31 Day March 2017 Challenge

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31 Day March 2017 Challenge

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  • Day 30 – US – FD B4B
    @gopackgo I hope your sinus and double ear infections get better soon. It seems I am always fighting sinus and an ear infection. I was bitten by a tick and acquired Lyme disease starting in my left ear. Sounds like your doing well with the yogurt, Kefir. You asked for other suggestions.😊I also take a good probiotic twice a day. Although I’ve just recently read sauerkraut is an even better probiotic because it stays in the gut longer and works as a probiotic. I also saw a recipe for homemade sauerkraut that is better because it has no preservatives.
    Here is the link: http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-homemade-sauerkraut-in-a-mason-jar-193124
    There may be better recipes, but this one seemed easy enough. I started a batch. 1 thing I learned: Don’t put it in a warm kitchen. Temperature needs to be in the upper 60°’s. And the cabbage can be finely chopped to work better. If your up for this it could work. ✨I’m going to do my 2nd batch sometime in the next couple weeks.
    @jarbia looking forward to seeing you at the April Challenge ✨ You can join by clicking this link and signing in!✨ https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/30-day-april-2017-challenge/#post-199403
    @flourbaby Yes! The magnesium oil has helped with my getting to sleep and staying calm during sleep 😴 Thank-you so much for the information. Your information has helped me get a good night sleep and stay on track and exceeding my goal this month.

    We are getting close to the finish line.✨👍✨🌈✨

    Here’s the Day 30 list of pocketeers, keeping you close!!!
    @and… exhale
    @johnnyr B4B working on B5B
    @okeydokey B4B working on B5B


    @coda BSD
@strawberriesandcream – 800cal until end of March!
@redrockgirl302 – 800cal until end of March!
@fatrabbit – – 800cal until end of March!
@coda – 800cal until end of March!
    It’s the final charge, let’s do THIS………….……………..ONWARD!!!!!!!

    @bert1802 @schatziii please be kind to yourselves ✨From the videos I’ve seen of Dr. Mosley and experiments done: any day that you have fasted this month has brought your blood sugar to balance your bad fats lower, helped your blood pressure. Any other days you have fasted have helped to decrease dormant diseases and increased your brain neurons. It’s not all about the weight. It’s to help with better health, less stress. Congratulations ✨🎉 You have done that! ✨It’s a WOL and you are doing it!
    @bert1802 Good for you! I’m so glad you are in the April group!
    @schatziii give your self some slack. If today is good day for fasting for you, do it. If not know that you have that option after your master thesis. Or fasting may clear your head and help you research and write better now. Either way We got you! Good luck on your Master Thesis✨👏✨

    ✨✨Keep on Keepin’ On✨✨
    ✨✨Together we are Stronger!✨✨🌈✨

    Day 30, Rocky Mountains, US, FD 800 cal

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for all your wishes for reaching my March weight loss goal. Ate a bit under 800 cals yesterday. Today another day around 800. Tomorrow last weigh in for our March report.

    Have a great day!!! 😊🍀🌸⚘😊

    Day 30 – USA – NFD

    Went a little over on my FD yesterday, but still a success. @gopackgo, feel better! @schatziii, thinking of you during your time of stress…sure you will come through okay! @saffy420, enjoy your vakay and congrats on your loss for March!

    Day 30 – Cumbria UK – NFD/CD

    WOW only ONE more day left after today of our 31 Day March 2017 Challenge!!!

    A second rainy day herein Cumbria after 5 lovely sunny days but at least it’s not cold – my knee was playing up again so I decided to nurture myself and to miss out on my usual “Happy Hour” class (aerobics – our teacher has a sense of humour 😉)

    @onahealthyhigh – GREAT POST and thank you
    @sirisan – I have added you to our list of pocketeers for the 31/3/17 – we can finish on a high together
    @pclpo – so good to hear from you again
    @patiger – you can do next week – but if if you struggle maybe try for 16:8 days instead?
    @nella Jimenez – you last posted on 25/3 but don’t beat yourself up, EVREYONE goes through a bad patch – pick yourself up and join us with @okeydokey for the April Challenge. Try to post daily as this really helps to focus. I would suggest just doing the basic/original 5:2 WOL – WE KNOW THIS WORKS without putting you under too much pressure – this needs to be a forever WOL and not a quick fix if we want to lose weight and keep it off!!
    @bert1802 – You sussed out those bosses of yours!!! they knew you were the strong one who would be honest! and one measly donut does not make you fall off the wagon – I have added your name to the pocketeers list for the last day of the 31 Day March 2017 Challenge and I will holding on to you tight so we will finish on a high together xx
    @gopackgo -Take care of your body – it’s the only one you have! eat small nutritious healthy meals until you are feeling better – Daily Keffir will be excellent for you – looking forward to hearing your journey in the April Challenge – Hugs
    @lynzm and @debster251 – 2nd B2B FD for you today – you got this!
    @triplet – I know you are already into Day 31 FD but some of us will be joining you so I have added you to the Day 31 Pocketeers list so you know you are not alone….
    @erika45 – good to hear all went well and I see you are finishing the challenge on a high!
    @schatziii – Remember that eating healthy foods is so much better for your brain power!!!
    @lilymartin – love your mindset and attitude – way to go!
    @arvandee – I have tucked you into the pocketeers list for Day 31
    @helenalee – 500cals or 1/4 TDEE remains the original benchmark for FDs but Dr M has recently suggested increasing that to 800cals if you struggle with the lower amount – so I guess it’s up to us to decide what works for us – personally as the original works for me, I’m sticking to it as I don’t find any hardship in doing either a 1/4 TDEE or water/tea with a dash of milk FD
    @saffy420 – thank you for the update – good to hear you are enjoying yourself on holiday in the Welsh hills – will catch up with you in the April Challenge!
    @hereigo – WELL DONE on completing your first 5:2 Week – this will set you up nicely for the April Challenge – This is a good link created by @simcoeluv for those new to this WOL – the first post on this link answers a lot of questions asked by those new to this WOL – just follow the basics for at least the first month – I totally agree with @simcoeluv when she says “I believe you should start with the basics, and worry about other things only after you have done the basics correctly and they don’t seem to be working for you.”
    @scs – good to hear you got home safe and sound and managed to do B2B FDs as well!!!!

    DAY 31 – LAST DAY OF THE CHALLENGE POCKETEERS LIST – sorry if I have missed anyone out – just copy and paste and add your name to the list – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER
    @triplet (I believe will be the first to start Day 31….)
    @coda, @fatrabbit, @redrockgirl302 and @Strawberriesandcream – 5th day of 800cal
    @bert1802 – 2nd of B2B FDs

    If you could post either tomorrow or on the 1st of April your final weight in pounds/kg or if you prefer cm/inches lost or what you have learnt/want to share during this challenge; I will pull the results on the spreadsheet for those who completed the whole challenge and share it sometime on the 2nd April!!!


    Day 30 NFD USA, WI

    Weighed myself this morning. Down 13 pounds in my 17 days on the 5:2. Absolutely incredible. I’ll weigh again tomorrow, and measure, for my March challenge final total. Looking very much forward to fully healing and getting back in the gym to boost the results even more.

    Thank you for everyone who sent well wishes! It means a lot! I’m armed to the teeth with meds and ready to get these germies out of my body (and head, uggggg). I am very much taking it easy today. That FitBit isn’t going to budge much. One thing that sucks is the morning pills all require to be taken “with food”, so my new habit of not eating until later in the morning/day has to go by the wayside for the next 10 days.

    @Nella- Please don’t feel defeated. April is a brand-new month on your journey. That’s the beauty of this plan – you can have a so-called “bad” day, overeat, drink the entire bottle of wine, get the extra-large fries with dipping sauce and tear the thing apart … but the next day is a brand-new day. I look forward to watching your journey in April and pulling you along with us on fasting days! Stay connected next month.
    @steffieeagle – your FitBit numbers inspire me! Right now it’s about 36 degrees, chilly and rainy with no sun in sight. Very gloomy day. I can’t wait until the weather warms up – I also love long, peaceful walks. We have a lot of beautiful parks and lakefront where I live, and hiking trail and such, and I can’t wait to get back out there.
    My bread consumption has also gone way down since starting this. I LOVE bread – I went to school for baking/pastry arts and appreciate a great artisan loaf, either made by me or purchased, with loads of butter, NOM – but when you cut it out and stick to it, those cravings really go down. I always thought that was a load of crap when I’d read how cravings can go away, but it seems to be true.
    @flourbaby – Great advice about this WOL. Loved reading it.
    @schatziii – Hang in there … is there any way that you can still snack and “stress eat” but make some lower-calorie choices/options? Like, if you want a sandwich, skip the top piece of bread. Or, make a giant plate of veggies (for that satisfying stress crunch) with hummus, or yogurt ranch dip, etc. Air-popped popcorn. I replaced the full-fat mayo in the house for lower-fat, replaced the bread with natural thin-sliced whole wheat, etc, replaced ice cream with Halo ice cream (stuff is like 120-300 calories a pint0, etc. So that even when I make that sandwich or open the pint, I’ve made a better choice without even really thinking about it or having to do much.
    I took this semester off but am back in the fall to finish up my RN degree, and school, kids, work (and being a single mom juggling all that) … I totally get the stress eating. But when I’m in the store, my thing is, if I don’t buy it HERE, I can’t tear into it at HOME.
    @helenalee – From what I understand, Mosley initially said that 500 calories is just a general number for women that seems to be an average of the quarter of your TDEE, to reduce calories. It does not have to be exactly 500 calories by any means. He recently came out with suggesting that up to 800 calories on fasting days will still show great results. (But he also coincided that with kind of skipping the idea that on your non-fast days, you can go ahead and have those treats if you want, as long as you balance it all out).
    My personal take on the new info is this. On my fast days, I feel I can go between 500-800 calories and be just fine. I actually haven’t gone past 600 on a fast day, and have gone below 500, but I think it’s a bit flexible. And on non-fast days, if I want a treat, I’m having it. All in balance, all in moderation. What’s funny is, the psychology of it all really kicks in. When you’ve put in the effort and succeeded on a fast day, and that next day you wake up feeling so light and energetic … you don’t want to dive into the donut you might have wanted the day before. That bag of chips isn’t so enticing anymore.
    And your grapes and orange nighttime snack was almost identical to my evening snack the other night, except it was an orange and some strawberries. 🙂
    @saffy420 – congrats on the 6 pound weight loss for March! Yay! I loved the idea of being just too peaceful and relaxed to give a whit about dieting. What bliss, hey?
    @hereigo – Yay for your two first successful fasts! Keep on keepin’ on!!!!!
    @blueninjamom – Yay for the back to back fasts!!!! You got this! Good job on prepping for it, too.

    To everyone putting in that extra effort to end the month on a high note, or getting a jump start on a great April … YOU GOT THIS! WE GOT THIS!!! FAST AWAY, PEOPLE!!!!!!!

    – second post –

    @okeydokey – Poor thing! I hope they caught the Lyme disease in time. That stuff is no joke. Stupid ticks seem to love ears – I’ve had to get them out of my kids’ ears multiple times. (And legs, and scalp, digging in their hair ….) Gah, I’m not a big fan of sauerkraut (unless it’s on a grilled brat, NOM), but I’ll try it for the benefit of the gut. 😉 I’ll try the homemade stuff – thanks for the link and the tips!
    @at – thank you for the kind words and all the encouragement this month! For someone new to the 5:2, this forum and your March leadership of it was such an immense support and lifting hand. One immediately feels taken in, cared about, and that we are ALL part of this journey to better health, no matter what stage of that journey we are on. THANK YOU!

    Day 30: Gloucestershire, UK: FD/CD
    Ate nothing between 5.30 pm yesterday until “breakfast” at 3.30pm this afternoon after returning from my deliveries….so 22 hours. Now I’m eating for a couple of hours! Carefully.

    Day 30 UK FD

    Thursday. Day 4/5 weekday fast. OK so far…

    Last night was a slip. Ate 900kcals I was so hungry! Caused I think by a cold I’ve been battling for the past week and tiredness from work which lowered my will power. But compensated with a 500kcal spin class today! By the way, for those interested, it’s a scientific fact that we we have limited will power- it runs out. So don’t beat yourself up too much when you slip, just get straight back into it. Yesterday was my first real slip since the end of January, so not too bad I think. This is a long game! But we’re all doing really, really well.

    2nd post – heading out for my “therapy walk” – hoping our Cliff walk along the ocean is snow free – haven’t seen it in a month & we did have that 20″ snowstorm while I was away.

    Anyway, logged on for a catch up & thanks to@gopackgo, @ciren2 & @johnnyr – all very inspiring posts to give me something to think about on my walk!

    Aren’t we quite the group?? Gives me hope for me personally & this world.

    Stay well all!

    Day 30 – SW WA – USA – FD

    Great to read all the posts. We’re here for each other on the journey. JohnnyR, I agree with your thinking. That’s great in 3 months only one slip. You’re making great progress. I too am in it for the long haul.

    AT – I believe I’ll make Apr.1st my final weigh-in for March. Thank you so much for tracking us all this month!

    Adding myself to the 31st list of fasters.

    DAY 31 – LAST DAY OF THE CHALLENGE POCKETEERS LIST – sorry if I have missed anyone out – just copy and paste and add your name to the list – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER
    @triplet (I believe will be the first to start Day 31….)
    @coda, @fatrabbit, @redrockgirl302 and @Strawberriesandcream – 5th day of 800cal
    @bert1802 – 2nd of B2B FDs
    @annemarilyn 800

    Day 30–MASS, US–FD
    Day 29–MASS, US–FD
    Day 28 was supposed to be a FD but ended up a NFD.

    For Day 31:

    @triplet (I believe will be the first to start Day 31….)
    @coda, @fatrabbit, @redrockgirl302 and @strawberriesandcream – 5th day of 800cal
    @bert1802 – 2nd of B2B FDs
    @annemarilyn 800

    Day 30-USA-NFD

    Day 29 – London – NFD
    Day 30 – London – NFD

    Second post

    I did not fast today. I did not so much fall off the wagon as end up under it. The wrost day’s eating for more than 3 months.

    I WILL pull myself together and be fasting tomorrow! Hope everyone is doing better than me. It would be hard to be doing worse!

    Second post

    I blew my FD on a snaccident 🤦🏻‍♀️ and ate a 110g bag of crisps 😡 I feel so stupid for letting myself down. I just couldn’t cope with it today and work was slow so more time for temptation.

    Day 30, NFD, USA
    Just bought myself a nice blouse to celebrate the (almost) completion of the challenge. Donated some old clothes which felt nice, so overall lighter! Will post the final results of all goals set tomorrow.
    Newbies; (gosh I’m a Newbie, only my 2nd month) but new newbies hang in there.! This is a healthy way of life. My weight loss has been slow and steady and I’m eating what my body wants on NFDs in so much more control then when I started. Craving healthy foods and haven’t had a “binge” this month whereas food takes control. So it does work with lots of patience. (And gallons of water)

    Day 30 Florida USA NFD

    Suse13- like that word snaccident!! I didn’t blow anything but did have an unhealthy fast food lunch, which leaves little left in my TDEE bank for the day. Tomorrow is my FD and I need to shop for it because we’re nearly out of veggies and fruit. I do have egg whites for breakfast. Weigh in today a bit disappointing- lost one pound in 3 weeks (5 FD’s). But I’m grateful, nonetheless. Let’s carry on all!


    I will post my end weight for the month on Saturday April 1 as I have a FD on Friday, the 31st and my usual weigh in day is on Saturdays. Hopefully this can be added to the March spreadsheet

    Day 29 – CARDIFF UK – FD
    Day 30 – CARDIFF UK – NFD

    Starting Weight : 165.5lbs

    Today’s Weight : 161.7lbs (3.8 lb) March Target 8. 5lbs

    Good NFD, but have some extra thick double cream in the fridge and every time I go into the kitchen feel the need to have a spoonful. Thankfully I’m following LCHF, but I think I may have pushed the HF a bit too far.

    Day 30 | NFD | UK

    Day 31/NFD/Melbourne, Australia

    Starting weight: 56.6kg
    Final weight: 55.6kg

    Completed 12 FDs, including 5 @800 calories.
    Cut back on daily 1/2 bottle (ahem 1 bottle, hangs her guilty head in shame) of white wine. Didn’t open a single bottle during March! Enjoyed an occasional glass of red, gin and tonic, or campari and soda. Very happy and pleased I didn’t miss the nightly tipple.
    Added golf (hit and miss) to goal of moving more.

    I love the basic 5:2 WOL. It works for me.

    Thank you
    @at for hosting – very inspirational.
    Everyone for sharing the journey
    @oakeydockey for hosting April. Looking forward to continuing.

    Day 30 UK F800

    I just had two not very pleasant days. First having dentist lose a battle to get my tooth out yesterday and then having to take two big beautiful old rabbits to be pts today:(( I haven’t read any posts but have successfully stuck to 800 calories each day. It certainly wasn’t difficult not to eat yesterday with my face so numb and battered. I am very surprised it didn’t hurt more today. I had a filling done too so at least it wasn’t a complete waste of time. I will really miss my old friends. The old boy might have tried to bite me every time I got too near him or his ladybun but he was a still a big favourite of mine.

    @scs – welcome home! I heard of the storm coming your way for NH and ME. Not a very nice April Fool joke! Oh how I fully agree that we are one terrific group. <3

    @fat rabbit – sorry your tooth issues caused such unpleasantness. Also sorry you had to lose your furry friends.

    @erikaa67 – aren’t you happy to get those new clothes and rid of ones that are too big! It is such a satisfying feeling to know clothes don’t fit any more!

    Day 30-Montreal- FD

    This will be my last FD this month, and hopefully I’ll see a 7 on the scales tomorrow morning.

    To all our Queensland and NSW friends, I hope Cyclone Debbie hasn’t been too unkind to you and yours?

    Day 27 – FD
    Day 28 – FD
    Day 29 – FD
    Day 30 – FD
    Day 31 – US -FD

    I tried to get everyone … if I missed your name, please copy the list and add your name for a new post.
    Please NFD’rs and FD’rs and BSD’rs Have a great day!✨😊✨

    ✨✨Pocketeers ✨ Grab a hold and we’ll take care of you! We’ll be fasting tommorow and don’t let go we’ll be finishing stronger than ever✨
    For Day 31:
    @triplet (I believe will be the first to start Day 31….)
    @redrockgirl302 and @strawberriesandcream – 5th day of 800cal
    @bert1802 – 2nd of B2B FDs
    @annemarilyn 800
    @okeydokey B5B

    Day 30|Toronto| FD
    Best wishes to all with congratulations to those reaching their March goals.

    Day 31 Melbourne NFD
    Final day of this particular challenge and Big Thanks to AT for hosting the challenge: “A Stellar Effort” doesn’t even seem to do justice to your hard work – you went above and beyond.

    @ciren2 well done you for hanging in with the team and it looks like you are making some inroads again!

    I had a ‘fuzzy’ goal this month – to start working towards managing maintenance and undecided whether I should re-set a new slightly lower goal. It’s a bit of a trade-off as a female of a certain age, when you could easily spare a bit more off the butt, but you start looking gaunt and witch-like in the face :-)… I had another fuzzy goal to introduce exercise into this WOL as I am way too sedentary during the week, but f**led miserably on that score.

    Anyway here is my progress thus far:
    I am 165cm with a very small frame.

    My MO has been: 5:2 Mon and Wed
    FDs: 1 milky coffee/clear broth during the day and an evening meal consisting of 2 eggs or 1 piece of fish + a large salad with 2 tsp oil/balsamic.

    NFDs have been 16:8 (although with milky coffee in the morning) then first meal at about 1-1.30. Have avoided bread (my nemesis) rice, pasta during the week, but have had 1-2 pieces of toast/day at the weekend.

    I have virtually cut out sugar except for one bite of OH’s dessert here and there and birthday cake for a few days in March (it really was to die for).

    I have 1-2 glasses of red wine on NFDs, maybe 3 on Saturday. Have close to eliminated snacking between meals, but if desperate, I’ve had a piece of cheese. On FDs if desperate to the point of the ‘what the hell effect’ I’ve had a hard boiled egg and so far those methods have saved me from worse. I have started making/taking water kefir. Ultimate aim is to eat a largely Mediterranean diet with a strong leaning towards LCHF and keep sugar in the next galaxy.

    Nov 2: 65.8kg waist 75.1cm hip 104cm BMI 24.8

    Dec 1: 62.5kg 72.5cm 100.5cm

    Jan 12: 61.2kg 71.5cm 99 cm

    Feb 8: 60 kg 70.5cm 99 cm

    Mar 30: 58.3kg 69.5cm 97 cm BMI 21.9

    Overall, I am happy, although I can still pinch more than an inch in the belly-fat department! I will stick with this regime over April and re-assess at the end.

    Day 30 FD St. Louis USA
    @okeydokey thanks for adding me to the pocket list and for handling this. After being successful last week at copy and paste thing, Planning a weigh in tomorrow morning.

    Day 31 NFD sunny country West Australia 71.9 kgs

    Not too bad considering the number of days I have been AWOL. But SOOOO glad to be back in the habit of posting. Makes all the difference for me.
    A HUGE thanks to AT for being the ‘cat-herder’ and Marching along.
    Looking forward to April.

    Day 31 – Tokyo Japan – FD 79.2kg

    okeydokey is doing an amazing job! 5 FDs in a row. I hope it all works out well!

    I’m just doing a normal FD. I have a slight bit more hunger, but nothing to derail me. My wife thinks I got my weight low enough. Frankly I don’t care what my weight is, I mostly trying to get rid of the fab on my belly. However in Feb. it was two handfuls, not it is just one large hand full. So some progress.

    Joining the Pocketeers! Go Fast Go!

    @triplet (I believe will be the first to start Day 31….)
    @redrockgirl302 and @strawberriesandcream – 5th day of 800cal
    @bert1802 – 2nd of B2B FDs
    @annemarilyn 800
    @okeydokey B5B

    2nd post … My average daily weight in March was 79.6kg … so now I have a goal for April to keep my average daily weight lower than that!

    May not seem like I’m pushing that hard, but I’m also trying to do some strength exercises to build muscle and that also tends to pack on the weight. I think it actually is going to be a difficult goal to achieve. I’m thinking when my average weight is 75kg that is maintenance time.

    13 weeks into the year I’ve fasted 27 full days (assuming I don’t crack today.) There are also a few skipped meals in there. My typical fast is 36 hours without more than 25 calories. The calories are mostly from coffee/tea/sugar free mints, etc. (I know that is bad for me)

    @gopackgo – When you get back to using the gym, don’t be surprised if your weight goes up. Lean body mass is wet and heavy compared to fluffy fat. It is totally impressive how much weight you have lost though! GREAT JOB!

    Day 31 NZ FD
    So far a successful fastday. Just have to stay strong. See you all in the April challenge.

    Day 30 Failed FD NZ
    Day 31 FD NZ
    Yesterday fasted at least 24hours and had my controlled 300cals ….then blew it out of the water with lollies my husband bought home! What was that about??
    Today successful FD anout to have my Probably 500cals

    Day 31 Glasgow NFD

    DAY 31 – UK – FD

    Will weigh-in 1st April.

    Day 31 Oman NFD

    DAY 31 UK F800

    weight March 1st 209 lbs
    weight March 31st 201 lbs
    8lb loss for the month which included a three week plateau, so better than it looked as if it was going to be, but I didn’t reach my goal of going under 200 lbs.

    Waist and other body measurements down by 2 inches. Did reach the goal of reaching a height to waist ratio of 0.5.

    Many thanks to everyone for your support and to At for leading the challenge this month.

    Day 31, Switzerland, FD

    Nearly there … my final FD after a month of ADF. Tomorrow morning the scales await. Good luck everyone 🙂

    Day 31 UK FD

    Hoping my dreadful day yesterday won’t have put my March loss of 6lbs as per last week at risk. I will weigh and post tomorrow. Have given up all hope of losing another pound this week and will be very happy not have put on.

    I need a successful liquid only fast today to get me back in the zone. Have a great last day everyone.

    Day 31 UK FD

    Friday. Final FD of the week. 5/5 done. Again ate a bit over last night (about 700kcal), but all at once. I actually think I needed to, this week has been tough.

    I’ll have the official weigh in later and post progress.


    Brilliant progress! That height /waist ratio is a really significant sign of progress.

    Day 31, Newcastle UK, FD 800 cals

    Final FD this week and this challenge.

    All the best for a good last day whether FDing, NFDing or CDing.

    Day 31 – Durham, UK – FD/ CD 83.4kg

    Day 30 – FD (sorry, can’t remember if I posted yesterday or not!)

    Well, after a B2B2B this week, I did manage to crack 83.x kg. Woohoo!! Started at 85 on 1 March and, went up and down to nowhere until finally – 83.4kg! It feels like a breakthrough.

    It’s been a really difficult month for me personally, so even though I wanted to lose more in March (of course! Don’t we all?!) I’m really happy to have come through with some positive (negative!) movement.

    I’m going to stick it out as long as I can today too – I’m not feeling unbearably hungry, so why not?

    So I’m a maybe for today’s pocket list, but at least I’m going into April feeling stronger about this. My goal for April is to hit the numbers starting with 7!

    Thank you so much to all of you for your support this month. It has meant so much to me to be part of such a wonderful, supportive team. Well done to all for March, and April – watch out, we are coming.

    Strong. Determined. Powerful. Together we are stronger. 💪💪💪😊

    Day 31 Hampshire NFD

    I’m hoping to have exceeded my 5 lb loss for March. I’ve found it difficult at times but as long as the results are good it will be worth it. I will have my final weigh in tomorrow and give my loss for the month. I have signed up for the April challenge while I’m in a positive frame of mine. I’m going Australia to visit my son and family in May so I want to continue with 5 2 until then and then try to be as controlled as I can while having lovely family time.

    Day 31 – Cumbria UK – FD

    Last day of the 31 Day March 2017 Challenge!!

    DAY 31 – POCKETEERS LIST – sorry if I have missed anyone out – just copy and paste and add your name to the list – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER
    @triplet (I believe will be the first to start Day 31….)
    @coda, @fatrabbit, @redrockgirl302 and @strawberriesandcream – 5th day of 800cal
    @bert1802 – 2nd of B2B FDs
    @annemarilyn 800
    @Chitown Gal

    Out for a walk with my Friday group soon – should be out and about for a couple of hours so will catch up with the posts around lunchtime (no food but a nice cup of tea for me as I’m planning a water/tea with a dash of skimmed milk FD!) reading the posts and updating the spreadsheet will be excellent diversion therapy…………….

    Day 31 – Switzerland – NFD

    Yesterday’s FD went fine, no cravings, no hunger, no grumpiness (for a change!).

    Started March at 94 kg (207lbs/14st11)
    Ending March at 91.8kg (202lbs/14st6) loss of 5lbs/2.2kgs

    This brings me to the exact same weight I started at in February, but I’m happy for two reasons; firstly I’m 2cm down on all measurements; most importantly, my body is getting back to normal after stopping b/c hormones, so any movement downwards is good. My BMI is 29.3, so no longer obese – and my Easter raincoat does up, although admittedly without a jumper on underneath.

    Some great results coming in – thank you @at for keeping us motivated through March!!

    Day 31 -NZ – FD

    Last fast day achieved for the month. Fasting has become easier as I have gone thru the month and it has been the accountability of the group and checking in daily and reading everyone’s posts that makes you realise you are not alone which has really helped. I am looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow morning.

    Day 31 Surrey UK NFD

    I weighed in this morning at 145lbs so a little up on last week however down 3lbs for the month, which is in the right direction although under my goal. Before I started back on 5:2 back in January I weighed 150lbs so am happy with the progress, albeit slow!

    I’ve learnt that I need to be more disciplined in getting back on track after weekends away, I think I’ve been so tired this week my attitude and efforts have suffered. Still, another month ahead and I’m looking forward to it.

    Thank you all for your constant support, personal stories and tips and tricks, it makes a big difference.

    Thank you @at for your support and for keeping us all on track, it must have felt like herding cats sometimes!

    Good luck to everyone and congratulations to all those who have reached their goals. Well done to all for sticking with this. Sx

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