August 2017 – 31 Day Challenge

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August 2017 – 31 Day Challenge

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    Day 1 NFD on holiday in Phuket, Thailand

    Thanks to @onahealthyhigh for the website recommendation. Some inspirational ideas there! It is so helpful/necessary to have the FD food planned well in advance, I find. I always look forward to FD meals, in a way more than those on a NFD. So many things about this WOL continue to surprise me and I am so happy about the weight loss and attendant health benefits (down from 73kg in February to 62.5 today).

    My goal for August is to lose another kilogram, but more importantly to decrease my body fat percentage. So I guess the best way to do that is to increase cardio-vascular exercise? I do Pilates 4 times a week, which is great for flexibility, but I don’t think it helps with body fat.

    Wishing everyone on the list a healthy, happy August!

    i have cravings today on the NFD, yesterday being my first FD. i think my mind knows that i’m going to fast in two days and it thinks it wants to save up. i turn to natural foods, not processed, for a snack and use honey as my sweetener if needed (even though it is sugar calories). then i wait and see if i am hungry later.
    so hard to walk past cookies and treats that the kids eat.
    interestingly i ran into the only person who i know that does the “fast diet” today (rarely see her) and shared with her my plan. also interesting that “the fast diet” book was at our local library as a choice of free books for doing the summer reading program so my wife picked it up. serendipitous!

    Day 1, India, FD I am so excited to begin the August challenge. I have a story very similar to others, after years of yo yo dieting I finally have found something which works. I am female,34,163cms with a current weight of 71.3kgs. I hope to reach 67kgs at the end of August. My final goal is to reach 60kgs and maintain. I have been following 4:3 for a month and half. Good luck to everyone starting the August challenge, thanks Debster for hosting the challenge and thanks everyone for sharing your experiences both good and bad.

    Day 1 – UAE – NFD
    Thank you @debster251, please count me in for August Challenge.

    Day 1, Australia, FD – Currently struggling 🙁
    Count me in for the August challenge as well

    Six weeks in. Six kilos down. Australia. NFD.
    Motivation is weening. So I’m hoping the challenge and motivation will keep me accountable. 4-6kgs left to lose. Realistically that may be possible by the end of September. Good luck to us all!

    @debster251 – Have you posted the August spreadsheet yet, or did I just miss the link? Please add me if you haven’t already.

    Thank you for hosting August, Debster!

    Day 1 | Sydney Australia | FD

    I was sick the last 7 days of July and went off the rails. I’ve always tended to gain around 2 or 3 kilos when I’ve had a heavy cold (man flu) as I’m constantly craving comfort food in between sleeping and being sedentary. This time around I gained back about 1.5 kilos.

    What’s different now is that I’m following a way-of-eating (way-of-living) that doesn’t revolve around constant vigilance and denial. Yep, had a bad week, now that’s done and won’t even matter once I’ve done a couple of fasting days this week. I’m positively looking forward to getting back into it.

    June weight loss was 6 kilos. I’m drawing a line under July as at the 24th, just before the wheels fell off, at which point I had lost 4 kilos for the month and had successfully completed 11 fasting days. These monthly challenges are great for staying motivated, big thanks to those who organize them.

    Today so far: It’s now 3:15pm and I’ve had a couple of big mugs of coffee and a couple of tall glasses of water. Had a reasonably light session at the gym at lunchtime, not hungry at all yet BUT if I’m hungry later in the afternoon I have some nice soup I can heat up. Tonight will likely be plenty of boiled or steamed green vegetables.

    Day 1 – Nuremberg, Germany (on a business trip) – NFD
    Not able to weigh in today so taking yesterday’s weight as my start weight for August. This week is unlikely to be good as I’m on a business trip and have meals out with colleagues arranged every night. So the plan is to be restrained with the hotel breakfasts, skip lunch and just have a good evening meal. Will probably only manage one fast day this week (which was yesterday) but we’ll see if I manage one travelling back on Friday.
    Goal for this month is to lose a few more inches and get closer to 17st.

    Day 1, NFD. 176lb.
    Yesterday was my first NFD, it was ok although I was hungrier than I thought I’d be (quite regularly skip meals). I’m not sticking to a calorie limit on NFD this week, just logging everything I eat in MyFitnessPal and I’ll look at adjusting next week. Going to do Monday and Wednesday as FD (and possibly Friday, depending on how enthusiastic I get)

    Day 1 UK FD 🌈

    Reset reset reset, love starting a new month, set with new resolve.

    Goal : 5 lb will be lovely.⚖️
    Plan : Eat healthy🥗/Exercise every day Home or gym🏋🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️/Drink water💦🐉/2 FDs per week 📆📆

    Motto of the month : Be decisive, Be efficient, Be Motivated – Just do it! 🏆

    Shall I have a glass of water – Just do it, Shall I go to the gym – Just do it, Shall it be a FD today – Just do it.

    Good luck all! 🤸🏼‍♀️👊🏻💦🐉🤝👸🏼

    Day 1 FD, London
    June was my first month, went very well. July was lots of work travel, not so good. August is back on it. 2kg would be good, 3kg would be awesome!

    Day 1, Sweden, FD

    I have my meals for the day all planned out and will eat between 500 and 800 calories depending on whether I feel that I need my planned lunch in order to stay sane or not. So far I’m feeling really good so I might skip it!

    Day 1 UK FD

    Start weight 164.6lbs, 74.7 kg.
    Start measurements waist 29 in, hips/bust 38 in.
    BMI 24.7. Waist to height ratio 0.42.
    Goal: 154lbs or 70kg.

    I started fasting in November last year and have lost a consistent ten pounds a month since then and I want to see if I can keep it up even now that I am in the healthy range as I still have a lot of fat on my body. I was flirting with the idea of just maintaining inside the healthy range but my motivation seems to have come back so I may as well keep going. I also want to work on increasing my muscle tone to help tidy up the inevitable loose skin that results from losing so much weight. I have been doing a few planks inspired by others on the July challenge and want to increase the length of time that I can hold one. So far I can only manage 20 seconds. I am also trying a few variations on them as I don’t tolerate boring repetition well. I am also trying to make sure I throw myself into something that gets me out of breath everyday, usually dancing as that is so much fun. Exercise for the sake of exercise doesn’t come naturally to me. It seems people either love it or hate it, I am trying to change which side of that fence I stand on. Having had asthma didn’t help me with that but it has much improved since I began fasting and I haven’t used an inhaler for ages. I have fibromyalgia too but that is hugely improved as well. But I do have to be careful not to overdo it and to be careful not to expect my body to exercise while it is digesting or fatigue and waves of pain wash over me. I have learned to get things done before I eat, as my energy levels are so much higher then so I don’t eat anything substantial until I can relax for a couple of hours usually at about 4 or 5 o’clock. I might just eat some fruit before that especially in the summer with it in season dangling there in front of me in the garden. I tend to do alternate day fasting – ADF, as the rhythm suits me. I don’t feel like eating after a day when I ate more and can fast fairly easily, but given a couple of days when I am supposed to eat my mind starts interfering and I find that once started I can’t stop as it isn’t hunger that I am trying to satisfy but rather a desire to be doing the pleasant activity of eating. On fast days I eat once, enough to satisfy hunger, which usually works out as close to 800 calories. This works for me with ADF but possibly wouldn’t if I was only doing it twice a week. Every one has to discover what suits their particular set of circumstances and metabolism.

    Day 1 UK NFD

    Full of enthusiasm and motivated, so want to carry that through the month – very much Echo @lynzm s goals

    And pocketwinos – I’m adopting a 5:2 for drinking too – amd aiming to cut down on the 2 days I imbibe 🍸

    Day 1, UK, NFD

    Early 50s chap, starting the month on 83.5kg and a BMI of 23.9. I have lost 23kg since I started on March 20th, and want to get to 76.9kg, which would give me a BMI of 22.

    Target for the month? I need to get below 80kg.

    Day1, Guildford UK, NFD

    Thank you @debster251 for hosting, a big job and keeping track of all of us is quite a feat

    New month, new start

    Meeting an old friend later today, I will be getting to it!

    My hoover got lost, I don’t know where it is!

    That’s how bad things have got here……

    I had such love and support last month, it will be great to pay it back and a little forward

    For those that missed the last challenge, I am in a high conflict divorce trial with a compulsive gambler. And it’s taking its toll on my goals in many parts of life including weight loss.

    Despite all and thanks to encouragement I hit my 2Kg goal last month, after losing 20kg already. Wearing spanx, I walked into court with my revenge bod (sort of). And heels.

    Still have 5 kg to reasonable weight. 63 kg would be ok, 61 would be better and 58 would be ooooooh terrific.


    Day 1 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    A special Thank You to @coda for starting these challenges and for leading the July one 🤗And a big thank you to @debster251 for taking up the challenge of leading us into this August 2017 – 31 Day Challenge!

    A good FD yesterday of around 400cals ended the July Challenge for me with a weight of 54kg/119lbs – below my target weight of 55kg 💃

    My Weight loss story so far:-
    I am a 59 y.o. Female
    Height = 163cm/5ft 4in

    *January 4 2014 = BMI: 28.2 Wt: 75kg/165.3lbs (retired and moved to Cumbria so started fell walking and being more mindful about what I ate) Lost my darling mum in the September so flew back to Australia a couple of times spending several weeks there over 2 visits
    *January 3 2016 = BMI: 25.9 Wt: 68.8kg/151.7lbs (for health reasons started 5:2 WOL on my own)
    *October 30 2016 = BMI: 22.4 Wt: 59.5kg/131.2lbs (had plateaued for last 3 months so decided to join the Nov Challenge = best decision I ever made!)
    *December 1 2016 = BMI: 20.8 Wt: 55.3k/121.9lbs
    *August 1 2017 = BMI: 20.3 Wt: 54kg/119lbs

    I am happy to report that August will be my 9th Month in Maintenance 💃 Joining the November Challenge was an amazing experience – I thought I knew about 5:2 but I learnt so much and felt brave enough to try new ways of fasting until I settled into my current pattern which works for me!

    Lovely to see so many from previous challenges joining in again and a big WELCOME to those new to this WOL!
    This WOL does work if you follow it and give it time – it is not a DIET but a permanent change as to how we lead our lives……
    The best advice I can give to anyone new to this WOL is to stick to the basic 5:2 for the first month – The following link by @simcoeluv might prove helpful and answer a lot of your questions:–

    To lose the weight and keep it off we cannot go back to doing what we did before when we gained the weight! “IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT LOSING THE WEIGHT; IT’S ABOUT LOSING THE LIFESTYLE AND MINDSET THAT GOT YOU THERE” Steve Maraboli

    Day 1, London 🇬🇧, FD

    Starting my second challenge and quite happy as I weighed myself this morning as after a fairly controlled NFD yesterday I’ve lost 5.5lb in July. Very happy with that! My goal last month, as I was just starting was to simply manage two fast days per month and I did!

    This month I’m going to focus on my NFDs and on eating below what my Fitbit says I have burned, using MFP to track. Last month I ate what I wanted on NFDs so now I’m moving to level 2 and trying to add a little more control. The good thing about 5:2 I suppose is that you can adopt it gradually like that.

    @fatrabbit I’d be interested to hear about how 5:2 has helped your fibromyalgia and asthma. My husband has asthma and I’m hoping that 5:2 will help reduce his reliance on his inhaler. He gets worse as the weather turns so it will be interesting in a few months to see if he’s got better. My aunt has fibromyalgia so I might recommend 5:2 to her!

    So this morning I am taking @steve-toon-taxi-driver ‘s advice from the newspaper supplement he mentioned lasts month, and making sure I do a full 14 hour fast with no breakfast, which means black tea today 😩

    Btw, is there a spreadsheet yet?

    Day 1 Belfast NFD

    Well my Fellow Fasters, a new month dawns bright and sunny here. ( Maybe not for long!)
    Pleased to hear from you Keetseel, MJMJ, LynneD, GoSlo, Kokua12, ducks_d and Saffy 420.
    Taraga,Miss NattyNatNat, Big_Bill and Rhubarbbutnocustard. @fatrabbit I do believe I missed saying hello to you earlier on the August challenge. Good to see you.

    SO: Starting weight 156.5. Waist 35″

    Plans for this month
    – Track calories on my NFD
    – No alcohol Monday to Friday unless I go out with friends ( joining you @at and onahealthyhigh)
    – Keep the sugar to a minimum
    – See that 10 stone anything and keep it there!
    – Reduce my waist size
    – keep up the water intake

    @lagrandebouffe – enjoy the rest of your holiday
    @missnattynatnat – my advice is to keep busy and keep that fluid intake going.
    @ Califdreamer – I shall be posting the spreadsheet probably later today, when everyone has joined up.
    @big_bill – hope you’re feeling better soon. Just press that reset button! Your June weight loss was certainly impressive.
    @liathanail – The joy of this WOL is that you can make it fit your own routine. Safe travels.
    @berries63 – some people work to their TDEE on their NFDs.
    @moa – impressive organisation!
    @fatrabbit – well done on those planks. I think it was @at who suggested adding on 5 seconds at a time to see progress. Your journey has been amazing!
    @brightonbelle – I like the 5:2 for pocket winos!
    @rainbowsmile – the dust will be there when you’re not! Good to see you back and enjoy meeting your friend.
    @at thank you for your motivational quote.

    Remember friends, TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!

    Day 1 North Wales NFD.
    I am 61 I started the 5:2 about 7 weeks ago. I have been worrying about my increasing weight for some time especially the increasing weight around the middle. I hate diets and have only dieted properly once, but put on all the weight and more after. I had heard of the 5:2 and decided to do some reasearch. I bought both the book and the audiobook and read and listened to them all the way through, some bits more than once I like the fact that it was backed up by scientific studies and I felt inspired.
    I see this not as a diet but as a way to get my eating habits back in control and as a way to eat to live, not live to eat. Portion control is my difficulty. I have decided that the goals for the month will be to stick to the plan and not beat myself up if I have an off day. Any weight loss will be a bonus. I have a wardrobe of clothes waiting for me to get back into.
    I really hope we all do well on this challenge and I look forward to your support and I hope I can support all of you. #stronger together 💪

    Day1 Chester UK. FD

    First FD today for 2 weeks. I have some tests at the hospital later, nothing major but without sounding too indelicate, it does require that my digestive system is empty. So hoping this coupled with no food till tea time will give me a good start to the month. I might brave the scales tomorrow- I know – I’m a sane 55 year old who deals with all kinds of people every day in work yet I’m still scared to step on the scales.

    @rainbowsmile good to hear you sounding more positive, sending you more positive thoughts. @debster251 I’m one of the ones who doesn’t use the spreadsheet. I track everything via my Fitbit and MFP.

    Good to see the old faces back – pocket winos I’m aiming for no alcohol until Saturday, this means leaving the traditional Friday G&T behind. I might need your help😃

    Day 1, Newcastle UK, FD (1st of B2B)

    Starting weight 136.7lbs
    Goal weight for August 132lbs
    Strategy – continue with 16:8 controlled NFDs, 2 Back2Back FDs Tuesday/Wednesday and no alcohol 5 out of 7 days (apart from planned social events – such as lunch with friends this Thursday). Drink more water and herbal teas. Cut out the crap that crept back into my diet this weekend – resulting in my disastrous 2lb gain for July!

    In my defence, July was a tough month for various reasons but August should see a return of a more normal month (hahaha – famous last words!). With a cruise to look forward to at the end of August – I have the motivation to do better.

    Congratulations to all who stayed the course in July – especially those who achieved their goals (love your ‘Get in There’ on the spreadsheet @steve Toon Taxi Driver).
    Hello to the many new challengers joining us for August and hello to all the familiar names. Finally – huge thanks to @debster251 for leading us through the month.

    All the best for a super month – Together we are Stronger.

    Day 1, Wales, NFD

    I began 5:2 on 26 June and joined the July challenge to keep motivated, great decision as I’ve learnt so much from shared knowledge and experiences of this wonderful supportive community. I’m following the med type diet of MM’s BSD (Blood Sugar Diet) and finding that I’m enjoying the taste of food much more than I did on my previous low calorie low fat diet. On FDs I aim to stay below 800 calories which means my weight loss will be slower but it makes the plan sustainable for me. Since 26 June I have lost 7.5lbs and I feel healthy and energetic. My target for August is to get rid of another 2lbs.

    Pocket winos – I’m still on board.

    Bert – I’m shaking it about!

    Day1 UK FD

    Starting the challenge at 62.7 Kg/ 138 lb. Have dispatched 8 kg 17.6 lb since following the challenges from early April. Decided to aim for a goal of the odd 1.7 kg/ 3.7 lb for August. Bit of a stretch but I need a good target and hopefully will get somewhere close to that!

    @molij I know the feeling of seeing all those too small clothes. I am now able to get into most of mine and it’s the best feeling! We can do this! @debster251…will post on the spreadsheet when available. Many thanks for taking the reins this month. @lynzm… great goals for the month, will hijack those if you don’t mind!
    Looking forward to this challenge and the inspirational posts as usual!!

    Day 1, Northumberland UK, NFD

    Checking in to August at 73.5kg. I will be 39 later this month, and having gradually gained weight throughout my adult life, started to get to a point where I had the motivation to stop in December last year. I read the blood sugar diet, and having hit a high of 100kg in January this year, put myself on a restricted calorie diet at the start of February, aiming in particular at cutting some of the carbs and refined sugar. At the end of March, having hit my initial goal of getting back to 90kg I moved to the 5:2 approach and found this forum shortly afterwards. I steadily continued to lose weight throughout the next few months, passing my goal of a healthy BMI and moving towards the mid-range for my height (5’11″/182cm). I wasn’t entirely sure of my end goal but the current weight seems about right, I’m now in a UK size 12, which I don’t remember ever being, and though there are some wobbly bits it’s mostly loose skin that hopefully over time will shrink a bit.

    My target now is finding a balance for maintenance, and improving my muscle tone and general fitness.

    I intend to keep up with intermittent fasting as I feel so much more healthy, however it has been derailed the last week or 2 with a persistent virus, and in that seeking of balance to eat to TDEE or slightly above so I don’t lose further weight, and don’t undo my hard work.

    My weakness is still chocolate, though now dark choclate rather than milk chocolate – I can still binge eat a bar of dairy milk, but it makes me feel awful. And once that sugar dragon is out and on the prowl, tasty bread (particularly the cranberry, raisin and nut bread from Tesco) and ice cream are particularly dangerous. I do try to remind myself of the carb hangover it causes, but a lifetime of eating these foods for comfort when feeling under the weather is a hard habit to break.

    Having always eaten breakfast on waking, that habit is now broken, and I break my fast later in the day depending how hungry I am, which is also influenced by how much sleep I get – definitely hungrier when I don’t get a good sleep. I driver a desk for a living so don’t generally need ready fuel on a morning. I drink a lot more water (mostly fizzy as that seems to clear cravings better) and black coffee (decaf, often flavoured) and a lot less milky tea and coffee.

    Day 1 Newcastle UK 🇬🇧 NFD.
    Well here we go again another month’s challenge this time for me it is all about maintainence bang on 13 stone this morning. @strawberriesandcream lol that’s just what I said when I stepped on the scales Sunday morning. Although I am at goal weight I still feel I’d like to be four or five pounds under as a bit of a safety net. that will be my goal on this month’s challenge. Good luck to everyone hoping you all reach your targets.

    Day 1 – Mornington Peninsula Australia – NFD

    Hi @debster251 please count me in and thank you for hosting the August Challenge! Looking forward to my second monthly challenge as I really found it helpful in being accountable and honest with myself.

    Hi @debster251 – thanks so much for hosting August’s challenge! Count me in!
    Hit target of 6lb lost last month, so heading for 6-8lb this month…

    Day 1 – Sydney Australia – NFD

    Real first day done for August. I read the fast diet in the beginning of July and tried it out the next day. I went from 62.5 kg to 58.8 kg in July and feel really good about that (it’s incredibly nice to be fitting into clothes I haven’t been able to wear in a really long time and just feel comfortable), but I know because I’m small-ish at 164cm, I can’t expect that pace to continue. My overall goal is to reach 50kg and maintain there, but my current goal is to get to 55kg by the end of October.

    I’m doing 400 calories on my FDs and then today started 16:8 on my NFDs. I haven’t been calorie counting on NFDs but I’m thinking I might need to start just to make sure I’m not going over my TDEE. Does anybody else have recommendations for/against calorie counting on FDs?

    1. Lose 1.5 kg, going from 58.8 to 57.3
    2. Remain off gluten and added sugars
    3. Try 16:8 on NFDs
    4. Do 4:3 on weeks where it feels achievable
    5. Track NFD calories for at least one week
    6. Keep drinking lots of water

    Hello to everybody in this forum. It’s really exciting to read your stories, struggles and victories from all over the world. This is going to be a great month 😊

    Day 1, London, UK, FD

    Well………….. I AM HERE!!!!

    Thank you for hosting @debster251, please count me in for August Challenge.

    Today is my 1st FD since 13th July, my 2week holiday wasn’t exactly mindful (for shame!!!) I’m afraid I’ll have to leave all of my lovely fellow pocket winos in my dust as I speed full throttle away from the bottle!!! It’s not as drastic as it seems considering I consumed 2 months worth of red wine over my 2week holiday. Dry August it will be!!! Although I will have one day off at my dads funeral next Tuesday……. He would haunt me for abstaining on HIS day!!!

    No start weight to register as I stepped on the scale when I got back on Friday and nearly broke an ankle when I fell off!!!! a 7 lb gain in 2 weeks(!!!) and that included 20k steps EVERY day and very limited carbs (ok, wine is a carb, but not much and it doesn’t register in my brain that way!!! but it does lead to other choice which are definitely OFF plan!!) This months aim is to eradicate those 7 lbs MINIMUM!!!

    I may not be a daily poster, but I’ll be knuckling down after the funeral on the 8th and reaping the benefits, of this WOL, that I love so much.

    Day 1…..Florida….. FD

    I always love a day one! Sounds funny but seeing Day 1 always gives me that little spring in my step, like I’m starting a new adventure and want to make a lasting impression.

    Today, I’m starting at 137.8 with a realistic goal of 135lb.

    @debster……could you keep me updated on the spread sheet?

    @missybear…….that’s what it’s all about….💃🏻👏👏👏

    I was addicted to the hokey pokey then I turned myself around!

    Day 1, Belfast, FD

    Hi to all the familiar posters and hello to any new people taking up August’s challenge.

    Just a quick intro: I’m 42, 5ft 9, signing in with weight of 11st 13lbs. My goal this month is to eradicate 3lbs.

    I started the 5:2 around 3 years ago after watching the TV doc and reading the Fast Diet book. I did well, getting down to around 11 and a half stone. But a change of role in work, getting complacent …it all piled on again. So I started again at the end of March 2017- not only to just lose weight but to hopefully reap in the other benefits (mental and physical).

    I just feel that this way of eating/way of life suits me. I love my food, good wine, cold beers – I am Irish – eating with family and friends but there has to be a balance. And I’m working on that.

    I started March 2017 at around 175lbs (12 and a half stone). My overall aim is to get to 147lbs (10 and a half stone). I’ve no strict time frame, but these monthly challenges are enabling me to set achievable monthly targets. And checking in every day, especially on Fast Days (FDs) really keeps me motivated.

    @debster251 THANKS for hosting August!!

    Good luck everyone today!!

    2nd post:
    Had a bit of time so I have compiled a ‘Pocket List’ of today’s fasters. If I’ve missed anyone or added you by mistake, apologies.
    This is just something we do on this forum for a little extra support. There’s no obligation to join….but…

    **If you’d like to join, just copy and paste the list below and add your name**
    *****DAY 1 (wow!!) Pocket List****
    Our global team…together we are stronger!!!

    @Strawberriesandcream (1st of B2B)


    Day 1 Sunshine Coast Qld Australia: NFD: Please count me in, Debster. My goal is to be accountable daily. I have said no to a number of things today, so the challenge is shaping up well. Hope the body does the same. Starting at 116.5 kgs. Any shedding of weight will be acceptable. I managed my first decent fast in months for 40 hours. Here’s to new beginnings.

    I love your Steve Maraboli quote, AT. Too true. See you all tomorrow 🤗

    Hello! @debster251, thank you for hosting the August challenge; and @coda – thank you for last month. I’d like to join again as I find the posts to be inspiring (but no need to add me to the spreadsheet). And I like my fellow pocket winos! I’m with you, @brightonbelle – will try to do 5:2 (or really maybe 4:3) for the booze as well.

    Day 1, NFD.

    I started 5:2 in early June. I’m down a few kilos overall, but had the last week off in July when I ate three meals a day (and I usually never eat breakfast) and lots of beer and wine. So I wasn’t really surprised that I didn’t lose any weight for July. But at least I was stable. 🙂 August is looking like a dull month as far as holidays and tasty meal opportunities go, which means it should be an excellent month for 5:2 success! My goal is 5kg, but any movement downward on the scale will be good.

    Day 1, Emden Germany (but being Dutch), FD

    Starting weight this month: 52,8 kg, 116.4lbs

    Hi everyone, my journey so far:

    I started January 2017 weighing 70,9 kg by cutting out sugar and most carbs. Started 5:2 at the beginning of February. Decided it was a bit lonely so joined the March Challenge. It worked well, I benefitted a lot from the good advice and support the others gave, there are a lot of carers and motivaters around here. If you have a bad day, someone will help you up.

    Today’s weight 52,8 kg, so down 18,1kg, 4th month of maintenance, don’t plan to lose more. Plan to maintain at ~ 54 kg.

    Just stick to the basics, this WOL (Way of Living) works. Good luck to all of you.

    **If you’d like to join, just copy and paste the list below and add your name**
    *****DAY 1 (wow!!) Pocket List****
    Our global team…together we are stronger!!!

    @strawberriesandcream (1st of B2B)
    @snowflake56 2nd of B2B

    Day 1 Massachusetts USA NFD I start this month disappointed and baffled. With nine days of fasting and watching NFD’s I lost NOTHING! This is very different from 2013 when I reached my ideal weight in 4 months. Now it’s been 7 months and I still have 4 pounds to go. I may use a different calorie counter (I use Lose It). I lost nothing in all of May and nothing in July. It’s my birthday Friday and I was sure I’d be where I wanted to be by now. I’m very strict on FD’s. Guess it’s the NFD’s that are the problem. 😏 Thanks @debster251 for hosting.


    I did intermittent fasting about 18 months ago and lost a stone – loved it and found it really easy after the initial first couple of weeks. However this has all crept back on now and so am thinking I will jump back on it!

    Just looking on here for some inspiration! Just a bit worried about me being on annual leave for the last 2 weeks of August :-/

    Day 1 – 🇬🇧- NFD

    So it would apear I’m addicted to this WOL after completing May, June & July challenges @debster251 please add me to the spread sheet. I was going to miss Aug due to holiday plans but I’ve decided to “just do it” as suggested by @rainbowsmile! I’ll enjoy my hols and intend to hopefully finish August at my start weight of 147 minus the half pound!!!! Ambitious with going all inclusive 😎 But good to have a 🎯

    2nd post – it was @lynzm that convinced me to “just do it” lots of positivity!!!!!

    Day 1 – USA (Illinois) – FD

    69 year old retired woman music teacher, real name Gwynne. I am still quite active, direct a townspeople choir (concert this Sunday evening!), a few piano students, working on establishing a children’s museum in our town. I live about 2 hours west of Chicago, visit family in Utah very often. My health is been quite good; I take my daily vitamins but no other medications. I try to exercise at least twice a week, often with a Silver Sneakers class.

    Goal – maintenance at 160# or even drop a couple pounds

    I began 5:2 in March 2016 at 193# then joined @coda in the May 2016 challenge (she and I have since met up in Chicago!). I lost about a pound a week until November when I reached my goal. I’ve been on maintenance since then, doing all the challenges, mostly doing 6:1. I am right at BMI 25, happy enough with that.

    I know at my age, fat puffs out wrinkles, so I would rather have a few extra pounds and not look too wrinkly! I am a pocket wino. There. I admit it. 🙂

    I tend not to add myself to pocket lists as I would rather leave those to B2B fasters. To me, THAT is the real challenge!

    Onward and downward!

    Dayb1 USA-WA NFD
    @debster251 thanks for hosting! I’d like to join.

    I am a 56 year old yoga/cardio dance instructor living in eastern WA state (so close to Idaho I can see it it’s mountains out my window!). I have freed myself of 20 pounds since joining these challenges in March,mane look forward to relieving myself of a few more in August. I tend to hit plateaus while losing,which was what happened for July. So intending to get off the plateau in August!

    Day 1 Akron Ohio, FD. Wow, August is here already!
    Welcome everyone and thank you debster251 for hosting. This challenges have been a lifesaver for me and a great source of motivation and encouragement.
    I practice ADF because it gives me greater flexibility with my NFD and works better for my lifestyle.
    I’m adding myself to the pocket fasters because together we are stronger!
    Our global team…

    @strawberriesandcream (1st of B2B)
    @snowflake56 2nd of B2B

    Day 1, USA, Missouri Ozarks, FD

    Hello – happy August ! My name really is Linda Sue but people call me Susie. I am 68 1/2 years old and proud of it ! I live on a little horse ranch in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks, have a wonderful good looking cowboy for a husband, great kids, grandkids and great grands! Work three days a week as a legal assistant which I truly love as it is just a wonderful family firm and the working conditions could not be more pleasant. Volunteer with a group of friends once a week and then shop with them the next day ! (actually we often shop both days). Spend one day out with the hubby and then spend Sunday at church and with family.

    Love this supportive site, I joined here last Fall weighing 154 (just went back and read my beginning posts). I rather quickly got to a range that I was pleased with – 143-145 – and have been maintaining rather easily. I try to fast M, Tu, Wed as that is the days I work and it is easier here without the outside world and all the “choices”.

    I truly love, love, love to exercise and feel that has helped with both my maintenance and the firming up of my body. I cannot wait to exercise and fit it in all day, even at work with stretching bands, wall planks, counter planks, tricep dips, etc. Obviously not when clients are around.. haha. My boss is a CrossFit fiend but I tell her that is just a cult……

    Drink lots and lot of water, sometimes hot with lemon, and green tea. Try to save the diet sodas for when I might be at diner or something with friends. I love fruits and vegetables, the more colorful the better.

    And, lastly but most important to me, I try to be filled with gratitude because I know that my humble life is still much more than many in parts of this world will ever see.

    I love my life, I love my family, I love my God.

    And, I love this site !

    Let’s do this thing…..


    Hi I’m caron from Derbyshire. Lost 2 stone since Easter – doesn’t sound much but that’s with holidays and various celebrations included, so it’s heading in the right direction but seems to have plateaued at the mo. Anyway today is a fast day.

    Day 1–Albuquerque, NM — FD

    @debster251, do you want us to keep track of our own fast & non-fast days on the spreadsheet?

    @strawberriesandcream (1st of B2B)
    @snowflake56 2nd of B2B

    Day 1 – Scotland – FD
    Hi Debster, I would love to join the challenge, thank you for being the host for August. May and June were very productive, but in July I managed to ruin everything, binging almost everyday. I managed to gain 3 kilos in two weeks (real wight, not just water retention!). And I feel awful. Anyway, my target is to get back on track and stop binging, for my health more than for loosing weight. If I can get down to 56.9 by the 27th August, that would be fantastic. I will then be in Italy with my mum for 8 days and fasting will be impossible.
    THank you to Coda for hosting the previous challenge. September will be chaotic for me, but I may volunteer for October (looking ahead, eh? 🙂 )

    Day 1 – South Africa – FD

    I had an education this morning when I weighed myself for the first time in ages. My weight has increased by about 10kg this year mostly as a result of stress eating the foods I know are completely wrong for me. The goal is to shed those kilos and then continue on until I am much thinner and healthier. The other goal is to re-establish my food equilibrium. I have found fasting enormously helpful with this in the past.

    I’ve had only black coffee and water to drink today. I’ve been busy, which has helped.

    I’m grateful for this forum and thank you very much to Debster for hosting this month’s challenge. There was a part of me that very nearly put off my fast but having made the commitment, I just couldn’t not fast. So, here I am, hungry right now but rather glad to be so.

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