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  • I realise that for many – fd, and losing weight helps to reduce their issues with reflux etc

    I have been have huge issues for the past 3 months – problems that began with a ‘lump’ feeling in my throat, and continued into regurgitation, acid, soreness, hoarseness, dry mouth, problems swallowing, burping etc

    they only began 5 days after I began the fd
    and then I noticed a few weeks ago, when I had a week with NO fd’s, that my symptoms improved

    since that time I have stopped fasting (actually just gone totally off the rails food wise, but that is another story)
    and a lot of my symptoms have improved, apart from the impossibly dry mouth

    anyway, today I have seen a dr and he has ‘scoped’ my throat etc and said that it is ‘irritated’ and that the changes to my eating patterns, and the fasting could indeed have caused/contributed to the problems I have been having
    he also said that although drugs like omeprazole help, they don’t stop all the different gastric fluids, and that I need to take gaviscon after every meal, and before bed – for at least a month – to allow for healing

    I am posting this because I am still convinced that I cannot possibly be the only person who has experienced this issue

    I hope this might help others with similar difficulties

    I read an article from a man claiming his reflux is cured having given up alcohol. I have reflux, it has burnt my gullet. The camera shots show a nasty benign growth down there. Normally, I have swallowing and choking issues often.
    On April 12th I gave up alcohol and started dieting. a couple of weeks later I joined the 5:2 fast diet, and started to write on the 31 day challenge thread.
    I have not had any reflux incidents since I started both abstinence and the diet. That was five weeks ago.

    Hi, I’ve really only started posting recently and came across your posts. I take very high levels of Nexium and ranitidine at night. Alcohol is a trigger for me for the acid to increase, and my consultant advised me to cut out caffeine. I find fasting days sometimes cause greater acid problems, and this week I had my 2 fasting days together, which made my stomach sore and my reflux worse. I am hoping that if I lose enough weight (I carry it around my tummy) my reflux will improve.

    I’m having trouble with this 🙁 I may have to give up intermittent fasting and I’m not happy about it because it’s the only type of ‘diet’ I’ve ever been able to stick to.

    Hi atcgirl, have you tried maybe eating a few more calories -say three times a week? Also have you tried eating porridge made with water for one of your meals? I find this is quite good. I’m sure you already avoid the usual culprits like tomatoes etc.
    Don’t lose heart👍

    The most probable cause of GERD.

    As everyone knows, enormous numbers of bacteria grow in the colon. But what many people don’t know is that bacteria also grow in the small bowel as well. The lower end of the small bowel closest to the colon has the most growth, but bacteria are found throughout. Bacteria in the small bowel dine on the contents of the small bowel; the farther the food goes down the bowel during the digestive process, the more bacteria there are to nourish. The types and amounts of bacteria in the small bowel are a function of the foods coming down the pipeline. If fat and protein are the main foods, fewer bacteria grow, and those that do grow don’t produce much gas. Carbohydrates, however, provide food for rapidly multiplying bacteria that actually ferment the carbs, and the fermentation process produces a lot of gas. If there is an overgrowth of the carb-loving bacteria in the small bowel – a condition called small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) – then a substantial amount of gas is released into the bowel. As more bacteria multiply and more gas is released, the pressure inside the bowel increases. The increased pressure then can force the gas, along with the acidic stomach contents upstream, through the lax LES and into the esophagus. And then you experience the symptoms of GERD.

    Once I understood this process, it all made perfect sense to me. I realized immediately why a low-carb diet got rid of GERD. Few carbs means few bacteria. And few bacteria with little to ferment means minimal gas. The LES can hold firm against what little gas there might be, and so no stomach acid gets into the esophagus. And the symptoms of GERD vanish.

    This SIBO mechanism also explains another phenomenon I’ve had described to me by many patients. A patient suffers with GERD, goes on a low-carb diet, and gets complete relief. The patient stays on the low-carb diet for months and has no symptoms of GERD. Then the patient has a carb blow out, but has no GERD. Eats some more carbs, still no GERD. Consumes more carbs, then, wham, the GERD is back. What happened?

    It takes a while for carb-loving bacteria to recolonize the small bowel once the carbs enter the diet again and a plentiful bacterial food supply returns. Until the bacteria reach a critical mass, at which point they are producing enough gas to push through the LES, there won’t be symptoms. But once they do, GERD returns in full force.


    I have been on the Fast Diet for just over four months, and for the last month have had choking and vocal problems, which my GP says are due to acid reflux. He offered me the omeprazole, but when I took that I felt faint and got stomach pains. So, I am trying to cut out tomatoes, alcohol and caffeine. I have also done some vocal and posture exercises which have helped. I think stress may have been a factor, and I am hoping that things will settle down, as in every other way I love the Fast Diet, and feel really well on it and have lost weight and improved my BMI.

    Hi Bennettw6, I am in a similar position but take a mega dose of Nezium for acid. I also take one ranitidine at night so I sympathise. My consultant has told me to quit alcohol, caffeine, tomatoes and keep sugar to a minimum. In terms of beverages, he suggested leaving alone decaf for a while too and if possible and drink only water if the inflammation is bad. It does work but it is a big ask. I have two NFDS between fasting otherwise I get a build up of acid. I need a stone off and as I carry most of my excess weight around my waist. I’m intrested in your vocal and posture exercises. What do you do and has this helped? I retired from teaching last year and my stress levels have dropped but haven’t seen a huge change in acid.

    GERD and reflux benefit, or disappear, on a low-carb diet. I started with a low-carb diet because you’re not hungry and it improves or eliminates so many conditions. I’m now combining low-carb with some fasting.

    The original post by keeptrying is the exact issue I have been having. I am new to this site, so please forgive me for not knowing all the FD (fast diet) 5-2 “rules”.

    I have fasted for 3 days. I have had no problems with energy or otherwise and decided it was time again. My diet consists of…water…during the fast. I have tried mint tea and black tea. Regardless, I get the reflux. I rarely have any issues in regular eating days, but I have grabbed cows milk before to ease the symptoms. I have no desire to talk to my physician about how “this only hurts when I do that”, I know how that conversation ends.

    I (obviously) have joined this group. I plan to attempt 4 day fast, consecutively assuming I have no ill effects. I will cut out all tea tomorrow to try and notice a change. I’d prefer not to, but I will attempt antacids (Tums) should I find no relief throughout today (Day 3).

    Also, my reflux is not keeping me awake, but bothering me during waking hours. Thanks in advance for any advice.

    Hi J3ff, when you say you fasted for 3 days, is this eating 500/600 cals each day and is it consecutive days? I manage my reflux by ‘fasting’ i.e. 500 cals on a Monday and a Thursday. The two days in between help stabilise any acid that might build up. I also, like Stephen T keep my carbs on the low side. This helps too.

    Thank you for your ideas and comments, all of you.
    I, too, have developed reflux symptoms last year. I tried out 3 x 5.2 days early last year to promote faster weight loss, but found I was hangry and less sociable at times.
    So, I slipped off the pattern, returned to an inconsistent 2 x 5.2.
    I developed a night time cough. One GP suggested reflux. I didn’t associate fasting with cough and reflux, but discomfort drew me to eat when I noticed pangs: food dampened the discomfort.
    So I then tackled reflux with probiotics and folk meds: higher pillow, sit well during meals, lower coffee intake (I came across ‘TACC’ being: eliminate or lower [Tobacco], Alcohol, Caffeine and Chocolate.) [Tobacco not a part of my life, but all other items were taken into account].
    The cough is uncommon now and I rarely suffer heartburn, although I bought but do not take a Mylanta chew.
    So, I’m considering a return to 5.2 pattern now. I will use Yakult and yoghurt during my fast days,but I’m a bit unclear about the pattern to adopt…ah well, I used to enjoy both fast days and NFDs. So I hope I will again.

    Some horrible gut happenings described in this thread!
    My dad ended up with a hiatus hernia after awful reflux problems. Stupidly the main cause for this was lying down after having had a few beers – this really helps acid reflux and he used to like lying down after a meal. He did this multiple times per day for years.
    I am very careful to make sure that I do not eat or drink near to the time where I might be horizontal – I try and make that gap in time at least 3 hours.
    Not saying that the cause of others reflux is what I’ve described, but it is possible.

    I just get an acid stomach when I eat too much or junk-type foods. I don’t get the reflux very often. I never used to have tummy problems before I started just eating too much of the wrong foods.

    Hi there,

    I started getting reflux issues a few month ago (before starting the diet), especially after alcohol or when I ate large amounts of food in one go (especially fatty foods). My symptoms started with the weight gain, so I am quite sure that in my case it is the extra weight, maybe putting pressure on my stomach, that is responsible for the symptoms.
    However, even if my issues seemed to have another acute backround than from you guys, I write here, because I wanted to share an experience that might help you with your symptoms as well.
    At some point I read, that drinking water with high amounts of hydrogencarbonate (HCO3-, > than 1000mg/liter) should be helpful (preventive and acute), as it not only dilutes the acid by adding water but also neutralize the acid due to the basic component (and by the way it is said to help burning fat as well ;-)). For me it helped, so maybe you could try if it helps you as well.

    Good luck!

    I have not been on this site in many months
    and I just saw your post and the others following it

    whatever others find – I KNOW that the reflux issues I had were directly related to the fasting – and that was 500cal fasting, NOT going without food altogether

    the reflux was not the same as those caused by my being overweight – for which the omeprazole works really well

    this ‘new’ reflux was totally throat centred and got worse and worse over the 3 months I did the fd

    it only eased when I stopped fasting, and still took several weeks of gaviscon after all meals, and a raised bed – before it went completely

    I have to say – now – I have sadly put on all the weight I lost, and have had an appalling diet for the past 5 months
    yet I have NOT had any of those reflux issues

    I did begin the fd again – just a couple of days – and straightaway my throat began to react, so I really don’t think it suits me at all

    I did the FD for 4 months and was very successful. I stopped while on vacation (panic stricken that the weight would come back… it didn’t) During the last few weeks of the fast, I found my body was not happy. I had constipation and low energy. I decided to take time off to let me body get back to “normal” I have been off about 1.5 months and in the last 3 weeks, I have had a lump feeling and slight heartburn in my chest. I am on PPI’s now and it sort of works. So I guess my question would be, is my body rebelling by being deprived of calories on my fast days? Did I make my gut mad?


    who knows, Heidi, but I certainly found the fasting caused me problems

    it was great for losing weight – it worked well and I managed it quite easily
    but the throat issues became intolerable with food getting trapped near the top of my throat – and regurgitating
    apparently the ppi’s don’t work with certain stomach acids and I didn’t feel any heartburn – it was all in the throat

    the consultant I saw – said it was very likely that the change in diet had caused the problems – it just seems that most people don’t have a problem

    I went online to research if I should fast considering the fact I’m recovering and have an issue of acid reflux and registered esp. to help in this forum. First of all it’s a really difficult problem, it has like taken over my life for the past year as I didn’t know what the problem was at the beginning and I couldn’t find the right support. My throat was directly the target and I spent much of the past year in bed feeling very week. There is a powder called Aiona which is a rock powder said to have healing uses and that really helped me settle my stomach. Planning to have a baby and realising this is a permanent problem I’ll have to live with I knew I wanted to find only natural remedies. I went to a natural therapist who discovered I also have high levels of fungus in my system and flushed it out with natural based medication and bioresonanse therapy and for my acid reflux I’m taking citronex and acronelle medication to balance my body flora. Children who are sicerian apparently have a higher chance of encountering acid reflux because this apparently is said to effect our natural flora. I do feel I’m managing MUCH better, Im back working so something here helped. I noticed a lot of my problems are due to acidity of my body and so natural therapy is the best solution. Drink a lot- go to a special drugery to prepare you teas. Dandelion with a mix helped me a lot taking it three times a day before meals, always drink before meals and 4 hours before sleeping try minimise your eating. Make sure you don have another underlying problem because the problem with my throat could have been either or those problems. Check your bedding ! I realise every case is individual but maybe I helped someone with this post!! God bless

    I occasionally have acid reflux. Fasting doesn’t seem to affect it one way or the other. What affects it is what I eat and drink. Alcohol, caffeine, heavily spiced and acidic foods make it worse. Meat, poultry, dairy and grains and beans are all acidic foods when they are being digested. Fruits and vegetables are non-acidic except for a few like tomatoes and strawberries. Even lemons are non-acidic once they get into your system. If I eat mostly protein like meat, dairy or eggs on fast days, I can end up with reflux. If I eat vegetables and fruit I have no problem. Protein pump inhibitors have a boomerang effect once you start taking them. If you try to quit, the reflux is worse than if you never took them. I try to avoid them.

    BTW, our intestines are inhabited with over 100 trillion bacteria. They are necessary for digestion and for our immune system. Hopefully, most of them are good bacteria that fight off the bad pathogens. Probiotics in fermented foods like homemade sauerkraut or yogurt or kefir help support this good bacteria. We couldn’t live without them. Did you ever travel to a foreign county and get a horrible case of diarrhea from drinking the local water? Did you ever wonder why the local residents can drink that same water every day and not become ill? It’s their gut bacteria has built up the necessary bacteria to counteract the bad bacteria in the water. They’ve built up a kind of immunity to it.

    Dr. Jason Fung’s complete guide to fasting mentions how a prolonged fast can eliminate GERD but may be difficult for the first few days. This of course is a propper fast not 500cal ‘fasting’

    I can assure you that fasting caused the problem, and it stopped once I stopped the fasting
    but the damage to my throat still took over a month to resolve
    – that was on 500cal
    if I had gone without food completely on those days I would have been in an even worse state

    I do however, find that fasting, like 16:8 works so long as I stick to a high fat diet

    Everyone is different of course, but high fat foods were at the top of my doctor’s list for foods to avoid for acid reflux. If you do a Google search, you’ll come up with much the same.

    I know some people who cured their gastric reflux simply by drinking water, what they have told me is the one should drink a glass of water 30 mins before every meal. Also, Dr. F Batmanghelidj has a lot to say about the water cure.

    NataDrng, that makes sense. Simply diluting some of the acid in the esophagus seems like it would be helpful. And other sources seem to think so too. http://www.refluxmd.com/can-drinking-water-stop-gerd-symptoms/

    Maybe the “Throat Tea that my husband drinks before bed helps more because of the water than the tea blend itself?

    I am having trouble with reflux last few days. Thank you all for this info. I am eating daily, in a four hour window. So 20/4. Working really well for me. Am losing 3kgs (6.6lbs) a week. I am eating tomatoes. I will stop, and check back if stopping tomatoes works. The reflux got really bad when I ate them. But before this, I was still having a problem in the back of my throat. I will also try not eating 3hrs before lying down. This makes sense. I drink nothing but water, and plain tea. Not sure about why it started. So will try lots of veg and fruit. If that doesn’t work, I will try the opposite! And again, I will check back with my solution.

    hi mchclark

    I certainly found tomatoes made things worse
    but I have to say the problem began about 3 days after my very first fd, and continued the whole 3 months I did it and beyond

    another thing that helped me recover was to raise the pillow end of my bed by 4 inches
    it has to be the bed or mattress, and not just the pillows
    although I found I had sort of slithered down every morning, it did help
    the consultant said it will stop anything coming up when I was asleep, and also help keep everything else down!!

    the worst of the problem for me was that virtually every day I had ‘lump’ at the back of my throat, and would regularly get food trapped actually in my throat which would then regurgitate into my mouth about an hour or so later – gross I know and of course the more I worried about it, the more it got worse
    but it can be the effect of a particular type of stomach acid damaging the throat

    I really hope your issues improve quickly for you

    Everyone’s stomach acid, sometimes called gastric acid, consists of potassium chloride, sodium chloride, and hydrochloric acid. It’s strong enough to eat away at metal. It has to be to digest your food. It just needs to stay out of your esophagus.

    I’m all good now. Lots of burping, and now gone. I don’t believe anything I did really helped in the long term, only short term relief until it went. 3days total. I saw online lots of people obsessing about acid reflux. I know some people really have it bad, and it becomes dangerous to their health long term. But honestly, I believe from what I saw, that most people are stuck in an obsessed cycle of worry about burning holes in their stomachs, and this obsessive worry leads to tension, and then more acid. Relax, and it will go away. If it doesn’t, you need to see a doctor to make sure you really have a problem, before you start obsessing over nothing.

    well mine lasted about 5 months and the consultant I saw, saw the damage to my throat

    it was NOT the same as the gerd I had in the past

    and to be honest, its easy to say relax and it will go away – but it didn’t, and I couldn’t – because virtually every meal I ate was affected

    I didn’t say it was in your head. I said I believe a lot of people get worked up over nothing. I didn’t say you.

    The last bit wasn’t at you. It was for anyone else who read this. There’s a whole lot of other people here. I understand I replied to you, and can see why you thought I meant you.

    Keeptrying, I have had a lot of the same problems you’ve mentioned. Another problem I’ve had is stopped up ears and pressure in my ears. I was curious if you experienced anything like that.

    I also experience acid reflux if I over eat or have bread or overdo coffee. I find that some diaphragmic breathing usually has it go away. I try to avoid the antacids.I read somewhere that for some people when fasting and the stomach is empty it can move about a little. I have felt like this when I have lost some fat from my midsection and been fasting and running I will get reflux out of the blue. Usually drink plenty of water helps it.

    This is interesting as I’ve had similar issues with throat problems recently.

    Hi keeptrying,
    I’ve been doing 5:2 for about 7 years now. In that time I haven’t had any issues with it that I’m aware of. However, about 7 weeks ago I started symptoms that sound quite similar to yours.
    I was losing too much weight, so I changed my system a bit in that on a Wednesday I don’t eat anything until dinner time, and then just eat normally from dinner onwards. However a few weeks ago, after having had a bit of a light cold with post-nasal drip for a few days, I ate a bit of bread on one of these days and immediately had quite sharp pain in my throat whenever I swallowed (water, saliva whatever). It got slightly less painful after a while, but I was left with a sore throat that was sore to touch on the outside. This improved, leaving me with a feeling of something being stuck in my throat which I still have. I’m quite a health worrier, so obviously I’ve been assuming the worst, and have another couple of weeks of “wait and see” before getting referred to ENT for more investigation.

    I did wonder at the time if the total lack of food for 24 hours, then suddenly opening my esophagus had allowed stomach acid to damage my esophagus and throat. I haven’t had much in the way of the classic burping and burning GERD symptoms, but it sounds as though your throat was the main issue too.

    I will try Gaviscon after each meal, elevated pillow etc and see if that helps. I’d also be interested if you had any other advice for what helped you and how long your healing took (so I can put that into context for mine too).

    Many thanks in advance,

    will help if I can
    and very well done for eating this way for 7 years!!

    my past issues were with tummy pain/bloated and for which omeprazole helped a lot
    re. throat issues – the only thing I had very occasionally was something called an esophageal spasm and this may be what you had.
    it is exceedingly painful and when I had it the throat seems to contract on the food and you cant swallow or drink or anything for a bit

    the issues caused by the fasting were similar to this although not the same sharp sudden pain
    and oh yes endlessly feeling like something was stuck in throat
    and often there was food trapped and an hour or so later it would regurgitate into my mouth and it had not come from stomach (sorry gross I know)

    I didn’t have burning, I don’t think but burping when the food ‘returned’ and just weeks and weeks of feeling a lump and food getting stuck

    the trouble is anxiety makes it worse, but like you, I got more and more concerned
    not least because people on here and another diet forum were all saying it shouldn’t be happening

    when I saw the consultant he said fasting could easily cause these issues and that my throat was inflamed (he stuck a camera down via my nose – and to reassure you, I am someone who is almost always knocked out for procedures and was mega scared but although it felt very very odd it didn’t hurt and only lasted a couple of minutes)

    he said it can take several weeks to heal up and that I had to take gaviscon liquid (he said the strongest I could) after every meal and before bed
    and certainly raising the bed helped as well – you need to raise bed or mattress at head end, not just pillows as he said it is vital it is your upper body raised not just your head

    I hope some of this helps and try not to worry too much as you are not alone
    I think perhaps people who get this problem just don’t bother to write about it

    take care x

    I found a solution that works for me. I had some serious gut problems that started when fasting. They lasted over a year. I had a lot of gas belching, pain, reflux. I couldn’t drink coffee. If I ate a large meal or a meal near bedtime I had some serious issues with acid and vomiting. I was visiting a friend who was a farmer with milk cows. I told him about the problem and he said, “I can fix you.” He went to his refrigerator and brought out two enormous jars of his homemade yogurt, made with raw cows milk. He said take this instead of medicine. It didn’t work overnight, but it did work. I could feel it working. After I ate the yogurt 3 or 4 times a day at first (a few tablespoons full) for two weeks, I started drinking raw cows milk. I improved steadily and in 3 months I was totally cured. He later said that I should not drink chlorinated tap water. I was so impressed that I found a local dairy that would sell me raw cows milk near my home. I eventually bought my own milk cow and drink raw milk. Some states allow the sale of raw milk, other’s don’t. I am a dentist and I researched it thoroughly. In my opinion raw milk is safer than taking medicine. As long as I am doing this I can do what I want. I can drink 2-4 cups of coffee and practically any meal I want. I still try not to overeat or eat a large meal near bedtime. You don’t have to drink a great deal, just regularly. It didn’t make me fat. If I fast over 2 days the symptoms start coming back. So I am planning to keep my fasts shorter and more frequent. If I am off of the raw milk for over 2 months, symptoms start coming back. I have been healed now for 5 years. Hope this helps someone. God bless you!
    By the way, many people who can not drink homogenized milk can drink raw milk. The homogenization process is to bubble hydrogen gas through the milk to make the fat particles stay in solution. The fat normally wants to separate. This process makes digesting the fat more difficult so some people think that they are lactose intolerant when they aren’t.

    I have just come across this thread and, because a lot of posters here are mentioning throat problems, they might be interested in a book I found recently called The Acid Watcher’s Diet’. Really interesting analysis of ‘throat burn’ and ways to heal. Hard to do, mind, involving a month of eating nothing higher than PH4 followed by a maintenance routine but might be worth trying for those who are getting nowhere with their gerd or throat issues. I still haven’t gone the whole hog because it is really limiting but would like to try if I had the willpower.

    Did you ever find any relief? I had a similar situation happen. I have been fasting for about 2 years. I had never had an issue with fasting until a couple of months ago…after swallowing a large pill I felt like it was stuck in my throat. I’m wondering if I injured one of the valves that controls the acid. Right after I started exhibiting all the signs of LPR (silent reflux). They are still driving me crazy today…probably because all the food I eat are acidic. I’m going to cut back on the acid food…but I’m going crazy!

    It would probably be best to see a doctor to get it diagnosed – they should be able to do a simple examination of the larynx area with a nasal tube. If there’s acid damage seen, you would then know to try this acid diet which has quite a strict protocol to be successful but, having been devised by a gastro-oesophageal specialist, seems to have had highly positive outcomes with his patients.

    While I have been on the 5.2 for 2 1/2 years now my GERD and my tablets from the doctor has stopped completely…

    Christmas and holidays when I am not in control of my cooking my own food, it returns and of course eating crappy things as chocolate, cakes, sausage rolls, pastry and alcohol…I can have A treat but that’s it…not stuff your face…

    I had a good talk to my doctor at the beginning ( before 5.2) he told me it’s a weight issue, or too much weight!…also he told me most people wear clothes which are too small for them so there’s pressure on the tummy.

    If you are heavy that is more the problem….5.2 should calm it down as your weigh reduces…I am now in healthy BMI…even after a couple of weeks on 5.2 I noticed a big improvement…

    I too suffered from indigestion or reflux. I had it for 12 years and it was getting worse and I was about to start PPIs – reluctantly. It took about 3 months of 5:2 fasting to resolve it completely. I noticed a big improvement to start with on fast days and then every day. I still have weight to lose, so i think i was over-eating a lot of the time and I have probably reduced inflammation and am wearing baggier clothes. Its interesting how different our bodies are, as mine thanked me for doing 5:2! Now, sleep disruption is another issue. Definately affected by that but it is slowly getting better over time.

    returning to this subject after some time
    I would just like to reiterate that I only got the throat problems WHEN I was doing the fast diet

    whenever I have tried it again, I am ok for a week or two and then it starts again
    which is a total pain because the fasting is a brilliant way to lose weight

    I am just about to begin again – and see what happens

    Just to return to and expand on my reply of over a year ago. ‘The Acid Watcher Diet’ by Jonathan Aviv came to my attention then and I mentioned it here. I bought the book and haven’t tried it myself but a friend who had been suffering from unremitting GERD problems did do it and was amazed at the results. It is a very restrictive diet, cutting out all acid-(over Ph4)containing foods for 28 days then a maintenance period where higher levels of acid are permitted. Aviv’s avowed mission is to reduce instances of oesophageal cancer which he says are rising hugely in the US and this is a way of repairing the damage done to the oesophagus by pepsins which deposit themselves in the tract during reflux and are reactivated every time acid foods pass through. If you stop the reactivation, the pepsins eventually disappear and the damage heals. This is a very simplistic way of describing the process but anyone desperate to stop their reflux might find it worth reading.

    thanks Caz
    I also have that book, but found it was wanting me to eat so many of the foods that I avoid – because they make me put on weight!

    I am ok when eating normally, and when bingeing
    but once I start on intermittent fasting, it always kicks in after a few days

    I have seen people online suggest taking apple cider vinegar – which I could not tolerate, it would make me instantly sick

    my gp and the throat consultant I saw in 2016 both said it was due to the changes in my eating
    not exactly helpful – since I am desperate to lose weight and keep it off, and I found the fasting a brilliant way to do this

    I seem to be ok if I do the 16:8 version, but cant seem to do longer
    I would love to hear from others who have this issue – as it seems I am in the minority here, but I know there must be more people

    it would be great if the dr’s promoting this way of eating would give some advice too

    I would say that if the 16:8 works for you, especially if it is helping with weight loss, to keep to that as there are many ways to fast. Just as an aside, I discovered a year ago that I am prediabetic, a total surprise as I was not at all overweight, not even TOFI (thin outside, fat inside) and had been doing 5:2 for 4 years but nevertheless started a very low carb diet after lots of research. It is very restrictive and my weight fell by 10lb in a very short time taking my BMI from 19.5 to 18.5. Unfortunately, and surprisingly, it’s done nothing for my blood sugar (that’s another story) but it made me realise how astonishingly effective a low carb/ high fat diet (fat has to be used for providing energy instead of carbs) is for weight loss. That and the fact that it involves omitting carb-heavy refined foods (no cakes, sweets, pasta, rice, potatoes etc.) make it worth doing as a life choice but, again, it can be seen as too restrictive by some people. The alternative could be a whole foods/plant-based diet, again restrictive but quality nutrition.

    In 2014 I started having a problem with acid reflux during the time I was having pelvic radiotherapy. I ended up being on lanzaprazole long term to manage the symptoms. I also suffered with bowel problems caused by the radiotherapy. I was told that the acid reflux was not connected to the radiotherapy. However recently I have discovered that bile acids can come up through the stomach as well as causing bowel problems. I started taking a multi strain probiotic daily, five weeks ago and the improvement on my gut and my acid reflux has been significant. On fast days, I do not not take a lanzaprazole at all. My goal is to come off lanzaprazole completely if symptoms can be managed by the daily probiotic and occasional use of gaviscon.. It needs to be a slow and gradual process as I believe the body becomes addicted to the lanzaprazole. For anyone with gut problems I recommend a multi strand probiotic.

    I agree with Moggiemiss as probiotic helps me, too and with other gut problems as well.
    For the reflux, I thought I share what helps me beside the probiotic:

    1. I avoid pan-fried food and white rice, as noticed they literally scrapping me inside, all the way from throat to stomach.

    2. I avoid drinks with caffeine: any kind of coca-cola, pepsi, instant coffee and ground coffee. Being a coffee addict, firstly I switched to ground coffee, then to decaffeinated ground coffee as it seems to be the only one which does not trigger my reflux. I noticed the black tea and coffee are hard for me as well, I follow advice of Dr. Jason Fung and add one teaspoon of double cream to my coffee.

    3. Also, I drink a lot of water. I, too, do not like to be dependent on medications like gavicson. I noticed water helps me even with the bad cause of reflux: half-glass of water every 20-30 minutes and two hours later the symptoms are gone.

    Hope it helps.

    Just a side note about acids: tomatoe and lemon juice (and anything with lemon zest) starts my reflux. Strangely, organic apple sider vinegar does not. I do not like apple cider vinegar in drinks, instead I use it in Georgian spicy sauce called ‘ajeeka’ which is made with canned tomatoes, fresh red pepper, chili, garlic and vinegar. And very strangely, this sauce helps with digestion without triggering reflux. Do not ask me how, I am puzzled myself :).

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