30 Day April 2017 Challenge

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30 Day April 2017 Challenge

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  • Hey 👋 all,
    So it’s April and it’s a new challenge. We’re continuing the health and weight loss inspiration started by Coda May 2016. Some of you have had experience from earlier challenges and know how this works but for all you wonderful new people, this is what we do.
    Start your daily post with the day of the month, where you are, and if you are doing a FD (Fast day) or a NFD (Non Fast Day). Example for me is Day 1 – USA – FD. Then add any comment you want to make. ✨Only if you want you could also add a word or 2 that describes how you are feeling or doing daily.😊
    I will check you off a list daily so you know someone is looking out for you, and at the end of the month we all put in our loss, gain or the fact we maintained our goal and I will publish the results of our team effort.
    We also have little pocketeers groups that have separate challenges throughout the month, but those you will learn about and join throughout the month if you want extra support for your challenge. So sign up and sign in ✨😊☀️We’re getting closer to summer weather and summer clothing.✨Let’s make it a successful month. ✨👏👍☀️Just reply to this post and I will add you to my list.
    Any questions let me know!

    ☀️✨Warmest Wishes and Good Luck,

    “Learn from yesterday, Live for today and Hope for tomorrow” Albert Einstein

    ☀️✨✨Together We are Stronger!✨✨☀️

    In for April.
    Besides not eating what do I do ?

    Just an fyi. I’m okeydokeys husband and all around towel expert. I’ve been doing the 5-2 for about 3 .5 months now and I’m down about 20 us pounds/ 1.4 stone.

    In for April 🙂

    Anyone else on the forum from New Zealand doing this? I’m in Dunedin.

    I only WISH it were getting closer to summer here – for us, it’s nearly the end of Daylight Savings time, and the heaters are getting turned on more now! Brrrr! Here comes winter!


    Count me in!

    And Ford Prefect – love it. I’m reading HGTTG to my sons right now.

    ✨Getting ready for April ✨
    Welcome @fordprefect I know you’ve been doing the 5:2 for a while now with success 😊This month can even be better. Glad to see you joined our group! ✨😊✨
    Welcome @lethally. Glad you are here! We have people in the March group that I believe will be joining the April group that are from New Zealand. I believe @triplet and @pugalug are also from New Zealand. Since this is an International group; we each will be getting ready for something in our place in the world. ✨Being healthy, ✨fit and happy will make our experience so much better. I try to remember that the sun is always there ☀️even if it is hidden behind the clouds. Besides keeping warm on cold days ❄️can be fun and romantic😊

    ✨✨Getting Ready for something Great! Together we are Stronger✨We can make it Happen!✨✨

    @gopackgo You are counted in!👏👏 Very glad to continue on with you another month. 😊HGTTG favorite books and movies around are house 🙂

    Count me in when we get there please ! 😆😆

    In for April too. Started 3 weeks ago. FD today- also went for a long walk- tired girl this evening. London was glorious today.

    Okeydokey you are gracious to host our April challenge. Two more FD’s for me in March and then away we go again!

    Count me in for April – and thank you so much for taking on the challenge. We are a rowdy bunch, ya know !

    Melbourne Australia
    Count me in too. Just to give you a head start my goal for April is to fast 2 days per week. Looking forward to the support and many thanks @okeydokey and welcome @fordprefect – love it!

    Thankyou okeydokey for creating this April challenge. @lethally, I am from the Waikato,NZ. Still pretty warm up here. Another storm last night with heavy rain and high wind. Fine today but more bad weather heading our way.Its been a very wet not so hot summer in the Waikato.

    Hi @okeydokey,

    I am in for April. Thank you very much for hosting this new challenge. 😊🌸😊

    Hi I’m in 😊
    Thanks for hosting xx

    Hi @okeydokey,

    Please count me in for April! Thanks for hosting us!

    Please count me in for April. This month is going to be my kickstart back into losing again I just know it!

    Count me in Okeydokey & thank you for hosting in April!

    Hi- I’m new to this. I’ve tried other diets and they all seem to complicated. I’m a fairly healthy eater, but eat too much. I don’t have a lot to lose, but nonetheless, I just can’t seem to lose the 10 lbs. I’m planning on starting in April and could really use the support. One concern I have is I’m back in the workforce after many years home with kids. It will be hard to function if I have headaches, faintness, etc. Do you feel awful on this diet? Any tips for the first week? Thanks everyone and good luck!

    Count me in. I have to figure out what my goal will be for April. Probably keeping below 80kg most days …

    @okeydokey – add me in for continued maintenance. Hard to believe I’ve been on 5:2 for just over a year and began with @coda on the May ’16 challenge, been on them ever since! Thank you so much for taking the reins, and nice to meet your OH @fordprefect.

    Yes i will start April 1.I have already done the prep and am ready to start.4kilos in April.Giving it away!

    Please count me in for April. Had started in January but fell off the wagon. I am back on the diet from today.

    Hi 🌈 Please sign me up will post stats and monthly goal on day 1. Thanks for hosting! X 🌷

    Hello @okeydokey

    THANK YOU for hosting the 30 Day April 2017 Challenge

    Please count me in for the April Challenge – my goal remains to keep below my target weight of 55kg – so I’m aiming to be a happy maintainer for a 5th month 😁

    Welcome onboard to your OH aka @fordprefect!!

    It will be lovely seeing many old “faces” here and also to welcome so many new ones…..


    Hello @okeydokey,

    Please count me in for April – thank you so much for hosting. Good to have @fordprefect on board – I sense a sense of humour…..

    Together we are Stronger!!!

    Hi, thanks for hosting.

    I am in for April. My aim Is to stick to the 5/2 for 6 weeks. I am suffering with a bad back and feel about 104, it’s time to try something new.

    Today will be FD 1

    Thanks Okey Dokey…count me in xoxo

    Hi can I join I’m in sunny Derbyshire in U.K. I’m 65 and it’s my first FD today :Monday 27th March. I’ve tried 5:2 before in 2013 and slid off the wagon. I’m hoping I can do it this time – I’m more settled in my life. In everything I read, all the evidence points to fasting for weight loss and health and avoiding all those scary age related things like Alzheimer’s, which my mum has and her two sisters – even though I know it’s not hereditary, I want to do my best to not put myself in the firing line for it by doing my best to keep healthy, slim and fit
    My husband has been doing 5:2 since 2013 and now maintains his weight. He swears by it, Me? I’ve tried to do it with him and and as I say gave up and since then have dallied with all sorts of plans, diets and no diets, putting weight on in the process and hoping that it would all disappear through osmosis – well, guess what? It didn’t: nothing has worked!!

    So here I am determined to give it a good go. I’ve like the idea of a monthly challenge to keep me going

    Oxfordshire UK

    Please count me in for this challenge. 💐 Many thanks for hosting this. 💐

    Yay, it’s up! Very much looking forward to April. Midway-through I will meet my sister for Easter/my birthday in London but on all the other days, weekdays and weekends I shall observe 5:2 (or rather 4:3 these days).

    Thanks, @okeydokey, for hosting us! I’ll post starting and goal weights on 1 April.

    Thanks for hosting! The forum is so helpful and I’m in!

    What a great idea, sign me up! Thanks for hosting!!! Will post on April 1.

    Please count me in for April, I will be maintaining while trying to build some chest muscles, so will be experimenting with some fast exercise too!

    Thankyou for hosting, I’m sure we’ll keep you busy!

    Welcome all and thanks for joining.✨✨ Most recently joining✨😊 @tillergirl @speakeasy @steffieagle @lindasue @onahealthyhigh @pamie @redrockgirl302 @missj2002 @metatauta @lany36 @annemarilyn @boneyjoni @dykask @songbirdme @sixtyfivebysixtyfive @rahul1905 @lynzm @at @strawberriesandcream @robn @goldensun @hereigo @obesa @skinnylove @krisnia @hhq This is getting exciting! ✨😊 I’m looking forward to a great April together!😊✨

    Count me in, after piling on 10kg with the menopause I’ve lost a bit of weight with conventional calorie counting, exercise & a truck load of willpower but it’s been like pulling teeth. This method appears to be a lot more sustainable which is important when your weight loss is very slow. You never know it may even gee up my metabolism, also the other added health benefits really appeal to me, anything that will help me stay diabetes, heart disease & cancer free with all my marbles is a bonus! 😜👍

    March went well (apart from the Mothers’ Day blip), so please count me in. My aim is to loose an average of 1lb a week. Not ambitious, I know, but I don’t want to put too much pressure on me and just have a slow downward trend which I think I can manage. And I hope a slow but sure weight loss will mean it will stay off better, or at least I’ll be able to maintain it better without having to constantly diet and count calories – I can just about manage 2 days a week.

    After over 40 years of yo-yo weight loss-gain and numerous diets, I stopped caring about my weight. Last year I had a mental breakdown and one good thing to come pout of it was a reduced appetite and 3 stone weight loss. It plateaued, so thought I might as well try and loose another 3 stone and I think this might be the diet to help me achieve that. I’m not in a hurry, as long as the trend is downwards weight.

    Perfect timing for me (the April Challenge). Today is a FD for me, but will start posting April 1

    Hi Okeydokey – count me in – and many thanks for taking the challenge over for April – looks like we are going to have some fun! Welcome @fordprefect aka @okeydokey‘s husband lol. My Dad’s first car was a Ford Prefect – pity he hadn’t kept it.

    Hi I am just starting 5.2 this week but i would love to take part in the
    April challenge

    Hey 👋All,
    Welcome to our April Challenge Group

    @fordprefect Thank-you for asking. Other members of the group will be interested also.

    ✨To all in our group!✨

    ✨✨On April 1✨✨
    My post will be Day 1 – US – FD or NFD or BSD for people who are on the blood sugar plan.
    ✨Also we need to add our weight for the first date.
    ✨Add our goal weight for the end of April.
    ✨and if you like, share something about yourself, a couple words about how your doing. Ask questions or share Information about what you’ve learned about the 5:2 and or different plans of Dr. Mosley. Or about fast days and or non fast days in general.

    @speakeasy Congratulations ✨🎉on your FD along with your long walk!
    @steffieagle Good ✨Luck on your fast days for the end of March!😊
    @lindasue ✨Thank-you! I wouldn’t be able to do this without the wonderful group!😊
    @onahealthyhigh✨Sounds like the 5:2 is working for you! ✨Keep on, Keepin on!✨
    @pamie ✨Glad to see you here. And you are from New Zealand like @lethally. I’ve heard NZ is beautiful and a lot of fun things to do.
    Welcome ✨✨@redrockgirl302 ✨Thanks for joining.😊✨
    @boneyjoni Welcome to the group!😊✨for the 5:2 plan, there are 2 FD’s. On a fast day (FD) you can still eat 500 -600calories. Some people find having a salad with low cal. dressing and mostly vegetables works with grilled chicken possibly. By staying away from the carbs. my body shifts into fat burning mode and the light headedness goes away. It’s burning off the carbs and waiting to get into fat burning mode that can sometimes cause me to feel dizzy. Drinking plenty of water and tea or a little coffee in the morning can work. You can also choose when to have the 500-600 during the day. Many people in the group have great ideas for FD’s things to eat. As well as NFD’s.
    Foods for FD’s might be a salad as I mentioned before. Celery, avocado slice(s) tomatoes, cucumber, most vegetables. Cup of bouillon in the evening. I drink a warm cup of lemon 🍋 with stevia in the evening. I’m looking forward to many people sharing their FD food information and how they are coming along.
    You could choose to fast on the weekend. Not as much fun as having a NFD on the weekend though.😊✨keep me posted on how it’s going!✨😊
    @dykask ✨Thanks for joining. ✨Goal to maintain under 80 kg?
    @songbirdme Thank-you for joining.✨Congratulations for being on the Challenges since @coda started the groups in May of 2016. How long have you maintained your goal weight?
    @sixtyfivebysixtyfive Ready to give away 4 kilos this month! 😊✨I’m ready to give away 10 more lbs this month. ✨
    @rahul1905 ✨Glad you are back and glad you are here.✨👍
    @lynzm Glad to see you here😊Your Welcome!
    @at Glad to see you here. Congratulations ✨🎉on your 4 months maintenance! ✨Working on your 5th months of maintenance this month 👏✨👍

    ✨✨Together We Are Stronger😊😊

    Me too please……I haven’t been too good at this WOL lately and hope to DO BETTER in April, fingers crossed.
    Thanks Okeydokey!

    I would like to continue on to the April Challenge. My goal is to lose 5 pounds for April. Thank you.

    Hi @okeydokey – thank you so much for hosting for April. Please add me to the list. I feel like I’m in a good place with 4:3, and hope to add elements of the BSD Mediterranean diet and 16:8 (although I think that’s what I said last month too!). Will add weight and goals on Saturday when we kick off!

    I would like to be counted in as well, please!
    So far have only been a lurker on this forum, and it’s about time I changed into an active participant 🙂 My goal is to continue to do AFD, post everyday, not stress about the scales, and hopefully lose about 4 pounds by the end of the month. I find that hearing from all you lovely fasting people is a good reminder that one should be in this for the long run….
    Thanks for hosting @okeydokey !

    Hi I’d like to join the April challenge. Just started the second week of the diet lost 2.75 lb on the first week. I’m finding the fasting not as bad as I thought but really crave sugary foods when not fasting, hopping I can get into a routine quickly.
    Good luck everyone.

    Hi @okeydokey I’d like to continue and join the April group please. Thank you for coordinating it 👍🏻

    Day 0 – PA USA – FD
    4 days count down until ✨✨April challenge✨✨
    ✨✨Getting Ready for April✨✨
    I’ve started the spreadsheet to help us stay on goal and show our awesome successes for April.✨ I’ve added the information that I have so far.
    ✨If you could go ahead and add your location. For instance mine is PA, US. I will add that. We won’t have our starting weight until April 1😊

    So glad to see all the participation and it’s not even April yet😊

    Thank-you All for joining. 😊
    @hhq @fayefaye Wishing you Good Luck for your April Goals!
    @jaxter I’ve lost the most weight on this plan! It works and it’s doable.✨
    @helenalee Congratulations on your March loss of weight! You can do this again! Forward and downward!😊🎉
    @mulville ✨Thank-you for joining and ✨Welcome!✨
    @coda ✨Your Welcome and Thank-you! ✨Looks like we are going to have some fun!😊 I keep remembering we lose more weight when we are happy😊when we exercise and we make better food choices.😊
    @graciem ✨Thank-you for joining!✨
    @ciren2 this could be your month.
    @chitown gal I will note it on the speadsheet.✨
    @ann…exhale ✨Thank-you for joining😊 sounds like a good plan.✨
    @moppet ✨So glad you are here and wonderful about you getting more involved. ✨ADF seems to have worked well for a lot of people in the March challenge with the @at group!
    @stevetoontaxidriver Thank-you for joining the April Challenge. I have found later in the day or the 2nd day of fasting craving for sugary foods subside. We can become addicted to sugar, it’s the brain that’s addicted. The body does much better without simple sugars! Drinking water 💦 every half hour if possible or atleast 4 large cups, 8 small cups will help. 😊✨👍Wishing you well!
    @suse13 ✨Thank-you for joining! You are welcome!

    ✨✨Looking forward to a great April, reaching our goals!✨
    ✨✨Together we are Stronger✨✨

    Thanks Okey Dokey… I’m in xoxo

    @lethally, several Kiwis here! I’m kiwi – born n bred, but now live in Melbourne (over 30 years). Planning to show off the stunning South Island to my OH in the next couple of years. I got down as far as Oamaru and Lake Tekapo, as a child, and I am keen to see Dunedin, Invercargill, Queenstown and Fiordland. Welcome! And to all new to the challenge! It might be cold where you live, but it’s warm right here 😉

    And a Huge Thank You to @okeydokey for taking the reins – big job.

    Greatest five part trilogy ever written.

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