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  • Hi Mimi, Michael and all the brave people :o)
    First I heard about the 5:2 in Sweden. Now I think a new year is a good reason for starting this diet. I’m 102,6 kg today (192 cm), I started bravely with 600 kcal and sit-ups. So it’s not a complete success story yet but the beginning of something. =My next 600 kcal-day is scheduled for Sunday.)
    Here I run a blog about my progress (no spam/scam/virus ;o)

    I’m glad to read your success stories here, I hope I can join by springtime. :o)

    Hi All – Congratulations to all the previous posters who are continuing or beginning 5:2, a new way of living. 🙂

    I began this journey 17 weeks ago after viewing Michael’s documentary in New Zealand in May 2013, reading his book, then lurking around the forum reading and learning from other people’s experiences. I have a long journey in front of me after so many years of yo-yo dieting but I truly believe I am on my way to a new and simpler lifestyle. To date I have lost 18kg (40lb) but more importantly, I have lowered my BP from 140/120 to 110/80. I was never on medication but was regularly being monitored 3-monthly by my GP.

    I still have a very long road ahead of me but I find the possibilities it offers, very exciting. In return for the support of this forum, I will offer support to others and together we can travel this fascinating journey.

    Wow, that is brilliant news Lijnet! Good for you!

    Hey all,

    Joined the forum a few months back but needed to rejoin!

    I’d lost 50lbs when I first joined here but am now on 81lbs lost so doing fairly well!

    It has slowed down a bit but I’m not far off my target weight and having only started in August I’ve got a few months to finish off in my year target.

    The 5-2 diet is my greatest achievement!

    Bjamino…! …that’s fantastic! Well done! Great to hear such a wonderful success story! I’m down 3 stone (42lbs)in about a year on and off, too many holidays, weddings, family get togethers as well as a major plateau etc…but loving my own achievement. Only another 22 lbs to go!
    Good for you!


    Well done with your weight loss, it’s a great achievement and journey but not one I’d want to do from scratch again!

    I’ve got a minimum of 16lbs to lose and a 25lbs is my super end target if everything keeps going well!

    Good luck with your remaining pounds! 🙂

    Just completed my first week on 5:2 diet. I’ve been very good on by non-fast days too and as a result, I’ve lost 4lb. I’m so pleased with myself and now know where I’m at food wise. I can eat a little more on my non-fast days and still lose weight. Nothing gone from my waist but I’m sure that will come with time as I lose more.

    Had a bit of a scare last night though, I found a very small lump underneath my arm/breast area so off to the doc’s today to get that looked at. I’ve been awake most of the night worrying, as you do!

    Fast day again today, nothing but liquids until dinner time then a very nice prawn salad with lots of cucumber, peppers, lettuce. Going to have some granary bread too just to fill me up a bit.

    Hope everyone else is doing well! xx

    Thinking of you Lottie. It’s probably a cyst. I’ve got one in my boob. What time is your appointment?

    Doc’s not open until 8 so will ring straight away, hopefully will get in this morning. Funnily enough, I can’t feel it too much this morning but will still be going, thanks for your concern Chrissie x

    I’m sure they’ll see you this morning if they have any idea of how much we worry!!

    Can you get a mammogramme quickly where you are?

    I’ve got to go to work but I’ll catch up with you later.


    Doctor’s appointment at 9am today Chrissie, will let you know x

    I don’t know what time it is with you but here it’s 1.30pm. What did the docter say Lottie?

    Doctor said the lump didn’t feel like anything nasty and was more like thickened tissue. She has referred me to the breast clinic to have scan or a mammogram just to be on the safe side. They took some bloods as well to check my hormone levels, getting to that age I think. Thanks for asking Chrissie x

    Please let us know how you get on.
    Chrissie. x

    I started the 5:2 4 weeks ago and am down 12 pound. I have one stone more to loose and for the first time ever I am excited and not scared! I am so thankful for this lifestyle change, its not a diet or hardwork. I am bursting with energy and happiness and look forward to jumping on the scales. I find with this diet that my weight doesn’t fluctuate like it does on other diets, its consistent as is the weight. If you plan and orgnaise your food well, you can eat well on Fast days! when I do over indulge on a non fast day, I can’t wait for my next fast. the beauty of this diet is if a ‘fast’ day is ruined by an unexpected dinner or cakes at work you can simply move it providing you have enough days of the week left. Make sure your organised and plan for the week ahead and enjoy. I can’t help but share this diet to everyone and a special thanks to the creators. Truely amazing stuff!

    I had a mandatory checkup physical with my doctor last week and the Fast Diet works! I have tried the cabbage soup diet, Weight Watchers, Nutra System, Atkins, Sensa, and more. They didn’t work for, but this does, and I don’t consider it a diet. It is a new way to eat for life.

    Background: After being diagnosed diabetic at the end of last school year, I was supposed to see My doctor 3 months after for a checkup but started a new position as a Library Media Specialist at a new school, I had not accrued time to take off a day and was too busy. That was fine until I went to refill my Metformin prescription at the local pharmacy for the last time available. The pharmacist called the doctor for another script and she (my doctor) contacted me immediately and forced me to come see her last week…(enough with the history)

    Fasting results: Down 40lbs from 279 to 237
    Inches down (several- no idea but I had to buy new belts)
    The most amazing results were the blood work. Here are a couple of highlights:
    – Glucose went down from 242 to 109
    – Aspartate Amino Trans went down from 111 to 43 (I don’t know what this mean but she was really happy with this)

    * Other amazing blood work result but I don’t understand them. I will be happy to forward them, if desired.

    Bottom line is I have to follow up in another 3 months. My doctor said if the numbers from blood work continue to look like this, she will change her diagnosis… I will no longer be diabetic, and she will take me off the Metformin! (This is a far cry from the bleak outlook from my meeting last year…. The follow up appointment that I was supposed to go to at the beginning of this school year was to determine if the Metformin was working or whether or not I needed to be put on insulin)

    Thanky you Dr. Mosley for your BBC documentary on our Public Broadcasting System TV and for you inspiring book.

    Tom St. George
    Norwich, CT, USA

    This is all great news! Congratulations.

    Hate to say this, but you will still have Type 2 diabetes, no matter what your sugar level is. Once diagnosed, no one is cured of diabetes.

    What has happened is you are managing the condition with weight loss and eating better. Even going off of Metformin does not mean you are cured. The treatment has changed.

    You must be on guard to keep your weight down and to watch the number of carbohydrates you consume for the rest of your life.

    congratulations, that is a great result!

    this may be a matter of semantics, but if your blood glucose is normal and your body’s system for regulating it functions normally again, you can be considered to be cured of diabetes. People who lose large amounts of weight through weight loss surgery for instance, are often found to be cured of diabetes. (at least by doctors in the US – perhaps terminology in the UK is different?)

    I would agree though that you are very high risk for re-developing diabetes in the future and should continue to be careful with your weight and diet.

    At any rate, congratulations on making such a large improvement in your health, whatever terms we use for it, it’s fantastic and you must feel so good!

    Hi there,

    After 10 weeks I’ve lost a stone. I was 11 stone 7lb and I’m now 10 stone 7lb. Hoping to get between 9 stone 7lb and 10 stone. 🙂

    BMI has gone from 29.5 to 26 – nearly at a healthy level again.

    Couldn’t be happier with this diet plan. It’s fantastic! :))

    Just thought I would share my experience.Started August 1st 2013 at 22 stone 7 lbs.So a lot to lose .I knew this would be a long job but having tried every diet going and lost a lot of weight only to put it all back on and some.
    Today I am 19 stone 4 lbs.
    So three and a half stone in just over six months.
    I am over the moon. My target is to get down to 14 stone by Summer 2015.
    This is not a diet but a way of life.For any newbie out there ,the fast days get easier the longer you do it.
    Clothes I had grown out off now either fall off or fit. ( Mind you it takes guts to wear tank tops and flares ).
    Stick at , it works.

    Regards to all Phil.

    Well I’ve been going a little over 3 months.

    I have to admit, I don’t do it by the book, but I try and create the 36 hour period of fasting, which seems to be working.

    I have already achieved my goal of losing 1 belt size, I don’t know how much that is because I didn’t weigh myself.

    however given how great I feel and how easy (in context to other diets) it has been to impliement

    I hope to keep going, I’m going to weight myself Wednesday (I have a fast day monday so I like the weight more on that day) and work out what BMI I need to be considered healthy weight, given I have always been considered obese in BMI my entire life.

    How odd to go back and realize at the beginning of the 5:2 I had responded to this post! Well it has been 8 months for me…I’ve lost over 35 pounds and 3 sizes…and yes…even managed to slip back into those black trousers!

    Absolutely the last diet I will ever need!

    Doing the 6:1 Maintenance Program now and it works!!!

    hi all

    i have started this past week – sort of…i am above my calorie-limit of 500 – goingofor 6-700 as my weight is higha nd i think 500 is not a quarter of my daily needs for my weight (i am 97 or so kilos; 38 years old)

    i am so happy for you all who are succeeding and so cheerful – love your stories!
    my question is – is anyone else into the atkins program? i know very well that that diet works for me, – i am switching it up with the 5:2 as i had a mirena put in 1.5 years ago or so and that thing has made it impossible to lose weight! it hought cutting cals a couple days a week would jumpstart me again, but i hope to still do lower carbs on the eating-days (and on the fast – protein fills me up …am eating lots of veggies though don’t worry!) 🙂

    i should say “i hope” to do lower carbs as it hasn’t *exactly* happened yet – fast-days are fine, but my eating days are half and half…i had ice cream both days on the weekend, and bread (HOrROR!) 🙂 – and also have been having jalapeno poppers (a favourite) because of those fast days – i hope wehen the poppers are out of the house i will be better as they are only available a loong drive away so not easy to purchase..

    i[‘m bbbling i know – thank you for listening – trying to yule fast as i have to get to work!
    anyone else doing more atkins-style on their feast days?

    so hoping this works – my scale hasn’t budged in ages and i am starting to think there is no hope

    anyone else ghave a mirena??

    I started the 5,2 diet last week and lost 7lb I am combining it with slimming world the rest of the week and the reason for that is, I feel I personally have to be answerable to someone (ie getting weighed in front of a lot of like minded people once a week ).
    On my fast days I am having 3 meal replacement shakes at 200 calories per shake made with water ,the one I am using is called Spirutein and it comes in lots of flavours really tasty and mixes really well with water.
    My weigh in day at slimming world is Monday tea time so I am due to weighed later today ,I have chose Mondays and Tuesdays as my fast days one,
    to give me a boost at the end of my week and two, to give me a good start to the following week.

    This week, I’ve been doing the fast diet for 6 months and I’ve lost 21lbs. I’ve been inspired by so many encouraging stories here so thought I’d add mine.

    I am back to my wedding weight of 10 years ago – if you’d told me a year ago this would ever be possible I would have laughed, I’ve had twins in the interim. I’ve been combining fasting with running – I run the morning after my fast. Eat completely normally on other days but over the months have noticed a real decrease in my portion size.

    The weight loss is great but more important has been the health benefits. I’ve never felt so well and full of energy. My business has really taken off and I’m sure it’s down the feeling so positive and alive – I am leaping out of bed at 6am. Prior to this I was always sluggish and felt tired a lot, often woke up with a sore throat.

    It seems strange that changing your eating for 2 days a week can have such a positive impact on your life. Fast days are a bit of a drag (I drink a lot of chicken stock to get by) but so worth the effort. I would highly recommend this diet to anyone wanting to improve their quality of life.


    I am also doing 5 2 along with Slimming World ( with my partner but he doesn’t go to class) like you say need to be answerable to somebody. Let me know how you go on as wasn’t sure if this was a good idea or not…. On the fast days I am still gonna try to stick to Slimming World Food , but still want to be able to go out every Saturday night and eat and drink what ever I want….


    I have been doing the fast diet for 2 months now and I wanted to share my experiences to encourage others.

    I have lost 7 lbs. Which is a third of my pounds to loose. My goal is 10st, starting weight 11st 7 lbs.

    By fasting on Mondays and Wednesdays I have been loosing on average 1lb per week. I missed 2 weeks of fasting while I was on holiday and I put on 2lb. This disappeared again with another 2 weeks of fasting.

    The first few weeks were hard. I felt wobbly, faint & headachy but now my body has adjusted I have no problem getting to 3pm before I eat my 250kcal poached egg salad. I drink plenty of fluids during the day time. The most surprising thingis that I can still do my 5k run on fast days.

    My biggest problem is not drinking alcohol on fast days and I have to confess that some days I have not managed it.

    I have had no problem introducing the fast way of eating to my family. I just give them some carbs with their evening meal.

    You’ve just got to give your body and mind time to adjust.


    – once you have worked out a few fast day meals you don’t even need to weigh everything. Now I have worked out quantities of chicken stir fry for example I weigh the finished meal and share it out according to how much weight i can have.

    After feeling like I was bulging out of my own skin and not fitting into my clothes, enough was enough! I decided to try the 5:2 diet 6 weeks ago as I’d gone over the my dreaded “red line” weight! After lots of worry that I would faint on my first day, I realised that the reserves on my belly actually meant I was totally fine!

    Go figure, I didn’t need to eat constantly throughout the day! I went to the 4:3 diet and love it. The days have become very easy and I barely think about it. I’ve lost almost a stone and have another 2 to go and for the first time in my life, I finally feel I’ve got control on my diet. I have enough will power for 1 day, which is all I need, 1 day at a time.

    When I can’t have 3 fast days, I have 2 fast days and a “hybrid” day with 300 calories only in the day and a normal dinner, and it’s very easy. This diet, plus cycling the Boris Bike around London almost everyday are my two secret weapons to ensure that my holiday pictures and 40th birthday will be me looking good in nice clothes. Thanks 5:2. You’ve transformed my understanding of food and what we need to live (not as much as you thought).

    I really like your post and found it very motivating, thanks for sharing

    I’m now nine weeks in and half a stone down. That may seem like a very slow weight loss but I’m still enjoying eating and drinking what I want on the other five days, especially the weekends so I’m not too worried.

    I’ve also been exercising a minimum of twice a week, which I’m really enjoying.

    The thing is, I have done EVERY diet in existence and always had a meltdown, sabotaged myself or just got bored quite quickly about a month in. With 5:2, I’m chilled, calm, my mind isn’t playing tricks on me at all and I’m not even considering giving up. After all, it’s just two days a week right?

    Keep doing it – it really does work xxxx

    Week 4 for me now, 7 fasts done and I have lost 8.5 lbs and my waist measure is down from 100.5cm to 93cm. Feeling very good for it. Helped along by increased faster paced walking especially over lunch time on my Monday & Thursday fasts – serves as a distraction to thinking about eating!

    Just over 7 Lbs to go to my 10 stone target but expecting the 1.2 Lb/fast loss to reduce these next few weeks.

    Started 8 months ago with 68 kilos BMI 29, size 14. Today I am 58.5 kilos size 10 BMI 25. My target is 55 kilos. I got so used to it that it is now part of my life and I won’t stop it, I may do 6:1 once I reach the target. I exercise twice a week 40 minutes in the same days I fast. I had no issues with exercising on fasting days. It took 2 months to kick in the beginning. On my fasting days I use to have 50-60 Kcal of fruits before in the morning or just before the gym, a 70 kcal salad for lunch and a very nice dinner/desert with the remaining calories. I use at least 3-4 times a month the slim pasta or rice(Eat Water brand). You can make lovely recipes with them. Be persistent, the results are fantastic. Good luck everyone!

    Hi everyone,

    I started this 5:2 a week ago and I’m already amazed at the results. I started at 11st 8lbs and now I am 11st 4 and I have lost an inch off of my waist and bust. this is only the first week! It may not sound like a lot but I am thrilled and haven’t achieved something that significant for a long time without putting it all straight back on again.

    I am so excited to see what the future holds and I feel like it may actually be possible to achieve the goal that I have been dreaming about so many years! Fast days are not too bad and seeing the results so quickly is a real motivator.

    It also really helps reading about other peoples stories and how far they have come. Inspirational stuff!

    Just gotta keep calm and carry on!:)

    Hi Michelle Santos. Congratulations on your amazing weight loss. I was drawn to your story because you were 68 kgs (same as my weight) when you started. I began 5:2 last week, found it surprisingly easy and lost 2.3 kgs in a week. I understand that would be mostly water but at 56 and menopausal it is actually the fluid that I want to shift as well as about 8 kilos. Can I ask how tall you are? I am 5 ft 4 ” and I feel dumpy and matronly carrying the extra kilos on my small frame. Love this post!

    Hi all 5:2 folk
    First milestone met for me, weight down a stone on my Saturday Tesco machine weigh in. Dropped from 11:3.1 lbs to 10 2.2lbs after 9 weeks and 18 fasts.

    Maybe the 5 mile cycle rides on fast days with 3 spells of intense bursts have really helped and countered the fact I have eaten out at a pub every weekend and had a big birthday celebration during the period.

    My next target is 10 stone before the Monday fast and aim to get the fat index further down.

    Good luck to all trying this fast – it has made me feel and weigh like a 20 year old again which is very good having just turned 50.

    Thank you Dr Mosley, Ms Spencer & all the staff at BBC Horizon!!!! I am a 45yo female who is down 52 lbs from my max as of this morning. BMI-25 the threshold of “normal weight”!!!!! That is a number I haven’t seen in over a decade & honestly didn’t think I would ever see again. I bought both books just to thank Dr Mosley for bringing this way of eating & exercising to my attention. It took just under a year to achieve this weight loss, I plan to loose another 20lbs or so which will put me at a BMI of 21.5 – solidly in the middle of normal weight for my sex/height/age. IF & HIIT have been nothing short of miraculous. Thank you!!!!!!!

    Thank you Princesspeers! I am glad it was useful for you. I am much smaller frame 5ft0″ and 42 years old, so you can imagine my life with 10 kilos more! 🙂 It took me 2 months to loose my first 2 kilos. You are doing well! Keep going!

    Hi all
    In answer to the question “does anyone eat normally on non fasting days” well I do I drink eat and although I do think about what I’m eating some times, I tell myself the reason I’m doing this diet is that I don’t have to care on non fasting days. I may not lose weight as fast as others but I’ve lost a stone + in 8 weeks and I feel healthier and better all round for it.
    Not sure what I’ll do next week as on al-inclusive holiday. may have holiday from fasting lol. we’ll see.

    thanx for your post Quasliliberi

    congrats weigh

    It was because of these success stories that I started so here I am adding my 2 cents hoping to encourage someone else they way they encouraged me.

    On the 1st August I weighed 230lbs on the nose. After quitting smoking I put a lot of weight on very quickly. I was so close to starting up again because in my twisted head I rationalised once I lost the weight again I’d quit. Yeah right.

    Today I weigh 201.7lbs.

    I’m not trying very hard at all and almost feel guilty. I eat about 2,250 calories on my non-fast days but I eat absolutely nothing on my fast days. I drink water and green tea and 2 cups of coffee with a splash of milk. I don’t trust myself. I know if I had even something small it would set the ball rolling.

    So 230 –> 201.7 in about 11 weeks. Not too shabby.

    That was great!

    45yo male started mid August 2014 now 3.5 months later dropped 16kg, 10cm waist reduction and for the first time in over 15 years my BMI has entered the normal zone and waist to height ratio note under 49%. Also for the record I too am another where the waist is continuing to shrink but the weight loss hasn’t budged for over a month now.

    I am not an exerciser, but that doesn’t mean I sit around doing nothing – still an active guy just not a pavement pounder. I have never dieted nor considered it until seeing Michael’s documentary. Forever grateful to Dr M.

    Not yet at my goal but have found IDF very easy only side effect has been difficulty sleeping on fasting nights.

    Change in body shape is incredible and having my pants fall to the ground when I undo the belt is just the best feeling.

    Fingers crossed when I reach my goal I will also have solved the cholesterol and hypertension which have had me on meds for the last five years. Shall post that result sometime in the new year I guess.

    Happy Christmas everyone and thanks to the forum posters for the encouragement they have given.

    I caught the end of the 5:2 documentary on TV a few months ago and was very interested, so I downloaded the audio book and listened to it on the way home from a three week holiday. When we got back we thought we would give it a go. I have never dieted before in my life as I didn’t like the concepts behind most diets.
    I’m a 42 year old male and am 6ft 7″ tall my start weight was 142.7kg and BMI of 36.4 on the 7th October after nearly two months on the 5:2 diet the results are amazing my current weight is 128.8kg with a BMI of 32.8 a total loss of 13.9kg in nearly two months I feel so much better for it and even have a spring in my step. I’m not an exerciser but I do have a physically active job. Still haven’t achieved my initial goal weight of 120kg but can see it happening now.

    I started 5:2 almost 11 months ago, at 5’5″ and 200 lbs. I have lost 57 lbs and gone down several sizes. In that 11 months I took 2 weeks off from fasting for my wedding and honeymoon. I gained 6 lbs in those 2 weeks, then they came off again over about a month. I can cross my legs again! I’ve had to donate and replace an entire closet full of clothing. I am still in shock when I go to a store and find that something labeled a 10 or even a medium fits me. I couldn’t even shop in regular stores a year ago!

    For reasons that I still don’t understand, my relationship to eating has totally changed. I eat less impulsively, and choose healthier things because I want to. I still eat treats that are bad for me but not as often and now I’m satisfied with an occasional treat, instead of having all of them that I want and still feeling unfilled. I now actively dislike the feeling of being overfull and will usually stop before I get to that point – something I have struggled with doing for years.

    I can’t get over how much this way of eating has done for me and I am definitely in it for life.

    I started the 5:2 a year ago and my Official results are in: I have lost over 10% of my body weight and all of my cholesterol #’s have improved by 15 to 30 points. This “diet” has not been difficult for me and I see myself fasting at least one day a week forever. There have been a few hard times(Vacations…or being out of my ordinary routine…have taken me a little bit longer to get used to and Christmas was a disaster for me and had me craving a fast day!), but overall it’s been wonderful (especially as the mother of 3 young children…) I know it’s not for everyone, but it has worked for me….

    For reasons I don’t understand my appetite has totally changed too! All for the better…

    Hey, on day 2 and had my 1st fast day today. Wasn’t too bad but the hard bit for me is when kids go to bed! I found a fantastic audio / hypnosis book on amazon which encourages you to stop eating junk food and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Been listening every night for a week and feel motivated to exercise every day now. Really hoping this diet gets the weight disappearing. Fingers crossed x

    Hi all!
    I just finished my first week on 5:2 diet! And very pleased with the results! 5 pounds lost!! I didn’t even feel like I was dieting or anything… Went to the movies with my family yesterday and ate candies, had my occasional coca cola and today the scale gives me this good surprise.
    Like a lot of people I’ve read in the forum, this definitely feels like a lifestyle. ..

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