31 Day January 2017 Challenge

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31 Day January 2017 Challenge

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  • I am really hoping I can stick to this diet, and it really works. It seems like I am just purley frusterated wanting to loose weight, but only gaining more. I know once I get in the “zone” I can do it as I ahve done it before with juicing, etc…….I think I just need to stay focused, and see results. ……
    please help.

    Hi AH0200,

    While you can eat anything you want with 5:2, some foods make it easy and some foods make it hard to achieve success. Try and avoid sugar at all costs. Avoid grain based carbs like bread, pasta, breakfast cereal, pizza. Avoid juice, its just sugar with all the fibre removed. Avoid potatoes.

    Get your carbs from veggies, some whole fruits, beans, legumes. Fats like cheese, avocadoes, full fat low sugar yogurt. Some meats and fish. Nuts like brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts. Not cashews, sugar content too high.

    Read the labels on cans of food. More than about 5% sugar, put it back on the shelf.

    Good luck, it works if you give it a genuine go.

    Fuvvie – count me in for January. Will post goal on the 1st.

    Please count me in for January .

    @fuvvie please add me to the January challenge. I expect the minimum participation is daily post to the thread. If there is anything else, please let me know, thank you!

    – Stephanie

    Bert, I too was born on 28th March. So was one of my best friends who is 2 years younger than me and my ex-hairdresser. she is only my ex because I thought I should support my daughter-in-law who is a hairdresser. I just knew we had a connection.Born on the same date, married on the same date. We will leave it there. Who knows where it will take us 😉

    Welcome Clairebear12 and daphne roxana. We would love you to fast with us.

    I was doing so well, but because I said that I would abstain from alcohol over January, I decided to partake of that bottle of bubbles in the fridge. Not a wise choice. And I have read so many good things in the Fast Diet today.stirred up some rebellion somehow. But I will be using the quotes. Last time I read the book I sort of skimmed over Mimi’s part of the book, but today I was reading it and really underlining all the stuff that rang a bell with me. She is brilliant and has so many good comments that I am determined to remind folk of them in the coming month. Come January, which is tomorrow, I would put it into play. I had come from 110 down to 107.7 this morning, and now I have probably chopped myself off at the knees. That last hoorah type of stuff except I have been doing this since 26th April 2016. Anyway, I will get heaps of support to get back on that wagon. You should go into the November thread and look at Bert’s post about the wagon. It was hilarious but loaded with truth. Must go back and read it myself. Was really good value.

    Didn’t realise there was a next page when I wrote that post. Nice to see you continuing here AnneMarilyn. Also lovely to see your name here Fishing Gran. Have seen you around the threads. Welcome LQD aka Stephanie. My aka is Heather.You can say it is the minimum but it can be your maximum if that is what helps you get through. But we would love to know what lifts you up, what brings you down and how we can be of support. I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed when the last thread started back in November and found it hard to keep up with all the new folk and read everything. But they were such a lovely lot, drawing one in and helping with fresh insights and new stories. There are long stayers on the site and that can be very helpful when you are looking for solutions as several have tried the lot. All the best. We are off to the beach now. I can almost feel that fresh water now already. Must go.

    Hello Fuvvie and friends!
    Please count me in!
    Fuvvie- Thanks so much for hosting the challenge and keeping the spreadsheet.

    I’m another one who fell off the wagon. Started in November 2013 and got very good results, but went back to my old habits and have been fasting on and off for the last 3 years. I seem to have lost apprx. 5 kilos more or less permanently, but I sill need to lose another 8 – 10 kilos and that’s where I’ve been stock for about 2 years because of inconsistently practicing IF

    Early in this year I went LCHF and that has made everything easier and more enjoyable. With LCHF fast days are really easy for me, and I have a total fast (or water fast) day a week in which My fasting consists of only drink water. I go on vacation very frequently and I don’t fast during that time. I start eatign carelessly and I end on putting the back on.

    Now HereI go again, but this time I feel part of a beautifully organized collective intention, and I am very excited about it!
    Thanks very much to the cyber friends who organize this challenge!
    I can’t wait to start!

    Day minus1: Pacific NW USA, I will end a 48 hour, liquid only b2b fast Saturday morning then save most of my TDEE the rest of the day for some bubbly in the eve!

    In reply to Pissupoosa’s query about exercise – we have had challenge months when our group added fast exercise and fast strength goals. By all means many of us find our moods and emotional outlook is improved by exercise. Dr. Mosley has written another excellent book of advise on that subject too, called coincidentally, “Fast Exercise”. A sort of motto though, is that fasting is for losing weight (and a lot of other health benefits) and exercise is for all the other health benefits it provides. Meaning, to keep in mind that it’s far easier to cut calories and lose weight by fasting than by exercising more.

    See you all on this thread when mine ends and we tally the weight changes for December!!

    Wow, lovingmylife, what a fabulous phrase ” part of a beautifully organised collective intention”. I just love it.

    The beach was fabulous. The water was almost warm and there was a delightful breeze, but not as strong as yesterday and not strong enough to blow sand around. I feel invigorated and ALIVE.

    Another 5 hours 45 minutes and this thread kicks off for real. Must go over to the November thread and see how the last few hours are panning out.

    Fantastic! New thread, and I am going to practice being positive.. it will be great to see everyone here tomorrow. Will weigh in tomorrow, as an end to December and a start to January.
    Happy and peaceful new year, and may we all reach what we are aiming for, mentally and physically. Love and hugs to all!

    Uk, Shropshire.
    Day minus 1
    Please advise:
    I can happily go without food all day and just eat one meal in evening, say 9pm. But my problem is that I go to bed really late, say 1am or 2am (my 5 year old granddaughter has Angelman syndrome and wakes up every night for a few hours. My daughter and I take turns to care for her at night and I am her main carer during the day).
    Consequently I have developed a need for carbs washed down by warm milky drinks in the wee hours of the morning, otherwise I can’t get to sleep. I tried, but cannot sleep unless I am fully sated.
    Any suggestions how to manage my fasting days?

    Hello and thanks @furvie
    Please count me in x

    Morning all……

    Welcome to all the new folks that have come aboard!

    Just a couple quick thoughts…

    Babu….. I too love going to bed with my belly full…. I’m not going to kid you at all, the first time, you hit the bed, your belly is going to do a lot of grumbling. She’s just mad and she’ll get over it, I promise. You just need to be stronger…. There is several things you can do to fall asleep, they use them for people with sleep disorders but the one I found that I use often is laying there, eyes closed and don’t move. You will fall asleep regardless of how loud, Mrs grumble gut yells!
    We’ve been trained our whole lives, to go to bed feeling sated, but let’s think of what our bodies do while we sleep…… Now pair that with the benefits of IF…. man oh man…. You are going to wake up so energized and repaired!

    Loving my life….. if you don’t mind me asking is LCHF, low calorie, high fat? I don’t know much about it but would love to research it more….

    Fuvvie…… I kinda had a feeling your day was the 28th too. Sorry to hear about your friend. Sometime people are only meant to be in our lives for a short time because the lesson they are to teach us don’t require much time. So although their presence is no longer, their lesson stays with us a lifetime.

    All righty then…. I’ve put of house cleaning for a good week now, so I must be on my way to do that. Just picking up the clutter isn’t cutting it anymore. This is going to be an all day project, I feel. Good thing, is it will help me cuz it’s a FD for me!

    Thanks @bert1802 for the heads up. I’ll report back on progress once we start.

    Thanks so much for your advice, I am going to give it 100%.

    Thanks so much for your advice, I am going to give it 100%…..starting tomorrow and my first FD on Monday.

    I’d like to join, please!
    1 January will be my first day…

    D0 – Singapore
    Less than an hour to midnight, waking up early for work tomorrow – tomorrow is a NFD but I will take my stats in the morning and start on a fresh slate. I’ve made my New Years resolutions on a sheet just now and it feels so good to head to bed with a plan and goal in mind.

    My goal for tomorrow is to not overdo it just because it is a NFD (the food will always be there!!!) and enjoy a good healthy brunch with my fiancé after work and eat sensible whole foods for the rest of the day. Gotta keep within my TDEE! (Otherwise fast days will become an exercise in futility…)

    Good luck everyone, and happy new year!!!

    Hello Bert! Yes, LCHF stands for low carb high fat. It has worked very well for me. I feel very energized, I sleep better and It helps me eat in moderation. However, I just came back from a 4-day trip to the beach in LOs Cabos, Mexico, where I stayed at one of those all inclusive resorts. Needless to say I ate all kinds of high carb foods (and a lot of them too!).

    There’s a very educational Sweedish website on LCHF: http://www.dietdoctor.com It is constantly growing and absolutely worth checking out.

    Happy New Year and Hapy Fasting to all!

    Checking out recipes with some zip to them on Pinterest. Getting a good stash of them ready for the next 31 days and beyond!

    Wondered if someone could post the meaning of all the acronyms..The only one I get is IF. Like was is TDEE? Can ya tell I am a newbie !

    I am new to the 5:2 and really looking forward to starting – I would love to start this on Monday 2nd January please.


    Great idea regarding Pinterest!

    I just went on that site, and it is a wonderful site, so much useful information. Thanks so much.

    I also had a question about salt, I was going to make french onion soup on my fasting days, it has 650 mg of salt. Should this be a concern, could anyone answer. Thanks.

    Hi Babu – Sorry you have problems sleeping…I too (for different reasons than yours) have trouble sleeping…(I am a worrier). I have a little portable disc player that I put under my pillow at night – I find a good story cd at our library and I listen to it (thru’ earphones) it works wonders! If the story is really interesting it fills your mind – I seldom hear the end of the cd! if it’s boring – the same trick!! Well worth a try to keep the tummy rumbles and gremlins at bay.
    Off to have a New Year supper now – my fd starts at midnight!!
    Good luck to all of us and a Happy Healthy 2017

    Animalhouse0200..I plan on starting my FD on Monday also. Will like hearing how you are doing. About the salt, I counted some tortilla chips in my meal calories and carbs last night and the salt in them did raise my BP more than I wanted so going to find some no salt ones. For weight reasons, I would watch salt intake so it didn’t hold water, but since I haven’t done the 5:2 before don’t really know the affects of salt on that. Look forward to seeing your posts! Best wishes to you…And may 2017 be a happy wonderful year to you!

    London | minus 6h | NFD

    In reply to the acronym question from Believeit:

    TDEE – total daily energy expenditure
    Check out this page: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/how-many-calories-on-a-non-fast-day/
    It gives some good tips on how to calculate it and use it to your advantage to lose weight.

    Wasn’t sure if you knew these, but thought I’ll add them in anyway (sorry if it’s obvious!):
    FD – fast day (NFD – non-FD)
    b2b – back-to-back fasting – instead of alternate day/intermittent, you fast on 2 consecutive days.
    BMR – basal metabolic rate. The link above also has info about this.
    LCHF – low-carb-high/healthy fat. Check post by @lovingmylife. The diet doctor link is quite good.

    Did I miss any other acronyms?

    @ Animalhouse – about your concern with salt. 650mg doesn’t sound like a lot to me. The general recommended level is a teaspoon/day – which about 5-6g. Also don’t forget your overall salt consumption will be lower on fast days because you’re eating less.
    Unless there are concerns about blood pressure or kidney function, I don’t think this is an issue. Hope that answers your question.

    Happy New Year all!
    Good luck to the Day 1 fasters!

    Believeit – along with Pissupoosa’s info you can get advise here:


    Also if you go to the top right side of this page you will see “Your Tracker” where you can calculate your TDEE and BMI and chart your journey. It has been very important to help keep me on the informed side of this WOL (Way of Life). You can also click on “Your Profile” and if you want add a bit of bio info about yourself and then we can click your heading and go to your profile to help us know a little more about you (we cannot see your tracker, that’s info just for you).

    Brand new here but would love to be counted in 😃

    Back2thefuture and Pissupoosa…Thanks so much for answer to my acrynm question and sites to visit. I do hope to make this a WOL 🙂 and the support of everyone here will be a tremendous help. Happy New Year to our health and well being!

    Hi Friends!
    It’s almost new year, new challenge!

    To help some of the newer Fasters coming on board that have questions about the acronyms, here’s a few I thought to jot down.

    IF = Intermittent Fasting

    5:2 = 5 normal days of eating (carefully) with 2 days each week of fasting (most will do these non-consecutively. For example, Fasting on Monday & Thursday.)

    4:3 = 4 careful eating days, with 3 fasting. (for example: fasting on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.)

    ADF = Alternate Day Fasting (ala Krysta Varaday)

    TDEE = total daily energy expenditure. The total number of calories you burn on a typical day of your life. On your regular (careful) eating days, you want to stay at or below that calorie mark.
    There’s a calculator right here on the site to help you learn your TDEE & BMI.

    16:8 = You’ll see this referred to often. Basically it reflects hours. 16 hours of fasting, with an 8 hour window to allow food. For example: finish dinner Sunday night at 7 PM. Fast for 16 hours until Monday 11 AM, have a lunch. Then be finished with dinner by 7 PM. You eat your TDEE (or less) in just that 8 hour window.

    LCHF = Low Carb, High Fat. Many on here have had great success cutting our all sugars, and lowering carb intake. Losing weight (& tending to good health) is easier by cutting out the “white stuff” Processed, refined flours, cookies, biscuits, cake, pasta, white rice, etc.

    Do NOT cut carbs by skimping on nutrient-dense, colorful vegetables!
    Fantastic source of info found here: https://www.dietdoctor.com

    DH = Dear Husband or Darling Husband
    OH = Other Half

    Welcome aboard all!! Healthy & happiness in this upcoming New Year.

    Pissupoosa– Haha! You beat me to it on the acronyms! Even thought of some I missed. Thanks.

    Animalhouse– you got good advice from Pissuupoosa re: the salt in onion soup. As long as you have no health concerns normally with high BP or salt intake it should be fine.

    In fact, many Fasters will use Miso Soup packets or sachets. They are tasty & feel more filling, like “a meal” sometimes than just “another cup of plain black coffee.”
    The salt in them helps ward off headaches. Just be sure you drink plenty of fluids all day long too!

    Day 1 Sunshine Coast Qld Australia: FD:

    Welcome to Headlion, PM_1, Laura55555 (are you joining this thread or are you just letting us know you are there? I have included you in our roll call) and Krazylady78.

    I can see the support rolling out already. Babu, I met another family with a child who had Angelman syndrome. She was a delight but full on care. Well done that you can offer your daughter and granddaughter this kind of support. I fall asleep listening to stories. A warm drink of herbal tea such as bedtime may work, but ensure it doesn’t interact with medication you may be on. If all else fails and you have to resort to your tried and tested, just ensure you keep the calories under 500 and drink water, black tea or coffee, mineral water plus or minus apple cider vinegar or a squirt of lemon juice for the rest of the fast. There are some self hypnosis tapes you can get to help as well. But it does sound like habit and trying Bert’s trick may well work. It is a bit like controlled crying…the child is supposed to adapt after 3 days and I have seen that work.

    There are so many quotes out of The Fast Diet. But I encourage you to read the book if you haven’t already done so. I’ve chosen to quote Mimi Spenser first from her 4th point page 122, Prep your Fast Day in advance “Before you embark, undertake a spot of ‘kitchen hygiene’: clear the house of junk food. It will only croon and con at you from the cupboards, making your Fast Day harder than it needs to be. Eliminate illicit food stashes; empty your snack draw at work. And don’t forget to check the calorie labels for portion size”.
    And in Point 7 Experiment page 124: The key, as we have established, is to find a plan that works for you, which means you may need to experiment a little until you find your best fit for a sustainable, lifelong plan, not merely a short-lived practice”.

    Happy New Year everyone. I’m driving to Brisbane and back this morning so will checkin this afternoon and see how you are getting on. Regards, Fuvvie

    Thanks for the come back. I will keep in touch. Happy New Year to you also.

    Jarbia and Fuvvie thank you both for your feedback. I see I need to relax and not panic when night hunger hits.
    Fuvvie – yes, kitty (my granddaughter with AS) is a joy but such hard work! There are also 4 generations, my 81yrs mother has joined our household.

    Off now to bring in 2017
    Happy new year to you all!!

    Day 1 – Brisbane, Australia | NFD

    Happy new year everyone – I hope 2017 is going to be an awesome one for you all!

    …ok, so here goes.

    I usually weigh in on a Monday, so will leave that for tomorrow. I started 5:2 just 5 weeks ago (weighing 121.2kg) and depending on how kind the scales are tomorrow, I will have lost about 3kg in that time – which considering that time included Christmas (where my weight went back up that week) is a great result – one that I am keen to maintain. My goal at the moment is to lose 3kg every 5 weeks, so by the end of Jan I want to be somewhere around 115-116kg, anywhere in that range would be fantastic.

    Now… I am expecting some challenges with my fast day tomorrow (I usually do Mon / Thur). We had a rather large tree come down in our yard a few weeks ago in a storm, and we’ve just had it cleaned up and mulched and now have a massive pile sitting in the yard ready to go on the gardens (which were in a pretty poor, neglected state). I spent 4 hours in the yard yesterday trimming everything, spraying weeds and putting down the first bit of mulch (we live on one Acre, so there are lots of neglected gardens!), have already done 1.5 hours carting wheelbarrow loads of mulch around this morning and will do some more this evening (crazy hot here at the moment, creeping up towards 36c as I type this at midday)… have at least another 3-4 days of that in store… it’s pretty strenuous stuff, I’m not sure how I’m going to go with that tomorrow when I’m fasting – I guess I’ll find out!

    Anyway, thanks for reading – hope you all had a great festive season and are ready to make great inroads towards reaching your goals for 2017 and beyond.

    Hi Everyone, Happy new year. Fasting today. So far so good. Have just finished work. I cook at our local community hospital. Started at 5.30 this morning so am feeling a bit tired. Have friends arriving tomorrow so thought I’d better get a fasting day in first.Weight this morning 84kg. Would like to be around 81kg by the end of Jan.Wow Vaderz you sure are busy. Good luck.Everyone, you are all awesome and an inspiration.

    Day 1 FD Gippsland (but in Tassie)
    Hi all. Trying to do the fasting thing but going to be a challenge. I am holiday img with the family for 4 days in Hobart, a very short stroll from the Taste of Tasmania festival!!
    Had a few bevvies last night ( who can resist McHenry,s gin???)
    Planning a big walk up Mt Wellington tomorrow so that will make Se up a bit of chub.
    Good luck all!!

    Hi everyone, I will be leaving in the truck tomorrow.for a new day, with my fasting to.start on Monday….I will do this , this time……on my honnor, its been killing me for nearly a year, and I can’t take it any more, I have to loose 40 lbs…..no.matter what, I need your help.

    And I will do it

    Sheam2567 here in Midwest/USA. Day 1 FD is tomorrow and I’ve got the menu right out on the kitchen counter. Here we go…Thanks to each of you for your support.

    Sheam2567, I am also in Midwest USA. Glad to see another Midwesterner on here. Great support and knowledge. Have a happy and healthy new year!

    17 Success. Queensland. NFD.
    Have planned my week – will fast on Tue and Thursday.
    would love to lose 2kg this month. Thanks for organising this challenge, will help with accountability.

    Thank you for hosting this challenge – I am going to give it a go beginning tomorrow, January 1, 2017. This will be a FIRST for me and I am looking forward to any day that I can Fast successfully – from everything I have read over the past few days any amount will be a win!

    Day 1 – Melbourne, Australia – NFD
    Seems strange to say it’s the first day of my diet when I’m not actually dieting. First FD tomorrow.

    Day 1 NFD sunny country West Australia
    Happy New Year.
    Had a NYE dinner last night , unexpected , and mine host kept filling my glass with champagne. Not normally a big drinker I feel I may have had 4 glasses. Feel quite tired and now off to another friend’s for lunch.
    Will be mindful of food consumption and sticking to soda water.
    Will weigh tomorrow ( cowardly I know but after last night’s effort …)
    Goal this month is to lose 4 kgs, 1 kg/ week.
    Thanks Fuvvie in advance.😎

    Hi everyone,

    I am brand new to this and very keen! I’m going to do the 800 calorie diet. I’m really keen to lose 8-10 kg’s over the next 10 weeks. ‘

    Looking forward to logging in each day and seeing everyone’s progress 🙂

    SunnyinSydney 🙂

    Does anyone use Lifesum, My Fitness Pal or another tracker? Keen for buddies on the trackers for support and motivation!

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