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  • Teach, I stopped teaching about 12 years ago. I used to teach 16 years and older and I loved it but I guess my career just went in other directions. I am really happy to be retiring from full time work now. I haven’t ruled out doing something from time to time but won’t do full time again now. My OH retired a few years back so we are looking forward to having more time to do things together. What age group do you teach?

    Regarding being a grandma, it wasn’t something I had thought about amd thought I was much too young at 50, but when they arrive and you get to know them they become such a focus and I just adore them.

    Minny, a pound off is great, just keep on doing that!


    You gals are wonderful!

    Awww…thanks Nabaht…and welcome. 🙂

    WTG! Minny! I’ll be doing my weigh-in tomorrow for this month’s tally. I’m right on track with where I’ve been…so I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing…slow and steady.

    FD yesterday went well…went to bed with a headache…but feeling fine this morning.

    Have a great day all.

    @flo Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow. I’m cheering you on!!!👏👏👏 Fast day today…it went well.
    Welcome Nabaht. 😀


    Happy Friday girls!

    Minny, glad to hear that you had a successful fasting day.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    I did lose another 5 lbs this month…so that brings me to a total of 15 lbs since January 1. It’s been slow but steady. I will definitely be happy if it continues. 🙂

    I hope that you all have a great weekend!

    Way to go! That is a great loss. Keep looking to the prize ahead! You will win the race!
    Hope your FD went well. The days are passing and the lbs are coming off. Keep pushing! It is worth it!
    You have a great plan. I like the way you have taken charge.
    Great to hear from you! Good luck on your journey. We can all help each other.

    Hi gang! NFD for me today. Is it weird to look forward to fast days? In my head, I lose 1/2 pound every day that I fast, so I find myself looking forward to it. I know that the scale doesn’t always show that 1/2 pound, but thinking about it really helps. Good luck today!!!

    Hope you had a good NFD. I know what you mean about looking forward to the F day. You are right I makes me feel like I am doing something. I had a hard FD on Saturday, but I didn’t give in. We have to keep going even when it is not fun!
    If the opportunity arises should you turn a NFD to a FD? For example. My son and husband went to watch football Saturday and decided to eat at the sports bar. I did not have to feed them, so I decided not to eat. Before I knew it, it was too late anyway. I have been really hungry today, so I’m not so sure it was a good idea. What about turning a FD to a NFD? Any thoughts? Are you always consistant or do you ever exchange days?

    Good morning all.
    FD for me.

    Minny…I like the way that you look at your fasting days…I also think about how my body is getting a reboot…a detox…and how much healthier I will be.

    Teacher…way to go on that FD Saturday…you are right, sometimes it is hard…and you just have to keep saying, “I can eat tomorrow…I can do this!”
    Sure, I guess if the opportunity presented its self and I wasn’t that hungry…why not go for it and get another FD in.

    We’d love to hear from you Sarah…hope all is well.

    Have a great day all. 🙂

    HI gang! FD for me today. @flo, looks like we are on a similar fasting schedule. Good luck today.
    @teach, well done with the fasting on Saturday. Way to go!! I don’t know if I could do a fast day and eat out on the same day. I don’t have that much will power. I guess I pick busy/boring days.

    Hi, girls! Flo and Minny
    Hope you are having a good FD. It is a good way to start a new week. I am having my FDs on Tues and Thursday. My NFD was good. I was able to keep it under control. Ready for tomorrow. You will do great tomorrow. We are used to it now! You’ve got this! Imagine the pounds dropping off!

    Hope things are going good for you. Check in when you can!

    Hi guys

    Everyone staying really strong and doing great.I am not great at changing FDs around. I have to get myself in the zone to fast. I have failed a fast day once and actually had a bit of a binge then fasted the next day so it was ok but it did nothing for my confidence and I have never turned a NFD into a FD. That shows amazing stength IMO. Most weeks i do Mon&Thurs. Happy to change but i make the decision early in the week based on what is happening. I have done a Saturday if it is the only day I can fit in but I would rather avoid the weekend. I see weekends as sort of treat days and we are more likely to be with family or friends.

    I know some people can change it about on the day or are not affected by a failed FD and trying again etc but i think if I did that regularly it would be a slippery slope for me.

    The other thing I have thought about is doing 3/4 but I find that really hard and would rather reign in NFDs more than do another fast.

    It is just about finding out how it works for you and how to best work with your own psychology. For example I am quite used to doing very low calorie fast days, basically no food and just a small splash of milk in coffee and i am no hungrier than 500 cals. Finding a formula you can stick to very long term is more important than faster loss IMO.

    Until you are really confident about it I think it is best just to do standard 5/2 and work on keeping NFDs restrained.

    It is very early in the morning here and after yesterday’s fast really ready for peanut butter on toast but before 5am is not a good idea! Xx

    Good morning all.

    It was nice to hear from everyone. My FD went well, I hope that yours did also, Minny. Good luck with your FDs, Teach.

    I try to do the same days every week also…although this is one of those rough weeks…I am working the weekend and we will be eating out a lot. I’m working on a plan in my head.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Hi ladies- NFD. I like the idea of doing the same fast days every week, but life just gets in the way. I haven’t decided if I will do Wednesday or Friday for my 2nd fast day. Thursday is lunch with friends, so no way I’m I fasting. I figure that is the whole reason why I fast 2times a week, so I can NOT fast the rest of the time. Lol. Happy fasting!!

    Yeah, that is one of the reasons that I thought that this plan would work for me…just 2 days a week…the rest of the time, I can enjoy life! I have noticed that since starting I am binging less…and I am constantly looking for ways to improve what I do eat.

    Yesterday went fairly well…I ate a little too much chocolate last night…I really need to quit buying the stuff! Today is FD #2.

    I hope that you are having a great day!

    Hi ladies, Unexpected fast day today. I ate a small breakfest and skipped lunch unintentionally so….why not turn today into a fast day. So I did. I feels pretty good to get it out of the way for the week. I feel “ahead of the game” this week. Ha. Good luck Thursday fasters!!

    Florida girl
    Hope your FD went well. It sounds like you have it all under control. I am impressed with your structure and your plan and the way you stick to it. I feel like I don’t really have a plan, like I am just flying by the seat of my pants. I know it works, but my problem is that I am too impatient. I wish I could chill. I get stressed when I don’t see anything on the scales. I just have to stick to it and keep drawing inspiration from our sweet group!

    Way to go! You are on a roll! Now you can enjoy the rest of the week. It feels good when you get a FD in unexpectedly! I agree, if the opportunity arises, you might as well go for it. It will be worth it when you step on the scales next time.

    Good luck on you’re FD tomorrow. You know what you are doing. How long did it take you to figure out what is best for you? I am still confused. I seem to go back and forth trying to come with a plan and just end up changing my FD on a whim. I feel like I should know by now. It really helps to hear about others who are successful!

    Have a great day tomorrow. We can reach our goals together! Before I found this group, I had tried for 2 years without any success! You guys have helped more than you can imagine. Thank you!

    Hi all, everyone doing great I see!

    Minny, so admiring you can just change to a FD like that. Brilliant!.

    Floridag, i try to help my willpower by not having things in that I know I find hard to resist. Could maybe cope with milk chocolate in the house now but still a risk. Great you are feeling less urge to binge now.

    Teach, I wouldn’t say it was worked out yet! I have got a week off coming up, not going away just family stuff and I will plan my days around what is happening. The only think I do that is not standard 5/2 is that I tend to have no food on fast days, just a bit of milk for coffee. Someone on the forum encouraged me to give that a go and that works for me. But as I get closer to target might have to add another fast day in. It has been 8 months now and it all feels quite normal with noticeably fewer urges to eat junk or sugar but it does still take effort. What I eat has also changed with fewer refined carbs and much less snacking and sticking to that takes less effort now than it used to.

    An ongoing struggle sometimes and not expecting that to change but soooo worth it. I am slimmer than I have been for about a decade and I feel fab! If the scales don’t move for a couple of weeks maybe look at what you are eating esp on NFDs and reduce those refined carbs to as low as you can.

    Stick with it everyone. You are worth the effort. Just remember just keeping on doing it is what works!

    Hello there, everyone…

    WTG! Minny!

    Teach, I’m sure that you will figure it out…I am a very structured…routine-oriented person by nature…I just do better when there is a routine. So most weeks are the same for me. This week is a little different because I am having a play day with my hubby on Friday…and then I am off work next Monday…still haven’t decided how I am going to handle that. I may do some modified fasting over the weekend.

    Thanks for all you helpful advice, Sarah.

    Until next time…be safe out there. 🙂

    Have a great weekend girls!

    Hi ladies, It seems like we are on the topic of routines and fasting etc…. I wish I could get in a weekly schedule with my fast days but…..I’m finding that difficult. My work schedule and family life is all over the place. I’m just glad I can fit my fast days in when I can. I hope I can stay motivated enough to keep this up. So far, so good. Happy fasting!!

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend. We have been watching the Masters all weekend. Can’t wait for the outcome this evening. Some of our favorite golfers are still in contention. Today is another NFD, so I am enjoying a breakfast burrito with green sauce. It is one of my favorites. I am going along pretty good even though I haven’t really stuck to scheduled days. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants. I know that is not good. I am hoping I can get more consistent.
    Florida girl
    I really like your structure. I know it works and is the best way to reach a goal and then maintain. When is your cruise? I bet you are getting excited! I can’t believe it is nearly Easter, then May. Summer is right around the corner. It has been nice here, so I put on a pair of shorts that I wore last year and they were too big. That made me happy. Next goal is to get into a swimsuit.
    I am having the same issue with my FD. With school and my hubby, it is hard to plan. My husband is supportive, but he also wants to eat good home cooking. I love to cook and it is hard to do that and not sample. My husband has always been thin and can eat as much as he wants. It is not fair! This was my girl’s night Wednesday, so I had to be strong. Sometimes I feel like I get too obsessed with it and I don’t want it to keep me away from friends. I tend to withdraw so I don’t have to face temptation and I know that is not good.
    Hope you are well. You have been doing this for awhile. How long did it take you to feel comfortable with it? Do your friends and family know that you fast? People have started to notice that I am losing weight and are starting to ask. I just tell them that I have been eating healthy, but don’t say that I am fasting. I don’t know why, but I don’t want to tell them. Has it been easy to keep it up for so long? I hope when I meet my goal, I can keep going on to maintain. I don’t want to ever reach the weight I was at the first of the year.
    Question. How is your husband and family with your fasting?

    Hi all lovely day here today about 23 Celsius today and that ranks as super good for England in April.

    Teach in answer to your question. I think it was a constant struggle for about 3 months but the weight reduction was very motivating. Then for a couple of months it seemed a bit easier and now i am very comfortable with it. That is not to say that it is plain sailing even now. i always have the capacity to break out and that still happens. Have eaten far too much this weekend but it is rarer and what constitutes a break out is much less too.

    Some of my friends and most of my family know I fast. They are happy for me that I am looking and feeling better. My husband sometimes cooks in the week anyway and I would never fast at the weekend anyway unless there was really no option. I would never cook a meal on a fast day for anyone else and my husband wouldn’t expect me to. Of course I don’t have children at home. That would make it more difficult I think or at least would take more planning.

    I haven’t told people I don’t know well and even some friends don’t know because I know they would think it bonkers and I can’t be bothered to convince them so I have chosen carefully who to tell and it is easy not to because I wouldn’t fast on a day I was seeing them. Mostly I just see work colleagues on fast days.

    If you are the main I wonder if you could cook nice dishes for the freezer for your husband so he can heat them or ping them in a micro for your fast days or cook something within your allowance and then add carbs or a bigger portion for him. I really think planning is the key for getting it to work. Xx

    Good morning everyone. I had a nice weekend, even though I had to work. My eating wasn’t too horrible…Friday was the worst, the rest of the weekend went great. Today is usually my fasting day…but I am home, the last time this happened, I failed…but I am going to try…I have to learn to fast even if I am at home…I’m going to try to keep myself busy and mindful.

    I’m glad that you are realizing some progress, Teach. It’s very satisfying to find shorts from last Summer fitting loosely.

    My husband and boys are very supportive of what I am doing…they see my progress and motivation and are very proud of me. They know that I am not cooking on Monday and Wednesday evenings. I usually over cook during the weekend and there is plenty of stuff for them to choose from on those nights. Also, Sarah’s suggestion…I’ll cook up something that I can eat and add a carb for my sons…that seems to work out good.

    We decided not to take the cruise…we are instead going to stay on Fort Myers Beach and bringing our boat. We’ve never stayed down there so we are both getting very excited. That will be in 3 weeks…so hopefully, I should lose another 5 lbs by then, so I shouldn’t look too bad in my bathing suit. 🙂

    Hey gang. Teach – I tend to go “all in” with dieting. So I expect to be successful, the problem is that I also give up after awhile and gain it back. That has happened to me many times. I hope this is different.
    Sarah- I haven’t told anyone either. I just don’t want to explain it. I think 5:2 is much more known and excepted in the UK than in the US. It would be so hard to explain here. So for now, it’s my secret plan!
    Flo- I bet you will have a blast at the beach. Enjoy every minute of it.


    Bad day! Our friend passed away this morning at 5:22 AM this morning. She was only 53 and a beautiful, sweet person. Can’t really even think about a diet. Going to be a long week. Funeral is on Friday. I don’t want to face it. It is still so unreal. I can’t imagine how her children are feeling. They are 15 and 17. Please keep me in your thoughts this week.

    Teach, so very sorry. May you find strength to cope with the next weeks. Xx

    Teach- I’m so very sorry. What a trying time this is for her family and those that knew her. I’ll be thinking of you this week! 😞

    :(…so sorry, Teach.

    Hard day. Funeral is not until Friday.

    fatteacher, I’ve just sat and read this thread from the start, and am so very very sorry that it came to such a sad end 🙁 Its hard to find words, but I wanted to send you a hug. I cant begin to imagine how you are feeling right now. Having read the posts here, I feel like I know you all, so I hope you don’t mind me sending this.

    Lots of love x

    Hi ladies, Teach, how are you doing? Funerals are always so very sad. Such a loss for everyone. I’m sure fasting and dieting are the furthest thing from your mind right now. As it should be.

    FD today, I’m really hungry but I’m going to stay strong and stick to it today. Yesterday’s weigh in didn’t go so well but, a fast day today should help a bit. We will see……


    Hey friends,
    Flo, Sarah, Minny and Dragon Fly
    I need you’re encouragement more than ever! Long, hard day. Leaving for Clarendon about noon tomorrow. It will be hard to get through the next 2 days. Have felt like we have been on hold since Monday. It will be hard to face reality. How can this be? Not hard to fast. Have felt sick since Monday.
    Dragon Fly
    Thank you so much for your kind words! I can use all of the hugs that I can get! I have found this group very comforting and am glad that you joined. Keep the positive vibes coming!

    Hi everyone 🙂

    I’ll be sending lots of virtual hugs your way over the next few days Teach, it will be hard to face reality, but you will find a strength from somewhere deep down and you will get through it. Know we’re here for you. *massive hugs to you*

    Good morning everyone.

    Teach, I know that the next couple of days are going to be really rough for you…safe travels and peace are my wishes for you.

    Minny, I hope that you were able to stick it out…it’s a little bit of a rush when it’s hard and then you do it!

    My schedule is a little “off” this week…today is a fasting day for me. I am so looking forward to the weekend.

    So I went ahead and weighed myself this morning and I am down another pound. So that makes it 5 pounds in about 4 weeks. It seems like I’m losing so slowly. However, the scale doesn’t lie. I’m right on track. My fasting days can sometimes be a little rough, but my non fast days are totally normal. I don’t cut out anything, and I eat like I’m not even dieting. I know that some people on these boards are very disciplined with their eating, Cutting out all kinds of food groups. But I just can’t do it. I can’t put myself in food prison. I have friends who are gluten free, vegan, paleo, vegetarians etc…… All in the name of health and weight loss. No thank you!! I would rather do this the rest of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t pig out on pizza and chips everyday. I eat pretty healthy, I just don’t totally eliminate anything. Let’s keep it going!! Onward and downward.

    It sounds like you are doing great, Minny!
    I am like you … that is why I chose this plan and believed that it would work for me…I do my 2 days of fasting…and the rest of the week, I eat what I want. I AM trying all the time to make healthier choices and eat healthier food…and since beginning this program, I am also getting better at portion control.

    This week was a little messy, with my routine being disturbed and all…I didn’t lose any weight, but I didn’t gain any either…so that’s a plus!

    ((Hugs, Teach))

    Have a great Easter weekend!

    Minny, Florida, Sarah and Dragon Fly
    Thank you for the kind words and support. Just got home from Clarendon. It has been a hard 2 days. So sad to see a family you love so much hurting. Kids should not ever have to lose a parent. I can’t believe our beautiful friend is gone. It was good to see classmates and reminisce about good times. Glad to be home. Haven’t had much sleep this week. One bright spot is Son was home from college for Easter when we got home. Love it when he visits. Haven’t eaten that much, but not able to fast with so much food around. Will try to get back on track this weekend. Sounds like you guys have been doing great.
    It is always hard when your schedule is thrown of track. It sounds like you were able to handle it. No gain is an accomplishment! Get back in there! You will have a loss next week. You are disciplined and strong!
    You are doing a great job. I agree. If we deny ourselves of the foods we enjoy, we are sure to fail! No one wants to feel controlled by food. Keep working and you will reach your goal.
    Dragon Fly
    So glad you joined us. Your positive attitude and hugs have really helped me this week. I hope things are going good for you. Tell us a little about you. Where are you from? Family? Job? Hobbies?
    Hope you are well. What have you been up to? Do you celebrate Easter in the UK?

    Happy Easter, friends!

    Good Monday morning…

    I hope that everyone had a nice Easter.

    I hope that you were able to enjoy a nice Easter weekend with your son, Teach.

    I’m feeling pretty good…did not over-indulge over the weekend…I’m going to have a good fasting day today! and get back on track!

    Hi fasters!! Sounds like we all made it through Easter weekend without too much overindulgence. Yeah us!! I ate some candy, drank I little wine and really enjoyed myself. I feel pretty good about doing a fast day today to “make up” for it. It’s nice to have a way to counteract those empty calories. Onward!!!

    I never minded telling people that I was on the Fast/5:2 Diet. When we began, 3 years ago, my husband and I were invited over to a neighbor’s for a cup of tea. It was a Fast Day, so when the cookies and muffins came out, we politely declined saying that we were on a new diet. That day and every day that it came up again, it was not a source of shame. Indeed, it seemed to garner respect and engendered lots of questions. We became real proselytizers for the Fasting Lifestyle!
    Now people look at us and are inspired to go on the diet, so we still get a lot of questions. Nobody minds when we don’t eat and if they did, we wouldn’t care!
    Stick to what you are doing because in the long run it will be good for you. Keep picturing yourself on that beach vacation.
    If you want some new recipes and pep talk, you might be interested in my blog, posted Wednesdays and Sundays: fastingme.com Good luck to a fellow teacher.

    fasting me
    It is always inspiring to hear from someone who has been committed to this WOL for the long haul. You are an inspiration and it shows that it works. I know that it can work for me, especially with the support of friends. Where are you from? How long have you been teaching and what age do you teach? Thanks for the support!!
    Good job! You are on the right track! I know you are looking forward to the beach in a week! You will look and feel great! You have worked hard and deserve to enjoy your accomplishments. How old are your boys? I got to enjoy my son this weekend. He left this evening. Tech is only about 2 hour away. We had a great Easter. Getting back to routine tomorrow. Will be glad to see my students. It has been a hard week. Ready to get back to a schedule. Have a great week!
    Sounds like you were controlled. I had some drinks this weekend, also, but was able to control. Also, lots of food for funeral and Easter, but didn’t over indulge. It wasn’t that hard. We are on our way. I am feeling like this is a good WOL for me to be able to stay healthy. I am feeling much more comfortable about myself. Had to go in my closet to find clothes that will fit for work this week. All of the ones that I have been wearing are too big. That is a good feeling. Thanks for rhe support!
    Dragon Fly and Sarah
    Hope you are well! Your comments mean so much! I would love to support you as well. What has been going on lately? Hope to hear from you soon!

    Hi fatteacher (I really don’t like calling you that!) I’m so proud of you for getting through what must have been a very sad and emotional few days. Your stronger than you think and that shows when it comes to things like this. Somehow we find a strength from within *hugs to you* I’m glad you got to spend some quality time with your son. I can relate to that. My son is 24 now and doesn’t live with me any more. I miss him terribly, and savour our time together now more than ever.

    A bit about me, I’m 46 and live in the UK. I live with my partner of four years .. he’s wonderful and looks after me. Fully supports me in my 5.2 way of life too, which makes it easier to do and stay on track. We are really into classic cars .. VW’s in particular. We go to many of the shows .. we have a camper van and a 1979 Golf Cabriolet 🙂 Such a wonderful relaxed life.

    I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. It was a quiet one for me, spring cleaning our flat and just chilling out. I didn’t fast at all though, so today is a FD now I’m back at work. Yesterday I went to treat myself to some new summer clothes, and I was SO thrilled to fit comfortably in the next size down!!! I got two pairs of white jeans (one pair were skinnys!!) Teach, sounds like you need some smaller clothes too!!! How amazing does it feel 🙂

    Have a great day *hug*

    Hello…I hope that the fasters had a good day yesterday.

    fasting_me…It was nice to hear from you…I’m going to keep your words in mind the next time someone asks me what I am doing. Thank you for the encouragement…and I will check out your blog.

    Dragon Fly…it was nice to get to know you better. 🙂
    Minny…onward and downward. 🙂
    Teach…so exciting to get into a smaller size. 🙂

    My fast day went very well…
    Sounds like everyone is looking forward to a good week.

    Hi Florida 🙂 Hope your having a good day .. this thread is really friendly, loving the support 🙂

    FD going well so far, just been for a nice walk, lunchtime at work is always the hardest part of a FD when everyone else is enjoying food lol. I try and turn it around to make me feel stronger than them hehe 🙂

    Hunger does come and go in waves, just need to ride it out.

    Stay strong everyone x

    To those of you who wish that the weight would come off faster: don’t rush it. We are so into instant gratification [isn’t that how we gained weight?], and so influenced by those headlines “Lose 10 pounds by this weekend!!” that the one pound/ week seems puny. However, and this is the Science Teacher speaking, when one loses weight too fast the skin can’t adjust fast enough and you get saggy-baggy bits. People who get that stomach-shrinking surgery often have to go back for more surgery to remove the huge folds of skin.
    The rate at which you will lose weight gives your body a chance to reshape. After my husband lost 40 pounds, he looks absolutely as if he never had a ‘big lump of butter’ under his skin. He said, “How did I have all that weight on me? Where did I put it?”
    So give it time, this is the best way to go.

    By the way, stop fat-shaming yourself. Don’t call yourself ‘fat.’ I think you are now ‘Dedicated-Teacher’ — dedicated to a new lifestyle which will get you in good shape.

    Hi guys

    Some nice news on here regarding smaller sizes and whie jeans. Well done everyone!

    Had a really bad 3 days of eating large family meals, cake, carbs, sugar and wine. Really let ot rip and felt dreadful as a result. Back to fasting yesterday and today but going for 500 cals not liquid only. I have not been on the scales yet (dare not) but I can feel the damage. Will fast Thursday too in an effort to bring it back under control.

    Teach, I hope you are coping with the loss of your friend. It must have been a tough week.

    DF if it is any consolation my children are both in their 30s now and we see them a lot more than when they were early 20s. They were uber cool then and had so much of their own stuff going on. It has changed a bit with time and they spend a lot of good time with us now. We go in holidays together and celebrate Christmas, Easter, birthdays etc.

    Got back to work today. It was nice to see the kids but hard to focus. Have had a hard time managing . I know it will get easier. This is a short week at school since we were off on Monday. Next Monday we, the 6th grade class, leave for a 6 day class trip to Washington DC. I am looking forward to it, but wondering how I am going to manage fasting while eating out every day. I will find a way. I have come to far to blow it now even for a week. I can’t afford a set back. I weighed today and it was the first day in 2 years that I have seen 139. 14 lbs to go to my goal. I am happy, but know it is easy to back-slide, especially since I am so down. I really appreciate all of the support from the group! I have not had this support system in the past and it really helps! You guys are greatly appreciated!
    It is hard to be tempted when we are around a big group with tasty food everywhere. I think sometimes we have to indulge. I don’t want to feel denied all the time. It is good that you realize it and jump back on the plan. I think that is why this WOL works. You are strong and disciplined. You are already back on track. It is good to enjoy family and friends while you have the chance.
    Fasting me
    I know you are right! It took me two years to put this weight on and I want to loose it in a week. That is not realistic. You are right! I am now dedicated. When I get this weight off, I am not going to ever let it come back. What age do you teach? I teach history to middle school students. I love them. This is my 31st year. Where are you from? I checked out your blog. I can’t wait to see the update tomorrow!
    Dragon Fly
    Great to hear about your success. I love white jeans! Have you reached your goal yet? It is nice when clothes are too big.I was excited to find that I could comfortably fit in a size smaller. I did not have to buy new clothes. Unfortunately I have clothes from a size 4 to a 14. That is ridiculous! After I reach my goal I need to get rid of the large sizes so they are not a crutch. My dad likes to remodel classic cars. He has a 1966 Mustang convertible. It is his pride and joy. Sounds like a fun hobby! You really have a comforting peace about you! You have really helped me this week!
    I am so glad you are moving forward. You have been with it for awhile. The longer we continue the better the chance we make fasting a WOL. I feel like the UK accepts fasting more than the US. If I ever mention it, people say that it is not good and doctors say it is unhealthy, but I have felt better in the last month and a half than I have in a long time. Thanks for your support!
    You’ve got this! It is time for us to focus. We have a good thing going. It is almost summer and we are going to feel good. No time to waste another year. Shorts, capris, tank tops, short sleeve shirt and flip flops, here we come!!!!

    Morning everyone 🙂 Hope all is well ..

    Teach, things will get easier, I think its understandable that you struggled to focus on work stuff given what you have been dealing with recently. A day at a time is the best way. The trip to Washington sounds good, and I’m sure you’ll be able to work FD’s into the trip.

    I’ve not reached my ultimate goal yet unfortunately, still about 14lbs to go .. same as you 🙂 Its slow and steady. We can do this!

    Sarah, your right .. my son is having a ball living his life, with friends and parties. He knows where I am and that I’m there for him, which is the main thing 🙂

    I had a successful FD yesterday, came in under 500 cals, and I did a workout before work this morning .. Zumba, I LOVE it!

    Have a great day everyone, stay strong xxx

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