30 Day April 2017 Challenge

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30 Day April 2017 Challenge

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  • I’m here…. oh yes I am….. I say it again louder with authority….. I am here!

    Let’s see, I’m looking at shooting for 5 lbs again this month, well I really want 10lbs but my friends in the March challenge says aiming for 1lb a week was good. So that’s what I am a shooting for.

    Okaydokey…. Thank you for hosting! The way it starting to look, you got your work cut out for you!

    AT….. I could not have done March without you! You are a expectional leader!

    Mr. okeydokey aka Fordperfect….. welcome to our group! Quick question, what does a towel expert do? I’ve never met one before…..

    All other newbies Welcome, Welcome to the ride that never ends. So climb a board, buckle your belt, your in for the ride of a lifetime. On this ride you will laugh, hopefully not cry, find friends all over the world, receive support, congrats and learn more about yourself then any other time in your life.

    Boneyjoni…… your first couple days will be rough but it will pass. These days your body is just mad because of the changes you are making but it will settle down. Two things, that you should have with you at all times Water and Gum, they will be your saving grace! I’ve been doing this since Oct., and I still carrying them with me at all times! I’m up to a pack and a half a week! Lol

    Silly me, I hit the submit button before I was finished. Now, I can’t find my posts.

    Please count me in….. I’m going to have to regroup and try this again!

    I have no ending yet, I’m gonna have to find one, so bear with me, I’ll get one soon!

    I’m taking this in small steps. My challenge for April is to get to 78kg.

    Im in!

    New Zealand…still not quite Day 1

    Hi Okeydokey
    I’m not sure if you got my name for the April challenge

    Thanks for taking the lead this time round, I’m feeling more positive at the end of March than I have all month. I suspect I’ve finally fallen off the edge of my LOOOONG plateau and I’m expecting good things for April. So please count me in and I look forward to checking in with you and reporting good progress this coming month.

    Hello. Please add me to the April Challenge (1 less day than March – should be a snap!).
    Thanks to @okeydokey for managing the challenge.
    Ill post my starting weight and goal on March 31 when I know what my end date is for the March challenge!
    Good luck all.


    Please count me in as well. I am from Cairns, Australia and aiming to do the 5:2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Today is my first day of fasting and so far so good.

    Hope to see this through.


    I’m from British Columbia, Canada..:)
    I”m new to the 5:2 diet so any helpful tips would be great!
    I”m excited to start this challenge!

    Hi. Please count me in and thank you for hosting the April challenge.

    Please count me in! I’m going to need support to get through Easter being a reformed chocaholic!

    Hi okeydokey Count me in please , I will be approaching April with renewed enthusiasm I’m going to aim high and say a pound a week so 4lb loss in April ,see you Saturday x

    Hi okeydokey, count me in please. Thanks for hosting in April xxx

    Hi please count me into the April challenge . Thanks to OkeyDokey for offering to host it. . I am new to 5:2 the last 2 weeks and finding it a revelation so far! I have been following the forums and taking great encouragement from all the comments and experiences! So far have had 5 fast days and lost almost 6 pounds so very motivated to continue. I live in the U.K. Going on holiday for 2 weeks in April to Australia to visit my daughter so that will no doubt be a challenge! Good luck everyone!

    Please count me in for April as Marchs challenge has kept me motivated. Won’t know the result yet as my monthly weigh in will be on the 1st of April.
    Am another kiwi from Auckland, NZ.

    Please add me to the challenge. I just started yesterday- but I feel like I could use the extra support. I am from New Hampshire- US. Thanks!

    Hi I’m in Derbyshire uk 🇬🇧 am I right in adding to this today – should I be putting this elsewhere on this forum?
    Yesterday was my first fast day and I got through it!!!!!!! I’m pleased with myself because I’ve done a fast and i got through it and I didn’t give into to my hunger. I had a bit of a lingering headache and I drank lots of water and it’s gone this morning. I had a funny taste in my mouth yday too. I realised this morning that I have a fear (almost) of being hungry – I don’t know where it comes from – maybe growing up poor and always having to clean our plate and not waste food. I also equate not eating, starving myself with being ill and having a stomach bug

    I’m in. Looking forward to joining in.

    Hi all,

    I also like to join the april challenge!
    I started the 5:2/4:3 about three weeks ago and already lost some cm’s.
    Im currently doing an exchange in Asia for a few months and would like to come back as a slimmer me! I do not have fixed fasting days since I have a very flexible social activities schedule but I try to fit in two or three fastingdays a week since I have about 40 pounds (20 kg) to lose.
    I’m originally from the Netherlands (and a kiwi by heart, since I partly grew up in Dunedin) but currently living in Asia. Im in my mid-twenties. Are there more 20-something fellowfasters on this forum?

    Thanks @okeydokey for hosting April’s challenge. I’d like to join in and will post my goal on Saturday.

    Hi @okeydokey, thanks you for taking care of us all in April. I would like to join in. Oh dear, a fly just jumped into my coffee, I’ll try to save it.

    It survived, it’s really cute to see, how such a tiny thing is cleaning itself with those thin legs.

    Hi, please count me in for the April challenge. March’s has really helped me to stay on track. Thanks for coordinating this!

    Hi Okeydokey, please count me in for the April challenge and many thanks for hosting. I started the 5:2 a couple of years ago but have gradually fallen by the wayside. Back on it now, today is my first FD. I’m in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I need to weigh myself this week to get my starting weight…can anyone recommend decent and affordable bathroom scales (UK)?! Cheers x

    Day 28 Florida USA FD
    I’m completing the March challenge. Please add me to the April 30/day. Thanks for being the admin.

    Hello, just joined today. Please count me in for April – thanks! ☺️

    @okeydokey – I got to 160# right before Thanksgiving, mid-November, so it took me 8 months on 5:2 to lose 33 pounds. It’s been maintenance since then. The Ides of March was my anniversary of starting. (My ominous reminder of how out of control my body had become at age 67!) My BMI is right at 25 now, that’s not great but good enough to be at the top of “normal” at least!

    These challenges have been wonderful for help and camaraderie!

    Thanks so much @okeydokey – count me in for April. My goal is to lose 4 lbs – I go back to work mid-April, so it’ll be interesting to see what affect that has on my new WOL. I’ll weigh & record on 4/1. I look forward to all your motivational posts & thank @at for all of March’s data & motivation. Thanks to all fellow fasters on forum – informative, entertaining & most of all, supportive! it really is a small world.

    I would like to take part in the April challenge please.

    I would also like to take part in the April challenge.
    My husband & I are starting this week on Thurs & Frid as I want to be busy so that is when I work & He wants it on is days off. Well that’s what we think this week we may change our minds by the weekend!!
    I want to get down to 59kgs so have about 7kgs to lose.
    Unfortunately, it is not accurate I know but I cannot get weight at the start of the diet (any diet) as I get really low about what weight I am.
    Therefore, I am going on how much I was the last time I was weighed (a couple of weeks ago) plus a bit as I know I have gone up a bit more.
    Rearing to get started & get back into those clothes that are at the back of the wardrobe!

    Count me in please! Thanks for hosting this month. Will post goal and stats on the 1st.

    I’ll also be joining the April challenge. I started the 5:2 on 31st January 2017 at 86kg, and today am 80.1kg. I’m eventually aiming for 70kg but will be happy to see 78kg at the end of April.
    Thanks for hosting!

    Thanks, OkeyDokey for coordinating. I’d love to join for April — I started this journey with a February challenge and reached my goals in both Feb and March, but till have 10 pounds to go. I don’t feel deprived or that I am on a diet (which we are not as this is a WOL to a long, healthy life). I will post my new goals on day 1. I think the support and accountability helped me with my success. Have a wonderful day.

    @annnursekirk – if the scales affect your mood don’t weigh – just go by the fit of some clothes. Pick a pair of trousers (not with an elasticated waist band lol) that are either tight, can’t button or can’t get past your knees. and every week just try them on. The scales as we have discussed on previous challenges can make or break a day because we let them. If they are down the mood is good but we all relate to when they show a gain – we throw a tantrum and most often we turn to food which we don’t want anyway. The scales are just a number and they can vary so much for all sorts of reasons but if they have a negative impact don’t worry about not using them. Others have found they are quite happy without them.

    ✨Looking forward to April! ✨Thank-you for joining! ✨I’m so glad we are here to continue to support each other. ✨
    @jaxter I’m with you! I’d like to stear clear of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and 🤣”keep my marbles”😊

    @hereigo I noticed when I started in March that I had an issue about going to bed hungry and fearful of not having enough food. I can share what I did to solve the issue. Being aware that you have an issue helps. I have a hypnotic tapping program that helps to get rid of the fears around being hungry. If your interested I can give you the information about the program. Let me know if you want it. In order for me to sleep without eating first I have 3 different things that help me to get a good night 💤 sleep 😴 For me sometimes it can take all 3. Warm lemon 🍋 water and Stevia, SLEEP by Neuro, Magnesium oil sprayed on the bottoms of my feet.😊 It’s worth it for me to stay on track with my FD or NFD or BSD

    Thanks for joining! Glad you are here @helenalee @mulville @gracie.m

    @coda looks like a fun group!😊 I believe ✨✨We got This!✨✨

    @annnursekirk @coda and I agree; if the scales cause distress I won’t have to have your weight. I can see how being involved to improve your health. ✨
    If you’d like to go by dress, or trouser size. I can put that on the spreadsheet. Or if you want to keep your trouser, slack size anonymous, I don’t have to record it.😊 Either way, by being in our group and trying you will have the opportunity to be happier and I believe healthier and to reach your goal.✨
    @snowflake 🤣 Thanks for the smile you gave me when I read your post.😊 You are kind hearted.💛 I’m thinking if that happened to me it might be away of losing my appetite.😊
    @ciren2 Be kind to yourself. As long as you try, your better off than if you hadn’t tried. 🤗 Hugs to you!

    ✨Thank-you for joining. @steve toon taxi driver @biddiev @bert1802 @pamie @suse13 @christabelle @lany36
    @jennferb @unrudimental @smiles77 @jamba61 @elektron @mrsgettingthere @mia139 @pugalug @krigano @zoyazoya @happyslim @pashaw @snowflake56 @cleo120 @belfastsink @mogaman @hkat @songbirdme @scs @chris274 @annnursekirk @debster251 @rachel @erikaa67 @coda ✨✨

    I’ve updated our spreadsheet with the present information✨

    ✨Together we are Stronger!✨✨
    ✨✨We got This!✨✨
    Thank-you in advance✨
    ✨It’s Going to be a ✨✨Great April!✨

    Hi everyone. Have you room for another? I started the 5:2 last week as I have gained 18 pounds since August and it just isn’t shifting! I’m needing some serious willpower to manage my huge appetite!!!! I’ve found the first three FDs fine but I’m still overeating on the NFDs, so no weight lost yet. Oh, and I live in Glasgow. 🙂

    Thank you Okeydokey.
    My goal is my size 10 trousers & for my size 12 dresses to hang off no cling to my hips. My latest trousers are a 14. However, they were only scruff order ones not good ones as now not buying anything until I get down to my goad weight for my 60th in June.

    Hi @okeydokey and others!

    I will be here with you for the new month challenge 🙂 thanks for all ur support and presence!

    ✨Thank-you for joining @nicpic @schatziii
    @annnursekirk I can see how just being involved in doing the NFD (non fast days) and FD (fast days) is worth doing for your health✨ Good Luck to you 💛✨ We are here to support you.🌈✨

    Reply to FordPrefect

    Just wait, and you’ll lose 42 pounds.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist. watched the Hitchhiker’s Guide movie just las week).

    I am in for April.

    Hi gang!

    I am new to the 5:2, but very keen to commit to it! I would love to join you all for April – I hope speaking with you all will help keep me accountable.

    I am a generally healthy vegetarian but, over the last few years my weight has kept on creeping up. Now is the time to sort it all out!

    I look forward to going on this journey with all of you!

    Tomorrow is the first day of my 5:2 diet so I thought I’d join in the April challenge. I have tried for 25 years to lose weight with limited success and as I am 60 this year, this time I really need to succeed. I’m tired of avoiding clothes shopping and going out in public with my husband. Any help and advice anyone can give me will be gratefully read and acted on!

    @larrynyc Awesome. Read the books you will.rola over laughing

    Hi @okeydokey please count me in for April challenge. Have about 30lbs total to lose. Would like to lose 8lbs in April. Think I could do it. Need to replace battery in scale as Cruella (my scale; I named it) died two days ago. I don’t miss her but I should replace her battery at some point.

    Minnnesota. USA – count me in!! I’m always up for a challenge.

    Hi OkeyDokey
    thanks in advance for taking us all on. Please count me in for accountable April.


    @okeydokey Hello!

    I would like to participate please. I’ve had a tough time sticking to any diet plan and have attempted various styles of fasting more than once. Despite many failed attempts, I still suspect fasting will work wonderfully and somehow I will be able to do it.

    Maybe a little support will help keep me on track. I had tried EOD (“every other day” also called ADF) but did not last longer than a week!

    I really hope I can get on well with 5:2 and drop the weight (yet again, for the 6th time in my life?).

    Age: 32 years old.
    Gender: Female.
    Height: 5 foot 3.5 inches
    Weight: 170lbs
    Goal Weight Range: 135-145lbs

    I live in California, USA.

    Thank you!

    Please count me in joined the Nov Dec challenge then lost the plot
    My aim is to stick to it

    Thanks for hosting and please count me in. Will post targets etc at the end of the month after I see if i have been successful at shedding another pound in March

    Hey I would like to be counted into the April group please I’m new and I have a wedding to attend in May this would really help me and I’m in for a challenge. Thank you 😊

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