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  • ccco USA Day 27 NFD

    Finally able to read and respond to posts. Now that warmer weather is here, I have to do so many more things, since now I have outside work to do, plus my outdoor sports. Today is a rainy day, so perfect for indoor accomplishments.

    Debster251: I have the same problem, my waist is too big but my BMI is 21.8. I can’t seem to move that waistline, despite all my exercising. A too big waistline can be a precursor to diabetes, which runs in my family no matter what we weigh, so I am determined! Have fun at yoga!

    strawberriesandcream: Congratgs on your whoosh. I am still waiting for mine!

    Fatfingers: Congrats on your alb. loss! WTG!

    SongBirdMe and hyacinth: I am right there with you! Going through cleanup and sorting after my parents died and watching friends and neighbors go through the same, I was determined not to let my children go through that. What I didn’t count was that when my children say my extra space, they wanted to use it as storage for their things! LOL

    Diana123: Your brother remains in my prayers

    cornish-jane: Congrats on your 2.6kg. weight loss!

    Well onward and downward in our new day and I hope I can maintain some semblance of control today!

    Day 27, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Well, I wanted to get rid of a few pounds to have wiggle room for my trip to Austria, Croatia and Italy, leaving Sunday. I maintained all of April within 3 pounds but did not succeed to get my wiggle room. This was definitely due to a lack of FDs. So @strawberriesandcream I did maintain but not discard….Well, of course, the many big bags of nuts did not help….😅😆😄

    Have a good Friday everyone! 🌼🌻🥀🦋🐞

    Day 27, Gozo Malta, nfd

    Ate baked fish with capers, tomatoes 🍅, olive oil, lemon juice and seasoning with simple rice salad for lunch.

    This evening my two sister in laws are taking me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday which is on the 13. We’re celebrating today as they have other commitments due to a wedding of my nephew.

    Have a great evening everyone, onwards and downwards.

    Day 27 – SW WA USA – NFD

    Clouds are back for a few days. We’ll see how many showers come with them this weekend. Maybe the clouds will give motivation for some decluttering folks are talking about. I need to get working on that more as I am to be moving this summer.

    My FD didn’t end too well yesterday as too many SF chocolate Russell Stovers and mixed nuts found their way into my mouth in the evening. There must be caffeine in those candies because it took me forever to get to sleep. I did start a new book I bought as a gift – so 75 pages into the book I finally turned out the light. Didn’t let myself look at the clock.

    Hopefully I’ll keep with a controlled NFD today – choosing LCHF foods.

    @cornish-jane – yay, you reached your April goal!
    @debster251 – even with your eating off track your weight is at a pretty good place. Glad for you.
    @strawberriesandcream – another whoosh – you’re doing well! I’ll see about checking out the app you mentioned
    @fatfingers – great for you reaching your April goal.
    @dingping – I’m with you, “just sticking at it despite a little turbulence.”
    @diana123 – From Jan with 28.6 to 22.2 now for your BMI, amazing!
    @RedRockGirl1302 – enjoy your trip. I forget, do you have family over there? My assistant is heading over to Italy and Croatia when school is done. She’s even working on learning some Croatian before she goes. She’s got family in Italy and wants to check on where her father came from in Croatia.

    Let’s keep on keeping on!

    Day 27 – 2nd post

    I got the chocolate SF candy out of my place today. Brought them to school to “share”. I don’t seem to be able to keep it at one right now. Better they’re gone. 🙂

    Second post:

    @annemarilyn: Thank you. Yes, all my family is in Austria. My best friend will take me on a trip to Croatia and my cousin to Italy. 😊😊😊

    Day 27 – Iceland – CD

    Went a little overboard at dinner so my planned FD turned into a CD, but it was a good dinner so I am ok with it🙂 Closing the kitchen now and going early to bed.

    @cornish-jane and @fatfingers congratulations on reaching your April goals!
    @diana123 – well done going from 28.6 to 22.2 in such a short time! So sorry to hear about your brother and sending strength and prayers your way.
    @redrockgirl302 – Have a good trip!
    @anna6 – enjoy your birthday celebration!

    Wish everyone a sunny weekend☀️🌸

    NFD today. So far I still am in control of my portion sizes. I believe my goal for April was to get down to 180. If things continue as they are, I may meet it. Hoping so. I have really enjoyed the April Challenge and looking forward to the May Challenge.

    Day 27, in between places, NFD

    I’ve been travelling and moving a lot all this week, but still managed to keep up with my FDs so all is good, and today turned out to be a CD (under 1000 cal) unintentionally so that’s even better.
    I don’t have scales at the moment though, so I have no idea if I actually lost any weight. I don’t think I have judging by my clothes, they feel the same. We will know once I’m back home on Tuesday 🙂

    I read so many interesting/inspiring/funny posts today, what a great crowd we have here 😀 . I don’t have time to reply to all but just want to say well done to all who already made their April goal, and to all who are struggling don’t give up and don’t despair, take it as just another day as this is a journey not a race 🙂

    Have a great weekend everyone ❤ 💃 🏵 🍹

    Second post

    I just love how the international flavour of this forum is reflected
    Personally @kaywesterman I’m happy to settle for a couple of goldfish and a few tadpoles in my pond lol!
    Thanks for the link @strawberriesndcream. Downloaded already.
    An interesting insight into Japanese life. Thank you @dykask. My son has planned a three week holiday there in June. He’s really looking forward to it.
    @ccco my aim for May is to cut the sugar (again…) and have a BIG purge to try and get that waist down….watch this space!
    @Redrockgirl – sounds like you’ve an amazing trip planned. Enjoy!

    Am coasting to the end of April, and am going to start May with renewed gusto! Ha!

    Good night all.

    Day 28 – Japan – NFD 80.8kg

    This completes my 28th fast day in 2018. This one was just over 36 hours.

    Day 28 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Quick check in. Up early to catch the swift ferry from Dublin to Wales then a couple of hours drive to Manchester. Looking forward to the trip. I love travelling no matter what way I travel 😄 There is an amazing pre-sunrise sky out there. Going to be a lovely day.
    Enjoy your Saturday everyone 🤗

    Day 28, Emden Germany, FD

    yesterday’s FD didn’t happen, but today it will.

    @flourbaby a tompouce has 2 layers of puff pastry with a custard-like mix in between,topped with icing; a saucijzenbroodje is puff pastry filled with a spicy minced meat roll, mostly too salty; a rookworst is a smoked sausage, too salty, too greasy. Everything not healthy at all but very delicious.

    @daffodil2010 enjoy your trip, the last time we were in Manchester was in 1988, I still have a dress I bought on that trip!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Today I met my April Challenge Goal. 10lbs lost!

    Day 28 UK NFD

    Wahoo I have met my goal for April. 8 pounds down!!! Very chuffed with that. 😁

    I shall be joining the May challenge as it’s my birthday at the end of May and I would love to be close to my target weight by then. 🤞

    It’s the weekend and the sun is shining. I wish you all a fabulous day.

    Day 28 Auckland NFD

    Thanks @dykask for adding me to a pocket list. It spurred me on! I hadn’t thought about Japanese ice cream before. Now I’m imagining flavours like green tea!
    @daffodil2010 Slightly concerned to hear you’re consuming 1/4 tsp salt daily on its own. The recommended daily salt dose is to not exceed 1/2 tsp. The reason is that salt draws water to it eg when you spill red wine on the carpet you pour salt on it to soak it up. In your vascular system this translates to increasing the circulating volume of fluid so pressure goes up in the blood vessels ie it increases your blood pressure and your kidneys then have to try and get rid of the excess sodium (salt = sodium chloride). Overtime this means greater wear and tear on your blood vessel walls. Western diets in general have too much salt… Hope you don’t mind me commenting…
    @flourbaby love your remark about how do you make money out of fasting!!!
    @michelinme you made me laugh about your scales vs floor.
    And well done all those who have hit their monthly targets and to those who are renewing their commitment for the May challenge.
    Cheers everyone. Stay strong!

    Day 27 UK NFD
    Day. 28 UK CD. Hopefully

    Weighed today and am within 0.1 kg of my April goal of 62Kg . The scales finally moved in the right direction after a month of weird results of up and down! Hopefully can reach the target by Monday and move on over to the May challenge.
    The sum is shining here! Hope everyone has a safe and peaceful weekend.

    @merryapple – just in case you decide to try that red wine/salt combo, it doesn’t work. It just sets the wine into your carpet. Speaking as someone who has tried it…. cue ruined carpet.

    Day 28, Newcastle UK, NFD

    Another good dry day yesterday. My mojo has returned.

    Congratulations to all with impressive results this month and to those who are still trying their best until the end.

    I can concur that the salt and red wine trick does not work on carpets and also clogs up your vacuum cleaner.

    Day 28…NSW Australia…NFD
    Hi everyone.
    Just checking in.
    I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Bye for now.

    Day 28 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    I’m careful to drink my red wine without spilling as we have a cream lounge carpet 😉 also going to be careful to keep tight hold of the wagon these last few days of April as I plan to say hello to maintenance in May!

    Enjoy your weekend everyone x

    @Emma_Taylor and @strawberriesandcream
    We have floorboards and a couple of rugs so I don’t use the salt and red wine combo! Like you say @missybear Best to keep it in the glass!

    Day28 UK NFD

    After returning from Spain on Monday the week has been hectic. Late nights in work and my OH started his new job so sensible eating went out of the window and not had chance to catch up with posts. He’s away this weekend on the stag do – they’re in Germany at a beer festival. You’d think I’d take this opportunity to get back on track – well last night was fish and chips from the chippy- not had that in forever and probably a gazillion calories. Also white wine and crisps!

    Out to the gym later but not kidding myself it will get rid of anywhere near the calories I’ve eaten. I’m now about to try on the dress I bought for the wedding – it’s in 2 weeks, wish me luck. If it’s still ok I’ll probably “treat” myself with a bottle of wine. If it doesn’t I’ll probably commiserate with a bottle of wine. Why do we do this to ourselves?

    Have a happy weekend everyone. Despite making stupid decisions I’m still convinced I’m in the right place!

    Day 28, London, UK, NFD,

    Once again aiming for control today………………. Even though someone gave me a pack of Aunt Bessies Almond tarts ……………… pastry & cake, just what is a certified flourbaby to do!!??????

    Thanks for the descriptions @snowflake56 ………………………… now I need to try each and every one of them!!!!

    Not sure about the red wine carpet debate, I have no experience of this; as when I shove the neck of the bottle in my mouth there really isn’t ANY spillage!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

    Roll on May 1st, Arid April = great for fat eradication, not so great for my sanity!!!!

    Onward & Downward folks!!!!!

    Day 28 Stevensville Maryland USA CNFD

    Up early today, off for a short visit with my brother and then work the rest of the day at the Boat Show. Lots of food trucks, yikes will try and stay controlled today and tomorrow.

    In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

    Have a great weekend everyone and thank you all for your prayers for my brother. It is going to be a long journey with him.

    Day 28, Gozo Malta, nfd

    Borealis I enjoyed the celebration birthday with my sister in laws but omitted wine and dessert I stuck with fizzy water.

    Tomorrow my husband and I travel to Sicily for a two day trip. We’ll be back on Tuesday 1 May.by an afternoon trip with the catamaran.

    Have a great Saturday everyone. Together we’re stronger.

    Day 28, in between places, NFD

    Its been a good day so far, and due to the travel again didn’t have breakfast, so I’ll use that opportunity to be good and keep my food intake lower today 🙂

    @kaywesterman – “Watching the local gator float around in our back pond.” Local
    gator? You have local gators? How do you know which gator it is? 😮 And that is one creature that scares the life out of me, as @debster251 said I’m happy to settle for a couple of gold fish in my pond 😂

    @redrockgirl302 and @daffodil2010 enjoy your trips! 💃

    @shimmera and @sarahbob, as well as all the others who did it this month, congrats on reaching your April goal! 🎉 🎊

    @dykask its really interesting insight into japanese eating habits 🙂

    Only few days left in April, lets give it the last push people! 💪

    Day 28 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Pretty good day yesterday. Didn’t overeat at dinner out. P.E.O. brunch this morning, but the rest of the day ought to be fine.

    @redrockgirl302 and @daffodil2010 know you will enjoy your trips!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 28……Florida

    Sorry that I’ve been MIA this whole month…..There really is not a good excuse, I just got lost in the chaos of life. I have really struggled this month to eat as I am suppose to as well as trying to control Matilda. She’s been out her cage all month as to be honest. I got a bit tired of chasing her around.

    So, last night as I was up cleaning because I was struggling to sleep, It dawned on me that I have fallen face first in a pile of the old me. It crept in so quietly that I did not realize she was there.
    You know those signs, tired as a dog, sleepless nights, unhealthy looking skin, broken nails, mood swings, bloated feeling and look, basically everything I cured with this WOL.

    I would be kidding myself, if I said, I’m jumping right back in and today is going to be a fast day but that it just so unrealistic at this point. So, I’m just going to slowly work my way into it.
    So, here’s what is on the board for today….
    I have no idea what time, I stopped eating chocolate last night, but I’m going to hold off eating until about 1. I will stop eating at 8pm tonight.
    I will take the bag of m&ms out of my purse and give them to the kid.
    And I will drink 8 glasses of water today.

    I actually think these three things are doable today. For the last week, I’ve been just trying to jump right back in full force but clearly it wasn’t working. So, I figured that trying to jump across the big huge open gap in the road was the brightness idea I’ve ever had, therefore I’m just going to slowly slide down into the gap and crawl up the other side.
    I am also thinking if I have to stand in the gap a couple days before trying to climb out at least I’m half way to the road, I’m suppose to be on….

    OMG hold on a sec…………….

    5 min later………

    Sorry guys…… my neighbors dog got out and so my neighbors were running around my yard chasing after the dog and screaming like redneck hooligans with no common sense….. it’s 8am for goodness sakes! Dumb asses!
    I just went out and asked the dog if he wanted a treat and he came right to me…. Problem solved!
    Come to find out this is a new one they just got which makes it 8 dogs and counting! Oh boy…. glad I don’t live there!

    Okay back to what I was saying!

    So, for the next couple weeks, I think I’m just going to take a slow approach into getting back to the wagon. Honestly, I have fallen several times but never to the point that I am at right now. But I got to do something as my weight is slowly creeping back on but more importantly, I’ve only gained three pounds but my clothes and my overall body appearance has taken a major hit. I just don’t look 130lb anymore. I look heavier so, I know even though the weight isn’t bad, my look is.

    Sorry guys I know this was a long one but I did need to make the start decent down the gap which is always getting back to you all!

    So, I’m off busy day today!

    ccco USA Day 28 NFD

    Hi, everyone! Just wanted to check in. My last two controlled days have gone well. Between March and April, I have lost 7 pounds with a little bit of a roller coaster effect. I think because I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, my weight loss is hard to do. I doubt I will meet my goal in April, so I hope I will do better in May. I have 7 more pounds to go! I have completed all my exercises, including planks.

    Sarahbob and Shimmera, and anyone else who has met goal, I send hearty congratulations!

    Bert1802: Our thoughts are with you! Good luck!

    Day 28, Cornwall UK, NFD

    @bert1802 – i hear your anguish. And i think you are being very hard on yourself. You have the strength to come on here and find a positive way forward. You may not be happy with 130lbs but not too much damage has been done yet! Thanks for sharing the challenges of keeping the weight off – and good luck in getting back on track in May. 💪

    Day 28 London NFD
    Day 27 NFD

    Still away back tomorrow. No FD days since last week but mindful eating.

    Day 28 – USA – FD

    Warning: long post!
    Blew my FD yesterday! Was at 409 cals. until about 6:30 p.m., went to do a little food shopping and found a little pint of peanut butter Halo Top ice cream, only 320 calories for the whole pint! What was I thinking??? Haven’t had ice cream in over a year, so I dug in! Then, of course, had to wash it down with a few tasty lagers….then 2 TV dinners…oh my. Today I will straighten up and fly right. I was expecting to be dry 5/2 this week, but wound up at 4/3. However, my consumption during the each of the non-dry days has fallen off to about 1/3 the amount, so I’m wondering if I should just chill out and not stress about the number of dry days, keep it at 4/3? Amazing how I’m constantly making bargains with myself….

    @shimmera and @Sarabob, great news about your losses! @redrockgirl302, admirable maintenance…I know what you mean about wanting to have wiggle room. My goal was 150 before starting maintenance, but I’m thinking 147 might be better to give me that 3lb. wiggle room. @Dyask, impressive that you have done that many FDs in 2018! @bert1802, we all know you will get to where you want to be; you are not known to be a quitter! You’ve been a great encourager in the past 14 months I’ve been on this forum! @anna6, enjoy Sicily and good for you restraining during your celebratory meal! @daffodil2010, enjoy your trip!@Snowflake56, your German food sounds yummy! @mia139, don’t you love when that needle goes south? @Strawberriesandcream, you go, girl! @saffy420, I feel you about not having a certain food/food group for a long time. See my ice cream confession above, lol!

    Day 28 – SW WA USA – NFD

    Still in our cloudy stretch. Perhaps I’ll get more done inside w/o the sun calling. No matter the weather, going for mindful food choices.

    @redrockgirl302 – it sounds lovely being able to be in several areas of Europe with your family and friends.

    @dykask – you mentioned you had finished your 28th FD in 2018. Are those all water fasts or a combination?

    @ccco – if you’re close to your goal, 7 lbs in 2 months is great! You’re doing well!

    Enjoy your weekend forum mates!

    Day 28, USA, CD

    Congratulations @shimmera and @sarahbob on your losses and to everyone for making progress on this WOE. Yesterday was a 1600 cal “eat” day and this morning the scale did not show the usual post-eat weight gain, so that’s a thrill.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Let’s finish April strong! 🙂

    Good afternoon everyone. A NFD for me today. Continue to be aware what I’m eating and keeping it simple. We are enjoying some low humidity in Florida. The heat usually returns in late May. We are new to FL and love all the things you can do.
    @shinything no, i don’t always know which gator is who. The first one we saw we named Fluffy. 🤪. Now we think there are 2- or 3. There was a really large one last week and now a smaller one. I’ve been told they move from pond to pond. As long as they stay in the pond and not by our lani, I’m okay with them. There are strick rules about not feeding them.
    Weigh in tomorrow. Hoping to stay the same or moved down. Have a great weekend.


    Oh yes! A great set of side-effects of weight loss. Being at maintenance, I have had to judiciously follow #8. Oh, and the excess skin…

    2nd post

    @bert1802 sorry to hear you fell off the wagon and seem to have hit rock bottom, that’s harsh 🙁 . However, you know you can get back into it, be kind to yourself and ease your way back in, no point in beating yourself up over it. We are here to hold your hand 🤗

    @ccco its the same with me, I don’t have that much weight to lose but its very hard to shift that little. They do say that with weight loss the more you lose the harder it becomes and that last few pounds are the most stubborn ones. Don’t know how true that is but I can believe it 🙂

    @onlyhermes good going, really happy for you 😀

    I’m sorry to go off topic but ….. @kaywesterman you named a gator Fluffy?!?! hahaha this is the funniest thing I’ve heard in ages 😂 , and people try to feed them??? Omg 😲

    Have a great day/evening everyone 🌻

    Day 28, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Hello friends,

    Don’t know if I have time to check in tomorrow. Flight is tomorrow afternoon, directly to Amsterdam. Almost 12 hours sitting in economy class will be unpleasant. Not being able to move, oh boy what fun…not!!! And the chicken or pasta meal….😆😄😃 Then on to Vienna! 🍰🥐☕🥨🍺🥂🍷🍖🧀🍗

    Thank you for the good wishes for my trip @borealis, @debster251, @shinything, @songbirdme, @metatauta: yes, the elusive wiggle room…😅😆😄,
    @annemarilyn: yes, it is nice to explore Europe with family and friends.😊😊😊

    @shinything: Thank you for hosting April! 🌷🌼🌻🥀🐞🦋😊

    I will not join you, my wonderful virtual friends, for the May challenge but will rejoin you in June. Hopefully with not too many accumulated pounds…

    Have a great May everyone! 🌻🌺🌼🌹🌸

    Day 29 – Japan – NFD 83.7kg

    @annemarilyn I’m only counting water fasts. I also allow myself black coffee, unsweetened teas and club soda.

    Today my weight is up. I eat a lot of fiber yesterday. (Actually I eat like a pig)

    * 10+ servings of vegetables – A wide variety from spinach to chickpeas
    * 7 servings of fruit (2 were dried fruits, < 1/2 cup total of those)
    * 5 servings of nuts/seeds/nut butters
    * 4 servings of grains (oatmeal, flat bread, rice)
    * 2.5 servings of dairy/meats (cheese, curry, traces of meat)
    * 4 kinds of pickles

    Really a lot of food … most of the vegetables were raw or just soaked.
    ~Calories: 500 veg, 700 fruit, 800 nuts, 300 grains, 400 dairy/meats, 100 misc
    (around 2800 and my activity tracker indicated 2900+ calories)

    I was pretty active yesterday … 13000 steps, 160 floors of stairs, 150 push-ups. 12 minutes was intense exercise.

    Day 29….Florida…..2nd post

    So, my day…… I continued my fast until 2:30 pm and I just closed the kitchen about 10 min ago….. I also managed to get one glass of water, gave the kid, the m&ms.

    So, It’s better than nothing. Tomorrow is another day!

    2nd post – Had a pasta dish for lunch in a café. Seems like a ripoff, 750 kcal and I still felt hungry. I’m now eating an apple and some nuts for desert. I wouldn’t be able to do that if I just eat 750 kcal or fresh vegetables. In fact I would still probably be working on it or just given up because it would be too much food for one setting. Although I guess some people would probably eat 100 kcal of vegetables and 650 kcal of dressing. I don’t think dressing soup would be that filling either.

    Day 29 UK NFD

    Going out for a much needed girly day with my daughter. Cinema, shopping, food!!! It’s going to be a busy day filled with naughty treats but at least tomorrow is a fast Day.

    Have a fab Sunday everyone. 😁

    Day 29 – Dubai – FD#9

    Congratulations to all who have met their goals! You should be so proud of yourselves. I’ve not met mine but my final April weigh-in tomorrow will tell the story.

    Good luck @Bert1402, hang in there.

    “Three months from now, you’ll thank yourself.”

    Day 29 Belfast NFD
    This year so far has not been successful for me in terms of weight loss, but at least my weight hasn’t gone up. I’d be good at maintenance! May is a new month.
    Have a great trip @daffodil and good luck for your step daughter’s exhibition
    @snowflake – I’m salivating at the descriptions of your pastries!
    @shimmera and @sarahbob – congratulations on meeting your goal!
    @mia -you can get there!
    @ MissyBear many congratulations on your successful journey and good luck for maintenance
    @flourbaby – I didn’t know Aunt Bessie did sweet pastries. Perhaps that’s a good thing; it would be just another temptation lol!
    @anna6 enjoy your trip
    @metatauta – press that reset button. Tomorrow’s a new day!
    @songbirdme – thanks for the link. I can identify with a few of them!
    @bert1802 – sadly ‘the old me’ as you put it so well, is lurking around the corner for many of us. You can do this. You’ve succeeded before and I know you’ll do it again.
    @ccco you and I have the same problem and the same weight to lose. I’m right behind you. WE CAN DO THIS!

    It’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get up that counts.

    Day 29, London, UK, NFD

    Yesterday turned into an EFS day ……… no surprises there!!! The almond tarts were calling my name continuously ( @debster251, we need to avoid Aunt Bessie cakes like the plague (or like wine gums)!!!), and I could only silence them by eating ALL 4 of them!!! I try to be kind to myself, but I really need a kick in the a*se for my behaviour. Weight is up 2lbs this morning, so with last weeks’ +1lb Italian meal bounce, my -10lbs has now become -7lbs ………………… I guess dropping below 11st is NOT on the cards just yet.

    @bert1802, I hope a little step back and a bit of re-evaluation will help you get back on the wagon (we’re waiting anyway!!), like you said, it might all come together if you just take the pressure off!!! I’m with you on the water thing, I’m surprised I’ve not shrivelled up & turned to dust, I’ve been slacking on the water and clearly mistaking thirst for hunger, and this has led to a less glowing, puffy face and a couple of pimples just for good measure!!!! I won’t let this little blip on the road upset my mojo though, I’m in this for the long haul and there WILL be days, even weekends like this, I know how to fix it………………….. I just need to pull my finger out again and get on with it!!!!!

    So, I’ve got today and tomorrow to try to be better than yesterday, I think I can do that!!!!

    Day 29 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Drank a little too much wine last night, bad but yummy! Oh well today is another day with a fresh slate and every day I aim to be healthier I make progress…..just one day at a time. Beautiful day here so I will enjoy a long walk to compensate for some of those extra calories and its a FD tomorrow.

    Happy Sunday everyone.

    Day 29 USA, FD/CD

    Another half-pound down after yesterday’s intended Fast Day became a Control Day after some friends invited us to dinner. Great job @bert1802, for hanging in there. You have this! 🙂 Congratulations to everyone who is sliding into home base. One more day, let’s finish strong together!

    Day 29 Stevensville Maryland USA CNFD

    Yesterday turn out ok at the boat show. I did have on Bloody and heavy lunch, but no dinner so I stayed under my TDEE’s. Have to work the show today and will be kind to myself again today.

    In a world where you can be anything, be kind. Have a great Sunday everyone.

    Day 29, Newcastle UK, NFD

    This evening we are having family joining us for dinner so went shopping last night for all the ingredients. That included some good red wine. This morning there is a bottle less red wine for dinner tonight. Thank goodness tomorrow will be a fast day.

    After watching ‘The Truth about Obesity’ OH and I did the height vs waist string test and I have a good 6 inches of slack around the waist. I also sit just above half way through the healthy range of the BMI scale. Maybe I should declare my end April weight as maintenance and accept that flabby upper arms and knees are part and parcel of getting older.

    I can honestly say that my food choices are so much better since embarking on this WOL in February 2017 – even the occasional Saturday night cheesecake has lost its appeal. As ever, my vice is alcohol and I have to focus on winning the battle because it’s downright dangerous to my health. I did manage 3 out of 5 dry days last week and will continue to fight the fight. Like @metatauta, I’m thinking that being so strict about my number of dry days each week is backfiring somewhat. But 3 dry days in a week is a heck of a lot better than I was doing, so that is positive progress.

    “Never, never, never give up.” – Winston Churchill

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