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  • Woo hoo from me too, AngeYorks – WOO HOO, even! I would have loved to see those surprised faces at your charity bash. Your story is just so good. May your wonderful progress continue, giving you ever greater joy and good health. With every best wish to you.


    20 to a 16! Good on you 🙂 I bet there were some surprised faces! The chin exercises are just part of an overall toning exercise program. After weight loss there often tend to be “sagging or deflated” areas. Building up the muscles/toning those areas helps with the deflated look.

    Thought I’d add to the success stories. I’m in my 24th week of 5:2 and reached my final target of getting my waist to be less than half my height at the end of week 23. I’m doing 3 more weeks of 5:2 to take it to half a year and then switching to 6:1 to maintain the results.

    I found setting a few targets helped. I started at 14st 12lbs on a 6′ 2″ frame. To get a BMI of 25 I needed to lose 15lbs which I did after 10.5 weeks. The 2nd target was merely a wish to see if I could ever get back to my teenage weight (over 30 years ago) of 13st. After another 8.5 weeks I was there. The final target was the waist:height ratio which took another 4 weeks.

    I’ve typically lost 1.5 lbs per week, which seems like a nice steady, non-extreme loss. As I like numbers I’ve weighed myself every morning and found my weight can go up and down very regularly by as much as 1.1kg (2.4lbs) – but the overall trend was always downwards, so I soon learnt never, ever, to be discouraged by an overnight weight gain. (I would post a graph to show how it went up and down but I don’t think I can do that here.)

    Each week I’ve measured my neck, chest, waist and hips and they too have all steadily gone down. I started at 108cm (42.5″) for my waist and am now at 93cm (36.6″). I’m having to get all my trousers taken in and make extra holes in my belts to keep them up in the mean time.

    The symptoms of reflux I’ve had for 13 years seem to have stopped entirely (although I haven’t yet stopped the lansoprazole tablets – I must visit the GP to discuss that). In fact, I haven’t seen the GP once whilst on the 5:2 – and as I’ve usually caught every virus going for the last 10 years that seems like a minor miracle in its own right.

    I’ve had two walking holidays during the 23 weeks when I didn’t 5:2 at all and shared a bottle of wine every night – it had virtually no negative effect at all. Maybe a few lbs back on but they disappeared again just as quickly.

    Overall I have vastly more energy than before I started – I now do 25 press ups 3 times a day, when I struggled to do even 10 just once a day only a few months ago.

    There have been times when the weight seemed to plateau for a few weeks but I just kept on doing it and it soon started going down again. Even if it hadn’t, the way I felt meant it was a no brainer to keep doing the 5:2. I really haven’t felt this fit and positive since my 20s and its a feeling I want to keep!

    After years of letting my weight gradually creep up without even really realising it and feeling a bit depressed about how I looked, I now look at myself in the mirror and think what great shape I’m in.

    It is no exaggeration to say that 5:2 is a real life changer and I shall forever be grateful for it – and the fact that I’m an avid Horizon watcher. Bravo Dr. Mosley!!

    Great for you Mr Data. Well done. And thanks for those woo hooing with me!

    Another milestone today.. tried on an old pair of jeans I couldn’t get past my hips, never mind fasten, when I last tried them about December. They are too big now! I can see this is going to cost me. I’ve already sold a few items on ebay that were too big.. I’m wondering what my winter wardrobe will look like when I swap over after the Autumn. Oh heck.. at least I know what I will say I want for my 50th birthday dear family… vouchers for a few clothing stores I think!

    Congratulations Mr. Data, and thanks for posting. Sometimes it’s just good to hear some genuine success stories to keep you going. Having said that, I’m not finding this difficult at all and have now been on since April 15th this year and am still going! Longer than I’ve ever lasted on any other regime. I’m below 200 lbs for the first time in over 30 years and can’t even begin to describe what it was like for me the day I stepped on the scales and saw the magic ONE in front of my weight 🙂 Huge psychological boost!

    Congrats Mr Data – I love jumping on and off the scales almost daily and yes, you do see fluctuations on a daily basis, and yes mine are in the 1-3lb range too.

    This morning I start my 9th fast day and I’m also losing at 1.5lb/week. Under 13st now and loads of comments over the weekend of how nice I look, which is such a boost.

    I’m off for a blood test today for the first time in 6 months so that will be an interesting comparison. I’ll post the results on an appropriate forum when I get them.


    Hi all, new to the fast way of life and also the forums. Was really inspired by all your stories and as a serial none dieter this was the only plan I have read in 10 years that I thought I could do and stick to for life. Started just over 2 weeks ago ( admittedly after 2 week holiday in spain and then long weekend in London for sisters wedding) and 5 fast days in and I have lost 1 stone. I feel great and just another 2 to go. Good luck to everyone and thanks for all your stories which really helped. X

    So many of these comments reflect my experience which I have posted at: Congratulations to all those thriving on 5:2.

    Between 11 February and 10 June I lost 12 kilos, possibly more as the last time I’d been weighed was the previous November and I’d just gone through Christmas with a broken ankle! I am still following 5:2 and will weigh myself again at the end of August to check progress.

    Like many others, for me 5:2 (or hopefully, eventually, 6:1) is ‘for keeps’ and I feel better and happier than I have done for years. I would just say, I am convinced that regular exercise is crucial if you want to be healthier. If you are not keen, just try and build a good walk into your daily routine if practical. Alternatively, exercising with a friend or in a class is easier to keep up, in my experience. (I wasn’t going to post more on these forums than once so I feel I’ve more than had my ration now!) Good luck to everyone!

    Halloooo! So far for me my story has been a success. 7.5lbs (3.4kg) loss in 3 weeks. Woohoo! I don’t feel the need to splurge on non fast days which I didn’t think would happen. I count my calories on non fast days but after I’ve eaten them. I wanted to see if at the end of the week I stay within my weekly calorie intake. And my average daily intake over a week.

    I’ve only had to switch one fast day because I just had to eat more than 500 calories! Lol. But that’s what is great. That just because I messed up me day, I could make up for it the next day. I tend to not eat at all on a fast day. Eating and planning food on a fast day makes my stomach and head obsessed with food. Not eating and just having water or herbal teas lets my mind just forget.

    Hope everyone else is getting on well! Xxx

    I started almost 2 weeks ago. I am feeling like I finally found something that works for me. Every other diet left me feeling deprived by now and having to search for motivation. I observed it teaches you that scheduled meal times has led many to not even know what hunger feels like. You should wait until you feel hunger to eat and frankly I forgot what that felt like. When 6PM came, I ate dinner. When lunch time came, I ate a full lunch. Now I find myself eating at odd times maybe but I like my day not being such a scheduled event.

    Losing weight is easy in theory. Burn more calories than you take in. Every deficit of around 3600 cal equals 1 pound of loss. But that theory is lost when you love food and most diets make you feel very deprived and missing out. The past 2 weeks I have ate great and I do not even remember my fast days when you look back, I rememer the tasty things I still got to eat and I lost 6 pounds!!!!

    Hi i’m in need of some encouragement please.. 5:2ing since May lost just under 1 stone but suppose not bad results for being peri- menopausal! Trying to stay positive looking at health benefits as well as loss. The thing is i’ve broke my fast for the 3rd day running this week (tried fresh start everyday. Just scrapped through last week.. i can’t seem to stick to the 500kcals!! I really dont want to start counting cals on ‘feast’ days but am worried i’ve hit a weakness and it will be the end of my fasting.. is this normal and what can i do, i feel much more hungry this week but don’t know why i can’t control myself. Has any one changed pattern of fast windows and will this help.. would really love some feedback.. feeling down in the dumps!

    Hi MizShell,
    I think that there are several issues here.
    Well done for losing just under a stone. That is a great achievement.
    The world wont end if you have more calories than 500.Start afresh next week.
    They are not ‘feast’ days but normal days.Reward yourself with something other than food. I have developed a bag habit!
    I think that some mini goals might help. Do you have an item of clothing that is too tight but that you would love to wear? Did you take a note of your measurements when you started?If you did, you might notice a difference there even if the scales are sluggish. If you didn’t, how about taking them now?
    I find that how clothes fit, really spurs me on to both keep to the 500 cals and also think about what I am eating on the other days.
    On a fast day I miss breakfast and keep myself out of the kitchen and busy until a light lunch.The afternoon is tricky for me and I usually drink loads of water to get me through to my evening meal.
    I have also found that exercise helps me feel less hungry and happier-bit of a winning combination!
    Try changing the fast window, it might make all the difference.
    Perhaps give yourself a break this week and celebrate the weight loss. Start again next week.Be kind to yourself and don’t beat yourself up. Many of us have been there too. The wobbles get less as time passes.

    Happiness: 60 years old woman
    6 weeks = 6 kg off my body

    I have fairly consistent 2.2lbs (1kg) per week weight loss. I love the fasting days albeit the first 2x-3xs hard but now my body & mind look forward to it, feel lighter, more clear headed, happier, sleep less but deeper.

    For me, the BIG difference is in the exercise.

    The weight falls off when I hike/walk 1-hour a day. But my body is pretty sore & unreliable from a 2-year physical illness that left me unable to take more the 5-6 steps without help…walking now but the muscles are weak and easily stop working. But when that happens I just rest and try later in the day for 20-30min. I’m determined to succeed. I’ve not weighed 145lbs in 20 years! Enough with the fat now! FAT BE GONE!

    I ONLY weigh myself 1x per week as a guide.

    START DATE : 16 June 2013, height 5’6″(170.6 cm), weight 196lbs(89kg)
    GOAL: 145lbs (65.7kg) plan lose 2.2lbs (1kg) per week
    END DATE: 16th December 2013!

    It’s inspirational & motivating to read all your successes and challenges

    I now look forward to Fast-Day …a good clean out. here is my typical FAST-Day menu
    1) 2 cups coffee w/1/2cup trim milk (1/2 trim milk=70Cal)
    2) 3-egg whites with steamed veggies and soy sauce (85+/-Cal)
    3) Bowl of tomatoes with balsamic & salt (1cup=25Cal)
    4) lots of green tea & water.(0cal)
    5) yummy purred fresh veggie soup with cumin, soy sauce, chilies and garlic 1cup=60cal
    I can have a quick cup when I get peckish.. (3-cups=180Cal)
    6) Apple (1 apple=36 Cal)
    7) TV FOOD: raw veggies scooping low-fat cottage cheese w/spicy salsa
    (1cup veggies + 1/2cup cottage cheese=130cal)
    TOTAL: 526 Calories…and I’m not hungry at all

    Hi annette 52.. thank you for encouragement:-) have got tape measure out and big difference there even with the bloating i am suffering with. Have become a bag and shoe rewarder but have plenty more room!! I feel a lot better in self today and more prepared had a tiny breakfast which i don’t normally have on a fast day and soup for lunch, have enough for vegi-sausage and veg tea. I don’t usually overeat on the feast days as i know these are normal days but do like the word feast as it tricks my mind into not craving for any foods- getting rid of yoyo diet mind set! Have started taking herbal tablets agnus castus to regulate hormones etc and have been getting some hormonal symptoms so have cut back on recommended dosage.. I think this may have something to do with feeling lousy. I have picked up on my exercise and changed what I was doing to help get past blimp. Going to change window fast next week to spice it up and hopefully get back in full swing. 🙂

    My pleasure. We are all in this together!

    Fantastic to hear that there is a big difference with the tape measure.It feels fabulous doesn’t it?

    I have had a huge cupboard sort out and discovered clothes in boxes, that I forgot I had and hoped to slim into…but now they are too big!Hurray.

    Remember, this is a marathon and not a sprint.

    As you feel lousy, could you get out now and go for a walk for a couple of hours? Even if only to find your next shoe/bag fix?

    lol at shoe/bag fix.. sadly its tipping it down( though rain would help with hot flashes i’m having, hehe) but in ten more minutes I will be doing a zumba dvd at home, just waiting for soup to settle in tum, usually do exercise bike & kettlebell but strategy of change to keep in marathon.. like to dance so that will put smile on my face i’ll make sure I shut blinds first, last time I did it postman saw me!!.. he found it hysterical, lol. Have a great day!!

    Fantastic! I bet you made the postman’s day.

    I have discovered handbags and shoes that I forgot I owned and I now have half a dozen dresses that are much too big but I hope can be altered when I reach goal.

    I’m off out for a run with my son this evening.

    Are there any dance classes local to you? I go to Ceroc every Tuesday evening-great fun, aerobic and don’t need to go with a partner as lots of folk go on their own.

    Hi annette 52, Zumba done! it was quite hard work but enjoyed especially with blinds shut tight lol. No dance classes near me that I know of we live in a small village, ceroc sounds like fun i’ll look out for it in the nearby town. There’s quite a few dance crazes now so I like to see if they suitable for me as some are quite hard, my mum who’s an oldie- her words- does zumba and belly dancing, she’s dead fit and healthy she puts me to shame lol! wow you run I can’t run have tried but giggle too much as I struggle to keep up with my kids. Good news I have stuck to my fast today so feel empowered, back on track, yipee!! Enjoy your run with your boy, Thanks again for encouragement!

    Ceroc is fun and no fancy footwork either.

    I started to run after watching a local half marathon and took part in March this year. Staggered round with the goal of getting round, uninjured. Achieved that goal…just. Then I found out that I am a tiny bit competitive and want to do much better in March 2014. So, training for another local half in Sept(aiming for 2 stone loss and BMI 25 by then). My logic is that I must be able to run faster if I am much lighter.

    Short run in a cool breeze.

    Fasting on Friday.My plan is a swim in the morning without breakfast, light lunch and light dinner.

    I started the diet about two months ago and I have dropped about 30 lbs. When I started I was 207 lbs (I tend to fluctuate between 205 and 215), my dream weight was 180 lbs, and today I weighed in at 176.1 lbs on the gym scale.

    Now I must confess that I tweaked the system to speed up the weight loss. First, on the fast days I only eat between 50 to 200 calories (not the 600 allowed for men). I also do heavy cardio on the fast days (sometimes up to two hours) and lighter cardio on my feast days. Now that I am at my ideal weight I’ll probably lighten up the workouts and eat the full 600 calories on the fast days (or only fast once a week). Losing weight this fast is probably not safe or healthy, but it’s what I did. I think that following the diet more strictly would also have brought results, just slower.

    I really like this diet because it’s simple and because for 5 days a week I can eat whatever I want (within reason) and frankly I am just not willing to give up chocolate, chicken wings, chips and salsa, and beer.

    Background info: I am 51 years old and I am a little over 6 feet tall.

    I haven’t got a clue how much I’ve lost because I am yet to purchase scales BUT who cares when the weight is falling off like this !!!? I’ve been on it just over three weeks and have gone down a full dress size (from a 16 to a 14) and the highlight of my year so far was when someone asked me if my skirt fitted me ok as it seemed to be rather loose! Wait a minute, maybe it was when I went into a shop and had to ask the assistant to bring the top into me in a smaller size and then had to ask again for a size 12 – very loudly! I have never counted calories and it’s been an eye-opener for me. I love cooking and thought my diet was so healthy because we never eat fast food, never have fizzy drinks, never fry our food. But, I guess I didn’t notice how much oil I use or with what gay abandon I heaped cream into things. I’d like to say I eat what I want on my non-fast days but that wouldn’t be strictly true because I’ve got a smaller appetite and have lost the desire to eat high calorie stuff when I have lower calorie options. So I thank this diet for changing not only my metabolism but also my mindset. Mondays and Thursdays will be like this from now on and I thank you for giving me my body back (at age 52)!

    I have finished my first week on the 5.2 diet and I am delighted. I have lost 1 pound my tummy has reduced 2 inches and my waist down 1 inch. I am looking forward to next weeks progress.

    Hello from USA! I often watch PBS channel if I watch tv at all and saw Dr. Mosley’s special about the Fast Diet in April. I was not looking for a new diet to lose weight per se, but I’ve had high cholesterol since I was first tested in my 20s. Now I’m in my mid-40s. So I was very intrigued by Dr. M’s results. I’ve been on Lipitor (statin) which caused permanant memory loss, so I stopped it after only 6 mos. Then the dr tried me on a fibrate, which elevated my liver enzymes, so I stopped it. I tried low fat and low carb diets, which didn’t help much. I do take krill oil and red yeast rice tablets daily which have helped a little. When I started IF I weighed 125 lbs (56.6 kg) and now I weigh 118 lbs (53.5 kg) and at a towering 5’1″ that makes my current BMI=22.3, so I have been and remain in the healthy average range as far as my weight. My dr had a Lipomed blood profile done on me in Jan 2013 (before IF) and my results were:

    Total cholesterol=233 (high!)
    LDL-C= 166 (high, supposed to be <100)
    HDL-C= 47 (okay, as long as >40)
    triglycerides= 101 (normal, supposed to be <150)
    LDL-P= 2911 (way, way high…supposed to be <1000)
    HDL-P= 28.3 (50th percentile, the higher the score the lower the CVD risk)
    Small LDL-P= 846 (very high, should be <=527, High risk for CVD!)*
    LDL size= 21.7 (good, should be >20.5, Large Pattern A)*
    LP-IR score= 29 (should be <=45)

    Here’s the description of LP-IR for those may not have heard about it:
    “The LP-IR score combines information from lipoprotein particle concentration and size to give improved assessment of insulin resistance and diabetes risk. Small LDL-P, LDL particle size, HDL-Particle, and LP-IR Score have been validated by Liposcience but not cleared by US FDA; the clinical utility of these test results has not been fully established.”
    Insulin Resistance Marker
    <—Insulin Sensitive Insulin Resistant–>
    Percentile in Reference Population
    Insulin Resistance Score
    LP-IR Score Low 25th 50th 75th High
    <27 27 45 63 >63
    * LDL Particle size: I’ve done some research on-line trying to figure out what #s really count on a person’s cholesterol labwork. I don’t smoke, rarely drink, I’m not diabetic, my blood pressure is normal/good, and there’s no history of heart disease in my family…so other than the usual life stress and not exercising enough (I need to change that!), I don’t have any risk factors for heart disease. From the more recent research it appears the LDL particle size matters. Supposedly the bigger particles don’t stick to your arteries like the small ones do. So keep that in mind as you see my latest lab results on July 17 after 3 months of IF (I just got these results from dr today):

    Total cholesterol=305 (higher now, but read on!)
    LDL-C= 230 (higher than before IF…hmmm, mysterious, was hoping it’d go down)
    HDL-C= 65 (18 points higher than before, this is good, because it’s the good cholesterol and past research has suggested it has a protective factor)
    triglyerides= 51 (this is good, half of what it was)
    LDL-P= 1953 (this is still very high, but it has lower almost 1000 nmol/L in only 3 months of IF)
    HDL-P= 29.0 (good)
    Small LDL-P= 115 (whoa! This a normal, healthy score. This huge improvement really grabbed my dr’s attention! <117 puts me at very low risk of CVD. So maybe IF really is helping improve my cholesterol profile.)
    LDL size= 22.0 (good, Large Pattern A…these particles are bigger than before IF)
    LP-IR Score= 5 (good, much lower than before, insulin resistance is very low)

    Okay, so if you’ve read this far, you should be congratulated! Sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to share my cholesterol story and how IF appears to be helping. My dr gave me her blessing to keep on IF and we’ll retest in 6 mos. I’m very curious to read about whether other folks have seen improvements in their cholesterol. Your stories inspire me to keep at it. I’m proud of all of you here who have chosen life & health! God bless you all!


    welcome ncnaturegirl

    Hello from Croatia!
    From 115kg to 105kg in 3 months following the 5:2 system.
    I must say that this was the easiest 10kg I lost in my life. The system is extremely easy to comply with and I do not have a feeling of dieting, not one bit. I fact, this is the first time in my life I’m eating “like a normal person” without thinking – should I or shouldn’t I.
    I feel great on my fast days – alert, full of energy, light… a bit nervous in the evening but hardly noticeable by my family. I fast on Tuesdays and Fridays and run on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Friday run (in the evening) is slightly more difficult, but the feeling I’m burning tons of fat during it – keeps me motivated.
    BP from 135/90 to 120/80.

    Hello all
    I don’t usually go in for on line forums but I am so impressed thus far that I wanted to show off. I have now completed 2 weeks of 5:2 IF (4 fast days)and have lost 9 pounds. Strangely 3 in the first week and 6 last week. There has been no change to my diet on non fast days and no increase in exercise. I am overweight with high blood pressure but so far have never really tried to shift it. I did see the original Horizon documentary and thought at the time that it seemed a good idea but did nothing about it. I am not quite sure what motivated me to try this time, but I think it was due.
    I was suprised that more came off in the 2nd week as I assumed that the initial weight loss would be water, but 2 weeks in and my clothes are noticably looser and I have had to go up a notch on my belt. My BMI has also dropped just shy of one point. I am hoping that I can settle down to a couple of pounds a week as so far this does not strike me as a diet, more of a long term way of eating.
    Like others I have not felt any serious side effects yet, apart from the occasional hunger pang; which to be honest kind of proves to me that something is happening.
    So far (which is a very short span of time) everything is going fine. It will be intreresting to see what the results are in 6 months time, but as many others have commented ,this is a system for the long haul not just a quick fix.

    I’d just like to say to everyone on the forum, well done and keep it up.

    Well done all. I am now 6 weeks in and 20lb down. This is the best ‘diet’ I have ever found as does not feel like one. I usually do my fast days together now and find a Monday/Tuesday best for me. Wore a dress to my sisters wedding the beginning of July and was going to wear to another wedding in 2 weeks but was hanging off me. My mother who is a great seamstress had to take it in by 4 inches at the bust and 6 inches at the waist so was well chuffed. Good luck to everyone but this is fast becoming a way of life and actually look forward to my fast days. Xxxx

    Well, I am on day 9 of this way of eating an am pretty happy with the results. I love to read success stories, even if they are small successes, so here is mine.
    I am a 43 y.o. female (44 in 2 weeks – yikes!). I have at least 35 pounds to lose, but honestly, probably more like 45-50. We will see where this plan takes me though. I am doing 4:3 to try to get it off faster because I have a beach vacation in 6 weeks. (Why didn’t I start this sooner?!! Had tried low carb and couldn’t stick to it. This is easy to stick to — though I would probably get better results if I cut back on my wine intake.)
    Yesterday the scale told me I had lost 4.2 pounds (today I was up 1.2, but it does fluctuate and I think I had a salty dinner. I have lost 2″ off my waist at my smallest area, and 1″ off my abdomen. I have a long way to go, but hoping I’ll be smaller, thus more comfortable, when I hit the beach in October. It seemed so far away in January, I had all the time in the world to lose weight — if only I’d read about this fabulous way of life sooner! I do feel so much better, more optimistic, better mood and I think that boils down to control. I am in control rather than being controlled by “eat 6 small meals a day” or “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, etc. Good luck!

    Hey guys! I want to share my story as I’m soon 2 months in my 5:2 diet journey 🙂

    I’m a 32 year old woman, mother of a 14 month old girl.

    I almost reached my goal-weight already. I started at 75 kilos and now I weigh about 68-69 kilos. That’s 5-6 kilos less!

    Someone asked how people eat; I don’t drink alcohol but I do eat candy once in a blue moon but not as much as before (I don’t get that sugar craving anymore and I enjoy eating healthy food – today’s dinner was chicken liver with apple on the frying pan and mashed carrot, turnip, horseradish and potato — what? My husband is part Polish! haha at least it’s not chicken hearts (he loves it- me- not so much. Friday nights usually mean taco night and a good movie, but I’ve started to make vegetarian tacos. I realised that glass noodles are perfect to replace pasta, I still have it, but not as often.

    I eat “normally” on non fasting days, normally meaning I eat lunch and dinner but doing smaller portions than I used to do, I’m just not that hungry anymore.

    My husband has lost the same amount as me and we’re both over the moon happy with our weightloss, although we started on this journey with the other benefits in mind as well.

    I don’t fast when I have my period though, so despite not sticking to it one week a month I’ve kept loosing weight. I get lots of compliments now and I feel I finally look my good old self when I look in the mirror. When I reach my goal weight (around 65-66 kilos) I’m thinking of fasting here and there and not necessarily twice a week. And I’ve also considered having another child, so I can’t fast if I get pregnant 🙂 But this is the best thing I’ve ever done – and so wallet-friendly too! The amount of money we save is a plus side we never thought of haha

    Can’t count haha I mean actually I’ve already lost 6-7 kilos… wow.

    Bit of an update, seeing as I’ve posted on this thread a few months ago. I’ve been on the 5:2 since May now, and have lost 2 and a half stone to date (think thats about 20kg for those working in metric!?), and 3 stone altogether since last October. Saw my hip surgeon today for the first time since February, and he nearly fell off his chair.. so did the dumpy nurse who said my BMI was 40 (when in fact it was 37, but she just couldn’t reach to measure my 5ft9 height and decided I was 5ft7!). Anyhoo.. I now have a BMI of 31 and am in a size 16 (from a 20) and its still falling off. With having a bit of a rough year (lost my dad amongst other things), I didn’t want my hip surgery this year, so am postponing it til the Spring, but hopefully that will mean I will have lost at least another stone or so by then (with Christmas/Winter in between I probably won’t be eating as many salads!).. but I think my eating habits have changed so much that it will be pretty straight forward.

    I don’t want to loose my curves, and at 50 soon, my skin isn’t jumping back as much as it used to do. There is that old adage about choosing your face or your butt.. so I will be happy to only lose another stone/stone and a half. Will then go to 6:1 to maintain.

    Really this is the best thing … well since sliced bread, but I don’t eat that anymore! Another of my friends has started the 5:2 after seeing my photos on Facebook. I think I’ve converted 4 or 5 now! 🙂 Keep going everyone.. its bloomin marvelous!

    Really happy for you, AngeYorks! And ‘Boooo’ to the nurse who couldn’t be bothered to measure you properly! 🙂

    I wondered how you were getting on AngeYorks. You’ve lost what you wanted to lose for October and we’re not nearly there yet! Very inspiring!

    Well done AngeYorks – that’s an amazing weight loss. And to keep it up during rough times when food is usually a comfort is fantastic.

    Your story is really inspiring for me – I too am facing hip surgery -I have been struggling with both hip and back problems for 2 years and all the doctors I have seen keep telling me to lose weight and stay mobile, which I have found difficult as I travel a lot for work (staying in hotels with little dietary routine)and I am sedentary, unable to do much exercise at all. I am 51 and in total need to lose 3.5 stone.

    A few weeks ago I had a word with myself. I am a Project Manager so I thought I should be able to project manage my own weight loss 🙂 so I started 5:2. I agree that it really is the best thing – I have shed half a stone so far and I am just coming up to the end of week 3. I have also faced my fear and made the appointment for a full hip replacement op in January – and I am hoping that I can lose at least another stone by then as the doc says it will make recovery and rehab much easier.

    Hearing of your success over 4 months is extremely motivating – and I wish you all the best in continuing the downward trend.


    Hey everyone,
    going to start the diet this week after watching the documentary. Mostly for weight loss but also to feel more healthy and fit. 20 years old and sitting a bit overweight. Was never really a skinny person but put on more weight in the last year or two. Tried a few diets but always end up coming off too easy.
    5:2 seems like its quite easy to maintain and more of a way of living.
    Going to start now and my goal is to loose 30 lbs by Christmas hopefully so about 2 lbs a week and I will be really happy.
    Intend on updating on here also as it is a way of sticking with it and reading other good news stories is making me look forward to starting. Thanks for reading!

    I am in week 24 (Started April 4) and have lost 17 pounds (207 to 190). From week to week I may sometimes go up a little. But from month to month I have lost weight each and every month.

    It works!

    Thanks for the kinds words folks, and I’m glad to see that other people on the forum are as inspired as me, when people post their successes.

    I have to admit to reaching a bit of a plateau on the scales.. but after reading other posts, I am determined not to let this phase me, as I am definitely so different as far as clothes go. Its got a little chilly up here in the wilds of Yorkshire, so I went to get my Winter clothes out.. hmm.. how did that happen.. these must be someone else’s clothes in my wardrobe.. everything is too big! (yayy… but boo.. can’t afford it). I’ve sold a lot of clothes already, but it looks like I shall have some more to sell! My Winter coat is a size 22. I’m now a 16. Hell, I’m not complaining really!

    The big day coming up soon (my 50th) and I am having a birthday dinner with a lot of friends.. I haven’t seen some of them properly for a while, so I am hoping a few jaws will drop. I gave myself a goal of being a UK 16 (which I’ve reached) and into the 14 stones (2lbs to go) by my birthday on 10th October.

    Oh and my mother said “your knees have gone boney”.. good grief.. I don’t think I’ve ever had boney knees.. I’ve discovered I really do have knee caps. And oh another fantastic thing.. I can get in ordinary knee high boots. Not those bloomin fat calf ones I’ve always had to buy – just regular off the peg slim leg boots!

    Great to see how folk are getting on. Well done!

    I have been on the 5:2 along with my Husband since the beginning of this past April…I have lost 21 lbs so far and just got back from my Doctors appointment to check on my blood work…I was told I was borderline diabetic last year and today my Doctor was high fiving me…I have brought my numbers down to a safe level and my other numbers were fantastic!! this really works

    Well done lesshelley

    It’s great that you have lost the weight but much much better is the quantifiable improvement in your health.

    Go girl (and hubby too)

    I have never been hugely overweight but surplus pounds have crept on over the years and when the scales hit 11stone 10pounds, I decided to give the 5/2 diet a go. In 8 weeks I have lost a stone and have found it relatively pain-free. I keep to the 500 cal limit on Tuesday and Thursday and have not altered my eating habits at all on the other days. I am 61 years old and walk my dog twice a day and swim 2-3km a week but I have always done this so have not adjusted my exercise regime. I fast Tuesday and Thursday and do not swim on those days as I feel more energetic on my ‘feast’ days. I have to say this is the only diet I have ever felt I will stick to as I LOVE food and could not tolerate a diet that restricts what I can eat every day. Life is too short for that!

    I am currently six weeks in. I am using Alternate Day Fasting, rather than 5:2. (I want faster results.) So far, the results have been amazing. By far, the easiest weight loss ever. I have lost 25 lbs, and I figure I have about another 75 to go. I should be able to easily hit that by Feb 2014.

    Thanks Lawbo for starting this thread – it’s fantastic! I’m another one who doesn’t want to be chubby at a significant birthday – I turn 39 in December and want to be svelte and gorgeous at 40 😉

    I have a lot of weight to lose – about 35kgs. Great news is I’ve lost 1/5 of that in 8 weeks. My loss in total is 7.2kgs as of this morning. Well on track to be fabulous at 40. I just don’t want to do it too fast, to avoid being flabby. To that end, I start with a personal trainer this afternoon!

    In this past week, I have eaten Neenish Tarts, and had a full pork roast dinner with all the trimmings – I haven’t felt guilty about it, I’ve lost weight and I feel terrific. What other lifestyle change allows this sort of freedom?

    I don’t eat my full 500 calories on my fast days, and I only eat a salad and protein based evening meal of about 300 cals – this is what works for me. I do find that my appetite has changed, as have my preferences. I never go through any fast or non-fast day without salad or a heap of vegies, and previously I would quite happily have avoided them. Last night, my family had fish and chips, while I had my delicious fast day smoked salmon and avodcado salad. While the fish and chips smelt quite appealing, I actually really enjoyed my salad. On a “diet” of the past (and I’ve tried most!), I would have either done without and felt resentful and totally obsessed about it, or would have indulged and pigged out, then felt like a failure. This is not my experience today, and I’m so happy that I’m doing this.

    Like many of you, I have roped a couple of mates into this by sheer enthusiasm and results, and they are reaping the rewards too.

    I’ve loved reading about everybody’s successes – I’m not a big fan of numbers, although I do use MyFitnessPal for calorie counting and recording my weight, and I admire people who track their reductions so diligently! Keep posting people – this is great! Peppa x

    I’ve been doing the 5:2 since May and I’ve lost 25lbs and two sizes in pants/dresses. I’m a competitive swimmer and biker, so I’m in good shape but have had trouble losing the extra weight. I’m at 175lbs now– I’ve got about 12lbs left til I’m at a “normal” BMI, something I thought was completely impossible, and I’ve noticed that I’ve lost weight faster than my psyche could keep pace with. It’s odd, I thought losing the last bits of what I assumed were impossible weight would be a relief, but I feel a lot of anger for not figuring this out sooner. At the same time, I feel like I’m finally in control of food for the first time ever and that seems so MONUMENTALLY important and wonderful. I find myself telling everyone about 5:2 when they ask about how I’ve managed to lose the weight so quickly and I advocate it for the peace it’s given me regarding changing my own habits and relationships. Congrats to everyone, and hopefully the more we share with each other the more we can learn about how the 5:2 impacts every part of our lives, not just our waistlines.

    Hi, does anybody know where I can watch the documentry? I’ve tried iplayer but it doesn’t seem to be on there anymore? I have the book and have started today but wouldn’t mind watching the documentry.

    Many Thanks

    Hi Nicola
    Here is a link to the original program by Michael

    I am a 63 year old female in Hobart. In January new GP made threatening noises about type 2 diabetes which scared the hell out of me. I thought I was “fat but fit”!!

    I had read about 5:2 in the Weekend Australian, got the book from Amazon and started. I don’t eat at all on fast days, just 2 x 40 hour periods of water a week, gym 5 mornings a week on crosstrainer for 1 hour.

    When I started in January I was 90.8kg, BMI 34.8, cholesterol 7.2 and tryglicerieds 3.2.

    12 weeks later 80.7kg, BMI 30.1, chol 5.9, tryglicerides 0.8
    So the weight loss certainly contributed to the chol and trygliceride losses (I found that on eating days I now eat less and am not hungry), but still have wine every (non-fast) day.

    Weight is now 74.4, BMI 28.0, will do the blood tests again next month after 40 weeks, hopefully my cholesterol has dropped further and tryglicerides have stabilised at the low reading of 0.8ish.

    Many people are obviously happy with the 500/600 calories on fast days, but quite a number also do total fasts, it really depends on how you feel and if it makes YOU feel good. I personally find that food stimulates my taste buds, so for me it is just easier not to eat at all 2 days a week (I still cook dinner for my husband and drink water while he has his dinner and wine)

    To me the really wonderful thing about this LIFESTYLE (not diet) is the lack of guilt, I have dieted for at least the last 40 years of my life and achieved absolutely nothing! Now, if I occasionally lapse, the next day I have a fast and repair it – I have my wine every day (not on fast days) and that 1 piece of Lindt after dinner and feel happy about it (I used to eat the whole block). And I KNOW that the 16kg is NEVER going back on. EVER!

    But still aiming for 70 – it just gets a bit slower as the weight goes down.



    all of dr michael’s videos r here on his forum


    from his 3 minutes a week exercise 2 fasting the brain etc

    happy nonfastdays & fastdays

    Me again! 3 days to the big 5 oh!! And yesterday I achieved my birthday goal which was to be in the 14 stones again.. ok.. its 14st 13lb but its in the 14s!! Had a stutter at about 15st 5 where it wouldn’t seem to shift, but the clothes seemed to be getting bigger, so I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I have tried chocolate again, and I find that my body really doesn’t like it now, so I will just have to give it up for good (eek did I say that out loud?).

    I must sort out some before and after photos. I’ve had two people stop me in town today to say how slim I am looking.. what have I been doing? Of course, I dive in with the 5:2 speech. Despite a rotten 3 weeks of a virus and my m.e. not playing nicely, I am so looking forward to this week of celebrations for a change. Spa tomorrow, 3 and a half stone lighter than my birthday spa last year. See you all when I’m 50 🙂

    This is so inspiring! I started about 2 weeks ago, I moved from a 16/8 hour fast, to a 5:2 fast because I wasn’t doing so well with the previous one.

    So far I have lost 6.6 pounds (3kg) after only about 3 weeks… I think I will try to switch to an alternate day fast, to get faster results.

    I love this lifestyle! I don’t have to stress out, and I don’t have to avoid foods that I want… I still allow myself the odd chocolate or two but it’s the easiest thing ever. I feel so good and strong! This is really a life changing method to get healthy…

    I love this diet. I have tried every diet out there I think during my lifetime. Always, up and down. The last successful weight loss of 30 lbs was on the Atkins but after I started gaining it back I was never successful on getting back on the diet and losing. I was very skeptical about this fasting diet but decided I would give it a try. The first couple weeks I got a headache and maybe a little tired. But I was actually losing weight even tho I was eating what I wanted on the other five days. I’ve had some weeks I couldn’t diet because of family activities, etc. but I went right back to it and I didn’t gain my weight back while I was off the diet. I am so excited about this way of eating. When I eat too much on my 5 days off I feel really bad and sometimes see to be a little depressed. I know this is a healthier way of eating for me. I have been on this diet since June and I have lost 20 lbs. Some weeks I will lose 2 lbs. and gain 1 back and then lose 2 lbs and gain 1 back. I don’t care because I am still losing 1 lb. a week and feeling great. I have more energy and feel like I can do this forever. I do my fasting 2 consecutive days because I find it easier. I snack on carrots and celery thru out the day and eat two boiled eggs, usually around 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. I have a snack of turkey deli sliced meat around 3:00 p.m. At night I have 4 to 6 chicken wings for supper. I fix these on Sunday (so I don’t have to cook on my fasing days)with Cayenne pepper and red pepper, and then I bake them. I have a salad using lemon jucice for the dressing. I sometimes add green salad olives and jalepeno peppers to my salad. If I want a snack I will eat a few almonds. Sometimes I know I go over the 500 calories a little but, hey, I’m still losing weight and it works for me. Thanks Mimi.

    hi there , sorry for my bad english..(i,m dutch)
    Have been trying to lose weight for years now,but never lost some for a longer period
    Never had any overweight but slightly gaining kilo,s as i get older ( i,m 50 now)
    The main reason for me is that all the other members of my family on my dad,s side have become diabatics after their 40ths
    Have been fasting 4:3 for a couple of months now and lost 8kg , even wen not fasting during our holiday,s i didn,t gain weith again and pickid it up afterwards
    loosing weigth again… it feels great to be in control of my weight again
    the first week of fasting was the worst, it becomes easy the longer you do it..
    I recomment it to all who want to get in control of their weight !!!

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