August 2017 – 31 Day Challenge

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August 2017 – 31 Day Challenge

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  • Hi
    Please add me to the August challenge @debster251. Been on the challenges since April and owe my weight loss to the amazing support on the forum.
    Looking forward to continuing into August!

    Hi, count me in. I don’t need to be on the spreadsheet as I’m aiming at maintenance, but have got used to checking in and the useful advice as I work out how to maintain.

    Hi. Please count me in for the August challenge.

    Hi Debster251 – count me in please for August – what else would I do? lol

    Looks like I have 2 pages to catch up on here.

    I am in too.

    Clean sheet.

    Although I hit my target of 2 Kg last month, much to my surprise!

    ✨👏✨😍@debster251 Thank-you for hosting the August Challenge 2017 ✨ I’m looking forward to August. Thanks 😊for leading✨I know you’ll be a great host.
    ✨✨It’ll be a FD for me on the first of August.✨
    I’ll definitely be working towards the 5:2 WOL (way of life) I’m working on adjusting my WOE (way of eating) so I can get back to eradicating some weight. 😊
    😍😊✨Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m a “Lifer ” ✨😊Continuing with the Challenge each month. Not willing to give up… First 3 months lost 25 lbs. June pretty much maintained. July went up 10lbs at least. I’ll weigh myself on the first. Good Luck 👍 Everyone!✨

    Please count me in!
    Leiden, the Netherlands, NFD
    Am intermittent fasting (16-8) since January 2017. Lost 10 kg, but fear I may fall off the wagon so I hope the August challenge will keep me focused.

    What do you eat on your 5:2? I mean do you restrict on your NFD? And what do you eat on your FD? Thank you. I, too, am 70….well almost will be so I’d like info since it is much more difficult for post menopausal women.

    @debster251 thank you and count me in please.

    A little about me. I started 5:2 in September 2014 after at least 40 years of yo-yo dieting. I’m a 65 year old, recently retired, grandmother of 5. I reached my goal in April 2015 and have maintained under goal ever since. This WOL (way of life) is the most successful WOE (way of eating) I’ve found. It is the first time I haven’t regained lost weight.

    Looking forward to continuing with our virtual friends and meeting new global companions along the way.

    Who says it is more difficult when you are 70 ? Any research to back up this claim. For my part it is just a bit slower like everything else in my life Be patient follow the plan and you will lose consistently. Also I feel it is not necessary and even unhealthy and age shortening to be too slim Once you get mid BMI that sufficient for us over 70s Be kind to yourself

    @susgwyn welcome. From one post menopausal women to another. On FDs I enjoy eating a 400 to 500 calorie meal in the evening. My meals consist of a small amount of protein (2 eggs, salmon, chicken, tuna …) and lots of fresh vegetables either stir fried, steamed or salad. I try to make the meals as tasty as possible and serve them with home made marinades, sauces or dressings. Usually I cook with or make dressings with extra virgin olive oil. During the day I drink lots of tea and coffee with splases of milk, have a cup of miso soup and drink lots of water.

    On NFDs I try to eat mindfully but not count calories as I find counting calories too restrictive and not a way of life I enjoy. I don’t eat any processed foods and always cook from scratch. I eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, enjoy a small serving of carbohydrates and protein and full fat yoghurt and cheese. I do watch portion sizes and have worked out portion sizes for carbohydrates etc. i have measuring cups in all my dry goods (oats, brown rice etc) so my portion sizes don’t creep up. I still enjoy wine and the occassional beer but try to not over indulge. Wine is my downfall! Hence I’m a member of the pocket winos! I do enjoy the occassional treat. For me it’s salami, nuts and cheese. For others it’s chocolate and cake. Nothing is off limits but not every day. Dr Moseley recommends a Mediterranean style of eating. The secret is to find a way of eating that suits you, your lifestyle and your family.

    I followed the original basic 5:2. I had no problem losing 43lbs in 7 months and have maintained under goal weight for 2 years and 3 months.

    Hi @debster, I’m in and thank you for taking the challenge on this month. xx

    3rd post
    For anyone starting out and fellow foodies. This was my go to site for inspiration or when I was too tired or busy to work out calories.

    Thank you Debster, count me in. I started the 5:2 diet a week ago and loving it. Would love to be a part of the Agust challenge 😀

    I’m in! I’m 40, male, from Utah in USA, close to where I need to be, but want to be in optimal health. still overeat (likely due to stress) despite all-natural food diet (no sugar, no refined flour, etc.) my wife is joining, too. Here’s to the last 10 or so pounds! thanks.

    @debster251 Thanks for this. I think it’s exactly what I need!

    Day 1, Sydney, NFD.

    I’m trying to stay positive about this, but some days it’s a struggle to take things slowly as I’m so impatient! My goal is to lose 1.5 kg this month, which I’m hoping will be achievable!

    Good luck to everybody

    joining with my husband. Thanks! Utah, USA.

    Count me in for August debster. I have been on Adf since feb 2017. I met my goal in May, but decided to keep losing. End of June was our annual vacation at an all inclusive resort and I fell off the train, didn’t help that we traveled again end of July.
    August is my chance to reset. I am currently 2 pounds above my upper limit. My goal is to lose 6 pounds total. I don’t expect to get there this month, but I intend to keep going until I do; ,then figure out what works to stay in maintenance; all inclusives vacations and all.

    Hi I would like to join this challenge, I started the 5:2 diet 6 days ago. I am a 59 year old female from Boston, MA USA and my goal is to lose at least 6 pounds this month.

    Hi all
    Count me in for August challenge.i have seen someone adopting this way of life and would like to try it.
    Need to lose 25 pounds at least but more interested in health benefits long term.look forward to any advice and support

    Please count me in for the August challenge. I reached my goal for July, so now I am 71.2kgs. My goal for August is to reach 67kgs. If I manage to reach 66kgs I will be in the healthy BMI range.I love this forum and how supportive everyone is.

    Is there a spreadsheet for August?

    Hi, new to this site, though have known about 5:2 for a few years. Going to give it a go starting tomorrow with a FD.

    Hi, new to this site and 5:2, I’m a 54 yr old woman, weigh 12 st 8 (and at 5′ 3″ that gives me a BMI of 31). Used to be reasonably fit but a series of quite serious health problems in 2011 ruined that and it’s gone downhill ever since. Hoping that starting this WOE will help with general energy levels as well as weight loss.

    What do we need to do for the August challenge?

    Well folks, one day to go the August challenge.

    A little about me:
    I am a 62 year old retired teacher, born in Kent, but living in Northern Ireland with my DH. I started this way of life (WOL) last March, and since then I have lost a total of 20 lbs, a slow but steady decrease. My BMI is now 24.5 but I still am holding onto that dreaded belly fat, so my goal is to reduce my waist size. I took 3 months out last year to go travelling, and started afresh last January, joining this forum. I have never looked back. Not only have I found help and support, I now have a truly international group of friends, and daily posting for me has nearly become an addiction! My weight loss has been In the doldrums as of late, so I’m hoping to gain inspiration from you all, whatever your journey.

    @kentoldlady – you’re certainly in the right place for some company. This is one lively forum!
    Hi to
    @susgwyn – Onahealthyhigh answered your question beautifully. I now don’t eat breakfast at all. On FDs I tend to have a light snack at around 1pm and then eat eggs or fish with a salad/veggies. On NFDs the key here is to be mindful. Lots of us struggle with NFDs. When I started, I counted calories on My Fitness Pal (Lose It is another app that some use) However, I’ve got out of the way of that, and my journey went a bit off piste! This month, am going to try to count carefully.
    @rahul1905 – Rahul, I’ll post the spreadsheet when the month starts and everyone has signed up
    @berries63 – the challenge starts tomorrow – the 1st Aug. When you post tomorrow, please start with day 1, your location and whether it is a fast day (FD) or a Non fast day (NFD.). That way, we all sing off the same hymn sheet, especially with the time differences. I’ll post the link to a spreadsheet, which one of our members drew up, and you can use it or not, depending how you feel.

    I hope I haven’t missed anyone

    Quick thought – should we add a column to the spreadsheet at the end for weight lost, just next to “finish weight”?

    Will do @ Twinmam, although for some, (me included!) ‘lost’ is perhaps a misnomer!

    Massachusetts USA I want to continue with the August challenge. Don’t have end weight for July yet but I know I’m not at my goal. Luck to all!

    Hello from Fond du Lac, WI

    I’m extremely new to the 5:2 diet, as today is my first day of fasting. Although as a teacher, I’m rather used to going long stretches without being able to eat anything.
    I’m really happy to be here and can’t wait to see the results.

    Hello – new here and ready to join the August challenge.
    FD today (yes, I know it is the 31st July) trying to get off to a good start.
    In South London – lovely and sunny here today.
    Starting weight 158lbs – am 5′ 5″ and really would like to be under 10 stone by the end of the year.
    One step at a time – 1st step get through August.

    Tomorrow is the start of another beautiful month with some amazing people…..

    Tomorrow, I will post my weight…….

    My ending was found……….

    I was addicted to the hokey pokey then I turned myself around!

    @bert Lol!

    for all the acronym-impaired like me, and new to the site, what do they mean? It’s a fun new language!
    i found a few eventually as i read along:

    WOL (way of life)
    WOE (way of eating)
    FD (fast day)
    NFD (non-fast day)
    IF (intermittent fasting)

    “live with my DH?”
    “i’ve been on ADF?”
    “my OH is a feeder?


    i started Sunday, Aug 30 and then found this website online that evening. I felt ok throughout the day despite an intermittent headache (IH) and intermittent hunger (IH). how do you like my acronyms? 🙂
    Ate Nuts, peaches, tortilla chips and salsa to get 600 kcal. i was glad to find that i had a choice because a few years ago i heard about this WOL (!) and understood that i was to eat only at dinner and only a salad on NFDs (!). this is much better to be able to snack during the day and choose varied foods for dinner. nice to know i could have a few almonds during the day i’d needed at work.


    I believe: DH. DEAR HUSBAND
    OH….. OTHER HALF is a feeder…. loves to push food on you!!

    As you say, a whole new language!!

    @utahcougar – DH has been “dear husband” or several other descriptive D words as the case may be
    OH – is “other half”
    ADF – is “alternate day fast” for a system of fasting every other day
    MFP – “My Fitness Pal” a phone or tablet app many of us use as calorie tracker

    @susgwyn – welcome to you! My real name is Gwynne, so my eyes lit onto your “gwyn” immediately. @onahealthyhigh gave you some great advice. I also am 69, will be 70 in May, and have lost 35 pounds on 5:2 since March 2016. I still have some stubborn belly fat I am not happy with, but maintaining 158-160# for 8 months now has been pretty good. You will find great support and help on this forum.

    Hi @debster251 – please add me to the August challenge too.

    July 31 Phoenix AZ. FD
    Please count me in for the August challenge. I have been doing 5:2 on and off by myself and I it has worked to the tune of 5 lbs. Having support is always better. We are in this together. Doc says I have to lose 20 lbs more. 5:2 has lowered my cholesterol and blood sugar.

    Today I will take bone broth for lunch and have a chicken breast and salad for dinner.
    Happy fasting!

    Day 1, North Carolina, USA. I tried 5:2 last year with my hubbie, and I successfully lost weight and felt amazing! Then I stopped and gained it all back plus a little extra. So, after a weekend of eating too much, I’m ready to start this 31 day challenge. While weight loss is definitely a goal, I want to have more energy and feel better, sleep better, and set a good example for my children. I’ll fast on Mondays and Thursdays, starting with today! Woo hoo!

    Day 1, Louisville, FD
    Hello everyone! Maddyg from Louisville Kentucky. First time trying 5.2 diet. I am not new to fasting and actually completed a ten day fast back in February. I would prefer not to do that again but I do feel it is important to abstain every now and then. I am interested in how much progress you all have made. I am trying to lose weight. Currently 186.2 at 5’7 and I am 59 years old. Working out at Orangetheory twice a week with walking in between those days. One question. The tracker asked me what goals I have for my measurements. It has been so long since I have thought about that. What should a 59 year old goal be for measurements? I wrote 36, 26, 36…good luck with that!!

    I never would have believed how challenging writing out all the handles would be, so if I have made a mistake in yours, forgive me. I now know I need new glasses!

    Welcome back @pippapah
    Thank you for joining us
    @Skugack Ironwhisker, wow, that’s an amazing handle!
    And I can’t believe @fatrabbit hat I failed to say hello. Good to see you.

    @debster251 Hi there, I dropped out of July but would like to come back for August! Thanks. I am going to lose 5 lbs this month to achieve my goal.

    Please count me in on the August challenge, I have been doing the 5&2 for 5 weeks on my own so it will be great to have some company on the journey! Here’s to August !

    Thanks @coda for hosting July and @debster251 for hosting August! Look forward to joining the August challenge!

    Day 1 Glasgow, FD

    Put on 1/2 stone in 4 months.
    Looking to lose 1 stone.

    Going for full day fast with evening meal @500 kcal.

    Found it ok today, not hungry.
    drank 2 mugs of black coffee and 2pints of water.

    Day 1 NFD country west Australia.
    It’s 12.40 am and I’m still doing office work. Must away to bed as have to be up with the sparrows for a quick trip to the city and back in the day – 12 hour round trip.
    Hoping for a better month in August. Good luck all.😋

    Hi @debster251, thanks for hosting this month. I’ve been off plan for almost 2 weeks now and will weigh in on Saturday. So far I’ve been following 5:2 since Feb and been registering on these challenges since March. I read all the posts and tend to post 3/4 times each week. So far I’ve lost about 35lbs and whatever the scale says on Saturday I will aim to lose 7lbs in August. No birthdays, no holidays, no excuses!

    July 31 Portland, OR FD

    Please add me to the August challenge. I’m only in my 3rd week and have found the July challenge thread really helpful as I’ve gotten started. I have two different work trips in August. I’m hoping this forum will help me stay focused while faced with long meeting days and big group dinners.

    Day 1/FD/Melbourne Australia

    Goodmorning all. My overall aim for August is to remain below my goal weight of 59kg. I’d like to lose 1.5kg this month to reach my happy weight range of 56/57 kg. I lost my mojo back in May when we were invaded by pesky rodents and it took nearly 6 weeks to regain complete control of my kitchen. Holidays in June and July and a significant birthday played havoc with NFDs. Happily a few FDs, 16:8 and CDs meant I stayed below my goal weight.

    Pocket winos I’m aiming to abstain during the week unless an occassion arises of course.

    @bert what a great ending!
    @debster thank you again. Looking forward to another positive month.

    I’m off to repeat the bloodtests I had last month. I received a letter from the lab saying the samples couldn’t be used. This time I’m drinking lots of water. Not easy first thing in the morning. I miss my coffee.

    Have a wonderful day everyone.

    Day 1 NFD Australia

    @debster251 count me in for August and thanks for hosting
    @coda great job on July!

    I’m 47 and 5’2 (just) and started 5:2 Jan 2017. Joined the challenge in June to give me a little more accountability and also to encourage others as I’ve found this WOL a very positive lifestyle. I have no problem with FD now aiming for and achieving under 400cal but NFDs are where I go wrong. Will focus on lower carbs, my nemesis! Long term goal is to get below 60kg but 65kg is my August goal.

    Good luck @onahealthyhigh I’m interested to hear your results as I lost 5kg and still no reduction in cholesterol, and the only meat I eat is fish!

    Have a great day everyone – drink lots of water, and today is all horses birthday.

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