August 2017 – 31 Day Challenge

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August 2017 – 31 Day Challenge

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  • Hello oldies (meant in the best possible way lol) and newbies Day 1 Co Down NI FD
    Start the way I mean to go on.

    I’m afraid the old, sure its the last day, its a bit late now, happened last night to spoil an other wise good fast day.

    Here is a link to a calendar which may help some plan their month

    So far I have had one coffee with milk and one cup of miso soup (which I found in a health shop in Woking tho truth be told I am not raving about it but at 35 cals it does all right to keep me going to tea /dinner time.

    So I plucked up the courage and stepped on the scales this morning and that 5lb gain I found after my holidays is still there but I am hopeful I will get rid of it and some. Have a good day everyone and although I know its only Tuesday lol here is something to keep in mind.

    Day 1 California USA NFD

    August start weight 138.2 lb 62.7 kg
    BMI: 22.3
    August Goal: 133 or 60.3 kg
    Final Goal: 130 or 128 lb – 58 or 59 kg

    I started the 5:2 WOL on May 10, 2017, the same day I first heard about it. It’ll be 12 weeks tomorrow since I’ve started and I’ve lost 17.6 lbs or 8 kg. I’m averaging a 1.5 or .7 pound loss per week. I’m following the 5:2 with 2 FD of 500 calories each.

    This way of eating has been relatively easy for me since I’ve cut out added sugars. I satisfy my sweet tooth with fruit and eat a lot of that. I love this forum and all the support from everyone here. I’ve made a lot of new friends and have been exposed to a lot of new ideas. I’m looking forward to the August challenge!

    Good luck to everyone and Happy Fasting!

    Day 1 Cornwall UK

    Start weight 155lbs aim to lose 4/5lbs this month.

    keeping in with pocket winos, alcohol really contributes to blocking weight loss!

    Drink more water , move more a daily walk/cycle.

    Ive got the grand children today for the week so it’s a bit of a challenge to stay on track!

    good luck all.

    This is great! I’ve read through the book 3x off and on over the past couple of years. I’ve not stuck with it but when I did, I had success. I’m ready to start and be accountable.
    I live in Denver CO
    Weight 139
    Ultimate Goal 125
    August Goal 133
    Today will be a FD, as will Thursday.

    Read this on a site earlier today with weight loss/health success stories ( and thought it really was so simple, yet so true.


    Do you have any advice for others who are trying to lose weight?

    My advice is simple, why not you? Itโ€™sย the only question๏ธ you need to ask yourself!

    Day 1, Rocky Mountains, US, FD 800 cals

    Hello all,
    Wow, August is already here and the start of our August Challenge! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    I reached my target goal in July and will continue with maintenance. Still would like to get rid of 3 more pounds to have a safety net. I am 5’4″ and my target goal was 120 pounds. Weigh in today at 119.6 pounds.

    I started 5:2 in February and joined the Forum then. Weight was 147 pounds. I did OK, continued with the March Challenge but it did not work totally right for me. The fast days were so difficult.

    Therefore I changed to the Blood Sugar Diet @800 cals every day following the Mediterranean Diet: No refined carbs, no sugar, lots of vegetables, some fruit, avocados, olive oil, Greek full fat yogurt, some meat or fish. Lots of water, tea, a bit of black coffee in the morning. Now at maintaining the weekends are NFD around my TDEE of 1200 cals.
    Exercise is walking and hiking. I do count calories using my FitBit and weigh every day.
    Also, I do 18 or 20 hour fast and have a 6 or 4 hour food window when I am at home. When traveling I observe 16:8.
    Mid through the April Challenge I left for 6 weeks for Europe @ 124 pounds, observed 16:8 in Austria, Ireland and Italy, ate everything, had lots of great beer and for the first time ever did NOT gain weight during my travels. I was thrilled. Continued with the June and July Challenge and now August!

    This is a great WOL/WOE and NOT a diet. The health benefits are wonderful. Weight loss is a nice side benefit. It adjusts to life. You can indulge, there is always the phantastic reset button! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

    All the best, see you tomorrow! ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒผ

    Just do it !!

    Just love it!

    Also love the hokey pokey ha ha!

    Hello everyone,
    My first post…here goes!
    I am now in my 6th week and I have lost 10 pounds and inches, particularly around my waist. I am 5’4 and currently weigh 162. My goal for the month is to lose 8 pounds, so far I have found this journey fairly easy especially on my FD which was contrary to what I thought would be the most difficult ? I am looking forward to the 30 day challenge and have really enjoyed reading your posts. It really is a worldly group, I live in Canada on Vancouver Island.
    Good luck everyone,

    Please count me in for the August challenge. Today is my first day of the challenge (FD), and so far so good! Best of luck everyone!

    Day 1, Co. Meath, Ireland. NFD
    Current weight 157 pounds
    End August Goal 149 pounds

    This is my second week of the Fast Diet. Lost a whopping 7 pounds by Friday morning……then spent the weekend snacking and drinking lots of beer and wine. So yesterday I was almost back to square 1. Lost 3 pounds by this morning so water weight?

    FD yesterday I experimented with an 18 hour fast (still getting to know what suits me), and it was a doddle. So as tomorrow is another FD I won’t eat from 7pm tonight until 1pm tomorrow when I will have a light 130 cal.

    Day 1 – USA – NFD

    Hello all! Good to be here on this wonderful forum. I am glad to “see” familiar names and newbies! I will be 63 this month, retired, live in a very rural area, raise chickens, have a diabetic 13 year old dog, former city girl who has learned to appreciate a whole new way of life in the country. The 5:2 way of life is another feather in my cap, so to speak. I’ve spent the past 7 months scouring every bit of information on the Internet to help me on this journey and found most of it right here, thanks to all of you. The support is phenomenal. I currently weigh 175.4 lbs., 5’4″ tall. My final goal is 150. Anything lower than that deflates me and I look much older (been there, done that on Atkins). I do low-carb, healthy fat/ketogenic and keep a 16:8 window of eating and got down to 2 meals a day, no breakfast until almost noon. I found that alternate day fasting works for me. Last month I was able to keep all fast days intact, even coming under 500 calories on each fast day. I’ve noticed that my cravings for bread, pasta, sweets are entirely gone! I am learning to make healthy substitutes for all by using the keto channels on YouTube for recipes. I used to be able to devour huge portions of food, but now I am able to push away at least 1/2 of the portions I’m served, which is something that is a first in my life. My energy levels are way up. I am using 1/2 the blood pressure meds that I used 7 months ago. My average loss is a little over a 1/2 lb. a week, which is fine; I’m not in any hurry. I already lost over 11 inches overall and am enjoying a US size 14, which is very comfortable at this point. Hoping to head down to a 10-12. Might have a different FD this week due to a tooth extraction this Thursday. We’ll see!

    Second post

    We’re fast approaching the hundred, so forgive me if I’ve either not acknowledge you joining the forum, or have missed/misspelt your name on the spreadsheet.

    @molij – we’ve often talked on this forum of using an item of clothing to gauge weight loss rather than the dreaded scales. You’ve got a whole wardrobe!
    @saffy420 – good luck with your tests.
    @flourbaby – we’ll be thinking of you next Tuesday. Make the most of that sad but special family bonding time. ((Hugs))
    @Imrenfrey/ Steve Toon congratulations on reaching maintenance – a place we all aspire to!
    @Strawberries – with you on cutting out the rubbish!
    @missybear – Pocket winos staying strong!
    @mia – l like the word ‘dispatched’!
    Got ya @chickensrock!
    Going cross-eyed with all the names @bert1802 but hopefully this evening for that spreadsheet.
    Good to see you back@BelfastSink. Thanks for the pocket list.๐Ÿ‘
    @fuvvie – there’s nothing like the first of the month for a new start!
    @penz – welcome again – have left you off the spreadsheet
    You’ll not be lonely here @snowflake, we’re approaching 100 names๐Ÿ‘
    @mogaman – our bodies are strange things. My weight loss since January is very slow compared to last year. May August be your month!
    @derbygirl74 – this WOL can work on holiday. I’m sure there will be lots of advice for you from experienced Fasters.
    TLC2 – I’d admit to being addicted too!
    Great advice, thanks @lindasue
    Welcome @babbledrop
    @keetseel – I hope to post the spreadsheet tonight, which can be edited by each individual.
    @lumat – welcome back and thanks for volunteering for October. How lovely to have a holiday with your mum!
    @tuesdayschild – great goals for the month. The scales aren’t our friend for sure.
    @coda – it’s great to be old and bold…. thanks for the links. I love the quote.
    @califdreamer – that’s a fabulous loss. Well done!
    @RedRockGirl – great advice too, thanks!
    @rocy65 – totally agree with the alcohol block!
    @metatauta – roll on the day when I can say I have not more cravings for sugar – lucky youโœ‹๏ธ

    Have a great day everyone!

    Day 1 – McMinnville Oregon USA – NFD
    I started 5:2 in June and Iโ€™m still trying to get the hang of both FD and NFD.
    Iโ€™m 69 years old and starting August at 150 lbs. I want to weigh 135 by my 70th birthday which is in March. 70 is such a big milestone for me that I want to be healthy and look the best I can.
    So for August I will loose 1 lb. per week and join the pocket winos with no alcohol Monday to Friday unless itโ€™s a special outing with friends.

    Count me in for the pocket winos:
    @debster251ย @atand @onahealthyhigh @Strawberriesandcream @missybear @rocy65 @awilson

    I hope I’m not too late to jump onboard for the August challenge. I haven’t checked in for a while, but haven’t eaten a thing yet today so I figure its good timing to start a fast day. I’ve been hovering around 153-4 lbs. and since a large chunk of that is obscuring my waist-I’m feeling motivated.

    Day 1, Leiden, the Netherlands, FD 18:8, 71 kg

    Day 1 Mountaintop PA USA, NFD

    First NFD of the new month starting at 144.2 lbs. Full of energy and enjoying the bright summer day here in PA. Golf later with my ladies league and some refreshment and conversation after the round. My golf togs are all too large. Nice feeling.

    Starting August 6 lbs below my original goal. Enjoy big fruit salad and protein waffle for breakfast, yogurt, apple slices and handful of nuts in the afternoon and a reasonable dinner. No sugary or packaged carbs for me. Lots of fiber keeps me full.

    This WOL is one day at a time and there is room for socializing and special events. Maintenance is positive.


    I am from Skien, Norway, and I will start 5:2 om 7th August, as I will stop nursing my youngest kid (13 months today!) this coming weekend. I want to join the challenge to have a little motivation in the beginning.

    I have done this (very briefly) once before, but I got pregnant again the week I reached my goal weight (sooo typical!).

    I am 175 cm, and now weigh ca 93 kg, and I want to follow 5:2 at least until Christmas, hoping to reach 77 kg at some point. After reaching the goal I think I will try 6:1 to maintain it, we’ll see.

    Anyway, I look forward to joining you on your journey, whether you have just started or have been doing this for a long time ๐Ÿ™‚

    August 1st day of 5:2 , fd
    Waited till 12.30 to have Greek yougurt with blueberries
    Had black coffee in the morning
    Surprisingly didn’t feel hungry
    Had miso soup for lunch and apple
    Evening had mixed veggies
    Feel good actually

    Currently weigh 174 lb and hope to get to 170 by the end of month
    Look forward to next fast day

    3rd post
    So dinner tonight was crustless quiche with salad not sure of total cals but hopefully within allowance. Also a few pieces of ham jumped into my mouth as I was cutting it up BUT my OH produced a bar of galaxy chocolate after tea/dinner to which I very proudly said no thanks. Told him I was reporting him here lol ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ’ช

    Evening all

    I’m Still hungry after my main meal on FD of veggie stir fry – that can’t be right?!? Just need to get to bedtime then I can dream about toast….

    By the way, did you know we call it the Hokey Cokey here in Britain? ๐Ÿ˜

    Well, Here’s the link to the spreadsheet. This is the first time I’ve used Google Drive to share documents, so I hope it works. I have highlighted those maintaining (As per Coda) in blue. I may, in editing the document, have upset the formatting. After all, my experience in Excel is in teaching 11 year olds, and they were probably better than me!

    You should be able to input your data, if you choose to do so. Please amend anything that is not right!

    Day 1 NFD south coast, uk

    Hi all, staying within tdee today however whilst unpacking shopping there was just no room for that cornetto which was totally delish – and i wonder why i gained a lb thro July hmmm! Off to do some exercises then light supper. I would really love to lose pound a week minimum during august. I fast on mon and thurs, never tried b2b however might try it. Good luck all

    Mulville/Mari84 – you’re on the list!
    @coda – your poor OH!
    And @twinmam, you put your whole self in……

    @debster251 the spreadsheet seems to be set to view only?

    Twinmam, I have changed the settings. Will you try again please?

    2nd post ๐ŸŒˆ

    Little catch up, just been reading all the posts helps keep me out of the fridge and gives me inspiration. Was thinking maybe a should do a few squats ๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธwhilst reading when the post I read quoted my August motto back to me, “just do it” it said, therefore I am. Squatting whilst reading. All helps.

    Did a FD today, was very strict with myself to get me off this plateau, water till dinner, which was healthy ๐Ÿฅ—๐Ÿ—and had protein to fill me up. Told a few people ๐Ÿ‘ญat work also what I was doing and still got offered “are u sure u don’t want a biscuit” ๐Ÿชthe thought of giving in to temptation made my resolve stronger๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿผ. Also others said let me know how u get on, so have to report back,๐Ÿ“• this also strengthens my resolve.

    Drank lots of water, got a bit of a headache๐Ÿค• in the evening as the caffeine went too, evening now and had my water quota, ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถso just had a cup of tea as a treat, it was the loveliest cup of tea in the world. โ˜•๏ธ

    Hi @debster251

    Thanks for setting up the spreadsheet, you’re a star! I’ve added my starting details and goals.

    I wonder if people would be interested to share what’s worked for them so far, and what’s not? I’m feeling very happy to have lost 18lb in my 3 months dieting, and am now able to fit back into clothes I wore 5 years ago, but I’m not feeling complacent as I know it could all pile back on!


    What works for me

    – 16:8 overnight fast on weekdays – whether NFD or FD – i.e., stop eating/drinking around 10pm, don’t eat anything until next day at 2pm

    – Relatively low carbohydrate diet – I’ve removed white rice, bread, potatoes, pasta from my diet. Any carbs are low GI and no more than 1/4 of my plate (substituting with protein, fat, vegetables.

    – Not counting calories slavishly, except on FD (so long as the meals are low GI)

    – Low sugar diet – avoid pure sugar, sugary drinks, and avoid sweeteners like the plague.

    – Plateaus and drops – after 3 months, I notice that I usually drop 1-2lbs over 3 weeks (very slow and frustrating), then have a week where I drop about 3-4lbs. I guess this is partly hormonal, or due to fat cells depleting after holding water for a while.

    FD for 2 days a week with <500 cals.

    What doesn’t work for me

    – Cutting out alcohol totally – but I’m adapting to drink relatively low cal options (gin with citrus juice/ice cubes, dry white wine or red – but only Fri-Sun)

    – Calorie counting on NFD. I find it easier to go low carb, but eat protein, fat & vegetables in abundance.

    – Lots of exercise: I’m focussing on ensuring I do more than 5000 steps a day, 10000 at weekends, occasional HIT (2 x per week) on an exercise bike, and daily holding ‘plank’ position for 2mins. My rationale is that I’m maintaining muscle, rather than building it. When I get to my goal weight, I’ll be keen to build more muscle.

    PS. I’m female, in my late 40’s, starting BMI = 27, currently BMI=24

    Day 1 Queensland Australia NFD
    Hi everyone thanks for having me in the group. I think it will really help me stay on track.
    Second week of 5:2 and losing some kg (1.1) already! Off the wine during the week which was easier than I thought..(I DO like a vino after work usually!!) Looking forward to seeing where I am at end of this challenge. Have about 7 kg to lose and it’s been hard to do so hope this way of eating will make it easier.
    Time for breakfast fruit smoothie!! Look forward to reading everyone’s posts.

    Day 1 – SW WA USA – NFD

    Traveling on this 1st day of August but just broke my fast from yesterday with some chicken salad in the park on the way to Leavenworth, WA.

    Starting the month at 203.6 lbs. Would like to go back to below 200 lbs this month. With the support of you all, I can progress.

    I’m 66 & still in education. Presently, an ELL specialist. I’ve lost about 40ish lbs so far. Still need many more to be gone. So appreciate this global community.

    Day 1, Manchester, NFD

    Day 1, Idaho, USA. CD
    Start date: 7/25/17 151.4 pounds BMI 25.1
    8/1/17 146.0 pounds BMI 24.3
    August Goal, 140 pounds

    @fatrabbit, thanks for the bio. Good to see you have found what works best for you. Love the flexibility. I can plank for about as long as you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Saw all those 3-5 minute planks mentioned and it seems impossible!
    @at, truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing.
    @molij, yes! eat to live. That is such a powerful, yet so often missed sentiment. I want that too!
    @mogaman, do you do any measurements, or have you tried on any previously tight clothing to see if you had some non-scale changes? So sorry that there wasn’t the evidence you were hoping for.
    @krisnia, I’m a N.Idahoan, not far over the border, probably living in the shadows of those mountains you see. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    @lindasue, beautiful post!
    @babbledrop, 2 stone might not sound like a lot to you (though it does to me) but I have heard this advice, and tried it once even. Go into a grocery store, or your house and find something weighing that amount. Maybe a sack of dog food? Carry it around the store for a while. Might take a few minutes, might take less. Very quickly you should find yourself appreciating the loss! Congrats!
    @redrockgirl302, weeks travel and tasting and no gain. awesome! love it!
    @coda, eat the ham, skip the chocolate…. Great job! Shame on you OH! Shame. Shame.

    Today 1st day food has been on my mind most of the day.writing it down working out calories but I have been pretty good I need to knock sugar on the head. I have gone from two to one, so that’s a start

    Day 2 – Mornington Peninsula, Australia – FD

    So yesterday I had bagels with cream cheese for the first time in a month and BAM! cravings galore. Managed to not go too crazy and just up a tiny bit this morning. Still having a carb headache so will not repeat! My “test pants” now come off without unbuttoning so I am pretty chuffed ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ‘–
    My goal for August is to loose 4 kg, ambitious but I hope that with some excersise introduced into my now routine of 2 FDs per week (sometimes B2B) things will shift.
    Sun’s out, dogs want to have a play outside so I’m off.

    Starting today’s pocket list:

    DAY 2 NFD
    I am so new to this WOL and I have so many questions. I’m only half through Michael Mosley’s book. Let’s start with these 2 questions. I hope someone can help me out?

    1. I’ve used MFP for years, all along trying to restrict calories. MFP gives me 1410 calories, but my TDEE is 2518. Obviously the lower number is going to give me (in theory) better results, but I haven’t been too successful lately on that number. On NFDs, which number should I be using?

    2. I need a schedule to stick to in order to be successful, so I have chosen Mondays and Thursday for FDs. Is it okay to change those days occasionally to fit special occasions or circumstances?

    Day 2. On a NFD again. Just wanted to know if people find it beneficial to have the big gaps between eating?
    On my FD I eat a sachet of oats for breakfast, a skinny latte for lunch, some strawberries in the afternoon and then another sachet of oats for dinner. That all comes to just under 500 cals and I find it very manageable.
    I do wonder if I’m not getting the full benefit of the 5:2 method though because I’m eating all day. What do you think?

    Day 2/16:8 CD/Melbourne Australia

    @jlmagadaniels welcome. The beauty of 5:2 is its flexibility. I fast to fit my lifestyle rather than lock in specific days to fast. Others find scheduling fast days works best for them. Similarly with TDEE. You will definitely have better results if you focus on the lower number. However if you find it too restrictive and it intefers with your resolve to maintain this WOL (way of life) you can eat more. The weight loss will be slower but you will still reap the health benefits.

    What worked for me:
    Purchasing a smaller set of crockery. I like to fill my plate!
    Placing measuring cups and spoons in dry goods (oats, lentils…). Voila portions take care of themselves.
    Not focussing on points or calorie counting. That does my head in. I do record what I eat though and watch portions.
    Focusing on eating non-processed foods. Lots of fresh vegetables and fruit.
    Cutting down on alcohol. Alcohol releases the snacking dragon.
    Fitting 5:2 into my lifestyle.
    Focussing on the health benefits and enjoying life.
    NOT THINKING OF 5:2 as a DIET.
    Not reverting to bad habits that caused weight gain once I reached goal.

    What didn’t work for me:
    Eliminating alcohol!
    Cutting out carbohydrates completely. It upset my gut health. I’m a huge fan of eating plenty of resistant starch in the form of cooled and reheated pasta and potatoes in moderation. My system works better.
    Cutting out foods I enjoy. I just don’t eat them everyday.

    Yesterday’s FD ended as a 20:4 NFD. Plans changed at the last minute due to unexpected visitors. Pocket winos c’est la vie! Life is to be enjoyed.

    Thank you @debster for the spreadsheet. How do I export it to Google sheets? So far I can only open it in Safari.

    Have a great day everyone and thank you for the warmth of this global group.

    Hi Debster, I just tried the spreadsheet and it’s working fine now. Thanks for all your work

    2nd post
    And not having temptations in the house. As Dr Moseley says will power is greatly overrated.

    Day 2, Guildford UK, FD

    Day 1…. second post

    Let me start by saying, something weird happened….2 people at work asked me if I lost more weight? Ummm….. no but thanks I guess? Are you sure? Yeah, pretty much am positive on that one!
    Okay that felt really good!

    So before I go and do up my dinner dishes, I thought I’d answer some questions….
    I’m not going to list the questions, so if my thoughts answer you question…. winner, winner, chicken dinner.

    First…. the scale is not and should never be a final determination that this WOL works. They lie, cheat and steal from you daily. I stayed the same weight for 4 long months but lost a couple dress sizes in the meantime.
    The reason this WOL works is because it is not like the rest. No. One size does not fits all here. We tailor it to fit us. Reading over the posts should give some indication that all though we all follow some of the basic rules, we are defined nor is our eating defined by them. What I do works for me and my life, the key is finding what works for you and is substainable. So, you can’t fast on Tues. because you wanna go for drinks and dinner with a cutie pie….. go enjoy yourself…… fast tomorrow! Don’t like to exercise…. then don’t….. or do it’s up to you….. did you see that I rhymed…… lol
    Bagels and cream cheese trigger your dragon, then stay away from it or learn to fight. We may use you as an example but you’ll never hear a discouraging word from the group.
    The group is one made up of a group of individuals with the same desire as you to be in better health, mind and weight. We will encourage you, laugh with you, pray for you and be your life line when it is needed. I’ve had many pull me back on the wagon, drag me off plateau mountain, danced with me and loved me when I didn’t want to love myself.
    How you chose to do your WOL is up to you….. read what other have done experiment. Even though our clothes may say one size fits all doesn’t mean our lifestyle has too!

    This is my life….. I don’t eat after 7:30pm regardless of the day. Sometimes it ends earlier but I try to break at 12:30pm. I don’t count calories, just wing it majority of the time but I’ve calorie counting since my early teens. I do it naturally without thinking about it. So, it’s good enough for me. I manage FD between 500 and 800 calories, I just roll with it most days.
    Sometimes well most days I don’t exercise, I don’t drink water. I try to stay away from carbs and spicy food as they tend to unleash my dragon, so it’s just easier for me not to eat them. I prefer to make love over war anyways.
    No, I don’t eat anything special to eat, I just eat what the family does but again the OH does most of the cooking so I just roll with it.
    Lastly, I try hard not to stress over losing the weight. Hell, I didn’t gain it by stressing about it. I also figure since this is my life now, I’ve just got to learn to roll with the punches…. Good thing about it is my ducking abilities have improved!
    Okay well enough for tonight. I invite any of you to read my journey just click on my name. If it helps you or hell makes you at least laugh I’ve done my job. P.S you definitely have to read my skirt story.

    I did not know they call the hokey pokey…. Hokey Cokey in the U.K. I think here in the states that may get a few people well at least me in trouble…..

    I was addicted to the hokey pokey…. then I turned myself around!

    3rd post
    @bert ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ well said.

    Day 1 – UK – NFD
    Day 2 – UK – NFD

    Goal for this month will be the same as last month – lose 1kg and 2cm from my waist. Oh, and try not to sabotage any midweek success with weekend excess. But I say that every Friday … .

    Start weight (after Monday FD) 52.5kg; waist 73cm.

    Day 2, FD, Sydney, Australia

    Currently I’ve only had tea and coffee (without milk) and plan to break my fast this evening with smoked salmon, a large salad, and a shot of kefir and handful of berries for dessert. I’m very lazy with my food on fast days and stick to the same thing because I don’t want to spend too much time planning out what I’m able to eat. Fingers crossed it goes well today, but at the moment I enjoy fast days and not having to eat, which I find bizarre but cool! Does that feeling go away?

    @bert1802 thanks for the words of wisdom and positivity ๐Ÿ˜Š

    @belmc good luck with 5:2, I’m pretty new as well!

    @metatauta your story is inspirational, thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ‘

    @onahealthyhigh your approach, attitude and philosophy is very similar to mine.

    With the exception that I do better on a minimum of simple (high-GI) carbs. Simple carbs unleash the snacking dragon for me.

    It’s about finding what works for each of us, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

    Day 2 FD Australia

    This morning I prepared my one of my usual FD lunches (@losing_it I am also lazy with my FD foods) zucchini and carrot noodles, loads of lemon juice & parsley, tsp yogurt and tin of tuna and it was horrible, I think the lemon was off. SO disappointing I usually so enjoy my food on a FD (well all days really that’s why I’m here) makes me want to go and eat something unhealthy! So water it is.

    So I eat similarly to many on this forum, veggies and proteins on a FD but still love milk. I tried drinking black tea and coffee but hated it. I had to find out how to make it work into FDs. I changed unsweetened almond milk (or almond juice for the milk purists) and I measure out 1 cup in the morning and take it to work to drink over the day in tea and coffee. It’s OK.

    I work with a lovely bunch of men who are very considerate of my FDs unlike those workmates of @lynzm. I am so lucky.

    Good luck to all those finding their own way to make it work, there are many many right ways!

    Day 2 โ€“ UAE โ€“ NFD

    Quick check-in

    Day 1, Quรฉbec, NFD

    Hi, I would like to come back in this wonderfull group please.
    I was into 5:2 since the first time coda started this blog and for quite a few months after. Things were going fine but vacations and travels came by and I wasn’t steady enough so I regained Weight.

    My new goal is to loose the 4-5 pounds I gained recently. More precisely I want to come back to 134 pounds. Can I do it within the month of August ? I will certainely have to pump up my motivation!!!! Fortunately I know from experience that the support of the other fasters here is of great help.

    Thank you Debster251 and hello to my “old friends” who remember me ! It is nice to be back.

    Day 2, India, NFD: I miss FD’s on NFD’s ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Day 2, London ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง NFD

    @debster251 thanks, all working great now!

    @jlmagadaniels so I would stick with the higher number, here’s why:

    MFP gives you a calorie number to eat based on your height weight etc and your expected level of activity, that if you stuck to EVERY DAY you would lose weight. But as you’re also restricting your calories on FDs, you’re eating far too few calories over the week.

    For example if your tdee (ie the number of calories you need to maintain your current weight) is 2500 as you’ve calculated (which is 17500 a week), then by eating 1400 on 5 days, and 500 on 2 (8000 a week) you’ll have a deficit of 9500 calories a week, which is huge!

    Not only will you probably find that really difficult to stick to, but you’re also at risk of going into starvation mode and messing up your metabolism. Metabolic adaption is where the body gets used to eating too few calories, stops losing weight and when you increase your calories later, the weight piles on. Basically the 2500 needed to maintain will become 1400 and when you eat more than 1400, you’ll gain weight.

    Personally, id stick to 2500 or close to it. Even just doing 2 FDs, you’ll be dropping 4000 a week, which is around a pound and a bit (3500 calorie deficit = 1lb) which is a healthy and sustainable loss.

    Hopefully all this makes sense? ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Day 2 – Nuremberg, Germany (business trip) – NFD
    Can’t weigh in at the moment so no idea how the week is going so far. I noticed my feet and legs were a bit puffy yesterday (flight and train water retention) but seem to have gone down this morning.
    Roll on Friday when I can head home.

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