Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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  • 189.2 this morning after the fast!! I am all for losing weight while sleeping. I love sleeping. Congrats on the 155!! You have achieved my “ideal” (ideal as per the calculator, I don’t have an idea about my personal ideal lol)weight lol

    I didn’t do amazing on the refeed today, but at least I started with kimchi and probiotics. Then had a large salad: beans, quinoa, tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper. Then added 3 soft boiled eggs with bacon. An apple. Dark chocolate with tea. Feeling stuffed. But bowels are doing great lol. I think that was close to TDEE or slighlty over. Oh, the good point I didnt finish the salad. But it was HUGE!! Maybe i am an OMADER in heart.

    I will start my fast now and see if it will be a 24h one / OMAD.

    I havent done any calculations but I am so pleased with 189 and now 179 at the end of June seems doable and reasonable.

    I think for maitenance I am going to be doing one 36h fast a week and one or two 24 h. Or maybe even one 72h fast every 2 weeks. I really want to continue to be getting the autophagy benefits from fasting. But it would be nice to have more flexibility and to be at “ideal” weight.

    O M G we are so close to the goal weight. It is amazing, really. And we are way slimmer for the summer too!! I have this long hike in mind in October and I think I will be so close to my goal weight if not at it!!

    If my knees hold up and hold on, I am going to do a 5K race on September 1st. I will commit to it if I can run (jog!! I am still going very slow, the whole point of C25K is to go slow and build stamina and the required muscles before speed) 5k 2-3 times a week for seveal weeks with no injuries.

    I obsessively calculated my calories for today (After I ate them!), and just as I estimated earlier, I’m at or just under my TDEE–1800-2000 calories. This means that even if I only fast for 24h, but then have a 36 hour fast next, I will still be averaging under my TDEE per day.

    I got a bit confused with all the numbers–TDEE for my current weight and for my projected goal weight; TDEE for sedentary vs. Lightly actitive etc. I tried to look at too many numbers and trying to average them out lol

    Thinking out loud:

    I think if I continue with fasting for 36h at alternate days, as I’ve mostly done since January, and eat normally on the eating days, without counting calories, I should keep on losing the same for now. But since I had a week of 16-24h fasts, shorter fasts appear as an option now, and I don’t think this works for me. For example, normally I would have eaten around 4pm tonight and would have started a 36 hour fast, but instead I did my OMAD at 10am, which would lead to 36 hours being at 10pm, and this doesn’t work for me at all! And due to my schedule and me cooking for myself OMAD would not always mean a smaller meal either.

    So as I’m thinking out loud here, OMAD doesn’t work for me. I would like to transition back to the 36h fasts, with the last meal being around 4 to 6pm.

    I will try to fast until 4pm tomorrow (30h fast) and thus have a 2h eating window which will reset me back to my convenient schedule. However this might not be easy–tomorrow is my running day and I was planning to get up super early to do my Week 5 Day 2 run. I might be better off sleeping in and running later in the day, but this would screw with my other plans.

    I think I’m set for a challenging fasting day tomorrow and then a nice 1800 calorie meal with some snacks a bit later in the evening. This way I will feel back on track and I won’t feel deprived.

    Darn! I feel hungry now, and when I wake up it won’t be a 36h fast! I don’t like this lol

    So another option is to have a reset day, and eat a small probiotic meal at 24 hours or at however I can comfortably push without starving, and then again some food at 4 to 6pm window. This will reset me as well.

    Okay, I’ve figured it all out, I think! lol

    @rabbette: How are you doing? Your amazing weight loss in the last week has totally inspired me!!!

    May 31/157.6/WTF

    I’m trying but tonight I flew right off the rails. Only 20hr WF and I had a good veggie meal that would have been under 200 calories but then I got worried about my kitty.

    My kitty started having bathroom issues earlier today after she ate lunch. She has had diarrhea since about 1pm. I tried to get her to eat supper but she just sniffed it and then let out a whiny meow and looked a bit panicked as she paced back and fourth in the kitchen and then crouched in the corner and went potty 🙁 she never does that. She looked so pitiful.

    Well I guess I got a bit panicked myself and started snacking on all the salty things nuts, chips, hummus oh my gosh. I finally stopped myself. But jeez I feel like that wasn’t me there for those few minutes. I’m glad this WOL is forgiving.

    Sounds like you have got quite the day planned hope you are able to get all the things accomplished that you want/need to do.

    Taking kitty to the vet tomorrow. She is looking pitiful and won’t eat or drink. And this kitty NEVER misses a meal. Oh my gosh she can eat. So hoping we can get her all fixed up.

    189.6lb after a 24h fast.
    Weight loss for May was from 198/197 to 190. 7 to 8lb loss and I’m very pleased!

    @rabbette: Oh no!!! I hope your kitty feels better soon and is all fixed up. When animals are unwell that’s the absolutely worst. Your poor kitty and poor you. Hang in there.

    I too get to snacking when I’m mildly to moderately stressed. When I’m really highly / extremely stressed I can’t eat, but that happened only once. I wish I were one of those people who couldn’t eat at mild to moderate stress as well lol, at least there would be some use to the stress. I live a privileged life where my highest stress is moderate. I’m thankful for that.

    My run today went well and I did several sets of my knee / thighs exercises. Still no knee pain!!

    I decided to break my fast and refeed at 24h (after my run) and start a 36h fast. I want to CONQUER this inconvenient schedule. Since I’m not running tomorrow, I should deal easier than today. And when I get to the 36h in the evening, I would like to challenge myself and go overnight to 50h. I have no outside commitments and no cardio scheduled, so that’s my extended fast for June.

    I’d better be more definitive about this, for a better mindset and attitude. I just started a 50h fast. I can do it.

    I’ll be thinking of you and your kitty, Rabbette.

    190.4–I wish it could already settle to UNDER 190lb! It is getting there.

    Starting June strong and head first into slightly longer fasts! Somehow starting the fast on the fist of the month was unexpectedly motivational. It helped that it was an absolutely gorgeous day!

    I really psyched myself up for the full day fast on June 2nd (today), knowing that it might be a bit difficult as this is not my ideal window. I’m happy to say that is going GREAT!! So much of it is the attitude and I managed to build up a good attitude for today. I’m in the second part of the day and I’m not hungry and full of energy.

    It is an important day for me for other reasons, and fasting today feels a bit spiritual and very positive.

    I also built myself a very good attitude about my re-feed tomorrow. I’m going to eat a small meal between 3 and 4pm–eggs and veggies, and coconut oil so that the fasting benefits will continue for one more night. I also want to train myself to have a small meal as my first post-fast meal, as I haven’t been successful in this before.

    It helps to think about the first post-fast meal as a continuation of the healing / anti-inflammatory process rather than “I can eat now.” I’ve been cementing those attitudes into myself all day today and I hope it works!

    I also built in a fruits, raw vegggies, nuts and seeds day for Friday–this is when we normally get all our groceries for the week. I’ll see how it goes both for how I feel physically / emotionally and the weight loss.

    I hope this first week of June will re-set me for weight loss and more mental and emotional clarity.

    @rabbette: thinking of you and your kitty. <3

    189.8 after a 48h fast. Moody is certainly underperforming. I could not have been 188??? But hey, under 190!!! Yay me!!!

    I did my longest non-stop run (jog!lol) ever today–31 minutes!! While 46 hour fasted!! It felt amazing! I’m very, very impressed with myself. Not hungry at all right now.

    I’m aiming for chicken broth in about 4 hours, and then a small low carb meal later today. This is the trickiest and most difficult part for me–to break my fasts slowly with a small meal. I hope to be successful today. Making pancakes for the kids might not be super helpful. But I’m on a roll of feeling empowered!!

    @rabbette: How are things with you and your kitty?

    Wow! 189.8 great job! Rock on with your fasting, that is super! My weight crept back up 159! Going to mix it up and do the every other day. Although I like the 3 days in a row, I think my body is tiring of it. Started my fast last night. Going for the <500 cal fast 3 times this week. I’ll start out with water and then have a small meal tonight. I think tonight I’m making a Corned Beef and Cabbage and adding carrots, kale, celery, squash, turnips, and sweet potato. Basicily I’m adding what ever I can from the fridge to it to make a veggie soup that I can enjoy on fasting evenings. I’m so excited about this! I already have leftovers for other nights for my SO to chow down on. Thats always helpful.

    Kitty finally begged for food last night. She has not really ate anything since Friday afternoon, and I know it is super imporatnt for small animals espeically cats to not go too long without food. I’m so glad she is eating.

    oh my goodness – you just keep on impressing me! a 31 minute run and stronger knees! Yay. I’m eyeballing the 30 day shred… if I can get some of my looming paperwork out of the way, I think I’m going to tackle it. Its 20ish minutes, if nothing else it will be a good break from the paperwork!

    Time for paperwork!

    Glad to hear your kitty is better! Did you figure out what it was?

    I really like your plan with small vegetable meals in the evenings! Perfect!

    I’ll know about my knees for sure tomorrow, but for now, things are well. I’ve done the Shred a number of times! I really love it! I even have a DVD, though now it is all on youtube. I always substituted the jumping for a lower impact, and if I do it again, I’ll do this as well. I also think that I repeat week 1 and some of week 2, as then it gets too high impact for me. I think I’ll be doing it in winter when I can’t run outdoors.

    I’m 1.5h to the end of my fast (52h!) and I’m going to stay strong and it will be half to a cup of fermented veggies, 2 cups of chicken broth and 2 soft boiled eggs.

    Then I have to run errands and I won’t be home until late. Hopefully right to bed, and this will mean that I had an under 500 calories day today and hopefully and easy transition to the eating day toomorrow.

    We are doing it!!! This is going to be a GREAT month!

    187.8 this morning, so probably like 189 lol Thanks, Moody. But even then, I loved seeing the lower number! That’s the lowest yet and I’m super excited! Moody must think I’m a weird human–excited about a number. BUT…my regular jeans are loser, both in the waist and hips, and my Motivational Jeans have been demoted to regular wear–perfect fit in the crotch too. My motivational capris’s zipper is almost at neutral. They are perfectly wearable, but alas, the weather won’t cooperate. I think the weather is waiting for the Perfect Fit.

    My meal yesterday was probably around 800 calories, around 3pm. I was feeling hungry in the evening for about 1h, and then felt fine. Slept really well.

    Today broke that small second fast at 20 hours and am enjoying my normal day–Had a huge amount of fruits (an apple, 3 oranges, a cup of grapes, some cherries), a large coffee with cream and two slices of nice hard cheese, a large handful of nuts. Also had some kimchi for the probiotics. Feeling happy!

    Looking forward to my next meal today–spinach, avocado and chicken salad!

    Some sweets and carbs are also planned for the evening as we are hosting a literary tea party.

    I think this will be my plan from now on–a super light day as a transitional day after fasting. This will help with digestion and weight loss, I’m sure. And it wasn’t too difficult after I had it all laid out in my mind.

    June 4/157.0/NFD

    Well I have to say the water fast then mostly vegetable soup dinner worked quite well. I’m -2lbs down and I didn’t feel hungry until lunch time. Then I made a “kitchen sink” tuna salad (which means what ever veggies are in the fridge or really any cooked veggie leftovers) add tuna and a dash of mayo and call it a meal.

    I also made guacamole – can I say double yum and to top it off I ended it with a serving of 3 different chocolate pieces. I enjoyed each one quite nicely.

    The Vet said it was a GI issue and sometimes you never really find out the actual cause. It could have been a random bug she ate or her food. (It seemed by the way my kitty was pooping and throwing up, it looked like when I have had food poisoning in the past.) Her blood work came back normal and no parasites or worms.

    Having a plan can be helpful, even a loose idea can stop a massive face stuffing!

    This is super exciting! “Motivational Jeans have been demoted to regular wear–perfect fit in the crotch too” Most days it feels like summer high of 90 degrees F. today tho it’s only about 73F and I’m loving it, we have the doors and windows open and cool breezes. AND they cats get to “watch the nature channel” thats what I call it when the sliding glass door is open and they are contently watching out at the world.

    A tea party sounds awesome, do you just have tea? do you play games? and how many people?

    187.2! Wow, this is actually slightly down from yesterday, which was after a fast. And today it is after a day of Feasting. Maybe Moody is not himself, but I had a very long conversation with him, and he remained consistent–never even went to 188. Exciting!! 4lb until I’m no longer overweight!

    Today I’m water fasting, tomorrow I’m broth fasting, and Friday I’m Feasting on FRUITS. Saturday eating normally, i.e. probably a FEAST.

    Your Tuna Salad sounds delicious! I gotta try adding more vebbies and stuff.

    I love guacamole, but only if someone makes it for me lol. Because I love plain avocados too much. When I have them, I can’t bring myself to make guacamole.

    I guess it was one of those things that no one really knows what it was with your kitty. But the most important thing she is eating and her bloodwork is good.

    When I went for our run yesterday, I wore my running pants that I haven’t worn in two weeks, and wow, I felt the difference. I was pretty amazed, actually. They were “just right” if not a teeny tiny too snug (they are actually light fabric zumba pants, with just the waist band which is stretchy). Now they fit with a little room to spare.

    Oh, I’m a boring person! It was a tea party with just 2 of my kids, one teen, one younger. We drink tea, eat chocolate, read aloud or play a board game. I’d probably hate a large gathering for this ha ha. Hubby sill working out of town a lot, so just a small gathering. I stopped eating chocolate and cookies before my self-administered “serving” was gone, so that’s progress.

    So it is midday today and I feel peckish and like I’d want something to eat, but overall I’m feeling fine. I did my “knee workout” and am hoping for a good run tomorrow morning, rain or shine.

    June 5/156.8/FD

    started this morning at 157.8 after my feeding day, wasn’t worried tho, but I do like noticing the flux. I did also noticed that on my app – it has low/normal/exceed for weight and BMI (I’m still in the exceed range) apparently I need to hit below 133! to get to normal! eeeep. Well thats 23 lbs to go! Heck I was just excited to kinda reach my 1/2 way point. sigh. <brain pep talk> OK girl you are still doing it, it takes a while and you have gone a good ways so far, keep going! I like having perspective tho, I know this will keep my spirits up and keep me motivated as giving up will not get me closer to my goal!

    My brain has a hard time picking out monthly goals. Like I don’t know what is reasonable for each month, I don’t want to pick something too much and miss it, but I also don’t want to pick something that doesn’t make me try. Hummmm March – april was -6lbs : april-may was -8lbs : May-june was -4
    -So maybe I’ll try for below 150 that will be a little more than -6 this month.

    Yay leaving part of your portion – that is happening to me as well.

    And your tea party sounds cool! I love tea and do have a couple of adults that will come hang out and drink tea with me. We will discuss yoga or contemplate life or do an art project. Come to think of it, we have not had a hang out in a while tho, so I may have to get them all back together again.

    Clothes fitting better is great motivation. I’m am actually slightly nervous/excited about when ALL my clothes get too big. I almost don’t know what to do, as I have NEVER been under 140ish since of course like middle or high school! So my smallest clothes will fit until I hit probably the 130s. oh boy baggie clothes here I come! My friend said wear them like a badge of honor till you feel like you are ready to buy something new. (shes a really great friend!)

    Getting ready to heat up my soup for my fasting evening, Yay soup!

    Wait a second, no way you are 23lb to healthy BMI! I know there are all kind of formulas, and the whole concept is rather bogus, so I’m not sure what formula you are using, but try this site:

    My healthy BMI for my height and age is from 136.4 – 184.3 lb. So that’s what I was counting–I’m close to my upper range! And my lowest weight as an adult was 144 and that when I was working shift work at a homeless shelter, barely eating and barely sleeping. So no way 136lb can be healthy for me. So take this calculator with a grain of salt, but I also hope it is a more “fun” way for you see your weight. You should be very close to your heahlthy range! And yeah, you are totally doing it! Just look at your amazing progress already!

    I set vague goals, because I know the progression is not linear. There are too many factors involved. With vague goals I’m happy to achieve and happy to exceed! My minimum goal is always 4lb a month, i.e. 1 lb a week. If I reach this, I’m happy! Then I have my maximum goal, which is 10lb (slightly over 2lb a week). But 4lb definitely makes me try! lol

    I also don’t want to “fast for a goal.” I want to fast for health, and I’m incorporating as many fasts as it feels good, but I don’t want to be stuck in a mindset where I think that I’m two pounds to my goal, and there are 4 days until the month ends, so I should fast.

    Below 150 is a very realistic and reasonable goal! Plus it seems that you shifting to “soup fasts” seems to have helped with the weight loss, which is such great news!

    Discussing yoga, life and and art project–this sound so lovely and delightful. Perfect for a summer evening tea party.

    You will have SO MUCH FUN cloth shopping. I’m waiting for this time as well. I don’t want to buy anything intermediate for now, I have done this already. I want to wait, even if in baggy clothes, until I can get new stuff (well, for me it will be second hand), hopefully in September / October.

    I have chicken broth in the pot for tomorrow evening. But I also made 2 cups of chia pudding with nuts, seeds and prunes. I’m not sure I can resist the entire two cups tomorrow morning ha ha. I love chia pudding and I haven’t made it in a while.

    If I’m feeling well and energetic tomorrow, I will just have broth in the evening, as the last time it worked so well. But if I’m too tempted I’ll end the fast at 36 hours and have My CHIA!


    Broth day and a light supper day today. Moody couldn’t decide between 186 and 189. Seriously? Bad scale!!! (Scale shaming, but maybe I shouldn’t, as Moody is a Senior citizen and is doing his best.) Since it was an after 49h fast, and yesterday was 187.2, I entered 187 and I’m good with this. NO WAY, my weight is back to 189, unless the last five days have been a deception plan by Moody. And my capri zipper is practically in neutral, a noticeable change. So I know I’ve been losing in the last 5 days.

    Went on my run fasted, 5 min, 8 min, 5 min–seemed easy enough, after the continuous ran last week. I like the schedule that the program offfers. Hard days and easy days. Nice.

    Broke the fast with broth 42 hours. I make my own chicken broth so it was probably 1000 calories! I am not sure how to even estimate. But I am feeling satiated and refreshed and I’m not craving anything, despite of all the stuff begging to be eaten. So I think I’m doing well.

    Now I have to do my knee exercises–takes me forever, but so far the results have surpassed my expectations. I do think that fasting helps. I also started taking organic gelatin for the joints, and they say I should see results from that in 8 weeks.

    June 6/156.4/NFD

    I just broke my 42 hour fast (I did have the veggie soup last night) but numbers still went down and ketosis numbers were still up. So I think right now the soup is working to help me feel less depleted and my body seem to be a bit happier with the nutrient. Its still losing when I wake up the next day.

    When I first came home I actually wasn’t hungry and had almost extended the fast. Oddly enough tho once I fed the cats (good lord is cat food making me hungry??? Jeez) I decided I did want something. So I had broccoli pieces dipped into the leftover homemade guacamole.

    I like the Calc you directed me toward. Ok with my numbers in there it says 104.4 – 141.1 lbs (well at least getting to my high range isn’t as far away now.) only 15.3lbs away from acceptable BMI range. I also found Body Frame Size on that page… I found out that apparently (at least according to my wrist size) I am small boned. I always suspected that I was small boned. I have a wide frame, but I could tell my bones were actually a bit petit due to my ring size always being so much smaller than all of my friends and the fact that I can not get a regular bracelet to stay on my wrist. My hands are small enough that bangle bracelets usually fall off.

    I like your idea of a range of 4 to 10 lbs a month. As you can see by my discussion I was having a little issue with that. *fasting for a goal* that was EXACTLY what I was afraid of, looking at the end of the month and going…. Oooooh I have 2 more lbs to lose better fast for the rest of the month.

    Oh Moody, why?!? I mean unless I have not drank enough water… OR lack of sleep (as I suspected) then the scale usually reads favorably. Moody must be feeling ill.

    What are you using to do your runs and how do you know for how long?

    Making your own chicken broth sounds good. I mean unless you eat the fat/skin off the chicken in your broth I wound’t think your broth would be that many calories. Prob still under 100 for a cup, depending on if you if sautéed onions in oil before hand or anything like that.

    I also decided I should eat b/c tonight is the first night of Yin Training that I am leading. So I will need mental energy.

    You are getting closer 185 will soon be captured!

    I’m looking forward to catching that 155 again.

    189, which is 2lb up. I hope most of it is some water from all the carbs yesterday. I’ll know better tomorrow or Monday, depending on Moody. I’m at 20h wf now, fasting until tomorrow morning. Then a broth + chicken/ spinach salad day and normal eating Sunday. I ate too much yesterday on my normal eating day, and I knew it as I was eating…Little lessons all the time. Sunday will be a better eating day.

    Another intepretation is Moody is having a heat stroke. This morning it showed 194 and 192. I didn’t even talk to him after. As I knew THAT was impossible. But later today a 189–okay, I’ll accept this. Possibly. My jeans and capris fit exactly like when I was 187. Ha. I certainly know I didn’t gain 7lb.

    Congratulations on the numbers going down! You found something that works really well for you right now. Wonderful.

    Isn’t it interesting how we all start “salivating” like Pavlov’s dogs at certain stimuli? I can be absolutely not hungry coming home, but the moment I am into my routine certain things just trigger the “gotta eat” reaction.

    So if you are small boned, does this mean you can safely go as low as 104lb?

    I think I’m medium boned lol

    For my runs I use the Couch to 5K schedule. At first it is by time, and I have an app that tells me when it is time to walk and when to jog. Towards the end of the program I can run either miles or minutes, and I chose miles–definitely takes me longer than 20 minutes to run two miles. There are all kind of apps and even your “health” tracker on your phone will do it.

    My chicken broth is very oily / fatty, way more than a commercial chicken broth. Even if I haven’t sauted anything just dumped onion into the pot. I had 3 chicken thighs simmer there (about 6L?) for hours. One chicken thigh would have been enough, but I didn’t want to deal with the packaging. I can certainly dilute with hot water to a less caloric consistency, and I think I should do this tomorrow. It is delicious and filling either way.

    I hope your Yin Training goes well. I havent googled yet what this means, but I will!

    I’m having a well hydrated fasting day today and I’m looking forward to much lighter eating days now as the weather might stay warmer.

    I’m looking forward to catching that 155 again.

    187 after the 44h fast(so the same as after the last fast). Either I really overdid it on my eating days, or some water due to hormones, or who knows what. But…I hope this firmly reinstates me at 187lb and only down from here. Not talking to Moody though, just in case. My previous post’s last line is a copy-paste from yours, I noticed, but I guess that’s my ultimate goal? lol You are at my best weight at the moment. Hm…Parallel universes…

    I hope the workshop that you are leading is going well.

    I did my run today and yes, I overdid it. I did a shorter run with my kids, which was half running half walking, about 10 minutes of running total. Then decided to push myself. They went home, I stayed out. I ran for 2 miles, which for me was 28 minutes. It is kinda very slow, but it is uneven terrain and 3-4 inclines. I won’t call them hills, but they are not flat either ha ha. My knees seem to be fine but my arthritic foot is slightly sore–but still way less than the old normal. Overall I’m feeling really great that I challenged myself that much and did well. And last time I did 2 miles it took me 31 minutes–though way more “non-flat” areas on that other route.

    The bonus is that for now I’m still not hungry, so I will delay my broth until I really want it. I will aslo dilute it with hot water to the “storebought” consistency, it will still be super yummy and I can have more cups / more liduid this way. I’ve tried to research homemade vs storebought, and my guess is mine is at least double, if not tripple the calories. Just drinking water for now–so good.

    I did awesome at Eating today! I think I’m finally transitioning to not being ravenous for absolutely everything in sight!

    I broke the fast at 45 hours with some diluted chicken broth and an hour later had a salad of 1 medium chicken breast,1 tomato, half of cucumber, 1 avocado, 6 cloves of garlic, 1 pickle, a lot of baby spinach (maybe 5-6 cups? I never know how to estimate spinach!), pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. I also had 2 cups of frozen berries–strawberries, blackberries and a bit of peach. And half a banana.

    This made me feel really, really full. Next time I will know to make smaller portions. But it is still all well under 1500 calories.

    I feel good about the healthy, delicious and nurishing food I ate today. I didn’t over-eat and had a lovely transitional day. Now a 16-18h mini fast and a normal eating day tomorrow.

    By normal I mean I have some dessert saved up and I’m gonna have coffee with cream and nuts. Other than that, bacon and eggs for my super late breakfast and a salad. This will be high calories and delicious and a good day to mix with WF and transitional day.

    I think I’m beginning to fit into a pattern that I really like.

    My special foot is not sore at all, I’m so excited. My lower back IS a bit sore lol, but it is my weak spot and I did some back-intensive yard work yesterday. I’ve been doing all the needed stretches and what not for it, so hopefully it will recover quickly too. The Chiropractor-as-a-treat for myself that I have decided to see when I’m below 172lb is for my back.

    189lb, which is +2lb! I think I probably used 200 calories during my dancing routine called “on and off the scale.” Moody didn’t badge and gave me numbers between 188.8 and 190.8. And this is after a 48 hour fast and a controlled day. Hm…Either I gained some serious muscle, or the TOM is coming (I have been horrible at tracking that part of life lately lol), or … or…Moody needs to retire.

    My jeans adn carpis still fit the same and my thighs are definitely looking better. And my fasting and eating in the last 10 days has been really good. It doesn’t make sense at all for the weight to go up!

    May 31: 189.2; 41h fast
    June 2nd: 189.2;
    June 3rd: 188.8 51h fast
    June 4th: 187.8
    June 5: 187.2
    June 6: 188;; 42h fast
    June 9: 189 46h fast

    What is this witchery? I’m running more challenging runs; I’m doing more everyday walking than before; I haven’t faltered with my fasting and my last two eating days have been GREAT.

    I had a normal eating day today wiht NO cravings. I snacked on and off a bit and ate sporadically. I’m not sure of my calories, but I think if they are above TDEE then only very slightly. It was a very good eating day. I started my fast at 6ish and will fast until Tuesday Morning.

    I know I haven’t really gained weight, but playing the Scale Game is kind of fun, so I hope after this recent numbers fiasco Moody will start cooperating. I want my numbers back! lol

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend, Rabbette.

    189ish? Moody offered 190.4 and 189.8. So basically the same deal as yesterday. At least I didn’t gain! lol

    I accomplished my longest run ever, 2.25 miles! I hated the run, but felt great pretty much right after. My knees are still holding up and my foot is less sore than ever. Practically not even sore at all, just occasional twinges, which is almost miraculous.

    I’m fasting until tomorrow morning. I’m also VERY, very tempted to buy a new scale at walmart today. But maybe next Monday. Maybe I’ll give moody a bit of a chance.

    June 10/157.2/FD

    What is the deal with Moody! I’m so tired after the 4 day training. I can barely stay awake! Whew. If it was a non-fasting day, I know I would be snacking all day long.

    Had to jump on the figures train with ya. Because I still lose the day after a fast, usually lunch time (as long as I have skipped breakfast) will be my lowest weight.

    Here is a running list of my June so far.

    June 01/160.0/NFD
    June 02/ ?. /NFD (odd that I didn’t record my weight?)
    June 03/159.4/FD
    June 04/157.0/NFD
    June 05/157.8/FD
    June 06/156.6/FD
    June 07/155.0/FD
    June 08/154.6/NFD *lowest recorded 153.4 that night!
    June 09/154.6/NFD
    June 10/157.2/FD

    All of these fasting days started with Water and then a small meal at night (usually the homemade veggie/cabbage soup with just a little bit of the corned beef pieces) I absolutely adored this soup all week. So much that on Thursday which was going to be a NFD It turned out I had the soup for lunch and then was satisfied for the rest of the night so I just went with it.

    Now for today and this week – eeeeew so far no game plan. I made a bean chili Friday and we had this for lunch yesterday, so prop will NOT have it again today. Possibly I’ll make it tomorrow a little different, maybe as a Mexican casserole? Oh wait my SO won’t be here tomorrow. Hummm I guess I could just have a soup again. I almost wish I had more of my cabbage soup. I’m a little afraid to make it again as I don’t want to get tired of it.

    Must look and see what other soup I could make for this week!

    June 11, 187lb (so back to where I was, somehow!)

    I hope you have some time to relax after the intensive weekend. Yay for getting back to 157. Crazy weight week for both of us. Hopefully we are back on the downwards spiral now.

    I had all my GI support things this morning–Natural Calm, Chia seeds, Metamusil, gelatin, organic sauerkraut, and probiotics. I’ve been skipping some of them in the last days and well, not impressed with the results. I had to take senna pill twice. Not pleased with this, but at least I’m proactive right away. I really didn’t expect a relapse because of what I was eating–salads, greens, vegetables, fruits, seeds…

    Today is Broth and Kombucha day. I had two cups and I’m feeling great. I would have continued with the water fast if I was staying home, but going to be out and about and wanted to have some nutrition in me so that I don’t succumb to pizza. Taking my kombucha with me to sip while we are out.

    Tomorrow is salads and roasted veggies day. I have spinach and arugula waiting for me in the fridge. Avocado is ripenning.

    I’ll see what the day after tomorrow brings. Either an normal eating day or a fast, depending on how tomorrow goes.

    I’m very happy wiht how my knees have been behaving–with all the extra exercises, I can walk down the stairs with NO twinges of pain / discomfort at all. For the first time in years. So much stronger! I hope my run tomorrow is a good one.

    @rabbette: We are DOING it!! 149 and 179 for the end of JUNE!!! That’s the super duper goal, but maybe it is achievable after all.

    P.S. I find it is so much easier to fast and not to crave food when it is warmer! YAY. It has been slightly warmer.

    June 11/156.6/NFD

    I stayed with my fasting from Sunday night till this afternoons lunch. And I observed a curious thing… I was hungry while I was making my food. I sotra didn’t know what i wanted, (rmember i siad it didn’t have game plan. and usually I do, even a loose idea) So I decided to make a wrap and use the leftover polenta & cheese mixture along with some arugula & then I put some leftover cooked brocollie on it.

    Meanwhile, i’m makinng the inside of this wrap (heating it up) and i’m SnAcKiNg! OH Gosh knows EVERYTHING! Nuts, chips, goldfish (the chedder goldfish, not actual goldfish, I didn’t get that far off my rocker that it made me eat any pet goldfish!)

    well I realized when I was done heating up the wrap. I wasn’t acutally hungry any more. * but then I felt guilty, so I started eating it and then I realize it actually wasnt’ a great combination, and yet. I felt bad for just throwing it away. I continuted to eat it, even tho – I knew it just wasn’t what I wanted. OH My GosH, WHY?! Since i was using all these leftovers really if I had thrown it away or tossed it outside for the animals, it would have been like maybe a 1.00 I waisted… instead I eat it and I didn’t even need it by that time.

    One day I will be able to figure out that Its ok NOT to eat that much.

    Now I FEEL it- I ate toooooo much!

    OK SELF get back to it you stilly thing thinking you could just eat the whole kitchen and Ka-boodule!


    We are doing it! 149 I’m looking at you, even if i just touch down for a moment. I’m gonna get you.
    I’m still in the game even tho I ATE ALL the THINGS! ha. On the upside, I dont feel like I will need supper tonight. Bahhahahahahah I can’t even imagin trying to eat it. Ugh. I feel like a kid who ate too much cake, except there was no cake. nope, but there were cookies!

    Oh look at that mess! Whew. Its ok Its ok – what a food mind blowing moment! Never thought of myself as a binger, but I just realized that is exactly what happend!

    This is HARD for me to realize. But realize it I must OR I will not change it. Heres to LOOKING AT myself Square in the EYE! You silly Rabbette!

    I get into the same left-over trap–I try to save things, make something up, then it isn’t good at all and I feel guilty and eat it. I AM getting better about it. I think Fasting life style helps. If it isn’t delicious, I’m not eating it. But yeah, I know the trap oh so well. Especially when the kids don’t finish food on my fasting days, and I save it, and then the next day I’m left with all kind of things that I feel I “should” eat. Ugh, NO.

    I had my broth and then went out, and wasn’t sure what would be better for my GI tract–to just have the broth or eat the pizza with the kids. I ate some pizza and onion rings. That was the moment where I didn’t feel that hungry and still ate, because I wanted to be a part of the meal, I guess. Well, the GI tract is doing decent, and it was a happy meal for all. I’m guessing just right at my TDEE.

    Definitely a salad day tomorrow–if I fast tomorrow my salad stuff might go bad. WF starts tomorrow 6pm.

    End of June and early July–we will show them!!! 149/ 179, here we come!!!

    June 12/156.6/FD

    I have to say after that EFS of snacks yesterday Mr. Particular says I stayed the same. FD today – going for tea in an hour and really on the fence about the tea. I think I may just get a sparkle water.

    Sometimes we need to just have pizza or (any other food that we normally would say isn’t great for us!) Its learning how to have a balance with it. Because if we constandtly deprive oursleves then we will be back where we started because we will have fallen off the wagon.

    Its only June 11th, plenty of time to keep on working toward that big goal! 149 I’m looking at you. Yup I know you are right there you little scally wag.

    Feeling peckish right now. Going to have a nice big glass of water. I found one more JAR of perserved cabbage soup in the fridge and I’ll have 1/2 tonight and 1/2 friday night. YUM

    Love that salad. I know I do when I do it right! and lets stop eating wonky combinations of food. especially if we think it doesn’t taste that great. Now if we find something we like, thats ok. We don’t need to punish ourselves just b/c other folks didn’t eat the leftovers. Lets learn how to make a better amount that gets eaten in 1 sitting OR that is appropriate for leftovers. (I’m saying this for myself too!)


    192??? Excuse my French. But I think that’s the combinatin of warmer weather, more exercise, that TOM approaching, and Moody being a touch off. Because that’s + 5lb, and even with that pizza I was within my TDEE. Insane. But… I AM more bloated today. My capris weren’t in neutral at the zippper this morning. I do hope it is all water weight. I am still aiming for that 179!! It is only June 12.

    Also, I read that constipation can be a part of PMS. So maybe that’s my side effect now. My strategic error was to get too relaxed with all the extra fiber etc because I thought things went back to normal. And BAM. PMS side effects again. I should continue being extra mindful.

    My run today was the best ever, 2.5 miles at my best pace. I’m feeling SO good about starting running. It’s been 7 weeks.

    I do hope that with me drinking all the fluids and after that TOM my weight will be back to 186, because I really liked that number because it seemed so close to 179!

    Yay to not eating unappealing left overs just out of pity for them. We are better than that!!!

    I had a good eating day and maybe even an Eating Victory today.
    As I was preparing food for the family I ate half a cucumber and a pepper with a little bit of different Mexican dips.

    Then I made myself a Super Salad: spinach, arugula, 2 eggs, bacon crumbs, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, 1 avocado, 2 pickles, 6 prunes, 10 cherry tomatoes, 1 roasted sweet potatoe. That was a HUGE salad mostly because of the volume of the greens. I normally would have attempted all of it, especially as this would be my main meal. This time I put some into a much smaller bowl–maybe 1/5 of the salad? I ate it, I enjoyed it, and I feel DONE.

    So first of all I held a 20h fast before eating, adn second, I did NOT overeat. I started another fast on the app–aiming to water fast until Friday morning.

    Feeling very accomplished abouot my eating and exercising today.

    If i recall correctly, this happened last month around TOM. Although I think we usually have a day we go berserk with food which could be part of my EFS that happened yesterday and of course my melt down after it.

    You are prob bloated and gaining more muscle. So don’t let that number fool you. Bloating is real! And it sucks.

    That is a good observation about the constipation and TOM. I get the other way around. I get diarrhea when I’m about to have my cycle or during my cycle (as if I didn’t have enough things pouring out of me. HA) I guess my body goes through its own detox cleanse.

    Moody sure is living up to their name. Well don’t get too beside yourself you know our bodies pitch fits once in a while.

    Are you having any broth/veggies on your fasting days? If not it might be time for a change up. I was feeling like my body was depleting and there-for I think it was slowing down on burning fat stores. It seems a better pace now, although I will say I do see the flux easily right now from day to day. Staying under that 159 mark which is a good thing. I mean before I kept swinging around 161.

    Could you weigh anyone else on Moody and get like a baseline? Like your SO or one of your kids. And maybe have them weigh in every other day just for a week. To get an idea if Moody does need to be replaced.

    °°°·.°·..·°¯°·._.·. . Way to Go! . .·._.·°¯°·.·° .·°°°
    with your salad! I have this issue too eating WAY to much salad
    even tho it is a salad, it’s way better to have a smaller portion of it!
    °°°·.°·..·°¯°·._.· Awesome Job! ·._.·°¯°·.·° .·°°°

    Yay! Done with unappealing leftovers! WE totally are better than that!

    June 13, 189-190lb.

    You are right, Rabbette, he same happened, but to a lesser exten last month. Hm…But last month I WAS going a bit crazy with food, but this month I’m better than ever. However, it is much warmer outside, and I read that higher temperatures lead to more water retention.

    All my life I was the other way around as well–not exactly diarrhea, but definitely looser stools. This is a drastic change, but it does seem to be period related, at least for now.

    I am keeping the idea about having veggies / broth on fasting days as a Plan B, to use if needed. Right now I still feel emotionally better with a complete fast, and I still trust the process that if I fast and then eat at or lower TDEE on non-fast-days, I should lose weight. Now that it has been warmer and nice weather, fasting seems so much easier, so I’m going to roll with this right now.

    I think I’ll just deal with Moody for now. I don’t want for my kids to be on the scale often–one is slightly underweight, the other is slightly overweight, the third is perfect weight but is worried she is not. Hubby is away too often. Moody and me–that’s our private affair. We will deal.

    I’m water fasting today, and had a good amount of physical activity as well. Did intervals for my run–90 seconds x6 but ran much faster than usual for the running intervals. And then a 2 hour hike.

    So my goal right now is to break the fast tomorrow with that same Super Salad that I have so much left, but at least is is yummy. Small victory today–the kids didn’t finish their small portions of the Super Salad at breakfast and I did NOT finish it for them.

    I had a really difficult moment earlier today when I thought THE HECK with this, and I’m at okay weight, and I can just go and finish all of the Salad and bacon and eggs and cookies with coffee. But…I’m stronger than this. I’m NOT at an okay weight. I still have 25 to 30 lb to lose, and I know I will be happy when I achieve my goals. Plus I have achieved so much already, so I won’t stop.

    I can do this, even if Moody shows me nonsense. It is not important. I’m doing all the right things for my health, and it will all work out.

    June 14, 187.4 (I think), at 40 h fast this morning.

    The weight went down and my capris are back at neutral. Still no sign of that TOM and I caught GI stuff early so it is back to normal. I think I’ll figure it out one day ha ha.

    Two weeks left to my June 28 Goal Day, and I think I can make at least some goals lol. I’d like to be finally to 185 so that I had no chance of “accidental” spiking to over 190 as I thought I PASSED that mark.

    It is a cold day and I have this insane amount of the Super Salad…I’m not so into it today. I realy, really need to learn too prep smaller portions. Like way smaller. My salads are always insanely huge. Maybe I’ll feel like the salad after I have a coffee. I’d like to eat before noon today as I have a long day running errands and I dont want to snack on something in case I get hungry. I don’t like being hungry and far from home lol

    I hope you are having a great Friday, Rabbette!

    June 14/156.0/FD

    Need to drink more water… Telling myself this (and you if you need to hear it)

    Totally understand the not wanting kids on the scale. I wouldn’t want to emphasize scale worship either.

    Yes creating a smaller salad. You can do it. One way I like prepping food is just chop up the veggies, but don’t put them all together.

    You can put together hard things like
    carrots and celery in a covered dish
    Cucumbers in their own dish
    Hard boiled eggs can be stored already peeled, but not cut open yet.
    tomatoes – I cut when ready or use grape tomatoes.
    Nuts/raisins/seeds can be stored tougher as a mix.
    Lettuce cleaned and washed stored with paper towels or a clean tea towel.

    Assemble the amount you can (*should*) eat when ready.

    Hope that helps.

    Yay going down. I keep hovering those 155s but I do remember 2 weeks ago I was hovering 161, must remember progress!

    •´¯•. Good for YOU! .•´¯• getting past that moment of weakness. I did it too yesterday at lunch – I was nervous, I felt my body going into a bit of a panic over the whole lunch ordeal (thats when my last binge happened) but I took a deep breath and heated up some of my homemade bean chili… I put my foot down and did NOT SNACK! That was the biggest trigger that I think I ran into. I snacked to the point of being full, then when I was finished cooking the wrap I ate it anyway even tho it wasn’t great, but I felt obligation to eat it, then to battle that I ate something that I just thought was ok, I kept looking for something BETTER!

    The chili, I made myself eat more mindfully and then finished the small bowl of bean chili with a suitable portion of crackers that I actually had 3 crackers leftover ((( and I put them away )))) I didn’t eat the other crackers. Normally I’d scarf down a whole sleeve of the buttery ritz type cracker. BUT nope I did it darn it.

    ╰☆☆ Yay to our progress! ☆☆╮

    And yeah don’t quit now, besides even when we hit our goal weight, we can’t quit – it will be a new way to play, but we are playing a life long game {for good health} yay!

    June 15, 186.8. WF day–fasting until Monday, 70h.

    We’ve been sort of hovering around those magic numbers, eh? 156, 186? That’s okay. We are getting there. Progress is very clear.

    I like your approach to salad prep, but right now I have a rather small fridge–well, right now and for a while, because the way this house is, I can’t imagine where to fit a family size fridge without doing full scale kitchen reno with a designer who can really think out of the box. It’s been an adjustment from all my previous fridges. I keep all my veggies out and I just don’t have space to prep in containers like this. HOWEVER…As a responsible adult I should be able to make a smaller salad in any conditions and under duress lol. I can certainly split some of my veggies in half.

    Good for you for not being triggered and finding the balance with your lunch. And even a more impressive victory–the left over crackers! One step at a time, one victory at a time. Towards better habbits and empowerement. Food doesn’t own us. The trap of mindless snacking, and then the disappointment of not really haaving eaten, and yet full of some kind of already forgotten calories–yep, very familiar. I’ve gotten WAY better at not doing this, thanks to fasting.

    Okay, we are NOT quitting. No way no how.

    I went for my 2.5miles run and I did NOT catch a mammooth. Ouch. Not until Monday night. That’s life. The run was great, though. I have also chosen to fast for 70 hours for emotional / spiritual reasons. This is the first time I’m setting a longer than 46h goal and sticking to it. All my previous longer fasts have been extended on the spot, due to having an easy fast and deciding to continue.

    I’m finding that mentally this is VERY different. I was feeling hungry last night before bed! At like 8h of “fasting”. Seriously??? I told my mind to quit. It was ridiculous. Normally I’m not hungry until 20h, have a bit of peckish feeling at 24h, then it passes and I’m good until the next afternoon.

    So I think this fast could end up being difficult, but that’s the point. Unless I feel unwell in any way, I will continue with the challenge. I need this challenge this June.

    I hope you are having an easy FD and a great weekend, Rabbette. We ARE doing it. YES WE ARE.

    June 16, 185lb, at 40h WF. Happy to see this number, even if I know Moody is being Moody. I guess I’m okay with the lack of precision when it is in my favor! That’s the lowest number I’ve seen and hopefully by Friday I’ll stabilize around there. Still–exciting!!!

    Last evening was tough. I felt hungry and uncertain about my ability to continue to 70h. This morning I’m feeling well and I think I can do it! I’m determined!

    I’ll have chicken broth made today for tomorrow (or tonight, if utter emergency, but hopefully not.) Also I plan to go for an hour walk. Also in Self Care 101–making my least favorite breakfast for the kids! Yay me!

    June 17, 184ishlb at 62h Water fast. Moody volunteered anything from 181 to 184, I’m just being realistic, considering yesterday was 185. Hoowever, very happy to see these numbers, even if it is in the fasted state!! Set to continue the fast to 70h, 5 more hours to go.

    I woke up feeling great today and decided to go for a run. I allowed myself to just walk, but when I got to the trail I went for a very slow jog.

    Honestly, I should have stopped at 20 minutes, but I continued to almost 40, which was a bit too much.

    However, feeling super accomplished that I did it!! And pleasantly tired.

    Drinking water, had salt and magnesium earlier, and will break the fast with chicken broth and then will decide what to eat next and whether to eat at all–I’m half considering just having lots of broth today and going with the flow. I’m open to all possibilities.

    May 17/157.8/FD

    Wow a 40 minute jog. WTG, that is super! I’d be tired after that, whew.

    I need more water. Did not do a good job drinking my water yesterday. Been hovering again up at this higher range… I do find my two NFDs in a row seem to throw me off. Maybe I should really go ADF then that may keep more momentum for my body. <shrug> I’m not overly fretting, but I do want o break through to 140s dang it.

    Gonna get serious <hands on hips!> mmmm time to get busy. Actually I’m already busy, I have to write a complicated interactive meditation to preform at an art exhibit. I also need to tend to this computer, its been being a bit rough. I really need to update the software. This computer is from 2011. I’m not ready to give her up tho, b/c I can fix/replace all the hardware MYSELF. Really it is just a matter of if they still make the motherboard *thats the old term… oh LOGICboard thats what it’s called now. Everything is backed up already so at least there is no fear in “losing” files. Just time and energy.

    I need to go to the store and pick up some food items for the week, need to do some food planning. I feel a bit peckish today too. Had a beautiful homemade salmon salad last night. I prob put one too many nuts on my salad, but dang it, it was good!

    Broth sounds good. I may go back toward simple veggie broth too!

    June 18, 183ish (Moody showed from 181 ooo 183 again.) I’m alloowing myself to be happy, but seriouosly, I have no clue what my weight is. However, it is obviously goiong down. There is method to Moody’s madness, it seems. Still no TOM, so I have no clue what is going on, though I never kept good track of Tom. It is sort of monthly? lol

    I do love ADF, such a good flow and pattern.

    I had a really nice meal last night. Roasted cauliflower, roasted peppers, zuchini and tomatoes, lentil with mushrooms, and a spinach, arugula, tomato, cucumber, avocado salad with balsamic vinegar. Then had coffee with cream, some prunes with white chocolate for desert, and a handful of nuts. Was very satisfied. Not sure how it ended meatless, as I had nice chicken breast, but I just didn’t feel like it.

    I did have the runs after! My digestion doesn’t seem to settle. But I’d take loose stools any time over constipation haha

    Wow, good job at computer maintenance! I didn’t even know they are called Logic Boards now.

    My plan for today is broth. Normally it would have been a fast (ADF), but I have so much left from yesterday, and since none of other foods call me today, broth it is. Lots of broth. I have like 4L? Yeah…haha. Also, I want to make sure I nourish my body after a longer fast (ended up 68h as I miscalculated when I needed to leave the house, so had to eat earlier.) So sort of a broth fast (or feast?) today. And I think a normal eating day tomorrow.

    June 18/155/FD?

    Hey @165gw look at those numbers! All the way from that crazy number like 2 days ago… Yeah moody sure what being moody. Interesting no TOM, I just had mine (I was like 2 days early) usually I’m right on time, but I think I was a little stressed leading the training and making sure I had everything for it. Celebrate

    •]••´º´•» Getting closer to this months goal! «•´º´••[•

    Usually today would be a NFD but I’m undecided. I had a very light and fabulous tuna salad. Less than 200 cal and NO crackers! Just good veggies and tuna and dash of mayo.

    I even took the advice I gave you and made a smaller portion! ONE that I could eat in one sitting and it was fab! I felt satisfied and don’t have to fret about tuna being leftover in the fridge and WF tomorrow.

    Broth sounds good.

    Nervous about Friday (teaching at the museum inside one of the exhibits!) exciting and super different!

    FD tomorrow. (Depending on how much I have for supper it may just be a CD or low calorie day)

    June 19/153.0/FD *come ON 149…. you are right there… staying motivated! *

    Don’t want to speak tooooo soon, but we might just reach our (not set in stone goals!) Our light an airy keep eye on the prize goal.

    Lost -1 from CD yesterday (excited about still losing when I ate a nice lunch and supper + even had a small portion of dessert!) prob under 600/700 cal for the whole day.

    Want to go to the fabric store, but I keep putting it off. I don’t like shopping – but I need to get some faux fur for our adventures later this summer. I guess no time like the present!

    Keep at your adventures – I’m very proud of your new running skills.

    I’m practicing and doing more planks and even resting my upper inner thigh on my upper forearm! Very excited as of two weeks ago I could barley do it. Now I can pause for a good 20 seconds!


    June 20/152.2/CD

    a new low of 152.2 – I can’t believe I started the week at 157.8 (and I started off calling this week May – jeez where was my brain?)

    Eating mindfully today and trying to keep up with my water, I noticed that if I keep up with my water I tend to flush out/lose more *at least by Mr. Particulars standards.

    Its HOT and Muggy. Not sure if you use the term muggy, but it feels like a huge hot armpit outside. Inside it feels cold b/c of the humidity but right now I’ll take it. give me cold more than hot any day!


    June 19 (yesterday)—185 lb No data available for today.

    @rabbette: Omg that’s AMAZING, look at you just CONQUER June!!! What phenomenal progress!!! You’re going to kick 149 in the butt!
    Muggy is the worst, we do get high humidity. But so far it hasn’t been that hot, thankfully.

    I hope your teaching goes great on Friday. It sounds like a very interesting project! Are you a part of an exhibit?

    I’ve been doing planks too! SO excited about it. I have this app that helps me count and I can’t believe the progress! I’m still only on 10 seconds per plank, but it is becoming easier. The App is called 5 min plank, so I’m guessing eventually I’ll do 5 minutes? Seems impossible.

    You lost me on “resting your upper inner thigh on you upper forearm.” Lol Sounds like an impossibility, so I’m sticking to straight arm planks, elbow planks and the sideways ones. The sideways ones were the ones that seemed impossible, and yet. I’m onto 5 seconds on them. 20 seconds is fantastic, must feel SO GREAT.

    I had a fast food day yesterday. I started with broth and fermented veggies. But then we were out and I took the kids for burgers. It was a nice local place, but still, fast food. And actually I ended up barely able to finish and not really enjoying it. Hm, good lesson. I wasn’t all super high in calories. I think my day total was 1800, and that’s a decent amount of calories after a fast. However, ice cream cone and burger were not enjoyed as much. The sweet potato fries were awesome, though.

    As we were driving home I was craving a NICE arugula salad so that my day would end on my favorite salad, but then later I just got too busy. I went for an evening run—2.75 miles, my longest distance. Also maybe because I ate carbs before the run, it was the easiest run. I actually had fun on the run. Something to think about. I’m going to run tomorrow morning, at 30h fasted. I’m curious to compare. I was very proud of that run.

    Tomorrow is eating day—salads and fruits and maybe some chicken. I’m looking forward to it.

    My weight was as low as 183lb, but then my love affair was over and I was again in the 185-183 range and today I was so busy in the morning that I ignored Moody altogether. Overall, it is still going down, I’m sure, as my FORMER motivational jeans are getting lose!!

    June 21, 185lb

    I broke my 32 h fast with psyllium husks, gelatin, collagen,and 7 prunes. Because apparently when you are 43 you barely recover from constipation and here they are, waiting for you–hemorrhoids! So may firsts in my life. Oh Joy.

    Then I went for a run. I probably should not have, but in the last 2 days I read so many hemorrhoid horror stories that I thought that I better run my 5K today and “graduate” from the program a day early, because I might be on a break for who knows how long. So I did run 5km in 42 minutes and I feel FANTASTIC, except, you know, butt issues. But the new cream I got seems to be at least better at pain relief, so I was pain free on the run and enjoyed it a lot. I’ve also avoided knee pain and my lower back is getting better and better. I think I’m at the fittest since I was 25. Running the longest, planking the longest, and 20lb heavier, but even that is so close to my goal, objectively speaking!

    I just need to sort the butt issues, and I’m back to my youth haha.

    The weight is hovering between 84-85 and I still have a week to my goal, so I think I’ll be very happy with 183-182 on the 28th. So close though!!! I do hope to continue to run and finish the program “properly”, so I hope the butt issues do get better.

    Going to eat my salad now, finally!!!

    In terms of running “fasted” for 32h but after consuming the 7 prunes…(which research shows is better than metamusil, so I had the 7 prunes AND psyllium husks)…I think running after a burger and sweet potato fries, ice cream and cola was definitely “easier.” I had a different kind of energy in me, and my body just moved with more easy and energy. But it is hard to compare, because each run is so different, and I’m not sure yet what the ultimate factors are. Could be the time of day, even. Today was a very good run as well, wasnt a difficult one. But no as much “running energy” in my muscles.

    June 21. Major calorie shocker today. I thought I had a “light” day. I felt I practically hardly ate. And yet I am significantly above my TDEE, never mind a light day.

    I feel good about nourishing my body after an over 60h fast this week. It was also supposed to be an free-eating day and it was. But I am shocked that I estimated my calories so poorly. So clearly this is my answer to hovering around certain numbers on the scale.

    What was “extra” today, things that I just grabbed for no reason, were the sausage and the chocolate. And even if I skipped those, I would still be above my TDEE!! Way above.

    I might actually even have some nuts with tea today. So yeah, wow. Technically speaking I undid the weight loss benefits of my fast, by almost doubling my TDEE with FRUITS and avocado!!

    The fruit salad could have been smaller but on Fridays we get groceries for the week and grapes were on sale lol. And I adore fruits.


    Yougurt 1 cup: 200
    Crackers 2: 70
    Bacon sprinkles: 50
    Prunes 7: 175
    Psyllium, collagen, gelatin: 35, 50
    —– 580 calories

    Smoked saussage 1: 250

    Chocolate 3: 120

    Arugula 2 cups: 15
    Cherry tomatoes 10: 30
    Red wine vinegar: 15
    Pumpkin seeds: 75
    Sunflower seeds: 150
    Avocado 2 cups: 500
    ——- 1035

    Banana: 105
    Orange ×2: 125
    Apple: 125
    Grapes 2 cups: 300
    Pineapple 2 cups: 250
    —– 905 calories

    2685 calories total

    June 22: Even had more calories yesterday. I made baked fish, steamed broccoli and roasted potatos for the kids and then suddenly felt sad that I won’t get to eat this meal. And then in an emotional move I decided to eat a plate. I deleted my 3h (by then) fast and ate the supper. Then started a new fast on the app. It was delicious. No regrets.

    I also had a large handful of mixed nuts, more prunes and more white chocolate. Prunes–medicinal; what chocolate for the sould ha ha.

    However, eating late at night didn’t feel great later on. But still, no regrets.

    Interestingly, I’ve been absolutely starving today. You’d think that after 3500 or more calories I wouldn’t be? I told my brain to just shut up. I’ve had enough calories, surely. I’m fasting till tomorrow morning. Hear that, brain?

    June 23: 183.8lb, which I’m very happy about!

    Went for my run at 35h fasted and ran for 45 minutes, 3 miles. That’s pretty slow, but that’s my longest run EVER, so I’m happy.

    Contemplating a fruit and salad day today, but hopefully not in the 4000 calories range. Yikes.

    Going to start with kimchi, yogurt and multi grain crackers, followed by tea and the 7 prunes (not white chocolate this time!). The digestion etc issues have been leading me away from keto, but that’s okay for now.

    Then an avocado, arugula and tomato salad.

    And a SMALLER Fruit Salad later in the day. I figured out how to make a smaller fruit salad ha ha–I an freeze half of it for smoothies later.

    I have some storebought Italian cookies that I’d like to taste, so maybe cookies be part of my day too. I got a new kind for the kids and they look delicious.

    @Rabbetter: how did your museum yoga go?

    Quick check in – great job on your run.

    And omgosh fruit and calories! Jeez. It would surprise me too.

    .. I had a FD yesterday (Saturday) which I’m super excited about.

    This past weekend out and about seeing a show later so I’m not able to write a long post. I’ll be catching up tomorrow with you.

    June 24, 183lb! Super happy not to have gained any after an eating day.

    I had a good eating day yesterday. I went back to not really counting calories on Eating Days, as this has worked so well for me in the last 6 month. I do count occasionally, to be able to have an idea of my intake, but I eat freely on most eating days.

    I also realized that since in the last two weeks I’ve been running for at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week, I’m qualify for “moderate” activity level, and this is the entire 500 calories “Extra”! This means that I wasn’t THAT horribly over my TDEE on my eating days. Well, I was over, but not by that much. This would explain why I continued to lose. Eating late in the evening, however, makes my insides feel heart-burny.

    Today I’m fasting until tomorrow morning. However, I broke my cylce of runnning at 36fasted and did a short, but higher intensity run this morning. Only 1.5 miles, but I put my best efffort into them. I was hoping to make it to 2 miles, but I’m happy with 1.5 as well.

    @rabbette: Congrats on your successful FD! Sounds like you had a fun-filled weekend.

    June 24/153.8/FD

    23/NFD (CD) possible around 1000 – 1200
    22/FD – not planned
    21/CD – as it was planned to have FD, but pretty sure I had maybe around 800-1000 calories because I had some unexpected snacks late night while packing (BUT I controlled myself enough to just have a few chips of each snack and then put them AWAY!)

    When I weighed on Sat Morning 154.4 (was slightly disappointed I gave into snacks the night before) but was excited that I didn’t go overboard so I’m proud of myself for REALIZING it as I had chip bag in hand…. And had a little chat with my brain, to be like, there are better choices. Drink WATER! Then see what you feel like.

    But I let myself have a pass, as I started Saturday with breakfast under 300 cal. We (friend and SO) traveled 3.5 hours to see a show. I was really good and drank WATER the rest of the day, I kinda was hungry when we stopped after the show before we got to our hotel room, so I finally settled on a $1.50 purchase for hard boiled eggs to take back to the room. That way I was NOT tempted to eat the chips. I like eating the eggs with Salt and pepper, so I found some of that to take back with me.

    When I got to the room, I realized that I may actually just need SALT! I opened the small packet of iodized salt and noted that iodized salt does not taste nearly as good as my sea salt or pink salt at home. (Also it made my tongue just a hint numb under it, for a small moment.) BUT after I had the salt, I was good. I didn’t eat the eggs, because I wasn’t hungry.

    @165gw – So back to this calories thing with fruit! Wow. (I bet it is the running!) Good for you. I also wonder, if fruit is processed by the body differently when it is a whole food rather than processed in something. Even when baking it… <deep thoughts>

    “Eating late in the evening, however, makes my insides feel heart-burny.” I say “heart-burny” too. It could be also if you eat something with fruit, but I also find that eating later in general doesn’t feel as good for me, unless it is soup with minimal veggies. Like a simple broth soup.

    Other news:

    I went for a 45 minute walk today! Yay.

    I’m also excited to have NOT gained while away for the weekend hanging out with friends and watching a concert, staying up late and what not (which usually makes me snack more) but I made better choices and did great!

    Yay to better choices (we just might make our S-T-R-E-T-C-H goal this month!

    June 25, 182lb, at 37h fasted. Out of all the results that Moody gave, ranging from 181 to 184, this was the most reliable, and also the average. I’ll take it, it makes sense, considering I’m fasting. I also started stepping on it with 10lb dumbbells in my hands—it showed 192lb every time, so I’m guessing 182 is where I’m at-ish. Exciting!!!!

    I took a comparison photo early May at 192-195lb and just took the same photo this morning, and I can’t see a difference in my shape, other than my abs having a bit more definition. That was a bummer, as I was SURE I’d see something more substantial. But as I was typing this, I realized that this is also how I started gaining weight—10lb increments don’t look like much on 6 feet body. I’m also notoriously bad for spotting small differences. I need to keep this in mind, because I’m sure 20lb WILL make a noticeable difference. Onwards.

    In other news I was trying on a tank top last night at Walmart, and I fit very nicely into a Medium. I like to wear tops like this under my shirts to cover my midsection. The L was longer, of course, which I loved, so I hesitated which one to get. However, it was kinda loose, so I went with the M.

    That’s amazing that you fasted on a trip / concert day! Great decisions all over—to get the eggs just in case; and then to realize you were not hungry after all and to skip the eggs. And then at the end you didn’t gain—this is what maintenance will be like. We are going to make it!

    They do say a calorie is a calorie is a calorie, but I BET they haven’t done research on 1000 calories worth of fruits! Lol I mean, WHO even eats this?

    When I first started IF in January the first thing I realized that when I don’t eat late in the evening I don’t feel heart-burny! So that was a great advantage right away.

    About to break my fast at lunch today with a giant spinach and avocado salad and a slice of left over pizza—hubby had some last night and I saved a slice for today. I love day-old pizza! Fruits and nuts for later in the day. Yeah, 1000 calories of fruits or close to it. I love fruits and this has been working great for me lately—the lbs are going down, I feel I’m nourishing my body, and eating what I need to be eating. Maybe I didn’t get that mammoth, but I moved south and there are fruits like literally everywhere!
    So exciting to be so close to entering 170s! My BMI is in the normal category right now. I feel fit and energetic. I am progressing really well with the weight loss plan.

    I won’t do anything “extra” to make it to 179lb by June 30th…and I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen. I think hovering around 182 right now is a success already, even if it end up fluctuating up for a bit (as it seems to be the pattern with my weight loss.)

    We are doing SO WELL!!!! Yay us!!!

    182.8lb–Finally I’m staying stable after an eating day, instead of going up 2lb! This feels good. 20h into my 40ish hour fast (until tomorrow morning.)

    Yesterday was EPIC…I decided to go for a run last night instead of this morning as I wanted to see if running 3h after a meal will be different than running 36h fasted. Well, it was! I ran for 1h straight and covered 4.25 miles. It felt fantastic! My biggst distance and my longest run. Very pleased. I can’t believe that oly 2 months ago 5 min felt like an incredible achievement.

    My foot was slightly sore, but is fine today. My knees ARE feeling it, but getting better by the hour. I will not do long runs for now as I really don’t want my knees to prevent me from running, and I’ll just take it one run at a time.

    In terms of eating yesterday–2 slices of pizza, 1 samosa, huge spinach salad with a large avocado and some feta, and lots of fruits. Some roasted veggies and crackers. I didn’t count and was happy with what I ate. I felt full, but not overly, and had a good balance. I think that technically I could count to make sure I stay in my TDEE, but I’d rather feast (mindfully, but not restrictively) and fast, than “diet.” My mind is so much better with doing this.

    4 Days until the end of the month, and I could possibley be 181lb! I can’t wait to see the 179! That’s a Milestone!

    Oh, in other news, I took a photo of myself in the dressing room when I was trying on those tank tops and trying to figure out whether to get L or M, and I was convinced that the mirror there made me thinner. So today I put on the same jeans and tank top and took a photo at home. Hm…I look about the same! That was a very pleasant surprise.

    @rabbette: How are your fasting adventures?

    June 26/153/FD

    Look at you, getting into the M size! That is also my top size right now! Yay US!

    I had not taken another comparison photo since my weight at 174 (wow I used to weigh 174lbs and actually MORE! I started at 184! Wow, this is so exciting!) Question, when you were looking at the comparison photos, were you wearing the same thing? I was going to make sure to put on the same outfit. And I took photos with my mid-section out, since these photos were mostly for me. I suppose if I get toned in my mid-section maybe I’ll let others see the before and after. Will need to get going and do the 30 day shred if I want toned midsection tho.

    Still holding steady even after I slightly indulged in a stout last night. I did learn that a stout enjoyed closer to bedtime = hot flashes through the night, ugh.

    Mmmm day old pizza, sounds pretty tasty right now. It probably does not help that it is my fasting day. On the upside, I’ll be making my broth and veggies around 4:00 to eat before I go teach at 6:45pm

    Yeah I’m with you, I don’t plan on doing anything extra, but I am excited to be past the light goal and close to our other goal!

    Getting there. Must keep busy, today’s FD is a tad more challenging than past ones have been.

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