31 Day March 2017 Challenge

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31 Day March 2017 Challenge

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  • Sorry @at for the late final post, ended up being the cook at a kids camp in the weekend as the regular cook fell ill. Final weight for March 73.3, a loss of 2kg. Thank you for your wise counsel over the month.

    @wacm – never too late! data all inputted – great job dropping those 2kg! Are you joining us for the April Challenge? lots of familiar names and a lot of new ones to keep us on our toes too!!
    Thank you for your kind words – stay with us for another challenge and you might surprise yourself with what you can achieve and you will get lots of support from the group – personally I would never have got to my goal and kept maintaining it without the group support since November 2016 – Just remember that
    “A little progress each day adds up to big results”

    Thanks @at

    Sorry, wrong place – moved to the April thread.

    Day 23 Chicago, Illinois USA – NFD

    Day 24 – FD

    Day 16- USA- FD

Viewing 6 posts - 3,251 through 3,256 (of 3,256 total)

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