16 week goal – anyone want to join in and see how far we can get?

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16 week goal – anyone want to join in and see how far we can get?

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  • Hi LittleDragon – hey great non-scale victory with your photos! Something is working eh? 🙂

    Hi all newbies! Of course you are welcome – the more the merrier!!

    Optimistic – great job kicking the habit! I quit like 12 years ago – best thing I ever did for myself!

    Yesterday’s fast didn’t quite go as planned, I went over by about 120 calories or so. When I got home from work we didn’t have any power at home so I couldn’t cook dinner or go to the gym. And guessing on calories (that’s where I went over since I couldn’t even get online with my phone) I made a salad with cheese and lunch meat and had some triscuits. So I didn’t beat myself up over it since it was completely out of my hands 🙂

    So today is a non-fast day and it’s imperative I keep the eating under control. I’ve been struggling with this so I need to stay mindful all day and not let my guard down! That’s when I get into trouble!

    Hope all that are fasting have a great days today!!

    Hello Peeps, I didn’t lick the crisps! I’m Having my first non fast day…and actually struggling with that…!? I find it difficult because I love to home cook..proper…y’know like Delia Smith..but obviously not a patch on Her..wouldn’t want to be! But I do have a love of food. I have a 3yr old and wish he’d give up his cheese puffs and giant cookies…on top of his healthy 3 meals a day..and fruit snacks….so…During fast days my body feels really tense and my mind gets overwhelmingly STRESSED..I need to relax…and find a balanced manageable way of doing this…( Losing 2/3 stone) …if only to get into my old clothes again. My Want is definately there, Im sort of doing..but i honestly feel …not very well…does anyone have any coping strategies that may help me to balance this all out…willing to try anything! …And thanks…ps, first day in four that I went over calories…plus Im training my little one to sleep all night in his own bed!…Period not due for 3 weeks yet!!!! Determined to take action here…I have a pair of £185, size 10 silk trousers here I need to get into…attractively! ;0)

    LOL Flamingo, I love your last line about getting into the pants – attractively! I have some things I can just get into, but looking like an overstuffed sausage is not good!

    I spend a lot of time cooking, but have put most of it (was trying to perfect a sponge cake for the local show amongst other deliciously bad things lol) on hold for a while. The only advice I have is to keep yourself distracted as much as possible and include some protein in your breakfast or lunch, it keeps my DH full longer.

    Good luck.

    Flamingo take a day at a time. Keeping busy helps me and trying to get enough sleep though I know that’s easier said than done with toddlers (and pre teens here!). I’m measuring my waist as well as weighing as that keeps my spirits up when the scales go temperamental….

    Flamingo – don’t stress over your fast days. Don’t worry about the food aspect and just keep busy. Find your busiest days of the week and make those your fast days. The more you focus on it, the more stressful it will be. And honestly it really does get easier!

    I also struggle with eating far too much on a non-fast day which I’m trying to break now. Since you love to cook now is the time to find some fun healthy low-cal recipes to try out! It would be fun for you to try some out and share with us! Make that your project for our group 🙂

    Today is a fast day for me, feeling a bit peckish right now but drinking my water which really helps. The benefit of drinking so much water is extra steps today walking to the restroom more often 🙂

    Yesterday (non-fast day) went well. I stayed pretty close to my calorie goal yesterday and even walked 5 miles and lifted weights! Today I’m going to also walk another 5 miles and do some yoga tonight.

    Hope everyone has a great day!!!

    Hello all. I’m struggling on a fast day today. Hanging on till bedtime and food tomorrow 🙂

    hey all, fasting day for me today as well. defininately a good idea to keep busy, ideally even a bit frantic 🙂 i usually try to plan everything foodwise the night before, so i dont have to think too much today. I have prepped some leek for tonight, when i come home i just stick a salmon filet on top and into hot oven and have sth yummy 15 min later:-) leek stirfried and salted/peppered with a bit of dill, salmon just gets a lemonjuice drizzle, if i remember rightly that was ca 240 cal, together with my porridge this morning and my skinny flat white, i am done for the day. Where is that waterbottle??did go for a swim and might walk tonight.then again… final season of breaking bad is calling.yeez i ll be glad when i have finished that one and can go back to reading books.
    I really like to cook from scratch, so on non fast days i go into domestic goddess mode and prepare soup for the rest of the week.
    Great idea about sharing some low cal recipies newme@50


    Its my fasting day too, second week to be precised.
    My goal is to keep this diet at least till Christmas and hopefully even longer.

    I am also having salmon for dinner tonight. Cannot wait as I am starving!!

    Hi everyone – fasting yesterday was a real challenge could ate a horse by three but hung on until dinner time and devoured a M & S count on me, never tasted anything so delicious!!!!!! Seriously though does anyone have any tips for fasting, all tips welcome.

    Joined my local gym and went for the first time today, quite good fun, but having not exercised for a long time, I’ve found muscles that have been asleep for years!

    Anyway all good so far but early days. Much like Peapod, the tv is helping 😉

    Optimistic – what I do is not eat anything until 1:00 pm on a fast day. I either have a 140 calorie soup bowl or 2 rice cakes with 2 laughing cow cheeses for 140 calories. Then around 3:00 I have some veggies, around 30 calories. Then I go home and exercise then a late supper: chicken breast, veggies and a small treat. I drink lots and lots of plain water and bubbly water to fool my tummy 🙂 If all else fails, I dream of tomorrow! 🙂

    Try different things and you’ll find what works best for you!


    If you stay around 5:2 and this forum long enough you will find that the vast majority of people complaining about being hungry are newbies. Newbies are obsessed with food, and not having enough of it. One of the things that happens as you stay with 5:2 is that food becomes less important in life. You may realize how little of it is necessary. People report they tend to eat ‘better’, whatever that means to them personally, and, of course, less.

    Most overweight people have not experienced much hunger. Most people in general do not know how the body works.

    Without getting too scientific, the body has two food sources – what it eats, and stored energy, most of which is fat. If it doesn’t eat, it feeds on fat. If it doesn’t eat and runs out of fat, it dies.

    ‘Hunger’ generally happens when energy from food that has been eaten runs out, and the body has not yet started using stored energy for food. As all bodies are different, some switch to using stored energy more quickly than others. Once the switch is made, you are not hungry any more because you are being fed by your stored energy. If you read enough posts from newbies you will see many report surprise that they wake up after a diet day and are not hungry. That is because they are being well fed by their energy stores.

    The moral of the non scientific outline is that you should focus on doing your diet days correctly, and over time your body will become more efficient in switching to its stored energy to feed you. You will be less hungry than you may be now, and you will also get used to it, know it is not hurting you, and go on with your life without worry or even discomfort.

    Here are some tips for those just starting 5:2: http://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    Simcoe – love your post. I knew the hunger decreases the longer you do it but didn’t know the science behind it. Makes me smile here!!! I find on a fast day I’m not overly hungry anymore, but non-fast days I’m pretty hungry. I do think it’s more in my mind that anything else. Honestly no-one needs as much food as I crave on a non-fast day 🙂

    Today is my non-fast day and I’m actually challenging myself to go the whole day without any treats…so no ice cream after dinner, no chocolate (yes I have a small stash of Dove chocolate at home) and no cookies (we have cookies out at work all the time!) So..just for today…no treats 🙂

    Hope everyone has a great day!

    Hello everyone,

    I’ve been hibernating for a week or so because I’ve had a piece of work to finish which I finally sent off yesterday (hooray!). Good news is that I had lost 2 lbs when I weighed myself on Tuesday, though I fasted on Monday so I don’t feel like it was necessarily the best day for a weigh in (slightly unrealistically positive result), though I checked again this morning and I’m still showing a 2 lb loss … I’m doing 3 fast days this week – Monday, today and tomorrow. I really want to see a nice little chunk of weight come off to spur me on.

    In terms of recipes, I really love to cook but I just think it’s like torture on fast days, so I generally have and M and S fuller longer meal, plus an apple and some prawns. Today I was really craving veg and fruit (I wish that happened more often!) so I had a banana, some prawns, and a few carrots chopped into tiny pieces with a couple of leeks and I roasted them in the oven with a tiny bit of rapeseed oil and seasoning. I’ve got an apple left in the bank for later – woo!

    This week’s fast days have been a lot easier and today has been great – I got up and did a circuit dvd and still don’t feel horribly hungry (just pleasantly empty, or whatever you want to call it!). Though, I did have a pizza for my dinner last night and went to bed too full (I know, another pizza let down …) so that may be why – perhaps it’s still keeping me going!

    Hope you are all having a great week.

    p.s. newme@50 – I don’t know how you can avoid chocolate in the house. I can’t sleep if it’s in the house, calling to me!

    Hi! Can I join in? It’s my first week, and my 2nd fast today. I found it easier than Mondays. You won’t believe how much ironing I did today! It’s not usually on my job description!
    I’ve been going to WW’s since Feb and lost 11lbs.Weekends have been my downfall, that and having to track every day. I am doing the Sober in October, so that should make a difference, but to stop counting 5 days a week is such a relief.

    Hi oldtyke,

    Welcome and of course you can join in! I also did WW for a while after I had my 1st child (4 yrs ago) – it worked well at the time, but I only needed to do it for a couple of months to get down to where I needed to be (I put most of my weight on with my 2nd child, and just kept on going, which is why I now have at least 3 stone to lose – gah!). By the end of it I was fed up with constantly counting points and watching what I ate so closely all of the time.

    Good luck with this, hopefully we’ll all be posting some nice weight losses over the next 15 weeks (and beyond!).

    Hi all, this is my first post on any forum EVER, but I am so hooked and inspired by reading all the success stories I have finally decided to go for it and join in, if you will have me!! I started WW last week and did lose 3lbs but I get so disheartened walking into a class and seeing all of the faces who have been to all of the weight loss classes I have been to over the years and are STILL there trying, I mean no disrespect I include myself as one of these people, and knowing that I will lose weight but then will no doubt put it all back on. So, I am breaking the cycle – tomorrow will be my first fast day, I will start next week fasting on a Monday and Wednesday or Thursday. My aim is to lose 2 stone by Oct 2015 (1 year). I am 5ft 3in and at WW last night I weighed 10st 8lbs, this puts me in the overweight category. I have seen for myself evidence of the success you can have doing this, my brother in law has lost around 2 stone and is looking really well. Any advice welcome! Thanks.

    Hi blacksharp and welcome:

    I posted this above, but here it is again: http://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    I would read #s 1 and 4 to start.

    Good Luck!

    Thank you simcoeluv, I will read the link you posted, I also enjoyed reading your post yesterday about when your body eats into its fat stores, is a really easy way of thinking about how it all works

    Hi everybody it’s busy on this thread today…. Good to hear so many inspiring stories it really helps me. I had a hellish day yesterday somehow managed not to eat my way through it. Only 3 weeks to half term I’m aiming for that as a pit stop.

    Hi, I’d also love to join the group.
    I am 6 feet 4 inches and 110kg. Eventually I would love to get down to 92kg. Hopefully by the end of this 16 week challenge (14.5 seeing I am coming in late)I can lose 8kg.

    Today is my first fast day. Here we go!

    Hi another day another dollar….
    Hi to fast Andy

    Well after my 2nd fast day yesterday I just had to get weighed this morning!Now I realise it is a false reading, but 4.5lb down on monday morning. I knew it would be good after wearing a path in the carpet to the bathroom!
    Thanks for the welcome Manchester1.
    I know what you mean blacksharp! I’ve done WW and SW, and had more comebacks than Frank Sinatra! I was always a bit sniffy about folk who went week after week and didn’t lose anything, but I have morphed into one of them!I am heartily sick of thinking about syns and points, so I decided that 5:2 must be the way forward, after all, to contine it with 6:1 when you get to target could hardly be difficult. So the other night I cancelled my pass!
    It’s new, I feel enthusiastic again!

    Forgot! Hi fast andy!

    Hi to all the newcomers!

    Today I’m doing a partial fast (more like 800 calories today) I’ve already done my two fast days this week and thought I would just do a little more to help shift some weight 🙂

    Yesterday I challenged myself to not eat any treats and I did it! We had a lovely curry for dinner last night and I was thinking some ice cream would be nice to finish it off but since I told myself no, I just couldn’t even have a taste. I think I’ll do this more often…just pick a random day with no treats!

    Scale btw is looking a little bit better but I don’t want to jinx myself so I won’t report any weight loss just yet!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!! I have a very busy weekend so likely won’t be back until Monday!

    Take care!!!

    That is a great result oldtyke, 4.5 lbs. I know you said it is a false reading but it gives a sense of encouragement that this is working and that is exactly what you need after the first week! Especially after months of pro point counting!

    I was hoping to do my first fast today but decided to make a fresh start on Monday as I think my head will be more ready for it, fresh start Monday and all that – old habits are hard to break.

    Have a good weekend everyone.x

    Thanks for the welcome messages.
    Did my first fast day on Saturday and did a partial fast day like Newme@50 the day after (yesterday). By lunch time yesterday I would have hated to be around me. Terribly grumpy.

    Outside of the fast days I am also trying to make some changes. I like a drink so am going to try to stay away from the booze until Christmas. I will also avoid over eating which I often do for one meal a day and will try and snack on just fruit or vegies outside of my 3 main meals.

    I downloaded the myfitnesspal app. It is really handy.

    I’ve just coming off crutches after having a knee reconstruction 6 weeks ago and having knee problems off and on for the last 18 months. Went for a pretty solid walk today and hopefully will be able to start running again soon.

    My weight has already dropped though will wait until I have finished a week before I post my results as it is obviously not real fat loss 3 days in. Bit of momentum is always nice though.

    Well it’s been a week,and my official loss is 2lbs. I think the hardest thing is getting my head round “eating normally” on none fast days. I think this WOL is definitely doable 🙂

    Morning everyone, how are we all today?

    I’m good. Didn’t weigh myself this morning…it was my birthday yesterday & did nothing but eat & drink all weekend. Not holding out much hope for a loss on the scales today so will leave it a week before I weigh myself again. If had weighed myself & hadn’t lost I would just beat myself up about it, so not going to put myself through that 🙂

    5th fast day today. After my excessive weekend I found myself late last night looking forward to a day of fasting…how weird is that?!

    Drunner – happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a great day!!

    Oldtype – great job on the loss. Yes I have the same issue with eating normally on none fast days but I think it’s starting to get better. For instance we had a bonfire and smores on Saturday night and I had two – by the time I was started eating my 2nd one I really didn’t necessarily want it. Now that’s a first for me! Everyone else ate 4 or 5 of them!

    Great start FastAndy! Glad your knee is getting better too! Don’t push your knee too much at first ok?!!

    Good luck on your first fast day blacksharp! I’m fasting today as well – my tummy is rumbling and I’m already hungry at 8:00 am but it will go away. It always does!

    Let’s see – I did pretty good all weekend. I think I feel a shift happening as I haven’t had near as much treats as I normally do. (YAY!!) My back however is pretty stiff and sore today after working in the yard Saturday morning. I already have back issues (disk issues) so anything back related scares me. I immediately stopped what I was doing, applied ice and heat and it’s still pretty stiff today but it feels more muscular than anything else. I’ll likely go home early today and get some more heat on it. I forgot the heating pad today! So no exercise today for me…but that’s ok as I’m fasting today!

    I hope everyone has a great day!!

    Hello you all,
    Oh I feel for you drunner. I had a similar lapse. Very busy week last week and rather chuffed that I managed fine with the fasting days. And then some of my kids were home from college. Being in my” mum if the year” mode we had fry ups, brunches,cakes and roast dinners.
    I will weigh in tomorrow though otherwise I might fall of the wagon 🙂 fast day feels good- never mind that my coworkers probably fear the worst for the afternoon. I call this decisive- they say grumpy. Ok about to enjoy a veggie soup to the tune of 150 kcal.
    Waterbottle at the ready for the afternoon.
    Good luck today everybody

    Hello campers!, I’m still managing just… Hungry today. Just want the scale to start with a 12 not a13. Seem to have hit a plateau bbblack coffee with a spoonful of coconut oil was recommended to help with hunger. Not sure if its helping.
    I’m taking dh away for his birthday 24/10. I HAVE to keep going. Good luck all

    Hi everyone

    Really enjoying reading this thread today – it’s my fast day (week two, day one) and felt I needed some extra motivation to get me through to dinner time. I definitely found it here, you’re all doing so well! Keep it up!

    Hello I’ll join the group please, week 3 now day 1 and still not completely within the 500 but I’m not beating myself up as I’m cooking separate meals for kids and hubby so yes I do have the odd spoonful whilst doing this.

    but now I’ve always got a bowl of chopped carrots to nibble on through out the day and drinking sparkling water really helps seems to fill me up.

    I have not weighed myself yet and figure if it’s coming off its coming off I’ll be able to tell by clothes fitting etc.

    Hi everyone just checking in, really enjoyed reading all of the weekend stories.
    Doing my first fast today. It’s now 10pm and all is good, I have really found it surprisingly easy, feels so freeing not to be counting points. I have also been to the gym tonight so that has kept me occupied! Nearly bedtime…..


    I’ve been awake since 3.30am! It was a fast day yesterday. Does anyone else find this?

    Morning all. 5th DF yesterday, went well, didn’t feel hungry at all – which was a bit odd. I’d heard they get easier though so maybe that’s it?

    Oldtyke – yes! How weird is that? I’m the same, have been awake since 5am (not like me, I normally sleep like a log right up until the alarm goes off at 7). No matter how much I tried I couldn’t get back to sleep this morning. Yesterday was a fast day for me too, so maybe there’s something scientific in it (not sure what though!). Maybe someone with a bigger brain than me can enlighten us 🙂

    Good morning all – non-fast day for me today! I’ll continue to watch what I eat as I have a history of eating far too much on my non-fast days 🙂

    Drunner – I have definitely noticed the fast days get easier the longer you do them!

    Oldtyke – sorry no fast days don’t keep me awake at night. I’ve always needed my sleep and I still do, fasting or not fasting 🙂

    Blacksharp – hope your first fast day was a success! They do get easier and easier and easier!

    Hope everyone has a great day!


    Sorry, this was a mistake on my part. Apologies again,.

    Meant to post this. Suggestions of how to do smilies.

    1. http://www.sherv.net/good.luck-emoticon-2958.html
    click on this link

    2. Scroll down categories on the left. e,.g. “ Holidays and Celebrations
    3. Click on maybe “Birthday” have a look at all the pics which come up.
    4. Click on the one you want
    5. E.g. Click on “ get code”
    6. Click on the HTML code
    7. Cut and paste that code onto your reply. Hopefully it will appear as the picture you chose when you press ‘submit’ with your reply.
    8. If not, use the edit button to delete and experiment again.!

    Same procedure here
    1. http://www.freesmileys.org/
    2. Click on the link
    3. Choose your category
    4. Select the one you want to use
    5. Click on the html code make sure you copy ALL of it ,
    e.g. Smiley

    Paste it onto your reply.
    Check whether it’s come up. If not, use the ‘edit’ button to delete it and try again! It’s largely trial and error and hopefully fun?

    How is everyone today?

    Can’t do my usual Monday & Wednesday FDs this week, so doing a back-to-back, Tuesday & Wednesday (today). Feel okay at the moment, but might be climbing the walls later!

    Has anyone else tried 2 consecutive days? Not sure I would do it too often mind you!

    Drunner – I’ve just done 2 consecutive days! I usually do Mon/Weds but am going out for a curry tonight (gulp!). It wasn’t too bad and I wasn’t ravenous today so am doing a bit more of a fast today before this evening.

    Am feeling positive about fasting as have lost 10lb in the last 3 weeks which I’m very pleased about. The same again and I can go down to 1FD!

    I would LOVE to join you!! Then, if you like, when you come to NY, I could meet you or give you sightseeing advice; I am a native. Is this your first trip?

    I am starting the 5:2 TODAY.

    Oh that sounds grand FastingFan….enjoy your curry! 10lbs is an amazing loss, well done. I’m dropping it slowly, a very sloooow 1lb loss per week. Not got too much to lose so I think that’s why (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself!),

    I’m really looking forward to dinner tonight, have struggled a little today but will persevere….have been dreaming of dinner, then a bath & an early night, tucked up with the Kindle 🙂 I’ve also randomly been daydreaming of drinking a nice hot mug of an Oxo cube…my body must be craving salt!

    my 2nd fast day today – more challenging as I’m tired & my patience is thinner than normal (hope the rest of me follows soon, ha!) But I shall persevere as I’m away this weekend and good food & wine will definitely feature! Weighing tomorrow before I go, next fast day will be Monday after I get back. I have only ever dieted seriously twice in the past & each time was very slow, 1lb off & on again, so I’m interested to see if this will be different

    Hi everyone, I’m back from vacation! I had a wonderful week of visiting, eating, drinking coffee and not sleeping enough! I was going to fast today but I’m just a bit too out of it, I think I’ll try on Wednesday instead! I was going strong until around 10:00 am when I gave in to almonds!!

    Wicken – thanks for all the smilies…I’m trying one right now…this is how I feel today!! <a href=”http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys.php” title=”Smiley”>Smiley

    Hope everyone has a great day!!!

    Welcome back newme! Sounds like you had a fabulous holiday 🙂

    How is everyone doing? I decided to take last week off namely due to a poor attitude coming back to work and regular life, but today I’m back at it and feeling good. Just like before I went away on vacation! So fasting it is today for me!

    How is everyone else doing??

    Hi newme, I’m good. FD for me today as well. Have been really busy at work so have not had much time to think about food too much, which is good!

    Only lost a wee half pound last week, but not disheartened…I don’t have much to lose so as long as its coming off that’s fine 🙂

    How’s everyone doing today?

    I had a FD yesterday, was relatively easy (wish they were all like that!), kept myself busy & didn’t really notice the time going by. I then went for a sports massage last night.

    My therapist hadn’t seen me in a month, and was amazed at the weight I’d lost – had to tell her it was only 6lbs, but its amazing how other folk see you! Think I am losing inches more than weight, to be honest I’ll take either one, thanks very much 🙂

    Hope you are all doing well??

    That’s great drunner. I did my first fasting day for a week yesterday and it was no problem. (It was half term last week so it was impossible to fast so I did the best I could and luckily didn’t put any weight on!) I always expect to wake up starving on the day after FD but I never do; my husband finds it harder than me and always goes to bed early on a FD!

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