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  • Good Fast Day to you, Dragon, and to all of you who are Fasting today.

    Cajun Eggs were really yummy this a.m. Think I’ll serve the falafel with a big salad to use up greens before we leave.

    155Y, I’ll give my WW Scale another chance… The one we have at our vacation cottage must be like your’s: when I get there, I always weigh a pound less! Flattering, but is it true???

    Torrential rain last night and this morning. No walks. Must do the 7-minute Fitness routine.

    Hi lovelies,

    fasting_me .. the Cajun Eggs sound really good!

    FD went ok for me yesterday, same weight as last week though. I’ve been exercising more this week, so its probably a mix of muscle/water weight. The jeans I’m wearing today are now borderline too big for me, so I think I may be losing inches rather than numbers going down. That’s good too right??

    Hope you all have a lovely weekend, are you up to anything nice?

    Work is worryingly quiet at the moment, days are long and drag like crazy. Its Friday though, and two days of relaxation are on the horizon .. I cant wait!


    Sorry that I have been MIA…My son came home and I have been busy catching up with him…I’m not doing too horrible with my diet.

    I weighed on Friday, still holding steady.

    Planning to fast on Tue and Thur next week…and get lots of exercise.

    I hope that everyone is having a nice weekend.

    Hello, I live outside Livingston, Tx. and am looking for a buddie close by. Meaning Texas which is funny to me because Texas is so big!
    Have read o few of your blogs, vlogs or whatever these are called. My last job was several years ago as a school bus driver. I’m 60 as of June of 2017 and weighed 208 lbs.. Anyway gave up driving due to menopause, my attitude was very bad. I was not in a good place.
    Am currently water fasting, this is day 4 for me. Will be trying out the 5:2 diet soon. No exercise as of yet, to dizzy when I attempt anything rigorous. When not fasting I walked my dogs 1-2 times a day about a mile or two. Looking for recipes and how to count calories. Have only done Keto in the past but food is very restricted there and am looking at doing a more normal diet.
    Will go back now and read some.

    Hi there, Kat…and welcome!
    How is your fasting going? How long are you planning to go…it sounds like a good kick-start for the 5:2

    On my fasting days, I do a water fast….it’s just too hard for me to try to eat only 500 calories, and I really don’t think that I would lose any weight if I did eat those 500 calories.

    My weight-loss has been stalled a little over the past couple months…I was not being as good about my FDs and exercise. I did really well this week…2 good FDs and I did lose 1 lb. Feeling more motivated after getting in those good FDs.

    Good luck to you!
    I hope that everyone is doing well…and have a lovely weekend. πŸ™‚

    Hi friends!
    I have been so busy with my floor project that I haven’t even checked in in a couple of weeks. Wondering how everyone is doing. Summer is moving along and my vacation is down to two more weeks until school starts back. My fasting is is going well. I have been able to maintain so far. The challenge will be when I go back to work. Glad to see that we have new fasters. Anxious to hear from friends.

    Hey there, Teach…it sounds like you are doing great over the Summer.

    I am fasting today, and will again, on Wednesday….I need 2 good FDs this week and next…then we head down to the Keys for a little vacay! I will hit it hard after we get back…I’d like to lose another 10 lbs before the holidays get here.

    Good luck finishing your floor project! and happy fasting πŸ™‚

    We have been busy getting settled in our vacation cottage. I get all turned around in the kitchen trying to remember which cabinet or drawer contains the thing I want. Discombobulation.

    Good luck with your ‘2 good FDs’, Florida1. The Keys are a great place to relax. 10 pounds before holidays? Which holidays: Thanksgiving/Christmas? or Labor Day/Columbus Day? Sounds doable — there are 5 months until Christmas.

    Teach, you must be working like a dynamo on that floor. Keeps you out of the cookie jar to have a job like that. I can’t believe that school in Texas starts in early August. In NH it was the middle of the last week before Labor Day, which was still too soon! I found it easy not to eat when I taught, especially if I brown-bagged my lunch and didn’t go to the cafeteria for a cookie during prep block. Plan it out to suit.

    Hi, Kat. Welcome to the gang. When you say ‘water fast’, do you mean nothing but water and you’ve done it for 4 days?! I understand wanting to kick-start the diet, but what about your electrolytes? One day, I can see. Be careful. This might explain your dizziness.
    Look for blog posts about Fasting Recipes. For counting calories, I like the site CalorieKing. You type in an ingredient and it gives you the food values for 1 oz; or 1 cup and so on. It also gives food values for prepared products and some restaurant chain foods. Figure out the max calories you can eat on a Slow Day to reach your target weight.

    My weight has plateaued at a new, lower level. So rather than fight it, I’m letting it happen. Still Fasting 2 days/week, but able to eat more on Slow Days due to lower weight. Tonight we go out for dinner.
    Last night we really enjoyed a Salmon and Leek Casserole, containing dill and peas. Really good. Wish I could show photos.

    Have a good week, everyone. Stay true to the calorie counts.

    fasting_me, sometimes I wish that we could share photos also…I would have loved to see you salmon dinner…and Teach’s floor.

    I succeeded in all my FDs…after I finish work today I will officially be on vacation! Yeah!

    I’ll check back after my vacation…I’ll need the motivation to get right back on track…so that I can reach my 10 lb goal before Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season.

    Take care, all.

    Have a lovely vacation Florida πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back! We’ll be here to offer any support/motivation needed xx

    Its a FD for me today, can’t WAIT to be able to eat more tomorrow!

    Hope everyone else is doing well.


    You are right on track! The Keys sound wonderful! I would love to see the water! Is it clear and blue in that area? What about the sand? White? I know you will have awesome time and look hot in your new slim bod. πŸ‘™I do wish we could share pictures! It is fun imagining, though. I know you are ready for some time off work. We all need a break! Congratulations on your 2 good fasting days this week. Have a blast and let us know how your trip goes!
    Hope you are enjoying your vacation cottage. I do wish I could see it! Tell me a little about it. Are you in the country, mountains, water? What is the weather? How far from your home? We got to go for the weekend with friends and stay on a ranch for a short get away. The weather was nice and cool and gentle rain blessed us in the evenings. I am maintaining my goal through the summer pretty easily so far. When school starts next Wednesday, I will have to adjust to the change in my habits and schedule. Like you said, it will be easier in some ways. Son does not go back to college for a few more weeks. When he does, that will also be a huge adjustment in many ways! Enjoy and keep up the good work.
    Sounds like things are going well with you! Hope you are enjoying the summer and having a fun time. How has work been? Hope it has picked up for you. I hate it when it feels like the days are dragging on! How is the exercising coming along. It is an amazing feeling when clothes are baggy or no longer fit. With school starting soon, I have no clue what I am going to wear. Last year’s school clothes will never do! I need to get in my closet and dig out all of the smaller sizes. That will be fun, not! I would rather throw them all away and start new! Good luck on your fasting this week. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    I finally finished my floors in the family room and they looked so good that I decided to do our office floors. My husband is so tired of the mess it makes and is sort of a clean freak. The house was almost back to normal, then he left for work on Monday and when he got home I already had the carpet ripped off the floor. Let’s say he was not happy! Oh well, he will be happy with the results. I am so glad to be able to remodel this summer. I was not able last summer with the extra weigh I had put on. Everything is easier now and it feels great. I am so greatful for you guys and the support from this forum! This WOL has changed my outlook and attitude tremendously!

    I forgot to ask. Does anyone do Facebook? If so, we could add a private group as friends so we can share pictures.

    Hi Teach, it sounds like your doing brilliantly! Bet the results of all your hard work will look amazing and your husband will be thrilled πŸ™‚ Work is so strange at the moment for me, it was crazy busy on Monday and I didn’t have time to think! Now its Friday and hardly anything to do again?! I’m only working half a day today though, so get to escape at lunchtime πŸ™‚ My weight seems to be staying the same at the moment, very frustrating as I don’t have a lot more to lose. I’ve heard it slows down the less you have to get rid of. It’s wonderful that you say you are able to do more with the weight gone, that must feel amazing! I too am grateful for the support here, it helps so much, in fact without it, I’d probably give up lol!

    p.s. I am on FB .. lets see what response we get from the others, and yes, setting up a group on there, or even just adding friends would be lovely. It will be nice to put faces to names πŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend xx

    It seems that almost everyone is ‘back’ after a hiatus.

    Teach, good job on the floor. What a lot of work that must have been. But I love a good project to keep me from eating. Hey! Get rid of all the old Fat Clothes. Pack ’em up and take them to Goodwill so you won’t be tempted to grow into them again. Treat yourself to something new for your new silhouette when you go back to school. You earned it.

    Dragon, it is true that as your body gets used to less weight, that it comes off slower. You could decrease the calories or up the exercise a bit…

    Flo, HAPPY VACATION!! Have a great time. Eat lots of fresh fruit and stay active in the lovely water of the Keys. Throw a Fast Day in for good measure, so that losing that 10# before Thanksgiving will be easier.

    We vacation on Prince Edward Island in Canada, the land of Anne of Green Gables. After renting a cottage for 15 years, we built our own. We are on the North Shore, near the ocean but not waterfront. We can see the ocean from 4 rooms of our 2-story, 6-room, 3 bedroom cottage. Plus we have an observation deck with a spectacular view. Tonight we dined ‘up top’ and watched the sun sink toward the sea. It takes us 12 hours to drive here from NH and after coming up this year, decided to do the trip in 2 parts henceforth. It air is cooler here in the summer than in NH, yet the sea water is 70 degrees. I love swimming at the beach which is 10 minutes from the house. We enjoy lobster, mussels, oysters, and mackerel while we are here, plus a real bounty of berries: straw-; blue-; black-; service-; rasp-. Lots of local friends who are natives, plus 2 couples from NH have gotten cottages here since visiting us. This is a wonderful place to be. Some of the best recipes on my blog were created here.

    Hope you all had a good Monday Fast. Our houseguests leave tomorrow, so today was a bust as a FD, but there is always tomorrow.

    FD tomorrow
    Hi everyone!
    It has been awhile! Hope everyone is well! School is back in session and son left to go back to college today. We moved him into a house last weekend and he came back home for a few days. Starts class next week. Change is in the air. Pool is still open but not for long, which I think is silly being that it is still midsummer. Football is in the air. Going to the first college game Saturday after this weekend. Not that crazy about FB but husband is and it gives an excuse to go visit son and get out of town. Summer was great! Had no trouble staying at goal weight, but as soon as I got back to work put on a few lbs. I am determined not to let myself go back to previous weight. I worked too hard and don’t want to feel bad about myself again. I have tried to fast the past 3 days and failed to follow through. I really need some encouragement! I am wondering how you guys are doing? This is always a hard time of the year for me. I am here to encourage if any of you need a friend.
    How were the Keys? I am sure, beautiful! How is the fasting going? Is Floriday still hot and humid? Any plans for travel in the near future?
    Fasting and Dragon
    I would love to hear how you are doing? I hope you are still making progress!

    Hey, Teach. good to hear from you as you go back to school. Keep in mind what your goals are and how you worked to reach them. You CAN do it!! Set a new goal and work toward it. No back-sliding, you hear?

    We went away late last week for 3 days to the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, known for its wine and its orchards. Bought a lot of fruit which we can’t get on our Island and visited 4 wineries. Good dinners. Good wines. The only bummer was the hotel breakfast buffet: all carbs, no protein except the sugar-laden yogurt. Other than that and the 2 pounds I gained, it was a delightful trip.

    One and 1/2 pounds gone and tomorrow is a Fast Day. Our chickens are laying well and the meat-bird flock is getting plumper every day. In 2 weeks, my 50th high school reunion. I plan to be in good shape for that.

    Happy Fast Day to you all.

    Hi Teach,

    You can definitely get back into the swing of things again, just remember how good you felt when the weight was coming down! Fast days are difficult when your out of practice, but you know they do get easier as we do more of them πŸ™‚ I think a lot of people put a few 1lbs on over the summer with holidays and such, but it will come off again .. you can do it! After all, you’ve done it before πŸ™‚

    Hi Fasting,

    Your three day break sounds wonderful! The weight soon comes off again doesn’t it? I think we’re allowed to indulge when we’re on holiday, even more so when we know this way of eating is always here to get us back on track πŸ™‚

    I’m doing ok, been at this since January now. I do tend to let myself slip a bit on weekends with wine and a few treats, but my weight is stable, I’m not gaining, more losing a few 1lb then putting them back on lol! I’ll keep going. I enjoy my FD’s now πŸ™‚ Its like pushing a refresh button!

    Take care my friends. Hope everyone else is doing ok, Florida, Minny .. sending happy thoughts to you πŸ™‚ xx

    It is so nice to hear from you all πŸ™‚

    Our trip to the Keys was wonderful as usual. The weather was very cooperative this year…we brought home lots of lobster and fish.

    It is still Very hot in Florida….it’s going to be a while before we are blessed with a little cool front.

    I also gained a couple pounds over the past few weeks…I’m trying to get them off before I go on my next trip, in a couple weeks. We will be headed back down south to Key West… my hubby and I will be taking a water cruise down for a couple days.

    I had a very good FD on Tuesday, and I am fasting again today…I just haven’t been able to get back to the exercise….hopefully, mid-September, I can get myself going again. I’d like to lose 10 lbs by the end of the year.

    I am looking for a few friends from the USA to keep me on track. I have been struggling for the past year with controlling my weight am not feeling good about myself. I would like some peeps to keep me accountable and will do the same for you! Florida, are you still out there?

    Hello, just starting again too – I am from Wisconsin, and also a teacher πŸ™‚

    Please let me know your plan and I we can give each other support. I just started the Rapid weight loss plan in the new 800 Fast Diet. My plan is to keep to 800 calories for 2 weeks (with a few planned splurges) and then go back into 5:2. I just started Thursday and down 3.5 lbs. Motivating enough to keep it up…

    Our school year is done in 2 weeks, what a crazy year!!

    Thanks for answering my call for help. I would like to loose about 20 lbs. this summer. I am planning on fasting Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then eating healthy the other days. I have certainly plumped up since school went to online learning. We finished our school year last week. It has been a blessing! I teach middle school. How about you? Sounds like you have your plan in place. Congratulations on the 3.5 weightless. Keep it up and you will reach your goal sooner than you know it.

    Good morning!

    I’d like to lose about 20 pounds as well. I’m 4 lbs. down since starting last week. My hope is to get a really good start going before switching to 5:2 WOL. We are finishing up teaching this week (thank goodness!). I am a special education teacher at a K-8 school, I had students in 1,2,5,6 grades this year. However, most of my career I’ve taught special ed. Middle school. Congrats to you for making it through the year!

    Are you fasting today? I’m on Day 5 of of rapid weight loss. I was feeling really good yesterday, but stayed out late hanging with a few friends outdoors. This lead to intense hunger when I got home and a bowl of popcorn happened. Any change in routine can be a challenge. Luckily, it didn’t have an impact on the scale. today.

    Let me know how you are making out πŸ™‚

    Good morning!
    Wow! You are doing great. Congratulations on the 4 pounds! Keep it up and it won’t take you long to get the 20 pounds off.

    I know you are ready to put the school year behind.
    I certainly was! Now, I am wondering what next year will be like. Are you still going to the school? We never went back after Spring Break, March13. My school is also K-8. I teach 6,7 and 8 history. We went to Zoom classes and Google Classroom. I was a lot harder than I ever dreamed.

    My son came home from college at Spring Break and didn’t get to finish his last semester, so I have had him and my husband here leading to a lot of eating! Normally, I am motivated, because we always go on a beach vacation every summer, and, of course, that was canceled. I have got to find other ways to get motivated!

    Yesterday was good. I controlled my eating and did a little exercise, although it didn’t show up on the scale. Today, I am pledging to cut out my intake of extra salt. Maybe that will help.

    How is the Covid situation in Wisconsin? Seems to be getting better here.

    Let me know how your day goes. Four more days until summer break!

    Hello teach! How is you day making out? I had a nice 300 calorie lunch and planning to stick to a 500 calorie dinner. Salt always makes a big difference with the scale for me. I know that rice and soy sauce will stay with me for a while.

    Our Covid numbers keep going up here in WI, which is frustrating. I live close to Milwaukee and the city has the worst numbers. Luckily, our county isn’t too bad currently. Everything is opened up, which is fine, but I wish people would be a little more cautious and wear masks. I’d say only 50% are wearing them around here.

    Unfortunately, my school is closing down this year. We are a charter and our charter didn’t get renewed – which appears political since our testing numbers are at least the same if not better than the local public schools. I have decided to get my early childhood special education license this year instead of looking for employment. I may work part-time if something comes available. I am lucky to be in the situation where I can take a year to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I also have a teenage son and almost teenage daughter.

    I did volunteer to help out with our “Covid graduation” ceremony Thursday. I am hoping families stay to the rules and keep to their cars. However, after that I’m all done and that will feel very good!!

    Good job sticking with it! I did good at lunch. Kept it under 300 calories and had an almond snack this afternoon. Now, 5ish, is the time I tend to blow it! I am about to go play in women’s golf this evening. That will take my mind off eating, but I am sure I will have a couple of beers. That will put me eating late which is always a problem that I face. I just have to stick to it. If I could see some progress it would help!

    Happy first Monday out of school! How are you doing? How is the fasting going?

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