warning about fasting and reflux

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  • thank you for the replies
    it is so interesting how different people respond to foods

    I take omeprazole and have done for some years now
    if I stop I start getting the same old pain in my stomach within 2 or 3 days

    I eat pretty bland food, no frying and no spice

    I do drink lots of water which helps a bit but never stops it

    the puzzling thing is I had no idea it was reflux originally because it is more like a feeling tightness in my throat, like something is stuck

    Gaviscon is great and if I feel things deteriorating I turn to that

    Some years ago I was having heart burn when I would get ready for bed. Other things included that if I drank water before bed, it felt like it just sat there in the top of my stomach and didn’t go down. I went to some doctors and they perscribed different acid reflux meds. I hated ALL of them. They all made me feel sooooooo bloated. I was uncomfortable all day if I too the meds.

    So my SO and I went to the natural food store and looked at some natural meds for acid reflux my SO reads the labels and most of them contained citric acid. Upon hearing this I perked up and said “you know I have been craving Orange Juice” They responded ” well why don’t we get some and you drink it.” I pondered and though well lets see.

    I immediately drank a glass when I got home – LOVED it. Then over the next month pretty much drank a glass every morning (before coffee) it was first thing I did and even would skip my coffee if I didn’t feel like I could fit BOTH drinks into my tummy (and I love coffee). None-the-less after about a month or so, I don’t know b/c I suddenly forgot to drink the OJ b/c I didn’t crave it anymore and guess whos acid reflux was gone. YUP all gone.

    I’m not saying that OJ works for everyone, but this is my story. Sometimes the answer is inside us (such as my very odd and huge craving for OJ at the time) and usually I was not someone who ever really thought about having Orange Juice. I mean I like it, but I didn’t grow up drinking it, and I know it does contain sugar, so look for some that are lower in sugar and if you do add it to your daily rituals it doesn’t need to be a huge glass, about 8oz did great for me.

    Sometimes acid reflux happens because the stomach acid is too weak. When it is stronger the Esophageal Sphincter muscle at the top of the stomach stays closed. When the acid is too weak that muscle can relax and acid reflux can happen. So the right fix is often to add acid to the stomach.

    Anti-acid is more useful for when there is too much gas being produced in the stomach.

    This has been a very interesting read. I recently started to suffer with reflux after having been on rabreprazol for a couple of years. I had an episode of reflux lasting about 4 weeks, and GP sent me to ENT who told me after a nasal endoscopy that I hadn’t got cancer, just acide reflux which was silent as I had no heartburn. He changed my PPI to omeprazole. I still had intermittent periods of refulx, but none lasting as long as that episode. I had an endoscopy and was told I had a small hiatus hernia. I’ve also had a barium swallow, results are pending.

    I went on holiday to Thailand at Easter, ate and drank well, with no issues.

    Last week, reflux came back, and although I have no heartburn, my throat is sore and I have a terrible hacking cough – whether I eat or not doesn’t seem to make much difference. Feeling very conflicted about my FD today.

    Any ideas?? Thanks.

    Can I suggest you read ‘The Acid Watcher Diet’ by Jonathan Aviv? He addresses throat burn and coughing, the theory being that the pepsins that erupt from the stomach during reflux deposit themselves higer up in the gastrointestinal tract and are activated every time acidic food passes over them. You might be able to get a used version of the book online.

    Hi I might be too late for anyone to reply but I’ve been searching the internet for answers to whether I can try fasting with GORD gastro oesophageal reflux disease. I’ve read all of this thread and it’s certainly been useful

    I got diagnosed a year ago by endoscopy with GORD and a hiatus hernia. I was struggling to swallow and coughing and choking and I’d had problems for a few years or more. I also have IBS – my whole digestive system seems to suffer in one way or the other. I’m on 20 mg of omeprazole and as long as I watch what I eat and avoid triggers I’m ok apart from the occasional flare up.

    I’m two stone overweight and I know that it makes my symptoms worse and all the advice tells you to lose weight and cut down carbs. So I decided I’d follow the fast 800 Diet, keeping to the low carb Mediterranean plan without the fasting. So, then having done this for over a week I started thinking should I might try some fasting to help things along? But I don’t want to aggravate my GORD – hence my googling for advice.

    I’m still not sure what to do – I think I’ll give myself a month to get the low carb plan established and then look at trying IF 16: 8.

    Any advice or experiences of IF welcome

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