31 Day January 2017 Challenge

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31 Day January 2017 Challenge

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  • US Day -1 NFD….
    animalhouse0200 you will do it. Take it from me… anytime you feel your resolve failing you.. log in here and read the comments. It has saved many of us over the past months.

    Day 1
    Happy new year everyone.
    So not been to bed yet. Kitty woke up at 3.30am and I was not yet asleep so she’s watching Peppa pig while I’ve reconsidered starting my fast today. I think I’ll start on the 3rd when she’s back at school and we have some routine back.

    My long term aim is to drop from 90 kilos(198pounds/14st) to 70kilos (154/11). Not sure what to expect in one month on a 2:5 fast with very little exercise. Any ideas?

    Day 1 Sunshine Coast Qld Australia: FD: second post

    Welcome to Sheam2567, Laddie10 and SunnyinSydney. Isn’t a great day for starting the next phase of our lives?

    Several people use My Fitness Pal (MFP), Sunny, and I know someone did talk about getting partners. I use it from time to time, but mostly to check out a calorie value e.g. I’m fasting today but had a drumstick and thigh for lunch. This will be the only solids I have today unless I have a bit of salad tonight, to stay under my 500 calories.It said the calorie count was 328 calories so I feel safe. I don’t as a rule count calories. When I was losing the weight most quickly, I probably should have counted calories as I suspect I was way underrating on my NFDs and am now struggling as I suspect my body is fighting to get back to its set point.

    I notice a couple of people are aiming to lose a kilo per week. It is doable as a couple of us did it when we buddied up in August. I haven’t been as successful since then. Don’t know the reason but see previous paragraph…. Good luck in your attempts, but don’t give in if the reduction isn’t as fast as you hoped. I’m not trying to put a damper on things, or rain on your parade. Just want to give a word of caution.

    I envy your being in Tassie, JEM. It is such a beautiful place. We were there 2 years ago at the wooden boat festival. Just gorgeous. Loved Bruny Island.

    Babu, you will find there are a lot of people who don’t/can’t exercise for one reason or another. They still do really well. Studies have demonstrated that exercise doesn’t make you lose weight but offers so many other health benefits that it is encouraged. You might like to read Buttonboots thread. She can’t exercise for health reasons but has lost over 8 stone. Without knowing why you can’t/don’t exercise, one can’t really comment on what you may be able to do. I didn’t exercise in the first 5 months and lost 20 kilos, so there you go. I’ve promised myself I will get going, but constantly lapse.

    Day 1. Sussex, U.K.
    Starting at 13 stones and 2 pounds or 184 pounds.
    Since this time last year I have reduced by 10 pounds altogether and came on this forum in June. A bit of a rollercoaster and plenty of bumps in the road along the way. Some days/weeks this wol seems easy and at others very difficult, but as someone else has said, we just keep on keeping on. For we don’t want the alternative.
    When the motivation and success are going well, it’s all good but this forum is a godsend when you have to pick yourself up and reconsider what you are doing and why.
    Visitors don’t go until Wednesday so will fast later in the week.
    Fuvvie, thanks again for all your words of wisdom.

    Day 1 – NFD – Sydney

    Hey everyone. I’m loving all the positive vibes already.
    I’m gearing up for my next fast tomorrow and will try 4:3 for a while. Ive been counting calories just to check in under TDEE and I’ve noticed how much sugar I eat!! Also found it very hard to stick to it when I’m out socialising. So that’s been enlightening.

    I’ve realised how true it is that it’s easier to fast when I’ve got plenty to do… so I better make. A nice long to do list for tomorrow!

    Please count me in too. I was following this diet two years ago and lost a few kilos and they have come back…I started on 28.12.16 and fasted that day, 30.12. and I am fasting today 1.1.2017. I am going to fast on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it would be very nice to here from others of their experiences. I am from Finland.

    Day 1 – Brisbane, Australia – NFD

    I’d love to jump in this challenge. I’ve never tried 5+2 before – I’ve lost weight previously with low carb, low cal diets. They work, eventually!, but soooo boring and restrictive.

    I need to weigh myself at the gym tomorrow and will post the figure then. I won’t weigh again until the end of the month, I hate the scales, they’re evil.

    I’m really hoping to lose 20kg (45 pd) – and keep it off. Anything to get off the endless cycle of gain and loss. I’ve lost hundreds of kg over the years and put on just as many.

    Really appreciate all the advice, tips, support on this thread. Good luck everyone, we’ve got this.

    Day1 Portugal NFD

    Happy new year to everyone.
    I am looking forward to getting back into this after the last couple weeks. I still have visitors staying until Friday so will be starting for real on Friday although I will attempt at least one FD before then. Weigh in will be Friday.

    lose 2kilos in January
    4:3 in January
    3-5 30 minutes exercise sessions per week.

    Day 1 and first time on a challenge (not a fast day). Have had a couple of half-hearted goes at the fasting idea and it seems to have worked then, so now to have a really good, longer term crack at it. Happy New Year and may 2017 bring you all good health, from Perth, Western Australia.

    Day 1 – Queensland – NFD

    Happy New Year. I don’t really want to post my weight…but I’m going to as I hope it will keep me accountable. 67.6kg and looking to lose 2kg this month.

    I have tried 5:2 once before and liked the simplicity of it. I lapsed and feel I was still fairly careful so kept my weight in check for quite a while but had been slipping in more recent months. 2017 is the time to get back on track. I would be great to get off to a good start and I appreciate the opportunity this forum gives me to not be doing it alone.

    Looking forward to a great January with everyone.

    Day 1 Aussie F.D today hoping to lose 2 kilos.Happy New Year everyone.

    3rd post:

    Welcome Gardener, Jenerator and Arvandee.

    We are naming the day we post in line with the date. That helps when so many people post from different areas of the world. As this is a British site, the date and time is Greenwich Mean Time/World Time. We here in Australia are 10 hours ahead. Those in America won’t be posting till I’m asleep. So name your day by the date on which you are writing. Then if you give your location, it helps as there are a lot of people who like to be able to feel a link with someone else in their country/state etc. Then please state whether it is an NFD or FD. Follow up with any tips, problems, anything you feel you need to vent, questions. It is a caring environment and respect for one another’s opinions is paramount. As phwree said, you can feel the positive vibe already and this will help anyone feeling in the pits or very challenged.

    Thanks for your kind words Patti67. I can identify completely with your comments on when you’re going well it feels easy but if it has gone to hell in a hand basket, then the thread is the thing that keeps you hanging in there. We are after all, human with human frailty.

    You’ve taken your courage in both hands, Keitii. Good for you. By putting your weight up front, you’ve acknowledged that you want to lose weight, you’ve put in a reasonable goal, and you now have a base line to work from. I’m all for it. I hate putting my weight down as I make nearly 2 of you, but it is the only way I can make myself accountable. So far to go, but if I weren’t doing this, I’d not ever get there. All the best.

    Day 1 : Cheshire, UK : NFD

    Happy New Year to new and old friends and a big warm welcome to those of you new to this way of eating and this thread. I haven’t caught up with the posts yet but from my experience I would say that when I got overwhelmed with reading posts, I still posted for myself as that kept me accountable. The overwhelm seemed to be reflective of how I was feeling emotionally and towards eating. By posting daily no matter what I was able to find the resolve again and gradually read as many posts as I could. Now I make reading posts one of my priorities. I have an email notification on my phone so I can catch up without logging on whether I’m waiting for someone or waiting in a supermarket queue 🙂 . Hope that is helpful.

    So my starting weight is 9st 8 and I wish to lose 4lbs in January.

    My first fast day will be Tuesday when I return to work. I haven’t had time to read Dr Jason Fung’s books but hoping I have some time today and tomorrow.

    DAY 1 Bucks UK FD
    Starting weight 10st 9lbs. Goal for January 4 lb loss.
    Long term goal weight an optimistic 9st 7lbs.

    Only a green tea so far – but not out of bed yet as a v. late night….was horrified when I weighed in earlier – have put on 3lbs. over Xmas…still not to worry, hopefully if will have gone by end of month!!

    Day 1 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    My quote to get us started in this new year:- “Motivation is what gets you started; Habit is what keeps you going”

    For all the newbies to this lifestyle – I would like to encourage you by sharing my journey in this WOL (note I’m not calling it a diet!)
    When I joined the November Challenge with @back2thefuture I had been following the 5:2 lifestyle on my own since January 2016 and had dropped 2 dress sizes and lost 2.5st/16kg. However I had stayed static for the past 3 months or so but felt I needed to lose another 1/2stone and the advice and support received on the forum has been instrumental on my seeing the new year weighing 8st8lb/54.4kg! I reached my goal weight of 55kg in early December and have maintained over the festive season and I am feeling really good.
    My asthma has also improved to the extent that I have not used a Ventolin (bronchodilator) inhaler since March and have halved my dose of Becotide (steroid based preventative inhaler). I’m due to have my blood cholesterol checked next week and am hoping for good changes there too – last year at this time my good cholesterol was high but so was my bad cholesterol!!!!!!!!
    I don’t do any strenuous exercise – I do Yoga x 2/wk and Pilates x 1/wk and walk x 2/3 times/wk on the fells in the beautiful county I’m so lucky to live in.
    I am choosing to continue with this WOL for the long term health benefits and to to maintain my current weight.

    If I can do it anyone can – THIS IS NOT A DIET – it is a way of life and as Dr Joel Fuhrman said:- Permanent results only comes from permanent changes in diet and lifestyle.

    On this forum we have found out that together we are stronger – good luck with your journey in this WOL whatever it maybe – to maintain like myself, to keep losing or as a newbie.

    Day 1: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD.
    Happy New Year old friends and new. Anyone new to this way of life and these challenge threads….I can’t praise it enough. You are in the right place.
    Starting in May with Coda’s first challenge, I reached my goal weight in September (two stone off, which had been on me for 25 long years, since having my daughter), never having succeeded in meaningful weight-loss before. Since then, largely by staying on the following monthly challenges has kept me (more or less) on the straight and narrow.
    Everyone is so kind and motivating on here, and it makes the difference between success and f…..e (forbidden word not to be used!)There will be times of strength and times of weakness. This is where this wonderful, worldwide group comes into it’s own.
    Together, we are STRONGER than we are alone. xx

    Just wanted to say thanks AT, I found your post really inspiring. My biggest hope from this WOL is that I never have to diet again like I’ve done previously. Sounds like it’s great when you hit maintaining phase, which has always been my major struggle. The longest I’ve ever been able to stay at my goal weight previously is a week, I’m embarrassed to say.

    Day 1 – Sodermanland, Sweden – NFD

    Hi Fuvvie, after reading this forum on and off since mid-November, I thought I’d take the plunge and join the forum if I may.
    I started 5:2 November 13th, limited my sweets intake to Fridays and Saturdays, and increased my walking to about 30 km per week and was happy to go from 102.5 kg to 94.4 kgs in the first six weeks. I survived 4 Christmas dinners in December, and was thrilled to see no weight gain after Christmas, but for some reason, even with the success, I seemed to have lost some of my motivation during the last week of 2016. Even though I have had two fast days, I’ve feasted on cakes and sweets on NFD and my weight has gone up.

    To those of you just starting, I can say that the first six weeks have been relatively easy for me. I keep myself busy on FD, plan what I will eat during the day using My Fitness Pal, and I stick to the plan. My normal breakfast is the same on FD and NFD (oatmeal, banana and tea – 241 kcal) which means I can be flexible with NFD and FD if some unplanned social occasion pops up. I’ve tried a few b2b (back to back fast days) and they went well. I try to walk a few extra kilometers 5 days a week, with longer walks on the weekends. I live in the country and a walk to the lake takes about 25 minutes, but I find that I am heavily influenced by the weather. On a sunny day, I can easily walk 10 km but it’s a challenge to get out of the house on those grey days.

    I start 2017 at 96.4 kg with a final goal of 77 kg by September (my birthmonth) and a short-term goal of 3-4 kg in January.

    Good luck to everyone out there!

    Believeit here. Happy 2017 to everyone looking forward to sharing this WOL change with you all. I started searching for a change Nov 15 under doctor orders. type 2 diabetes, overweight and high blood pressure. Since then I have lost 23 lbs. By changing the way I eat the first 5 weeks then learned about the if way. So jump started with a 6 day fast with water, tea, and coffee. Made it 4.5 days then was feeling shaky and not good so I did start to eat again. Lost 9 pounds during the fast and 1 lb since I ate. My blood sugars are down to where they should be and blood pressure is better as long as I watch my sodium intake. I don’t exercise, have a desk job so it is a real struggle in my mind to get out and move.

    Starting this new year off at 208 lbs. And the 5:2 way of IF. Will have my FD on Mondays and Thursdays. Goal of losing 6 lbs in January. And start walking at least 5 days a week and weights 2 days.

    Bless you all in this new year!

    Hi Fuvvie,

    Was so happy to see this post. Please also count me in! I will start my FD on Tuesday when I return to work and resume the routine.
    I started 5:2 last Jan (18th to be precise) with a starting weight of 85kg. I needed to lose a significant amount of weight for my wedding in August and this was a huge motivational factor for me. (Also, the amount of times I felt upset at the dress shop for not being able to get into some of the dresses I wanted to try on was a huge factor too!)

    I lost 22kg in total til my wedding day. I didn’t do any exercise due to work times but always made sure I walk everywhere (10km on weekdays) and used the steps to get to office (6 flights, ~3 times a day). At the start when I got used to the 5:2, I found it easier to bump it up to 4:3. Fasting mon-thurs and not fasting on remaining days. This is where I really need this Jan challenge as I need to cut down the amount I drink on Fridays and Saturdays as I normally clock up all my daily calorie allowance in a drinking session at the pub after work on a Friday and then sometimes on Saturdays too. As my husband is also at home on the weekend, I tend to enjoy a nice big breakfast, lunch and dinner. I need to watch out and calorie count on these days as it is SO easy to go over the daily recommended intake.

    Another problem was Xmas. I know from reading others posts that others have had the same disaster. I have definitely over over indulged! 🙁

    So now I know my weak points. I also know that the diet works wonders. My goal for the next few months to do what I did, but in Jan I am also going to try “dry Jan” and Give up the drink!! When I calculated my net weight loss from the start it works out ~0.68kg per week (not so accurate as some weeks I would lose more or less and this is just an average) If I take out alcohol and count what I eat on the weekend I should hopefully bump this up to 1kg per week (but I’ll be happy with 0.68 to start!!)

    My goal weight to reach is 50kg by summer (June time).

    I will write back on my first FD of the year!

    Good luck to all you guys and here is to a very happy, heathy new year! X

    P.s. I use MFP, and I felt so guilty going back on it and seeing the huge gap for the festive period. Oops.

    Day 1 Surrey UK NFD A very happy new year to us all again, Positive thoughts result in positive actions, and I want to work this year on Understanding and Mindfulness. Dedicate time to take care of all that comes to my attention with gentleness and respect. The only way I see that this will be possible is to start each day as a brand new step.
    I have maintained the December weight, and now want to see a real downward movement, so here we go. I have at least 24 kgs to go still, but on the positive side feeling so much better. Once I get back home taking the dogs out every day is a real treat and good exercise, and I would like to get back to drawing and painting again.

    We do have another period of application with the Home Office, a bit nervous about that, and I hope and pray it goes better than the last nightmare time we had…we have a first class lawyer now, thank goodness!

    Day 1 Ireland NFD
    Hi All and Happy New Year to everyone
    Having a slow day here after party last night… now planning the weeks ahead. Going to start with FD on Monday and Wednesday.
    Weigh 9 st 10 and would like ultimately to be 9st – 9 st 3. .. I’m not very tall and this half stone is very persistent & difficult to shift! Was around 9 st for years and managed to shift pregnancy weight each time, but now it has crept back on. Not sure if weight gain is to do with being a woman of a certain age or a liking for hot buttered toast?!
    Hoping this group will help me get there 🙂 x

    Day 1 NFD – not to sunny Melbourne Aus . Current weight 88 kg goal – anything less than that (ideally a couple kg off over Jan would be nice! ) Fast days Mon Thurs however I might throw in a couple weeks 4:3 to jump start things too.

    @Sunnyinsudney I use my fitness pal. I only use it on fast days but for Jan I’m going to be logging everything just to get my head around my nfd eating too. My mfp user name is the same 😀 Happy to buddy up.

    So here goes me jump back into the 5:2 WOL. Today isn’t a fast day but I’ve done 2 Fd last week and it was still relatively easy. Being summer I think it helps me adjust well as I love summer fruits and salads and can keep myself easily distracted by taking the kids to a park etc. I’ve been making sure we go out every day and I walk atleast 1-2 k while we are at the park on top of my usual daily walking/steps etc. tomorrow is a FD and I won’t eat until dinner so I have plenty of iced tea (fruit teas and herbal tea blends no sugar) & black coffee and water to keep me going. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone here and have. People to chat to who understand this WOL.

    Happy new year all . Head into 2017 knowing its your year!

    Day 1 – Devon, UK – FD

    This is my first and hopefully last diet to get my weight back under control and keep under control. Kicking off at 85kg – dream goal 65kg. Will start off with 4:3 to get some weight loss going then 5:2. Hardest thing for me will be no alcohol for January and cutting right back altogether for the rest of the year.

    Wishing everyone the best for this coming year.

    Day 1 – Staffordshire UK-nfd

    Starting 2017 at 156lb, target for month is 152lb.

    At my heaviest I was 164lb and my ultimate goal is 140lb.

    Happy new year to everyone. Xxx

    Fuvvie. I will turn 60 in February and yesterday I told my daughter how much the weight charts said a 5’4 woman could weigh. I admitted to her that I have a whole nother person I could lose. My daughter is a great source of support to me and I know my weight and health has worried her. Even though she can see how large I am, the realization of me saying that to her kind of shocked her. As it does me. How on earth did I ever let it get this far. Just felt like sharing that. Blessings to you on this journey.

    US SC Day 1 NFD

    Happy New Year from a cold and dreary South Carolina. OH got his very own weather center for Christmas so now I can not only tell you the temperature in my own back yard, but also the wind speed, rainfall, barometric pressure…. he is in his element and I don’t have to watch the weather channel all day any more 🙂.

    Have spent the past two days piecing a new quilt for a friend who I know is going to lose her brother shortly. It breaks my heart as he is the only one of her family left (and not that old). It’s so hard to know what to say and I thought a quilt might be nice to wrap herself in when she needs a hug. It also keeps my mind and hands busy so I don’t reach for food.

    I plan on fasting tomorrow but want to get back on track with my nfd’s and keeping track of calories. I think that was the reason for my success at the start.

    Good luck to you all.. oldies and newbies as we start a new year together.

    Day 1 – Denmark – FD

    Hello everybody, happy new year to you all!
    This is the first time, I shall try this 5:2 way of living. My goal is to lose about 8 kg.
    I can’t exercise because my lungs are very bad. Because of that, I also have stopped smoking today!
    I think, the worst for me will be to eat under my TDEE on the Non-Fast-Days. And then, of cause, my “no-smoking”.

    Day 1 – Denmark – FD

    Hello everybody, happy new year to you all!
    This is the first time, I shall try this 5:2 way of living. My goal is to lose about 8 kg.
    I can’t exercise because my lungs are very bad. Because of that, I also have stopped smoking today!
    I think, the worst for me will be to eat under my TDEE on the Non-Fast-Days. And then, of cause, my “no-smoking”.

    D1 | Singapore | NFD

    Had to get up at 5.30am today for work. Delayed breakfast till after 11am as I had a bit of an indulgent day yesterday involving lots of salt-laden things and after dinner cookies haha – after all it was the last day of the year! Didn’t feel difficult at all as I was busy seeing patients. Had a lovely meal at a aussie-style cafe with my fiance. There are times in the past when eating out is a big trigger for me to then go home and stuff myself full of chocolates as I had the all or nothing mentality – but now I really need to focus on the enjoying the company and conversation during meals out rather than trying to analyse the food (and how i’ve wrecked my diet). There are healthier options everywhere and I’m more than happy to enjoy a noodle soup/salad etc. On 5:2 I need to really focus on the NFDs as they are the make or break moments! I’ve come to the realisation that 2 fast days really does not give me the license to go to town on treats – they are still only meant to be for special occasions.

    B (11am): sauteed mushrooms and marinated goat cheese on sourdough with rocket, iced soya latte
    L(3pm): a mish mash at home – 2 pieces of low GI bread with tahini, a block of tofu and a punnet of bloobs
    D (8pm): panfried red mullet, steamed broccoli, brown rice/quinoa, teriyaki red onion
    S: A kiwi, an apple, a red bean bun and a cheeky square of ritter sport (training myself to enjoy a little of the good thing – I’m known to be dangerous around chocolate in the house but I really don’t want to deny myself of anything – 80/20 mentality will hopefully get me to a balanced place in the long haul!)

    Daily Total: 1750 (I’m counting calories for the first few weeks until I get into the swing of things!)
    Exercise: 45mins elliptical intervals, 15mins treadmill run

    Heading into bed very satisfied 🙂 Unfortunately another early day in the hospital awaits tomorrow morning!

    Day 1…… Florida…… NFD

    Happy New Year!

    Okay, let’s get down to business, then we can have some fun.

    Weight….. 155.8, but to be fair yesterday was a FD.
    Goal…… 5.8lb, as I so desperately need a haircut!
    How….. FD…. M, W and F…….. NFD….. TDEE

    HappyMargo…. I’m so glad, you are home and are safe from the knife! I think you may see some flip flopping of weight as you resume a more regular way of eating. But let’s be honest coffe and pudding sound sooo good! Stay with us, don’t get discouraged!

    AT….. keep the quotes coming…..

    Newbies….. Welcome! You gonna love it here!

    Some mentioned…. weight loss with no exercise and what they can expect as well as another mentioned vaguely if this WOL works.
    Let me see if I can give you some words of wisdom

    I’m lazy, I’ll be the first to admit it. So, no I don’t workout regularly. It may change, but it probably won’t. Love the idea though! On NFD, I eat, I don’t count but I do try to stay away from those terrible tasting pastries. FD…. on super strict. I don’t go over 500 calories! I do however 16:8 everyday faithfully, the only exception is when my DH, is pulling fresh veg out the garden for a morning omelette.
    I still have lost 10lbs since Nov. 1st…..
    BUTT, as this is big one! The biggest difference and I think the best so far is the way I feel and the way my clothes fit! In Dec, I gained weight only did a handful of FD, but I still feel great and my clothes still fit fabulously!
    Even, if the scale isn’t moving, your body is doing something!
    Let’s talk about scales for a minute….. They lie, cheat and steal! Yet, we rely so heavily on there opinion and thoughts…. Them theiven bastards! It’s an object, none of us can get rid of! The point is you can keep them around just don’t put all of your hopes and dream into them. Go to your closets pick an outfit you can’t wear, try it on. That’s going to be your best way to know if this WOL is working.

    Lastly, I myself have had a few moments… where I fell of the wagon and contemplated where I should just lay there and let the world trample over me. I got up! Why because of this group, these people. Bad day or good day, they always find away to touch your inner being. As AT said…. Together we are stronger!
    Just get on everyday, tells us, we’re here to support you through it all! At first everyone posting seems a bit overwhelming but read what you can, in a couple days you’ll find a comfortable spot between reading and posting!

    Okay, I rambled enough for this post…..

    I’m a newbie but I’m in to start today! In Michigan USA, today is FD.

    Day 1 – US – NFD

    Hello and happy new year to everyone!

    – Stephanie

    Day 1 USA (Utah, visiting)

    NFD for me today. Happy New Year, and welcome to all the newbies! You will love swimming in this little pool. Everyone is so supportive and helpful! I’ve been on these challenge boards since May and have thoroughly enjoyed our WOL (way of life). I am at maintenance of 160# with hopes to maybe lose 5 more in the next couple months. For me 6:1 has been working as maintenance as long as I am very careful wth TDEE counting via MFP (My Fitness Pal) on my phone or iPad. It’s terrific for me who hates counting calories.

    I am visiting daughter and granddaughters for the next week, skiing today at Park City (where Olympic Events were held in 2002). We were at Snowbasin the other day, and I saw the “Flying Kangaroos” women’s aerial team there. I thought of all of you Aussie friends. Do any of you ski? I am proud to be 68 years old and one of the oldest women still on the slopes. I take it very easy just to get the exercise. Off to breakfast at our motel (probably high carbs… oh well) then on to ski!

    Onward and downward!

    Day 1 // New Hampshire, USA // NFD

    I didn’t make it till midnight last night, but I’m happy to be welcoming a New Year this morning! My first goal is to lose the 25 lbs (11 kg) I’ve been wrestling with since my son was born 5 years ago (gulp) — no particular timeline in mind — we’ll see how it goes!

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    Day 1 – USA – FD
    I am just learning about IF and excited to get started…or rather, excited at the possibility to lose weight and improve my health! I’ve enjoyed reading the studies and this forum.

    I am a 53 YO female and today’s weight is 152.6 lb. This is my all time high weight with a goal of 139 over the next 7 weeks. In early Feb I will have worked out new goals in which to follow but that is my initial target. I think that may be aggressive, however I assume I have 5 lbs of water weight that I hope to drop in the early phase and perhaps 1-2 lbs per week from there.

    I am considering doing an 18:6 hour fast/eat cycle on the days I am not fasting – or at least a couple of them per week…not sure again if that is overly aggressive? Thoughts?

    Today will be a FD with liquids (coffee, tea, water) including veg broth as needed. Since I don’t know what to expect I am going to allow 400 calories today as well but will skip them if not needed.

    For the week:

    Sunday Jan 1 – FD
    Monday Jan 2 – end Fast 12:30 p.m. – that should actually result in an initial 40 hour Fast from Dec 31 8:30 p.m. (I don’t plan on eating past 8 p.m. in general on NFD)
    Tue Jan 3 – FD
    Wed Jan 4- NFD
    Thur Jan 5 – NFD
    Fri Jan 6 – NFD
    Sat Jan 7 – NFD

    I wish everyone strength and health in 2017!

    Thank you for letting me join the group.


    Day 1 UK NFD
    Shocked but delighted to see I’m the same weight as I was before Christmas 10st 4 or 144lbs January goal to get in the 130s – sadly I’m still stuck in the stones mentality and to get back to scales reading 9 st something would be great , I’m aiming to eat healthily , exercise more and I’m cutting out booze for a month . I usually fast on Mondays but as its a holiday tomorrow I’m undecided .Looking forward to this journey with friends old and new

    Day 1, NJ (USA), NFD

    Weighing in today at 123.1 (lbs). I started this wonderful way of eating last March at 130-131. My low was a dip into the 119s. My ultimate goal is 118 — but that nasty Thanksgiving through New Year’s haul just socked the wind out of my good habits.

    Starting again with a good NFD today, and then hoping for a fast day tomorrow. I will be going off to Florida for a family visit to MIL with hubby, sons, and one on son’s gf. Diligence may be difficult but I’ll bring along my hypnosis tapes for support.

    As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I have a fancy dress ball on Jan 28 for motivation BUT if all else fails I have that mandatory fast and cleanse known as a colonoscopy on Jan 30. That’s always good for a few pounds. It will be interesting to see if the fasting part is easier this time.

    One more note on another unrelated goal… Some of us have been working on the Kon Mari method of cleaning and organizing our homes. I’ve started with my clothes and it was quite successful. Today I tackle my pantry — after cleaning up from New Year’s Eve. This should be interesting but if I don’t post tomorrow, please send out the Saint Bernards!

    Happy New Year, Partners!

    Hi all! I’m in for the new year! I’m trying to lose 12 lbs and I am new to 5:2. Thought I posted earlier this am but apparently I didn’t as I can’t find the post. Today is Jan 1 and a FD for me. Wondering where on the site I can find some ideas for what people eat on a FD.

    Count me in!

    Day 1, nfd, Birmingham, UK

    Starting at 145 pounds. Hoping to get to 138 by the end of January. It’s been three months since having ng first child so hoping to get back in shape.

    Hello, and happy new year!


    OK, nice little breakfast. keeping busy on a sunny day helps. I will build a Welcome 2017 campfire in my backyard today and sip hot tea. Veggie chili tonight!I seem a bit focused on when I will eat next.Thoughts?

    Day 1 USA Hawaii NFD
    18:6 today
    I’ve fallen into a routine of following either 16:8 or 18:6 fasting/eating. This is working for me right now. I’m sure there are 24 hour periods where I stay under 500 calories or less and I will try to note as FD. Also try to keep it LCHF plus gluten free. At home we cook with mostly organic veggies, cage free eggs and small portions of grass fed beef, organic chicken or wild salmon and limited dairy.
    Downfall is meals out and that’s where I hope to improve with food choices on the one or two restaurant meals each week – usually work related. Also need to get back to walking every morning – for mental stability – clears the mind. Best wishes and thanks to all sharing this journey.

    2nd post
    Starting weight today is 169.2 lbs
    Goal for 2017 is 159 or less.
    January goal is 168.. modest goals but realistic for me.

    Day 1 NFD Currently living in Naples, Italy.

    I would like to lose about 18 lbs. In 2014, I did EOD for about 3 months and found it to be effective. However, it got to be too restrictive, and I started taking in more calories on fasting days, which I tried to make up for on NFDs, so I ended up restricting every day. I since gained all the weight back and am looking forward to trying again, but this time smarter. I plan to do 4:3 for the month of January and will reevaluate in Feburary. Maybe go to 5:2.

    Count me in. Start date 1 Jan 2017. Day 1 feast day. Day 2 fast day. Florence, Italy. I need to stick to this. I have only stuck with one diet in my life and that was over 10 years ago – need a bit of encouragement. Good luck to all!

    3rd post
    K-Lo thanks for sharing your Kon Mari organizing plans. I have read her book but never really followed through. Today I’m starting the “30 day game”… Day 1 you get rid of 1 item, day 2 you get rid of 2 items and go right through the month so you end up getting rid of almost 500 items. I think taking control of our home – releasing the clutter- will reinforce taking control of our eating and releasing the weight. Holding onto objects and holding onto weight might be connected more than we realize. Anyway… thanks K-Lo and right on!

    Maui, I think I can open a tea shop from my pantry, and serve gallon size freezer bags, canned chickpeas and crackers.

    My son is taking some stuff back to his fraternity kitchen. Thank you, baby!

    Day 1 — Colorado USA– FD

    Happy New Year, friends!

    I’m currently on Fast Day # 7 in a row. Not for fun, mind you. Just released from hospital post bowel-obstruction from a Crohn’s flare up. I’m actually feeling MUCH better & thrilled to be home again!

    My last meal was Christmas dinner! I will complete a total of 9 clear + full liquid only Fasting Days before carefully transitioning to soft, mushy low residue foods.

    I never would’ve believed it was possible to go 9 days on low or no calorie liquids… but the 5:2 diet & intermittent fasting has taught me discipline & fortitude & strength I didn’t know I had.
    Plus, this terrific group of international friends sure makes it easier!

    2nd post–

    My goals for this January Challenge will be:
    1– Consistently stick to 5:2. Two days each week as liquid only FDs. And if feeling good, throw in a 4:3 a couple times.

    2– Walk every day. No matter the weather. Get outside & get those steps in!

    3– Lift weights 3 x per week.

    4– Stretch every night after dinner while watching TV with DH.

    Can’t really set weight-loss targets because of the Prednisone, but if I complete those (4) goals, they’re bound to lead to success & better health. 🙂

    Day 2 Melbourne Australia FD

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