31 Day January 2017 Challenge

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31 Day January 2017 Challenge

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  • Hi Bert1802. I have a question for you, when you said you fast from 7pm to noon…Do you have any days you you fast for longer than that? I have never done anything like this. As I was searching for information on type 2 diabetes I ran across YouTube interviews with Dr. Jason Fung and that is what got me interested in IF. I bought his book,the obesity code and also the complete guide to fasting. Since I had already cut my carbs way down for a few weeks and had started losing, I jumped into a 6 day fast as Dr. Fung talked about how with a fast by the 3rd day your body starts to eat your fat storage. I am on day 4 and not working today so will be a test to keep busy so I don’t think k I have to eat. P.s. I also love cream in my coffee! So anxious for this 6 day fast to be over so I can have it again!

    Bonjour à tous,
    Bonjour Fuvvie,

    Me permets tu Fuvvie de donner quelques conseils à nos membres avant de suivre le jeun.
    Je pratique la détox du foie du docteur CLAK que je fais suivre d’un jeun total de 3 jours a l’eau seulement

    à bientôt


    est il possible de faire figurer la nationalité de nos membres ?
    Car les traductions sont pas idéales


    Hi there. I would love to join this challenge. I’m going to start January with 4:3 for a jumpstart and then go down to 5:2. I’ve had success with IF in the past and am looking forward to it again. Thanks!

    Cher Patjulien,
    Il peut y avoir quelques contributeurs au fil qui parlent le français, mais je peux seulement employer google pour interpréter vos messages. Je suis australienne. Il ya plusieurs membres qui font 3 jeûnes jours au cours du mois. La plupart du temps nous suivons 5: 2 avec d’autres faisant 4: 3 et certains font alterner le jeûne jour.
    Nous encourageons tout le monde à commencer leurs postes avec le jour, où ils vivent et si ils sont à jeun ou non. Ensuite, ils écrivent ce qu’ils souhaitent sur ce qu’ils veulent, et il est très encourageant d’avoir un groupe de personnes ayant le même but, mais vivant dans le monde entier. J’espère que nous pouvons répondre à vos besoins. Vous pouvez essayer de démarrer votre propre fil ainsi que de contribuer à celui-ci qui peut attirer plus de francophones. Cordialement, Fuvvie

    Day -2, Sunshine Coast Qld Australia,

    Welcome to MadamofMayhem, and mama2boys. For many of us, this is the way forward. I just love Bert’s contribution in reply to kmeng. She is a total crackup and cloaks all her good advice with such humour. Thank you Bert. How well you have put it.

    I am on Day 2 of a back to back fast b2b, and already the pitting oedema has dispersed. Why do we stray when the evidence is so obvious. It’s a conundrum till you read Mosley and Fung. I must get hold of Varady’s work.

    Believe it……. yes, some days I do fast longer just really depends on the day. If I’m fasting at home, I don’t think of food and can go almost 22 hours.
    If I’m at work, I normally eat between noon and one, but I normally have someone say Hey, are you going to lunch? Then, my brain and belly come together and Crash, Boom, Bam…. I’m hungry…..

    I’ve heard different time tables as to when your body starts to use fat for energy, so since there is no specific time. I go strictly on what Dr. Mosley, says and his research. With that being said…. I have to believe that there is no exact science, your body will burn fat but when well only your body knows. It happens and when it does well, were all just pretty darn happy.

    The cool thing is…. you’ll know it not when the scales say it….. Sometimes you just got to ignore that machine full of hot air…. Damn thing does know it’s brain from a whole in the wall….. BUTT….. when your clothes say it…… Seriously, grab an outfit out the closet, you know the one you can’t breathe in…… Try it on! Remember the feeling…… now in a couple weeks, try it on again….. When you notice the difference, you’ll know your body, is burning the fat…..

    Fuvvie…. I’m so glad you get my sense of humor….. It just comes out…. really can’t control it….. like a bad perm, no amount of hair gel will keep it contained.

    For our youngins just starting out, I recommend reading Dr. Mosley book as well as his documentary. I found it on YouTube, listen to the science that is where most of my understanding of the diet came from…. I can’t and I won’t take away all the great knowledge, support and friendship, I’ve gained from these threads. It is more powerful then I’ve ever read your watched.

    I can’t wait to hear all of your goals for the New Year!

    (very frosty!) London | Day -2

    Thanks for your words of wisdom Bert, in reply to kmeng – I can still relate to the ‘fear of hunger’, even after 6 months of this WOL. Preparation is definitely key to a successful FD – being prepared for the feeling of hunger is essential for me to overcome it quickly.

    Please count me in 🙂
    I am a 60 yr old lassie from Gippsland in Australia.
    I have lost 10 kg already over past 7 weeks doing 4:3 but had a bit of a whoopsie over Christmas 🙁
    On the upside, my blood sugars have normalised from being prediabetic, lipids now nearly normal from being 6, and off blood pressure meds!
    Still have 20 kg to go, and I would like another 8 kg off by end of January.
    I will be doing 4:3 and starting with a NFD on Jan 1st.

    Please count me in, I am a newbie, but excited to get started, and at a loss as to where to start.

    Whoa, JEM! 10 kg off already with 4:3. Fantastic!
    Even better are all the health markers you’re improving as well.
    Thanks for sharing that, lassie from Gippsland. 👍🏼

    Please count me in
    I’m a newbie and will be starting the 2nd week of Jan x

    I’m brand new to the 5:2 diet and this forum, but I was drawn in by this post because I think the camaraderie will be really helpful to me as a newbie. Work stress, home life stress, and the holidays did a real number on my weight, and my health in general, and I am looking forward to making some positive changes in the New Year.


    Please count me in! I’ve been following 5:2 or alternate day since Oct 1 and have lost
    15-16 pounds.

    Horray for the new year…I am really excited. Hope to have group support, as I REALLY need it. Been there, done that, with everything under the sun as far as diets go….please, let this be the last.

    JEM3487, animalhouse0200, Kelly77, kelliann and LarryNYC, it is lovely to see you here and hope you find the support you are looking for. There is a real mix of short and long termers on this thread. Some have been going since May and others have come online since then. There is a constant injection of newbies like yourselves who really add a freshness to the pot and have a lot to offer. There is a thread that offers advice to newbies, animalhouse0200, which will help you in knowing where to start. Some folk like to do 2 fasts per week, using their 500 calories if you are female and 600 calories if you are a male (the supposed 1/4 of your TDEE, the total daily energy expenditure ) or less over the day in the form of two small meals, or maybe saving all calories for the end of the day, or having them at lunch. If you start after dinner on one evening and fast all the next day and break your fast on the morning of the following day, you will have a 36 hour fast or thereabouts. A number of people on this thread now stick to liquids for their fast finding it easier to eat nothing rather than wake the hunger dragon by eating something. Others eat regularly staying within the calorie allowance and do really well. Anna6 is a really good example of this. I prefer to stick to liquids, but do get calories in the form of bone broth or pure cream in my coffee. Look for advice for newbies on the search line. If I look for it now, I’ll lose this post.

    Hi to all the newbies
    As a relative newbie myself – 2 months – I can honestly say it is the support and encouragement of this group that has kept me on track and mindful – although Christmas was a bit of a blip .

    I found the daily posting keeps me accountable. Reading the posts and others’ struggles and wins helps on FDs or other days when things not going so well or as planned.

    I feel like I have a whole bunch of friends around the world helping me live this Way Of Life/Eating
    ( WOL or WOE.)
    Seriously has made a difference.
    Also lots of good info , advice and tips from those who’ve been doing IF longer.
    Good Luck. I’m looking forward to January 1st.

    Ok, I.am really ignorant to this whole post stuff……I drive a truck cross. Country, us, and don’t know.much about post.stuff, but I.really want.support, and the confindance to.loose.35 pluss pounds. I can only get the configldence and.support on the road from day to.day….so please bear with me I really need your help.

    Sorry animalhouse0200. Looks like I tried to put in too much and used too much jargon. Please don’t be put off by that. Just write what you feel and you’ll get a response. Fasting isn’t hard once you get used to it. I think Bert has written two excellent lowdowns on how this can work. When the thread gets up and running properly on 1st January, you’ll meet tons more people who also are very supportive.

    Keep up the feelings of excitement. It is a great way to go. You can listen to Jason Fung’s stuff on youtube and Michael Mosley is also on you tube. They are very easy to listen to and very inspiring.

    Hi. Please count me in. Fell off the wagon middle of last year and there’s no doubt about it the body sure feels better when I am in a fasting regime. I will read the book again for motivation and of course this forum. You guys rock. I am a 68yr old female from NZ. I’m still working (as a cook in our local community hospital) so it can be hard sometimes not to taste test on fast days. Good luck everyone and a very happy new year.

    Hi There! Count me in (first post).

    This is my 5th week doing 5:2, and I’ve lost about 3kg so far (Chrsitmas week last week was a bit of a write off!)… sounds like a great idea to post everyday and get some accountability going for the start of the new year.

    I’m from Brisbane, Australia. 41yo, about 118 kg and targeting to lose about 3kg every 5 weeks – at least in the short-term (which seems achievable based on my first 5 weeks doing this, even with Christmas thrown into the mix!). My big goal is to get under 100kg in 2017.

    Welcome Pamie and Vaderz.

    I’m a 87 year old female Pamie and there are a number of us around that age. I too hope to get under 100kgs in 2017 Vaderz. Then again, I hoped to do that in 2016 but got stuck for a few months. Feel like I’m on the way again though. So you are in good company lol.

    Please count me in. I can’t wait to start.

    Hi all (UK) note that was a typo from Fuvvie as I know she is not 87 I believe she has added 20 years lol.
    Welcome aboard everyone, this thread helps keep you accountable but may not to be for everyone. From all who will sign up approximately one third will drop out by end of January. For those who stick with it I can promise, you will receive sympathy and support or if required a kick up the behind. From experience though we are our own fiercest critic and sometimes we just need to be nicer to ourselves. This is not a diet but a plan a way of eating for life. So if it takes you a bit longer to get where you want to be don’t worry, enjoy the journey because really what is the alternative?

    Ha Ha LOL 😂 Definitely not 87. 67 is on the mark. I’ll 68 late March. Thanks coda, you with the eagle eyes. You really do read the posts, don’t you?! I need to reread what I’ve written, but would often get rid of what sounds like drivel the second time round.

    Welcome Mystic. I won’t write this often during the month. Just want to recognise everyone as they come on board. I’ll spend most of the 1st driving so have to be ahead of the game.

    2nd post
    What time is it with you Fuvvie? You will have your work cut out this month I think keeping track of everyone but I am starting to feel an energy. New month, new year, new beginning.

    Here is a quote for not only the newbies to ponder and one I posted back in November – wanting the benefit of change is not the same as wanting to change.

    Hi all

    Please count me in.
    I am new to the forum and new to the 5:2. I have been a member for a while, but it will be the first time, I really use the method.
    I am from Denmark.

    Hi just me again – welcome Amigo believe you are our first Danish poster.

    Fuvvie it is always easier for someone else to pick up something rather than the author. Many times I wonder why I didn’t see what I just posted lol

    Count me in! I’m a swedish newbie, however I have tried 5:2 fasting days a few times and it seems to work well for me. This January will be the first time that I fast twice a week every week for a longer period though. (I only need to lose a few kilos). For me the non-fast days are the real challenge, especially when life is stressful. Am very much looking forward to do this with the group support!

    If starting the 4-3 to jump start weight loss, how long do you do it for before going to the 5-2?

    This is Believeit. I was planning on a 6 day fast and made it 4.5 days. My BP the last two days has been 102/72 and I have been feeling a little sluggish and just not right so I ate 2 boiled eggs and green beans this morning along with coffee and a little cream. Will take my BP and sugars in another hour to see if changed a little. My blood sugars was 67 this morning. When I started fast it was 127. BP was 129/83. Weight was 97 kg and is now 94 kg. Little disappointed I didn’t make it through 6 days fasting but was listening to my body….Something I never used to do. And happy with results of the fast and now on to the 5:2 diet !

    Love that quote Coda! I sent on to a friend who is going through a life change in her family life. Bring on the benefits of change!

    Bellevelt – I’ve been on 5:2 since last March and have lost over 30 pounds (and kept it off these last 2 months). Blood pressure, cholesterol, and other readings have almost always been normal. I don’t take any meds except my vitamins and some dietary fiber.

    When I went in for my annual a couple weeks ago, my GP point blank asked me first thing how I had lost 33 pounds in a year. I was more than happy to share with him, and he seemed interested enough to look up what we do. I’m 68, and am maintaining 160# now, happy about that.

    I expect that you will find these postings especially helpful too. GREAT support here!

    Songbirdme. Thanks for your encouraging words. I have wondered if stopping the total fast, even though will be following the 5:2 with the Mediterranean plan I will gain some weight back or continue losing and what my BP and blood sugars will do. What you posted has given me some peace of mind.

    Hi mama2boys, I’m doing the same with 4:3 transitioning to 5:2. I need some of these lbs off quick! Best of luck!!

    Please add me to the list, day 1 fast day will be Jan 1. I’m from AZ USA. Looking at a 30lb weight loss goal. I need to be able to wear shorts by April as I live in the middle of the desert. This is my second go around at 5:2.

    Hi, can I join you please? I’m new to 5:2 but need to lose for my own health … can’t do it on my own but don’t want the forum to take over my life either, as I work on a screen all day … Regards!

    Day -1, Sunshine Coast Qld Australia:NFD:

    Welcome to Amigo, our Mexican sounding Dane, Lisa.Alma, Mamacat and Dauntless. There are now 52 of us signed up for the fray. You will find it a bit of a commitment to read through all the posts initially, Dauntless, but I know that there are days where some members just check in and leave only the first line as I’ve written at the start of this post.

    Animalhouse0200, your body will let you know when 4:3 isn’t what you need any longer. Some people stay on it forever. It’s important to learn what feels right for you. There is no prescription from what I can tell.

    Well done Believeit. That’s a great start to your journey. Sometimes you do show a slight increase on the days after non fasting, but then the FD will usually pull that down again and the overall trend is down. So don’t get too disheartened if there are these normal blips.

    I do like that quote of yours Coda. Who gave us the quote last month that went something like “It’s a slow process. It is even slower if you quit.” ? That is on my screen saver now. There is a 10 hour time difference between here and Ireland, 9 hours during your summertime. In Queensland we don’t have daylight saving, so it is only when you change your times that we have that one hour less. They do have daylight saving in NSW and Victoria. I was on the plane once coming home from Victoria and the pilot said “Ladies and Gentlemen, turn your watches back an hour, and your minds back a century” I’ve never forgotten it. I was offended but it made me laugh as well, even though I was born in Victoria and went to uni there. So when it was 11:09 am for you, it would have been 9:09 pm here. Sorry I didn’t see your post before I went to bed. I think I went across to the November thread and that was the end of the day for me. It is now 25 to 7 in the morning and I’ve been here since 6am. Better get up before I take root to this chair. Might go for a walk. It is very overcast and humid here this morning.

    (Very foggy) London | Day minus 1

    Trying to keep up with the January posts before the list gets too long…

    @fuvvie and Coda – lol about the age thing :-p

    @jem – well done you! Losing 10kg and coming off meds and from being pre-DM etc is a great achievement.
    As Dr Fung says – life happens (christmas, birthdays, down-days etc etc) and the great thing about this WOL is you can have a ’whoopsie’ and still get right back on track.
    Look forward to your updates 🙂

    @kelliann – I was in a similar situation to you, this time last year – loss of my mother, starting a new job and other stresses added on – took a toll on my health and weight. I was on anti-depressants, no exercise, angry and sad! Then something clicked (not sure what, but I think I had enough of being down) – I started running, going to the gym, yoga, cycling and in June I started 5:2 again. I’ve stopped taking anti-depressants (exercise is my new drug now). And joining this forum has made a massive difference to my motivation for fasting – everyone has good days and off-days. As a newbie, it helped me realise I’m not alone on this journey and suddenly it stopped being a struggle!

    @animalhouse – you’ll get loads of support from this forum, and from all of us. Check in on the thread as often as you can. there’s always someone to answer questions and clarify stuff when needed.

    And a warm welcome to all the other newbies too.

    A question to the newbies (and old timers too I guess) – do people have exercise/workout goals for this challenge and the future? already established exercise routines/ hoping to start a new routine etc? Just wondering…

    Looking forward to a happier, healthier and fitter new year 🙂

    Please count me in from 9th January. I need to lose about 12lb and really need encouragement. Thanks

    Ireland- 30 Dec-NFD
    I’m going to give this a go too. Want to loose about 10lbs, though would be happy with 7 lbs… weight has crept on slowly over past 3-4 years.
    Exercise wise I run twice a week, and swim once a week (most weeks) but sit at computer all day in work.

    Hi all uk

    @believeit what a good mental start for you. If you can do 4.5 days, doing 2 fast days or 3 will be a breeze.

    Hi Fuvvie

    I’m new I’m in! Did 5:2 successfully 4 years ago & lost a stone of extra baby weight. Now looking to loose more. I’ll put my stats & goals up on the 1st!
    Good luck everyone x

    Day 0 Melbourne,Aus – NFD
    Great to see so many fellow Aussies here. Looking forward to getting started. I’m planning to stick to diet shakes on my fast days so no thinking and no solid food.

    Hi UK
    I’m new to the site and diet, so very keen to have company as I embark on this… Been to GP for unrelated malase today and what a shock, stepping on the scales – 91 kilos! The 2:5 diet starts for me on 1st Jan.
    Good luck all!

    Hi all can i join in with this challenge. I did the november challenge lost 7lba but put it back on over xmas i have a lot of weight to loose about 4 stone i want this to be the year i do it !! X

    Phwree, I am going to start my first 5:2 Monday, Jan. 2 so can’t tell you much about it, but what you said about being mindful of what you eat is an excellent start, plus reading what tips those in this forum. Best wishes to you as you start this 31 day journey with us.

    Welcome Aboard…..
    I was going to start sing the tune to love boat but as I started typing it, the words flew right out of my brain…. hopefully your all humming it now!

    Animal house……… Couple tips….. First, you can do this! You made the first step and the hardest step. Thank gosh that’s over! Being on the road can be a difficult task while having a lifestyle change. Good news for you, is many stores and restaurants here in the states are offering low calorie foods on their menus. 2nd bit of good news here, is that you now have us!
    Now, my most important tip….. There is a rule for OTR truckers, you can only drive eight hours a day right? Well, instantly, you have a built in fasting time. Now, pack a bag err.. lunch bag with all low calorie foods…. finger foods. Fresh snap peas, hard boiled eggs peeled of course, nuts… oh my the list goes on and on. Now, those eight hours you drive those are your eat hours. The 16 hours you don’t drive, well those are your fasting hours!
    Wham Dam, thank you, man….. your are intermittent fasting! 5:2 isn’t the only way to IF…. Each person takes a different approach, one that works for them… you must do the same…. That’s why this WOL is so successful….. many different paths will lead to the same destination….. Can you imagine all of us on the same path….. most of us would not make it and the ones that did…. They would arrive all black and blue and thinking of all those he or she left behind….
    Read the tips that work for us, see if the work for you, if not don’t suffer find another one to try.
    Stay in contact when you can, tell us about your ups and downs and all the crazy stuff you see in the world.

    Fuvvie…. You by far are my biggest fan….. I thank you for that….. My love with you always! Happy Anniversary to you and your love! Odd question…. I was born the end of March as well actually the 28th….. curious about you date?

    Pissaupoosa……. No exercise routine for me, for you see I’m lazy! I’ll admit it, I much rather play in the garden or have a nice cup of coffee…. plus, let’s be honest here, I sparkle enough, don’t need sweat interfering with that!

    Just a couple more hours and we will all be crack a lackin in the new year! Here is to us and our new WOL!


    Hi,I want to fast with You,too

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