, and am now trying to reduce my sugar intake.

    So – I have a question for you all:

    What do you want to achieve during August? It doesn’t have to be weight, it could be diet or exercise or something else completely.

    And condolences to @gretta – it’s so hard losing someone so special. But I so agree with @daffodil2010 – your Grandma will stay with you. Mine has – I often here her voice and remember what she would have said.

    Our pocket list today:

    Day 1 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    My story in a nutshell: I’m 57, living on the Kwazulu-Natal South Coast, South Africa. I’m originally from Manchester, England. I started 5:2 half-heartedly in ’14, after seeing Michael Mosley’s documentary. I got serious about my weight in March this year, after enjoying way too much food & drink during my first year of retirement. I also quit drinking alcohol in February. I joined the Challenges in May for accountability, & reached maintenance in July. Since March I’ve lost about 9 kilos, & my BMI is 21.4. This will be my 4th Challenge.

    I’ll be doing Mon/Thurs FDs in August, and I usually eat only between 11am – 8pm, so 15:9. No FD today though, as I did one yesterday.

    Best wishes to everyone for the August Challenge! 🍏

    Day 1 – 2nd Post

    Here’s the list of acronyms & abbreviations from previous Challenges. They can be a little baffling, especially for newbies…

    IF Intermittent Fasting
    WOL Way of Life
    FD Fast Day (500 cals)
    MFD Modified Fast Day (800 cals) on the new Fast800, it’s a FD
    WFD Water Fast Day (Water only)
    CFD Controlled Fast Day (1200 cals)
    NFD Non Fast Day
    EFS Epic Face Stuffing (we’ve all had one of those days!)
    5:2 5 days NFD:2 days IF
    ADF Alternate Day Fast, FD, NFD
    16:8 16 hours fast 8 hours non fast
    B2B Back 2 Back (days of FD or WFD)
    Hunger Dragon – that dreadful psychological beast that sometimes cannot be satisfied
    DD, DS Darling Daughter, Son
    OH, Other Half
    LOL Laughing Out Loud
    Keto, way of eating that generates Ketones
    LC, Low Carb way of eating
    LCHF, Low Carb High Fat way of eating
    TDEE: Total Daily Energy Expenditure (see the ‘how it works’ link on the home page to work out yours)

    Hi, this is my first challenge. I originally followed 5:2 in 2014/15 and lost almost 3 stone. For the last year I’ve taken my eye off the ball and 6 kg has slipped back on. So I’m hoping the challenge will help me.
    I’ve edited the spreadsheet. Do I add my weight each day then colour code as to whether it was a fast day or not?

    Day 1, London UK, FD

    @ktcaroline, you’ll be a fantastic host!!! Welcome newbies and Oldies alike!!!

    Phew, thank goodness for our volunteer hosts, I NEED these challenges to keep me on track, the support & accountability are invaluable since I haven’t quite managed ‘self-control’ after 40+ years!!!!!

    My goal weight is a moving feast, as I’ll know it when I get there! Since starting this WOL, I’m at the -40lb mark now, but I think there may be another 14lbs to go, which is the tricky bit. This would bring me to 140lbs, we’ll see what the loose skin starts to look like as we go!!

    My aims for August are simple –

    • Keep fasting – I usually do B2B2B (back-to-back-to-back) days Tue-Thurs as that’s the extent of my working week and it’s easier to fast at work.
    • Stay hydrated – There’s nothing that stops the tummy rumble (roaring dragon in my case!!) better than a glass of water ………….. that empty feeling isn’t hunger, it’s thirst!!!!
    • I need to get below 150lbs this month (no big deal, been there, done that) …………………………… and stay there (this is the real challenge)!!!!
    • I’m having a (relatively) Dry August, Arid-August? – since my Madeiran holiday involved huge, enormous, vast, ok ………………. gargantuan quantities of wine!!! I’ll only be drinking on 2 planned occasions, hopefully!
    • Re-start the 30 Day shred, @daffodil2010 is putting me to shame, I start then stop whenever life gets in the way, but I need to view it like fasting …………………. It needs to be a WOL!!!
    • Mix up my IF days, I’ll be doing a mixture of OMAD (one meal a day), 16:8 (eating window of 8hrs) and 20:4 (4hr window) so my body doesn’t get used to a schedule.

    Happy fasting people, we’ve got this!!!!

    Day 1 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD


    A little introduction, I turned 50 in June, I’m Irish but have lived in the UK for 30 years now. I work part time in an office and I also run a holiday let with my DH in our home town of Stratford Upon Avon. I have two daughters both currently at university and a labradoodle called Izzy. Life is busy!

    I am a serial dieter and have spent my entire adult life either gaining or losing weight (hence my name @yo-yo) and now TBH I am weary of it!!!!! I’m trying to break the cycle. I’ve dabbled successfully with 5:2 before but last month was my first proper challenge where I fully committed. I am doing this for health reason and oh yes….vanity! I would like to look better! I hope this WOL will suit me. I want to change my relationship with food (sad – eat, happy – eat, stressed – eat, eat, eat). I want to find my ‘normal’. I want to stop ‘dieting’. I want my family to be proud of me. I want to unearth my inner confidence which has taken a bashing lately. But… step at a time, and my next step is August.

    This forum has offered me a lifeline and I intend to grab it with both hands!

    Well! I have surprised myself with how much I have shared about myself, not sure where all that came from but clearly I feel this forum is a safe platform to do just that, and that says a lot about you guys.

    Here’s to a great August.

    Happy FD Fasters

    Our pocket list today:

    Day 1: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Hello new month, old friends and new.
    I’m 65, work at Royal Mail, delivering in ALL weathers…ha..ha! I live in The Cotswolds in the south-west of England. I have been married to DH for 32 years. We have one daughter, currently working on a three-year contract in Australia (near Melbourne). Not forgetting our sweet, sweet rescue dog!
    In 2016 I joined @coda for the first challenge and did well, losing ALL my excess weight (about 28 pounds) maintained for a few months….then….let it all go! My appetite got in the way! I’ve been running along behind the wagon ever since…

    Day 1 – Ireland – NF

    A colleague has had great success with the 5:2 and the logic of it appeals greatly to my husband, so we have been inspired to follow the programme.
    A rocky few months threw us off course, and although we refocused on it in July I found it hard to be properly committed. I know what is not good for me but can’t seem to steer clear.
    I hope that participating in this forum will help to keep me on plan and mindful of breaking the bad habits I have been indulging.

    Day 1 Melb Aust NFD

    Great to be back for another month’s challenge. I’m a retired 69-y-old female from Melbourne, no OH or kids, but a very demanding ginger tabby cat to keep me in line. Didn’t do too well in July – gained 0.9 kg – but had the flu for 3 weeks, so I think I’m excused. Approaching August determined to lose at least 4 kg. Normally aim to have FDs Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and need to watch the eating on the other days.

    Good to see you back, @flourbaby

    @lgbran, Onwards and DOWNWARDS are the key words, no-one wants to gain 🙂

    Will try to check in most days for accountability.

    Day 1 – UK – FD800??

    Had a lovely evening helping an 80y.o. friend celebrate his birthday – a large group of our Tuesday and Friday Running/Walking group turned up – everyone made a dish and brought a bottle so a varied menu to sample 😋 and I have to admit I had a few glasses of bubbly…….so planning on starting this month with a FD800 today and hopefully a FD500 tomorrow and will weigh in on Saturday – I was 56.3kg yesterday morning…….

    This morning went to meet with DD and it was a lovely sunny and warm day if a bit humid. Her 18mth pup was in having a little operation (he is a beagle and the vet advised as it will reduce the risks of testicular cancer!) so whilst he was at the vet we went for a walk then had a coffee in the sunshine before picking him up – he was OK but a bit woozy from the anaesthetic when we picked him up.

    I am hoping to log in daily this month to help me stay accountable and lose those 2kg I have been harbouring on and off for the past couple of months…….

    For those new to these challenges – a little bit about myself 😊
    I have been part of these challenges since November 2016 and have never missed one since – I am a retired 61 y.o. married female, with a 30y.o. daughter.
    I started this WOL on my own in January 2016 and joined the challenges in November 2016 for support and motivation to drop those final 5kg/11lbs as I had been on a plateau for around 3 months. I reached maintenance in early December 2016.
    In total I lost around 22kg/ 3st 7lbs and have remained in my maintenance range of 53-55kg/116.8-121.2lbs with a BMI of around 20 since then! (Height = 163cm/5ft 4in) except for the past two month when 2kg seem to have crept back on…….
    I also managed to reduce my blood cholesterol levels to just above normal at last measurement a year ago (due to be measured again soon and hope to be within normal limits) and I have come off both my asthma inhalers!!!!!!!!
    I now love a wide range of exercise, currently doing yoga which I discovered about 3 years ago and it has just been the best thing for me, both physically and mentally. I also do Broga, pilates, aerobics and hiking on the fells in my beloved Lake District ⛰ and do some volunteering in my local community!

    So lovely to see a lot of old friends here and a big welcome to those new to this WOL and/or the challenges – This is a brilliant international community with no judgement but with a lot of understanding and freely given advice and support!

    Welcome to those new @leoyg @suki2 @lgbran (we have other Australians on board) @karmacatkeeper – being part of a forum is so supportive and logging in daily is wonderful for accountability

    @quebecoise – lovely to have you back with us – I remember you – think you were with us back in December 2017 last??
    @ktcaroline – In answer to your question my aim for August is to lose those pesky 2kg that have crept up and to reduce my intake of my 🍷🥂 as I’m sure they have been the main culprit 😈 otherwise I am a happy bunny ☺️
    @winsome-waif – you have had a great start with this WOL – 11 and 1/2 pounds lighter than when you started 8 weeks ago – loving your accountability and trending your journey on the Excel spreadsheet
    @gretta – May all of the special, warm memories that you shared with your grandmother remain close to you and bring you a little comfort during the trying days ahead 🤗
    @suki2 – feel free to use the spreadsheet at you like – when you type in FD the colour orange will automatically come up – if you add any other words it reverts back to a white background but you can amend it manually – hope this is clear 🤔

    Time to get organised to go out to do some food shopping – must not get tempted with any treats 🤞

    My personal motto since finding this WOL has kept me on the straight and narrow many a times since finding maintenance so this month I will keep reminding myself of it “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now.”

    Day 1- Atlanta, Ga-USA – FD. Ready to rock this month!

    Day 1 UK NFD

    Hello all👋

    Like quite a few others I joined in with Coda right at the start did well and I guess I got too complacent and a few life events saw me piling on the pounds . I’m 57 live with my husband who retired around 18 months ago and we currently have both our sons ages 22 & 25 back living with us . Really want to try and form some good habits and get back to a comfortable weight , so no matter how long it takes I will do it Looking forward to our journey this month

    Day 1 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Hello friends old and new
    I have been doing the monthly challenges since July 2017, reached goal May 2018 and since then I have been getting to grips with maintenance. Love this WOL as I weigh the least ever in my adult life and I am 60….even better I am succeeding in keeping the weight off 🙂. As regards 5:2 my goal is simply to keep on keeping on.

    Having a hungry FD today, 300 calories so far and a tuna salad now for dinner. Keep telling myself to stay strong and I can have some 🍷 over the weekend as my reward 😉


    Day 1 UK NFD

    Hello old friends and welcome new friends. I also love a Day 1, motivating clean sheet and chance to reset. Anything is possible 🙂

    Goals for this month is to lose a couple of lb, reset sleep, catch up with myself and my home, do daily yoga & meditation. I’ve got a couple of weeks mostly off, once I catch up with the backlog. I’m going to enjoy some summer quiet time – picking fruit, making chutney and cordials, reflecting, writing and being present, preparing my mind and body for autumn days.

    I’m 55 & live in London. I first put on weight due to health issues – neuro conditions brought pain, reduced energy & mobility. Then I piled on some more when I stopped smoking…. and the scales kept creeping up to the edge of obesity! Started 5:2 in Dec 2017 weighing 179lb/81kg… currently 140lb/63kg and hitting the home strait to 133lb/60kg 🙂

    It’s been a journey of leaps and plateaus, of holding on and staying fast and finding ways to do things differently. I’m healthier and have more energy than in decades, my quality of sleep has improved massively and i think more clearly. And I’ve learned so much from so many lovely challenge people about all sorts of things. My relationship with food has changed completely and it’s much easier to make healthy choices…. Or to actively decide not to!!!

    My secrets have been drinking plenty of fizzy water, boosting FDs with a hot marmite/vegemite drink – and sticking to basic 5:2! I’ve learned so much from the lovely challenge groups – not least the importance of posting daily for accountability!

    Remember that everything is progress – especially when it feels as tho the scales aren’t budging! A 10 month weight plateau was one of my most shape-shifting- I went down 3 sizes in clothes despite not shedding a single lb!

    Whatever your question or challenge – just ask. It’s a great group and someone will know the answer or have an idea – or simply be able to empathise. Hope you have a helpful, happy, healthy month 🙂

    Day 1 – USA – NFD

    Thanks for hosting, @ktcaroline! I’m excited to begin another month of maintaining.

    Day 1- Gielle, IT- NED

    Day 2: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    As usual, just a quick “hello” before work. It’s looking clear and sunny again today for my deliveries…..must take plenty of water!

    See you later xx

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