Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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  • @rabbette: I find that I lose the most after a challenging fast day! Hang in there, it is totally worth it! You’ll be very happy tomorrow. I’m sure ther reward is coming! You are strong and you can do it!

    For my comparison photos–yes, same everything. My bra and underwear (same), same distance to the mirror, front, side and back. So yes I was hoping to see more of a difference. I guess it is possible I lost like 1/4 of an inch all over or something like that and I simply can’t see it. The 10lb or so had to go from somewhere. At least I have my tank top photos fromt the store to keep my spirits up!

    The 30 Day Shred will tone you no problem! Though I have serious doubts yours is not toned, with all the yoga you are doing. I think my planking is helping a bit. I do feel stronger in my core.

    Today was a challenging day for me too. I was VERY tempted today with all the yummy food at home and with cooking for the family. But I think I conquered myself. I even smelled some of the food lol, and promissed myself that I can have them tomorrow. Not much longer and I’m excited.

    We are doing so awesome with our goals!!! I’m very excited. So glad we are sharing our journeys.

    June 27/151.8/NFD, CD – maybe fasting, really no time to eat today.

    Oh my gosh, NEW Low! Yay. I did hang in there, had my broth and veggies and was very satisfied and then taught class. My Pants are getting saggy! I have pants falling off of me. My favoirest too… I’m going to have to learn how to make them smaller as they are SO comfortable to wear in this HEAT! of 90+ degrees

    And I will say 10lbs is hard to see, usually I can see it only (maybe) in my face. Since my photos… it would be a 20lbs loss, I didn’t get a chance to take photos at my highest weight. I may see if I can see a difference this weekend.

    And size M tank top – is showing a loss! you are doing it, even if it is hard to see at first. keep on rocking.

    Got to go teach.

    Your running is so impressive – do you have a run today?

    June 27, 181.8lb! We are exactly 30lb apart lol
    Congras on your lowest and your saggy pants!! That’s my lowest as well! I think we have practically achieved our goals for July, and the BIG GOALS too. Are we awesome or what??

    I broke my fast at 42h with left over savoury pie (beans, broccoli, cheese, bacon bits etc), fruits, nuts and coffee with cream. Feeling a bit stuffed haha. I’m not tempted to have any chocolate thought, even if I have lots lying around.

    Now that I finished the C25K, I’m doing a different plan, very loosely. The idea is alternate different types of runs: a long and easy one (for me that 45-50 minutes); a short an easy one (25-30 minutes); and a fast/ hard one, 2.5 miles at close to my best pace; and intervals, where you run faster and slower within one run. People get very technical with those but I sort of have this as a guide and I will try this schedule for July and August and see if it will improve my pace. I can’t believe I’m even thinking about improving my pace–just recently I was thrilled to have run for 5 minutes!

    Today is my short easy run and I will go in a couple of hours after I digest all this food! I’m getting a bit addicted to running, and I only hope I don’t over do it and can keep going. I literally go for every run thinking it coould be my last, because if my knees start hurting I will have to stop.

    TOM is finally here. I think TOM was afraid of all the butt issues I’ve been having (I was stressed out about that) hence the delay. All the GI and butt issues have been steadily improving, and I have been mopey and weepy for the last two days, thank you, TOM.

    I’m looking forward to my run later today. An unexpected victory regarding my running pants. I got them used about 6-7 weeks ago, and they are actually zoomba pants. When I started running in them I couldn’t fit the phone in my back pocket–it would stick out too much and the top part of the pocket wouldn’t go over the top of my phone so I couldn’t get the back pocket zipped. I vented to myself about the stupid pocket that should have been bigger and what was the point of having a pocket if I can’t fit my phone in it. Well guess what. Smaller butt helps enourmously. My phone fits well now, with room to spare, thank you very much.

    Enjoy your busy day, Rabbette!

    June 27: 182.8lb this morning.

    Broke my fast this evening at 28 h (as per plan). I had a huge salad: 3-4 cups of spinach, a cube of feta, half a cucumber, 14 cherry tomatoes, 2 pickles, 1/3 of a red onion, table spoon of seeds, tbs of olive oil, tbs of red wine vinegar. Then I had a cup of plain yogurt with whole grain crackers; 1 orange, 1 cup of red grapes and 2-3 cups of cherries. And a handful of nuts. My typical summer Feast.

    Maybe too may nuts, but wasn’t tempted by the abundant chocolate again, and overall, I’m pleased with how I nourished my body.

    I had a really pleasant run yesterday. I set the app for 30 minutes and didn’t care about distance. I ran all the way to the beach, spent some time there and walked home. I am going to do the same tomorrow morning. I hope that my knees will settle. So far they recover on my rest day, and I hope that after I have several easy 30 minutes runs with mandatory rest days in between I will be back to how it was for the duration of the C25K–no knee issues.

    Tomorrow we are going out for sushi buffet for the end of year celebration. That was the reason I ate tonight–I didn’t want to go there fasted, as I’m still worried about my digestion. GI tract before weight loss lol.

    Right after I consume insane amount of sushi, I’m starting a 40 hour fast. That’s the plan.

    I don’t think my weight will go to 179 in the next couple of dates, but I’m still very pleased! 172lb by the end of July–that’s my new Super Goal! My second July Super Goal is a 100 h water fast. I will implement it mid-July. And of course to continue running.

    I’m not sure what a realistic planking goal is, but for not to continue with planking every day. I already see such huge differences in how my lower back feels and my core is much stronger.

    I’ll have to make a separate Goals post to refer to later.

    Goals for July

    *******************GOALS FOR JULY********************************************
    ***Goals for July***GOALS FOR JULY***Goals***Goals***Goals***JULY***JULY***JULY*

    1. Daily Planking. Currently 10 sec per plank, 5 sec per sideways plank. What will be my progress?
    2. Regular 36h water fasts–from 3 times a week, to ADF
    3. Running–minimum 9 miles a week (taking it easy to take care of my knees).
    4. One 100h Super Fast. To test my will power, reduce arthritis in my foot, and to kick 170s in their ass.
    5. Weight loss Goal #1: 182-4=178lb; Weight Loss Goal #2: 182-10=172lb

    Jun 29/153/NFD

    OH I think I totally forgot to say – last week I finally caught down (and past my sweetheart!) I was having a light hearted game of – can you catch up or ME catch down *to their weight or they catch up/past my weight. (They are a tad underweight and trying to go up a little) none the less last week when I made it to 153 and been staying under that I finally made it below them!!!! Yay! I caught down!

    Had a LCHF dinner last night and I see my body gained a pound, although not too bad for what I ate. I made homemade Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers and served it with a baked avocado egg. Which I have to say I thought the avocado egg was very plain and will need to revise that one. I think I rather just cook my egg, serve it with salt and pepper and fresh sliced avocado. …. Pause that its been a little bit since I started writing this post and I have actually dropped back down on the scale – it now reads 152.6 so maybe even tho I went up, I burn it faster the next day???? Oh science of the body you elude me.

    @165gw – 2 days left in the month and I’m happy with our loss! I’m glad it was a loss, maybe soon I’ll see that 149!

    ▌│█║▌║▌║ planking ║▌║▌║█│▌
    Funny you mention planking. I just posted several things in the June 2019 challenge.

    Since I teach yoga there are tons of ways I help people build the strength to a good plank and not straining their low back to keep holding plank.

    I always say when in doubt, move about. And for heaven sakes BREATHE! So for plank that means doing it like a mini pushup. Inhale at the top, and then Exhale as you are lowering down 1 inch, its not a lot, but it keeps your focus with breath and I think helps folks realize when they are tired and need to put the knees down.

    Well aright TOM – way to show up to the party. Yes when our bodies are in stress, it will totally throw off the cycle. TOM was probably like, looks like she has enough to deal with, I’m just gonna chill right now. I’ll visit later when she can focus on ME!

    Ha LOVE the running pants story. Nice job fitting that phone in your pocket!

    What is this??? Your Knee! Remember rest days are important…. And pause the training week. Like do maybe the weeks before training suggestion, so that -its “lighter” all the way around, but no so light its not trained or pushed a little. Remember this is how athletes get done in training to much.

    Mmmmmm sushi, maybe thats what my Sweetheart and I can go do to celebrate 10 years married on Wednesday evening. I took the evening off to celebrate and we have not had sushi in quite a while, at least since January or even before that.

    Ha we are exactly 30lbs apart. Are you 6’ tall? I’m 5’3” or 63” tall.

    Goals – I’m going to be hovering around -6 lbs lost this month (I’ll take it)

    I re-did my maths for my journey (((trying to only use the 1st of the month reading, it gets confusing, b/c first of the month is not always the lowest reading, but I don’t want to cheat myself by doing that, b/c that creates OTHER problems when doing the maths)))) ugh math *its really a love hate relationship

    Jan 28th 184
    Feb 1st 176.4
    March 1st 174.6
    April 1st 170.6
    May 1st 162.0
    June 1st 159.4

    July 1st

    So really a -6ish lbs will be one of my more successful months work. Thats good! Not that any loss really is still success! Must remember its not always the numbers, its the discipline.

    Goals not sure yet… let me ponder.

    June 30, 185lb.

    After all the sushi my weight is 185lb, but I’m sure it is all water weight after the carbs, as everything fits the same and my body feels good. So I’m not counting this lol. I don’t know about that math on the first of the month lol–it ain’t working for me ;-), with all this sushi! I’ve been fasting for 22h and will break the fast tomorrow at 40h or around that. I’m actually going to try keto-ish breakfast / lunch tomorrow and see how my digestion handles it. I haven’t had bacon and eggs for over a month!

    Congrats on catching down with your SO! WTG! And yay on 152.6—that’s fun when you can track so precisely. And big Congratulations on the 10 years! I hope you have a delightful anniversary. We love sushi and pretty much all our family celebrations are at a sushi buffet. Nothing fancy, but fresh and plentiful, and not that pricey, and all the kids love sushi–sometimes finding a place to eat that all 3 kids enjoy is a challenge. Thefore, we haven’t moved on from sushi in several years.

    Thank you for all the planking tips! At least I knew to breathe!

    All this planking has helped me to have better form for foam rolling! I really struggled with keeping myself balanced when I first got the foam roller a couple of months ago. My muscles are feeling so good now! But it was painful to roll—which it is supposed to, I read. I hope the foam rolling + planking will help me with my knees even more. I’m going to research foam rolling more so that I can feel massaged all over!

    Yes, I’m 6 feet tall! So it makes sense to be 30lb apart lol.

    July 1: 181.2lb Yay for the lowest weight so far! 30 min easy run: done! Planking: done!

    I’m at 40h fasting and won’t break until later as I’m not hungry.

    My weight loss per calendar months varies, but if I look at the numbers more holistically it does come to 8lb per month.

    March 4: 210.7

    April 3: 202.5(-8lb)

    May 4: 197.8 (-4.7lb)

    June 4: 187.8 (-10lb)

    July 1: 181.2 (-6.6)

    I’m looking forward to July and to 170s!!!

    July 2nd, 181.2lb. Totally an eating day! I kept a short 20h fast and then just ate junk food. Didn’t finish my french fries, but finished deep fried clams and most of my can of pepsi. Then drove to a different place and a had a latte and half a chocolate chip cookie. Hooray for gray summer days and great friends. Yep, gray, cold summer days, but the enjoyment was real. I wonder about the calories. Deep fried anything must be exceptionally high on calories. But the most important thing was that it was HALF a cookie. And it felt great.

    Came home late at night and did one set of planking exercises, to the total of 50 seconds of various planking! Rest day from running. (And from sleeping, apparently, as it is well after midnight. Yikes!)

    I’m fasting until Thursday morning, so a 40-44h fast. 180lb, here I come!!! Deep fried clams and all! lol

    Jul 3/150.6/NFD

    Working toward new ATL (all time low) 150.6
    And can I say
    WOW @165gw – Look at you 185 and then what is that 181.2!!!! Good job!

    6’ tall – I have a hard of hearing friend whom is 6’ tall, funny part is when we would go out dancing ALL the guys want to talk to her (and in loud places she can’t hear them) so I would say to the guy what do you want to tell her… and they would give me an inquisitive look. I’d continue with she doesn’t hear well in loud places so I need to sign it to her. And then I’d sign to her what they said it was pretty fun adventure. I was a bit more lean at that time, so I know it wasn’t my weight and I’m friendly (a little shy) but nothing someone can’t just come up and start chatting with me and then I’m pretty good/at ease.

    Love the numbers and yeah you have been going steady at roughly around -8 a month! Good job. You are going to capture that 165 in no time!

    Haha – “Deep fried clams and all!” Cracked me up!

    I’ll say fried foods or lots of oil tends to make me gain, but I have found that it moves off my body quicker than SUGAR! If I eat sweet/have stout that tends to hang on a little longer.

    Cold summer days, please send some my way! We are at 95+˚F / 35+˚C I’m melting outside and the humidity feels like Georgia or Florida right now UGH

    Today is my SO and I 10 year anniversary, going to go for that sushi AND possibly Shyndigz cake (and let me just say, before this place I only ate vegan desserts *most of the time that was homemade by me. (Which I love BTW) but this place got me to LOVE their – Salted Chocolate Caramel Cake- “rich chocolate cake layered with chocolate buttercream icing, house caramel sauce and fleur de sel” So there may possibly be cake later and I’m gonna have it – if there is!

    July 3, 180.8! That’s the lowest this time! We are DOING IT.
    50 minute run–Done! Slow and easy, except that one darn hill, where it is slow and hard.
    Planking–Done! I’m feeling so much stronger in my core, that’s amazing!
    Eating–Done! No comment.

    Today was supposed to be a fast but then we had company and went out, and I decided to eat. Entering a slightly dangerous territory, as part of my decision to eat was based on me being 180lb. Hm…This is how we get fat, GW165! (self talk.) This time I’m too motivated though.

    I had a side ceasar salad and coffee and a slice of rhubarb pie with cream and another coffee. That was around 1pm and looked like it could be my light OMAD. But then I got home and discovered my avocados reached the EAT ME NOW stage, and had a no-dressing salad of 2 avocados, some cherry tomatoes, cucumber and pickles. Followed by two oranges, a bowl of cherries, and a handful of nuts. My typical nourishing fruit and veggie feast.

    I started my fasting app tonight and am fasting until Friday afternoon.

    That’s a very sweet story about your tall friend and how you’d sign for her. I’ve never experienced people just talking to me like this, even if for most of my life I was slim. My hubby says that I can send people away with just one glare. I never wanted anyone to approach me like this and I guess my glare can be quite intimidating ha ha.

    35C is a melting weather. I don’t know how you are managing. Do you find it is easier to fast, though? I think I can last a long time on fizzy water with ice and a generally reduce appetite due to heat. EDIT: Just checked the forecast. 35C humidex Friday here. Yay?? lol I can test my theory re fasting in the heat.

    Have the most wonderful anniversary! That cake sounds delicious!

    Oh, in other news, I have a new pair of Motivational Jeans! They are gray and lovely and I got them the last time I was losing weight. They NEVER fit. I bought them a little too small (thrift store, so I didn’t have options lol) and I never lost “the last 5lb”. Back then I couldn’t zip them up. This time around I can zip them up easily! But they are a little bit tight around my waist and thighs. The fit is certainly presentable enough to wear out if needed, and my Formerly Motivational Jeans are getting too loose! So I’m in between. Of course they are different brands, and maybe even different generations, so they are both size 14. So now I’m waiting for them to fit a bit better! Yay! I really want to be able to wear them on July 30th with room to spare.

    If the weather is good (i.e. hot) and stars align, I’m starting my 100h fast Sunday night! If not, then next Sunday night. A Sunday night start fits the best into my schedule. I’m ready to see 179!!!

    July 4, 181.4–not surprising it went a bit up as the weigh-in was early in my fast and that I had two eating days in a row, and fast food both days.

    Running–rest day.
    Fasting–in progress!

    I’m not hungry, but am thinking about eating. Hm…Going to drink more green ttea and more iced fizzy water throughout the day.

    July 4/150.6/NFD

    Yesterday (kept my fast going until lunch time) Which would be a total of 72 -ish hrs. Decided to weight myself before dinner *sushi & cake! yum. and I had reached
    new ATL – of 149.6!!!!!

    Notes of interest is that Tues FD I was craving tuna salad so I made a VERY light tuna salad it was no more than 100 calories and I ate that at lunch weighted myself later and still LOST weight. Even after I had my bowl of broth and veggies at night for supper! yay.

    So I’m liking this low calorie meals that offer me good nutrients on FDs, I’m not having as many issues with the restless leg since doing this low calorie eating *lots of veggies/Fasting routine.

    the number of 150.6 – is this mornings weigh-in after 2 sushi rolls AND a 1/2 bottle of champagne and piece of (((OH MY GOODNESS)))) to die for cake! (apparently the place we went to has Wine down Wednesdays and although I can not have straight wine, I can have it with the bubbles. – so YAY) look I went up .8 lb and that was only after ONE NIGHT of eating…

    @165gw after two days of feeding and only up less than a pound. Thats really good. It is good to keep on it tho. I think you are right when we get “comfortable” with the number we see on the scale our brains are like yay I can “relax” I don’t need to worry. Then BAM!

    I feel safe with this WOL tho because I feel like I will still have eating freedom and even if we have a junky day, we can fast and get back on track. I know that my decisions to eat better foods are improving all the time. I still want the salty snacks, but now I pour a tiny dessert dish of pistachios *shell is on* and have those. They are more work and I figure if I REALLY want them, then I should do the work to eat them. or sometimes I make or ask my SO to make popcorn on the stove. I love fresh popped popcorn with this lemon olive oil – I only put salt and pepper on the popcorn after its done and thats an awesome snack!


    Wooohooo! Congratulations on 149!!! This must have been so exciting to see! Super happy for you!!! 72 h is amazing, I haven’t done a long one in a while, it seems. I’m waiting for my first glimpse of 179!

    Today is a fasting day and I’m feeling all the munchies! I have to remind myself that when I find a fasting day hard, usually the results are worth it the next day.

    I like your pistachio strategy. I make myself go to the kitchen for the next little portion of nuts (if this great need arises.)

    That’s wonderful news that your RLS is better with the ultra low calorie days. Great that you experimented and found a better way.

    I keep finding out that I’m not out of the woods with the GI tract and I certainly can’t eat freely and expect it all to be as it used to be. This is a new stage for me and I have to remind myself that I need to baby my GI tract much more. Seems that huge amounts of vebbies and fruits were great, but now as I started eating other foods–not so great. More fruits and veggies planned for tomorrow!

    July 5: 179.8!! My first glimpse of the 170s!! YAY. Super Happy.

    Running: DONE! Only 20 minutes, but did a HIIT run and didn’t want to push it too much in the heat.

    Fasting: Broke the fast at 36 hours.

    Eating: Started the day with Kimchi to set my digestion on a better course before I went for the run. Went to IKEA for lunch and had traditional Meatballs with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies, and coffee with cream. Then at home had my typical HUGE salad: 2 avocados, a tomato, half a cucumber, sunflower seeds and a package of organic arugula + probably 3 cups of spinach. I wasn’t that hungry, but I felt I was beginning to have sore throat and I wanted good nutrition; and also our greens spent too much time in a hot car so they were at the end of their live ha ha. Had to eat them. Then ate 3 cups of cherries. Now I need vitamin C. I am hoping I can fight this cold.

    Planking–I really don’t feel like planking with the sore throat. So I skipped it.

    I’m not sure whether I will fast or eat tomorrow–I’ll go with the flow.

    July 5/153/NFD

    I am amused at the idea of eating at IKEA for lunch… I guess our IKEA might have something to eat, but honestly I don’t know.

    Awe boo sore throat! I’m es get the vitamin C In you. I need some too apparently vitamin C can help people who have a hard time processing iron (which I think may be my issue) i don’t want to jump to conclusions just yet. But I’m keeping it in mind.

    I have an appointment next month to get started on bloodwork which hopefully will give me more insight to my RLS (Which funny enough have not had as bad until last night!) oh my gosh does my body knows when I talk about it.

    Today I was going no to have as an FD but I feel like it must be more of just a CD day. It’s ok. I’ll accept it and just start my FD on Sunday as usual.

    Good job on your HIIT run. That sounds like a challenge and fun at the same time.

    Oh, IKEA has lovely options for lunch, including vegan. Their chocolate and vanilla almond cakes are to die for and are gluten free. We adore their cafeteria and also the little “grocery” section.

    I’m taking lots of vitamin C and all kind of other things. I’m not impressed with my sore throat at all!

    I’m glad you are checking out the possible low iron and other things are your RLS. Sorry to hear it has been bothering you agan.

    I haven’t checked my weight today. I’m just drinking lots of fluids and plan to have fruits and veggies in the evening. I don’t think I feel like Fasting Day either…I’ll restart when I’m over the cold. I’m fully expecting to be in the 183-181 range again, but that’s okay. That glimpse of 179 was very satisfying and motivational!

    July 7, 181lb. I had my insanely huge salad yesterday and lots of fruits and shouold have ended there. But also ate a small portion of potatoes and marinated herring as hubby was cooking, followed by iced coffee with cream, creme brule dessert and two handfuls of nuts. It was a feat day!

    I’m not feeling that great, so I’m not set whether I’ll be fasting or eating today. I’ve fasted for 20 hours so far and I’ll decide later and will go with the flow. It won’t be a feast day though–either a fast, or just fruits and veggies for nourishment. 181lb is perfect, but I really don’t want to see anything over 183 in the next week!

    I miss running! And I worry I’ll regress, but it should all be fine, I guess.

    Day 8/153.6/FD

    oh my gosh do I NEED a FD! Basically since our Anniversary Wednesday I’ve not been able to really get a good fasting. I did manage to do OMAD for 2 days which is why I think I didn’t GAIN too much. I mean I did have the richest CAKE ever and champagne AND lovely dinner (((and we met up with friends on Sunday morning for breakfast!))) so bam – LIFE.

    Today is a new day and that sounds good to me.

    I’m sorry you are not feeling well. I’m glad you have an appetite for fruit, I’m not much for wanting fruit when I dont feel well. I usually have broth or a noodle soup.

    I’ve got to jet over to the store and get some things before I go teach. Hope you are on the mend.

    July 8–181.8lb. I’m at 20h fasting, and will break the fast tomorrow morning. I’ve been eatig veggies and fruits mostly for the last 3 days, but also nuts and some sweets. It feels good to fast today. I’m finding that mentally it is harder than usual, but physically I’m doing fine. Drinking lots of water!

    I did go for a run yesterday, for just 30 minutes and took it really easy. (I also wrote a post about it, but I can see now it never posted.) But I haven’t done any of the planks or other exercises. I think I’m feeling sufficiently better today to exercise.

    I think we are doing fine! Just a little snag but we are on track. We are going to see 178 and 148 by the end of the week, if not earlier! Now that the weekend is over, I feel things will balance themselves out easier.

    Darn today wasn’t easy, psychogically speaking! It is interesting how getting out of the Fasting Flow affects me. I wasn’t hungry, but boy was I tempted by all the food I could eat. Veggies, my glorious veggies! My yet un-roasted cauliflower, peppers, sweet potatoes! All the plums that have been ripening! My avocado, my beloved avocado! Steamed broccoli! Let’s not foget steamed broccoli. And IKEA rye crackers with plain, sour yogurt.

    I don’t like when I think about food too much on my fasting days! This gotta go. I hope I wake up with no Food Insanity in my head, but something tells me tomorrow might be a feast day. Vegetable Feast Day.

    Interestingly, I wasn’t really hungry. So go figure whey my body and mind are playing dirty with me. Maybe because I’m getting over my cold?

    I made it, though. This wasn’t a very productive day, but at least I did my planks and the knee exercises.

    I hope to go for a short run tomorrow–either an easy one, or HIIT, I’ll decide on the spot. And yeah, veggies. Veggies.

    Some thoughts. I keep forgetting what my blood type is, but years ago a naturopath told me that my blood type means that I need to be vegetarian for optimal health. Back then I was doing Low Carb, Hihg Fat, with lots of bacon, and was loving it, and I really didn’t like like the naturopath for all kind of other reasons. Also back then I was convinced that Blood Type Diet was the most anti-scientific poop there was.

    I haven’t looked further into the blood type diet, but my fasting journey and what not led me a bit closer to the idea that maybe there IS something behind blood types and nutrition. And my obsession with veggies. Hm…

    I still do love my bacon and eggs, and meat in general, but lately, percentage wise, I’ve been eating much more vegetarian than before. Something to think about, I guess.

    July 9: 179.6!! The second glimpse of under 180!! Wow, I can’t believe my next goal is 169…seems surreal! So close to 165lb. I am realizing though that my actual goal is probably 155-150.

    I also read that it takes 7 YEARS for the body to adjust to the new weight and not want to gain. We are in for a long haul here, Rabbette lol. But I am very determined. Ironically, one of the reasons for losign weight was not to be a fat mother of the bride / groom ha ha. I do have plenty of time, so at least with this endeavour I’ve been proactive haha.

    I’m at 40h fasting and will break soon, the goal is 42 hours. I’m not as desperate about 3000 calories of veggies now that I’m up and about, especially compared to last night ha ha.

    I also looked up again the Bloood Type Diet and even though there might be some science behind it, the language on the website makes me cringe and think of quakery lol. @rabbette: what are your thoughts on the Blood Type Diet?

    I think I’m almost over the cold and the weather is great. I’m looking forward to my run later today and being on track with my eating and planking!

    July 9 Report. Feeling accomplished.

    1h run–DONE! I took it slow, but I finished strong–I was able to increase my speed during the last 8 minutes of the run, and this made me proud and happy. My next run will be a short HIIT run.

    Planking–DONE! As well as my other exercises that target glutes to keep my knees functioning. I love how my body is feeling “more together” with the core getting stronger.

    Eating–DONE! I had 10 plums; a cauliflower + two sweet potatoes oven-roasted with olive oil and spices; a smaller than usual handful of nuts (yay!); a large cup of plain yogurt + rye crackers; and a bell pepper with horse radish sauce. I ate all of this in about 2h window, and started the next fast. I’m not sure whether it will be a 24h fast or a 44h one. I will see how I feel and whether my avocados have ripened. Seriously, if they are in the “eat me now” stage tomorrow, the avocado salad for late lunch it is!

    I thought I’d be having my HUGE iced coffee on the cream base, but I just wanted fizzy water with ice after the run, so I think I saved myself 800 calories right there.

    I did a rough calorie count after I ate–I’m guessing 1900 calories. I think that’s a good number of calories for me for today. I feel well nourished and I enjoyed all my veggies so much! I’m glad I didn’t feel like the iced coffee though ha ha. This also reminds me how I gained so much weight two summers ago–I was drinking those cream-based iced coffees daily, sometimes twice a day! Ice, lots of coffee (so the drink is BITTER), a cup of coffee cream, and BLEND to a nice foamy drink! This summer it is an occasional treat ha ha.

    My favorite iced drink this summer, I make them 1L at a time in a pickles jar. 1/2 to 3/4 plain fizzy water; 2-3 table spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar; Half a tea spoon of salt–maybe actually less; And the rest is Bubbly Strawberry water (your fault for telling me about those ha ha!) I do dilute them quite a lot, and I refuse to dwell on WHAT those “natural flavors” are (I did read an article. You might not want to.) And lots of ice! This is HEAVEN after a run, especially in the heat.

    July 10/150.2/Egg FD

    Trying the Egg Fast again (this time 3 days, then 2 days of reg FD) Approaching it differently instead of eating 6 eggs (which I felt very full) I’m eating more like 4 eggs and less cheese. I don’t think my body really cares if I do HFLC. I mean I don’t gain, but I also don’t really lose that much. Some folks lose like 5-10 lbs in 3 days.

    I think your running help you fly through the 180s! How exciting.

    7 year ay. Well that could be it take 7 years to really make something into a natural habit. I feel like if we can stick to our routine and make it really part of life and NOT a struggle then we can more easily adapt it.

    I’m intrigued by blood type and eating. I actually wondered if different blood types were more prevalent in different areas of our ancestors AND being different areas would have different food sources available. There for its not super far fetched. However I feel like we have evolved a little bit past that (but maybe not) I don’t exactly have a PHD in the subject. Ha

    Oh and the LaCrox – I’ll speak more on that later. Got to go teach.

    Waiting for 149 – I think I have concluded that Egg fasting doesn’t work the same in my body as for a large number of other folks… However I do like eggs so its kinda fun to be able to EAT a little bit more and still see the scale go down.

    @165gw – Look at you and all those DONE things! Woot woot. I do many planks everyday. I decided to hold forearm plank *which is harder so be kind if you do that one* and found out I could hold it for a full minute. I was very proud of that considering about 8 years ago I couldn’t really lift my belly from the floor (and I was 145lbs) so I was just WEAK … Ba!

    So more on LaCrox – you can’t scare me. I remember reading articles on the subject what are the natural flavors. AND yes the term “natural” is a bit stretched… however the way the articles were written are making some of the ingredients to be gross. Hence the reference to linalool (this is an essential oil) that is fine for humans. It would be like saying using peppermint essential oil is gross b/c you can also use it to deter off mice. Yes that is true but it doesn’t make peppermint gross, it just means mice don’t like it. Remember that some articles are written from a certain perspective to make the consume SEE this information as bad or influence us to take a side. Now it could be MORE of a matter of FDA and their definition of synthetic and natural flavors (and if LaCrox is using a synthetic form of flavoring then that *could be* a bit harder for the body to process. OR it could be that the body just passes it through with out processing it at all – a bit like “Psyllium husk which is a type of fiber and it passes through the body unabsorbed.”

    So hopefully that helps so that you are not as weirded out by the flavored sparkling water.

    You are tempting me to add running… I’m afraid of my big toe (Ba) sounds like such a lame excuse. Its so true tho, when I start running my left big toe, it very unhappy. I hurt my left foot when I was a kid – pretty badly and I guess I never noticed that my left big toe is not lined up properly for full flexibility so it gives me trouble when running since one needs to “push off” a little with the toes.

    I’ll see if there is a different cardio I can work into my schedule.. OH I know – totally forgot about the 30 day shred. I think I can make that work. AND I have grown to LOVE core stuff *NEVER thought I’d say that in my lifetime.*

    Back to the subject of HFLC I have noticed if I DO want to go over my calories a smide on a FD day, if I do have a meal that is LCHF then I can sneak in about 200 MORE calories. But I can’t do much more than that, OR my body knows. So while it is helpful its not completely infallible.

    Oh and our IKEA does have a fancy restaurant and food. I would have NEVER known. I don’t live close to ours tho – its about 2 hour drive, but now I know that if I do go there to pick up some furniture I have a great place to eat!

    I wait no longer… I just now hit 149.0 exact!

    ha, maybe the things I write that I WANT come true! mmmmmm got my wheels turning.

    I want to finish writing my book. (I am actually serious on this one)

    Since I seem to write a novel for nearly anything I post, I really shouldn’t have a problem. However I am finding that I freeze up when writing (I am dyslexic and that does tend to stifiel some of my process) I am more free here b/c I feel like you are not going to judge me and if I spell soemthig wrong you will know what I meant and heck if I were typing it on my phone there is a chance that auto-correct will feel the need to just interject its two cents on corrections (that are not correct) ha. I digress.

    None the less – YAY 149! I can’t believe this…. now working toward 139! what look at us!

    July 10: 179.6! Interesting that even after an eating / feasting day I didn’t gain. This is progress. Broke my 24h fast today and ate someting like 18:6.

    Running—not a running day. Bicycling—4km. But it didn’t feel like a work-out. Last year this route felt like a work-out. I guess I’m fitter this year. I need to find a different route. It was my frist bike ride of the season and I had FUN. Interval run tomorrow morning.

    Planking—done! I’m doing a set of several planks, as per my app. I do 12 seconds of straight arms, 8 seconds per side, 12 seconds of elbow, 12 seconds of straight arms. Sometimes I do two of those sets a day, but mostly just one. I haven’t tried to hold one for a minute yet! I will try tomorrow to hold an elbow plank “for as long as I can.” I think I could possibly do 30 seconds, but not a minute yet. But my app is designed to gradually increase difficulty level, so I’m getting there. A minute is phenomenal! Congratulations!

    Outdoor chores—done! More to come tomorrow.

    Eating: O M G DONE. Maybe over-done. It was fun, and I even had cookies and chocolate. In addition to my Avocado Salad, smoke tune + lentil, baked potato, and possibly some other stuff that escapes my memory at the moment. I’m ending the fast Friday morning, at around 40 hours.

    @rabbette: CONGRATS on 149!!! Awesome!!! Look at you!! Have fun with your egg fast. It is always fun to do those re-sets.

    Sorry to hear about your big toe and that it didn’t align properly. Have you thought about an elliptical? And the 30 day shred, of course! I’m saving it for Winter, when my running will be limited. Also, what about the Kaushiki Dance? Somehow youtube started suggesting it to me. I’m awfully uncoordinated, so I’m saving it for winter as well. I unearthed my hulahoop today and going to give it some more regular use now that the weather has been so lovely!

    Okay, about the flavoured fizzy water, in my case Bubbly. My GI issues started when I started drinking it. I also started Keto at that time…So all kind of confounding variables, for sure. I don’t drink much at all, but I have been drinking some. Maybe a can every other day. I haven’t stopped it yet, and I actually got a new flavour (strawberry)…But I wonder if my system is not reacting the best to it? The connection is so improbably, and that’s why I haven’t stopped it, but I wonder if I should take a good long break and see how things are. Because things are not in a crisis mode, but definitely not back to normal. After I finish my strawberry pack.

    Maybe we should add WC (Word Count) for our books as our daily goals ;-). I’ve been procrastinating lately. Really, please don’t worry about spelling when writing. This is only important for revisions, and honestly, you can hire and editor. Not something you need to stress over. Don’t let your dyslexia stop you from finishing your book. You need to get all of your first draft out, without thinking about “perfection”, grammar, or spelling. Then you will revise. And revise again. And only then you’ll worry about spelling. And for goodness sake, please don’t worry about spelling on the forum!! Your spelling is just FINE.

    I’m sure my weight will be over 180lb tomorrow after eating so much and later in the evening than usual, but I know from experience then the weight will go down afer that.

    Just did a 1 minute elbow plank!! I got curious if I coould do this. I placed my phone with timer on the floor, got myself into position and closed my eyes. Just focused on breathing. It was rather invigorating to say the least! When I opened my eyes I was at 50 seconds and things were getting tough, but I made myself persevere for another 10 seconds, which wasn’t too bad. YAY me. I think I can up my times on my app, it seems I’ve been too compliant with what it has been offering.

    Thank you for inspiring me to test my limits with planking!

    July 11, 181.8lb in the morning, which makes sense as it was after a feast day.

    Running: 5km at my best pace, DONE! I feel very proud about it. It was a hard run, but I did it. Now for the next 4 weeks I’m going to continue with the suggested plan of long and easy runs, intervals, and tempo runs and then I will do the “race” pace again and see if I improved any. My race pace was pathetic, and probably if I were in an actual race I would have pushed much harder at the end for a better time. But I feel accomplished and proud.

    Planking: One set from my app, plus 30 seconds elbow plank as a bnus, DONE!

    WC:hmm. I might still work on a short story tonight, but so far ZERO.

    Today wasn’t a clean water fast. I split one bottle of kambucha (40 calories) into 3 portions (diluted with fizzy water, apple cider vinegar, and flavoured fizzy wate and ice). I also had 1.5L of broth (I used some of my frozen bone broth, water, cabbage, tomato, onion and carrot + salt). I guess I am very well hydrated today.

    I’m going to break my fast at around 40h tomorrow morning. Lots of about to go bad arugula in the fridge!

    July 12/150.2/FD

    I saw 148.0 Wed evening. Yeah buddies. Supper last night tho put me up a tad. I tend to start out now a days with the CLEAN FAST and then have supper. Mostly the broth thing I love.

    None the less today at lunch I tried this low calorie tuna on the run thing. I wanted to see if it would be good for taking on our cross country trip. I liked it – I will like it more with some cut up carrots. I can’t believe I’m finally getting over crackers little by little I like crackers less and less. Now the saltyness in chips. That might take a while.

    Good job on your planks… Good job only doing a bonus 30 sec. Don’t up it too much too fast b/c you can easily throw out your back. No one want to do that.

    I wound’t think Bubbly water would cause GI issues. Maybe give you gas? But constipation, but I really don’t know. I do know that Keto eating gave me constipation. I now eat some of my meals Keto style after I have been fasting thought the week, but on the weekend I let my body have more variety.

    We are getting better and stronger!

    July 12: 179.8. I’ve stayed this weight since July 6th, with a couple of times the weight going higher after an eating day. Time for 178!! I should aim to have a lighter day today, which might not work out, this being cold and rainy. We’ll see!

    Broke my fast at 38 hours.

    Running: Today was supposed to be a rest day, but it was rainy and windy—and I really felt like going for it. I decided to do a slow and easy run, and to go for over 1h, a slight increase in time. This time I succeeded at keeping a slow and steady pace throughout, and the entire 4.5 miles felt easy and enjoyable. It was the best run so far. I felt pleasantly tired, but I was never out of breath and I knew my breathing and heart rate were just enough elevated to fit in the “easy” category.

    Planking: DONE and my knee exercises.

    Eating: DONE. I don’t even remember what I ate today as I started my fast about 6h ago. I did eat sweets, and lots of fruits and bacon and eggs. Coffee and pie. Drank lots of water, especially after the run. Today wasn’t a controlled day. It was a random eating day.

    WC: ZERO (ugh.)

    My knees are a bit touchy, but I feel so great overall. I feel like I’ve achieved something. I ran for 1h and 7 minutes, in the rain. I also wore a rain jacket that belongs to my oldest teen. Ha! She can’t wear it as her shoulders are wider than mine, but she is way slimmer than me. Well, she is outright skinny. It was tight on me, but obviously not TOO tight as it felt comfy in the rain and I didn’t get too wet.

    I hope my knees will recover, as they have done this before. Though they haven’t done two run days in a row before, both being Personal Bests. I hope I didn’t over do it.

    @rabbette: YAY for seeing 148!! I can’t believe I’m so excited over numbers (mine and yours), but I am! We are getting closer and closer to our goals!!! So AMAZING. We are amazing.

    The struggle over crackers is real. Good job! I pretty much trained myself out of crackers the first time I did LCHF the First time I lost weight after baby #3. I now enjoy hummus and dips with either celery, pepper, or carrot and it works so well. I started having some high fiber crackers again after my GI fiasco.

    Yeah, I knoow that technically nothing in flavored water should give me constipation. And yet. I am still drinking it lol. And most days things are significantly better / back to normal. My religion is called Fermented Foods now. I start my eating days with Kimchi. Seems to help.

    We ARE getting stronger and slimmer. We ARE doing it!!

    July 13: 180.4 and 20h fasted this morning. Hm…I haven’t been able to move from this range for a while. I think I either need a longer fast or a better controlled day to break this. Of course yesterday was the opposite of a controlled day, and it was a random pie day, so what am I expecting?? Ha.

    Today I’m definitely taked a break from running. My knees seem to be recovering well, but I must not over do it. Planking will be easy to insert later in the day.

    I slept poorly as I had too much coffee yesterday (with that pie!) and feel like my cold is back, but it is possible just lack of sleep.

    I plan to fast until tomorrow (Sunday) morning. Then OMAD on Sunday, preferably a controlled day. Then fasting until Tuesday morning. Sushi Tuesday for lunch. I think that’s a pretty good and doable plan. I’m back on track with fasting.

    I was a little bit discouraged at it seems I haven’t lost much this month, definitely not approaching my stretch goal of 169, and half of the month is gone; BUT I realized that I lost 2lb. So I’m definitely on track with my standard goal of 4lb a month, and it might be even 6, so all is good! 174lb sounds like an achievable, realistic, and progressive goal.

    Hubby is cooking. It smells so good. I’m gonna somehow persevere and survive. I’m at 24hours and eating now won’t make me happy. I’m not even that hungry.

    I hope to go to bed soon and by tomorrow morning I’ll feel so good about this decision!

    Hubby is still my hubby but he just brought a plate to my office and placed it in front of me. In addition to this being my favorite stew with sausage…there were also fresh cucumbers….

    I thanked him and reminded him that I was fasting. He took it away.

    This is AGONY. It all smells sooo good. I guess I do have will power. It better be 178 tomorrow morning.

    I reread my July goals and 178 was my conservative goal for the entire July. I guess I’m doing quite well then! Very close to losing 4lb in July, and it is only July 13th.

    July 14: 178!!!! Moody was giving me options between 177 and 179, so the prudent thing to do was to choose the average. YAY. So excited! They mythical Whooosh effect has hit me this morning.

    I’ll report later on my running (might take a day off today, not sure yet) etc. BUT my WC is 700 which is just enough to submit to a little contest. I’ll be revising tonight.

    So far I had a tomato + cucumber salad, a bell pepper with hummus, some cabbage and mushroom saute and two oranges. Great start to the day, I’m going to be out with friends for most of it, so maybe some dessert.

    I’m doing intermittent fasting everyday. I personally prefer as it is more sustainable for me with my day work.

    Are you guys fasting during week day?

    Hi everyone, I’m going to try and have a fast day, no cals tomorrow. It’s great to hear your story 165gw. Well done for being so inspiring. I might be on here tomorrow as a distraction from nibbling.

    @ketolov: The great thing about fasting is that the concept can be applied in so many different ways! Are you doing 18:6? Certainly very sustainable! I have very flexible work schedule and ADF works best for me, and I fiddle with the timings to fit my life.

    @xatie: If I’m inspiring to some–that’s AWESOME. I guess that’s the point of all those posts, to share the ups and downs, and to eventually be useful in some way to someone on a similar journey. And the other point is certainly to keep myself distracted on fasting days!!

    Good luck with your fast, and keep posting every time you want to cave in!

    July 15: 179.8 this morning, which is expected as I ate supper really late last night. Yesterday was a day of lots of fruits and veggies and some coffee with a small amount of sweets. When I reach 165 I’ll start tracking my weight AFTER eating days, not after fasting days, as this will be more realistic. However for now I want the excitment of the lower weight!

    Runnning: Went for a 30 min run. It was supposed to be slow for 5 minutes, steady / faster for 20 and slow for the last 5. I was able to go steady for only about 15 minutes and then I had to really slow down, but my overall pace was my personal best for this distance. My goal is to be able to go steady /(i.e. faster) for the entire 20 minutes. The run felt really good.

    I’ll break my fast tomorrow at lunch, at about 40 hours. Going out for sushi with friends. It’ll be FUN.

    Planking: DONE

    WC: 0, but I submitted several stories to mags, so that’s progress.

    Feeling accomplished today!!

    July 15/152/FD

    Well I can see I wrote up a post that appears to not have posted… huh

    Surprized a little by that number up there this morning, I didn’t feel like I induldged that much. I did just expeiernece TOM so maybe still a bit bloated. Even tho Fri – ended up more a CD – Sat I ate lunch, but then water the rest of the day (an unexpected FD) along with dancing fro several hours. So I must be retraining some water or somthing. I’ll let it ride out this week to see if it sorts itself out.

    Sunday still had a guest, but only ate Supper. So yeah i’m a little surprized by that number, but well see. I feel like I need some salt right now under the tongue.

    Just had a visit from a friend who came all the way over form CA so I didn’t really have freetime to post anything to the forum.

    WC – 126, it was a poem. So not quite as much words, if I would have been free writing. I have lots of prep things I need to do today and while I’m excited I also feel distracted! Need some FF! Ha thats some weird infomercial FF = Focus Factor (at least I think thats what it was called.)

    Welcome @xatie & @ketolov – I fast either Sun, Tu, Thur or M, W, F. The last two weeks I actually have fasted Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri – I see how I am feeling as well as switch things according to my schedule. At least 3 days FD if I miss out on one my weight usually just stays the same. So be patient and consistent.

    Nice job on your runs and planks!

    @rabbette: From what I’ve been reading weight fluctuates so much with hormones and water retention and even the outside temperature and exercise level, it is really unpredictable. I had a day just recently where it jumped almost 5lb up, and then went back down, and there was absolutely no reason for this! So annoying, though, to see the ups, where I’d rather see the downs!

    When my weight goes down I get excited and motivated. When it goes up, it is “just a number” and I get motivated in a different way. It is all good and part of the journey.

    So…I’m in between sizes and it sucks! My regular jeans (the formerly Motivational Jeans) are sort of baggy and not flattering anymore. My Gray Motivational Jeans still gave me a bit of a muffin top (though less than 2 weeks ago). And since it is hot out and I can’t wear a lose flowing cardigan to hide this. It is ANNOYING. I refuse to buy a new pair though! I’ll persevere. Maybe I should wear my capris more.

    And then I was looking for running shorts in Winners / Marshalls. I found only 2 pairs. One in a really nice subdued pink in XL and regular blacks in L, in different brands. The pink ones were way to big, and the L ones were a touch too small. I would hae wanted the pink ones in L, but that wasn’t an option. I did buy the slightly small ones, I think they should fit perfect in -5lbs. I did run in them this morning and there were no issues. I would not have worn them to a busy running park though! It felt good to wear something so short and have my legs bare. I haven’t worn anything so short in ages.

    July 17 Update

    Yesterday, July 16, the scale gave me options between 174 and 184 so I gave up and didn’t even try to step on the scale today. I think that’s the humidity in the air. Moody has never been that vague. I feel our relationship might be coming to an end, but I’ll still give him chances. My new motivational Gray Jeans fit better than a week ago, so that’s enough for now. My other two criteria are my new running shorts and a running top–both would fit much better if I lost 5lb. (When I lose the next 5lb, that is. Positive thinking.)

    Yesterday was a massive sushi feast, followed by a really nice latte. No dessert this time! Yay us! And some fruits in the evening. I’m not sure about calories, but it WAS too much, yet I’m sure not massively above my TDEE. So I feel I’m on track.

    I’m fasting until tomorrow morning (would be 36ish hours.)

    Running–DONE. I chose an easy 30 minutes run, suited well for a very hot and humid day. I tried to increase my cadence for the second 10 minute segment and it felt great. Just the right amount of effort to feel “worked-out.”

    Planking–DONE. The very minimum that the app suggests, but done, + my other exercises for glutes and arms.

    WC: reworking an old story.

    I’m feeing peckish and maybe a bit hungry, but it is already evening, and I know I’ll feel better if I eat in the morning. By now my will power when it comes to fasting is decently developed. I need to cook dinner, which could be a bit of a challenge. I just learned to bake chicken to everyne’s liking, and yet again I won’t be able to eat it on the first day! lol I slept poorly last night, so I’m going to go to bed early and hopefully enjoy my Scale Reward in the morning.

    July 17/149.4/FD

    So I’ve been reg FDs since Sunday. and my OMAD has ranged from broth one night to an egg salad yesterday for late lunch and tuna salad today for late lunch. I’m still on a downward trend. AND yes you are so right hormones and fluxations are challening. Your brain is already stressed enough and then the scale and its numbers! Well thats ok we will come out on the other end.

    @165gw – Love your Motivational Jeans story. Its super challeninging to be between sizes. I have fluxed a lot since my 20s and have kept about a suitcase worth of clothes of each size O_o oh my gosh I feel like a pack rat! Let me see… I think I have 3 average closets worth! Going to be giving some of those clothes away. The cool part is I can fit in most of those clothes now. So I don’t need to purchase reg clothes, now I just need stuff to teach yoga in… ugh.

    The running shorts will fit you soon!

    mmmmm sushi – I may have to try this sushi place right down the street from us this weekend. Althought I seem to be at a little bit of a plateau. I’ve also been eating my OMAD as Low Carb. Not necessarly high fat. I seem to gain if I induldge in too much fats. I can have it seems about 1/2 of what recipies call for and I’m fine, but more than that and I don’t really lose any weight.

    I’m super interested in the blood type thing. so my that I’m going to order a blood test for my sweetheart and I to see what we are!

    Hopefully Moody gets on track. I notice Mr. Particular will give me one reading and (low and behold if it is a low reading and I didn’t have my phone to bluetooth the reading) if I run down stairs get the phone and then do it again, it goes up! scally wag! hahaha

    well i’m going to keep going with my FDs! This will be Sunday evening till hopefully Friday evening, then Sushi! (maybe) ha is there low carb sushi? it prob taste terrible… let me not ruin sushi.

    no WC today – teaching way to much to even do my garden work! Everyone needs a Sub for their yoga classes in the Summer!


    July 18: I just stared a 92h fast in my app.

    I had a longer fast in June, and it felt right, for all kind of reasons, most of them weren’t for weight loss. Now July is almost over, and a longer fast was on my Goals List. Now is the time.

    I finished a 40h fast this morning and almost continued straight on. It felt right to continue and I wasn’t hungry. However certain foods tempted me, and I made the decision to have them. Namely that Chicken that I made last night. No regrets, it was all good. Including an arugula, avocado, tomato, cucumber salad, coffee and some cookies.

    My weight is hovering around 179ish lb, so a boost in weight loss would be nice, but mainly I feel I need a clean start, a spiritual rest and re-set, and some reflection. I’d like to say that I will be staying away from the social media and this thread until Monday afternoon, but I’m not sure if this is workable for me. I’ll try, though. If I’m not posting here, that would mean that I’m doing well. I’ll make notes of my fast experience and will share after I’m done.

    I feel strong and inspired about this fast. It feels different than my other routine fasts. This is longer, much, much more challenging, and the energy that I’m going into it is very different as well. This is less about eating and not eating, and more about a re-set. I’m excited and a little bit nervous about the next 3.5 days.

    My Fasting Notes

    <b>Friday, July 19, Day 1: Cabbage broth day!</b>

    I started strong, energetic and strangely excited about the fast. I went to the store to buy electrolytes, cooked for the family, and made cabbage and sauerkraut broth.

    The Snake Juice electrolyte mixture tasted awful and I couldn’t drink more than half a litre (he recommends 2L a day.). Next time I won’t add magnesium. I didn’t really need electrolytes on Day 1, but I was eager to experiment. Then I decided to drink the sauerkraut brine….and later drank cabbage broth as well. I’m sure it wasn’t much calories, but considering this is DAY 1 and that I normally do a DAY 1 Fast every other day, I really didn’t see why I had to drink all those extras. It could have easily been a plain old water fast. It was just my curiosity that led me to drink the brine and the broth!

    30h: I’m not sure what I’ll do tomorrow—I have cold brew coffee brewing; I have more cabbage broth, sauerkraut brine, and chicken broth. I’ll go with the flow—it will be either a water / coffee fast, or water/ coffee/ broth fast. Though it would be nice not to have any broth until DAY 3. I’m not even sure why I was finding the end of DAY 1 slightly challenging. So much of fasting is in the MIND.

    All this cabbage broth today was great for my GI tract—very cleansing, but in a good way!
    The plan for Day 2: I want to aim for water and coffee fast, and I’ll save the broth for DAY 3. I want to go for a short easy run in the morning.

    <b>Saturday, July 20, DAY 2: Water and Coffee day!</b>

    42h fasting: Just came from a slow and easy 5K run (44 minutes) and drank lots of water. Feeling fantastic. No hunger. Great energy. It is midday and so far Day 2 seems to be the same as Day 1 or like any other fasting day where food is delayed until evening. I wonder if this is partly because I had cabbage broth yesterday. I might also feel differently in the evening.

    48h. Zero hunger, but I feel like eating because eating is a nice activity. Hm…That’s an interesting way to frame it, and something that I need to ponder more about. The feeling like eating passed very quickly when I got busy with things.

    54h. Ready to go to bed. Only now having very mild munchies, no hunger. Drinking plain soda water and some of the electrolyte solution (still working on that bottle that I made yesterday, yuck!) helped almost immediately.

    Excited about tomorrow and how I will feel. I’m not sure whether it will be cabbage broth and chicken broth day, or coffee and water day. At the moment I’m thinking to extend the fast (while incorporating the broths) until Tuesday, but I have a commitment on Monday night…if it wasn’t for that, I would have tried to continue (but that’s me talking at just 55h. This feeling might change. But I’m also considering the option of having a very small keto meal on Monday afternoon, like an egg, and then continuing the fast on Tuesday.)

    <b>Sunday, July 21, DAY 3: Water and coffee day!</b>

    68 hours. Woke up with great energy and no hunger. Had my black coffee and some water. I’m considering extending my fast to 116 hours! This sounds crazy, and I am allowing myself to change my mind.

    Moody was showing me numbers from 174 to 178lb. So the trend downwards is definitely there, but what my weight is I have no clue! 178lb would make the best sense so this is what I’m recording, but it is great to see a lower range from Moody. I’m really curious how I’m going to feel by the end of the day.

    70h, still feeling great! Though a bit bored with not eating. How awful that so much of our eating is really out of habit and boredom. And all the mainstream eating with 3 meals a day and all the “healthy snacking.” We really don’t give our bodies a break from constant insulin production.

    72h—the energy is good, no hunger, but feel like eating. Drinking some of the electrolytes and water solved the munchies. Roasting chicken with all the aromas though is a bit of a challenge! I also made my favourite lentil stew. I drank a bit more of the electrolytes and some plain soda, and the munchies went away. So that’s super nice.

    At about 74h I went for an easy 30 minute run. The amount of effort was more moderate than easy, but it felt absolutely great.

    78h—The fact that I’m updating every couple of hours means only one thing—I’m too focused on “fasting” and I’m a bit bored. My goal is to learn how to fast without this hyper-focus. I’m NOT hungry. My energy is good. And yet I’m pre-occupied with the idea of “I’m fasting.” This is a little bit like being in early labour. I know lots of women who do fun things like going shopping, watching movies etc in early labour. I, on the other hand, always focused on the fact that I was in labour and on the expectations ahead. Not the best way to deal with either labour or fasting! Lots of space for improvement. At this point I have no hunger and my energy is good, but I don’t think I’m ready mentally to extend the fast past 92 hours.

    I’ve been reading about breaking fasts. A lot of contradictory information and half of it doesn’t make sense. This mostly applies to fasts 7 days and longer, but I’ve had diarrhea after 48h fasts, and I want to avoid it. It can’t be a healthy way to exit a fast. So maybe my body needs more care during the transition even if the fast was only 3 days. Many sources recommend returning to hourly (HOURLY) diluted juice for a day, and then to small meals every couple of hours. So hard to know whether this is a good transition or not. Maybe the digestive system needs this kind of a gentle but frequent stimulation to re-start, and then I can continue to OMAD? Or it is quite possible that these are outdated methods that stem from the idea of 3-4 meals a day as a healthy option and from various cultural traditions around the world. None of what I read is Keto or low-carb compatible. So much about nutrition is still a guessing game.

    Some other thoughts for today—this fast felt very quick and also very long all at once. For example, I went for a run today, thinking that I ran on Friday. In fact, I ran on Saturday, i.e. yesterday. I ended up running two days in a row.

    Monday, July 22, Day 4 (half day); Second day of TOM

    Last night I woke up due to a loud noise outside and then couldn’t fall asleep for a couple of hours. I was crampy (thanks, TOM) and feeling a bit unwell. I think it was the combination of empty stomach and the first days of TOM.

    91h: I woke up feeling slightly light-headed, but then rushed to do some farm chores and felt better. I then had a large cup of chilled sauerkraut brine and it was so delightful and delicious and made me feel great.

    I’m afraid I have to part ways with Moody. Weigh-ins are not fun anymore. Today my range was from 169lb to 179lb. The good thing it didn’t go past 180 (progress!) and it never went as low as 169 before (also progress). But c’mon! The range has never been that wide, and I really have no clue what my weight is. I’m assuming 178ish, just based on the previous weight, if it was valid.

    I have to admit that I’m a little bit nervous about a new scale. Each scale is slightly different, and I just don’t want to be 180lb again. Which is totally ridiculous, but here, I said it.

    My New Motivational Gray Jeans progress after the fast is clear—the zipper is almost in neutral, but I updating my weight is part of motivation. It is sort of like gamifying my progress. It is fun. I need a new scale. Moody, you took me bravely through my first official weight loss after my 3rd baby. About a decade later we went down together to about the same low—175ish (well, almost). In your prime, you were the best of the best. Now it is time I walk on my own and make a different purchasing choice. You still have a couple of days to shape up. That’s your last warning. I really wanted to go to 165 with you. And no, flashing 169 at me for now reason is NOT what I want.

    I’m trying something very different for fast breaking today. I’m trying to see if small, light, frequent meals consisting mainly of vegetables (raw, fermentes)and probiotic yogurt will awaken my digestion in a more reasonable way. Today is my transition day.

    First Meal, 1pm: a grated carrot and a grated apple. Drank a lot really weak cranberry drink—I boiled some cranberries and mixed the water with fizzy water and ice for a faint cranberry flavor.

    Second Meal, 3pm:: a ¾ of a cup of sauerkraut. Then I drank 2L of hot cabbage/ sauerkraut broth

    Third Meal, 5pm: two grated carrots and a grated apple and ¾ of a cup of probiotic yogurt.

    Fourth and last Meal, 6pm: yogurt and rye cracker; And a cup of black tea. I feel strangely satiated.

    I was finding the lower calorie day a bit challenging in the beginning, but now that the evening is here, I feel great. I think I managed to have small meals at regular intervals, and my calorie total is about 700.

    I’m looking forward to more “normal” eating tomorrow. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll eat small meals again, but with more variety and calories, or I’ll be ready for the 20:4.

    In sum, a successful transition day! I made it! I wasn’t tempted to overeat and I kept to my schedule. This is my first successful transition day and I’m happy about it. I find transitions much more challenging than the actual fasting.

    July 23. Moody has heard me and has offered a narrower range reliably, from 174.8 to 178.2. I’ll take 177.4, how about that?

    I’m insanely proud of myself for sticking to a transition day yesterday. In retrospect it wasn’t that hard, and it should become a new norm. I’m feeling great today.

    Day 23/150.6/FD

    @165gw – love the details. Good tracking. I keep hovering, I go down 2-3lbs and then go up 2-3lbs. Ahhhhh sigh. I suppose I must get a bit more keen on my lunch on FD days. Lately its been a tuna salad, but I think it has grown in size since I first let myself indulge. Its the only thing I’ve been having on my FDs.

    We finally had a break in the heat from nearly 100degress to 70 today. It was actually so cool outside, I wasn’t used to it and had cut on my heated seat this morning to drive to teach my first yoga class. Ha.

    Tonight will be a lovely broth with loads of veggies and pork loin. I guess I best get to putting that in the pressure cooker!

    You are doing great and if needed it might be time to treat yourself to a new scale… just don’t let Moody know and don’t be scared. The new scale will prove to be a good hopefully consistent buddy in no time at all.

    Nice on the NEW motivational Gray Jeans!
    Which reminds me, even tho the Mr. Particular has not been spouting off numbers on a downward trend. I could fit a pair of my DANCE PANTS this past weekend. (Which were worn and danced in YAY!) Eyeing my next pair of Dance pants. I have some that are a bit smaller I suppose I have Motivational Dance Pants – Red and White.

    Rooting for ya! Good job with your extended fast!

    @rabbette: It seems like you will experience the magic of the Whoooosh Effect pretty soon! This is what plateaus are for! Also, even if you are not losing WEIGHT, you are certainly losing FAT, and that’s ultimately the goal. By the sound of it you are definitely in the caloric deficit. And the weather variations do affect water retention as well in weird ways. You fitting into your Dance Pants proves my point–you are losing inches!!! Hooray for the motivational dance pants! Talk to Mr. Particular.

    Tuna salad is my nemesis–I love it and this is the kind of taste that I really struggle with small portions. I put onion, canned peas, pickles and eggs in mine (and mayo) and the combo of tuna and pickles does it to me.

    I had a normal eating day today. I haven’t eaten too much or too little. I’m not sure about the calories, but I’m sure they were not over my TDEE or at least not significantly over. It was a bit of a disorganized day and I’m not even sure what I ate. It was all small portions of grabbing things from the fridge. An egg and some bacon crumbs on it; 1.5 cups of plain sour yogurt with rye crackers; probiotic yogurt; roasted peppers with the same rye crackers (small portion); lentil stew with pickles; a can of smoked fish; a couple of dark chocolates and a creme brule; an apple. I keep eating those crackers because of fiber. I haven’t had rye / seeds crackers in AGES. I do enjoy them. I need to do grocery shopping tomorrow and get more veggies. I’m out of veggies and most fruits.

    I also went for a 45 minute run in the rain and it felt great. My running shorts fit a tiny bit better.

    Overall, it was a good day.

    For tomorrow I plan to have OMAD HUGE SALAD + yogurt with crackers in the second part of the day and start a 36h fast–back to my usual scheduling after the 92h fast.

    I also learned that while Bubbly is meh (I tried only strawberry, cherry, and orange), Perrier Peach is DIVINE. They nailed it! Much more expensive, though. But that’s okay, I’ll save it for real treats. I also dilute it 1:1 with plain fizzy water, add a table spoon or two of ACV and a pinch of pink salt, which creates amazing deliciousness. But Perrier Peach is almost too good to be diluted. I haven’t seen La Croix is stores yet, but I know some stores here do have it.

    My realistic goal for July was 178, and I’ve been steadily ther for weeks lol
    My better goal was 172lb…With one week to go this is not realistic, unless my steady 178ish meant water retention etc and there will be a Whoosh. Which thanks to Moody I might not even know about. Either way, if I lose another quarter of an inch around my waist as per my Motivational Jeans, I’ll be super pleased!

    Go Rabbette, go! Enough of that 150 nonsense, Mr. Particular!

    July 24/148.6/FD

    Well 148 showed up this morning. I am pretty keen on my FD days. I may be close to the whoosh. I won’t stress, I know I’m eating healthy and not going crazy. I mean even the weekend, I wouldn’t say I was perfect, since I was unexpectedly asked out to a Dinner/Movie combo where you order food at your set in the Movie theater. I figured I’d make a night of it and skip the popcorn (which I LVOE my homemade popcorn way better, so thats easy) I just ordered a bottle of Champagne (which I think there were only about 2.5 glasses in it) not too bad. It was a fun experience.

    Oh my gosh we make our tuna salad very similar. Really I also love the tuna and pickles, I use dill (and or any pickle really, I have some that are in hot sweet peppers, I have some in a spicy whisky blend.) so yes pickles are a must. I’ve been experimenting lately with the replacement of the Mayo. So far I’ve tried greek yogurt and mustard. – it was ok, but not quite what I was going for, then I tried cottage cheese. Now that one I like and it has less calories and fat than the mayo. I do love mayo, but I think it may just be a hint tooo much for me.

    We have several brands here of sparkling water. Funny enough I like Bubly Strawberry, I will say that Perrier Strawberry was even BETTER! My favorite is a Root Beer one that I found. I love that is has NO sugar! (That one is a generic store brand) I also like the NiCola one by LaCrox – just remember if you try that one, you may think it is either Awesome or Awful. I love the cola flavor again with no sugar. The last favorite I finally found was a Lemon Ginger one – that is from Trader Joes. Again I had been longing for a ginger drink with no sugar – its perfect to spike it too with no extra calories except from the alcohol.

    It is a common trend for me to have a big loss month followed by a small loss tho (hey at least it’s still a loss!) I’ll take it.

    BTW I’m so proud of you and your 96 hour fast! Good job.

    Drinking so much water, b/c it is so HOT! Whew – keep hydrated during your runs!

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