August 2017 – 31 Day Challenge

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August 2017 – 31 Day Challenge

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  • Day 31 NFD Brisbane

    Final check in and weight this morning is 65.5kg. Best wishes to those and loved ones having surgery I hope you all come out shiny and new. I won’t continue the challege in September but thanks to all those sharing their 52 journey it’s been very informative, amusing and often comforting to know it’s not just me.
    Happy fasting all.

    Day 30, National Parks Tour, NFDs for 3 weeks

    The reward at the end of the rainbow is endless days of hiking with DH, children, grandchildren and delicious meals in the National Parks along the way. Three weeks at the end of this week, four parks and stops in San Francisco and Seattle. Should have built in an additional day at each stop.

    Breakfast is simple. For me yougurt and fruit with a tiny topping of DH’s granola. Lunch nuts, cheesestick and apple. Dinner whatever looks good.

    All clothes fit. No scale so whatever. Also no internet or cell service. So a back to nature relaxing experience. Lots of mountains, lakes, and nature.

    New month in 2 days. Will be back in the saddle in September. Love all your posts. We keep each other focused.

    Day 31 FD Melbourne, Australia
    last one for the month, I’m making it a good one!

    Day 31/NFD/Melbourne Australia

    Goodby August, hello September. Looking forward to a new month and new beginning. Thank you for your company, humour and support. Thoughts are with those who are experiencing difficulties and with family members in hospital.

    Day 31 Newcastle UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ NFD.
    184lbs this morning 2lb above goal.
    I’m happy with that, first full month of maintenance. Looking forward to September’s challenge.

    Day 30 NFD
    One more day…

    Day 31, UK, CD

    Wonderful weighin, just half a pound off my target weight and an all new low for over 2 years.

    Looking forward to see what I can do next month

    Day 31 – UK, FD

    Lost 9lb for this month, a number of inches (sadly most of it from my bust) and previously tight clothes now feel baggy.

    The August challenge has been a great support and source of information, I’ll definitely take it through to the September one!

    Day 31, Gozo Malta, nfd

    I’m 68.1 kilos this morning. Down by 1.9 kilos since 9 th August when we returned from a cruise. My target weight is 63 or 64 kilos. I’m ready for September challenge.

    It was motivating and lovely to read all posts.

    Have a great day everyone. Onwards and downwards

    Day 31 Sydney NFD

    Thanks to everyone here for the support, stories, friendship and humour throughout this month. I’m down 4.4 kg to 54.4 kg and am the smallest I’ve been in years. Looking forward to next month 😊

    Day 31 Belfast FD

    It’s hard to believe that this month is over!
    I’m going to post my final weight tomorrow morning.
    When everyone’s put in their final stats, I shall do a tally of the weight/inches lost and report back to you. That will probably be Sunday as I’m away tomorrow and Saturday.

    If you are among those super duper losers this month, very, very well done. If you are one of those unhappy campers, who are sitting on a plateau, dig in deep and carry on. The number on the scale isn’t the only measure of success, and many of the health benefits can’t be immediately measured. We are all winners just by doing this WOL.


    Hosting this challenge has been such a gas,
    A myriad of people, together, such class.
    Regardless of gender, nation or race,
    A common goal is what keeps us apace.

    This forum’s full of a motley crew,
    Of tortoises, racers, static and new,
    Winos, Fasters, plankers alike
    In pocket to give that resolve a hike.

    A common lingo is shared by all,
    With local flavour to confuse and appal.
    Are pants trousers, knickers or what?
    Or for measuring when they fall off your butt?

    Do baps contain burgers or tucked in a bra?
    It’ll take make a difference to you for sure!
    We learn words like newbies, marmite, and whoosh
    When pounds are eradicated with a rush.

    Aside from the chat about TDEE and food,
    Other topics are often reviewed.
    Recipes, gardening, films and books,
    Family, travels, all get a look.

    This place is for moans and airing distress
    Those highs when we celebrate our great success.
    Thieving, manipulating depressing, those scales
    Are often accused of lying tales.

    Stories of bunnies, of work and of play
    We’re a vibrant community in every way.
    Whatever our location, our goals are the same
    Determination is the name of the game.

    Together on plateaux we camp and complain,
    Slay dragons, kill hunger, but still we remain
    Focused, resolute, doing things right
    To keep that final goal in sight!

    No judgment, no fuss we’re here for each one,
    For advice, support, for banter and fun.
    Wherever we are, when it comes to the end,
    We are truly a wonderful group of friends!

    @debster251. Wonderful ☺️☺️ You captured it right. Thanks so much for hosting August, my first challenge.

    Day 31- Meath, Ireland – NFD
    August Goal-149lbs
    Current Weight-148lbs
    Total loss August – 9 lbs

    I am off on holiday today! Copious quantities of wine last night added 1.5 pounds to yesterday’s new low but I don’t mind. I am below my goal for holiday and I was thrilled to see that number on the scale. I know this WOE works πŸ˜€

    I wont be weighing in for the September challenge until 18th September. I am hoping that I only gain up to 5 pounds on holiday, that’s the allowance I have given myself, but I don’t know how well I can manage while away. I will try to skip some meals but I feel my willpower will be in holiday mode too.

    Thanks @missybear, @Metatua, @annemarilyn and all of you for your kind wishes.
    @debster251 you have been a wonderful hostess. Thank you so much.

    See ya’ll in September πŸ€—

    Day 31, Norway, FD

    @debster251 wonderful poem!! captured everything that has been going on in this forum. As this was my first month ever on 5:2, i’ve really needed to read stories from everyday life from other 5:2’ers, both newbies and experienced.

    I’ve updated my numbers in the excel sheet, and looking forward to September Challenge.

    Day 31 – Woking, UK – NFD
    Closing out the month I’ve lost 4.5lbs exactly. I’ve also shifted an inch off my waist and off my hips and another 1.5 inches off my bust (why does it have to be that way around!?).
    Really happy with that result and I want to say a huge thank you to you all for your wonderful support. Even bigger thanks to @debster251 for doing a fantastic job of hosting this month.
    Hopefully see you all in the September challenge.

    Day 31- UK – NFD

    Thank you everyone for being so supportive and friendly, this is truly a great forum. Special thanks to @debster251 for hosting this month, you have done a great job. Your poem is very entertaining and sums the ‘goings on’ just perfectly! I have to mention @coda as without you starting this off all those months ago we might not be here. Also thank you to all the ‘maintainers’ your input is really inspiring and helpful. Thank you for hanging around and so we can benefit from your experience.

    @annemarilyn – I agree with you, I will keep at the 500 or lower for now and only resort to the water fasts if I start stalling. Great advice. In the future I may do the water fast as a challenge for health reasons, for the moment getting to a heathy BMI without giving up or yo-yoing has to be my goal.

    I am going to final weigh in today as I am not sure what the day will bring and this mornings low will probably spring back a bit when I hit the weekend. I didn’t quite make my August goal but I am happy enough to be at 69.5kg (goal was 69), I was at 71.5kg at the beginning of July so to loose 2 kg over the summer is a great achievement for me. Looking forward to seeing you all over on the September Challenge. Have a great day everyone. 😊

    Norway, Day 31, NFD

    So today’s weigh in and measuring showed:
    Before – now
    94 kg/207 lb – 89.4 kg/197lb
    Waist: 88cm – 81.5cm
    Hips: 117 cm – 113 cm
    Bust: 104 cm – 94 cm
    Neck: 36cm – 32 cm

    So a loss of 4.6 kg/10lb+, and many cm all over, in less than 4 weeks is a result I am very happy with πŸ˜‚
    I started with my first FD 8th August. And the bust loss is mostly due to my quitting breast feeding πŸ™‚

    I do not expect this huge of a loss in September, but I am very motivated to keep this going and make it my WOL πŸ™‚

    Very excited to see everyone else’s results today and tomorrow! Keep up the great work people! πŸ™‚

    Thank you @debster251 for hosting, a very good poem summed it all up nicely πŸ™‚

    Day 31, London, UK, FD (3rd of B2B2B)

    Oooh-Weee……… @debster251, now you’ve done it!!! We’ll settle for nothing less than 1 poem per week from now on!!! Fantastic!!!! Thanks for hosting this month, final weigh-in tomorrow morning after this 3rd day of my B2B2B.

    @daffodil2010, have a fabulous holiday, you know you have the tools to eradicate any additional baggage you bring back from your hols with ease, so don’t worry about it and have a great time!!!

    For those fasting today, stay strong, you KNOW this is easier than anything you’ve done before………………… and you CAN have that croissant tomorrow!!!!

    Day 31 North Wales FD

    Totally excited to have completed yet another challenge. Looking forward to completing my next and third challenge.

    Thank you @debster251 for hosting this month, and thanks to all of you for inspiration and support. I might not post long posts often but I really enjoy reading your posts.

    Weighing in tomorrow. Any weight loss will be a bonus to this healthy way of life.

    Day 31 – πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§- NFD

    Thanks Debster251 for hosting – apologies for being AWOL for most of the month but successfully did FD yesterday & now weigh 10st 12lbs.

    Must remember this weight is far less than after previous holidays in years gone by – definitely not back to the weight I was before embarking on this WOL

    So back on track for the much needed Sept Challenge – see you there 😊

    Debster that was a great poem! Captured the essence of us all!
    And well done to everyone who has baggy trousers/pants, who is a bit smaller but a bit wiser and those of us still in it for the long hard slog to finally get to MAINTENANCE, the promised land! I love hearing about everyones highs and lows from all around the world, truly an international forum!

    Day 31 UK FD will weigh in and take stock tomorrow – see you in September xx

    Thanks so much for hosting @debster251 πŸŽ€ Loved the poem.

    Day 31, Wales, FD

    Well done everyone – some fantastic results, hope I contribute to our joint loss when I weigh in tomorrow.

    @debster251 thanks for being our motivating host, love the poem.

    Day 31…..Florida…..NFD

    I sooooo want the scales to be telling the truth this morning….. I hope, I hope, I hope!
    Probably not but a girl can hope cant she……….134.2lbs…..
    if you could tell, I had a really solid FD yesterday. The dragon was really mean last night and sleeps decided to be elusive last night! What a great way to end a great FD!
    But, I conquered them both!

    @debster….. what a wonderful way to sum up our group! I honestly believe the only reason, I’ve made it this far was because of my great friends on here. Yeah, this WOL is easy enough, but without support you feel alone and it feels impossible. But together we are stronger and we can do the impossible!

    I can’t wait to see you all in Sept.!

    For the very last time…….. I was addicted to the hokey pokey then I turned myself around!

    Day 31– Colorado USA- FD

    @debster251 — Fantastic poem! What a terrific send-off for your Fasting crew! Thank you for a good month.

    I re-joined midway thru August. Managed 4 solid FD’s and am already down 2.2 lbs!!!
    I am thrilled with my slow, but steady, progress! 🐒🐒🐒 Tortoises FTW πŸ˜ƒ

    See all you wonderful people in September.

    France – NFD

    What a wonderful poetic summary of the month @debster πŸ™‚

    A big thank you to everyone for your stories, advice, sharing of tips and recipes (all noted for grapes and figs!!), I’m looking forward to the next installment.

    My scales are playing games. I’ve been super good in last 2 weeks, have had people complimenting me on new figure, had pyjama bottoms falling to my knees, etc, etc. And today it said I was 2.8 kg up on my pre-holiday weight – EEK. Don’t feel too despondent though as I feel good and am sure there’ll be a whoosh really soon.

    My heart goes out to all those poor people in South Asia. How very very sad.

    Hugs to all x

    Day 31 4th B2B FD Akron OH. Thank you for the lovely poem @debster. I am very happy with the results this month. I lost all the vacation weight, and regained some fat & bounce in my boobs ( I feel you @berries63)Looking forward to seeing you guys in September.

    Thank you @debster251 for being such a great host!

    Day 31, US, FD

    Fantastic summary poem, @debster251, and thanks for hosting for the month.

    See y’all in September!

    Day 31 – USA (Illinois) – NFD

    @debster251 — what a marvelous poem! You are infinitely creative! Thank you for being our helper and guide this month. I look forward to September with @basyjames onward with maintenance.

    My month has been a bit more up than I had hoped, but eating mindfully has become my WOL so I am confident that my journey will be a successful one. I have no intention of getting heavy again. Ever.

    Onward and downward!

    Final weigh in 177.2 from a high of 186. I am a little dehydrated from some wine last night but I will take that 177.2. (at least until the tide rolls back in) Ready for September after a mini trip over Labor Day.

    Day 31 Lancaster, PA
    Goal to 155 lbs …did that πŸŽ‰
    Started at 159 lbs
    Weight this morning ended at 152.6 lbs So I eradicated 6.4 lbs this month! Very Happy✨
    Feeling good, I’m going to continue with the liquid (water, coffee, unsweetened coconut milk (45 calories) fasting today.✨My cousin will be visiting on Saturday, looking forward to it. Busy getting the guest room ready and ready for a bon fire and cook out, in our back yard, by the river. if it doesn’t rain. The rain from Houston is supposed to be headed our way and here by Saturday though. I’m sure it will just be a small thunder storm here by Sat. ✨Still praying for safety to those affected by the flooding in the Houston area. βœ¨πŸ™βœ¨
    @debster251 Thank-you for leading and being a wonderful host this monthβœ¨πŸ€—βœ¨Thanks for the ✨vivid poem✨We are truly a wonderful group of friends and you are truly a great poet!✨🎢✨
    ✨Warm and Happy Wishes✨😊
    ✨See you in September βœ¨πŸ€—βœ¨

    Day 31 USA FD
    @debster251 what an epic poem … I love it!

    We have spent the end of August getting our son off tomHong Kong to study abroad for a semester, moving our daughter, and spending time with 2 friends who are dying (cancer) who have asked me to do their memorial services (I am an ordained minister). So lots of memories and planning shared. Tough because I know these two very well. Now that my “ministry” has shifted into one of teaching yoga and dance, one of them is one of my regular students. She is getting weaker, but still comes and dances most days, part of the time sitting in a chair. I’m focused on making healthy food choices to keep me on track with all that is going on. I miss my son-Hong Kong is a long ways away, but he is enjoying the adventure, which makes me so happy for him.

    As the challenges that face so many upnand down the gulf coast continue to unfold, many prayers for healing and recovery.

    Hello everyone – day 31 another fast or controlled day Co Down NI

    Had a good fast day yesterday and made it all the way through until lunch time today before having a smoothie so still on course for either FD or CD.

    @snowflake56 – oh my poor you. I have a little past experience of a cracked rib and know how painful it is – even to breathe. I hope the little bit latches on and heals.

    @ducks_d – all the very best to you and wish you well on your onward journey.

    @debster251 – what can I say – your poem was brilliant recapturing the essence of this past month – laughed at the baps bit. These are for you for being an excellent hostess

    Remember even if you didn’t quite make the goal you may have set at the beginning of the month – if you are still here you are a winner please do not forget that. I don’t have all the names who saw the challenge though to the end but you will know yourself. This is your medal for the September 2017 challenge

    The principles of this WOL work as long as you work the principles!
    Onward to September with Basyjames and thank you again for taking up the reins. Anyone wanting to volunteer for October?

    ✨Thank-you @basyjames for leading the September Challenge!✨ All Interested, Go ahead and log in for @basyjames Hosting the September Challenge!✨ The link is: ✨.

    Day 31, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Good CD yesterday. Maintaining nicely at 55kg, BMI 20.8 😊😊😊

    @debster251: Thank you so much for hosting our August Challenge! πŸ’ Loved the poem! ⚘⚘⚘

    I really love this forum, my global friends, reading your posts….you are all very inspiring! Thank you! 😊😊😊

    Together we are stronger!😊🌺😊🌻😊🌼😊🌹😊

    Off for another hike! πŸŒ„

    Day 31, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Good CD yesterday. Maintaining nicely at 55kg, BMI 20.8 😊😊😊

    @debster251: Thank you so much for hosting our August Challenge! πŸ’ Loved the poem! ⚘⚘⚘

    I really love this forum, my global friends, reading your posts….you are all very inspiring! Thank you! 😊😊😊

    Together we are stronger!😊🌺😊🌻😊🌼😊🌹😊

    Off for another hike! πŸŒ„

    Sorry, no idea why it posted twice! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    Day 31 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    Hope everyone with family in Texas and Louisiana and Ireland affected by the floods are all in a safe place now – my thoughts are with you all.

    Ending this challenge weighing in this morning at 54.2kg/119.5lbs/8st 7lb 8oz (this is after a couple of NFD too) – so happily maintaining below that 55kg target for the 9th month in a row πŸ˜‡

    What a wonderful poem by @debster251 perfectly summarising this August group of amazingly supportive people – TOGETHER we are definitely STRONGER – Thank you so much for “herding” us this past month πŸ€—πŸ’

    Went to my aerobic class this morning planning today to be a FD but then got a message from OH and DD to meet with them for coffee and cake afterwards and DD’s BF joined us as well – a rare occasion that the 4 of us are all together – so thoroughly enjoyed the company and that flat white with a small slice of polenta and berry cake! My 2nd FD for the week will now be tomorrow to start the September Challenge on a high note!

    @lindasue – those of us who no longer work also find that a busy day at home or being out and about does help when fasting – I suppose it’s a bit of distraction therapy that takes our mind off food!!!! I do find it relatively easy to do a FD at home now; but every now and then I hit a day that seems to be harder than the norm……
    @snowflake56 – Hearing how you broke your rib is even more OUCH so a big gentle πŸ€—BUT so glad to hear that you are staying with us – checking in here daily has been invaluable to my maintenance but it is also great to read all the stories and as @debster251 poem said “Aside from the chat about TDEE and food, Other topics are often reviewed. Recipes, gardening, films and books, Family, travels, all get a look” We are a global vibrant community in every way!!
    @onahealthyhigh and @losing_it – I’m in an English size 8 too – think it’s the same as an Australian size and as you both say such a great feeling – bet you did a happy dance πŸ’ƒ in that changing room when you tried those clothes @onahealthyhigh πŸ˜„
    @sirisan – do hope that your brother went through his surgery successfully – ((((Hugs))))
    @mema02 – Hello and welcome – look forward to getting to know you in September – amazing group in these challenges and lots of support
    @daffodil2010 – have a fab time in Spain – should be a bit warmer and drier than here πŸ˜‰
    @redrockgirl302 – thanks – my weekly exercise regime is 2 x Yoga classes (1.5hr each), 1 x Pilates (1hr), 1 x aerobic (1hr) and 2 x 5-6mile (8-9.7km) low level walks each week but miss doing some longer and high level hikes over the fells (mountains) in my part of the UK – slowly getting there……..
    @steffieagle – what a fabulous 3 weeks you have been having – back to nature relaxing experience. Lots of mountains, lakes, and nature – how wonderful is that? and especially as all your clothes fit too – See you in the September Challenge
    @okeydokey – thinking of you – have you got dates for your oral surgery yet? You can do this – we will all be here supporting you πŸ€—
    As someone else mentioned we have not hear from @fatrabbit since the middle of the month – hope you are keeping well and the home situation has not got you down too much – pop in to say hello x

    Great achievements by so many who have manage to make those lbs/kg disappear πŸ’ƒ………..others like myself continue in maintenance πŸ˜‡

    To those stuck on that dreaded plateau or are struggling – Please stick with this WOL and stay with us for the September Challenge with @basyjames and we will pull you onto that 5:2 wagon……….
    Just a thought for those struggling (apologies if you have put these in place already)
    – Are you eating to the TDEE for your goal weight and not your current weight??? Do this now so that you lose weight faster and when you reach your goal weight you will also be used to eating much less too!!!
    – Also make sure that you are not underestimating your calorie intake……
    – Don’t add the calories lost through exercise to your TDEE as this will increase your TDEE and is not useful if you are trying to lose weight unless you are someone who is burning “huge” amounts of calories when exercising……
    – Make sure that you drink plenty of water each day, at least 2L/68fl oz

    β€œIf I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    See you in the September Challenge!

    Day 31 – SW WA USA – FD

    Going for one more FD of some sort. Have done 3 B2B liquids so far. Will do final weigh in and measuring tomorrow.

    Congratulations to @msraven, @berries63, @losing_it, @liathanail, @yolina,@Mari84, @maddyg, @okeydokey , @bert1802 and others who have dispatched some pounds this month!

    @krisnia – so sorry to hear about the cancer journeys of your friends. I’m glad you are there for them. I’ll add my prayers.

    @debster251 – loved the poem that captured the essence of this wonderful group. Thanks for hosting us for August!

    Have a wonderful last day of August everyone!

    Day 31 – McMinnville Oregon USA – FD
    Met my goal with 4 lbs down for August. 🎯 It was a roller coaster of a month. So happy with my end result, a bit of a whoosh there at the end. πŸ˜€

    @debster251 – Thank you so much for the poem, I loved it!! And thank you for hosting. πŸ’

    I love this forum, it makes the trip so much more fun. πŸ’ƒ See you in September.

    Day 31 USA =) FD.@dEBSTER25 beautiful poem thaks!!!I will update information tomorrow. Let’s do September!!!!!!

    Day 31 – USA – NFD

    Whoops….posted on September link instead of August link…I will copy/paste:
    Great FD yesterday, 439 calories and my choice of foods makes me feel satiated..drank lots of ACV with lots of water. My usual weigh-in is Saturday, but since it’s the last day of August, I’ll stick with 174.6, down 1.8 from last week, but only .8 lower for the month. I’ll take it! It’s been a roller coaster month for me, up and down in lbs., but overall still losing inches and getting back into the FD groove. Thank you @debster251 for your clever poem that succinctly describes the range of all our posts on this forum! @basyjames, thank you for volunteering to host September. @ducks_d, sorry to see you go, please peek in once in a while and let us know how you are faring. @steffieagle, welcome back! I see you also are a lover of mountains, parks, nature; isn’t it refreshing? Congrats to @anna6, @losing_it, @daffodil2010, @liathanail, @mari84, @tlc2, @bert1802, @maddyg, @okeydokey on your success this month! @at, congrats on 9 mos. of maintenance! @krisnia, I trust you will find the most comforting words for your friends when the time comes.

    Day 31, Emden Germany, NFD

    Weight 52,6 kg so maintaining comfortably unter 54 kg

    @steffieagle this sounds like a great holiday

    @daffodil2010 enjoy your holiday, olΓ©

    @coda and @at it’s like The Police once sang: “every breath you take, every move you make”, it can only get better

    @debster251 thank you so much for keeping us all on track and for the lovely poem, you made my day

    @okeydokey we know of your fears, did you make an appointment? Please don’t postpone this for too long.

    Thanks to everyone taking part on this challenge, you’ve all been so supportive, hope to “see” you all on the next one.

    Day 31 California USA FD

    @debster251 – Thank you for hosting this month. I love your poem! It captures the spirit of our forum perfectly! We learn a lot more than just a weight loss ideas here. We learn about each other’s cultures, slang, and recipe ideas. Being here is a big part of my day.

    Weight loss for me was dismal this month. I missed my goal by 3 pounds, having lost only 2 pounds, or 9 kg. It wasn’t a fault of the 5:2, just my fault because I overindulged on too any NFD’s. I ended up at 61.8 or 136.2. My BMI is 22. So I’m close to my goal of 58 kg.

    Congrats to everyone who lost weight this month and I’m glad to see everyone who didn’t is still hanging in there!

    We’ve got each other for support and we can do this!

    Day 31 Canada NFD

    Thanks so much for the poem and hosting @debster251. It has been a terrific experience.

    The biggest thing I take from the challenge is understanding hunger, how much I really do need to eat and eating mindfully. I plan how I can eat the most nutritious and delicious meals and then savour every mouthful. If there is something that really appeals on a FD I know I can eat it the next day and enjoy it fully.

    Thanks for all the support everyone. I’ll be back at it next month as there is still some belly blasting needed here:)

    I was hoping to lose 1kg this month and am thrilled that I lost close to 2kg!

    Day 31 – ABQ – FD

    Yay πŸ™Œ we did it! We finished the month! I am so happy I found this group and joined in! I have never stuck to updating with a group (or even stuck to a “diet”) for this long! It really is proof that this WOL works & that have a group to celebrate, commiserate, and support really helps!

    @debster251 – Thank you so much for hosting this month’s challenge and that was the perfect poem to sum up this month! You have been so awesome and amazing!

    Congratulations to everyone who met their goal, and let’s keep at it everyone! See you in September!

    Day31 FD

    Scales this morning showed a 6lb loss for the month. I’ll take that happily. Only 2 lbs away from the magic 200. Many thanks @debster251 for hosting this month. I’m off to the September forum to continue the journey. Thank you to,everyone on this forum, you’re keeping me going.

    Day 31 – UAE – FD (last day of 9days b2bs fast)
    Day 30 – UAE – FD (8th day of 9days b2bs fast)

    Thank you for those who responded with their experience about fast day only. I shall give it a try days when I get a change.

    Day 31β€”ABQβ€”Was going to be a FD now a CD

    @debster251β€”What a great way to wrap up August! Thank you for all your kindness and support.

    Still hovering around 146, but I fit into my interview skirt and pre-desk-job pants and that’s what matters. September will be about exercising 5x/week and managing those non fast days without completely falling off the wagon.

    Thanks to everyone for being there; see you all next month!

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