31 Day January 2017 Challenge

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31 Day January 2017 Challenge

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  • New York, USA
    Day 31 / FD

    Weighed in at somewhere around 163.2 (halfway between 164, for the whole month of November, and my weight the day after i fasted, 162.4)and now clocked in at 158.8. That’s a loss of 4.4 pounds. My goal was 5 pounds, but nearly there.

    It’s a bit crazy-making, but two days ago I weighed in at 157.6 and I was over the moon. I’ve been doing some intense cardio (an hour a day of cross-country skiing) and I think people have said your muscle workouts will make your muscles retain water, and also you build muscle after workouts, so I definitely expected some gain. But it’s still a bit maddening to register such a gain. I know it’s only a pound, but having to lose it all over again! Ack.

    On the other hand, I do feel like my job is to be patient. When I was in weightwatchers, I bought a support book (can’t remember the title for sure — maybe “Finding your Fingerprint”?)and it said that patience is staying calm and not going “negative” when things get difficult or don’t go as planned or things go off the rails completely. Staying calm and enduring, WITHOUT going negative.

    I realized that for this weight thing, I would always interpret difficulties or setbacks in a way that allowed me to more or less give up. It’s hard to wait for small incremental changes in weight loss. I’m learning to be more patient, and more positive, and to HANG IN. So, 4.4 pounds or 5.6 (if I had only stayed at 157.6!!), I’m realizing that it is truly and really headed in the right direction.

    It’s okay to be hungry; hungry won’t hurt me; what’s hurting me is the extra weight and the sense of not enjoying my body when I just let myself gain mindlessly. Losing mindfully is not easy, but it’s well worth it.

    Thanks to all here. I will be posting on the February site now, starting at 158.8. MANY thanks to Fuvvie for keeping the spreadsheet, and thanks to all of you who cheered me up when I was feeling desolate. Mwah!


    Day 31 / Sweden / FD

    Las FD of the month. Like Lou Belles and a few others, I will weigh myself in the morning and post it here and as my starting weight for February.
    It’s been nice to get to know you all.

    Cheerio! 😉

    Day 31 : Cheshire, UK : FD

    Last liquid fast of the month. Keeping myself busy so I’m not tempted to eat.

    I, too, will weigh myself in the morning and post my final weight here, which will also be my starting weight for February.

    I am amazed that I opened up and shared personal details but the support and the care of this thread is wonderful.

    I struggled at the beginning of the month to fast but I was determined to read each post and post daily that something eventually shifted. I know I have lost weight; we will see how much tomorrow morning,

    Cheerio for now 🙂

    Thanks Fuvie 2.5 not too bad a loss for the month great to have this support group.

    DAy 31- NFD
    Weighed in at 79.4 – so down 1.8kg.
    Really enjoyed the support from this group and managed to get into the habit of mostly doing alternate day fasting.

    Day 31 Dash Canada – NFD

    I joined this form on January 9 and I weighed 144.5 lb. (65.68 kg) BMI 25.
    Today I am 141.2 lb. (64.18 kg) BMI of 23.5
    I will take the 3.3 lb. (1.5 lg) loss, even though I was aiming for a bit more. However if I’m honest with myself I know why it is what it is.
    My measurements show 2 inches off my waist and 1 inch off my hips.

    So now it’s time to move on to February. @fuvvie I can’t go off into the wild blue yonder without telling you how much I appreciate your record keeping but most of all your daily words of encouragement and glimpses of humor. You have been a real treasure to all of us. Thank you and best wishes to you as you carry on in this journey

    Day 31, Gozo Malta, NFD
    Weight this morning 64.3 kilos and yesterday I ate at a get together after the weekly Eucharistic meeting.
    Not much above target weight of 64 kilos. Thanks Fuvvie for everything.
    Good night everyone

    February 1 : Thank you all for your lovely warm comments. It has been a pleasure keeping track of you all this past month. I’ll add the totals tomorrow as there are still several people wanting to weigh up at the beginning of Feb for them. The time frames depend on where you live on this beautiful planet. Glorious sunny day here today. Would love a big downpour of rain though to give new plantings a chance of successful growth.


    Day 30 | NFD
    Day 31 | NFD

    End of the month stats
    Weight 64 kg (1 kg up from my lowest weight couple of days ago)
    Hip 91.5 cm; waist 70.5 Hip:waist ratio 0.44 (unchanged from starting stats)

    I was hoping I’d be able to keep my 63kg until the end but hey I’m not going to despair – I’ve done well considering it’s been a tough month.

    I’m going to take a break from committing to monthly challenges until after my exam (19th April). I will be crazy busy with revision while carrying on with the full-time job, so decided to take a break. I will still log on and check out the posts and say hello occasionally though, because I most certainly will be carrying on fasting.

    My next challenge is to go ‘sugar-free’ over February. I’m raising money for Cancer Research UK in memory of my mother. I’ve been looking for a motivation to cut out sugar – this is my chance. I’ve signed up and promoted it on my FB page, so no going back! 🙂
    Wish me luck. I shall post the occasional update here.

    @fuvvie – thank you for hosting January. You did a great job managing such a large number of us and keeping track of everyone’s stats.
    And thank you everyone for the love, strength and encouragement to carry on with this WOL despite our little blips and bumps. Love you all xx

    I wanted to say in my last post in the Jan. Challenge….. Thank you Fuvvie, you been a wonderful host!

    Thank you everyone else for your support as well as several days of cheering me, without you this WOL would not be possible!

    I absolutely LOVE the fact many of you are now adopting the “Cheerio”! You made my heart sing songs of complete joy when I saw all of them!

    💃🏻…… look at me I’m dancing along to my song of joy!

    I can’t wait to spend Feb with you!


    Hello UK day 31 was fd then morphed.

    I haven’t read page 48 or the posts above as yet, will catch up on them tomorrow or i haven’t looked at February’s thread since signing up.

    I saw a health screening advertised in a local health shop so decided I would get one done out of interest. Almost everything was green which was good, a couple of things amber and only one or 2 red. Waiting on the report to be emailed to me. He recommended 3 products, starflower oil to help with dry skin, digestive enzymes and chromium. I started taking them that afternoon. Saturday/Sunday I didn’t sleep well at all and when I got up it looked I had gone a few rounds with Carl Frampton I looked puffy but put it down to having such a bad sleep. Same thing on Monday morning but then disappeared. However by this morning my hands and feet were also swollen. i had stopped the tablets from Monday lunch time and didn’t take any more. I contacted the homoeopathic clinic to advise I had stopped. He had never come across this reaction and said if I was willing to allow a week to pass and introduce one at a time and see if we can pinpoint the culprit. It sort of knocked me out of my rhythm for my fast day (excuses I know) but it is what it is and thank goodness tomorrow is a new month. Thank you Fuvvie for your hard work and dedication. xx

    @fuvvie these are for you

    @hannahwatto nice to hear from you again hope things are good with your brother?

    Catch up on all the rest later. Cheerio x

    Hi @coda – yes thanks, my brother is safely on the wagon and doing everything he can to stay there. xx

    Hi @coda – yes thanks, my brother is safely on the wagon and doing everything he can to stay there. xx

    I was remiss in my post earlier in not thanking @fuvvie for all the terrific support she has given us all! Your record keeping and especially the encouraging quotes have been stellar! You ARE a STAR!!

    Thank you for the beautiful flowers Coda. The flowers and SongBirdMe’s post brought tears to my eyes. There are so many other “thank you” messages, but really it should be me thanking you as you have all kept me anchored. Thank you.

    Day 31. Quebec. NFD

    @orpheusx. Merci pour votre message.

    Thank you all who shared feelings about the terrorist attack in Québec city.

    @fuvvie. Thank you for your help for the month of January.

    I finished the month really close to my goal. February will be much better, less occasions to eat too much.

    Cheerio. X

    Perth, W.Aust – NFD

    Final weigh in for your records @fuvvie

    Todays weight – 74.0kg
    Starting weight – 77.1kg
    Lost 4cm off hips, 2cm off waist, 1cm off neck
    So very happy with a solid 3kg loss. Expecting to plateau now for a few weeks while the body adjust to the new weight, but still aiming for another 4kg drop over the next 3 months.

    I’ve learnt how to juggle my food on FD, how to get the most bang for my buck out of 500cal and now know that I can skip my brekky on those days, but prefer to have it, and need to have a decently balance evening FD meal (no broths for me). If I do this, I have heaps of energy the next day and don’t feel like I need to eat additional to compensate.

    To all of you who have had success this month – congratulations and I hope you continue to achieve your goals.

    To those of you who’ve had a near miss or are frustrated by where you are, stay strong, you will get there. The weight loss journey is not always linear, some times you need to engage in an intricate dance, but just keep dancing.

    To @fuvvie, thank you very much for keeping track of us all, you’ve done an amazing job and to @lynzm I’m sure you will do an amazing job of looking after everyone in February. I won’t join the February challenge as I’m not going to be able to access the forum daily, but I will definitely be continuing with the 5:2 WOL and maybe 6:1 in the future.

    Have a wonderful day everyone, stay strong and be kind to yourself.

    Last post for January. Starting weight Jan 1st 96.2 kg. Ending weight, 92.2 kg. A 4 kg loss for the month and I am happy for that.
    Thanks for all the support. Now to tackle February!

    Final weigh in 153.4lb

    Thank you all (especially Fuvvie) and well done to everyone who’s still here at the end.

    Last check in of the January challenge for me!! Where has the time gone??!

    Jan31: Surrey/FD
    Start weight: 68.9kg
    End of Jan weight: 65.8kg

    I have calculated my goals based on these results and am hoping to get to 54kg by end of May. It’s going to be tough and I know that! Just got to keep going and do more exercise to speed up things abit! 🙂

    My sister is also really keen to get started with this WOL and I’m hoping she makes the right decision and joins us all! 🙂

    I hope everyone is happy with their results and is looking forward to starting the Feb challenge!

    Lastly, A HUGE thank you to Fuvvie for keeping everything logged! And everyone else for your thoughts and support.
    I have to say reading your results I’m very impressed by those reaching the 1kg per week weight loss targets!
    Cheerio all x

    Last Checking in Day : Cheshire, UK : NFD

    I’m really pleased with myself as I have exceeded my goal of 4lbs. Lost 7lbs during January as my starting weight was 9st 8lbs so I’m 9st 1lb, 57.60kgs or 127lbs.

    I’m fitting into my clothes much better and feeling more like me. I’m 3lbs away from goal which I reached in 2015 but then fell off the wagon cos I didn’t stay with the forum. I will definitely stay to learn maintenance when I reach goal.

    @fuvvie – A huge thank you hug. I love cats but it must be difficult herding cats but you did it so well.

    And thank you to everyone on here for your love and support. See you in the February challenge. xoxo

    Cheerio for now my friends 🙂

    Weigh in day!

    Started after my holiday back up at 67.9kgs. Had put 5kgs on while on holidays for four weeks. So down to 65.3kgs this morning.

    Lost 2.6kgs. So happy with that. Hopefully can get back to goal next month.

    Fuvvie, thank you so much for all the effort and care you have put into this month. It might sound a bit funny, but I feel like you put a lot of love into this, nurturing all of us. Building us up and inspiring us. Thank you so much. You deserve good things and I hope that your journey continues to gain the momentum you are trying to get. All the best. X

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news after all the above good results 🙁 I put on 3lbs according to those blasted scales this morning – so what have I learnt – don’t look too far ahead and just take it a day/week/month at a time. Don’t get frustrated but go with the flow and stick to the plan. When I get keyed up about needing/wanting to get to a certain goal it never works for me. The scales when you step on are only a result at that moment, not the whole picture and fluctuate from day to day so you may hit on a good time or not. The good thing this month I am now wearing very comfortably 2 pairs of trousers that I had grown out of and kept popping the buttons. So every time I put them on I know I am getting somewhere. This thread and the people are who I turn to when things are good and things not so good and I can always depend on support, advice and importantly hugs. Thank you for the support and laughs along the way. Fuvvie for an excellent job and see most of you on the February thread, to those not joining us for whatever reason I wish you all the best. Do pop in every now and then to let us know how your are.

    Cheerio for now x

    Oh no I miscalculated not 3lbs – 5lbs!!!!! lol. I guess if I didn’t laugh I would cry.

    day 1 Surrey UK So I need to start from scratch and get re-motivated. It has been a very disjointed month. There are no real excuses for picking up 2.1 kgs, just shows that old habits die hard. They have been weakened though, and for that I am grateful. So now I need to regroup, fully join in on this forum and strengthen this way of life.
    I am now going to find the February thread, and thank you all for all the posts.

    Hello again. I have just tallied up the gains and weight shed, dispersed , ditched or however you want to say it so far. I imagine a few more may come in as yet.

    Gains 14.3 lb / 6.48 kgs / 1 stone. Weight shed: 78.209 kgs / 172.42 lb / 12.31 stone.

    What a great effort. There are those who are still struggling and those who are maintaining. You all are legends for sticking it out and doing what you can to overcome a problem we have had for years. It is no small feat to overcome habits and biases of a lifetime. We need to keep looking at our goals and visualising the end picture. I think it was B2tf who did a really good post on visualisation. Maybe that could be done again on the new thread. It is a powerful tool.

    Thank you, thank you , thank you for all the support and friendship of the past month. Now onward with February with LynzM. When I think I have all the weights in, I’ll put up the completed spreadsheet.

    Make that 8.59 kgs gain.


    Thanks for all your hard work Fuvvie. Love your posts.
    Final weigh in and am down 2 pounds to 182. Must have had a whoosh!

    Last Jan weigh in. Down 4 lbs from Jan 1st. Yay me!

    Fuvvie, really impressed with your record keeping and grateful for your support this month.

    Well done 52 fasters- hope to see you on the Feb Challenge Forum.

    SW WA USA – final report

    Down 4.2 lbs. to 205. I’ll take it.

    Thanks Fuvvie for keeping track of things so beautifully & your encouragement along the journey. I also loved your description of parts of your life. It’s interesting to visualize. I’ve never been to your country.

    See you on the February challenge!

    Day 31, Oceanside CA, NFD

    Down 3.1 lbs in January to 153.4. Moving downward every day.
    Close to 150 lb goal. May have to readjust!
    Great support here. Thank you Fuvvie.

    Looking forward to new month of losses.

    Wisconsin, USA / Final January Post

    Day 30 – NFD
    Day 31 – FD (Finishing January strong!)

    First time intermittent-faster (started on Jan 1) and I’d say this was a very positive experience. =) I lost 9.6 lbs in the month of January with basically just the 5:2 method. I’m super happy with that! In February, I’m going to focus on exercising more and continue to fast 1-2 days per week.

    final day of January challenge.

    Fuvvie my apologies for posting yesterday. Final weight 145lbs so 3 lost.

    2nd councelling session today, it was a hard one. Went way over tdee, but thats the way it went.

    Tomorrow is a new day and I’ll hope to get back on that horse!!

    thankyou for leading us through January xox.

    Good morning to the January thread. The challenge results continue to be strong. Losses up to 89.32 kgs / 196 lb / 14 stone.

    Thanks to Dr Mosley and Mimi Spenser and tech support for this site which allows us to communicate, support and inspire each other.

    Here is the spreadsheet for end of January challenge. Thanks one and all again.


    Hi Fuvvie, Thank you!

    My end of January results = maintenance for me.

    Weigh-in today revealed 159.6, slightly down from the beginning of the month but up from the middle of the month. I believe the culprit to be ME. That’s right, indulging in evening snacking. February pledge is to do something about that!

    See you all on the next site!

    Day 30 and Day 31 NFD
    Final weigh in 169.8 – about same I started. Right now I’m pleased that I am not gaining. I’m holding on to this WOL and I know I will get back to being more diligent with FD. Mostly I’ve just been doing 18:6 or 16:8 LCHF days. I’m sure there were some 24 hour periods of time where I consumed 500 calories or less but I just counted all as 18.6 or 16:8 days. Obviously this is maybe ok for maintainable but not good for shedding more weight. Hope to be able to focus and plan better in February. Thanks Fuvvie!!

    Thank you @fuvvie for running this challenge. I ended up – 1 kg for the month. Pleased with that as it has helped me get my head back in the game and I’m looking forward to the February challenge.


    Well done B2tf, Maui and JPilch. See you on the Feb challenge.

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