August 2017 – 31 Day Challenge

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August 2017 – 31 Day Challenge

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  • Day 31 FD. 2nd of B2B

    Will weigh in tomorrow and post final weight and loss for the month. Thanks to @debster251 for hosting August and steering all through it so beautifully… loved the poem too… so true and captured the spirit of this month so well.
    Looking forward to seeing you all in September.

    @debster final weight 58.1kg. I cannot open the spreadsheet. I think my aging iPad is to blame.

    👏👏👏👏👏👏 wonderful poem.

    Day 31, USA, Missouri Ozarks, NFD

    Hello all, very very busy yesterday so didn’t have time to eat so that made it easy.

    Doing great today, much better than my first NFD last week. Going out with friends tomorrow, won’t eat breakfast so that will balance out the lunch.

    Got in quite a bit of exercise this week, back doing my two minute planks as I missed them so much. Trying to do several sets a day and it really feels good. Also doing the HIT intervals on the bike and can really feel it as well.

    Thank you very much, Debster, for herding us cats this month !

    To your health, all.

    Day 31. Québec. NFD

    @debster251. Thank you for being such a wonderfull guide. A special thank you to @coda also for starting all this.
    What a nice and helping group of people. I enjoy the international exchanges. Thanks to each and every one of you.

    This morning I didn’t appreciate what I read on my scale and I was quite disappointed so today I decided that I was on holliday of all this. I however stayed in control, even when my OH came home with a bag of chips. I did not open the bag and ate my meal mindfully. Proud of myself for that small victory ( yes it is small but for me it shows a great achivement).

    I will post my last weigh in tomorrow.

    Day 31 – USA, Wisconsin

    Thank you for leading this challenge @debster251. I hope to do it again in September. I love your poem, and am going to hang it up to remind me I’m not alone when I am in a slump. I didn’t meet my goal this month, but I lost some, so I’ll stick with it and hope for the best next month.

    Thanks everyone for your wisdom, experience, support, and humor!

    Also @debster251, I can’t find the link for the spreadsheet. Would you mind posting it again? Thanks!

    Still day 31 –

    @debster251 – FYI The August challenge spreadsheet data comes up but it’s now got the September title.

    Day 31 Vancouver Island
    Looking forward to September, loved your poem @debster251! Thanks for overseeing the August challenge.

    Sorry for disappearing in the middle of the challenge. I got a bit overwhelmed and needed time away and to think about other things.

    I ended the month at the same weight as I started it. My body clearly didn’t approve of my goal to lose more weight which I have completely failed to achieve. It has managed to convince me that I was being greedy and need to be more realistic and accept that the weight I am now is perfectly acceptable for a woman of my height, build and age. It is healthy and sustainable, I don’t need to aspire to be anything other than myself. I have achieved my aim of being healthy and having more energy, now I need to maintain this. I will miss the satisfaction of seeing the weight drop off. Losing all that weight has been a really good experience and I will miss it. Maintaining is far more mundane! I am going to have to find myself another life challenge to replace the weight loss, something I can focus on and which makes use of all this energy I now have.

    Thanks to Debster for running this months challenge, and to everyone who ran the other ones I participated in. They have been very very helpful in getting me to my new healthy body. I am grateful for all the support I received along the way. Thanks all 🙂

    @fatrabbit – Good to hear that you are well and have coped and survived the stresses at home over the past month so successfully 🤗
    You are so right in that it is important to feel comfortable and happy in your own skin and I am so glad that following a straightforward 5:2 WOL has helped you to achieve your aim.
    Dr M never meant anyone to completely fast on a FD, just to fast for an extended period of time (which you do) and eat 500cal or 1/4 TDEE (recently revised to (800cals) and everyone finds a WOE that helps them achieve their health and weight loss goals and that is the beauty of this WOL
    We are here if you ever want to pop into any of the challenges to say Hi or to talk or aire any concerns – you will always be very welcomed and I for one will miss your wonderful posts! Hope all your furry friends are entertaining as ever and keeping out of mischief.

    Personally I stick to the challenges, even though I’m in maintenance, as I find it inspires me and helps keeps me accountable – I am now entering my 10th month in maintenance 💃

    Enjoy life, be healthy and be happy!

    Final post:
    So, D Day as they say.
    Final weight: 154.5lbs. Down 2lbs.
    Waist : 33.5″ Down 1.5″. Yay!
    Plank challenge: I now have my routine down to two sections. The goal is to join the two together.
    I am disappointed not to bridge the 11 stone barrier – I seem to lose a couple of pounds then go up and down for a bit, but I’m delighted with my waist measurement and pleased with my progress in my planks.

    I’m glad you all enjoyed the poem. It was just a bit of fun. I used to teach three or four sessions of poetry a year in school, and that is one of the things I miss. Thank you all so much for your kind words. It was a pleasure hosting the challenge.

    Regardless of your place in your journey, stay strong. A huge congratulations to the many people who had great losses. For those who didn’t have the success they wished for, hang in there. This is a way of life, for health benefits as well as as for weight loss. You at a winner just being on this forum.

    When all the stats are in, I’ll post the final tally. See you all hopefully in the September challenge.

    Here is the link for the September challenge.

    Good luck to you all. Xo

    @fatrabbit – I’m glad you’ve managed to get your head round your personal challenge. Your journey has been an inspiration and your bunny tales a delight to read. Enjoy your new healthy bod and pop in some time to say hello. Good luck

    Final post – thank you to everyone in this challenge especially our host @debster251. I finished the challenge 5lb lighter and I feel GOOD 😊. Looking forward to the September challenge.

    Day 31, Northumberland UK, NFD

    All days since last check in NFD, although day 29 was around 800 cals so almost a FD. Final weight 73.9kg so managed to maintain despite no routine and lots of feast days having grabbed back some control this week. Apologies for being MIA since mid month.


    Weigh in Day!

    So, so happy to report that there is now 3.75lbs less of me than there was on 1 August.

    Thank you all for your company during August. See you over in the September Challenge.

    hello so finished August at 11.7 or 161 lbs which I am ok about considering I jumped up to 11.11 (165 lbs) once again finding those lost pounds – this time round they are ditched, donated, never to be found again and I want to make progress.

    @fatrabbit – please don’t be a stranger to us – you entertained us with your stories and you will be missed. See you on the next challenge

    My final weigh in…..134lbs, that a 3lb loss for da month. I’m so happy…..

    @ fat rabbit…… Glad to see you again. I wish you peace, love and happiness!

    @debster….. Thank you for everything!

    Everyone else…… I can’t wait to see you in Sept., you kind words, thoughts and support have been the great gift. I’m truly honored to call you all friends!

    And for the last time…..

    I was addicted to the hokey pokey or Hokey Cokey then I turned myself around!

    Thanks Debster for hosting the challenge. I have lost 3 kgs in August even though I didn’t make it to my goal weight. Reading about everyone’s victories and challenges always helps. See you all in the September challenge.

    Final check-in,

    I’ve eradicated 7.6lbs this month which is great, however, 7lbs of that was gained over my 2 week hols at the end of July, so I’m back to an all time low which I reached once mid-June and again mid-July……….. bouncy-bouncy scales aside, my clothes are looser and I’m ‘managing’ my NFDs a hell of a lot better than before.

    @debster251………..thanks for hosting/ herding us in August, I NEED these challenges to keep me on the straight and narrow, see you in Septemberxxxxxx

    Day 1/31 Melbourne Australia NFD
    Well done Mari84! Taking your measurements like that is so rewarding, I need to do it!
    I’m down from 96kg to 92.2kg. Still A LONG way to go but I’m happy with that for a start.
    Thank you everyone for keeping us all uplifted and focussed and most of all helping on those difficult days when it’s all just too hard.

    Final check-in for the month;
    Day 31 – NFD
    Day 30 – NFD
    Day 29 – NFD

    I feel like my mind is definitely not in a good place. I struggle getting enough done on my thesis and feel like I’m unable to cope with the extra stress fasting causes. All I’ve been able to undertake during designated FDs this past week has been 16:8, but I know that I’ve been overeating in the time window I have and thus have no interest in weighing myself. I’m sure I will get back on track once I’m done with my thesis, but for now, I definitely need a break.

    Thank you for hosting this month, @debster251!

    Final weigh-in 199.2. Yay made goal of getting back below 200 lbs.

    @fatrabbit – good to hear from you. I’d been praying for you. I wish you well on your maintenance journey. I do hope you join in with us in September. You can encourage some of us by your journey as we continue to work toward our maintenance goals. You and I were at a similar weight for a minute & you continued down while I stalled. Hopefully I’m back on the way down again.

    @debster251 – I found the page & plugged in my final weight. Thanks for your work hosting August!

    Day 31 NFD St. Louis USA
    Don’t remember if I posted yesterday or not. This week is been a blur. Wanted to be sure and check in as we end August.

    All my best to all of you and may the fast be with you

    Final weigh in for August: 136.2 lb. or 61.8 kg.
    Only lost 2 pounds or .9 kg for the month, so didn’t meet my goal. Overeating on NFD was the reason. Looking forward to it new month. Setting a goal of 4 lbs. for September.

    Final check-in

    135 pounds this morning. One pound more than what I was aiming.

    I find it difficult to acceptbecause it is weigh that I put on during vacations at the end of June and still caught with it.

    However, I’v developped new habits that I am proud of so I will go on going on.

    Have a nice day everyone x

    @krisnia, are you planning on joining us in the September challenge? I hope so my cyber friend and Washingtonian. 🙂

    My post with final weight etc seems to have vanished so here it’s again!
    August start weight… 62.7 Kg… goal to lose 1.7 Kg.
    Actual eradication 2.1 Kg , so end weight of 60.6Kg.
    Very happy with that but continuing onwards and downwards!
    Many thanks again to @debster251 for steering us all through August. Congratulations to everyone whether losers, maintainers or plateau dwellers! See you all over in September!

    Final post

    Weighed in this morning at 85.6kg. So all in all, August was a wash-out. Too much wine and not enough control on NFDs. And the 5 days away at the end didn’t help the cause at all. On a more positive note, I did see 82.0kg at one point, so with a bit of effort, I know I can get to my goal. Onto Septembr challenge.

    Final post 149lbs ,same as I started, really need to get serious for September

    Thanks again @debster251

    Sorry for my late weigh in.
    Start weight: 64kgs
    End weight: 60.7
    August loss: 3.4kgs! Woohoo.
    Meet you in the September challenge.
    Ps. I so enjoy reading everyone’s adventures and challenges. I’m not a very regular poster but I read all your comments everyday. Look forward to our new September challenge.

    I’m in for August

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