what r we reading/listening on fastdays or nonfastdays?

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what r we reading/listening on fastdays or nonfastdays?

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  • Congratulations on losing the 4lb of holiday weight, sylvestra. I think I may have lost my first kilo of the year, but it’s hard to tell as our scale shows both imperial and metric and at the moment the pointer is hovering over a 2-digit figure (not telling you which one!) and does seem to be on the lower side.

    I love your image of the prowling tiger – it made me think of the original Hermajtomomi, a large black and white puss with a very bad attitude (which is why I loved her!) who could prowl with the best of them.

    Hermaj- prowling tiger? no one is surprised!

    Toms- I am a big dreamer-the nighttime dreams- and am always wowed by how insightful that my subconscious is-it tells me what is going on … anyway, my littlest grandchild, three yo, stayed with me,and I dreamt all night about clones… I know it was not about real clones, but still was distressed all night and held him close. Tiny, tiny little bones-I am the only gma he will stay with- and he has 4 others to choose from- it’s a long lived family. He is the furthest grandchild from me… and I annoy my children by saying how incredible they all are…so he is kind of attached to my kindle- somehow mine is better? and he loaded it up, but told me, I can get this app because it says f.r.e.e.–no, he’s three- and already reading, in a fashion. Have been reading Percy Jackson- another grandson is eight,…someone needs to understand what he is reading. granddaughter is ten, last Nov- she just finished the last book in the Hunger Games…which I get is kind of too old for her, but her teachers were not allowed to teach her anything else?.. my kids are doing okay

    just got elly griffiths- will let you know

    Hi Piper, fab news about grandchildren. Don’t you just love to see how they change and develop? You’re just so busy when you have your own, work, home, caring for everyone, that you can miss a lot of things, but you have taken a step back with your grandchildren and can watch from a bit of a distance. Anyway, always good to find another reader in the family. Enjoy your latest book and keep us informed. Hope your next fasting day goes well for you.


    usa here

    toms piper i’m jealous u have some great libraries


    i want ur library #’s!!!!!!!

    Yes, USA, but I’m still waiting on the Fast Exercise to come to my local bookstore- I can’t keep the stores alive by myself, but I’d like to try. My grandchildren are pretty healthy, some are even athletic. Even my children are really fairly slim. Daughter-in-law is upset ,that at 37, after three children, that she’s gone up a size,an eight! but it’s really flipping her out. She weighs about 110 lbs dripping wet. So, what I’d like is to have real books that I can share.

    I’m starting Sherlock Holmes. Although, I know a lot of the story- I’d like to know more. Shirley is very popular, now days. Who is that handsome man, I first saw in Star Trek?

    I read all the Elly Griffiths that were available on e-book. Still working on my feelings over that.

    Sometimes, I have been reading nonfiction, but I am generally disappointed. It takes a lot to impress me, and more the older I am.

    Listen to any good Ted talks lately?

    I’d like to hear back from all my fast friends- xP



    i luv sherlock books & the modern tv series
    wish the rumpole series & poirot would come back

    never red regency romances never thought i would like it however, there some very good writers & it is so enjoyable. nice phase i’m tired of syfy mystery fantasy philosophy sad books/ebooks/audiobooks etc…. i’m red out. so now just that era

    no longer in2 nonfiction unless it is the fast diet or good cookbooks

    did u c how many cookbooks ur great britain library has

    i tried 2 keep the stores alive but that did not work so now i would rather donate 2 a library so that they can still be around in the future
    w/ many books/ebooks/audiobooks/music/mags/movies

    we should have done that 4 many years b4 & let them buy they r librarians

    i’m thinking of joining non resident libraries 4 a 100 a year

    it used 2 b so much fun 2 go 2 my family @ the end of the year w/ all of our trunks filled w/ books 2 b exchanged w/ others. they r no longer among the living miss those times. i wish they were alive 2 c ebooks/mp3 sharing ebooks email etc even this forum sigh 🙁 i would have probably joined facebook 2 talk about books amongst my family

    nook let’s u lend/share a book

    my library is so small

    size 8! is ur daughter/l on the fd?

    Elly Griffiths sounds good but i don’t know what it is i don’t want murder anymore weird huh

    have fun reading


    i’m from pennsylvania known as pa. near the amish

    & now allot of snow snow snow ice ice ice ice


    Aah .. this Brit here remembers getting snowed in at Penn Yan, NY, – Amish country – some winters back !

    Anyway, back to the OP question. Let me see what is on my bedside table that I am reading. Well, copies of ‘Fast Diet’ and ‘Fast Exercise’ by Michael Mosley, et al., of course (honest !). I keep dipping into them on a daily basis. A copy of ‘Cosmos’ by the sadly missed Carl Sagan. It’s full of mind-boggling facts. Also a travel guide to the Azores, which I find intriguing but a place I have never yet visited.

    There is a steady turnover of books by my bed but I rarely read fiction these days.

    In my more conceited moments I think there is possibly a book in me, but I cannot be bothered to write it. And if I don’t, nobody else will. And who on earth would read it anyway ? !

    Good question – as I started this WOE I have gained a sense of calm that I normally only get 2-3 days a year! Leaving me in a content state of mind, yet eager to read! Normally I feel a bit nervous and worried (and I don’t know why) and tend to zap endlessly through my TV channels.

    Now reading: Wuthering Heights. Really enjoying it’s crazyness and humour 🙂

    hi every1


    oh cosmos was a great book so is the 1 about dark matter/holes 4got name

    the snow the snow y u can get very stuck

    2day no driving sleek black deadly ice scary ugh


    so now i’m writing on this forum

    while listening 2 my favorite song i found on u tube

    i just keep replaying it ??????

    has any1 heard this? mujer by roberto carlos


    his voice melts me & the words make you cry

    i’ve some1 that wants 2 come back but he hurt me terribly

    & don’t think i can

    i’ve been happy
    losing weight getting healthy new job even colored my hair found a color w/ out chemicals especially no ammonia

    so it was nice 2 c a light brown hair
    people don’t recognize me in my med size

    smiling inside 🙂

    when i get 2 my goal

    i will try 2 fig out a pic on this site

    & mayb i should start dating haven’t since 2000

    anyway all
    life is good 😀
    take care

    Hi toms and piper,

    I thought I’d find you both here in the proud granny department. As you know, I’m not a granny but I am great-aunt to two lovely boys. They were here a couple of weekends ago when we had one of our family cook-ups, with me and the nearly 15-year-old doing the main course and little man, nearly 5, helping his mum with dessert. Hismaj bakes bread and is general clearer-upper.

    The wee one has now been at school a term and a half and is doing well. Starting to read, to write (still rather exotically) but is “maths champion” of his class. Thanks; he DEFINITELY doesn’t get that from me!

    As I learnt from an email from his mum, the best bit happened yesterday. Being half-term he was going up to London with his her to meet more family members. One of the highlight was to be climbing up the Monument, which of course commemorates the Great Fire of London in 1666. So his mum told him the story behind it. He then asked “were Hermaj and Hismaj all right in the fire?” Which I found very touching: a) he was concerned and b) he realises we live in London. He went on to ask whether they would see our house from the Monument (very unlikely).

    PS I don’t think he believes we are nearly 350 years old. At 5, perception of time is still a bit hazy.

    Hi all, my reading and music habits vary but musically, I like Blues and Jazz, (I lack knowledge) Miles Davis Howling Wolf and his Genre. I am also a fan of ex Rolling Stone Bill Whyman. His “Willy and the Poor Boys” cd is fantastic. A very knowledgeable authority on Blues music is our Bill. Book wise I like Stephen King and Dean Koonz. I have also just dug out “Birdsong” by Sebastian Faulks to read again. Another favourite is “To Kill A Mocking Bird”, superb as is the film. A book I thought I had lost has just surfaced and I recommend is by American writer Stephen Crane, “The Red Badge Of Courage”, is about a young mans experience during the American Civil War. A superb description of the psychological impact of war that stands even today. I believe a film also exists with Audy Murphy in the main role. The “Hornblower” books by C.S. Forester are a good read also. I do like war books but those written describing the impact and experiingences war has on an individual. Possibly because my father was wounded in the 2nd world war I find such books interesting to read.
    Best wishes to you all with your reading, listening and your 5:2 way of life.


    the best writer is a uk author especially about all wars unfortunately u don’t go 2 bed he is 2 good

    Fall of Giants (The Century Trilogy #1)
    by Ken Follett (Goodreads Author)

    have it won’t read it

    Winter of the World (The Century Trilogy #2)
    by Ken Follett

    the red badge of courage is an excellent book

    i’m now rereading 2 kill a mocking bird 4got how good it was

    there r vietnam & ww2 books that r good 2 can’t remember


    frank zappa
    gato barbieri so many others


    climax blues band

    the oldest new orleans band

    there r so many others i now use pandora on my comp/tablet it plays continuous music based on the artist/country u choose

    i go from classical/opera 2 mettalica any medium as long it is mindblowing so i have allot of channels

    how r u doing?

    Hi toms/piper,

    I’ve just seen my post is full of typos. Good thing IQ and general mental ability/agility isn’t judged on the basis of manual skills – including typing. I would be right down with the remedials. Which is why I never, ever offer my services as a proof reader or copy editor.

    Been studying Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book ‘Eat To Live’. Amazing. I started doing this way of eating on my non-fast days. I wanted to find out more about what Michael touched on in his book since I seem to be ok with calorie restriction. Interestingly enough-I eat more but with less calories. Pretty cool. I went through all the food in the fridge and pantry and purged the bad stuff. 8 grocery bags to donate. Wow. Its been a week and a half and I LOVE IT!!!! Its a highly recommended read 🙂

    hermaj- “her majesty” guessed that one a long time ago! I also have great nephews. It’s nice to be around the young- keeps the spirit fresh. Lots of unconditional love. And we don’t care about the typos! It’s so good to here from you. I’m a remedial typist, also.

    couscous- Piggy was a goner from the beginning. It’s kind of a traumatic memory for me. I don’t have to think Golding is right about human nature. I’ve been thinking about reading Red Badge for a while. I’m so tired of junk books. Military/war is not my favorite topic, but I’ve read a few. Killer Angels is worth a look, also Catch-22…if you can get past the misogamy,(and believe me, it’s hard)… it’s brilliant.

    Liz- I haven’t tried Wuthering Heights, might give it a go, also.
    People on this side of the world love To Kill a Mockingbird- even name their girls Scout. Gotta love a book that ends with this kind of magic.

    Hondakawi- haven’t read Joel, but have seen him for years, on lots of different shows. I agree, eating healthy food is the way to go.

    USA- love most music

    somehow, that post got a little mixed up- but, hey, I’m talking to all of you.

    USA, thanks for the info. I’m in Manchester. Love to know when you lived in London, if that’s ok to ask?

    All, just this minute finished reading The Shock of the Fall by Jason Filer. Wow! Should have been fasting today, but didn’t go to plan. Will try again tomorrow. Just was a little tiny bit below my usual self, and couldn’t get going, hence spending an hour finishing the book. Anyone else having problems?

    Hermaj, used to be a proof reader for an ad agency! Luckily, nobody minds typos on here! As long as we get the drift. Haven’t posted for a while, but will try to get going again now. Happy fasting all.


    old brompton road early 80’s

    happy nonfastdays & fastdays or 5/2 & 4/3 & 6/1 & adf (alternative day fasting ) or 4/2/1 or 3/3/1 or 5/1/1 (the 1 is the day where you can eat anything u want day no counting cals or following any type of food) those r nice 😀 or adf w/1 & or eodd (every otherday diet by krista varady) or add (alternative day diet krista varady) or lchf (low carb high fat) or cc (carb cycling) or lchfmed (low carb high fat mediterranean) or the new atkins or the flexitarian or the vegetarian all kinds & as long as u integrate all of ur food w the fdl (fastday lifestyle) 😀

    do u think i covered it all whew 😀

    piper & all did u go 2 u tube link?

    Hi USA, yes followed link. Very nice! You sound as though you are happy with yourself with your new figure and hair colour. It will only get better. Am very pleased for you USA.

    USA- of course I listened to your link- very emotive!

    great word! emotive

    that must be why i keep hitting replay

    USA, read about your new job. All the very best of luck, hope it turns out as you want it to. Take care, hope you’ll be posting again when you finish your training. Happy fasting when you begin your ADF again. Congrats.


    figured while training i should do the adf & will not be near the kitchen

    except their big co cafeteria i assume or they order takeout

    i think i better buy in bulk nuts 2morrow @ costco

    i can take the top off of a pizza &

    put it on top of walnuts/almonds etc it it is actually super GOOD

    reading will probably replaced w/ homework

    so while walking 2 training i’ll listen 2 a book 😀

    or replace pasta w/ nuts/veges

    they replace it 4 croutons pasta etc

    DITTO 2 U W/ w/ this lifestyle

    success & take care toms


    USA- 16 weeks! Congrats and best wishes. Come back when you can. You’ll be missed.


    & 2 all

    have a happy healthful fdl!!!

    can’t wait 2 c what u have red when i get back!

    take care all


    oops meant 2 say what u all have red

    Encouraged by toms’s rave review, I’ve finally booked to take my great-nephew to see the stage production of War Horse in May – that’s how far you have to book ahead to get the seats you want.

    Thinking I ought first to read the book, I have been doing just that, shedding more than the odd tear. Yesterday while travelling on the London Underground I reached the end in full-on blub mode. It’s a terrific story, beautifully told, recommended for any kid old enough to read, as well as parents and grandparents.

    Yes Hermaj, we had to book November 2012 for January 2014! Demand for tickets was so great they put another performance on. You will not be disappointed. Post your findings afterwards! Will be on pins now hoping you enjoy it. Haven’t read the book myself. Have just read Before I go to Sleep SJ Watson. Intriguing but not sure about ending. Also the shock of the Fall Nathan Filer. Fantastic read, it was very affecting. Would recommend both. Am lending the Kindle to the daughter in law, as I have done nothing but read on fasting days, it helps a lot. Will insist she keeps it for a month – (no panic though, if I get desperate have some real books to read)!

    I’m more than sure we will both love it, toms. There’s so much to enjoy, not only the story but the staging, the wonderful “horses”, the whole theatricality of it. And we have both now read the book.
    BTW, you are a much nobler soul than I am. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t lend my Kindle to anyone, no matter how much I loved them. I will certainly look out for the two books you mention.

    I have just finished Big Brother by Lionel Shriver which was about a successful woman whose brother, who had been a successful jazz pianist, decided to land his 385lbs on her doorstep for a visit. She hadn’t seen him for a few years and felt surprised/embarrassment/pity for him. She then devoted a year to helping him to lose weight much to the disgust of her husband. There is a twist at the end though.
    I enjoyed reading it and would recommend it as a light read.

    Lindy W, only Lionel Shriver I have read to date is We need to talk about Kevin. May try Big Brother. So many books to read and so little time. Keep on coming with the recommendations everyone.

    Just finished Life of Pi. Oh dear, made me cry at the end. Next one Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Fingers crossed, had mixed reviews.

    Toms- you didn’t want to read it twice?

    Toms – if you have seen the movie Salmon Fishing in the Yemen then you’ll be in for a surprise.

    Not sure why some American film-makers feel the need to sanitize stories. I read the book first and then saw the movie on a flight to South Africa (16hrs from Australia). Am nuts about Ewan McGregor but preferred the book.

    Am currently enjoying The Spies of Warsaw, having seen the TV series with David Tennant. Looking forward to getting other books in the series for my Kindle.

    Piper, I will read it again at some point. Thought it was beautifully written. Did you read it twice? Thought the other day so many books to read and so little time!

    Nicky F, hello! Have not seen the film, but did watch the film of Pi after finishing reading it. Film was nowhere near as powerful as the book, as you say, there seems to be a need for sanitising stories. Will add Spies to my list. Not got much reading time at the moment, as am on the allotment now wearing out my joints! Keep posting titles to add to the list!

    Hello to you all , one of my favorite books of all time has to be “Birdsong” by sebastien Faulkes, I have red it 4 times and still get emotional at the end , it really is a cracking book, that will have you totally captavated from the first to the last page,

    ok I hope someone replies if so i will continue posting on here
    from Ken

    Couldn’t agree more, Ken. I’ve read and enjoyed most of Sebastian Faulkes’s books, but I don’t think he’s ever bettered Birdsong. I’ve read it at least twice. Maybe it’s time for a re-read.

    Hi Ken
    My favourite book also – read it so many times and cried too! I didn’t know much about ‘trench warfare’ and found it enlightening/shocking and educational as well as a wonderful read. Like hermajtomomi I have enjoyed all Sebastian Faulkes’ novels but none as much as Birdsong.
    Another emotional book I read recently is Me before You by Jojo Moyes. Not to spoil the story which is about a successful man severely disabled in a road accident and a girl who was wandering aimlessly through life, it had me laughing and crying.

    Hi all. Birdsong is excellent. Have read more of Faulkes but not all. Just finished Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Anyone else read it? Haven’t posted much recently, been allotmenting, (if there is such a word), and completely cream crackered when I get home, but as soon as someone posts on this thread I have to check it out. Happy fasting and reading all.

    Hi Toms

    I haven’t ever posted on this thread but have observed it over the past year.Salmon fishing – I first read it a year ago and loved it, just re-read for the 4th time. Saw the movie after the first reading and was disappointed/disgusted.
    I really thought that he nailed the civil service (we say public service here) jargon and lack of reality (think sir Humphrey). I think for the film Hermione Norris would have made a better Harriet.
    His next book “the Irresistible Inheritance of Wilberforce” was extremely disturbing (at least to me), one of the strangest and most horrible books I have read.

    I saw you are from Manchester, husband and I spent a week there in 2010, his gg grandfather was transported from Ancoats in 1848, we found the spot where the street had been. Manchester was a surprise, I guess we expected dingy and found a terrific lively city with very friendly people (and great Italian restaurants!)

    keep reading

    Vicki, hello. Glad you found there’s more to Manchester than greyness and rain! Must have been a very interesting experience tracking down your husbands origins. Never seen the film of Salmon fishing, probably won’t bother as the films are never true to the novels. Life of Pi was definitely not. Have quite a few titles waiting to be read at the mo, but may look up Wilberforce at some point, your description is intriguing. I see you’re doing really well with your fasting, hope it continues to go well for you. Always glad to hear of reading recommendations.

    thnks for giving the link rockyromer

    Just found this topic and it looks like I’m a few years too late, but what the hell. Even if no one will ever see it, I’ll throw in the fact that my most recent novel is about a 29-year-old woman’s efforts to lose weight. She keeps falling off the wagon and by the time she finally stops looking for a magic bullet and starts looking for herself, she’s been on and off so many diets that she should be a weight-loss expert herself. One reviewer called it a great selection for a book club. It’s called Rita Just Wants to be Thin and this is the link. http://www.amazon.com/Rita-Just-Wants-Be-Thin/dp/1495312658

    Rita isn’t me but her weight-loss/weight-gain story is my story. The diet that is working for me is 5:2. I’m down 22.5 lbs so far and counting.

    As for me, I am currently reading Flaubert’s Parrot by Julian Barnes and a sci fi novel from the 70s called Lucifer’s Hammer.

    hi Mary
    Thanks for reviving this topic. I’m sure many of us can identify with Rita, even if we have less (or more) as a goal. Reading can be great support on a fast day, or any day. I’ve been stuck on my last 10-15 lbs. for ages until I started paleo combined with 5:2. Now I have shed 6 lbs in 3 weeks.
    I’m currently reading “A God in Ruins”.


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