16 week goal – anyone want to join in and see how far we can get?

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16 week goal – anyone want to join in and see how far we can get?

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  • Hi all how goes it? I’m still going – 12 pounds down. Aiming for 22 by Xmas which is unrealistic prob…. Keep going all. We CAN!!

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry for not posting for absolutely ages …. especially after I started the group in the 1st place! I’ve somewhat fallen off the wagon over the last few weeks (we’ve had some really stressful house-moving stuff happening and a family bereavement – nothing overly tragic as it was a v old family member but it turned into a bit of an excuse not to bother with weight loss if I’m being totally honest). I’ve lost about 5 pounds which is a lot less than I’d hoped for, but I need to get back on track!!

    I need some inspiration to get back on the wagon!! Well done everyone else who is still going strong.

    Hi Manchester, I would like to join you all too! I started on Monday this week too at 89k and 5 ft 2, I’ve been struggling with a knee problem over the last year and the Dr suggested 5:2 so here I am! I’ve had two fast days which went better that I thought it would although did suffer the cold and had cramp one night – not sure if cramp was related or not. I am going to weigh on Monday – but jeans feel a little looser so fingers crossed. Mel

    Hi Mel 72, Please can I join your group? I have just started again and really need some support and motivation to lose weight for Christmas.

    Hi there: I am about the same as you in weight and height. I would like to join your group!

    I went to physio with a knee problem too and he suggested 5:2. I am at 81 kg and 5 ft … gearing up for first fast day!

    HI AMI please can I join your group? I started yesterday and weighed this morning and I have lost 1lb!!! Yipeee,finding today hard because all I can think about is ‘its not a fast day,so you can eat’!!!!! Ergg, it’s so hard and frustrating!!! Let me know how you get on and hopefully we can support each other?

    Hi Mel 72, sounds like you’re doing really well. Keep it up.

    Hello all I’ve lost 6.5 kg in 2 months. I’m delighted. I’m determined to shift the next two thirds. I’m doing adf or sometimes doing double or tripple fast days. But I’ve never eaten so well on a diet on non fast days. Keep going all I’m aiming for another 4kg by Xmas. Bit ambitious…

    Greetings to all, I would like to join as well 🙂 I am having my first fasting day today (but have done a little bit of fasting months ago) and need to loose 30 kilos (over 4 stones). I am 1,68 cm in height and weigh 100 kilos 🙁 (that’s about 15 stone 74 pounds). I really hope I can keep motivated and would love to team up with others for mutual support.

    Great going! I am doing fast days on wednesdays and fridays: I actually start next wednesday. Meanwhile I am using My Fitness Pall App to keep a track of my calories on the othr days… that is a bit of a challenge too! I will let you know how I go today! is anyone doing those days? I am in Australia.

    Thanks Manchester 1 for setting this up!

    wow! had my first (second attempt) FD yesterday and this morning I weigh 98.6!!! 🙂 1.4 kilos down in one day – this is great ^^

    Hi Bea1968, well done with your weight loss,that’s fantastic. Only lost 1 lb in first week so a bit gutted. Find wknds with family eating really difficult, any suggestions?

    Hi Manchester 1, how’s your diet going? Only 1 lb loss for me on first week, so not ‘very impressive. Will keep going, finding support really helpful, good luck this week everyone.

    hi Katser, I don’t bother fasting in the weekends/ the days I have social engagements but instead I aim to fast (either do a 500 cal day or a 8 hour eating- day) 3 or 4 times a week. I try to be flexible as I want to be able to stick to it. Best of luck!

    Hi bea 1968 thank you so much for the advice and help. When you do 8 hrs eating, does that mean you don’t eat for a period of 8hrs? Sorry, I’m very new to this.

    Well done Osullie, you’ve done amazingly well. How do you cope with 3 day fasting?

    Hi Katser, I eat from 12 pm – 8pm and the rest of the time I (try) not to eat. Today it didn’t go to plan though… 🙁

    katser12 I have to get my weight down for serious health reasons and that so far has motivated me
    there is a great facebook group that is very helpful I think it is called alternate day fasting
    things that help me are
    black coffee with a teaspoon of coconut oil
    cider vinegar with (the mother) it sounds weird but it this makes it active I am convinced it has helped me
    I walk for an hour a day
    lots of low calorie soup, I boil up the bones from the sunday joint and make stock
    I find once I have done one fast day, I am on a roll and would rather plough on, I found 5 2 harder as each fast was harder to get in to iyswim but everyone is different and it is a case of finding what works for you. Likewise I found fasting every other day harder because it was too on and off.
    I am averaging around 1.5 pounds a week so I am pleased. I generally eat freely over the weekend and fast during the week with one break day usually a Wednesday or Thursday
    I feel very well and fine on this and I am determined to lose the remaining two thirds of the weight that I have to lose. I am a serial dieter but I don’t feel that I am on a diet it is more a way of eating, I imagine, that when I get to goal I will fast one or two days a week to maintain
    Good luck to everyone, this is the only way of eating that has worked for me
    also the app ‘Monitor Your Weight’ really helpful as it shows a graph and I can see the progress, I find this is better that my fitness pal for seeing progress
    sorry this is garbled it has been a hard day, my children 8 and 10 have left me feeling like I have two children under 3!

    Hi Osullie, thanks for your update- inspiring to me! I didnt’t quite understand; do you put the vinegar in the coffee with coconut oil? or do you have it seperately?
    Best of luck

    Bea Sorry to be unclear. No coffee with oil makes me feel less hungry. I have vinegar separately. I hate it its horrid!! Some have it on salad suggest you ‘google’ it.

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