31 Day March 2017 Challenge

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31 Day March 2017 Challenge

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  • Day 29: Glasgow, Scotland. FD

    Checking in – think I’ve gone over my calorie count for my fast day, so I may just have a few rounds of toast and cheese, and make tomorrow my fast day, instead!

    Day 29 Placentia CA. NFD –

    My second FD of the week is tomorrow and I usually have a harder time with the second day for some reason.

    Next week I am traveling to PA to help my Aunt clean out her home. Wish me luck for that week’s FD and NFD’s.

    @at I am sincerely looking forward to reaching my goal weight and going on Maintenace😊

    Also just a note; things I do on FD to help. Drink plenty of water. Have a Vegetable drink (using ninja) or have fresh vegatables at noon or evening. Most green Vega tables will give you the electrolytes. I also take electrolytes through drink or powdered drink. Take omega oils, good for the brain. Take my regular vitamins, minerals and amino acids Omega oils that I take daily. Everybody has their way, either way it’s still important that the body has the cell salts aka electrolytes while fasting.✨

    ✨So far so good!😊
    Adding to the pocket list for Day 30 FD. Add your name if you’d like to join us

    ✨Onward and downward!✨
    ✨✨What we do now, we will thank ourselves later!✨
    ✨✨Together we are Stronger!✨😊

    I can’t remember the last time I logged in, it doesn’t make a difference. I haven’t fasted at all. I feel defeated. I’m going to start the April challenge and hope I can keep on keeping on. Good day to all fellow fasterS. This group was a lot of help.
    Only for the record. I plateaued on 174. I just started this week cutting back all processed carbs and living a primal diet. Hopefully that combined with 5:2 will help me reach my goal. I apologize for not logging in.

    Day 30….. Florida….. NFD

    So, I temporarily fell of the wagon today. I reverted back to my old ways, I was so angry and stressed at work. I ate a donut! Not that it did me any good, I was still angry and stress afterwards.

    Please add me to the list for the next two days! My anger and stress has been lift, so I am me again! Yeah!

    So, this afternoon, the bosses called me for the meeting of the minds… as they like to call it. I think it was an attempt to resolve the tension, I have for this girl. I’m almost positive that the meeting did not go the way they had expected. I really think in the end, they were going to be able to keep both us…… When I’m angry, you should never let me have an open mic session. I’m not rude nor do I purposely say mean things but I am blunt and I don’t hold back….. it’s the New Yorker in me… but by the time I was done, she decided it was better if she quit.

    Then on my ride home, I got to thinking did they purposely wait until I’m angry because they all know, I’m blunt, honest and I don’t hold back to hold this meeting. So, the could ultimately get her to quit on her own? So there own guilt, would be quelled?

    Gosh, I think I’m overthinking it……

    Okay, well I’m off to get a restful night sleep!

    Peace be with you!

    Day 30 – Tokyo Japan – NFD 78.1kg

    I’m not surprised that my weight sprung back 2.1kg … it is mostly water. Fasting really dehydrates one. What will be interesting is my weight this time next week. Hopefully under 80kg, we’ll see.

    @okeydokey – You got this … 3 FDs in a row!

    Day 29 NFD USA, WI

    Turns out I have a sinus infection, double ear infection, and bronchitis. No wonder I’ve felt so awful. They gave me so many prescriptions and inhalers that I look like I robbed the pharmacy.

    Normally tomorrow would be a fast day but I’m just going to stay in tune with what the body wants (within reason, lol.) Illness is not a time to fast. We have a local soup market a few blocks from me with from-scratch soups, and while normally I’d avoid that because of the sodium, I’m thinking a stop tomorrow is in order for some chicken dumpling.

    Today was an egg and egg white, 2 pieces lo-cal wheat bread, one with peanut butter and one with honey on it. A few slices of ham and cheese and crackers. Then soup, 5 Saltines, and a yogurt with fresh strawberries. About 1000 calories. Still room for something but we’ll see. Normally I don’t do much peanut butter (so calorie dense when you’re watching intake), but I was craving it so I went for it.

    what sucks is, I’m on antibiotics and steroids, plus other stuff that is seriously going to mess with my stomach. That’s one reason for the yogurt tonight. I also grabbed some kefir drinks and I’ll look for other ways to help the health of my gut during this. Any suggestions?

    Thanks, all.

    Happy Journies!

    Day 27, NZ, FD
    Day 28, NZ, FD
    Day 29, NZ, FD
    Day 30, NZ, NFD

    Day 29, Oceanside CA, NFD
    Day 30, Oceanside CA, FD

    Nice long day in the sunshine with numerous walks. Total 22,690 steps and 12.7 miles. They say “make hay when the sun shines” and I made a lot of hay today.

    We took the family and friends to a “Southern BBQ” casual restaurant/bar in town. I settled on a pulled pork sandwich and was amazed how hungry I was. The pork is good protein and the fresh bun was good too as my bread consumption has dropped 95% since we started Fast 5:2 with only an occasional piece of whole grain toast once or twice a month. This WOL fits in with socializing.

    Tomorrow is our regular Thursday FD. We will eat a 350 calorie breakfast and a 350 calorie or less dinner salad. Will take the little girls to the beach and rack up some more miles with my Fitbit. The FD is relaxing and rejeuvenating. Ready to finish out the March challenge.

    Day 30 ☆ Germany ☆ FD


    Day 30 UK FD

    The final fast day of the month for me. I am really pleased with progress in March so thanks to everyone for your support and especially to @at for hosting. Will post stats tomorrow or Saturday after final weighing of the month.

    @nella, it is just a slight delay on the journey. All our journeys are plagued with them. Keep going and you will get there.

    Day 30 Glasgow FD

    Day 30 Hampshire. FD


    Day 30 – NL – FD

    Day 30 NZ NFD
    Well I’m another one who messed up today. One of those days,( thankfully I don’t have them too often) when I just ate for the sake of eating. Not good choices either. We are away for the weekend so I will check in to the April challenge.

    Day 30 UK FD 🌈

    Penultimate day of March – oh how the scales jump up 1lbs when u celebrate for a day or two and then when you stick to FDs they reduce much slower. 😂😂😂

    Gonna make today make a difference. Have all your posts to help me through!

    Day 30 – Switzerland – FD

    Lovely crisp Spring morning here, brightening all the new blossom against the blue sky. I’m sipping my spiced chai and glad to have a bit of support from the pocketeers for today’s FD. Let’s make it a good one!

    DAY 29 – UK – FD
    DAY 30 – UK – NFD

    2nd Post: Please count me in for April Challenge.

    Day 30 Surrey UK FD

    Day 30 Oxfordshire NFD

    Day 30, Newcastle UK, FD 800 cals

    @Redrockgirl – huge congratulations on your success this month.

    Anyone struggling, feeling downhearted – there’s no need. This WOL works. Maybe feels like two steps forward, one step back – or even vice versa at times. But keeping going is the only option if we’re to achieve our goals. Fast train, slow train, scenic route, direct route – it’s entirely your choice.

    Day 30 – NZ – NFD

    Day 30, London, UK, FD.

    Reading a few posts, ‘Life’ seems to be getting in the way of this 5:2 malarkey, but remember this is a WOL and if you stop doing 5:2 for a week or 2 or overindulge over a mad bad weekend, or just find yourself sitting cross legged on the floor surrounded by empty fast-food cartons, clutching an entire chocolate fudge cake in one hand and a bottle of red in the other……………….then, no worries tomorrow you can and will get back on the wagon or horse (providing you ignore @biddiev – as below!!, just keep the faith!!!!

    @biddiev………..I love these new phrases!!! I’m stealing that one for March……” I could have eaten a horse and chased the rider” having collected @mamacats’ “Epic face stuffing weekend” for Feb.

    @johnnyr, that miniscule piece of biscuit would have been like a written gold embossed invitation, sent & RSVP’d to that carb loving dragon who’s moved in and I’ve somehow managed to adopt!!! Your will of steel is to be envied and admired!!!!

    @bert1802 – The end result was what you (we!!) all wanted as the stresses she caused you couldn’t be sustainable!! I guess the bright side is…………..it’s unlikely they’ll EVER sack you…………. They appear not to have the correct (cojones??) equipment!!!

    @gopackgo – sending healing vibes your way, Feel better soon!!! Hugs.

    @coda, @okeydokey, @lindasue, @Inittothinit, Has the magnesium oil helped with the disturbed sleep!!! I’ve just mixed up a batch for family – mum for oedema, brother for foot fungus and sleep, other brother for my niece to see if it helps with the bedwetting!

    I’m not sure if I caught everyone, but here’s the Day 30 list of pocketeers, keeping you close!!!

    @and… exhale
    @strawberriesandcream – 800cal until end of March!
    @redrockgirl302 – 800cal until end of March!
    @fatrabbit – – 800cal until end of March!
    @coda – 800cal until end of March!

    It’s the final charge, let’s do THIS………….……………..ONWARD!!!!!!!

    Day 30, Switzerland, NFD

    @johnnyr I’m new to this, but would I be right in reading 2:5 as 2 days eating and 5 days fasting? If I’m right, I’m in awe! You’re reporting some terrific results …. Good luck.

    Good luck to everyone 🙂

    Day 31 – NZ – FD

    Day 30 Belfast FD
    Well and truly back on the wagon and joining you all for a second FD.
    @gopackgo get well soon and look after yourself!
    @nella Jimanez hang on tight! A new month and a new start is just around the corner.
    So pocketeers…
    @debster251 (b2b)
    Onwards and downwards. Together we are strong!

    Day 30 Portugal FD

    Yesterday’s FD went fairly well, perhaps a little over but certainly not over 800 calories. So I thought I would try another FD today, even at 800 cal. Really want to finish the month off a little lower than I started. Weigh in on Saturday and then the April challenge. Have a good day fasters and non fasters.
    Thanks @at and @okeydokey for your comments. Stitches out and healing nicely, the dentist said. No pain, that was the main thing!! @fatrabbit, how did it go?

    Day 30 UK NFD

    Day 30, Germany, FD

    I am overeating these days on my NFDs, besides I am stressed out because of my master thesis 😐 feel like things are out of my control.

    Day 30 NFD country west Australia
    A beautiful crisp sunny autumn day. I have a house full of guests, which I love, and have been cooking all yesterday and today, which I love.
    I have mindfully eaten bread, chocolates, cheese, quiche and… where once I would have enjoyed it all, whilst I enjoyed some of it, I actually just feel bloated and bloinky. But it isn’t a ‘bad’ day or a ‘ disaster’ or an ‘off the wagon’ day, it is simply a day.
    Planning to be mindful tomorrow.

    Day 30 Melbourne NFD

    Day 30 London – NFD

    2 more days of March left! Yesterday was my last FD for March and I’m feeling slightly dehydrated, so will be working on drinking on the hour, every hour today and tomorrow and hoping to build that into a habit.

    Good luck to all finishing the month strong and squeezing in another FD or two. I’m really looking forward to seeing the final spreadsheet with everyone’s progress!

    Thanks to each and every one of you for all the advice, support and all the heartfelt, funny, interesting and informative posts over the past month, it’s been so enjoyable to read about everyone’s lives and also to be part of each others success!

    Day 30……Florida….. FD

    I’m reining this beast in today…… I have no more excuses! I probably shouldn’t have done it but I step on the scales and I’m almost two pounds up from where I started the month at.
    I probably should kick my self but I’m going to chalk it up to it is what it is. So, now it’s time, to get crackin.

    I’m going to stay on FD today and tomorrow, so that I can start April with some vigor.

    Thank you for the support everyone!

    Pease be with you!

    Day 30 – Perth, W.Aust – NFD
    Day 29 – NFD

    Gearing up for my last FD of the month, plan to go out strong, kind and fabulous!

    Day 30- Queensland, Australia – NFD.

    End of the day here. Winding down for bed. Another non-fast day tomorrow, and last weigh-in for the challenge tomorrow morning.

    Happy fasting/non-fasting, everyone!

    Day 30 Australia NFD

    Day 30, London, UK, FD
    Day 28 & 29 NFD

    Going ok. Last fast day this month – I’ll do the month’s weight loss & inches lost (hopefully) tomorrow. After the recent articles in the press, I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to be eating 500, 600, 700 or 800 calories on a fast day. Can anyone clarify?

    We’ve got an event at work today, with nibbles!! I’m hoping I can be too busy helping out to eat, and I’ve got to rush off to go to my Barre Concept class. Then grapes & orange before bed.

    Day30-Chester UK NFD

    Not checked in since the weekend. @at I’m calling March today. Since Saturday and a birthday meal it’s been non stop socialising. Mother’s Day, lunch with friends Monday etc. We’re on holiday and doing lots of walking up and down Welsh hills. There are lambs in the field next to the house and the stream opposite is bubbling merrily. I’m too relaxed and peaceful to pay much attention to my diet. I planned a FD for Tuesday but that didn’t work when my OH decided to cook us a full English breakfast as a treat! Rest of the week is much the same. I’ll just pick it up again in April. So final loss for March will be 6lbs (as of 24th).

    30th Derbyshire uk today’s a none fasting day. This is my first week and I’ve done two FD’s – Monday and Wednesday. I’m really happy that I’ve actually got through them!! 😀😀😀. Yesterday’s fast was hard as I’d had a touch of insomnia the night before – I think it’s an intolerance to something I eat maybe some preservatives or flavourings in foods – I try to keep an eye on it. So, I woke up late and had a headache, but I thought to myself if I can get through this fast feeling like I do then future fasts won’t be so bad. I took advice from these boards and had a couple of hot drinks made from veg stock with a bit of chilli flakes and lots of salt and pepper in them

    Well done all of you losers 🍷🎉🎉

    Day 30 West Midlands, UK ……..FD

    Last FD for March for me.

    I’m doing 4:3 at the moment to get rid of my Christmas ( yes I did say Christmas ! ) weight. I might continue this into April depending on the weight loss.

    Day 30, USA, Missouri Ozarks, NFD

    Today’s weight 141.2, below goal weight of 145.

    Planning a day of yard work if the ground isn’t too wet. Plan to divide some of my giant hostas to share with a friend.

    Will have lots of time to exercise so looking forward to that. When I step into the exercise room, I go ahhh…. Much like stepping into my hot bubble bath. Used to feel the same about a glass of wine at night but gave that up several years ago as decided I didn’t need the wasted calories or puffy face in the morning, get the same health benefit from red grapes.

    Whatever your plans, keep smiling ! Somebody, somewhere, wishes they were you.

    Day 30, Germany, FD

    @gopackgo hope you get well soon!

    Day 30 – NSW- Aust – NFD
    Ate some crap today I’m a bit off the raíls this week…
    Good luck everyone as we reach this months finísh line

    Day 30 – FD – Toronto
    Day 29 – FD – Toronto

    On my second day of my second b2b this week (and second ever!). I’m digging this. It’s going well. Feeling good. I will report March loss tomorrow :). Prepped meals definitely making this easy.

    Hi UK day 30 BSD

    Sorry guys still not got caught up – where does the time go? Was in bed last night at 9.30 pm not sure if it was loosing an hour for daylight savings but have been so tired this week so an early night last night. Tiredness and mindful eating do not go hand in hand!

    Day 30 Chicago, Illinois USA – NFD

    Day 30 – USA (Illinois) – FD

    Greetings fellow WOL’ers. I’m chipping away at my couple pounds up to keep at 160#. Was 161.2 this morning so thought I would do a FD. My 6:1 maintenance is going pretty much as I expected. Hardest days are those NFD’s to make them CD’s!

    @okeydokey – and others who are right at you goal, it will be nice to support each other through April to maintain. We can do this and keep our weight off!

    @dykask – I’m the same with FD’s dehydrating me. But that water weight that came off through my 5:2 months contributed to the fat coming off too. Yeah!

    @bert1802 – try not to overanalyze your fellow workers who got your work nemesis to quit. So what if that was what they wanted to happen? Just be happy that you can go to a work place that is calmer and you have less stress. Hopefully they will hire a new worker who is much better.

    @gopackgo – hopefully all that medicine will knock out all those awful germs and get you to feeling better. Our Utah daughter is getting over strep, very in tune with her body, and will be happy to finish her amoxicillin. We sympathize with you!

    @flourbaby – love your quotes and comments. You make me smile.

    @schatziii – I feel for you and your thesis! I finished my PhD dissertation in the midst of my elderly parents both having strokes and dying in 2009. There is enough stress with a committee making you do the re-writes who needs to add anything? I feel for you and I’m with you!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 30 USA-WA NFD
    I want to call today an “eat mindfully”‘day instead of a NFD to find that balance of not fasting but keeping with the goal of a strong finish. Had a really good FD yesterday. If I stop eating a bit before bed, it’s much better and I sleep better. Have a good fast pocketeers!

    Day 30 Maine FD

    Good Morning All! We’re finally home – such a long ride! And, more snow predicted for fri/sat. Yikes! Looking forward to a long “therapy” walk today. Fast Day yesterday went really well – coffee & water all day, then stopped at 5 for dinner of salad & grilled salmon. More water & tea. Have to grocery shop today – that will be a challenge on a FD!

    @gopackgo – hope you feel better quickly – amazed you’re doing as much as you are – sounds like you should still be in bed! Lots of fluids!

    @bert1802 – really interesting news – sounds like a major frustration is finally being resolved – good for you! Reset button pushed in a big way!

    Make it a super day, all!

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