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  • Day 26, London, UK, FD (3rd of 2B2B2B)

    Well I’m hoping my mojo sticks around for a while longer, I need to get used to this being a WOL and not looking to ‘treat’ myself with ‘stuff’ that has no place in my life, let alone my stomach!!!!!

    I’m thinking I need to move towards a more Med lifestyle on NFDs, as I seem to set my cravings off again once I have that bread, cake, chocolate or biscuit on a NFD, and I only have it because I can on a NFD – Self-control on FDs proves that!!!

    It seems a few of us have had the same thought that we’ve missed a few friends lately, @coda, @ciren2, @mogaman, @mjrbcd44, @bigviking, to name a few, I hope you guys are just getting your heads cleared and you’ll join us in May to continue this journey ……………………….. with a bit of company for support!!!! If not, stay strong & BELIEVE!!!!!! @debster251, glad to see you back, you were on the list!!!

    @lilymartin, I skim the fat from beef bone broth and freeze it in single portions, then I ration it slowly!!! You’re right about the flavour too!!!!

    “Dare to keep moving when it is a must, and dare to keep waiting when you have to, but note, you shall always keep waiting if you keep waiting and you shall always keep moving when you keep moving!”
    ― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

    Day 26, Newcastle UK, CD

    A really good and dry (hurray) FD yesterday. Down another .3lb this morning. 6lbs in the next 4 weeks is now starting to feel achievable – although I still have a week’s holiday at friends’ in Dorset to navigate before our Eastern Med cruise 4 weeks tomorrow. I am noticing that 6lbs above my ideal weight, my face looks a little better for the fullness. However, legs and upper arms are certainly not! Ceroc was great last night, but my foot told me when it had had enough. Maybe need to visit a chiropractor.

    @michelinme and @metatauta – thanks for the lovely recipes.
    So sorry to hear of your brother’s diagnosis @diana123 xx

    “Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.”

    Day 26 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    To anyone feeling they may not achieve their April goal just remember that every day we choose to eat a better diet we are investing in our long term health and this is not a race with a finish line but an enjoyable sustainable WOE. We’re all winners 🐢🏆

    Day 26 UK FD

    @diana123 so sorry to hear about your brother, i’ll be carrying you in thoughts and prayers

    Unhelpful day yesterday, but trying to keep an eye on the Big Picture and how far I’ve come. And actually I’ve done OK, and probably just about reached my very gentle goal for April. Had a browse of the rest of the forum yesterday, and really glad to read some posts reminding me to keep 5:2 simple to be sustainable and effective.

    Also looked at BBC website linked to its series on UK obesity and input my details to the “Are you overweight” test. AMAZINGLY I was just – just! – on the “healthy weight” – for the first time in a decade. Along with c26% of the UK population of my age/gender. Such a sense of wonder at the achievement! If you’re interested, it’s here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-43697948

    @metatauta @borealis thank you for the recipes

    @flourbaby I was just thinking exactly that about “treats” and true self-care, thank you for articulating what was not quite coming together in my head 🙂 Grain flour and sugar seem to be addictive to our poor brains, in a similar way to nicotine and alcohol. It’s a hard journey to know what works for us as opposed to what we crave or “want”, and how wonderful to be learning.

    @daffodil2010 thank you for reminding me how much I would like to have an apple tree again – I loved the one in my garden which was originally planted in the early 1930s but sadly died five years ago. it began my journey with growing fruit, harvesting & foraging, making chutneys etc which still continue. I’ll plan to buy one in a pot with my birthday money – a wonderful treat to look forward to for June!

    This is such a rich group, and I’m very glad to be learning alongside you all. Thank you for those who post thought-provoking or encouraging quotes, i’m inspired daily and very grateful for them.

    Day 26 Fasting pocket list – Together we are stronger


    Here’s the link to the May challenge

    Day 26, USA, FD

    Good morning everyone! Wishing you all a day filled with blessings and peace. Adding myself to the list today…


    Day 26 – Dubai – NFD

    Just checking in. Thanks for the BBC link @michelinme. I’m still in the overweight category but hope to change that soon!! Good luck to everybody.

    “Three months from now, you’ll thank yourself.”

    Day 26 North canton OH FD. I am going for OMAD today. Actually just a little yogurt.

    @diana123 I am so sad for you, I will keep praying for your family and for your brother.

    Yesterday was Administrative professionals day, we organized a breakfast buffet in honor of our secretary (who is awesome), but it completely messed me up for the whole day; food wise…so here we go again.

    My goal is to get back into my maintenance range – and stay there. I keep getting close and then something happens, I overindulge and slip out of it. Gotta keep putting one foot in front of the other. I know I am worth it 🙂

    Day 26 USA (Illinois) FD

    Need a good FD today —

    Onward and downward.

    Day 26, NFD, US

    checking in, and thinking of you Diana123.

    Day 26 UK FD

    Having one of those days where everything seems to be going wrong *sigh* ☹

    However, due to being preoccupied I have neglected to eat so I have decided to turn today into a fast Day.

    Sending everyone love & positive vibes.

    Adding myself to the pocket list:


    ccco USA Day 26 FD

    Diana123, I am so sorry about your brother. He is in my prayers!

    Another FD today! I have discovered that if I go even a little out of my weight loss program, I immediately dive in to where I don’t belong. Evening is my witching hour beginning around 5 pm! I truly need to stay away from food at night!!

    My golf season began Tuesday with a luncheon. I managed to find a way to eat right within this WOL! Hurray! However, my mistake was that I shared some of what I am doing. The outcome was not good, since my golf mates reacted like something was wrong with me, especially when I said I gave up alcohol! I think from now on I will keep my business to myself.

    I am just checking in but will read all the posts later when I get back home. Positive vibes being sent out to all of you!! 🙂

    Day 26, in between places, FD

    I am travelling at the moment and will be moving around for next few days, spending time with my mum as well so my routine has been interrupted greatly. Its a good test though, to see how I deal with out of ordinary days and how to sustain my way of eating. That is the only way it can be long term, if its sustainable in all different circumstances, so I will work on it 🙂

    @diana123 sorry to hear about your brother’s diagnosis 🙁 , I hope he gets a treatment and responds well to it.

    Well said @missybear, we sure are investing in our long term health and are all winners , Club Tortoise members included 🐢 🎖

    @basyjames that’s exactely what I’m doing too, putting one foot in front of the other at the moment 🙂

    We all have those days from time to time @sarahbob, hang in there 🙂

    @ccco some people don’t understand or don’t expect things to change in certain direction, so not blaming you if you keep some things to yourself 🙂

    Today’s pocket list:


    Lets do it together!

    USA — day 26, FD

    I had to go out of town unexpectedly for the last 2 1/2 weeks to help my elderly parents move to a new place that will give them more of the care they need. We had to sort through and purge so much junk. I got my exercise with all the lifting and carrying stuff to the trash. Although it was a bit stressful, all is good now and they are getting settled and are living near more family members than in their previous place, so all seems to be good.

    All my diet/plank challenge goals for April went by the wayside, and I didn’t even have time to read any of this forum, which I like to do each morning for inspiration. But the good news is that I didn’t gain anything. I am still down 10 lbs total since I started this WOL. Although I didn’t have any planned FDs, I do think that I was more conscious of what I ate and drank than I have been in the past. I consider not gaining anything a big win!

    Now I’m back home and starting a big purge of my house in the way of Marie Kondo and Swedish Death Cleaning. I never want my children to have to deal with sorting out all my old junk. Just as I am purging pounds, I am going to purge old accumulated stuff.

    Glad to be back and looking forward to catching up with all the posts. I missed all of you! Definitely in for May and will attempt to start the Plank Challenge again too.

    Day 26 UK FD ( 4th day of omad)

    Despite 4 days of long fasts and one meal a day, not a single gram/ounce/bushel/ etc has been eradicated so far this week! I know the scales enjoy playing tricks on us so I will ignore them and carry on!
    Onwards and downwards!

    Day 26 – Atlanta, GA – FD (Dry 20:4)
    Day 25 – Dry FD (successfully completed 21:3 dry fd yesterday)

    Adding to today’s pocket list:


    Lets do it together!

    Day 26 – USA – NFD

    Good FD yesterday, 438 cals. @hyacinth, so happy for you that you still have both parents and that they have each other. Seems like no matter where you are, it’s who you’re with that matters! And it’s a great reminder to make sure we don’t clutter up our lives and cause our kids to have to unsort everything. @mia139, I think you have a whoosh coming on! @ccco, the US mindset is used to paying big money for losing weight and acquiring good health; it’s still seen as bizarre on this side of the pond; they think you’re starving yourself or in a cult, lol! Decreasing your own weight by intermittent fasting and mindful eating costs nothing, and you are smart to keep it to yourself for now. I’ve lost 33 lbs. already, and people comment on the loss, but don’t care about how I lost it. The first celebrity news anchor, model or famous person that tries it and advertises it will bring curiousity, imitation and lots of positive attention. Too bad it comes to that.

    Day 26 – USA – NFD

    Second post: Sorry, got into my rant previously about the US weight loss industry that I forgot another comment: @Strawberriesandcream, kudos to you for having a dry and successful FD yesterday! One foot in front of the other (literally for you, lol)

    Day 26, Gozo Malta, nfd

    I don’t intend to eat over tdee but in the afternoon the snack dragon is attacking me.

    I’m going for a two day visit to Sicily from next Sunday afternoon till Tuesday afternoon. I know I’ll eat splendid Sicilian food there but I hope I won’t overdo it.

    In May I’ll have my birthday and then my nephew is getting married on the 27 May precisely. Our son finishes his exams on the 26 May. I have a new dress for my nephew s wedding which I bought from Sicily. It fits me now. I hope to lose a couple of kilos until the wedding.

    Have a great evening everyone, onwards and downwards

    Day 26, Cornwall UK, FD

    A fast day and just not very hungry – thats not normally a good sign for the weekly weigh-in tomorrow morning. Thursdays can be a little stressful in the run-up to the weekly measurements. Better than weighing every day – my OH weighs himself 3 to 4 times a day!

    @michelinme – congrats in making the ‘healthy weight’ category. I too will watch the obesity programme on BBC1 tonight. I am just glad to be in the overweight category now. I used to constantly beat myself up about being in the obese category with dire predictions of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia and early death! Risks reducing with every kg and cm lost – thats the plan, so hope it works!

    Days 24, 25, 26 NFD

    FD today. Trying to get my water in. Had a protein drink for lunch. Watching the local gator float around in our back pond. Planning to go to lawnbowling this afternoon.

    Adding to today’s pocket list:


    Day 26 – SW WA USA – FD

    The weight fluctuations are interesting. I had a fairly controlled NFD yesterday with a 16:8 but up a pound this morning. On to FD #3 for this week.

    @flourbaby – I agree with your thinking about not to “treat” with “stuff” that has no place in our lives let alone our stomachs. I need to consistently keep that in mind as I make choices.

    @missybear – I appreciate your encouraging thoughts.

    @hyacinth – good for you for not gaining as you purged stuff etc. with your parents.

    Adding to Day 26 – today’s pocket list:


    @metatauta, I hope you’re right! Will post weight tomorrow!

    Day 26, FD, Fast Fitness run in woods
    Day 25, NFD, energetic walk in woods
    Day 24, NFD, Fast Fitness and Fast Strength session in gym
    Day 23, half FD, no exercise but busy day
    Day 22, half FD, Fast Fitness bike ride
    Day 21, NFD, gardening
    Day 20, half FD (continuation from Day 19 FD), heavy gardening

    Apologies, been missing in action. Crazy busy days! Thank you @flourbaby and others encouraging me to fight my plateau (alcohol is not the cause for me- I’m virtually teetotal. Nuts may be the culprit though). Tried an extended fast of 48 hours last Thurs/ Fri and am doing the same again today/ tomorrow. Let’s see what news tomorrow’s weekly weigh-in brings!

    Day 27 Auckland FD yday

    Had a haircut then had a photo taken for a new passport. I usually take the photos rather than appear in them… Nothing like a fringe and a photo under studio lights with ‘no shadows’. I thought I looked pretty good considering I’ve just entered a new decade(60s)!

    The count down is on. Can I drop .3kg and reach a 2kg total for the month of April… That would bring my total loss to just over 7kg. Funny thing is no one has commented on any weight loss. I always have to loose a minimum of 10 kg before any one notices… I’m 5’9” or 176cm…

    Keep it going for a few more days to finish the April challenge in good heart!

    Day 27 – Japan – FD 83.7kg

    I had a very late dinner last night … It was mostly salad and some fruit and nuts for desert. Okay is was a really large salad, really large but still probably less than 400 calories including dressing as I don’t use much. My gut feels pretty full this morning and probably the fiber is holding a lot of water to but a 3kg swing in weight is pretty large. That is why I weigh myself so much because I know weight can move around a lot within a range. Last Saturday I was at a low end of the range and now I’m at the upper end (I hope). 😀

    Starting day 27 pocket list:


    P.S. – About dressing … I don’t use very much because my daughter who loves vegetables doesn’t use any. She says “Why are you coving up the taste of the vegetables?” I’ve been shamed into not using much and found I kind of like it.

    Day 27…NSW Australia…NFD
    Hi everyone!

    Just checking in.

    Looking forward to getting back into 5:2 when we get home – holiday is wonderful.

    Enjoy whatever you are getting up to and bye for now!

    Day 27. London UK FD

    Adding myself to the day 27 pocket list


    Have a good day everybody. It’s gone cold here in London. Brrrr.

    @dykask – are you from Japan? I always like reading your posts which are very different from everybody else’s. I’m just interested. H

    2nd post – Weight already down to 81.8kg … that is what I mean by weight range

    @emma Taylor, I’ve been living in Tokyo for just over six years now. I’m actually a Montana farm boy that married a Japanese lady.

    A couple years ago I got the idea in my head to build a simulation of liver functions to try and understand it better and maybe make an application. I haven’t done that yet but I did start studying a lot.

    My goal this year is to get in 90 water fasting days. I’m working on day 28 right now so I’m a little behind place. I travel a lot at times so that makes it a bit tougher at times. That is why I’m counting my fast days.

    I measure my weight multiple times a day because I know I have a weight range, not just a weight. Over the last week my weight has varied from 78.6kg to 83.7kg. A 5kg swing in a week is on the high side but it happens. Even weights taken at the same time of the day very some from day to day, although not as much.

    I’m very much a numbers person and have difficulty with words. My wife is just the opposite.

    Day 26 shoulda been FD➡️NFD⬆️TDEE Oregon USA

    Hello friends.

    I have taken a full stop about face and started walking backwards to my original starting weight.

    Lots of stress eating and drinking due to the trip to Arizona and long drive back to Oregon in a UHaul. (26 foot truck I drove for 26 hours)
    Physically and mentally drained so writing off the month and focused on May reset. With TRUE reset.

    @flourbaby-thanks for asking after me. I hope too that @bigviking and @coda drop back in soon.
    @michelinme-please add me to the May list.

    See you all in a few days.❤️

    Have a 🔥 in your soul and grace in your ❤️.

    Day 27 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Happy Friday everyone 💃 I love my job but I love when it’s Friday too and the weekend stretches ahead!! It’s been so busy in work, I have done about 25k steps each day, my FitBit group cannot compete with me this week 😄

    It’s an NFD today but I plan to be mindful. I will rustle up a nice healthy dinner but I will also enjoy some weekend wine with that. Early night as we have to catch the morning ferry tomorrow for our trip to Manchester and youngest stepdaughter’s exhibition of her work. Really looking forward to that and very proud of her. Her mum will be there too so we will have a nice “blended” family dinner and drinks tomorrow evening.

    @michelinme an update on my natural anti-histamine of a small amount of salt each morning….it seems to work. I have been taking a quarter teaspoon every morning and this week I have not suffered. Now to be honest I never really had classic hay fever with sniffles, runny eyes, but just a general fuzziness once the flowers and herbs started blooming. Going to keep it up. The less chemicals in my body the better.

    @missybear thank you for your wise words regarding every day we choose the better option for our health is for our long term benefit and NOT meeting a goal. I needed to hear that. ☺️

    @dykask I too weigh multiple times a day but take the first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything, and hopefully using the loo, as the real measure. I often see a difference and know there is a huge range. I am now at the top of what will be my “Acceptable Weight Range” when I get to goal which is circa 5lbs away. Can’t say I am a numbers person though (numbers often hurt my head 😀) but I love charts and mapping and seeing how things go up and down.

    Whatever way we do it, if it’s working, keep at it. Have a great day all 🤗

    Day 27, Emden Germany, FD

    King’s day today in the Netherlands, had a pre-celebration yesterday, in need for a few FD’s now. @catch87, have fun today and try not to eat too much tompouzen (Albert Heyn has the best, had 2 yesterday and a saucijzenbroodje and bit of rookworst from the HEMA, swollen up from all the salt now).

    @diana123 I’m so sorry, this is going to be a challenge. I hope the disicion on what to do next doesn’t take to long. How old is your brother?

    Adding myself to the day 27 pocket list

    @snowflake56 1st of B2B

    Have a good day everyone!

    Day 27, Cornwall UK, NFD

    Weekly weigh-in shows a 0.8kg loss, down to 79.0kg. Very relieved as I lost a kg last week and thought I might bounce back over 80kgs. Its a mystery why some weeks work better than others – or maybe its just that scales are a very unreliable measure on the micro level! Down another 1cm on my waist but the bum isn’t shifting this week.

    As I only weigh once a week, here are my April results, with target achieved to go below 80kg:

    Weight: From 81.6kg – 79.0kg, lost 2.6kg
    Waist and hips: Lost 2cm on both

    I had a blip in the middle of the month when I wasn’t well, but got back on track and very pleased with 5:2 and plant-based Mediterranean Diet. My OH has done well this month too, and we were talking this morning about how much better 5:2 is compared to ‘dieting’. We have treats, drink wine, go out, fall off the wagon, and we don’t feel bad about it because most of the time we are sticking with the healthy eating and the fasting and we are MUCH healthier for it. Really hope I don’t back track.

    I watched the obesity programme last night on BBC 1 and the future solutions described at the end were weight loss surgery and maybe a new drug! NO mention of potential side effects of surgery and drugs. And no mention of fasting as an alternative, risk free, more successful approach! Lots of good things discussed too, so don’t want to be too negative. I too want to know why fasting is still seen as odd and dangerous by some people, or a controversial subject to be avoided???

    Day 27 a gloriously sunny Belfast morning CD

    Feeling a bit more positive today. Those dragons are totally out of the cage. I’ve been eating things like crisps, bread, biscuits, in fact, anything…… even my fast days have failed.
    I watched an interesting programme last night – the Truth about Obesity on BBC1. It’s always good to reinforce the good health message. They mentioned an interesting app which will be available later in the year, which helps you make better food choices. I’m in for that! While I’m a pound from my lowest weight, I’ve been struggling with the silly eating dragon this month.

    @ michelinme so true about that dreaded sugar and grains. I was on that web site last night and with a BMI of 24, fit into the ‘average’ range for weight but surprise, surprise, my waist is too big. When I conquer that sugar dragon, hopefully my waist will go down. At this moment, climbing Everest might be easier😗
    Thanks for the shout out @flourbaby. I’m still hanging in there by my fingernails! Your post totally mirrors my struggles.

    Off to try a new yoga class this morning.
    Have a good day everyone

    Stronger than yesterday 💪

    Day 27, Newcastle UK, NFD

    Whoosh!!!! Down another 1.4lbs since yesterday morning to 137.7lbs. I know daily weighing isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely helping my focus this week. This is the lowest I have been since the 7th of March.

    @missybear – thank you for a well timed & inspirational insight 🙂
    Welcome back @hyacinth – a good job done and another good job about to be done. Congratulations on your 10lb loss so far and maintaining during what must have been a pretty stressful task.
    @mia139 – I forgot that yesterday I would be meeting my friends for brunch. I had a huge bowl of porridge with a sprinkling of granola and a compote of apple, raisins and cinnamon. I did actually leave a little which is unheard of for me. There was no way I could get through the rest of the day with nothing else, so later on I had two small slices of wholemeal toast, dribbled with Organic EV Olive Oil, topped with two grilled plum tomatoes. Remembering my commitment to OMAD a day this week, I called this a snack. I didn’t expect as big a loss this morning, but maybe having my main meal earlier in the day made a difference.
    Lol! @metatauta – yes, it is slow battle to conquer the wine devil – been a little like a cha cha recently. However, another dry day yesterday – I WILL win this battle. Your excellent progress is definitely inspiring me.
    Enjoy your Sicilian break @anna6 – I’m sure you’ll do no damage at all. Are you a fellow Taurean or a Gemini?
    How you doing @redrockgirl302? Are you back on track yet?
    @kaywesterman – “watching the local gator in your back pond”?? That’s one heck of a large pond you’ve got there! 🙂
    @annemarilyn & @flourbaby – I read about a great app yesterday which I downloaded to my phone. It is being developed by Psychologists at the Universities of Exeter and Cardiff to help retrain our brains so that, instead of reaching for an unhealthy snack, we’ll be more likely to go for a healthy item. It’s very simple to use and they are currently using users’ data to continue development. It’s called ‘FoodT’ if you’d like to take a look.
    @dykask – I tend to agree with your daughter. I find a drizzle of olive oil on salads or some butter on hot veg to be quite sufficient if I do want something. ps. do you get home to Montana at all? I absolutely love that state – my very first ever visit to the US started in Billings with a week travelling through Yellowstone down to Jackson, Wyoming followed by two weeks on a proper working ranch back in Montana, the 2nd week of which was taking the cows down to Wyoming for the winter. My ex husband and I are proficient western riders having owned QHs and competed western in the UK, and got to round up mares & foals then bring them back to the ranch from their summer grazing. Happy days!! ps. I had to wear a pair of my husband’s jeans to travel home after 3 weeks as I put on one stone with all that hearty ranch food. Just as well it was on indian territory so alcohol was not allowed!!
    A tough month for you @mjrbcd44 – onwards & downwards!
    Missing both @fatrabbit & @steve toon taxi driver amongst others. Hope you’re ok?

    All the best on this final weekend of April – let’s make it count.

    Day 27, London, UK, NFD

    Aiming to be controlled today after 3 very good FDs for my B2B2B this week.

    @mishty, whats a dry FD???? No liquids on a FD could be quite dangerous, because you aren’t getting water from the limited food and if you meant alcohol, the empty calories in alcohol make fasting under 500cals difficult, maybe save the booze for a NFD!!! @strawberriesandcream, did you mean the UK weather as in ‘Dry FD’???……………………. I’m sooooo confused!!!!!

    @dykask, it really is a mindset made in teenage years as we begin to feed ourselves. At your daughter’s age, I was slathering on the mayonnaise and topping it off with a layer of cheese, simply to HIDE the taste of the veg!!!! Sensible girl, your daughter, you should take her everywhere with you so she can keep you on track & be your food conscience!!!!!!!

    @mjrbcd44, no looking back or going back, see you in May for some serious hand holding!!!!!!

    @snowflake56, as is my nature (greedy, gluttonous, food-curious)……………………. I have no idea what any of the food you mentioned is …………………. But I really want to try it!!!!!!

    Sticking with the positive vibe I’m cultivating at the moment, I NEED to carry this through to May …………………… the July holiday gets ever closer!!!!!

    @cornish-jane, the answer is simple …………….. there’s no money to be made from encouraging fasting!!!!! There are companies out there supplying food for a fasting week for instance, but in my head I think ……..’So you want me to pay you, to supply, less food, which I could do myself, and spend less at the supermarket???’ Do I want to pay someone else to count to 500 for me????……..Eeeergh …….NO!!!

    Keep the faith people, we’re sprinting towards May and eradicating those last few lbs in the process ………I hope!!!!

    2nd post

    @flourbaby – in my book a dry FD will be a fast day without alcohol 🙂
    @debster251 – I think maybe the app I mentioned in my post above could be the one in the programme. I have it recorded to watch as I was out last night.

    Day 27, half FD (continuation from yesterday), Fast Strength Day, 165lb

    This will be my last entry for April, and I’m delighted to say, I’ve achieved my April target of 165lb, a loss of 4lb, give or take the usual fluctuations. @dykask, I totally get what you say about this topic! Has anyone ever tried weighing themselves before and after bodily functions? Amazing the difference those alone can make!

    So, I’m now within a smidgen of the upper BMI recommended max of 25 (currently 25.5). My waist measurement is just below half my height now, so it seems I’ve lost a lot of the visceral fat. Still a way to go before achieving my current target of my wedding weight – another 15lb ideally. And there’s still plenty of love handle left around my waist, so I’m keeping on keeping on!

    See you over in the May challenge!

    Day 27 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Good FD yesterday. Looking forward to my usual weekend treat of a glass or two of red wine. I’ve found that allowing myself to enjoy alcohol 3 evenings a week works well for me as I don’t feel deprived and it keeps me focused on FDs knowing that my reward of 🍷🍷 is only ever a few days away 😉

    Happy Friday everyone.

    Day 26 London NFD

    Day 25 NFD

    Day 24 NFD

    Hello all, away since Sunday and trying and I think succeeding in mindful eating, though having said that just succumbed to a ‘small’ full Welsh breakfast, naughty on many levels as trying to be veggie as well and had a full blown meat version with black pudding as well! It tasted wonderful!!!!!
    Hopefully will walk of the excess and won’t eat till this evening now.

    Poor signal around here in the hills and mountains of Wales so not had a chance to catch up on any posts.
    Wishing everyone joy or at least contentment with their efforts in April. I’m just pleased that I have managed to get back into this WOL and feel full of positive and exciting things for May.

    Congratulations to all of those succeeding and a pat on the back to those of us just sticking at it despite a little turbulence.
    Have a good day everyone, proud of you all.
    Ta X

    3rd post — This fast is going pretty easy, I guess that is an advantage of stuffing myself with fiber.

    @Strawberriesandcream, I don’t get to Montana too often although I’ve taken my kids out the family farm a couple of times. It is only 3/4 section (480 acres) and my father lives there as well as a couple of cousins.

    I’m impressed at all the praise for my daughter’s food wisdom. She is actually a very fussy eater and I don’t know why she embraces mostly plant based foods. She does like processed meats and candy but I try to limit that. Otherwise it is just milk, a few eggs and sometimes cheese.

    That brings up an interesting point. Watching some vegan youtube rants against dairy I heard the claim most Japanese are lactose intolerant multiple times. I think I heard the claim of 86% are lactose intolerant in one rant, although often they just say most Asians. You simply can’t believe those kinds of claims. In six years I have never meant a single Japanese that was lactose intolerant. I think my daughter had one classmate that was, however the only drinks they allow in schools up through junior high is milk and water in Japan. Even the teachers drink milk. I have no idea where someone came up with such a crazy claim. Japanese don’t drink as much milk as in western countries but that is because it is expensive here. Typically a liter of whole milk runs ~ $2 US. Tea is a lot cheaper and drank more. Vending machines though often have drinks with milk in them, it is pretty common. Coco, royal tea, coffees and just plain milk typically what you see. Multiple types of teas, water, favored water, juice, juice soda type drinks and some soft drinks are also common in vending machines. Not as much cheese eating in Japan because Japanese cheese isn’t that great and nice imported cheeses are expensive. However the Japanese make up for it when it comes to ice cream, especially ice cream bars and soft ice cream. Dozens of favors and types, maybe hundreds. Sometimes there are favors that only show up for a few weeks. Very popular. Maybe no one ever warned them that ice cream has lactose in it. 😀

    Day27 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Will break my fast shortly. Yesterday was one of my best FD’s ever with lots of water/tea and only my daily apple and a little string cheese. About 300 calories. The scale showed 4 pounds off this morning (mostly loss of my movie theater popcorn supper water retention, I am sure). I really was not hungry all day either. Still not very hungry this morning. Going out for supper tonight with house guests, though, so will try to be judicious today.

    @diana123 – hugs and prayers for your brother as you face this health crisis. I lost my big bro exactly a year ago, and though we weren’t really close, he was the last of my immediate family.

    @borealis – that coconut yogurt recipe sounds so easy and good. Shared it with our youngest DD who is vegan.

    @lilymartin – isn’t singing just the best for us? Great breathing, community.

    @michelinme – the BBC website sounds great and congrats on your healthy BMI.

    @hyacinth – I’m right with you trying to purge. I sure don’t want to saddle our kids with all I have in this house. There is a good post on Facebook about clutter and what we can eliminate fast: https://www.facebook.com/craftymorning/posts/2154350251474724

    @dykask – most interesting about Japan and milk/cheese. I live in a huge dairy producing county of Illinois (we send lots of cheese to Chicago pizza!) and would never want to have to spend too much on milk or cheese!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 27 Stevensville Maryland USA CNFD

    Today is the start of my 3 CNFDs right now I am not even hungry, stress causes me to not want to eat. I have been like this for years. @snowflake56 my brother will be 62 in June. We are one year a part. Poor thing isn’t doing so well today. Looking forward to seeing him tomorrow.

    We are having a huge boat show at the marina this weekend, I have to work both days. Staying busy is what I need right now.

    Weigh in this morning same weight as last week, but that is okay still at my goal weight. My BMI is now 22.2, when I started this WOL in mid January it was 28.6.

    Go be love, the world needs you. Have a great Friday everyone.

    Day 27 North Canton OH FD 2nd in a row.

    Have a great Friday everyone 🙂

    Day 27, USA, CD

    Good morning everyone! Checking in and sending warmest wishes for a happy and peaceful weekend. 🙂 Give yourself the same kindness that you give to anyone else you love.

    Day 27 UK CD

    Yesterday discovered that my scales weigh differently on differnt parts of the floor, so all my whoosh! excitement and the joy of being a healthy BMI was a little premature.

    I’m going to be deeply and compassionately honest with myself and enjoy the trend of the bigger picture rather than getting caught up in the things of today. There are far more important things in life and a failed FD or a fall off the waggon is simply short time when it didn’t work well, each new day brings new possibilities. And meanwhile I can work on changing my mind to be glad of progress taken for granted.

    Today I seem to weigh 156lbs – a loss for the week of 1lb and 4lbs for the month; I’m liking the steadiness. I’ve also lost a whole inch from my hips/behind this week, that’s no mean feat! Also enjoyed that thing of holding the tape measure out back where I started, to see how far I’ve come. Upwardly adjusted for floor-movement, my BMI’s now 25.2.

    It’s been an up-and-down month, with some serious issues and some serious beating myself up. But i’m getting my head to a better place & I’ve got some epic milestones to look forward toduring May 🙂

    @songbirdme thanks for the clutter link – just what i need for beginning my Big Declutter in May

    @daffodil2010 fantastic about salt as anti-histamine – thanks for sharing your experience. I’ll pass it on to my DD who really struggles from May-August – you never know what’ll work 🙂

    @cornish-jane congratulations on your 2.6kg loss – an epic achievement anyway, and amazing when you’ve lost half the month to illness! wonderful it has become a real WOL you both control & enjoy 🙂

    @mjrbcd44 welcome back – be lovely to see you again in May 🙂 xx

    @fatfingers congratulations on achieving a healthy BMI!

    Gotta pop over to May then get on with project stuff. Thank you all for being a wonderful resource and source of experience and encouragement. xx

    Day 27 – USA – FD

    Adding myself to the pocket list for today:
    @snowflake56 1st of B2B

    @mjrbcd44, what stamina to drive 26 hours! @cornish-jane, admirable results! Keep going! @flourbaby, I totally agree with your conclusion about the food industry; that includes the pharma industry as well! @debster251, love your sense of humor. Hang in there! @Strawberriesandcream, hurray for your whoosh! @kaywestern, when you casually mentioned the gator in the pond, it cemented my resolve not to move any farther south than Tennessee, lol! You’re a braver woman than I! @fatfingers, congrats on reaching 165! Isn’t Cruella (my scale) fickle? @missybear, I’m back on track also with 2FDs and 5 dry days this week. I’m determined to keep it up! You’re an inspiration! @dyask, isn’t it amazing the stereotypes you run into? I noticed YouTube gets out of control with some stereotypes of people. @songbirdme, you are maintaining so well! Congrats on your 4 lbs. whoosh! Once I hit maintenance, I’m going to do a major clothing overhaul and get rid of all the US size 14/16s. @diana123, here’s hoping your brother gets the best care in the hospital and recovers; I admire that you are continuing to focus on your health.

    ccco USA Day 27 NFD

    Cornish-jane: I couldn’t help but pop on here about your comment as to why people look at fasters askew!! Over here in the US, if you fast, you must be suffering from either anorexia or disordered eating, hence an eating disorder! That conversation can get really ugly, even if you try to tell anyone about 5:2. I certainly wouldn’t mention it to my doctor!! LOL No good could come of that! 🙁

    Just checking in. Hope everyone has a great day!

    Day 27 UK NFD

    Today the kids have been driving me nuts. I was having a really good controlled day until an hour ago when I gave in & reached for the chocolate 🙁

    Oh well tomorrow is a new day.

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