16 week goal – anyone want to join in and see how far we can get?

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16 week goal – anyone want to join in and see how far we can get?

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  • I’m a mum of 2 young kids and am 3 stone heavier than I was before I had them 4 years ago. It’s time to get in shape and I’m on day one of the 5:2 diet. I’m currently:

    Height – 5 ft 2 inches
    Weight – 12 stone 13 pounds.

    My first goal is to see how much I can lose in 16 weeks before my husband and I go to New York. I’m going to weight myself on a Tuesday morning. Does anyone want to join me or have any good tips?


    I’d love to join you, if I may? I’m also in my first week (first fast day was yesterday).

    I get married in May 2015 and want to lose what I can between now & then.

    My other half has been doing this since July 2014 (after we came back from NYC funnily enough)and has lost 1.5 stone (approx 22lbs at the last count). Seeing his achievement has spurred me on.

    Will be weighing myself on a Monday morning. Had my first fast day yesterday, was pretty awful if I’m honest. Headache, cold & tired…have heard it gets easier though as your body gets used to it!

    Hello both

    Wishing you both the very best of luck!

    I have been doing the fast since end of Jan 2014. At my highest and lowest weights there is a difference of 21 pounds. My lowest weight recorded was 10 stone on May 1st but since then, I have gained a bit. I am looking to bring my weight back down before Christmas so after a summer of on and off fasting, I am firmly back on it.

    Would love to join you for a 16 week count down. I have set myself a goal of losing a stone before Christmas so I will keep you posted on my progress.

    Hello, would you mind if I join you? I’m a mum of two (6 & 4 year old) and started the fast diet last week..finding it a challenge. Probably like most people on fast diet, I have tried every diet around with no luck. Aiming to lose 12kg by Christmas. I am 164cm or 5’4″ and 72kg (sorry about metric, am from Oz!). The only thing I have found is the longer I leave having breakfast, the easier it is to stick to, and I am very much a breakfast person! Good luck with your first days ๐Ÿ™‚

    Me too…please!! I’m currently 16 lbs over what I should be and would love to get most of it off before Christmas. I want to start the New Year right!!

    I’ve been doing 5:2 for about 2 months now but haven’t lost anything…it’s been bouncing back and forth but I know why…my feast days have been out of control. Fast days are a breeze now but I need to get my other days under control! ๐Ÿ™‚

    To all having their first day fasting, it’s honestly not as hard as it sounds. I also wait until about 1:00 pm before I start eating. Once I start eating, I notice my hunger increases so the longer the better!

    Good luck everyone!!!

    Looking forward to sharing the next 16 weeks with you all! I’ve already had all of my fast day calories for the day – feeling full now (I just had one of the M and S fuller longer meals) but I’m sure I’ll be starving by bedtime!

    Hi everyone!

    I had an M&S meal too yesterday, but waited until almost 7pm before I had it. Had a small natural Greek yoghurt at 2pm (to get rid of the sick feeling) & rode it out until dinner-time. Did some housework to keep me busy then went to bed at 9pm!

    Work hours at my desk were definitely the hardest yesterday. Drank lots of tea & water to try to keep the pangs at bay but felt sick in the afternoon so hence the yoghurt.

    My other half seems to do it with no problems, he says its a breeze…I’m hoping it will eventually just become second nature ๐Ÿ™‚

    Height is 5’7
    Current weight is 11st 8 (or 158lbs)

    Target weight – anything between 10 – 10st 7 (140 – 147lbs)

    I run with a club but have found that since my late 30’s (I’m 43 now) the weight just seems to stick…have tried every diet under the sun (& spent a fortune!)…nothing seems to shift it.

    I’m starting next week and want to lose about 2 stone in total but will aim for 10 pounds by Christmas. Am 5’3 and target weight is around 8 and a half stone

    Hello to all on the 16 week goal goal forum. I am a 66 yr old grumpy male and have have maintained a 14 – 16 pound weight loss since I started over a year ago. Like some posters I have a M & S Fuller Longer ready meal or a Count on Us Ready meal. The Pork dinner on the latter is very filling and under 300 cals. If I can describe my Fast day for those interested and to show how some thing works for one but not another… I have tea when I wake up. About 1. 00 pm I have natural porridge (mainly water but with a splash of milk) with Cinnamon and fruit. This is a low GI meal so keeps me full longer. Some time between 6 pm and 7 pm I have a M&S Fuller Longer meal then make sure I am in bed by 9. 00pm.
    This works for me it may not be for many of you. Finally can I say that some posters use negative words and phrases (sorry Manchester and drunner). Try using some positive words and phrases, they may help. Instead of “Starving” and “Hunger pangs” consider that you are “Comfortably Empty”. Use positive comments in your mind. I know it sounds weird but it may help. Finally try adjusting your meals and meal times. This may also help.
    Good luck to all of you.

    Hey you all,
    just started yesterday. i felt very saintly, with all that water and carrots…
    and went for a run, first time in ages.well,I injured my ankle and had cake today to console myself, the halo is gone :-(.
    I am turning 50 in January and want to be 10 kg lighter.Any help and support highly appreciated.
    being a newbie i have lots of questions. Are you tracking on your feast days? sounds cumbersome, but may be necessary??particularly now being lame.

    Hi peapod and welcome:

    This will answer many of your questions: http://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I am feeling very “comfortably empty” (thanks for that tip Couscous!) now so I’m going to have a mega early night before my non-fast day tomorrow – thinking about a delicious breakfast already!! I wasn’t going to track on non-fast days Peapod (I’m trying to get in the Paul McKenna “I can make you think” zone so don’t want to track on my 5 ‘normal’ days) but we’ll see how that goes!

    Good luck everyone!

    I’d love to join too – all helps! Thanks for starting this group:)

    I’m struggling with control of my diet as live in London Tuesday-Friday with different friends then home weekends with hubbie so am often unable to resist treating myself and find self loathing at every failure. Today was first fast day and it helps to know there Are others struggling too. Hope it works for us all,
    Appreciate all tips n will be trying to up the exercise too – 13 stone 9 start, 6 ft tall, goal is 12 something low!
    Good luck everyone!

    hi simcoeluv,
    spent the last hour trailing through your links- thank you so much, as you said all the info is there.all fired up now to stay within my calorie limits, going out tomorrow night and will make sure i have enough calories left for a treat. Wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Peapod:

    Good Luck!

    hi Cotterill. that sounds familiar.. being really busy and flat out and then feeling you have deserved to indulge a bit( or a lot). i think i will need to be careful and track initially, although i eventually would like to be in the “zone” like comfortably empty manchester:-). Exercise was always my damage control.but as Couscous said lets stay positive…I hate the pool( but the lifeguard is cute)have a good day tomorrow everybody.

    Thanks simcoeluv – I’ve looked at some of your posts & they are all very helpful!

    Thanks for the positive thinking tips Couscous, they are a great idea, will definitely be using them!

    Normal day eating for me today, didn’t really eat any more or less than I normally would on a “running day”.

    2nd fast day tomorrowโ€ฆwill likely follow yesterdays pattern of a small yoghurt at lunchtime followed by a low-cal ready meal from M&S for a late dinner.

    Measured all my “bits” tonightโ€ฆeek! Got a bit of a shock to be honest, had no idea how bad it was. Have logged them on my account hereโ€ฆhere’s to them getting smaller over the next few months!

    Hi everyone – fast day for me today. It shall be an interesting day as I started feeling pretty sick yesterday (stomach, headache) and today still not feeling well. It will either make the fast easier or harder. In the past when I’ve been sick, I crave simple carbs to keep me going. Well today I can’t have those simple carbs ๐Ÿ™‚ I obviously won’t push myself if fasting doesn’t seem right today, but I want to give it a good try!

    Drunner – you are too funny (bits & eek!!) but good to know where you are starting. It will be wonderful to see the inches peel off once you get going!

    Couscous – you are right about being positive, the moment you tell yourself you are starving is the moment you give in because suddenly you’re feeling all these starving symptoms (lightheadedness, growling stomach, etc)

    Good luck to everyone else today fasting!!

    2nd fast day for me today…all good so far. Felt a bit “empty” earlier (positive thinking…not “starving”!) just about 1pm. Had a Greek yoghurt followed by a 10-cal jelly pot to take the edge off. Slight headache this afternoon.

    Dinner will be about 530pm (M&S meal) then going for a massage, home then an early night.

    Newme – why not try a rice cake or something? Not too many calories but will give you that wee carb hit?

    Good luck everyone fasting today!

    drunner – you got me thinking…rice cake with low cal laughing cow cheese. What a great idea! Would be even better with a little smoked salmon on it! ๐Ÿ™‚ All very low cal. OK going to the grocery store on the way home! Thank you!!!

    Hello all,

    I am also fasting today. Managed to get through the day without eating and planning on a lean mince beef bolognese with slim pasta for dinner tonight. It’s really nice being able to use all your calories in one go and not feel too restricted at the end of the day.

    One of my favourite low calorie snacks on a fast day is sugar free jelly. I think Drunner also mentioned the same. It takes the edge off. Also, miso soup is a good lifesaver!

    Drunner, what a nice way to round off a fast day by going for a massage, I was saying earlier I am really craving one as well.

    I was down one pound this morning, so hopefully I’m on track for a loss overall this week (maybe 2 pounds?!)

    Off for lunch and dinner out tomorrow so I will do my best to make a sensible choice. Although I am also planning on going for a run in the morning… we shall see.

    Littledragon, unfortunately it was a sports massage, so not very relaxing i’m afraid! Still, it whiled a way an hour, so thats an hour less trying to ignore my tummy.

    Newme – did you have a rice cake?

    Have drank loads today so will likely be up all night but hoping I get a good sleep.

    Was 1.5lbs down after my first fast day on Monday, will see what I am in the morning after the 2nd one.

    Not sure how often I should weigh myself? What do you all do? Was thinking on just once a week, on a Monday but I can’t contain myself too much!

    Drunner – yes I picked up rice cakes and laughing cow garlic and onion cheese spread. Each is 35 calories so for lunch I can have 2 for a total of 140 calories! It was very yummy and the salt levels nice and low!!

    I hate sports massages – ouchy they always hurt so bad but when it’s over you feel so good!

    I am trying my hardest to only weigh in once a week..at least the once a week weigh in is the one I count and it’s the Friday morning morning after a normal eating day.

    Hope everyone has a great day!!!

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve just finished my 2nd fast day – I felt better than I did on my 1st fast day but I’m still a bit cranky! I went to about 11.30 without anything, then had half a chicken breast, an apple a little bit later, then an M and S ready meal at 4.30.

    I feel like spreading my calories across the middle of the day is probably going to be best for me. I get quite irritable when I’m hungry so I don’t think it would be fair to deal with kids teatime/bedtime etc on a completely empty stomach – I had to really search hard for my patience with them this evening!

    I’m going to try to weigh in once a week too – I know I’ll be tempted to hop on the scales 1st thing tomorrow but I think I should wait a week from day 1, which will be Tuesday morning after a normal eating day on Monday as I guess that will be the most representative number …

    Good luck everyone, and let me know of any more tips for low cal snacks!

    Hi there. I’m in. I started this about a week ago. Two children 10 and 8. 13 4 want to do this as going away for Xmas. Good luck all. I’m putting my scales in the car as I keep weighing. Weigh day Tuesday :))

    Good morning all,
    I’m ecstatic ( unless my scales are broken and are weighing wrong..) I seem to have lost 2.5 kg and it’s only my 2 nd Fast day today!!
    Now I know that’s a fluke and I will be very happy with 1 or 2 lb a week from now( does that sound like a prayer??) but what an eye opener. I did track on my feast days, because that’s where I tend to go wrong- am with you there newme@50. but I was even out for dinner on Wednesday…but cutting out those 11ses seems to be a good idea:-)
    Fasting today. I had porridge to fuel me til lunchtime, then Bovril and tonight I will try those Shitake noodles for the first time. They look and smell dodgy…any suggestions what to do with them?
    If I can face it and my tummy doesn’t sound like a lorry going over cobblestones, I will try to do a bit of HIT in the gym, I did that for 30 min on my last fast day and felt like a saint..Have a good day everybody

    Fast day for me today, my 3rd this week! I’m doing 4:3 this week as an experiment. Weight loss is slow for me…I’m 49, about 16 lbs over weight so the weight loss is pretty slow. I’m hoping to just speed it up just a tiny bit ๐Ÿ™‚ My normal eating days have been a bit better this week…not quite as out of control as they have been! YAY – it’s a start!

    Peapod – great weigh in!! Have a great fast day as well!! Shitake noodles need to be rinsed very well before heating them up then cover with a well seasoned tomato sauce. Lots of garlic, onion, italian seasoning then you won’t taste the blahness of the noodles!

    Welcome Osullie! Good idea about hiding the scale in your car!!

    Hi Manchester..here’s my trick for fasting as I can get cranky too. I have coffee with a tiny bit of cream in the morning, then I have something small around 1:00 pm (150 calories) then a late dinner around 7:00 pm. I also drink lots of lots and lots of water throughout the day. On some days if I’m extra hungry, around 3:00 I’ll have some cherry tomatoes and carrots which are very low in calories. Play around with the times you eat and you’ll find what works best for you soon!

    hey newme@50, how did your fast day go? hmm i’m not sure if i will be a fan of shitake noodles.didnt help that my husband came into the kitchen, while i was preparing them, commenting that sth was smelling of cat pee…saying that quite a satisfying plate, for very little calories.
    yay Im 49 as well and guessing from your username we want to be lighter for our 50th birthday, right?mine is in January and 10kg down is my birthdaywish ๐Ÿ™‚
    i quite like the fasting days, as long as i’m busy. i feel a bit hyped up with my not so busy tummy. its the feastdays, that i will have to watch.Although it should be easier to stay away from the cookies, now that the last of my four children has left the nest.goodbye lasagne( that would have been a great username). now i shall watch an episode of Breaking Bad( my new treat) and then bed early, before i get the munchies.

    Peapod – Breaking Bad is so addictive isn’t it! I finished it recently and it was almost a relief by the end as it had rather taken over my evenings for a while!

    I cheated and weighed myself yesterday morning after breakfast – 3 lb loss, but it was the morning after a fast so I can’t really feel too proud, but it does motivate me to try to be good until my proper weigh day!

    I’ve been listening to Paul McKenna to try and get me to eat sensibly on my non-fast days and it’s been going well (except for today – I’m working by myself on a dull piece of work with a looming deadline, so there has been a bit of boredom nibbling!).

    Anyway, hope it’s going well for you all.

    Hi There,
    Im new today, first fast day, feeling shattered, headache and a little grumpy! So thought I would get an early night too…before snack attack gets me. I will enjoy checking in and following how its going with you guys. Actually craving salt! Might just go lick a crisp in a mo…but I wont eat it promise!! lols Good luck and nice to meet you ;0)

    Hello everyone still keeping the faith here. I’ve now completed a week and I’ve lost at least 4 pounds and 3 inches off my waist. I’m measuring as scales -well mine anyway vary and I do according to tom- so far it’s going well. Fast day today. Just had tea. I’m determined to keep going till Christmas. After half term I’m going to star exercising.

    Hi FlamingoFlames,
    Step away from the crisp drawer! I have to avoid this kitchen area completely on fast days;-). Try a cup of Bovril and drink a pint of warm water- that helps me when headaches strike. Nite nite
    Manchester- glad I’m not the only slightly deranged person re Breaking Bad. I have to ration it- if that’s not a worrying sign…but on fast days it’s an extra treat.
    I make Tuesday my official weigh in day, but have a sneaky look on Thursday. So I can assess if weekends are particularly damaging. Was today at a study day and nibbled 2 mini Danish before I registered what I was doing. I wasn’t at all hungry, just bored. Ok that means a bike ride tomorrow. How do you, with small children, get time for exercise?i have no excuse any more. Have a good Sunday everybody.

    Confession – just got home from a long day working and ate a dominos – oops!!

    Peapod, I basically don’t exercise at all at the moment! I did join a gym a couple of months ago and really enjoyed the spin classes, but I can’t do much else as I have a niggling problem with my foot (plantar faciatis – probably spelt wrong!) – not serious but can be v painful and hard to get rid of, so I’m trying to get it under control and not put too much weight on it. I’m doing a piece of freelance work at the moment so the last few weeks have been manic, but in a week or so it will be finished and I should have more time so I’m hoping to start a routine going at the gym again, but it is hard with work and young children to get the childcare and motivation co-ordinated. I must say, I’m not a huge lover of exercise naturally. I go through phases – love hate relationship!

    Must be more moderate over the next few days before my weigh in. I’m thinking of fasting mon, wed and fri next week and doing a 4:3 week to try and kickstart the weight loss (though it’s easy to be motivated with a tummy full of dominos!).

    Ok damage control here. Full pizza?then you shall exercise tomorrow!with plantar fasciitis you can’t run- how about taking kids to pool or even getting a minder and do 1/2 hour on bike, if you put a bit of oomph behind it it will count for 1/2 pizza….
    Ha, so much easier to bully somebody else :-). I would be in danger now to tell myself: oh well I might as well write off this weekend…don’t do it, you will be still loosing by tuesday if you are sensible tomorrow.
    You go girl

    It was 3/4 of a medium thin and crispy (with extra cheese … and garlic butter …!). We have a family do tomorrow but I think I’ll be fine (it’s a day time thing we have to drive to so no booze and I can’t imagine I’ll eat too much there). My kids are 4 and 2 so taking them to the pool would not involve much exercise other than persuading my oldest to get in and stopping my youngest from jumping in without an adult there to keep her head above water! The next 10 days will be tough for exercise (fitting in drop offs/picks ups/looking after kids and work leaves me in a bit of a sleep deficit without exercise being added) so I’m just going to have to focus on diet, with exercise to follow after I’ve finished this work thing. I don’t think I’ll sack off the weekend as I’m actually feeling pretty motivated despite the dip (it was more of a exhaustion take away than a craving binge), but I’ll let you know how I get on tomorrow!! I’m thinking about perhaps doing a fast day actually but we’ll see how it goes as I’m not sure how formal the food situation is going to be at this do …

    Til tomorrow, and thanks for the motivation – it’s helpful to know someone has noted my transgression!!

    How’s everyone doing today? 3rd fast day for me today. Felt great last week but bit disheartened this morning when I weighed myself. Only lost 1 lb – is this normal do you think?

    It wasn’t lack of exercise, ran 4 times last week, including a very long run on Sunday. Will need to be much more conscious of what I’m eating on non-fast days. Thought I was ok but something obviously wasn’t right.

    Still, onwards & upwards! Or downwards on the scales….you know what I mean ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well done. A loss is a loss. I’m doing two double fast days this week. A pound a week will be a stone by Xmas. How much have you got to lose?

    Hello all.

    Drunner don’t be disheartened by your 1lb loss at all. I lost 2lb per week when I started out but a loss is a loss, and I am sure that if you stick to it, you will see continual loss.

    I am also fasting today. A bit frustrated as ate really well on non fast days, fasted well, did exercise 4 times, lost a pound during the week and then gained it back, so I am still on the same weight as I was before my two fasts last week.

    Ah well. I will soldier on.

    Osullie – I don’t have much to lose, anything between 10-14lbs & I’ll be happy. Yes, like you said a 1lb a week will be a stone gone by Christmas….I can cope with that!

    Littledragon (I take it you are Welsh? ๐Ÿ™‚ ) will just need to soldier on too.

    Might try 4:3 for a couple of weeks, see how that goes. Its funny though, I’ve only lost 1lb but I feel lighter this week, not as bloated as I normally do.

    Hi. I’d love to join your group. I started 5:2 last week and lost 2.5lbs which I was very pleased about. 3rd fasting day today. I’m aiming to walk at least 5 miles a day too which should help!

    Hey all,
    My 3rd fast day today as well, not organised today.usually I have some healthy low cal emergency bits in by bag- not today. So I find myself worrying about that, rather than realising that I’m actually not hungry!
    Drunner- exercise supports your weight loss, but diet is prob. The more important part. Don’t get me wrong, exercise is hugely important. It helps to focus and to feel well. If you are however go for a run and then feel entitled to a treat( that’s me before 5:2) it won’t work. I am of the very few people, who have managed to gain weight while training for a marathon a couple of years ago!! Particularly after long runs I am(was!!) shameless.
    1 lb is a healthy loss- particularly if you don’t have to loose loads.well done;-)

    Ah Peapod, glad its not just me who puts on weight training for marathons! Why on earth does that happen?? (I know, I’m just hoping for a scientific explanation, rather than just greed on my part ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    Today’s menu will just follow last weeks FDs – yoghurt & 10-cal jelly this afternoon, then treat myself to a wee M&S fuller for longer meal for dinner. I find I can’t control snacking, once I start I can’t seem to stop, so only allowing myself 3 things to eat on a FD, evenly spaced throughout the day. I actually quite like the “empty” feeling I get on FDs, though I imagine some days will be much tougher than others!

    Good luck today.

    Hi All,
    I would love to join your group, if I may. I had my 40th a few weeks ago and I am turning over a new leaf. I want to lose 40lb and get fit this year.

    Height: 5ft 7
    Weight: 13 stone.

    Today is my first fast day. I’m using MyFitnessPal app to keep record of all my days. Not so easy to kid myself when the list of food I ate is listed in front of me.
    Looking forward to joining all you & the best of luck everyone

    Hey FastingFan, well done on your first week. Yeez you will have those shoes worn out- very impressive.
    HuggleBuddy: enjoy your first fast day, drink loads and keep busy. This seems to be my survival strategy. Fitness pal is great, although I always try to cheat and find the least calorific option, who would have known that a simple latte has different amount of calories, depending where from??
    Drummer- my highly scientific explanation is chocolate+wine+ more of same= no weight loss, despite exercise. That’s why I will track with fitness pal on my normal days as well. I know my limitations ๐Ÿ™‚
    I had porridge this morning, prob have joghurt or clear soup later and more Bovril tonight, unless my coworkers will point out that I’m getting ” mad look “( phhh they say that when I couldnt exercise, too..) in that case I will have some Almonds.
    I did go for a 30 min swim this morning. So far so good ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi PeaPod โ€“ sorry about the Shitake Noodles! Certain people just need to keep their comments to themselves! I turn 50 in February so we almost share the same bday! At least we were born in a wonderful year!! I also agree about the fast days. Itโ€™s wonderful not to think about food or worry about getting time for snacks (food is far too much on my mind!) and Iโ€™m still working on the non-fast days. I just need to get them under control then Iโ€™d be fine! One step at a time I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

    Manchester โ€“ I also listen to Paul McKenna. Itโ€™s amazing I always fall asleep right away when it comes on โ€“ usually before I start counting backwards and sleep like a baby all night. Iโ€™m not sure if itโ€™s helping with weight loss, but it helps with sleep ๐Ÿ™‚ Iโ€™m also dealing with Planter Fasciitis right now. Just started up in my left food and using a golf ball to roll out the stiff muscles in my foot. I was also told to stretch out calf muscles as that helps as well. Mornings are work โ€“ super sore heel but at least it gets better during the day.

    Hi Flamingo โ€“ hope your first fast day went well and you got to bed early. I also crave salt and itโ€™s likely due to eating such few calories. I try to have something salty during the day and it helps (ie: soup). Your first few days will be the hardest then all of a sudden it will become easy and just a part of everyday life.

    Osuille โ€“ you are doing great! Keep yup the good work!!

    Drunner โ€“ great job on the loss โ€“ any loss is a good loss!!!

    LittleDragon โ€“ keep soldiering on โ€“ youโ€™ll see a loss soon. Sometimes it takes more than a week for your body to register a loss!

    Hi FastingFan & HuggleBuddy โ€“ welcome!!

    I’m fasting today as well as Wednesday and my non-fasting days I need to watch more closely! Itโ€™s time I dropped some real lbs and get my eating on non-fast days under control. Time to do some thinking!!

    Hope everyone has a great day!!

    Hi newme@50 thank you – I’ve hit a plateau which is disheartening but need to carry on. I saw some pictures of myself over the weekend which was a bit of a “oh, I don’t look too bad in this” which was nice, haha. I started in Jan at 11 stone 7, then got down to 10 stone at my lowest and my weight has gradually crept up from May to now and it’s 10.6, which is incredibly frustrating.

    Manchester1 I am a fiend for Dominos – so delicious – I think it’s the garlic and herb dipping sauce that keeps me addicted.

    HuggleBuddy welcome and of course you can join, lots of tips and experiences to share and wishing you all the best on your journey.

    Crossing my fingers for a good loss before christmas but with the way things are going with me, I’ll be shocked if I can even see a couple of pounds shift!

    Hello, I started IF day before you! I’m trying to lose 14 pounds.
    I fast on Monday’s and Thursday’s and so will probably be weighing on Friday evening, but have to see how it goes…
    So far I have been eating 120 calories at about 10am and then nothing more until evening meal when I usually have a bowl of soup, it seems to have worked so far as I lost 1lb last week ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hello, I,d love to join your group if you don’t mind? I stopped smoking in September (just had my 1st year anniversary!) and have put on two stones since then. I’ve tried almost every diet, most recently Dukan, and nothing seems to work, I always fall off the wagon, so hoping this works for me.

    So, I’m looking to lose 24lbs, at telecast and reading through your posts, I felt really inspired. Doing my first fast day tomorrow, keeping fingers crossed!

    Good luck everyone!

    Hello all again and hello to all the newbies. I’ve just finished a fast day that I solo wanted to break. Had itsu noodles they helped. What are your top tips for getting through tough fast days?

    Hang in there all xx

    Ooops sorry for typo sooooo not solo _ grrr predictive texting

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