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  • Just to get the ball rolling as I couldn’t find another forum and I really want to hear how well people are doing with weight loss??? The other benefits to this strategy are extremely important and make it worthwhile even without the weight loss, but if we’re honest, it’s to lose weight that most of us have started it!

    I have a good 6 stone to lose and a BMI apparoaching 40. I am completely incapable of sticking to ‘diet’ and generally come away depressed and even fatter – not good. I’d almost consider myself to be a food addict; I have used it over the years to cheer myself up, to celebrate, socailise and mostly, just to feel like at least something in my day was really good or enjoyable. A heavy reliance (no pun intended!)

    I spoke to my boss who has become progressively thinner since she came back from maternity leave. It turned out that she’d been doing the fast diet, and, despite not being overweight before (perhaps a UK size 12), had lost over a stone in 5-6 months (now a size 8-10). She’s also been excerising though, which is recommended on fast days for maximum effect. So after talking to her, watching the documentary, and reading the book (including support from a number of GPs), I have put my trust in the fast diet.

    The first fast day was tough, no denying it, I could sniff a biscuit from a mile away! I didn’t feel particularly good, a bit light-headed and edgey, but nothing serious or off-putting. It wasn’t surprising given the monstrous amount of rubbish I’d been eating almost all day everyday before my first fast day. There was always going to be a lull!

    I’ve been on the diet for a week and have lost 6lbs. Very pleased, particularly as I absolutely did have what I wanted on my normal days! The third fast day I did was easy, nothing like the first, so I plan to continue. I feel less hungry on normal days too, which I didn’t expect. As it turns out, there’s actually no need to set up a trough of food next to your bed for the morning after a fast day!

    Going forward, I think a balanced, healthier (although not restrictive) diet on normal days is going to be best for me. Simply because I don’t want to be unhealthy and it feels awful gorging on junk, we all know it does. It’s polluting your body and you feel horrendous, bloated and really down afterwards. I’m also going to take the advice and go to a 20 minute spin class once a week on my lunch break on a fast day to get me started back on exercise.

    Although I’m optimistic, I’m not totally convinced by all this just yet. I have in the back of my mind that naturally, if you eat virtually nothing 2 days of the week, regardless of science, you’re reducing your normal calorie intake radically over time and will naturally lose weight as a result. HOWEVER, if you can’t stick to anything else, including the common permanent low fat and calorie diet, and this does work, that’s all I need to know.

    I’ll post how much I lose (or heavan forbid, gain) next week. Fingers crossed!

    I started 4 weeks ago and I lost almost 2 kilos (I want to loose 10 kilos at the end) but I must admit that in the fast days I ate less than 500 kcal and that in normal days I’m a bit careful with calories (except for twice or three times a week). I’m Italian, so I think that my way of eating is a bit different from the english one. Now I’m wondering if the fast diet, as it is described in the book, will work on me considering that I’ve never eaten “monstrous amount of rubbish”, so I don’t have all this junk food to cut off.
    With some friends I’ve made a group on Facebook to talk about the diet and the results we had, but many of them said that they can’t loose weight. They come from the Dukan Diet (I also did It 1 year ago), and they regretfully say that it worked better on them. I decided to end with the Dukan Diet because I couldn’t stand all that proteins, and for this reason I would go on with the Fast Diet, but I think that on me 2 fast days are not enough to loose weight.
    Ciao, Laura

    My story is similar to Lawbo.. in that I had quite a bit of weight to lose and had tried “diets” before.. only to put it back on (and more usually). I really do feel this lifestyle (I’m not calling it a diet) is the way forward for me. I’m always at a loss when I hear people don’t succeed on it. I think you seriously have to look at what you are eating on the non fast days, and I seem to remember someone saying that if you had a restrictive type of diet before taking up this, it may make your body go into starvation mode and hang on to the fat. Oh a plus for us cupboard raiders/chocolate maniacs at last!

    I’ve now lost about 19lbs in 5 weeks, my body fat is down from 37% to 33% and my BMI reduced from 37 to just over 33. I’ve gone down a dress size or more.. and demonstrate I can take my jeans off without undoing them to anyone who will watch! I will be 50 in October and am hoping to have lost at least 2 stone by then, if not more. I’m pretty proud of myself considering I have ME/CFS and osteoarthritis, so am unable to exercise. If I can do it, anyone can, surely?

    Started this on April 15th and took the week before last off as I had plateaued. I was really surprised to find that I really missed my 2 ‘fast’ days. Well, lo and behold I stepped on the scales yesterday morning and I’m 198.8 lbs! I haven’t been below 200 lbs in well over 30 years so I’m thrilled to bits. I think that’s what I find so amazing, how well I feel physically and emotionally on this regime/lifestyle. I’m in One-derland at last πŸ™‚ And people are starting to notice! The only thing is I’ve discovered a streak of evangelism that I’m going to need to rein in a bit so I don’t scare people! The 5:2 seems to be relatively unknown here in Vancouver, Canada so can’t wait for it to catch on.

    One week in, and much to my surprise, I have lost 1.6kg!!! I say to my surprise because I don’t ‘feel’ as if I’ve lost any.

    Having been on several different diets before, I am ‘conditioned’ into not eating so much on my non-fast days. Is there a range that one must eat in calorific value, or does it need to be as near to 2k as possible?

    I am recovering from major surgery, so my life style is quite sedentary at present.

    I am pleased!!!

    I’m proud to say I have lost weight on the fast diet. I started in the beginning of April (weight 141 pounds) and currently (June 17) I weigh 129lbs. So I’ve lost 12lbs. I’m very happy about this because I didn’t think I could lose weight. My wedding is in August so I wanted to look my best. Thanks to the fast diet. Also wanted to mention: it surprised me how many calories I unconsciously ate throughout the day before fasting. A little here, a little there = more calories than I should be eating = gain weight. So an important lesson: to lose weight you actually have to consume less calories. Self explanatory, but not as easy to apply.

    Loving the weight loss on this thread alone!
    But I do agree AngeYorks – this is more a lifestyle than a diet. It really can change the way we think about food. Good luck to all – particularly today, which is a Fast Day for many of us

    I am currently on week 5 of the 5:2 and am really pleased with the results so far. I have lost 8lbs, so it’s slowly coming off but more importantly I feel better and inches are coming off too! I feel my trousers are looser and I can do my bra up on the next hooks. My tummy looks better not bloated. I even went for a bike ride yesterday haven’t been on a bike in years!! Only 5 stone to go, but this time I feel as if I will do it as I feel like I’m only on a diet twice a week. The non fast days I am recording all my cals on an app and feel I struggle to have all 2000 (unless its a Friday and I use lots if cals on alcohol!). One thing I don’t like is the bad breath on a fast day but I’m combatting that by chewing gum or drinking more water. Don’t think I’ll ever try another diet again as this seems to suit me!

    hi, i’m 16 weeks into the program and have lost 19lbs so far – with only one blip when i put 1lb on but took it back off the next week. I can’t believe how well I am managing and feeling. I think this will be a way of life for me now. The final straw was when i weighed in at 253 lbs in February and at 57 realised i have to do something about this now or it will just get worse. after years of yo you dieting and ending up even heavier than i started this is the most i have ever managed to lose at one time. I see this as a long term way of life now and my hope is to continue to lose approx 1lb per week over the next year or 18 months – glad I found the forum. My method is no breakfast on fast days and first meal (green salad leaves / tomato / cucumber) at lunchtime then evening meal as late as i can wait for it and a final few calories to ‘graze’ if I want something before bedtime – works for me!

    I would like to ask to those who are loosing weight if they really eat normally during the non-fast day or if they avoid some foods (like cakes, wine, and fats). I read in the message of AngeYorks and I’m wondering what she means when she says “I’m always at a loss when I hear people don’t succeed on it. I think you seriously have to look at what you are eating on the non fast days”. Then I read that many of you were in a diet before the fast regime, so I don’t think that it is the reason why I don’t loose weight.
    Ciao, Laura

    Hi, I am just under 2 weeks into this and LOVE it. I have already lost just over 3.5kg and it has been the easiest thing to do. I have already noticed how much better I am eating on my feast days (no cravings for fried food or sugary foods) and how much less my body needs (cannot eat as much as I use to).
    These last few weeks have been so easy and simple to do this is now a way of life for me….not a diet. I would be doing this even if I wasn’t losing weigh as I have noticed how much more productive I am.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Dr Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer for writing this book – you have saved my life!

    It’s great to hear so many people doing so well!!!

    On non-fast days I try to stick to the 2000 calorie daily limit now. In my first week I lost 6lb though and really did have whatever I wanted. In the Horizon documentary, and the book, they said that the research showed little difference between those eating reasonably and unreasonably on non-fast days.

    Everyone’s different, so if it’s not working for you, try different options? Try fasting all day and just eating a 500 calorie dinner, try exercising on fast days for maximum effect.

    It seems to be working for lots of people, I think it’s great πŸ™‚ I’m 8lb down after 2 weeks, really pleased!

    There’s a Fast Diet Support Group on Facebook which is really good if you’re on there.

    Good luck everyone, keep updating us with your success!

    Learned of the 5:2 plan from a co-worker, watched the documentary, bought the book, read it and it made sense to me. This is my eighth week, I fast Tuesday and Thursday. My initial weigh in was at 208.5 pounds and am now at 192.5. This plan has not been difficult and while I lost 6 pounds the first week,there was one week where I saw no weight loss but I have been losing 1.5 to 3 pounds each week since. I don’t look at this as a short term strategy but as a lifestyle change which will eventually include an exercise regimen. I don’t care for fads, I prefer function over fashion and I am not much of a “joiner”, the bottom line is: this plan is working for me.

    have u only done the 5:2 plan or did you fast every other day? Im just starting and want to lose 12 lbs in next 5wks, but thought the 5:2 would be quite slow, u seem to have lost a lot quickly tho, well done! What do u eat on ur fasting days?

    Hi ,I started 4 weeks ago and so far I lost 10 lbs and my BMI reduced form 27.7 to 25.99. I have an 11 months old baby and my weight is already less than what I was pre-pregnancy thanks to the 5:2 diet.I still want to lose another 10 lbs which I totally feel possible.I feel fabulous better than all these past 34 years of my life yo yo dieting and feeling guilty eating anything.I started to love my body again and all these just happened in 4 weeks? before that I was so depressed and felt so bad.I will continue this way of life and keep the pounds off while enjoying food…I am soooooooo happy. πŸ™‚

    Hi, I have been on the 5:2 plan for 5 weeks now and have lost 9 lbs! Now in the 12 stone bracket for the first time in 5 years since my little girl was born. More than that I feel fitter than I have done for a while. I “enjoy” my fast days and also have enjoyed my food more on non fast days. I can agree with the no guilt feeling.I can see this as a long term routine and tell everyone about it! Well done to everyone on their lifestyle changes. X

    loved reading success stories I started fast diet last week and only done one fast day and lost 2pounds .Next week 2 days fast Mon and Wed I tried one day to see what I felt with only 500 cals of food .Had a yogurt for breakfast instead of coffee break at 10.30 as I am not to bothered about eating early .Had salad for lunch and a weightwatchers meal In evening .I drank more water than ever have in my life and found that I rather like it

    Hi all will just completed 10 weeks of this ”plan” also walked 2/3 times per week started same day, I am doing 4:3 simply because I’ve 7-9 stones to lose and finding it so very very easy, I’ve set the goal at 7 st and WHEN I get there I may change my mind, but at my age etc I truly believe 7 ish will do for me, I’m eating far more healthier now than before and am aware of the calories in certain foods more so than before.
    My shape has totally changed in the 10weeks absolutely amazing, down 2 dress + down a bra size + trousers/skirts down a size, and feel absolutely great.
    Think Dr M + Mimi have saved my life.
    Can’t recommend this new ‘plan’ enough and Yes for me it’s for LIFE.
    Ohhhh nearly forgot 22lbs Lost in 10 weeks Fantastic. Sue

    Well done Sue, that’s amazing! Keep us updated please, reading things like your post really inspire me! I don’t find it easy, I absolutely love food, I find it so hard not to eat when I’m at home, but I’m determined to stick with this now. I’ve been giving up on diets for 10 years and have been miserable! Dieted, gave up and put it back on, plus a stone. Low esteem, no confidence or energy, it even ruined relationships… Definitely time for a lifestyle change and no more fads.

    I’ve lost almost 10lb in 3 weeks (weighing in tonight to check) most of which I lost in my first week (water apparently). I have a good 6 stone to lose, so maybe I’ll try 4:3 too, on weeks where it fits in. I can’t say it’s easy, but fast days do get easier and the results are great.

    Just to share a tip… Weight watchers sausages have been a life saver – 60 calories each, couldn’t believe it! lovely with a couple eggs and tomatoes in a wholemeal pitta on fast days! Low GI and really satisfying πŸ™‚

    This is my weigh in day for week 9. I dropped another 2.5 pounds in the past week. I must admit that yesterday was the most difficult fast day so far. Extremely hungry at bed time, (maybe it’s the hot weather as we had our first 100 degree day of the summer yesterday). I have been leaving myself a cushion of 100 calories and last night I had a few fresh cherries to take the edge off before going to bed. Woke up feeling great this morning and seeing the scales hit 190 made it even better. I have lost 18.5 pounds so far, I wore a pair of size 34 jeans to the office today. The first time I have been able to wear them comfortably in a couple of years. Wish I would have heard of the 5:2 plan a couple of years ago and waited to sell my “fat clothes” in the garage sale. My fast day meal has been 5 oz of White Tuna or chicken in a salad of raw red cabbage, broccoli, carrots and lettuce with 2 table spoons of balsamic vinegar and Bolthouse Farms Yogurt ranch dressing. Sometimes I will have a banana, apple or orange for breakfast and I adjust the portions on my salad to keep me at or near the 500 calorie mark so as to preserve my 100 calorie cushion just in case.

    hi everyone and congrats on the great weight and inches loss.

    i’ve been doing this plan for the past 10 months started in august last year after being inspired by the horizon program.

    to begin with i found i had headaches but as the weeks past this stopped, my eating habbits are changing, im making better choices.

    over the past ten months i have taken weeks off during school holidays and over christmas, because this is a new way of life i entend to carry on long term ive tried really hard not to be obsessive with it.

    there have been times ive lost nothing but im not worried, i know the fat is coming off. i took messurments and to my delight ive lost 14 1/2 inches. 4 inches were off the tops of each leg!

    my colestrol is 3.7, i do still have high blood pressure so hoping that will improve.

    i fast mondays and wednesdays, the rest of the week i eat what i like, including take away on fridays.

    its great hearing all your stories keep them coming!

    forgot to mention ive lost 2 stone so far and counting.

    I love reading all your inspiring stories – please keep them coming. I started the 5:2 diet this week and fasted on Monday and Wesnesday. I found it fine, although I did get hunger pangs, but I left enough calories so I can drink tea which takes away my hunger. I’m on schedule to lose 2lbs this week. I have 1 stone to lose so happy with my 2 lbs this week. Onwards and upwards! Good luck everyone

    I’ve been doing the 5:2 for 10 weeks now and Ive lost 12lbs. I was a UK size 12 with a BMI of 23.9 so not hugely overweight. I had put on a stone since the birth of my 2nd child and just felt incapable of losing it. I had never dieted and the thought of depriving myself of lovely food on a permanent basis was stopping me from ever attempting any sort of diet. Plus I knew it had to be part of a longterm strategy to have any effect on my weight in another decade. I have found 2 days of fasting fairly straightforward. Its like a challenge which I can achieve as the next day I can return to my red wine drinking / ice cream eating self. I have begun to enjoy the hunger pangs as I imagine them chewing away at my muffin top. What I find strange is that its so obvious – eat less over a week. Doh!! Its like I needed permission to be hungry. The previous information we had been fed was: eat breakfast otherwise x, y, z will happen, small and often, don’t allow your blood sugar to drop, I was rigour mortised with what I thought I ought to do.
    Only a couple more pounds to go to achieve my goal and then Ill be on a permanent one day a week fast for life. The last few weeks have definitely been slower but I feel thats because Im nearing my correct weight. What has been odd is that much of my weight loss has been from my arms, shoulders, bust and neck – a place it you’d asked me before, I did not really think I needed to lose – Not so much from the more predictable hip area! However looking back at photos, I appear to have been deflated in this upper body area. On reflection, I look a lot older for carrying the weight here and Im really pleased its gone. 10cm off my bust versus 4cm off my hips. That would never have been a goal at the outset!!
    I have to say Im overjoyed with the results, I feel Im in control. Even my willpower can last 24 hours.

    My body shape has changed beyond recognition too. Muffin top has gone and gained a waist instead!I have been doing this for 21 weeks and have lost 19lb, but also 3″ off my waist,3″ off my hips, 2″ off each thigh. My psoriasis has gone too.I am 52, probably menopausal…and looking the best I have for 20 years.
    Some fast days I have a headache all day and sometimes I don’t.I do feel much colder. Monday I struggled to keep to 500 calories, but yesterday it was a breeze. I’ll weigh tomorrow to see if I’ve lost this week, but even if the scales don’t move I know that more fat has gone because a tight dress is much looser this week.My goal size 12 jeans are a bit loose…and I have another 8lbs to go to get to a BMI of 25 and a weight I haven’t been for 30 years. But my biggest goal is to see my GP next month with much improved BP readings after some scary numbers and the prospect of tablets pushing me to take action.For the first time in my life I feel that my weight is under my control.

    WOW. I’m amazed how well this works. I have the kind of body that piles on weight very quickly; however when I watch my diet I also lose it very quickly. I’ve yo-yo’ed for years. Been interested in the research that’s been going on with low calorie diets and recently took the plunge. I’m a big guy, 6′ 2″ and large framed. I finally reached the dizzying heights of 331 lbs, all due to terrible eating habits and a rather sedentary life due partly to an inflammatory auto immune condition.

    I finally bit the bullet and started on May 13th this year with the full support of my fine GP, who I would call a very progressive and holistic medical practitioner. Since then, which is about seven weeks I’ve lost and astonishing 36 lbs. Been strict on the fast days and limiting to about 1500 on regular days. Using on my phone has helped me keep on track and have begun exercising again. I recommend this approach to eating to anyone that’ll listen to me. Thanks Michael for bringing this to the consciousness of this fine, if somewhat unhealthy nation.

    Just started yesterday…but just wanted to take a minute and tell you how encouraging I have found all these “success” posts!!!!

    I have fluctuated between 115-190 pounds for the last three decades. Currently 30 pounds heavier than my IBW. Always seem to lose 25-30-50 pounds and then gain them right back.

    This “diet” seems like more of a lifestyle change than another fad diet.

    I’m hopeful!

    Things to consider when you start, or stuff i wish I knew that the get go;Make sure that you measure waist, bust, hips and thighs at the start and watch the numbers fall. I wish i had measured my upper arm, I’m sure that they are slimmer and more toned.
    Get a pedometer and aim to walk 10,000 steps a day.Set small achievable goals and think of rewards that are not food.Don’t beat yourself up if you have a wobble, we’ve all been there. Just start again another day.
    Plan and shop for fast days, the day before.Congratulate yourself and bask in the glow of each fast day. I have no idea where the notion of a “feast day” comes from, but you should aim to eat normally. I worried about this the most, “what was normal?”If I knew what normal was, I wouldn’t be fat.But I shouldn’t have worried.My portion sizes have become smaller, I don’t pig out the day after the fast,I feel so much better.I am back in clothes that have been at the back of a cupboard for ages and back fat has disappeared. I have been told that I look fantastic and have acquired several converts at work.If I can do it then anyone can.Just don’t expect anymore than 1lb a week loss, keep the tape measure handy and keep trying on clothes that you just can’t get into yet.Keep us posted. Have a look at the before and after photos of Micheal and Mimi’s dad, there are also another couple-one chap with the weight he has lost in dog food!The photos have really helped me when I found it was all a bit slow.Keep us posted Carla and get ready for a change of attitude to food.

    Hi Annette πŸ™‚

    I’m not much on the measuring to see the numbers…and am fairly toned. I am disabled 2nd to cancer and my goal for the last few years has been to just stay walking (at all) Using the Muscle Memory technique with Physical therapy now…so no pedometer for me…and have an overall exercise routine (modified) at home. I am only carrying about 30 pounds extra I would like to get off and stay off. The staying off has always been the hard part.

    I do have a pair of black leather pants that I love and hold onto…about every year at some time or the other I fit back into them…lol.

    I like the idea of an every other day fast as opposed to the 5:2 and plan on using those days for a double work out as well. My healthy days!

    I am doing this as much for the Health Benefits of fasting as the weight loss…but I am hopeful that this will be the year and key to keeping it off!

    I am looking at 500 calories on fast days and between 1200-1500 on regular days. What a great idea (something tangible to see the weight you’ve lost) since I am just starting ot may explore this possibility.

    Good luck to you, too!

    Hi Carla,

    A 30lbs loss will make a big difference to inches lost over the body, my 19lbs has resulted in a 10inch loss.The black leather pants seem like a great goal, tangible stuff always works for me.

    I am doing this primarily for health benefits too. I have two close relatives that have had cancer and I want to do everything that I can to reduce my risk. I had high blood pressure which seems to be improved.

    The weight reduction and the change in attitude to food are fantastic.Let us know how you get on with ADF.

    Keep us posted Carla.

    Good Morning πŸ™‚

    I am so encouraged by seeing the amount of weight loss posted in this forum. Oh….and I finally read the FAQ and realize that there is a term for what I’ve decided to do (ADF)

    Actually finished out the day yesterday a bit under the 1500 calories and today is my 2nd “fast” day!

    Every year I lost the same 25 pounds over and over and over…I think this may be the key to re-setting my eating habits!

    I am hopeful!

    These stories are so encouraging, thank you all! Coming across Michael’s Horizon docmentary recently got me started, but the experiences I’ve read about on this forum are a powerful incentive to keep going.

    This is only my 20th day on the 5:2 plan and I’ve lost over 5 kg so far. I’ll be 50 next month and I’ve been overweight/obese for almost 20 years. Had some short-lived success eating paleo some years ago but I’ve rebounded heavier than ever. I ‘m in the morbidly obese BMI category at the moment so the health benefits of this plan are also very important as I know the risks of all kinds of degenerative diseases are very real if I don’t turn things around.

    I’m going to take Michael and others’ advice to concentrate more on waist measurements as I go along. Took my first today and it’s alarming … but also more incentive to keep going!

    Best things about 5:2 as a weight loss method are the feeling that this is a way of living I can stick with in the long term, it doesn’t require massive ongoing expenditures of willpower, and already I’m becoming far more mindful about what I eat, all the time, without any great stress!

    Hello all,
    At a petite 5ft tall a few pounds make a big difference to my body shape.
    I started 27th May.
    8 stone 2lbs, waist 28 inches, BMI 22.3
    Today, Friday 5th July
    7 stone 10.5lbs, waist 27 inches, BMI 21.3
    Hadn’t weighed myself for weeks and amazed.
    Some weeks didn’t feel like anything was shifting, but I triple checked all the figures today because I couldn’t believe the scales, tape measure, BMI reading!
    I am so happy with this new way of eating and the profound effect it has had not only on my physical well being, but mental too.
    My mental clarity has increased greatly and I seem to be less stressed at work and life in general.
    Is this part and parcel of the effects of intermittent fasting?
    I exercise a few times a week, running, yoga and cycle to work, nothing crazy, just fitting in what I can when I can, if only 20 mins,sometimes longer, and some days being plain lazy, but that’s fine.
    I have always struggled with trying to lose those last few pounds and I finally feel I have found a way to maintain my weight. I used to be approx 2 stone heavier.
    There have been some non fast days where I have really indulged with good food and wine etc…and I have wondered if this new approach would really work…. But it has! It has not been easy, some days are tough, but that’s life isn’t it?
    Loving reading everyone’s stories, tips and tricks from all over the world.
    Wishing everyone lots of luck with this new way of living!

    I live in Australia (far north tropics) Next Tuesday I will be the big 50. I work from home running our family business. I have been married 28 years and we have 6 children 14-24 yo. My New Years resolution was “I was fat at 40 but I didn’t want to be fat at 50” BUT I didn’t have a plan and I couldn’t even see any feasible way to do anything about it. I have struggled with health problems for the past 10 years with no formal medical diagnosis ( but something similar to Lyme disease.) Exercise has been a problem (especially foot problems) and weight had gradually increased. I have never been a fad dieter as I fully believed fad diets were invented as commercial exercises. I did constantly watch what I ate to no avail and believed the ONLY way to weight loss was to exercise. In early Feb I bought a push bike and had intended to ride it ( health allowing) when I came across the 5:2 diet on the news with a headline something like the “5:2 diet taking the UK by storm” What a weird headline?!? Clicked on it and saw a mention of other health benefits. My hubbie (50) who works manually all day , is a fitness/diet fanatic, never drunk alcohol or smoked in his life, and tall and slim looking has been struggling with high cholesterol for about 5 years and was about to go on meds.(much to his amazement/disappointment) He had made changes to his diet to no avail.
    We both watched the Horizon program end of February and started immediately. I was particularly taken by Dr Moseley’s final statements and replayed it a number of times. I felt that he was actually sincere in his statements and what he was saying and that maybe this really was revolutionary and not just some tv programme/good acting aimed at increasing audience numbers. So we started our “EFLL” journey on the 20th of Feb – firstly by buying a pair of scales to actually weigh ourselves and secondly to work out calories of food we could eat on “fast days” Hubbie 1 day a week and myself 2-3 days. Hubbie has lost 7 kg and obviously was a TOFI-it is incredible to us that he could even have 7kg to loose . AND recent blood tests have now showed a good lowering of his cholesterol and his doctor was pleased!!! He doesn’t look much different but has changed down belt holes. I actually hadn’t weighed myself in years because it seemed pointless. I felt “THE ONLY WAY” to lose weight was to go on a crazy exercise regime that I wasn’t yet ready to go on. I was very disheartened as I felt it was a no win situation due to my health problems. Day 1 -Weighed myself, calculated BMI and was horrified that I was on the lowest range of OBESE!!!! How could this be so!
    Today, I have lost a good 13 kg (29lb)- 4 and bit months later. Thankyou Dr Mosley for your program!!- It is revolutionary, life changing and certainly my lifestyle choice. It is what was said and more -extremely easy, flexible , saves $ and every time I weigh myself and see a decrease it feels like a miracle. How could it be this easy? I fully understand the benefits of exercise but to be able to lose weight and leave exercise out of the equation is in itself revolutionary. I have purposefully not ridden my new bike because I needed to know that it is possible to lose weight without extra exercise. The 5:2 diet worked for me and is still working. I will be glowing at my 50th party tomorrow ( in my new clothes) and looking forward to the future (and more new smaller clothes). Was it hard to do – first 3 weeks a bit head achey and sleepless on fast days but now no problems and actually sleep on fast days is the best sleep I’ve had in years. My husband asks me about how I feel – I don’t feel lighter – I feel Taller and I love seeing my old (younger) figure re-appearing before the mirror. If you are considering this lifestyle change please don’t listen to the knockers until you have tried it yourself. I firmly believe there is much more to this than the research has investigated or proven so far. I am positive that over a 7 day week I am eating more than I have in years but yet the scales keep going down. Now I know that I have found a way to loose weight without the exercise, I am now keen to get back in the saddle after 20 years and ride my daughters horse, play squash with my hubbie on Saturdays, ride my bike to visit my sister down the road, go kayaking with my sons – because I feel more confident to do so and I can actually wear the clothes appropriate to the activity (not to mention the fact that I won’t hit the ground so hard if I have a fall) It’s a bit like what comes first the chicken or the egg. – weight loss or exercise!

    Hello, to both Little-lotus and geko – I love your stories, so beautifully written and very up-lifting. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to be so clear, open and positive. May you each continue to thrive and enjoy the changes in your life.

    Hello, Wednesday – I’m so glad that the 5:2 plan is working for you. What a great 50th Birthday present to yourself, better health and happiness. Long may you continue to delight in your on-going progress. With all best wishes to you.

    An update from my previous post. After 9 weeks on the Fast Diet I have now lost 27lbs! So pleased with myself (despite my upper arms looking like empty bags). I have ME/CFS and osteoarthritis so would probably look better if I was able to exercise, but hey ho.

    Can’t say I’ve had many blips, although sometimes I might go up to 800 cals on a fast day, especially when my ME is particularly bad and I just need food, but my non fast days seem to be so damn healthy it makes up for it.

    I can totally relate to geko (Happy Birthday!)about “being fat at 40 and not wanting to be fat at 50”. I am 50 in October and want to be down another 2 stone by then. I see my hip surgeon at the end of August and he wasn’t particularly pleasant to me back in October last year (when I weighed 3 stone more than I do now), so I’d like to give him an imaginary middle finger when I see him this time :). I, too, can see the girl I used to be staring back at me in the mirror, and its a damn good feeling to get the compliments from family and friends. I am going to a charity do on Saturday, that I went to this time last year and felt bloomin awful next to my friends.. This time, I am wearing white jean.. white jeans!!! .. and shall be holding my head high in all the photos (and not to stop me having a double chin!).

    Fantastic news, well done you! White jeans brilliant! It is an amazing feeling isn’t it? I am down 6lb and 3inches from my waist and this is week 4 for me, but people are already saying how good I look and I am into size 12 (UK size) trousers. I feel great on fast days and am not eating so much on NF days too. Congratulations!

    @ Angeyorks An exercise that gets rid of the double chin is to hyperextend your lower jaw (tilt you head back while you are doing it) You will feel it pull the sternocleidomastoid muscles and tone them. Works quickly. Do reps of about twenty before breakfast and before bed. Painless and no more double chin in only a few weeks!

    Hi to Everyone on this thread.

    Congratulations on your losses and thank you all for sharing. I love reading your success stories as they are a great inspiration to me.

    My weight loss has not been as big as most of you and after the first few weeks it has been erratic but slowly the weight is coming off. I am still fasting 2 days a week and plan to continue until my cholesterol level is in normal range. After that I will probably go to a 6:1 regime.

    This week is really odd. I didn’t gain any weight over the weekend but I didn’t lose any on my Mon. fast day. Then this morning (Thurs), I am up 2.5 lbs. UGH!! So it will be interesting to see where I am on Fri. morning.

    I will be going in next week for blood work and that I think will tell the real story.


    Hi Quick,
    I am on a plateau and then seemed to put on another 2lb as well. I was completely demoralized but surprised to find that my clothes are fitting better! I have been swimming twice this week in an effort to get the weight moving downwards again.

    The desire to shift the pounds is linked to my blood pressure, which is also on the downward trend too. I am disappointed with the lack of progress with the weight, but thrilled with the improvement in BP. I am eating a much better diet too, on the days that I’m not fasting. Can’t decide whether to stand on the scales tomorrow………….

    To try the clothes theory I tried on every skirt that I owned last night.Even those that I couldn’t do up last week, I can now.But more thrilling than that is that the scales have finally budged. The 2 lb that appeared from nowhere last week has disappeared and so has another 1lb. I put it down to the swimming, which I haven’t done for ages as the nudge for the scales.

    There is very little information about what to do when the weight plateaus, the only practical suggestion that I found was to do exercise that was completely different to what you usually do. The theory being that using different muscles ‘shocks’ the body into losing weight again.

    At the end of week 24 the loss totals 18 lb,BMI from 30.5 to 28, 11 inches less body, from size 14 to a size 12, decreasing BP all add up to a much healthier me.

    Thanks for the encouragement Jeanius. Great to hear everyone’s updates. That’s wonderful news on the BP anette52!

    10 fast days in and I’ve lost over a stone (6.8 kg) – I have a lot to lose (at least 25 kg) so a faster rate initially seems to be par for the course. Given the possible health benefits, I just want to incorporate this eating pattern into my life as completely as possible and not obsess too much about the scales, though (will try to wean myself off weighing two or three times a week!). Much more real and important sign is that I’ve lost about 1.5 inches from my waist and I’m beginning to feel my clothes getting a little loser. Even better, I’m feeling an increase in energy levels.

    I just completed my first fast week and I feel really great. I lost 7.5lbs. Being honest, I weighed myself the evening before I started knowing full well I was heavier than I would have been in the morning. In my mind a larger weight loss on the first week would be more motivating—- AND IT WORKED! The fast days are not near as bad as I expected them to be and even if I will only lose 1 lb a week moving forward, that is still awesome. I am a life-time Weight Watcher member and was even a leader for a period of time in the 1990’s. Although I love that program because you can eat real food and not boxed stuff, I find it hard to maintain counting points. I lost 65 lbs 2 years ago and gained most of it back over the last year and a half. I feel like this is more sustainable. Not having to think about food for 5 days is like a miracle! I’m looking forward to my future with the 5:2 life style.

    This is week 4 for me! I am down more than 6 pounds, and find this to be extremely easy to do!

    I actually find myself adding a third fast day on some weeks…..especially when the Monday-Thursday intermittent fast days don’t work. Then I go to Monday and Wednesday to fast, and it seems so easy to just add an extra day on Friday….

    I’ve done that twice now in the 4 weeks.

    Thank you to everyone who contributes to this post! I check in often and am always encouraged to see all of the progress.

    Congratulations Sandra!

    Isn’t it wonderful to find something this easy that really works!

    I am alternating fast and nonfast days and find that I actually look forward to my fasting ones πŸ™‚

    Here’s to US!

    Hello, I just started this plan! I was surprised that my first fast day was not as hard as I thought it would be. I had my morning cup of coffee with a little milk and off to the gym I went. I was very surprised to find out that I could work out and not pass out! I did 45 min of aerobics! I drank a lot of ice tea and water all day. I ate some oatmeal with blueberries at noon and a salad at 6pm. I wanted to go to bed early so I could get up early and run to the kitchen and start eating! I was very surprised that when I woke up I was not starving! I love reading the stories. Thank you for all the great motivational stories.

    Keep going, HunniBuns! It works.

    I don’t exercise as much as I should and that’s my next hurdle… start adding exercise. I have a treadmill at home……right next to my desk.

    I need motivation to use it.

    It’s the start of my 4th week and weight loss is the steady 1lb a week I had thought it might be. I started with a plan to lose 8lb in 8 weeks for my hols and started with a BMI of 25.9 so not too bad (rather like Michael when he started!)

    I’m looking forward to the fast days and loving finding new ways of preparing veggies, and discovering new ones – fennel was a first for me yesterday!

    My loss has been slowed a little through a birthday and weekend away at my boyfriend’s mum’s – two roast dinners and a Chinese. I love not worrying about food, especially at the weekends πŸ™‚

    Had to smile a bit at the advice from Carla re the double chin exercise.. I meant I had a double chin in the photos last year.. this year I had no double chin to hold my head up to disguise! πŸ™‚ There were a few surprised faces at my “charity do” when they saw how different I was from last year (and the dress I wore before has already been sold on ebay.. it was a UK size 20 and now I am in a 16). Woo hoo is all I can say (despite it being a fast day today and its ice cream weather.. but of course, I can have one if I want tomorrow).

    I have been on the 5:2 for 12 days now. My BMI was 40 (female age 32). My practice nurse recommended this to me after I spoke to her about surgery. My first weigh in I lost 4kg (8.8lbs!!) Obviously this will be fluid but it has given me motivtion to keep going. I get weighed on Thursday again and I am excited. Marcona Almonds have been my saviour on fast days. My nurse has set me a target of 4kg in a month so I have already hit this. Onwards and upwards (or downwards on the scales!) Good luck everyone.

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